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  1. Rifdi has joined the chat
  2. HGLoganRayFrostwell has joined the chat
  3. MaisieRaen has joined the chat
  4. SynNyteWolf has joined the chat
  5. xDeaFire has joined the chat
  6. HGLoganRayFrostwell: Mommy!!-hugs tightly-
  7. xXbeautifulwulfXx: bbg!!!!
  8. xXbeautifulwulfXx  falls to the floor bawling
  9. HGLoganRayFrostwell: -hugs tightly-
  10. MaisieRaen: ?
  11. xXbeautifulwulfXx: please just give me back my account
  12. HGLoganRayFrostwell: i dont know who you are, nor do i care, return the acct to my mother before i flag this convo and report the acct as hacked.
  13. SynNyteWolf: sorry
  14. Rifdi: already Flagged
  15. SynNyteWolf: i dele all room
  16. xXbeautifulwulfXx: i want it back please
  17. xXbeautifulwulfXx: nooooo
  18. HGLoganRayFrostwell: YOUVE GOT 5 SECONDS
  19. HGLoganRayFrostwell: $
  20. HGLoganRayFrostwell: 3
  21. HGLoganRayFrostwell: 2
  22. xXbeautifulwulfXx: please!
  23. xXbeautifulwulfXx: i am begging
  24. HGLoganRayFrostwell: 1
  25. SynNyteWolf: hey
  26. SynNyteWolf: Rifdi
  27. xXbeautifulwulfXx: please give it back
  28. Rifdi: k what
  29. SynNyteWolf: im waitting you
  30. SynNyteWolf: and you know
  31. Rifdi: what
  32. SynNyteWolf: now
  34. SynNyteWolf: this lose account
  35. SynNyteWolf: you mom lose
  36. xXbeautifulwulfXx: :(
  37. Rifdi: No
  38. SynNyteWolf: im waitting you real
  39. Rifdi: You lost
  40. MaisieRaen: he gave you the info
  41. xXbeautifulwulfXx: yes did twice
  42. SynNyteWolf: come on
  43. Rifdi: I have your IP address
  44. SynNyteWolf: you have my ip VPN
  45. SynNyteWolf: im waitting you
  46. SynNyteWolf: tell me
  47. SynNyteWolf: lollll
  48. SynNyteWolf: like you man?
  49. Rifdi: ha
  50. Rifdi: lol
  51. SynNyteWolf: and you smart?
  52. SynNyteWolf: omg
  53. SynNyteWolf: loll
  54. Rifdi has left the chat
  55. xXbeautifulwulfXx: please give me my account back
  56. MaisieRaen: ?
  57. SynNyteWolf: you think i send mail ?
  58. HGLoganRayFrostwell: the chat has been flagged and sent into imvu HQ
  59. SynNyteWolf: my email real?
  60. SynNyteWolf: you wrong Rifdi
  61. SynNyteWolf: You made your mother lose her account
  62. HGLoganRayFrostwell: no, you hacked her acct
  63. xXbeautifulwulfXx: he tried and you didnt give the right email
  64. SynNyteWolf: yeah
  65. xXbeautifulwulfXx: you could of already had it and been on ur way
  66. SynNyteWolf: i know
  67. HGLoganRayFrostwellHGLoganRayFrostwell Whisper: so thats YOUR fault
  68. SynNyteWolf: you son want flagg me
  69. HGLoganRayFrostwell: i already did
  70. SynNyteWolf: you know?
  71. xXbeautifulwulfXx: can I have it back please
  72. SynNyteWolf: im smart
  73. xXbeautifulwulfXx: so why can i not have it back?
  74. HGLoganRayFrostwell: if you were as smart as you think you are you would have used a proper email so you could be on your way
  75. MaisieRaen has left the chat
  76. SynNyteWolf: you lose
  77. SynNyteWolf: i can delete all you room
  78. xXbeautifulwulfXxxXbeautifulwulfXx : just give me back my account
  79. xXbeautifulwulfXx: then we can forget this ever happened
  80. SynNyteWolf: all you friend
  81. xXbeautifulwulfXx: no please dont
  82. xXbeautifulwulfXx: can I please have it back
  83. SynNyteWolf: all abount this account
  84. SynNyteWolf: ok give me min
  85. SynNyteWolf: you want play IP with me?
  86. xXbeautifulwulfXx: no i just want my account
  87. SynNyteWolf has left the chat
  88. xXbeautifulwulfXx: z
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