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  1. 07:27       Crim_ exists. She's around in the med-bay, coat sitting off her shoulders as usual while a clipboard in hand and a pen pushed up against her lips idly while she takes medical inventory.
  2. 07:27   Crim_   Mmm...
  3. 07:43   xp194   *Knock knock.*
  4. 07:47   Crim_   Come in.
  5. 07:50   xp194   *Athena enters, though now in her original, 5' 6" form. She doesn't get very far though, hovering awkwardly as if fighting the urge to cut and run.*
  6. 07:50       Crim_ leans up from peering at the assorted supply laid out on the table. "Ah. It's you again."
  7. 07:51   Crim_   I'm impressed you actually came.
  8. 07:52   xp194   Athena: It... It... I....
  9. 07:52       Crim_ sets her clipboard and pen down, blowing an idle raspberry as she replaced the space they took up in her hands with a coffee mug that says '#1Dr.'
  10. 07:52   Crim_   Do you need something?
  11. 07:52   xp194   Athena: Well. I need to apologise to you.
  12. 07:54   xp194   Athena: I... fuck, I'm not good at this... um. Where to begin...?
  13. 07:56   Crim_   Well, it's a good step. Take a seat if you want it.
  14. 07:56       Crim_ leans herself against the table some.
  15. 07:57       Crim_ ** There was notably a swivle chair, stool, and cushioned/papered over medical bench for patients.
  16. 07:58   Crim_   Let's start with what I said. It probably unsettled you a bit, didn't it.
  17. 07:59   xp194   *Athena does so, nodding.* The last time I was hearing something like that... I was tied to the operating table, and I wasn't there by choice.
  18. 08:03   xp194   Athena: So, yes... I guess unsettled is accurate enough...
  19. 08:05   Crim_   It is quite unsettling.
  20. 08:05   Crim_   Liking things like that is very digusting.
  21. 08:06   Crim_   Alongside providing accurate and necessary treatment, a doctor should consider the comfort of their patients and deliver things with tact.
  22. 08:06   Crim_   But even beyond that, people would argue I am a disgusting person by nature. I do not disagree.
  23. 08:08   Crim_   Do you think I am a disgusting person, Athena?
  24. 08:10   xp194   Athena: I... don't know? I guess not, if Ruby's okay with you being here.
  25. 08:11   Crim_   Well, if it would be alright for me to say...
  26. 08:11   Crim_   I know how everything I like sounds. I myself was repulsed with my own enjoyment. I still am, at times.
  27. 08:12   Crim_   Being said, it isn't something I tell everyone. The fact I had was out of annoyance for how difficult you were being.
  28. 08:12   Crim_   But very often, I enjoy offering my patients a sense of comfort and safety that I can mend their wounds and illnesses. Even... If it's against my nature as an Abyssal.
  29. 08:13   Crim_   The human body is utterly infatuating to me, you see. Fix all the broken parts and you have a beautiful machine... I take so much pride in that.
  30. 08:14   Crim_   Much the same, I am a person that can lead those to a calm and gentle end.
  31. 08:14   Crim_   Not all doctors can fix everything. Not even myself.
  32. 08:15   Crim_   I take quite a bit of satisfaction and enjoyment out of all of these things. Just as much, if not more than from my appreciation of the grotesque.
  33. 08:15   Crim_   It's all I feel that remains from who I was.
  34. 08:16   Crim_   I'll protect it, even if it goes against who I am now. I never had much, you know... *She'd sip her coffee.*
  35. 08:27   xp194   Athena: ... Well. Thank you, for that.
  36. 08:32   Crim_   You're welcome.
  37. 08:32   Crim_   Now what about you? My piece is done, so you are free to speak.
  38. 08:38   xp194   Athena: Me? Well... I'm a dumb cat who finds it difficult to trust people. And- *She sighs.* Fuck, what else is here to say? I'm a mess of a person, really. Always have been.
  39. 08:39   Crim_   It's obvious, yes.
  40. 08:39   Crim_   An apology to me about what you said before I left would suffice.
  41. 08:40   Crim_   Do you want some coffee by the way?
  42. 08:41   xp194   Athena: Uh, no thanks. I'm not too fond of it.
  43. 08:41       Crim_ shrugs and sips hers again.
  44. 08:48   xp194   Athena: ... So. Yeah. Uh. I'm sorry for how I spoke to you. You didn't deserve that.
  45. 08:49   Crim_   Apology accepted. I also apologize for my lack of patience and consideration for your position.
  46. 08:49   Crim_   As someone who is still effected by their past every day, I can quite understand the response you had.
  47. 08:53       *** Tom_Atlus joined #SheolApoc
  48. 08:53   xp194   Athena: Heh... Though, I hope you'll understand if I say I hope to not require your services. Or, well, anyone on the medical team's, realy.
  49. 08:54   Crim_   Oh certainly. A hospital visit is rarely deliberate. In most cases.
  50. 08:59   xp194   Athena: Well. I'll... See you around then, Crim?
  51. 09:00   Crim_   Of course. Take care, Athena. Thanks for coming by today. You helped me feel better doing that.
  52. 09:00       --- Nichos is back
  53. 09:01   xp194   *Athena actually smiles at that, getting up, and patting Crim on the shoulder before leaving the room.*
  54. 09:50   xp194   *Athena eventually makes her way topside, flopping down onto the grass and fwumphing out to full size.*
  55. 10:06       Crim_ can be seen... Making her way to the hot springs. She deserves it, she thinks.
  56. 10:10   Nichos  *She'd find the springs have a rejuvenating effect, easing any pains and melting away aches*
  57. 10:14       Crim_ groans. "...This was a good choice." Sinks.
  58. 10:14       Crim_ sinks in to the point her mouth is covered, but not her nose. Her back. It need this.
  59. 10:16       Tom_Atlus ** ... ... ...
  60. 10:16       Tom_Atlus 's body floats past after a few moments
  61. 10:18       Crim_ watches. Is he dead-man floating?
  62. 10:20       Tom_Atlus is, indeed, dead-man floating. Bubbles come up from him occasionally so he's probably still alive, but. Ah- he bumped his head against the edge of the springs.
  63. 10:20       Tom_Atlus turns back over and faces up once again
  64. 10:24       Crim_ pokes his back with her foot from where she sits after he turns back over. Notably, her toenails are sharp, but Crim is aware and it was only a shallow poke that didn't hurt much.
  65. 10:24   Crim_   Enjoying the springs quite a bit, are we?
  66. 10:28       Tom_Atlus bleghs at the poke, suddenly awakening-
  67. 10:28   Tom_Atlus   Huh- where- oh- wow I fell asleep... Yeah! I am, it's nice-
  68. 10:29   Crim_   I've never been in one. Clearly I've been missing out.
  69. 10:30   Crim_   I'm enjoying it thoroughly so far. If I had a choice, I wouldn't get out and fall asleep in it myself.
  70. 10:30   Crim_   ...But that probably isn't something I should try and do, probably.
  71. 10:30   Crim_   Probably.
  72. 10:35       *** Aika_ quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  73. 10:36   Tom_Atlus   Not unless you've got like, a bunch of stuff about you that helps keep drowning from happening
  74. 10:37       *** Aika_ joined #SheolApoc
  75. 10:39   Crim_   My statement stands true, then. *She chuckles.*
  76. 10:40   Tom_Atlus   Anyway, what brings you to it today since you haven't been using it before?
  77. 10:45   Crim_   My back.
  78. 10:45       Tom_Atlus glances at her chest for a moment.
  79. 10:45   Tom_Atlus   ...
  80. 10:45       Tom_Atlus nods sagely. Aye, he understands.
  81. 10:46   Tom_Atlus   Mnh, this place does /wonders/ for stuff like that. S' nice to get my usual stuff handled by things that aren't my own magic every once in a while...
  82. 10:46   Crim_   I'm quite sure it is. You're a healer, aren't you?
  83. 10:48       Tom_Atlus eventually sits up in the water
  84. 10:48   Tom_Atlus   It's one of the things I do, yeah
  85. 10:49   Crim_   A good you're not falling into the usual folly most do and giving yourself a little self-care.
  86. 10:50   Crim_   I certainly enjoy giving myself it, when affordable. My other reasons for coming here is affording to- and curiosity. But largely my back. Don't make a pun.
  87. 10:50   Crim_   Have you thought about seeing someone you're close to for a massage?
  88. 10:51   Nichos  *Visions of Cier grinning madly with her dragon talons unfurled*
  89. 10:51       Tom_Atlus almost shivers. Almost.
  90. 10:51   Tom_Atlus   ... Usually no, actually.
  91. 10:52   Tom_Atlus   I'm trying to get in the habit of letting myself be more selfish here and now these days. Especially after my last mission.
  92. 10:52   Crim_   Perhaps you should. And it's good to. What was your last mission?
  93. 10:53   Tom_Atlus   Well, if someone offers nicely I might accept... Uh-
  94. 10:53   Tom_Atlus   You know about the ninja clan we've been in contact with?
  95. 10:53   Crim_   Somewhat, yes...
  96. 10:54   Tom_Atlus   Well, one of them offered me a chance to ah... go to a town, that was overrun with demons. I think I must have killed over 200 of the damn things
  97. 10:55   Crim_   Goodness. It does seem like you're due for a break.
  98. 10:55   Crim_   I'm frankly impressed. You seem like the type to break before you'd bend.
  99. 10:56   Crim_   But alas, as long as we have those among us that know personal time away from all that is good.
  100. 10:56   Crim_   Do you want a massage? Don't worry, it won't be weird.
  101. 10:57       Tom_Atlus flashes her a bright grin, despite himself. "Would have, once upon a time, if it weren't for the people I've got in my life now!" Tom says, before rubbing his chin at the offer... "Worst part after that was healing the survivors for sure... Sakura had to sweep me off my feet to stop me and let the medics take over, but- sure, I'd love one right now actually."
  102. 11:01       Crim_ chuckles, bringing a hand out of the water to beckon him. "Come along. Come closer, and face away after. Wheres the area of most tension for you?" She'd ask, sitting up in the water a bit if he did as asked.
  103. 11:02   Crim_   Part of the problem sometimes is knowing when to stop. Sure enough, you seem smarter than that to know when to.
  104. 11:02   Crim_   Otherwise you probably wouldn't be here.
  105. 11:03       Tom_Atlus floats his way over, doing a little stretch- "Mmff, took a lotta mental training to figure that out on my end. And uh, I'd say the space between my shoulders on account of me swinging my sword so much. And my legs from all the flash stepping and running and jumping I had to do."
  106. 11:05   Crim_   Consider the medical staff thankful. We'd hate to see anyone take a visit to us simply because they chose to keep pushing it. It's quite tenacious to do, but I find it a greater display of strength to be able to say and know when it's time to call it quits and rest.
  107. 11:06       Crim_ reached forward, gently pushing her knuckles into the middle of his back, and starting to work a gentle knead up and down the spine and general area. The hot springs made it so warming up and untensing everything felt quite easy for her.
  108. 11:07       Crim_ warmed up the skin a little herself by doing that least, helping it give some flexibility in more depthy points of tension where she'd need a little more pressure, working with her fingers moreso in this case. She is warry of her nails- no worries.
  109. 11:12       Tom_Atlus shivers almost immediately. Is he... not used to getting touched like this? Probably a little bit. He's usually the one taking charge these days, but, after a moment to breathe, he calms himself down enough to hold still, clearly enjoying himself.
  110. 11:19       Crim_ did very well in what she knew- and one of those things were human anatomy. Down to muscle structure, she could find each and every point of immediate relief and tension, her fingers effortless in seeking them out and ridding any knots or kinks. She would certainly focus in on the middle of the back.more than elsewhere, save for maybe the shoulders. "You may have to get someone else for the legs. Flattered as I am, I'm
  111. 11:19       Crim_ quite eager to reserve that area for Lake," she'd chuckle. Getting around his neck a bit.
  112. 11:20   Crim_   Very interesting scars you have, as well. What's your history with these?
  113. 11:23       Tom_Atlus gasps and shudders occasionally at each touch, letting loose long sighs of satisfaction all the way through. Good thing he wore swimming trunks to the hot springs today. Oh- wait- he can just- cast a bit of magic and let that problem Not Be A Thing™ so he just. Does that really quick.  After a moment, he manages to get enough coherence to speak again. "Oh- uh- well... Bunch of injuries I...
  114. 11:23       Tom_Atlus ...took before I started travelling out in the multiverse. Old mistakes, old incidents that I don't wanna let myself forget too easily. Those times I got too cocky, those times I thought too much of myself... That kinda deal." He says, jerking a thumb at one on his back that looks like the exit wound of a particular injury that was still visible on his shoulder. "That's where the weapon that...
  115. 11:23       Tom_Atlus ...impaled me through my shoulder came out from cause I tried to stop a bank robbery without any proper training. Guy hucked a lance infused with sun fire and impaled me to the floor and left me to scream for an hour or so until someone managed to finally yank it off of me after the mana reserves in the thing ran out so people could touch it again.
  116. 11:29   Crim_   And so it left this very cool scar. How neat... *She chuckles, soon to  'dust' her hands off afteshe's had her fun working out the kinks in his back.* I don't think I have anything that grandiose or tale-worthy that isn't part of my important backstory exposition.
  117. 11:29   Crim_   So I'm going to wait to tell everyone about how I got beat the hell up for years until it's vaguely relevant at some point.
  118. 11:30       Tom_Atlus sighs in relief. It looks like he almost melted into the water for a few seconds there from that touch, sitting back up and pressing his back into the edge of the spring next to her. "I dunno, since we're trading stories I wouldn't mind learning more about you too, but uh, only if you're up for it. That sounds pretty painful..."
  119. 11:30   Crim_   ...Unless I just made it relevant? I think I did.
  120. 11:30   Crim_   Sure. I suppose I can tell you.
  121. 11:31   Crim_   It isn't any less tragic than Lake's or any other Abyssal though so don't prepare for it to be a happy one.
  122. 11:34       Tom_Atlus snaps his fingers, a construct grabber snagging some sake on a floating tray, setting it up in front of both him and Crim as he pours them both some "shots" to drink. Whatever those little cup things are called.
  123. 11:35   Tom_Atlus   Might as well, aye? Better to face it head on sooner then let it sit till later, I say
  124. 11:41       Crim_ picks up a dish herself. "I suppose." Immediately slammed down-
  125. 11:41       Crim_ claps.
  126. 11:41   Crim_   Alright.
  127. 11:43   Crim_   I grew up quite normal, really. I was never particularly outstanding. I was not a person of great respect, position, power, or ability. In fact, the story begins loooong ago, when I was say, a teenager.
  128. 11:44   Crim_   I, however, was a student to my father. A respectable and selfless man. He was a doctor, and so I, perhaps once upon a time, thought I could live up and be exactly like him.
  129. 11:44   Crim_   I didn't quite hit the mark.
  130. 11:44       Crim_ fills her dish again with a chuckle.
  131. 11:46       Tom_Atlus takes a quick drink from his and uh. Doesn't slam it down, but, sets it gently down instead. He fills her dish for her though, to be polite, since she's telling the story-
  132. 11:46   Crim_   My mother was present too. She was a patient of his once, and though she never was anything particularly amazing with the medical field, she was worldly and had the knowledge and experience to tell about the world, good and bad. This home was a textbook recipe for a smart, healthy child to grow into a fine adult. Clear aspirations, wonderful resources. Plenty of nurishment and love.
  133. 11:47   Crim_   And then one day, within my own home, at... I want to say thirteen maybe, they were victim to three men.
  134. 11:48   Crim_   They came into my home, murdered my parents, and because we had lived in quite the rural area, it was never known about to anyone. Well, I'm sure some people wondered where the town doctor went...
  135. 11:49   Crim_   And then they found me. They took my home and made me a prisoner of it. They did a lot to me, not all of it I will ever talk about. To anyone.
  136. 11:51   Crim_   And I lived like that for... What felt like years. If they were just months dragged on by what could be repeated abuse.
  137. 11:52   Crim_   I couldn't tell either way. But I got very, very good at hiding.
  138. 11:52   Crim_   My house was big. My father? A well off man. Being a doctor for a small town and the only one at that afforded him a nice home, and because it was mine, I knew every place to hide. And so we played that game a few times.
  139. 11:54   Crim_   But I think after so much Hide and Beat, one of the big bad men finally got sick of chasing their starving little toy around, and simply kicked her a few too many times, and a bit too hard.
  140. 11:54   Crim_   From there... Well. I believe you can piece the rest together.
  141. 11:55   Crim_   Simply put, they are the reason I don't look at anyone. Not in the face. He would make me when I refused to.
  142. 11:55   Crim_   They are why I stand closer to exits and entrances, and they're why you can see some old faded scars on me from when they had just a little too much fun.
  143. 11:56   Crim_   But my goodness... I'll never feel the way I felt when I had gotten back at them. My Exaltation couldn't have been more timely...
  144. 11:57   Crim_   I suppose that flood of emotions jumpstarted my disgusting interests in the macabre and grotesque.
  145. 11:58   Crim_   And such is the story of a poor girl named Charlotte. Now I'm a doctor for that same town, or was, and maybe started a cult in it.
  146. 11:58   Crim_   I wonder how they're doing.
  147. 11:59       Crim_ sips her sake dish again.
  148. 12:00   Tom_Atlus   ...
  149. 12:00       Tom_Atlus refills his maybe a little too much and knocks it back maybe a bit too quickly
  150. 12:00   Tom_Atlus   Foof. You weren't kidding.
  151. 12:01       Tom_Atlus has a conflicted expression on his face. Something between sorrow that she had to "live" through something like that, some measure of relief that she was able to take revenge upon them, and some measure of... *disgust* that someone didn't intervene sooner.
  152. 12:02   Tom_Atlus   M' sorry you had to go through that. I know it's not really my fault or anything like that, but, still. Shit.
  153. 12:03   Crim_   Don't worry, I can descern empathy from guilt. It's quite fine now.
  154. 12:06   Crim_   If it's any solace, I haven't been happier lately.
  155. 12:06       Tom_Atlus nods, closing his eyes. "... I can take comfort in that, at least. I suppose experiences that people go through like that are why I'm so... *violent* when it comes to handling stuff regarding those sorts of topics."
  156. 12:07       Tom_Atlus stares at his hands, wondering how okay he should feel with the way he literally slaughtered a crowd of demonic children that, granted, still committed a lot of the same crimes as their forebears.
  157. 12:10   Crim_   Of course they aren't so easy to take in. Especially being the person who has to sit and listen.
  158. 12:10   Crim_   It's not easy to just do that.
  159. 12:12   Crim_   Don't feel bad for wanting to do something, even if nothing can be done at times. Do not let that energy go to waste. Rather...
  160. 12:12   Crim_   Put it into accomplishing a goal.
  161. 12:13   Tom_Atlus   Haah... Damn it, I'm supposed to be relaxing right now but here you are makin' me motivated to wanna dive straight back in for more.
  162. 12:13   Crim_   A meaningful goal. One that may or may not help prevent whatever happening from happening again, in a way you can. Just remember that you are only one person.
  163. 12:15   Crim_   And in being just one person, take respite in knowing you cannot be faulted for something happening, or not happening.
  164. 12:15   Crim_   But, with every thing you do help and save, it will be remembered.
  165. 12:16       *** Aika_ is now known as Lake
  166. 12:17       Tom_Atlus nods again, staring up at the sky, head resting against the edge of the spring
  167. 12:17       Lake sits at the edge of the spring quietly, setting out a tea set. There were a few cups, each emblazoned with scenes of death of various heroes going around the edges. Each cup was unique, and an ebony black colour with white and golden designs and trim.
  168. 12:17   Tom_Atlus   Aye, that's the viewpoint I've been trying to internalize and take to heart for a long time now. I think... I'm getting better at it. That gut *Frustration* never goes away, but, I think that's a good thing. Just gives me energy to keep going, like an engine or something.
  169. 12:18       Tom_Atlus lifts a hand, giving Lake a wave helloooo
  170. 12:18   Crim_   ...Ah- Lake. There you are.
  171. 12:18       Crim_ makes grabby hands.
  172. 12:20       Lake reached over to rub Crim's head, but she seems to be avoiding getting in for now.
  173. 12:20       Crim_ climbs out and assumes Lap Position. This is important.
  174. 12:20   Crim_   I have returned to my throne.
  175. 12:23       Lake reached around to cover Crim in her large cloak, just enough for her head to still poke out. Naturally, that means she's hugging her.
  176. 12:23       Crim_ smiled a little.
  177. 12:23   Crim_   You missed my important backstory, Lake.
  178. 12:24   Lake    Did I? I wouldn't say that I missed it.
  179. 12:25   Crim_   What stopped you from joining sooner, mm?
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