Get trashed, Get Oni Greentext

Jul 30th, 2015
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  1. >Go out drinking
  2. >Feeling kinda shitty, so decide to just get beyond hammered
  3. >Black out at some point or another, no memories the next day
  4. >Wake up in bed next to a rather peaceful Red Oni
  5. >Until she snores like a wild animal
  6. >Still kinda cute though
  7. >Surprisingly don't have a completely horrific hangover
  8. >Also don't feel completely disgusting like you'd think
  9. >Actually feel clean and cozy, snuggled up in bed with the oni
  10. >She later tells you that after you blacked out, you eventually stumbled your way in front of her, throwing up all the booze and a good portion of your guts on the floor, and her feet
  11. >Maybe because she's an Oni, she knew how out of it you were, and so she picked you up, threw you over her shoulder, and took you home with her
  12. >Didn't actually rape you
  13. >Instead she stuck you in her bathroom, stayed with until you stopped vomiting, then gave you a shower, making sure to keep your drunk-ass self hydrated through the night
  14. >She makes a few comments, licking her lips as she recalls being quite thorough in her bathing you
  15. >After that she put you in bed and cuddled up with you like you were a big teddy
  16. >Which brings you to now
  17. >She gives your crotch a bit of a grope
  18. >Asks if you want to stay for breakfast
  19. >Well, hand on your crotch aside, it'd feel rude not to after everything she did for you
  20. >Tell her you'd be happy to
  21. >She grins brightly at your acceptance of her offer
  22. >Lets go of your junk, and practically leaps off the bed
  23. >Now very aware that she's just in a loose white shirt that doesn't even entirely cover her ass
  24. >Skin's so bright you can practically see right through it anyway
  25. >Damn that's a nice big oni butt.
  26. >She notices your stare, glancing back over her shoulder
  27. >Gives a few deliberate shakes and she walks to the door
  28. >Asks if there's anything you want for breakfast
  29. >Bacon sounds good. Eggs not so much. Tell her as much.
  30. >She laughs and tells you she'll throw some on
  31. >Tells you your clothes are still in the wash, but there're some robes and spare shirts scattered around her bedroom and bathroom
  32. >Tells you you can have another shower if you feel like you need one, before departing to cook breakfast
  33. >You're now all alone in an oni's bedroom.
  34. >Manage to find one of those robes she talked about
  35. >Not a whole lot to do in her bedroom, alone anyway, besides riffle through her panty drawer
  36. >So decide to go out and watch her cook
  37. >Sure she's been a gracious host up till now, a bit touchy-feely, but respectful of your boundaries as she cares for you
  38. >All the same, think about asking her to continue with that attitude, take the idea of sex right off the table
  39. >That thought goes right out the window when you wander into the kitchen, and see the oni has exchanged her white shirt, for a white apron
  40. >And nothing else.
  41. >Tied tight around her waist, the fabric biting into her hot red flesh, further accentuating her big, heart-shaped bottom
  42. >The fact that she's humming something, swaying her hips to the tune, certainly doesn't help
  43. >Try and sneak up on her, getting behind her before wrapping your arms around her middle, standing on your toes to peer over her shoulder at the stove
  44. >Given that she doesn't seem surprised at all, or move to stop you, you guess you weren't all that sneaky
  45. >Ask what she's cooking, attempting some nonchalant conversation, despite a fluffy robe being all that's separating you and the oni's bare back
  46. >She points out all she's got going on the stove. Bacon like you asked, along with some pancakes, sausages, and some hashbrowns since you didn't want eggs
  47. >Thank her for that, while your arms start trailing up her covered belly
  48. >Given your head is nestled right at her nape, it's hard to resist planting a few kisses there
  49. >Especially after she pushes her hips back a bit, grinding that fat red bum right up against your crotch
  50. >Reach a hand down to shift the robe aside, letting your shaft out to rest against the top of her ass
  51. >All while she keeps on cooking, the delicious smell of breakfast wafting up to your nose as you lick and kiss her neck
  52. >By now completely rock-hard, letting your dick settle between those plump red cheeks
  53. >Feel her tense up, her soft ass squeezing around your shaft, her hips moving slightly to grind back against you
  54. >Don't want to disrupt her cooking too much, so settle on slowly grinding back, peppering her neck with soft kisses, while lightly rubbing the chest of her apron
  55. >She keeps humming as she cooks, seeming to enjoy the intimacy as much as you are
  56. >When she's done, she quickly loads the food onto a couple of plates, before abruptly turning around, wrapping a powerfully muscled arm around you, practically carrying you to her kitchen table
  57. >She plops the plates on the table, herself in a chair, and you into her lap
  58. >Think about moving to your own seat, but she so damn warm and comfy. Her lap is fine.
  59. >She reaches around you and starts to butter her pancakes, applying generous amounts of maple syrup before chowing down
  60. >Decide to follow suit
  61. >After a few bites, she asks how the food is
  62. >Tell her it's delicious, thanking her profusely for the spread
  63. >Go for a piece of bacon, but she snatches it up before you can
  64. >Right off of your plate!
  65. >Turn to look up at her, ready to protest this theft of what is rightfully your bacon, only to see her holding it between her teeth, shifting her jaw to waggle it up and down enticingly
  66. >BaconKiss
  67. >Sure why not.
  68. >Shift up to bite the other end, nibbling at it, getting closer and closer to her lips
  69. >The moment your lips meet, her tongue forcefully slides between yours, writhing erotically in your mouth
  70. >You struggle for a moment before managing to return the kiss, slipping your tongue back along into her mouth
  71. >At the same time, you can feel one of her powerful hands sliding into the robe, rubbing down your stomach until her fingers gently wrap around your softening member
  72. >A few soft jerks plus the kiss is all it takes to get you back to full mast
  73. >As you get hard again, she starts stroking more deliberately, jerking you off in her lap as you make out
  74. >Eventually you both have to pull away for air
  75. >Ask her name while panting for breath
  76. >She tells you it's Kinue
  77. >Try to tell her your name, but she quiets you with another empassioned kiss
  78. >Hear her shuffling stuff around on the table, before she gets up, lifting you to lay you down on it
  79. >Decide to tease a bit, make an overdramatic "Waaaah!" cry, asking what you're going to do on the table
  80. >She smirks a bit wryly, lifting a hand to flick your forehead
  81. >Tells you you're not some dumb, innocent shota, and that she's going to continue with her breakfast
  82. >Wonder what she means by that before she pulls away, the bottle of maple syrup grasped in her hand
  83. >Oh.
  84. >She leans over, holding it just above your chest, beginning to drizzle it down from your chest, over your stomach, and over your skyward pointing cock
  85. >Ew that feels so damn sticky
  86. >She just chuckles and tells you she'll make up for it with another very, very thorough shower later
  87. >Meantime, she sets the bottle aside, leans over you, and goes to town
  88. >Hot, wet oni tongue all over you, licking up all the syrup on your chest
  89. >Kind of tickles as she goes down the trail along your stomach
  90. >Finally though, the main event
  91. >She pauses for a moment, admiring your golden, gooey dick
  92. >Opens wide, and takes the whole thing into her mouth in one go
  93. >Even managed to stuff your balls between her lips
  94. >Warm, lewd oni mouth squeezing around your cock, her tongue lapping at every inch, her cheeks caving in as she sucks hard
  95. >Rolls your balls against her tongue before trailing up the shaft, your cockhead buried back at her throat
  96. >Can tell she's not stopping until she gets a helping of breakfast cream
  97. >Fumbling around her head, you manage to get a grip on one of her horns
  98. >A good, solid grip
  99. >Apply pressure, and thrust up, plunging your cock further down her throat
  100. >Her eyes go wide for a moment, a lewd, squelching gagging noise echoing from her mouth
  101. >Eyes go hazy after a moment, and you feel her settle into a rhythm with you as you buck your hips, her tongue lavishing attention around the base of your cock and balls as you fuck her throat
  102. >Doesn't take long for you to arch up, her tongue rubbing along your throbbing balls as you bust their load straight into her stomach
  103. >By the time you settle back onto the table, and she pulls herself off your shaft with one final, lurid suck, she looks quite content as she licks her lips
  104. >Asks if you want that shower now
  105. >Tell her that you want a bit of payback first
  106. >Sit up and grab the syrup bottle
  107. >She seems confused for just a moment, before understanding dawns as you drool the sweet substance over her plentiful bust
  108. >Lean in and start to lick, suck, and playfully bite at dem syrupy oni tits
  109. >Don't really notice how much she seems to be enjoying herself as you revel in her large, plush chest
  110. >Subtly, she moves you off the table, sitting her in her lap again as you suck the sweet, sticky syrup off her breasts
  111. >She supports you with one hand, the other going down to again fondle between your legs, working you up to a full hard-on again
  112. >Vaguely hear her giggle something about how if she were pregnant, you'd be like a baby drinking down her milk
  113. >Too busy sucking on her big boobs to really hear though
  114. >Do hear her pleasured moans whenever you bite down on a nipple though
  115. >Eventually get all the syrup you can off of Kinue's breasts
  116. >She's panting a bit, her hand gently teasing your cock, a finger rubbing the precum it's dripping around the head
  117. >She seems like she's in a bit of a trance
  118. >Break her out of it with another nipple-bite
  119. >A loud gasp, or was that a moan? tells you you got her attention
  120. >Ask about that shower now
  121. >She says sure, removing her hand from your crotch, letting you get off her lap
  122. >See her suckle the finger she'd been rubbing you with clean of pre-cum
  123. >Get up and start moving back to her bedroom, with her close behind you
  124. >Remove the robe, get in the shower, turn around to see her stripping off the apron
  125. >Sure she was practically naked already, but still, damn.
  126. >Get in together, hot water starting to pour over the both of you
  127. >Feels nice, but still pretty sticky all around
  128. >Ask her just how 'thorough' she intends to be
  129. >Look to see her pouring bodywash over her breasts, a grin on her face
  130. >Next thing you know, she's grinding her big, heavy, soft, soapy breasts against you, working up a lather as she rubs them over your sticky body
  131. >She uses her hands to rotate you around, starting with your back
  132. >Feels nice getting rubbed down by those huge, choice oni boobs
  133. >Feels better when she spins you back around and starts working her chest against yours dutifully
  134. >Soon she's down on her knees, her sudsy red breasts completely encasing your dick in their soft, wet embrace
  135. >Thought the point of a shower was to get clean, you're pretty sure you're just going to get her dirty again
  136. >Not that you're complaining
  137. >She's definitely being very deliberate as she presses in on her tits, squeezing them down around your cock
  138. >Can't even see it, just feels like you're in bright red marshmallow heaven
  139. >Eventually heaven gets to be too much
  140. >Blow another load, your own white seed spurting up through the white bubbles, splattering onto her bright red face
  141. >Looks way too lewd a contrast
  142. >Not going limp, even for a second
  143. >Her nostrils flare as she inhales your scent staining her face
  144. >She gets up, the water spraying over her body, rinsing the white suds off, slowly exposing her nude body to you in all its glory again
  145. >She turns around, bending over, pressing her head and splaying her arms against the opposite wall, sticking her big, peachy ass out at you enticingly
  146. >After a moment of dumb-struck admiration, she reaches one hand back, grabbing and spreading her ass, presenting a twitching asshole and drooling cunt to you
  147. >Don't need no more invitation than that
  148. >Grab her hips and plow into her right to the hilt
  149. >Her back arches, she presses herself up against the wall more as she lets out a moan, her insides clamping down on you, practically sucking on you, milking you
  150. >Take a moment to grab the showerhead before leaning over her, grinding your cock a bit deeper
  151. >Reach one hand around her body, groping and squeezing one of her fat tomato tits
  152. >Mutter about how you could get used to mornings like this
  153. >Think you hear her respond with something about her looking for a roommate
  154. >Don't pay much more attention as any more mutterings are drowned out by her moans as you lower the showerhead between her legs, focusing the stream on her clit
  155. >She howls with pleasure, her voice echoing through the bathroom, her hips wildly bucking back against you
  156. >Almost get bucked right off, but you squeeze her tit rougher, and thrust right back, smacking into her ass as you bottom out in her tight oni pussy over and over again
  157. >Recall what she said earlier, about how "If she were pregnant"
  158. >Feeling how tight she's squeezing down on you
  159. >Only one place your third load is going
  160. >Feel it coming, and thrust as hard as you can, your cock kissing right up against her womb as you pump her full of hot white seed
  161. >Not sure, but the way her pussy squeezes down, almost seeming to suckle on your cock, milking your load right out of you, makes you think she might've too
  162. >Manage to pull out of her with some effort
  163. >Still diamonds though, getting far too much enjoyment out of her body
  164. >Maybe.
  165. >Her body is quivering a bit as she sucks in breath, coming down from her orgasm
  166. >See the little red star nestled between her plump butt twitching
  167. >Practically begging you really
  168. >Let go of her breast, and a moment later, roughly grab a handful of her ass
  169. >She tenses up, think she's about to ask you what you're doing
  170. >Don't give her the chance
  171. >Dick lubed up with cum and pussy juice gets pounded straight into her begging little asshole
  172. >She cries out even louder than before, her body going slack
  173. >Losing her tension against the wall, she slides down to the floor of the shower, on her knees, with her ass sticking straight up as you bury your cock deep inside her
  174. >Caught her by surprise that time it seems
  175. >Thrusting down hard into Kinue's tight ass, it's not long before you're flooding her innards with another load of hot cream
  176. >Starting to get a bit worn down now
  177. >How hot it is in the shower isn't helping all that much
  178. >Just as you relax, shifting to pull out of her, the oni beneath you seems to regain her own strength, lifting herself up and pushing you back, not stopping until she's thrown you down on your back, and sat her big bottom down on your cock, moaning as her asshole squeezes down on you anew
  179. >She peeks over her shoulder, grinning down at you, telling you that she hopes you're ready to reap what you've sown
  180. >She leans over for leverage, and starts to work her hips, her wide bum bouncing up and down on your crotch, her tight ass squeezing as it slides up and down along your shaft, seeming to get hotter by the moment
  181. >It's a spectacular view, and all you can do is reach out to grab her hips as she rides you hard with her scorching hot, tight ass swallowing your dick ravenously, repeatedly, eager to fill the oni's belly with more of your jizz
  182. >You lose count of how many loads she milks out of you with her ass
  183. >But eventually, you can't keep it up any more, and your sore dick gets limp, slipping from her cum-stuffed ass
  184. >She doesn't seem disappointed though, wiggling her bubble butt with a satisfied coo, cum drooling out of her slowly clenching star
  185. >Sees you staring, a grin spreading over her lips
  186. >Asks you if you want a taste of her ass
  187. >Tiredly shake your head no
  188. >Fuck, shouldn't be this tired this early, but she made you work off that breakfast alright
  189. >She gives a shrug, before standing up, shutting off the shower before stepping out
  190. >Groan and sit up, slowly getting to your feet to follow her
  191. >See her digging around under the sink
  192. >It's some lube and a buttplug
  193. >Watch her lube it up, biting her lip as she inserts it into her ass
  194. >Catches you watching again, red face going darker
  195. >Mumbles cutely that it'd be a shame for it all to just drool out
  196. >How she's cute while inserting a buttplug into herself, you don't know
  197. >Ask about the load in her pussy
  198. >Notice her eyes drift down, a smirk on her lips
  199. >Somehow despite the soreness from the ass-milking, you're hard again
  200. >Says she's got an idea about that too
  201. >Worry.jpg
  202. >Reassures you she's worn out too as she tosses you a towel, telling you to dry off as she walks out
  203. >Find her already laying in bed, one arm holding up a fluffy blanket she's laying under, the other patting the spot beside her
  204. >She has one leg propped up in a triangle, displaying her slit to you enticingly
  205. >Says she was hoping to stay in today, asks if you heard her mentioning a roommate earlier
  206. >Get in bed beside her, slowly inserting your worn-out prick inside her wet tunnel
  207. >She wraps the blanket around you both
  208. >Stay in and have cuddle sex all day
  209. >Future with an Oni Roommate certainly sounds nice
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