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Feb 20th, 2020
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  1. CCU: nothing in there matches h, her
  2. CRA: ....oh no, this isn't good at all...
  3. CRA: Well umm...what do we do now?
  4. CLR: Am I not trustworthy~
  5. CRM: I find it amusing that you attempting to pick apart my daughter. Someone I myself have not yet figured out.
  6. CRA ceased responding to memo.
  7. -- CURRENT listlessResearcher [CLR] he says it more teasingly as he brushes her hair aside. He also closes his eyes and just holds her. --
  8. CLR: Frankly, I'm doing my best as well, but she's definitely more difficult...
  9. -- CURRENT timelessInequity [CTI] Huff.. With few other options, she points at the P-body and makes a drinking gesture with one hand. --
  10. -- CURRENT royalMonstrosity [CRM] sighs! At least she is cozy. --
  11. CRM: Perhaps Brooks would be worth questioning,
  12. CRM: Hm?
  13. CCS ceased responding to memo.
  14. CCU: i wonder..
  15. CLR: I haven't seen Brooks lately...
  16. -- CURRENT timelessInequity [CTI] Stare... --
  17. -- CURRENT curiousityUnbound [CCU] takes out a small device from his pocket, it projects several images onto the table, kind of like of a projector --
  18. -- CURRENT curiousityUnbound [CCU] one of tea, one of beer, one of juice, and one of a glass of milk --
  19. CRM: I hope he is not dead.
  20. CRM: He was an interesting one.
  21. -- CURRENT timelessInequity [CTI] With a rather powerful eyeroll, she turns to one side, resting her head in her palm as she points towards the tea with her other, free hand. --
  22. CLR: Glad you liked him...
  23. CRM: If for the fact that Eris did not outright kill him.
  24. -- CURRENT curiousityUnbound [CCU] the images change, now being different amounts of sugar cubes, goin from 0-4 --
  25. CLR: I think she had a crush on him...
  26. CURRENT pumpkinSmasher [CPS] RIGHT NOW responded to memo.
  27. -- CURRENT pumpkinSmasher [CPS] | The world gate roars to life, (drawn by Jin) stepping out from it a second later, carrying a duffelbag, he looks around the room, taking in his surroudings. --
  28. CRM: Interesting theory.
  29. -- CURRENT listlessResearcher [CLR] --
  30. CURRENT rottenApple [CRA] RIGHT NOW responded to memo.
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