May 15th, 2018
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  3. Dear Benchmade support team,
  4. I am contacting you regarding my Benchmade 930. I was gifted this knife many years ago by my recently passed away grandfather, and carried it everyday since then. For me, its design and size make it the perfect tool - or even accessory - it really is important to me. Of course, many years of use left their marks, causing some of the plating on the clip to come off, which is not an actual issue, but rather part of the knife's story. However, I faced a - to me at least - sorrowful fact this evening: My knife would not lock up any more. Already fearing the worst that could happen to an axis lock knife I took a closer look, and saw my anticipation proven true. I took the knife apart to see the damage, only to find both omega springs broken, one even missing a piece. Of course I would not be contacting you if I had a simple way of ordering a replacement, but nor being in Austria neither the actual part not being available individually are helping my issue, which is why I resorted to asking you, the manufacturer, for a solution. It would be amazing if you could sell me two springs to fix the knife myself. Shipping the entire Knife to you would not be an option, since it would not only leave me with horrendous shipping costs, but also with really long wait times and potentially issues in customs. Of course I see myself as competent enough to carry out the repair myself, given I have quite some experience in taking apart, servicing and cleaning this very knife as well as several others. In fact, due to a reccommendation of my grandfather, I had the blade ground flat by a Austrian sharpening company, requiring me to extract the blade to send off to the company, i found reassembling the knife very easy to do. I hope you can help me with my issue, an i am already very eager to hear your response.
  5. Yours sincerely, mp
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