#OpRussia - - internal data.

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  2. >>>DOWNLOAD #OPRUSSIA LEAKS FROM MEGA.CO.NZ                                 <<<
  3. >>>!0sVGwT5K!iwUuO5RVTDtN4SK0dyZ_TQuNUU6blTE93sgHvx8XT_o<<<
  4. >>>TARGET:                                                  <<<
  5. >>>FILESIZE: .zip, 54.2MB, internal data: ~500MB                            <<<
  6. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  8. Greetings from Anonymous,
  9. In the wise words of Han Solo, "How are you?". Great! You most likely know why we're here, and that's
  10. to bring you some substantial leakage from some foreign government who pissed us off for some reason
  11. or another. In this case, it's the pesky Russians. In light of recent events: (see: Russia-invades-
  12. Ukraine-to-stop-innocent-protestors.jpg), we decided to take a stroll through Russian internet "security"
  13. and cyber space to ruin the fuck out of them.
  15. At least, that's what we initially thought. See, we went into this thinking Russia actually had "security",
  16. until we realised that we were sorely mistaken. So, we're pleased to present something close to half
  17. a gigabyte of internal SQL data from "", a website with very obvious and distinct ties
  18. to the Russian government. There would have been more -- a lot more -- but time and other factors
  19. dictated we just up and leak that shit right now.
  21. If you can read Russian, we would greatly appreciate a translator for this release. If you can't, just
  22. enjoy the fact that a couple of Anons just fucked Putin so hard, he'll be seeing penises for the next
  23. five weeks.
  25. The official score is something like:
  27. Anonymous: 6
  28. Putin    : 0
  30. But who's keeping count anyway?
  32. Join us on internet relay chat to participate in digitial activism against oppressive men like
  33. Vlad-o.
  37. or, for those who use an IRC client. (6697 SSL)
  39. We are Anonymous.
  40. We are Legion.
  41. We do not forgive.
  42. We do not forget.
  43. Expect us - Always.
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