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The Fall, The Awakening, The Tide's Turn

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Jul 25th, 2015
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  1. There was once a land, one of the largest, known as Lorestal. Its expanse was large indeed, and was ruled under a single name, a single kingdom. This kingdom was governed by the king and queen, who had the strongest military known but ruled with grace, not an iron fist. It was well known a neighboring empire was seeking to set roots on the northern borders of Lorestal, so this great army was keeping keen eyes on this neighboring empire. The king hired mercenaries and other folk to help bolster the force as well.
  3. Well, as the time would reveal, there is a realm/dimension that was right next to the one harboring Lorestal. This was a dark realm, formless and abyssal. Within this massive realm lay many a thing known as Voidspawn. This oddity would soon be the bane of the neighboring realm, and those next to it.
  5. One day, whilst the king was commencing the day of Announcement, an event where the king does what he can to handle his subjects' complainst and feats etc., a rift formed right behind the king, one that was formed by Voidspawn. The city was heavily defended and held out strong, but within two hours, the city and all within was destroyed. At the same time, a battle was unfolding deeper in the north. The neighboring empire assembled an army and planned an attack on one of the port towns. The king's military met the force and soon commenced battle. In the middle of said battle, a rift formed, One from the Voidspawn. In several minutes, the entire filled was littered in corpses and blood.
  7. It was that day the Voidspawn began spreading across Lorestal like a plague, one referred as a Black Horde. This was a war that lasted ten years, the first three depleting humanity. But, humanity is clever, and survived.
  9. Your character was someone alive during that ten year war. Your character is someone who died during it.
  10. Said character awakens centuries/millenniums later to a world with technologies most awesome, never even thought of during their time. This tech was well in use, as the Black Horde was still a threat most strong.
  12. Your character, along with awakening, gains new tricks up their sleeves... Special powers...
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