Mr_Wilt (5/30/12) [Boss Man]

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  1. (8:03:13 PM) NAC: Cameron steps through, looking around.
  2. (8:03:34 PM) Proto_Lost: Simon gets through, his gun still trained forward.
  3. (8:04:02 PM) Vol: Danzig walks in, reaching back to unholster his shotgun, but then shaking his head and returning his arm to his side. ~Prolly not the best idea.~
  4. (8:04:16 PM) TheRaven: Taggart steps through and looks around.
  5. (8:04:20 PM) Tara: Rosalind arrives, unperturbed
  6. (8:04:28 PM) Mr_Wilt: They walk out into what looks like a very small office. Beige carpet, white walls, and a lone man with glasses sitting in front of a desk, writing down on some papers.
  7. (8:04:29 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance arrives.
  8. (8:04:52 PM) NAC: Is it boss man?
  9. (8:04:55 PM) Proto_Lost: Simon lowers the gun, and nods to the man. "Hey, are you the Boss Man?"
  10. (8:05:06 PM) Uncandescent: His eyes narrow slightly; he'd expected the savannah house. He wasn't aware Gate could go other places.
  11. (8:05:16 PM) Uncandescent: -narrow, +widen
  12. (8:05:37 PM) Mr_Wilt: It is indeed! The man looks up at them, smoothing back his already slicked back black hair. "Oh, yes, hello! Glad you could come on such short notice."
  13. (8:05:46 PM) TheRaven: "What's up?"
  14. (8:06:01 PM) NAC: "You look very professional sir." Cameron compliments him.
  15. (8:06:18 PM) Mr_Wilt: He takes off his glasses, showing off his strange, glowing eyes. He is a very peculiar looking man, if you could call him that. Something about those eyes, that full set of fanged teeth, and those oddly sharpened facial features.
  16. (8:06:29 PM) Proto_Lost: Simon scowls a bit. He's never trusted men like these, all clean cut and proper on the outside, but all hellfire and sin inside.
  17. (8:06:32 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Oh, thank you! I like to look the part when I'm getting work done."
  18. (8:06:42 PM) NAC: "Did you get the money I left on your chair?"
  19. (8:06:45 PM) Vol: Danzig relaxes a little, the corner of his mouth turning ever so slightly upward. "Very swank."
  20. (8:07:27 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance silently looks about the office.
  21. (8:07:30 PM) Tara: Rosalind smiles to herself looking at Boss Man's eyes. She almost isn't hiding it
  22. (8:07:31 PM) Proto_Lost: "Nice digs, Boss Man. Now what did you want us here for?"
  23. (8:07:54 PM) Mr_Wilt: "I did! You really didn't have to, but I appreciate it!"
  24. (8:08:00 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Now, what I called you here for."
  25. (8:08:39 PM) Mr_Wilt: He pulls open a desk drawer, grabbing a single-buttoned clicker. He clicks it, the lights dimming in the room as a projector screen lowers from the ceiling on the right wall.
  26. (8:08:56 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance ceases his scan and watches the screen.
  27. (8:09:34 PM) NAC: Cameron turns to face the projector screen. "Fancy."
  28. (8:09:43 PM) Vol: Danzig crosses his legs and leans back on a nearby wall.
  29. (8:10:12 PM) TheRaven: Taggart watches.
  30. (8:10:26 PM) Proto_Lost: Simon takes his eyes off the Boss Man, and turns to the screen. Being briefed like this brought back memories, and it made him relax a little.
  31. (8:10:37 PM) Mr_Wilt: He clicks the button again as an image shows up on the screen. It is a picture of a fantastic, white marble city, with extravagantly decorated buildings all arranged around a massive palace. You notice there's a few multi-colored balloons in the picture.
  32. (8:10:37 PM) Tara: Rosalind faces the screen to watch, seemingly bursting
  33. (8:11:05 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Now, I believe you all have a holiday on your first of April, yes?"
  34. (8:11:46 PM) Vol: Danzig nods. "I dunno if we'd call it a holiday, but yeah. April Fool's Day."
  35. (8:11:52 PM) Proto_Lost: "Jesus Christ, it looks like that city in Lord of the Rings." He mumbles quietly.
  36. (8:12:02 PM) NAC: Cameron blinks. "Oh. I thought you meant a vacation."
  37. (8:12:12 PM) NAC: He got excited for a moment.
  38. (8:12:41 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Well, we too have a holiday. We call it Every Man's Day Off."
  39. (8:13:08 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance is reminded of the mischievious creature that invaded the Site on said holiday, but says nothing.
  40. (8:13:15 PM) Proto_Lost: Simon likes that idea. "Man, we should have a day off too."
  41. (8:13:23 PM) Mr_Wilt: "On this day, a very marvelous day, nobody can die! Everybody is exempt from death, and we have a nice little celebration in town here where we all get together and make an effort to kill each other. It's very fun."
  42. (8:13:35 PM) TheRaven: "Sounds like fun."
  43. (8:13:38 PM) NAC: "It sounds very pleasant."
  44. (8:13:42 PM) Proto_Lost: "...Right."
  45. (8:14:01 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance makes a very odd face.
  46. (8:14:05 PM) Mr_Wilt: Boss Man presses the clicker, and an image of a mob of people in the streets of the same city, attacking one another with various weapons appears. It appears that half the buildings are either on fire or destroyed.
  47. (8:14:21 PM) Proto_Lost: "Reminds me of Somalia."
  48. (8:14:24 PM) Mr_Wilt: "It is absolutely fun. Now, this man..."
  49. (8:14:51 PM) Vol: ~Sounds like a deathmatch in a video game. No consequences, just mindless violence.~
  50. (8:15:52 PM) Mr_Wilt: He presses the button again. An image of a aging, balding man, with a grey, scraggly beard, held together in a single knot and a long scar over his right eye appears. On his forehead are the words "DEATH ROW", and they appear to be branded.
  51. (8:16:09 PM) Uncandescent: ~How can they treat death so... casually?~
  52. (8:16:11 PM) Mr_Wilt: He has the same pure white, glowing eyes and sharp facial features shared by both Boss Man and Charon.
  53. (8:16:21 PM) Mr_Wilt: "This man managed to kill twelve people on Every Man's Day Off."
  54. (8:16:42 PM) NAC: "I thought that was a day off from death."
  55. (8:16:46 PM) Tara: "Actually kill?"
  56. (8:16:47 PM) Halvors [] entered the room.
  57. (8:16:53 PM) TheRaven: "I think that's the point, Cam."
  58. (8:16:59 PM) Mr_Wilt: "It's suppose to be, anyways."
  59. (8:17:05 PM) NAC: "Well. How did he do it?"
  60. (8:17:08 PM) Halvors left the room.
  61. (8:17:09 PM) Proto_Lost: Simon nods in approval. "I take it you want us to off this old fart then."
  62. (8:17:11 PM) Mr_Wilt: "We don't know how he did it."
  63. (8:17:25 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance is still wrapping his head around 'turning off death'.
  64. (8:17:49 PM) Mr_Wilt: He turns to Simon. "Ah, but that's where it gets complicated!"
  65. (8:17:53 PM) Tara: "You want us to find out for you?"
  66. (8:18:11 PM) Uncandescent: ~Could //he// have been from... No. The face isn't right.~
  67. (8:18:23 PM) Mr_Wilt: Boss Man presses the clicker again. An image of a broken wall of seemingly the same white marble is displayed.
  68. (8:18:38 PM) Mr_Wilt: "He escaped imprisonment."
  69. (8:18:41 PM) Proto_Lost: "Don't tell me he did that."
  70. (8:19:12 PM) Proto_Lost: Simon looks slightly shocked at the prospect of that old fuck breaking a wall like that down.
  71. (8:19:20 PM) Vol: "So he was already put away for something..." Danzig shakes his head. "Makes him more likely to do something worse."
  72. (8:20:04 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Normally, my own personal police force would search for him, but I'm afraid we're busy with greater matters of importance. So I'd like you all to help me find him."
  73. (8:20:18 PM) Mr_Wilt: "And I want you to make sure you bring him back to me alive!"
  74. (8:20:38 PM) Proto_Lost: Simon nods. This old fart sounds like a challenge. "Wait...alive?"
  75. (8:20:47 PM) Uncandescent: Clench. Unclench. "How did he break the wall."
  76. (8:20:56 PM) NAC: Cameron nods. "Does any one have any rope?"
  77. (8:21:04 PM) Tara: "Likely for questioning, or punishment"
  78. (8:21:26 PM) Sequence [] entered the room.
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  80. (8:21:27 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Correct!" Boss Man turns to Terrance, and shrugs slightly.
  81. (8:21:43 PM) Mr_Wilt: "He presumably got hold of alcohol."
  82. (8:22:09 PM) TheRaven: "Huh?"
  83. (8:22:15 PM) Proto_Lost: Simon stares at his very non-non-lethal equipment. "...well fuck."
  84. (8:22:17 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance crosses his arms and simply raises an eyebrow questioningly.
  85. (8:22:21 PM) NAC: "Is... that bad?"
  86. (8:22:40 PM) Mr_Wilt: "It is!"
  87. (8:22:53 PM) Proto_Lost: Do we get to kill something at least?
  88. (8:23:01 PM) Proto_Lost left the room (Kicked by Mr_Wilt (GTFOOC)).
  89. (8:23:05 PM) Proto_Lost [Mibbit@6D993529.BDE9800.815AE96E.IP] entered the room.
  90. (8:23:25 PM) Tara: Rosalind makes a mental note to check the effects of alcohol on the successful mice
  91. (8:23:43 PM) Mr_Wilt: He presses the clicker. An image of a floating mass of brown liquid is displayed, and above it an outstretched hand.
  92. (8:24:03 PM) Proto_Lost: "...Please tell me that's not what I think it is."
  93. (8:24:09 PM) Mr_Wilt: "He displays the ability to manipulate the liquid contents of alcohol. And purely alcohol, for some odd reason."
  94. (8:24:25 PM) Mr_Wilt: "We have reason to believe he can do this with other, non-liquid based narcotics."
  95. (8:25:02 PM) Proto_Lost: Simon lets loose a small sigh of relief. "Alright, so he's a booze-o-mancer. How well can he do this?"
  96. (8:25:08 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance gives the image a flat gaze. ~Better than teleportation, at least.~
  97. (8:25:31 PM) Vol: "So maybe he manipulated the narcotics that were inside of happy-go-lucky 'player-killers' to somehow kill them?"
  98. (8:25:56 PM) Mr_Wilt: Boss Man turns to Simon, pressing the clicker. The same image of the broken wall.
  99. (8:26:07 PM) Proto_Lost: "..Right, sorry."
  100. (8:27:16 PM) Mr_Wilt: "So, any other questions?"
  101. (8:27:34 PM) Uncandescent: "How will we be searching." Terrance asks, careful to avoid any Ts.
  102. (8:28:03 PM) Proto_Lost: Simon looks deep in thought, and thinks of one. "Does he have any weaknesses, anything we can get to have an advantage over him?"
  103. (8:28:54 PM) TheRaven: "Would you be able to give us some nonlethal weapons? It's never really been a priority before."
  104. (8:29:18 PM) Proto_Lost: "Oh! And can we at least blow off a limb?"
  105. (8:29:37 PM) NAC: "How easy is it to find substances in this city?" Cameron asks, raising an eyebrow.
  106. (8:30:22 PM) Proto_Lost: Simon really wants to blows something off of something, presumably something vital.
  107. (8:30:30 PM) Mr_Wilt: He turns to Terrance, pressing the clicker. The image of a map, with several, spread out circles on it. "Town searching! I have an entire universe of ever-expanding land; keeping the drop on every town can be difficult! But he likely hasn't gotten far. It's been only a few days."
  108. (8:31:20 PM) Tara: "LIkely?"
  109. (8:31:20 PM) Mr_Wilt: He turns back to Simon. "He's fleshy! That should be enough! And you have a limit of at least one arm. You may blow off both legs if you have the ability to patch the injuries."
  110. (8:31:44 PM) Mr_Wilt: Boss Man turns to Rosalind. "Well, we have reason to believe he has accomplices, so we can't be certain." And then to Taggart!
  111. (8:32:03 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Perhaps! But you'll have to give us a bit!" And then to Cameron. "Reasonably."
  112. (8:32:08 PM) Proto_Lost: Simon does a fist pump without changing his expression of stony seriousness. He studies the map intently.
  113. (8:32:33 PM) Uncandescent: Is the map fairly decipherable to our mortal eyes?
  114. (8:33:18 PM) Mr_Wilt: Greg was there all along.
  115. (8:33:29 PM) PresidentEvil: "I have one question." says Greg, who was so totally there the entire time and didn't just pop out of a timehole.
  116. (8:33:41 PM) Proto_Lost: "Hmm...He'll be avoiding the nearest towns...and he'll want to stay off the grid. He'd probably be somewhere between them, on some godforsaken patch of land probably."
  117. (8:33:57 PM) Mr_Wilt: The map is fairly decipherable enough, yes. You notice there's four red circles, all appear to be around squares, which have lines tracing between the four of them and a triangle at the far end of the map.
  118. (8:34:20 PM) TheRaven: "Searching godforsaken wastelands is a personal specialty, Simon."
  119. (8:34:53 PM) PresidentEvil: "How exactly do you /make/ everyone immortal for 24 hours once per year. Yellow Sun, nanomachines, what's the secret?"
  120. (8:35:17 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance looks over as Greg asks this question, similarly intrigued.
  121. (8:35:18 PM) Vol: Danzig chuckles. "Down of pheonix?"
  122. (8:35:27 PM) Proto_Lost: Simon smiles at that. "Good to have you on then."
  123. (8:35:37 PM) PresidentEvil: "Down of what?"
  124. (8:35:44 PM) Mr_Wilt: He turns to Greg with a bright grin.
  125. (8:35:45 PM) Vol: Danzig shakes his head. "Nevermind."
  126. (8:36:20 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Keep in mind you're talking to the people who /still/ routinely kill immortals in /your/ dimension and have a virtually unlimited supply of reality warping lap dogs!"
  127. (8:36:26 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Is that answer enough?"
  128. (8:36:34 PM) PresidentEvil: "Not really, no."
  129. (8:36:50 PM) NAC: "Your lap dogs warp reality?"
  130. (8:36:50 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Then, hm.. what does Charon say?"
  131. (8:36:54 PM) PresidentEvil: "Remember, we have to figure out how to /catch/ this immortal man."
  132. (8:37:10 PM) Mr_Wilt: Boss Man wiggles his fingers at Greg. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmagic!"
  133. (8:37:25 PM) NAC: Cameron starts thinking of yappy little dogs. He makes note to avoid them in this world.
  134. (8:37:25 PM) TheRaven: Taggart laughs.
  135. (8:37:39 PM) PresidentEvil: "Great. Don't suppose we're eligible for a ride on the Immortality Train?" Greg asks dryly.
  136. (8:38:15 PM) Tara: "I think you have to have this one organ in your visual cortex first, Greg"
  137. (8:38:23 PM) Proto_Lost: Simon slaps Greg's back with a jovial grin on his face. "C'mon, where's the fun in that?"
  138. (8:38:38 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance stands there for a moment as he processes the man(?)'s words.
  139. (8:38:39 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Nope!"
  140. (8:38:55 PM) NAC: Cameron looks down at Simon like he's soft in the head."The fun is not dying."
  141. (8:39:27 PM) PresidentEvil: "Exactly."
  142. (8:39:49 PM) PresidentEvil: You'll note Greg has his usual egregious ammo backpack /and/ what looks to be a newer, even heavier machinegun.
  143. (8:39:58 PM) Proto_Lost: He just shrugs. "Maybe for you, but this sounds like my kind of game."
  144. (8:39:59 PM) Vol: Danzig checks his pack. Yup, slugs and NaCl shells are still good to go. Not that ammunition can change much in the course of 20ish minutes.
  145. (8:40:04 PM) TheRaven: "Shall we get going?"
  146. (8:40:32 PM) Mr_Wilt: "If I made you immortal, than everybody would want to be immortal! And then I wouldn't be so special anymore, would I?"
  147. (8:41:04 PM) NAC: "You'd still be special." Cameron says, looking at BossMan.
  148. (8:41:32 PM) Vol: Danzig mock-covers his heart. "D'aww."
  149. (8:41:33 PM) Proto_Lost: Simon makes a mental note to blow off some of this guy's limbs on his last day. It'd be messy and he'd probably die, but it'd be a sweet ride up to that point.
  150. (8:41:36 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Oh, you flatterer."
  151. (8:41:57 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance looks up at Boss Man strangely, then back to the screen.
  152. (8:42:42 PM) PresidentEvil: Greg turns to Taggart. "Let's. Sooner we catch this guy, the better."
  153. (8:43:18 PM) Tara: "Where should we start?" Rosalind asks, looking at the map
  154. (8:43:43 PM) Uncandescent: "What's different between killing our immortals and killing yours on this holiday." Terrance asks, placing his tongue carefully.
  155. (8:44:18 PM) Proto_Lost: "Somewhere between here and the second closest town. It's been a few days, I doubt he'd get far even with transport."
  156. (8:44:40 PM) PresidentEvil: "Oh. Do we get transport?" Greg asks. "Like, another hoverbus?"
  157. (8:45:24 PM) Proto_Lost: Simon was thinking of horses for some reason.
  158. (8:45:24 PM) Vol: Danzig snorts. "Smart fugitive would be hiding in our very midst somehow."
  159. (8:46:21 PM) Mr_Wilt: "There's literally no way to die! Your immortals have the brain-failing switch! That doesn't work with our people, anyways!"
  160. (8:46:25 PM) Proto_Lost: "True, but he's been out a while, I bet he's running or camping out somewhere. Staying here would be too dangerous if he's just escaped...I'd know, I've done this before."
  161. (8:46:39 PM) Mr_Wilt: "And you can start now! I'll arrange some transportation. Just give me a moment here."
  162. (8:47:05 PM) Mr_Wilt: Boss Man presses the clicker. The projector goes back up into the ceiling as the lights brighten up, and then the room suddenly starts shaking.
  163. (8:47:43 PM) Proto_Lost: Simon grabs a chair as a bludgeon. By gum he'll chuck this chair into whatever's coming if it's the last thing he does.
  164. (8:48:07 PM) PresidentEvil: Greg rolls his eyes at Simon.
  165. (8:48:34 PM) Mr_Wilt: The walls of the room start to expand as they turn into dark oak, the carpet changing into marble.
  166. (8:48:57 PM) Proto_Lost: "...What the shit."
  167. (8:49:03 PM) Uncandescent: "Brain failing... switch..." Terrance starts to ask, but trails off as the room blows his fucking mind.
  168. (8:49:04 PM) TheRaven: "Huh."
  169. (8:49:22 PM) PresidentEvil: "Well that's almost new."
  170. (8:49:39 PM) Mr_Wilt: Eventually, they find themselves in an entirely new room - a massive, round room, with intricate designs along the ridges of the walls, the ceiling opening up into a beautiful, concave portrait.
  171. (8:49:56 PM) NAC: What's the portrait of?
  172. (8:50:15 PM) Proto_Lost: Simon stares up at the ceiling. "Fucking hell, just full of surprises this place."
  173. (8:50:18 PM) Mr_Wilt: Marble statues suddenly exit the walls, situating themselves along them as the floor changes. Suddenly, Boss Man and his desk are on top of a large stair case, looking down at the Poolboys who stand at the bottom of it.
  174. (8:50:22 PM) Tara: Rosalind shrugs. "I've seen the brains of at least some of these people. They're fascinating in the ways they're different from ours"
  175. (8:50:43 PM) Mr_Wilt: The portrait appears to be a painting of the same city picture they saw on the presentation, although the large palace appears to be golden.
  176. (8:50:53 PM) PresidentEvil: "Do their brains pulp differently when you shoot em? I need to know for the mission."
  177. (8:51:13 PM) Mr_Wilt: "No."
  178. (8:51:23 PM) Mr_Wilt: He puts his glasses back on, shooing them with his hand. "You may go."
  179. (8:51:29 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance looks around, wondering if it was an illusion or simply the power of gods.
  180. (8:51:40 PM) PresidentEvil: Greg is shooed. He shrugs, starts walking.
  181. (8:51:49 PM) Mr_Wilt: A hallway opens up at the other end of the room, leading to an exit.
  182. (8:52:02 PM) NAC: Cameron turns and leaves with Greg, heading down the hallway.
  183. (8:52:06 PM) Vol: Danzig unholsters his shotgun and heads down the hallway.
  184. (8:52:14 PM) PresidentEvil: Does cam have his giant sledgehammer yet?
  185. (8:52:26 PM) TheRaven: Taggart heads down the hall and brings his rifle around.
  186. (8:52:32 PM) NAC: Cam could not find one in time.
  187. (8:52:32 PM) Proto_Lost: Simon follows the others, dropping the chair on the floor with a loud clunk, and aiming his shotgun forward.
  188. (8:52:55 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance slowly follows after the others.
  189. (8:53:02 PM) PresidentEvil: Greg readies his new machinegun. He's somehow managed to find an even bigger one, guys.
  190. (8:53:10 PM) Tara: Rosalind heads down the hallway, somewhat excited about the possibility of investigation
  191. (8:53:14 PM) Mr_Wilt: They reach a set of double doors, apparently carved oak. There is a man standing beside them.
  192. (8:53:20 PM) Uncandescent: ~What kind of matters could people of this power be dealing with...~
  193. (8:53:37 PM) Mr_Wilt: "You may want to put your guns /away/. I really don't think the populace will enjoy seeing them."
  194. (8:54:17 PM) PresidentEvil: "I can't exactly stuff this piece in my coat, buddy." Greg says, indicating the machinegun.
  195. (8:54:41 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Then don't hold it like you're about to shoot everyone." The man rolls his eyes.
  196. (8:54:43 PM) Tara: Rosalind has no gun, and her scalpels are safely in a box in her bag. She just looks like a scholar/scientist
  197. (8:55:00 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance's rifle is slung across his back.
  198. (8:55:01 PM) Proto_Lost: Simon scowls a bit. "Well the populace better damn get used to seeing them." He puts it down though.
  199. (8:55:12 PM) PresidentEvil: "Hey, don't give me ideas." Greg says, slinging his gun.
  200. (8:55:28 PM) Mr_Wilt: The man sighs softly, opening the door.
  201. (8:55:28 PM) TheRaven: Taggart's is slung across his chest in a low carry position.
  202. (8:55:57 PM) PresidentEvil: He unsnaps his thigh holster just in case.
  203. (8:56:22 PM) NAC: Cameron looks like Cameron, still in scrubs and carrying his medical kit. "Hey, don't be rude to the interdemensional populace. We're guests here." He warns, giving both Simon and Greg a look.
  204. (8:56:59 PM) NAC: He steps through the door first, then.
  205. (8:57:09 PM) Proto_Lost: "Good point." With that, he sticks it into the holster on his back.
  206. (8:57:24 PM) PresidentEvil: Greg follows right behind Cameron.
  207. (8:57:36 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance feels a weird clenching in his chest, and steps through.
  208. (8:57:43 PM) Mr_Wilt: Cameron finds himself outside, in a huge looking city! The buildings, all white marble, tower around him as people busily move about the white brick roads.
  209. (8:57:53 PM) Mr_Wilt: It must be the city they saw on the projector
  210. (8:58:03 PM) NAC: Do the people look any different to normal humans?
  211. (8:59:51 PM) Tara: Rosalind looks around at the shops, seeing if there is any kind of bookstore or science gadget shop. It's been a while since she was last in this town
  212. (8:59:57 PM) PresidentEvil: Are they currently beating the crap out of each other with various implements?
  213. (9:00:14 PM) Mr_Wilt: No.
  214. (9:00:17 PM) Mr_Wilt: They are not.
  215. (9:00:26 PM) Mr_Wilt: And they look like Charon and Boss Man do.
  216. (9:00:31 PM) Mr_Wilt: Those same facial features.
  217. (9:00:33 PM) Mr_Wilt: Otherwise, human.
  218. (9:00:40 PM) Proto_Lost: Simon does the same, but just wants something to beat shit with...he's all covered in the shooty area of killing things.
  219. (9:00:58 PM) TheRaven: Taggart looks around for any particularly interesting shops.
  220. (9:01:13 PM) PresidentEvil: Greg looks for a gun shop!
  221. (9:01:30 PM) PresidentEvil: "Hey, guys? You think the aliens have google maps or something like it?"
  222. (9:01:40 PM) Vol: Danzig walks around, watching people walk back and forth. He finds nothing of particular interest.
  223. (9:01:50 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance looks around at the metropolis filled with hyper-advanced demi-gods, and finds it really weird that they still used brick. You'd think they'd have moved past that a really long time ago.
  224. (9:01:56 PM) Mr_Wilt: There's all sorts of shops! Weapon boutiques, bookstores, technology stores, restaurants, the whole nine yards.
  225. (9:02:27 PM) TheRaven: "Okay Greg, that looks promising." He points to one of the weapon shops.
  226. (9:02:31 PM) NAC: Cameron starts down the steps of the palace, looking left and right. He makes note to look for a pet shop. He's curious as what the populace has for pets.
  227. (9:02:40 PM) PresidentEvil: "Hell yeah. Wanna check it?"
  228. (9:02:41 PM) NAC: Cameron also wants to pet something.
  229. (9:02:41 PM) Tara: Rosalind first steps into a bookstore, even though she doesn't know a thing about the language
  230. (9:03:15 PM) Proto_Lost left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  231. (9:03:30 PM) Proto_Lost [Mibbit@6D993529.BDE9800.815AE96E.IP] entered the room.
  232. (9:03:37 PM) Tara: "No weapons for me. I still want an illustrated book of anatomy"
  233. (9:03:55 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance advances down the steps slowly, looking around at stuff.
  234. (9:04:06 PM) Mr_Wilt: Rosalind enters a book store! A man behind a counter casually flips through a large book.
  235. (9:04:17 PM) Vol: Danzig finds a liquor shop and starts to browse the selection.
  236. (9:04:19 PM) Proto_Lost: Simon zoned out for a bit, but resumes his search for things what smash gud.
  237. (9:05:18 PM) Mr_Wilt: Danzig does find a liquor store.
  238. (9:05:25 PM) TheRaven: "You know I do."
  239. (9:05:28 PM) Mr_Wilt: There appears to be a large selection of wines.
  240. (9:05:30 PM) Tara: She looks around the bookstore, taking it in, and tries to figure out the most likely part of the store that would have anatomy books
  241. (9:05:31 PM) Mr_Wilt: And that's it.
  242. (9:05:43 PM) PresidentEvil: "Let's do this." Greg brofists, walks into the weapons shop.
  243. (9:06:10 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance shakes his head as everyone goes gaga over the local wares.
  244. (9:06:16 PM) TheRaven: Taggart follows.
  245. (9:06:18 PM) Proto_Lost: Simon follows after Greg, pretty pumped at having found a weapon shop.
  246. (9:06:30 PM) Vol: "Hmm...this one looks...interesting. Mind if I try a sample?
  247. (9:06:30 PM) Vol: "
  248. (9:06:56 PM) Mr_Wilt: There appears to be a large selection of lever-action rifles, revolvers, and swords throughout the shop.
  249. (9:07:05 PM) NAC: Cameron shrugs and follows Simon and Greg.
  250. (9:07:17 PM) Mr_Wilt: The seller nods to Danzig, staring at him intently.
  251. (9:07:42 PM) Proto_Lost: Any hammers?
  252. (9:07:56 PM) Mr_Wilt: Nope.
  253. (9:08:02 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance heads for the technology store, just to see what was judged appropriate as 'commercially available' for a civilization like this.
  254. (9:08:31 PM) Proto_Lost: Simon checks the place for hammers. "Goddammit." The revolvers are piquing his interest however...
  255. (9:08:33 PM) Tara: Rosalind peruses the bookstore, looking for illustration-filled books on anatomy
  256. (9:08:48 PM) PresidentEvil: Greg looks over the ammo. How different is it from what puny humans use.
  257. (9:08:57 PM) TheRaven: Taggart heads over and starts looking looking at the lever-actions.
  258. (9:08:58 PM) Mr_Wilt: Rosalind, roll Academics.
  259. (9:09:12 PM) Mr_Wilt: There doesn't appear to be any ammo, Greg.
  260. (9:09:16 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance enters the technology store and looks around.
  261. (9:09:28 PM) Proto_Lost: Simon follows Taggart's lead, but checks out the revolvers. Anything noteworthy about them?
  262. (9:09:34 PM) Tara: 6df+3 academics
  263. (9:09:34 PM) Glacon: Tara: academics: 4 (6df+3=+, -, -, 0, +, +)
  264. (9:09:42 PM) NAC: Cameron shrugs and looks around at the melee weapons, does anything look particularly exotic?
  265. (9:09:44 PM) PresidentEvil: Well then he checks out a couple lever-actions with Taggart. "...Does this seem strange to you?"
  266. (9:09:59 PM) Mr_Wilt: Terrance sees a large selection of remotes with single buttons, cubes, and flat, clear panels.
  267. (9:10:10 PM) Vol: Danzig takes the sample and sips it.
  268. (9:10:18 PM) Mr_Wilt: The swords don't look too particularly exotic, no, Cameron.
  269. (9:10:22 PM) Vol: 1d10 How good is this?
  270. (9:10:22 PM) Glacon: Vol: How good is this?: 7 (1d10=7)
  271. (9:10:29 PM) Mr_Wilt: A few look like they have hooks, some are serrated, some are curved, but nothing too fancy.
  272. (9:10:51 PM) TheRaven: "Yeah, no ammo. If I could get the specs on it, I could probably load some myself."
  273. (9:11:01 PM) Mr_Wilt: Rosalind does not find one, unfortunately.
  274. (9:11:08 PM) Uncandescent: "Hm." Terrance grunts. He'd heard about something like this once, where in the future everything would have a single button that did whatever you wanted it to. The ultimate user interface.
  275. (9:11:33 PM) PresidentEvil: "Not that. These are guys who can manipulate reality itself on a whim. Why do they need a lever-action on a gun?"
  276. (9:11:35 PM) Vol: Danzig swirls the wine around in his mouth and nods. "I'll take a few bottles of that."
  277. (9:12:16 PM) Mr_Wilt: The big, burly guy behind the counter groans at Greg. "Tourists."
  278. (9:12:37 PM) Tara: She goes back to the counter and asks the person behind the counter, "Excuse me, could you help me find something?"
  279. (9:12:58 PM) Mr_Wilt: The clerk smiles at Danzig. "Have anything to trade?~"
  280. (9:13:12 PM) NAC: Cameron shrugs, walking back out the store, not finding anything that catches his interest.
  281. (9:13:21 PM) Mr_Wilt: The man looks up at Rosalind from behind his book. "Yes?"
  282. (9:13:38 PM) Proto_Lost: Simon gives this some thought. "So I bet they just whammy up bullets out of thin air." He approaches the counter and leans on it. "You got quite the collection of revolvers, which one of them will let me blow off a man's arm?"?"
  283. (9:13:49 PM) TheRaven: Taggart looks at the guy in the gun shop. "Got any suggestions for a precision rifle?"
  284. (9:13:55 PM) Tara: "I'm looking for an illustrated book on anatomy. Do you have any?"
  285. (9:14:16 PM) Mr_Wilt: The man points out a general direction for Rosalind.
  286. (9:14:17 PM) Vol: He smiles. "Yes, actually." He reaches into his pack and pulls out...
  287. (9:14:28 PM) Mere_Observer [] entered the room.
  288. (9:14:44 PM) Tara: "Thank you." She goes into that area and starts to flip through books
  289. (9:14:55 PM) Mere_Observer left the room (quit: Quit: Mere_Observer).
  290. (9:14:57 PM) BiggerJ [] entered the room.
  291. (9:15:16 PM) Mr_Wilt: Roll Science, Rosalind!
  292. (9:15:29 PM) PresidentEvil: "So, I don't suppose you have anything in less-lethal? Tasers and such?"
  293. (9:15:33 PM) Tara: 6df+8 Science!
  294. (9:15:33 PM) Glacon: Tara: Science!: 9 (6df+8=0, 0, -, 0, +, +)
  295. (9:15:34 PM) Vol: ...2 civilian MREs.
  296. (9:15:39 PM) Vol: "How about these?"
  297. (9:16:22 PM) Proto_Lost: Simon just looks at Greg as if he said bacon doesn't come from pigs, but keeps silent.
  298. (9:17:44 PM) Proto_Lost: He keeps checking back to the revolvers though, that white one looks magnificent.
  299. (9:18:21 PM) Mr_Wilt: The man looks at Taggart, pointing at the longer-barreled rifles. "Nothin' that powerful," he remarks to Simon. "And we do have a few tranq rifles."
  300. (9:18:28 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Or revolvers, if you want close-range."
  301. (9:18:49 PM) TheRaven: He starts looking them over.
  302. (9:18:53 PM) Mr_Wilt: The woman examines the MREs. "What.. are these?"
  303. (9:18:54 PM) Mr_Wilt: Rosalind finds a book!
  304. (9:19:17 PM) PresidentEvil: Greg moves over to the tranq rifles and revolvers that were pointed out.
  305. (9:19:39 PM) Vol: Danzig smiles. "We take these on long journeys to ensure that we aren't caught with an empty belly in unfamiliar territory."
  306. (9:19:49 PM) Tara: Yay! She looks through it to make sure it's what she wants, and then heads back to the counter
  307. (9:19:50 PM) Mr_Wilt: They don't appear any different from the normal rifles or revolvers.
  308. (9:19:57 PM) Proto_Lost: Simon approaches the white one he's fallen in love with. "And what do you load these babies?"
  309. (9:19:59 PM) NAC: Cameron rounds a corner, looking for the equivalent of a fast food place around here.
  310. (9:20:07 PM) Mr_Wilt: Cameron finds one.
  311. (9:20:23 PM) NAC: What does it look like, brand food and what not?
  312. (9:20:29 PM) Mr_Wilt: The weapon dealer groans again. "/Tourists/. They're self-sufficient."
  313. (9:20:36 PM) Mr_Wilt: Burgers.
  314. (9:20:51 PM) Mr_Wilt: The woman makes a face at Danzig "Anything else?"
  315. (9:20:54 PM) NAC: Cameron gets in line for one then.
  316. (9:21:33 PM) PresidentEvil: Greg picks up one with what looks like a walnut grip. "This baby looks pretty nice."
  317. (9:21:55 PM) TheRaven: Taggart picks up an interesting-looking one and steps over to the guy. "How much for this?"
  318. (9:22:08 PM) PresidentEvil: "Same."
  319. (9:22:13 PM) Proto_Lost: Simon looks at it longingly. Man, it's been a while since he's felt that old new gun high. He picks it up, feeling its weight. "Likewise, how much for this gun?"
  320. (9:22:40 PM) Vol: He shifts his weight nervously and looks through his pack. "How about this shoulder-mountable flashlight?"
  321. (9:22:51 PM) Mr_Wilt: "You guys got anything to trade?"
  322. (9:22:58 PM) Mr_Wilt: The woman looks at. "Hm. Maybe. Anything else?"
  323. (9:23:17 PM) Tara: "I'd like to get this. What do you want for it?"
  324. (9:23:42 PM) PresidentEvil: "How about a Mark 23?" Greg asks. "12 round mag, .45 ACP. Throw in the holster for a holster for this one."
  325. (9:23:42 PM) TheRaven: "Yeah, some stuff." He motions to the tomahawk on his chest rig. "How's this?"
  326. (9:24:04 PM) Proto_Lost: Simon twirls one of his own revolvers in one hand, and holds it up for the man to see. "How about a revolver for a revolver? Polydeuces has pulled me out of some tough spots in my day."
  327. (9:24:08 PM) PresidentEvil: He would pull it out to show the clerk, but that's a very bad idea in a gun shot.
  328. (9:24:12 PM) PresidentEvil: shop*
  329. (9:25:41 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Let's see it," he motions to Greg, before taking the revolver from Simon. "Hm. Sure."
  330. (9:25:54 PM) Mr_Wilt: He shakes his head at Taggart. How unfair.
  331. (9:26:17 PM) Mr_Wilt: Cameron is up in line for food!
  332. (9:26:24 PM) PresidentEvil: Greg unholsters his pistol and hands it over.
  333. (9:26:26 PM) Mr_Wilt: The man looks at Rosalind. "What do you have to trade?"
  334. (9:27:14 PM) Proto_Lost: Simon twirls his new revolver around for a bit before sliding it to where Polydeuces once hung. "Welcome home Polydeuces Mark II."
  335. (9:27:58 PM) Tara: Rosalind rummages around in her bag and pulls out a few sample containers, a blank notebook, various pens and pencils, and her scalpel box
  336. (9:28:02 PM) TheRaven: He thinks. "What do you have in mind?"
  337. (9:28:02 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance looks around at the technology. How is the stuff packaged?
  338. (9:28:15 PM) NAC: Cameron orders their largest burger and a soda, then.
  339. (9:28:22 PM) Gookamungus [] entered the room.
  340. (9:28:27 PM) Tara: "Oh, not that," she says, putting the scalpels away
  341. (9:28:39 PM) Gookamungus left the room (quit: Quit: Gookamungus).
  342. (9:28:54 PM) Mr_Wilt: Looks like boxes with their image, and a big "GATE-TEC" logo on it, Terrance.
  343. (9:29:15 PM) Mr_Wilt: Cameron receives a burger and a glass of wine.
  344. (9:29:36 PM) Mr_Wilt: "You have a gun on you?" The man looks at Taggart, trading Greg the revolver and a holster for his gun.
  345. (9:29:36 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance furrows his brow as he tries to place the name. Is there any indication on the packagin what the various devices do?
  346. (9:30:31 PM) Vol: Danzig takes out his pair of leather gloves out and shows them off. "Nice texture, one sizse fits all, water proof. How about that?"
  347. (9:30:32 PM) NAC: Cameron pulls out his wallet and raises a eyebrow at the cashier, waiting for a price.
  348. (9:30:35 PM) TheRaven: He taps his sidearm. "What about this, maybe? Browning Hi-Power, heavily customized plus a few spare mags and the holster."
  349. (9:30:49 PM) PresidentEvil: Greg belts on the holster and sticks the revolver in it. "Pleasure doing business!"
  350. (9:31:21 PM) Mr_Wilt: The woman thinks, taking the gloves from Danzig. "I'll take the gloves and flashlight for a single glass."
  351. (9:31:34 PM) Mr_Wilt: There isn't, Terrance.
  352. (9:31:41 PM) TheRaven: "Actually...hang on a sec." He returns the rifle to where he got it, realizing he's definitely got enough. He picks up a long-barreled revolver instead.
  353. (9:31:46 PM) Tara: The other items remain on the counter as she returns to rummaging through her bag
  354. (9:31:56 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Ten bucks." The cashier looks at Cameron, waiting.
  355. (9:32:46 PM) NAC: Cameron hands him some money and walks away, finding a table and beginning to eat his meal.
  356. (9:33:02 PM) Mr_Wilt: Tastes good, Cameron. Kinda sweet.
  357. (9:33:14 PM) Tara: She also finds some non-latex medical gloves, a small flashlight, and one of her Terry Pratchett novels
  358. (9:33:35 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance goes up to the cashier. He is momentarily struck by an uncharacteristic insecurity about his lack of teeth, but shakes it off. "What ihems do you have."
  359. (9:33:41 PM) Mr_Wilt: The man hands Rosalind the book, taking the items. "It's a deal. I'll even throw in this book on hunting."
  360. (9:33:51 PM) Mr_Wilt: He rummages behind himself, then retrieves a second book and hands it to Rosalind.
  361. (9:34:16 PM) NAC: <<So, how are we going to find this ...mnnf, good burger... guy?>> Cameron radios in, talking with his mouth full of fast food and wine.
  362. (9:34:22 PM) Mr_Wilt: The cashier groans at Terrance. "Look around you."
  363. (9:34:35 PM) Mere_Observer [] entered the room.
  364. (9:34:35 PM) Mr_Wilt: The man nods at Taggart.
  365. (9:35:00 PM) Vol: Danzig shrugs and nods. ~I can always replace these.~ "Sure, can you pour it into one of these?" He extends one of his specimen containers.
  366. (9:35:03 PM) TheRaven: Taggart returns to the counter and puts the revolver down. "This might be more useful for me, and more fair to you. Same deal, this thing for my sidearm?"
  367. (9:35:06 PM) Fifth_away is now known as Fifthman
  368. (9:35:18 PM) Proto_Lost: <<I'd say we ask the guards or something...also where the hell are you?>>
  369. (9:35:24 PM) Tara: "Thank you." She takes the books with a smile and heads out. She still has several sample containers, notebooks, and writing implements
  370. (9:35:41 PM) Mr_Wilt: "It's a deal." He holds his hand out for Taggart's pistol.
  371. (9:35:53 PM) Uncandescent: "Whah do they do."
  372. (9:36:09 PM) Mr_Wilt: The woman blinks, but nods, pouring the wine into the containers for Danzig.
  373. (9:36:12 PM) PresidentEvil: <<If he's trying to evade law enforcement, who are actively canvassing for him, he'll move out of populated areas.>>
  374. (9:36:34 PM) Mr_Wilt: "What do you /think/ they do?" The cashier groans at Terrance obnoxiously. "Tourist."
  375. (9:36:47 PM) NAC: <<Burger joint.>> Cameron nods, radioing in between sips of his wine, pinky raised. He looks up at the logo of the place, trying to get a better description.
  376. (9:36:56 PM) TheRaven: He hands it over and grins.
  377. (9:37:00 PM) Proto_Lost: <<My point exactl- Wait, Greg you're right here in the same shop...why are you using the radio?>>
  378. (9:37:13 PM) Vol: Danzig grins. "Good doing business with you.
  379. (9:37:22 PM) Vol: "
  380. (9:37:47 PM) Tara: Rosalind also makes a mental note to bring other possible things to trade the next time she comes here
  381. (9:37:50 PM) Vol: <<Ros, I'm at the liquor store, where are you?>>
  382. (9:38:03 PM) PresidentEvil: <<So that Cam can hear us, obviously. Okay, where do you guys wanna meet?>>
  383. (9:39:20 PM) Uncandescent: "Spell it out for me." Terrance says, placing his tongue carefully and trying not to wince everytime his teeth aren't fucking there. He manages to give the cashier a hard stare.
  384. (9:39:34 PM) Tara: <<Just left the bookstore. I have an illustrated book of anatomy, and one on hunting>>
  385. (9:39:57 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Those are the buttons", the man moves to the cubes, "containers and interface", he moves to the panels, "interface".
  386. (9:40:30 PM) TheRaven: Taggart attempts to holster the revolver before realizing it won't fit. He instead drops it in a dump pouch until they get back.
  387. (9:40:37 PM) Uncandescent: "I press the button. Then what."
  388. (9:40:39 PM) Proto_Lost: <<Sorry, just felt dumb using walkie-talkies when the person's next to you. How about in front of that guy who told us to put away the guns?>>
  389. (9:40:58 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Anything. If you're not an idiot."
  390. (9:41:01 PM) PresidentEvil: <<Sounds good to me.>>
  391. (9:41:30 PM) Uncandescent: "Define anything."
  392. (9:41:35 PM) Vol: Danzig laughs quietly to himself. <<That's great, can you see me from here?>>
  393. (9:41:44 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Wow, you really /are/ an idiot."
  394. (9:42:03 PM) Uncandescent: "I'm also impatient."
  395. (9:42:04 PM) PresidentEvil: Greg heads over to the window. Can he see Danzig?
  396. (9:42:19 PM) Tara: Rosalind looks around for Danzig. He should stick out, seeing as he's human
  397. (9:42:22 PM) Mr_Wilt: "There's no way you're going to be able to use these."
  398. (9:42:27 PM) Proto_Lost: Simon follows suit, and peeks out the window as well
  399. (9:42:30 PM) Mr_Wilt: Greg cannot.
  400. (9:42:35 PM) Mr_Wilt: Neither can Simon.
  401. (9:42:59 PM) NAC: << I'm at ... ugh /Ogh'Ral-tik's/ Burgers and Wine>> Cameron radios back, nearly choking on his burger as he gets out the sounds, tongue twisting unnaturally to form them.
  402. (9:43:16 PM) Uncandescent: "Why not." An edge of irritation drips into his tone as his tongue steps carefully about his mouth.
  403. (9:43:22 PM) TheRaven: <<We really should get going, you know."
  404. (9:43:23 PM) TheRaven: >>
  405. (9:43:38 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Because you're dumb and impatient.
  406. (9:43:42 PM) Mr_Wilt: "And a tourist."
  407. (9:44:16 PM) Proto_Lost: "Let's head out guys, we're burning...wherever this light is coming from."
  408. (9:44:34 PM) Tara: Can Rosalind see Danzig? She's left her shop and is actively looking
  409. (9:44:40 PM) PresidentEvil: <<Not really. I'll head back and meet you guys there.>> Greg thanks the owner and returns to where they first entered the city.
  410. (9:44:44 PM) PresidentEvil: Presumably with Taggart.
  411. (9:44:57 PM) Proto_Lost: And with Simon
  412. (9:44:58 PM) Proto_Lost: .
  413. (9:45:05 PM) Mr_Wilt: Rosalind can see him.
  414. (9:45:25 PM) Tara: Rosalind heads to Danzig. "Let's find the others"
  415. (9:45:40 PM) TheRaven: Yeah, Taggart is with him.
  416. (9:45:45 PM) NAC: Cameron finishes up his meal and heads out to the group, licking his fingers some what to get the grease off.
  417. (9:46:04 PM) Vol: Danzig nods, showing her the containers. "Got something we can have some fun with later." He grins as he puts them back.
  418. (9:46:15 PM) PresidentEvil: <<Terrence, you finished yet? We're meeting up where we entered the city.>>
  419. (9:47:02 PM) Tara: "Okay. I got books." She shows him the books
  420. (9:47:08 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance stares the man down, but rather than do something, stupid, crazy, or awesome, he simply turns and leaves, heading for the front of the city.
  421. (9:47:12 PM) Fifthman is now known as Fifth_away
  422. (9:48:36 PM) Vol: Danzig looks the books over. "What did you trade for those?"
  423. (9:49:17 PM) PresidentEvil: Greg arrives, and waves to Rosalind and Danzig if they're there yet. "You guys get anything good?"
  424. (9:49:38 PM) NAC: "Food and wine."
  425. (9:49:50 PM) Vol: "And more wine."
  426. (9:49:59 PM) Tara: "A few extra specimen containers, a small flashlight, a blank notebook, some pens, a set of sterile non-latex gloves, and one of my Terry Pratchett books. Paperback"
  427. (9:50:03 PM) NAC: "I feel like I've eaten at a french McDonalds."
  428. (9:50:17 PM) PresidentEvil: "Sure you couldn't get a bottle of bourbon?"
  429. (9:50:21 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance arrives, and hovers on the edge of the group, keenly aware that they still don't have a plan.
  430. (9:50:48 PM) Proto_Lost: Simon's also there, and he's twirling his new gun with a goofy grin on his face.
  431. (9:50:54 PM) TheRaven: Taggart shows up, grinning.
  432. (9:51:21 PM) Tara: Rosalind looks through the hunting book to see how much of it she'll need to ask either Stoat or Charon to translate for her
  433. (9:51:43 PM) Mr_Wilt: All of it.
  434. (9:51:45 PM) NullAshton left the room (quit: Ping timeout).
  435. (9:52:24 PM) PresidentEvil: Greg is also grinning. "Man, once the mission's over I may have to go back there. See about getting a few more guns."
  436. (9:53:01 PM) Vol: Danzig secures his pack. "I'll have to make sure to bring more wares next time."
  437. (9:53:34 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance looks at their guns and notes that they all look so //old// . Where are all the plasma guns?
  438. (9:53:41 PM) Tara: Not surprising. "I will too. And I'm going to have to get this one translated"
  439. (9:53:56 PM) NullAshton [] entered the room.
  440. (9:54:20 PM) Proto_Lost: Simon turns to Greg. "Count me in when you do, Polydeuces Mark II needs his Brother."
  441. (9:54:59 PM) Tara: "So, do we have the map?"
  442. (9:55:20 PM) PresidentEvil: "Yeah. I'm thinking we find this guy's last known location in the city and pick up the trail."
  443. (9:55:34 PM) TheRaven: "Sounds good to me."
  444. (9:55:38 PM) Tara: "That sounds like a good idea"
  445. (9:55:47 PM) PresidentEvil: "May be hard to check the crimes scenes, and... I can't believe I'm saying this, we should've brought Cecil..."
  446. (9:56:03 PM) Proto_Lost: "Indeed."
  447. (9:56:12 PM) PresidentEvil: "But if he has left the city, we should be able to track him much easier once we get that far."
  448. (9:56:20 PM) Tara: "We didn't know that we'd need him"
  449. (9:56:28 PM) Proto_Lost: "Figures, just when we need an investigator, he's out with his lady love somewhere."
  450. (9:56:48 PM) Vol: Danzig nods. "Well, at least you have most of a pseudo-forensics team here."
  451. (9:56:51 PM) PresidentEvil: "I feel like I should have sunglasses if we're investigating crimes."
  452. (9:57:09 PM) Vol: He nudges Ros and Cameron.
  453. (9:57:22 PM) Tara: "I'm part of the pseudo-forensics team. We don't wear sunglasses"
  454. (9:57:58 PM) NAC: Cameron shrugs, "Well. This ... guy, what's his name. We could probably ask for a list of known acquaintances or known residencies."
  455. (9:58:11 PM) Tara: Can Rosalind determine where the last known location of the fugitive is?
  456. (9:58:28 PM) Proto_Lost: "I just shoot things. I'll help by not shooting informants."
  457. (9:58:35 PM) PresidentEvil: "I feel like we should've asked which detective is working the case. Or... hell, who was that guy we talked to when we were helping Charon get spayed?"
  458. (9:58:42 PM) PresidentEvil: "Agammemnon or something?"
  459. (9:58:51 PM) TheRaven: "Once we get out of the city I'll be more in my element."
  460. (9:58:58 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance just stands back and listens.
  461. (9:59:35 PM) Mr_Wilt: Determine from what?
  462. (9:59:40 PM) Proto_Lost: "...Spayed? Why the hell would you take a cat to get spayed here?"
  463. (10:00:04 PM) Tara: A combination of the map, and what she remembers from the pictures Boss Man showed them
  464. (10:00:07 PM) PresidentEvil: "It's complicated. And he wasn't a cat, he was a reality warping immortal."
  465. (10:00:23 PM) Proto_Lost: "...Well shit."
  466. (10:00:46 PM) Mr_Wilt: There's nothing on the map displaying where he was, and all Rosalind saw was a picture of a broken wall from where he apparently busted out of imprisonment.
  467. (10:01:36 PM) Uncandescent: "We should ask." Terrance puts out there, pointing back to the mansion.
  468. (10:01:39 PM) Tara: Then can she figure out where the prison might be?
  469. (10:01:45 PM) PresidentEvil: "I've got an idea."
  470. (10:02:00 PM) Mr_Wilt: Not from the map.
  471. (10:02:01 PM) Proto_Lost: Simon tries not to think of how you'd spay a person, and comes up with an idea. "We could check out the prison he busted out of."
  472. (10:02:11 PM) NAC: Cameron nods in agreement with Terrence and walks back into BossMan's palace.
  473. (10:02:18 PM) PresidentEvil: <<Yo, guards! Anyone monitoring this channel? We have a few questions about the HVT.>>
  474. (10:02:39 PM) PresidentEvil: Greg waits for a reply from their invisible minders...
  475. (10:03:09 PM) Mr_Wilt: He gets no reply. Cameron finds Boss Man still in the same place he was.
  476. (10:03:23 PM) PresidentEvil: Greg shrugs, and follows Cam.
  477. (10:03:33 PM) TheRaven: Taggart follows as well.
  478. (10:03:43 PM) Proto_Lost: Simon follows after Cameron, his suggestion ignored...I think.
  479. (10:03:59 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance is already in the room with Boss Man. ~Ninja.~
  480. (10:04:02 PM) NAC: "Hello sir. I think we jumped the gun on going out to find this fugitive."
  481. (10:04:12 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Oh?"
  482. (10:04:27 PM) PresidentEvil: "Yeah. Could you perhaps give us some way of contacting the officer in charge of this case?"
  483. (10:05:08 PM) Uncandescent: "And a name."
  484. (10:05:14 PM) NAC: "Well. We forgot his name, list of known acquaintances, the area of where he broke out, psychological profile, medical records, and known contact with gangs and organizations."
  485. (10:05:24 PM) PresidentEvil: "...That too."
  486. (10:05:40 PM) Mr_Wilt: "Hm! Let's go through everything in order, then." He rummages through some papers.
  487. (10:06:08 PM) Vol: Danzig pulls out his PDA, taking notes.
  488. (10:06:27 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance says nothing, as Cam has already taken care of bidniss.
  489. (10:06:34 PM) PresidentEvil: Greg does likewise.
  490. (10:06:42 PM) PresidentEvil: Err, pulls out his PDA.
  491. (10:07:28 PM) Tara: Rosalind takes notes in another notebook of hers. She always carries a few
  492. (10:07:54 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance has a mind like a steel trap. He listens intently.
  493. (10:10:22 PM) Proto_Lost: Simon just stares at the nice office. Let the forensics team deal with the specifics, he's here to shoot shit
  494. (10:12:16 PM) Mr_Wilt: "So, as I said earlier, my officers are busy elsewhere, his name is Panos, no known living acquaintances, the correctional facility further out of town, possibly insane, unreadable, aaaand unknown."
  495. (10:12:53 PM) Proto_Lost: "Hmph, never a guy just named George around places like these."
  496. (10:13:17 PM) PresidentEvil: "Wouldn't that be stranger, though?"
  497. (10:13:34 PM) NAC: Cameron nods. "Where did you arrest the criminal?"
  498. (10:14:57 PM) Proto_Lost: Simon turns to Greg. "Exactly! I'd be on guard and tense as fuck if out of all these fancy names, someone was named George."
  499. (10:15:44 PM) PresidentEvil: "I know, right. Anyways," he says, turning back to bossman. "Are the prison guards still on duty, or did you send them away too?"
  500. (10:17:22 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance makes plans. Prehaps he mentioned something to a fellow prisoner. Or maybe they could at least figure out where he got the booze. If it was provided by an outside party, it would a very useful lead.
  501. (10:17:23 PM) Mr_Wilt: "No, they should still be there!"
  502. (10:17:40 PM) Mr_Wilt: He turns back to Cameron. "Three towns out. Small little place."
  503. (10:18:37 PM) Proto_Lost: "Hmm...Any chance that the felon's got some cronies there?"
  504. (10:18:57 PM) PresidentEvil: "He might have a crew in prison."
  505. (10:19:08 PM) NAC: "Could you write down the name of the town please?"
  506. (10:19:36 PM) Proto_Lost: "Exactly, someone with connections."
  507. (10:19:42 PM) TheRaven: "Actually, here's an idea. Can you have Gate send us all the information on him at base, so we can review it in-depth?"
  508. (10:19:52 PM) Mr_Wilt: "I can!"
  509. (10:20:33 PM) Proto_Lost: Simon just nods. "He has no idea you could do that."
  510. (10:20:41 PM) Proto_Lost: Er, -""
  511. (10:20:57 PM) Vol: "We should bring this back to the analysts back at the base. The Foundation can probably formulate a pretty effective contingency plan for this."
  512. (10:21:12 PM) TheRaven: "At least have Cecil look at it."
  513. (10:21:34 PM) PresidentEvil: "That, and I'd like to get some range time with my new guns before walking into a fight."
  514. (10:22:31 PM) TheRaven: "Yeah, always a good idea."
  515. (10:22:34 PM) Mr_Wilt: "I'll get you your ride, then!"
  516. (10:22:48 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance stands back. He would argue, but...
  517. (10:22:52 PM) Mr_Wilt: Gate is suddenly in the center of the room, doors open, as though she were always there.
  518. (10:23:16 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance starts slightly.
  519. (10:23:41 PM) TheRaven: Taggart steps on through.
  520. (10:23:52 PM) Tara: "Oh? Is it time to go already?" Rosalind steps through
  521. (10:23:53 PM) Vol: Danzig is slightly shocked by Gate's appearance, then steps through.
  522. (10:24:17 PM) Proto_Lost: Simon jumps back. A few steps and he'd have been right in the middle of Gate. "Well, looks like our ride's here."
  523. (10:24:24 PM) PresidentEvil: Greg shrugs, stepping through. "All aboard."
  524. (10:24:39 PM) Mr_Wilt: Those stepping through head on back to #farrecon
  525. (10:24:40 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance looks to Boss Man for a moment, then steps through the Gate solemnly.
  526. (10:25:12 PM) Proto_Lost: Simon immediately heads through. He can't wait to show Cecil his awesome revolver.
  527. (10:25:44 PM) NAC: Cameron shrugs and waves. "Have a nice day sir." He says to Boss Man before stepping through.
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