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  1. {
  2.     "company_name": "Red Hat",
  3.     "contact_email": "",
  4.     "contact_name": "Roberto Sanchez",
  5.     "hostname": "150709b89f7a4f4aaeb0f0ead31daa74",
  6.     "instance_count": 10,
  7.     "license_date": 1572356723,
  8.     "license_key": "10a7e44d2912a86d9254f935527581eb33e1dc518de1d98be5fc99b19dd7ebaa",
  9.     "license_type": "enterprise",
  10.     "subscription_name": "Red Hat Ansible Tower, Standard (10 Managed Nodes) Trial",
  11.     "trial": true
  12. }
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