Breeding Sow

Taala Jul 19th, 2018 315 Never
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  1. Turned out Bottom, Breeding and Filth Loving Sow
  3. This once lustful fag-forged mare that sported an empressive ivory equine member and tempted many other bashful doms and brainless sluts was now found completely turned out.
  5. After a intense encounter with a superior Alpha, the Demon Huntress Avu Felsong, she was thoroughly fucked into a submissive breeding and filth sow for Avu's own enjoyment. Not only did she bear the telling mark of Avu's dominance and ownership over her ass with the fel inprinted hand mark forever burned into the supple flesh of the Fag-forged mare's ass. A nose hook had also been added, the apparatus being crusted in shit, piss and cum long before it even hooked into this piggy's nose. The hook kept her nostrils flared and stretched open. The snorting pigglet snout was already clogged with old pubes from Avu's loins, the stench still festering in there. Taala had to snort extra hard to smell anything else, often making her unable to restrain her pig like snorts as she was almost always sniffing filth.
  7. Even more so, Avu made sure that during the forceful fucking which tamed this once dominant fag-forged mare, her prostate was forever popped, robbing her of any future orgasms and rendering her into a limp sissy, shrinking that ten inch monster into a four inch wimpy sissy clitty. Her last ejaculation was also forced out of her cock just before her prostate was popped: letting her ultimate load dribble out humiliatingly to solidify her new subservient place under an the Alphas like Avu..
  9. To top it all off, Taala had to lick her shit and the Elf's cum that caked the filthy Alpha cock. She gladly did at this point, slobbering and swallowing everything she could get, snorting in the musk and stench from her new man made snout. What didn't come off would remain there as a treat for the next time Taala was called to service or another lucky whore.
  11. That first encounted was just the start however. Soon after Ta'ala found herself once again kneeling and worshipping Avu's filthy cock, completely obsessed with it's musky filth. So much so that she pays her Goddess just to have the honor of being fucked by the Elf's massive cock, her plump sissy pussy filled and the privelege to be a little faggot sissy piggy and eat up her godess's cum, smegma, shit and piss.
  13. A most recent addition to this once dominant lightforged stallion, a cock cage in a pretty bright pink is clasped around her sissy clitty. A sign that the now fag-forged sissy mare and breeding sow was completely owned by Avu~
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