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  1. I couldn't believe my eyes. The church had just gotten renovated and my wife wanted so desperately to go take a look. I didn't care much for the church, but knowong the state it was in the last time we saw it, I couldn't help but be curious, so I complied. We had been living in Nockfell for about a year and a half now and she was expecting our first child, we couldn't be happier! But that soon changed for me. We walked into the big doors leading to the church, which was called "The Phelps Ministry". My wife was all over the place and left my side to look around. As I did the same, I got the occasional shocked glance from some of the Sisters. Others even ignored me. It was probably because I was wearing a leather studded jacket and had my fire-red hair spiked up. Yeah, you dont see alot of punks casually strolling around church. Since the Sisters refused to acknowledge my existance, I turned to the Pastor, who was rearranging some papers. I walked up to him and gently tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around. I swear my heart stopped beating for just a second as I locked eyes with his man. A smug grin then made its way onto my face as I saw the mild confusion in his eyes as he saw me. "Hello, Father. I dont believe I have ever introduced myself." My wife regularly goes to church and he must know her. Despite that, in this whole year, this is my first time actually entering the building. I held out my hand. "Princeton Schultz. Im sure you know my wife, Melody Schultz." A -somewhat morbid, I must say- smile came to the priest's face. "Ah, you're the one Mrs. Schultz has been so fondly speaking of. Welcome to the Phelps Ministry, son, I am Father Phelps. Your lady is quite the obedient one. Im sure that comes in handy at home." There was a hint of amusement in the man's voice. I decided to pull his chain a little and gave him the slightest smirk. "Oh but Father, I could be just as obedient to you, even more so, if you please~" I winked at the end of my sentence, just to receive a reaction I did not expect. The Pastor's smile grew wider to reveal a set of sharpened teeth, His face turned a deep red and his hands fidgeted nervously, His brows were drawn together in a nervous grimace. He let out a string of incoherent mumbles and stutters that i couldnt quite make out before he turned away and left me a silence Quite the special first meeting.
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