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  1. command /bowgamestart [number] :
  2.     description:人狼ゲームがスタートするコード
  3.     usage:/bowgamestart
  4.     permission:admin.skript
  5.     permission message:運営じゃないのにスタート出来る訳無いでしょ!
  6.     aliases:/bs
  7.     trigger:
  8.         execute console command "/scoreboad team join [game] @a[team=!ht]
  9.         execute console command "/tp @a[team=[game]] x y z
  10.             on death of player:
  11.                 execute console command "/scoreboard teams leave [game] %victim%"
  12.                 execute console command "/clear %victim%"
  13.                 set victim's gamemode to spectator
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