A SPIRITUAL Adventure TG (Athena TF) Chapter 5

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  1. I opened the door to the office to see the officer still sitting there, this time he looked like he was lost in thoughts. I slammed my hands on his desk in the same manner that Mia did in Trials and Tribulations.
  3. That got his attention. “Who, what, where, when, why, how?” He looked around the room to meet me eye to eye. “Um…hello miss. Could I perhaps help you?”
  5. I nodded. “Yes indeed. I am looking for an ice-cream truck that some people say fell form the sky. Whatever that means. Do you have a license plate that could help me find it?”
  7. He laughed the same way he did when I asked him earlier. “Yes, but I can’t give it to you. The person may be involved in some suspicious activities.” He was looking a bit more serious now.
  9. “And if I may pry, what are these suspicious activities?” I leaned in closer.
  11. “Sorry ma’am, but I am unable to tell you that.” He shrugged, “Regulations.”
  13. I got up in his face this time. “Can’t you make an exception!?”
  15. He got flustered. It was either from how angry I looked or how close my massive cleavage was to his face. “Calm down ma’am. How about a proposal?”
  17. I backed off and asked, “What type of proposal?”
  19. “Oh, nothing hard. If you can prove you have a job that relates to people with suspicious behavior, than I will tell you what I know.”
  21. I pulled out my badge. “Does this count?”
  23. I stared at it. “An attorney’s badge? I guess that could work.”
  25. I drew a breath of relief. “So can you first tell me what the license plate of the ice-cream truck is?”
  27. “Certainly! It is also a custom license plate making it much easier so identify and a weird one at that. The license plate is MAGATAMA with all the letters being capped of course. Now that I think about it, you wear a Magatama around your neck and so did the other girl earlier. Do either of you have any relation to this person?”
  29. I glared at him. “I have no need to discuss anything with you guys. I may or may not be related to this person. That is all I am saying. Now if I may, what is so suspicious about this person?”
  31. He hesitated and responded with, “Well first of all, when I looked inside the vehicle for a moment, I couldn’t identify the person.”
  33. “Well that happens from time to time.”
  35. “But here is the issue. Where the driver usually sits, it was like a dark abyss was there. I may be getting older, but I know that what I saw there wasn’t even human.” He looked like he was starting to get depressed.
  37. I dug deeper for information. “What did the other officers say to what you saw?”
  39. He sighed, “I said it was some man in there. I don’t ant them to all start thinking I’m crazy now. You probably think I’m crazy.”
  41. I smiled at him. “I believe you.”
  43. He looked down. “Yeah right.”
  45. I decided it was time to leave. “I won’t stay and try to persuade you that I believe you. Just accept what I said as the truth and know that there is someone out there who doesn’t think you are crazy.”
  47. He asked me one more question. “What is your name?”
  49. This was fine to answer. I gave him an answer without turning around to look at him. “My name is Mia Fey. Bye.”
  51. I exited the police station and walked along the sidewalk. My heartbeat was off the charts right now. It was so hard to act like that. He thought he was crazy, I felt crazy nervous in there. Just then, a massive earthquake struck. No wait, false alarm, it was just my stomach. “Ugh…” I groaned. I haven’t eaten anything since yesterday. I knew I shouldn’t of skipped dinner. Actually, I wonder how mom is doing. I hope she isn’t freaking out and purposely burning food again.
  53. I noticed a McDonalds and decided to go there for some grub. I entered and waited in line. Once it was my turn I said my order. “One big mac please.”
  55. The guy on the other side of the counter looked at me all over. I seriously hope he isn’t checking me out…
  57. I spoke to soon. “Why would you need a big mac? Don’t you already have those two?” He laughed to himself.
  59. My eye twitched. I just have to stay calm. I repeated, “Can I please have a big mac?”
  61. He asked, “Are you sure? If you eat these, you may grow larger in other places than your breasts.” He was laughing out loud. He was even catching the attention of other employees and customers.
  63. I was astonished that he thought it was all right to do this to me and on the job as well. I reached over and grabbed his collar and leaned closer to his face. I think a few veins were showing on my face from how angry I was. This shut him up. I whispered, “If you don’t get me my order and continue to sexually harass me, I will sue you. And if you think I am bluffing, you have another thing coming. I am a really well known lawyer and I doubt you have the money to afford a good lawyer. If you what’s good for you, get me my order when I ask.” I let go of his lapel. “Now, can I please have a big mac?”
  65. The fear was evident in his voice. “Y-yes ma’am! One big mac coming right up!”
  67. I got my food, said my thanks and went to take a seat. As I ate, I thought about if I was Maya, my appetite for burgers would probably of increased by ten fold. One thing I have noticed about transforming is that I keep my personality, but I take on at least one characteristic of each character. For Maya, it is her over enthusiastic part of her personality, even though I haven’t experienced it much yet with how that was my first transformation. I am still unsure about Trucy since I never played Apollo Justice. Ema Skye’s love for science and her more vast knowledge in the fields is what I got out of her so far. And Mia’s more out their personality since I wouldn’t act like that to the person at the counter normally. When I think about it, I still have little to no knowledge how my powers work.
  69. I began to worry. What if I can never go back to whom I was? Would I live out the rest of my days, as someone who can change forms at will of non-existent girls? I can even be like the phantom from Dual Destinies. Someone who lives their life as someone else to the point that can’t remember how they looked or what their personality is like. No. I will do something about it. I am using this power as a way to find the truth and hopefully make things go back to normal. At least I am not trying to hide my emotions and also keeping my personality intact. If it ever comes to the point where it is impossible to transform back into my real self, I will probably live on as Maya or Trucy.
  71. “Ouch!!” I look down to see I bit my fingers and that I was already done my burger. I left the fast food chain in pain and continued on with my search. I asked around to see if I could get any leads on where the ice-cream truck is. After a lot of walking and the no bearing of fruit, I decided on who would know or at least have an idea of where the ice-cream truck may have headed.
  73. That thought took me back to Dick’s house. Why did it have to come to this again? I knocked on the door and it opened about twenty seconds later. It was Dick. “Hello. What’s wrong?”
  75. “Hello Richard. I have a couple questions for you.” I tried to give a convincing smile.
  77. He stood back. “How do you know my name?”
  79. Come on, think of something Chug! “Uh…it is all on the news. Everyone is talking about how you are a kid who survived a massive ice-cream truck falling on top of you without any injuries.” I really hope he doesn’t watch the news.
  81. “Really? I wouldn’t know since I don’t watch the news. What are your questions?”
  83. I was so happy he was being this co-operative. “I really have just one question. Did you see or hear anything when the ice-cream truck fell on you about where it might be going?”
  85. He thought about it. “I think it had the city’s name on the license plate. Maybe that is where it is.”
  87. “The one just outside of here?”
  89. “Yes.”
  91. I smiled. “Thank you for your help. It is much obliged.”
  93. He looked at me with confusion on his face. “And is that it?
  95. “Yep.”
  97. “Okay. Bye.” And then he slammed the door in my face. I quickly jumped back before getting a broken nose.
  99. “Why that little!” There is no point in getting angry. At least I have a lead for now. Time to travel to the city.
  101. An hour later, I was aimlessly walking through the city asking random pedestrians about any ice-cream trucks with a license plate that says MAGATAMA. This was however fruitful since I got pointed in the direction of a small park.
  103. Once there, I saw an ice-cream truck and upon further inspection, it had a license plate that read MAGATAMA. Jackpot! I ran on over and tried to look as professional as I could. “Hello! Can I please talk to the owner of this truck?”
  105. I heard an enthusiastic voice in return. “Coming! Hello! How do you do? Would you like some ice-cream?”
  107. I was speechless for a second. First of all, it was a young man, probably around my mother’s age and he sounded so lively. “Um…have you in the last couple days run over a student?”
  109. He answered with a huge smile on his face. “What type of a silly question is that? I have never done anything like that in my life! If that happened, I would probably quit driving all together!” He once again caught me off guard with that type of an answer. The strange thing is that I feel like I know him from somewhere, which is weird since I know I have never seen his face before in my life. I shrugged it off.
  111. I further asked, “Are you sure?”
  113. “I am a hundred percent positive!” Something else is weird. How can he say all this with a huge smile on his face? Something is wrong with this picture. Maybe I should bring out someone who could hear the emotions of others!
  115. “Thank you for information. My partner is going to come here soon so I will need you to tell her all about how you didn’t do anything of the sort. We are doing this with all the ice-cream truck drivers in the city to find our culprit. Bye.”
  117. “Okay! Bye!” He waved with a huge smile on his face.
  119. As I left, I took a turn into a back alley. I found a bench and sat on it. I then made precautions so that no one was around and began to focus on becoming Maya Fey, but kept everything I am wearing on. Once I shrunk back down to being Maya, I noticed how big her older sister’s breasts were compared to hers. At least it is easier to move without the constant jiggling.
  121. I then concentrated again on the next person and my Magatama flashed. My hair was the first to change. As if my hair wasn’t already long enough, it grew even longer and went from black to an orange-red color. My face structure changed to look like that of Athena’s. My eyes went from brownish to a blue like that of the sky. His time, an additional change happened making my ears extremely sensitive to other’s emotions. My body grew taller by about three inches making me five feet and four inches tall. My hips widened a bit more and my breasts yet again grew in size. Not as big as Mia’s were, but to an appropriately healthy size that of a C-cup. The last physical change was that my Adam’s apple morphed to change my voice form that of Maya’s to that of Athena’s.
  123. My clothing changed next. I was still wearing Mia’s clothing so everything was bigger on me, especially around the breasts area. That however changed and the black suit accustomed itself to my new body. The inwards part of my clothing turned white while the clothing over that turned yellow. The yellow clothing turned into two parts, one that turned into a skirt and the other turning into a small vest. The white part of the clothing on the inside turned into a shirt and the zipper turned into a blue tie. Reddish leggings started to magical appear and travel up my legs showing off how nice they were. My white shoes stretched a bit longer up my legs and turned into special looking boots with a blue tint added to the top. A black glove magically formed on my right and covering most of it except for my ring and pinky finger. The Magatama necklace that Mia owned turned into a small gadget called widget and automatically turned on. My yellow ribbon turned blue and undid itself form my neck. From there, it tied itself at the top my head making a massive ponytail. Last, but not least, the two earrings came together to form one bigger earring on my right ear shaped as the moon made of real moon rock.
  125. With the transformation done, I crossed my left leg over my right leg and stretched my hands out. I quickly observed myself. I looked stunning and I knew it. I loved the look of how my leggings showed off my legs.
  127. Now onto my investigation! I walked back to the ice-cream truck and approached the man. “Hello! I am here to take note of your testimony for what you told my boss earlier.” I secretly pressed Widget, the gadget around my neck, and popped up a virtual screen that would show me emotions.
  129. He yelled, “Certainly! I have never run anyone over in my life! If I did, I would quit driving all together let alone driving an ice-cream truck!”
  131. That was nothing I haven’t heard before, but something was odd. I was detecting no emotions whatsoever. It is almost like the Phantom from the game. “Are you sure about all this? I am not getting any emotions form what you said. I also can hear the hearts of people, and yours isn’t even speaking. Is there anything you aren’t telling me?”
  133. He continued to smile. What happened next however changed things. He quickly grabbed me by the neck and raised me in the air. Everything felt faster now. I felt the burning in my throat and couldn’t breathe. His smile told me something else now. He was a mindless killer or zombie. I was already about to hit my limit since I wasn’t at all prepared for this. I tried to release his grip with my hands, but his strength was almost inhuman.
  135. He than released his grip and I fell to the ground. I grasped for air. It was extremely challenging with how I was coughing a lot as well.
  137. He said with the same smile on his face, “Keep your nose out of things and live on the rest of your life as you are now Chug.”
  139. I tried to yell for him to wait, but he disappeared without a trace. Him and the whole ice-cream truck vanished and everyone walking by didn’t even seem to notice the events that transpired.
  141. What was happening? He knew who I really was. But now since he is gone, what do I do?
  144. To Be Continued…
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