misha shizune

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  1. "Mmnnff....n-nghaa~"
  2. [Shicchan....not so rough~]
  4. A slender pair of hands fondled their way through a mountain of doughy pink flab, squeezing the juicy love handles and running the fingers past every inch of belly lard, getting a feel for just how hefty they were. Never one to be known as "skinny", Misha had gone straight past chubby and ploughed deep into the territory of obesity, every inch of her body a testament to just how badly she'd let herself go. Whether it was the way her plump asscheeks oozed along the bed to leave a firm imprint of her mass, or the way her jiggling breasts dominated her upper body and bounced with every tiny movement, a size so huge that regular bras were an impossibility for her to fit on anymore.
  6. Behind her a pair of lustful eyes watched on as Misha's chubby hands reached for another hunk of sinfully delicious cake, the gluttonous girl taking a massive chomp to let the icing and sponge fill her mouth and let jam filling dribble down her lips, the fondling hands nice enough to catch the dribble on it's fingers, stuffing directly into Misha's hungry maw so she could suckle the jam off. Needless to say, Shizune's invigorated drive to fuel Misha's natural appetite and transform her into a true butterball was working out so pleasantly.
  8. [Less talk, more eat.]
  10. Shizune leaned in closer, smooshing her significantly smaller self into Misha's body, so much weight on her frame that Shizune enjoyed the feel of Misha's backfat smothered into her body, though it wasn't like she was immune to such effects herself. Just being surrounded by Misha's gluttony and the sheer amount of food she packed away every day, made Shizune lose her own figure somewhat. Her perky breasts had only gotten bigger and more tantalising, a flat stomach turned into a generous helping of belly pudge, topped off with her luscious thighs porking up ever so slightly, enough to get rid of her thigh gap thanks to the extra smoosh. It made Misha shudder just feeling the cute helping of extra flab on Shizune's figure, from her bustier boobs to her belly bulge, even though she was only in the realm of chubbiness, something Misha had long surpassed, it felt devilish to know that even Shizune wasn't immnune to the allure of food.
  12. With Misha licking her lips and polishing off the last crumbs of her cake, she pushed the now empty platter aside to join the rest of the delights she'd wolfed down that night, feeling it all churning and weighing down into her gut, her belly still soft and plush despite a feeling of fullness inside. Shizune took advantage, rubbing and kneading into the warmth of Misha's plush, only making her moan out some more, she'd plead with Shizune to stop her roughness again, but she knew by now she was in a world of her own, Shizune letting her lust get the better of her, groping without restraint, using one hand to take a feel of the heft of Misha's bust, grabbing one tit just to feel how she could barely even cup them anymore, showcasing just how busty she was getting.
  14. Shizune leaned in a little more, her stomach meshing more with Misha's backfat, squishing her still moderate bust as well, all while digging her fingers deeper into the caverns that made up the mighty overfed belly rolls that Misha possessed. A supremely soft pair of boobs made for excellent fondling too, Shizune losing herself in the moment, tongue softly lopping out of her mouth as a thin layer of drool dribbled right onto Misha's skin, enough to made the fatter of the two shudder in a lustful feeling of her own, to know Shizune was so enamoured in her size.
  16. [Did I say you could stop? You're still far too skinny...]
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