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Jan 24th, 2021
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  1. UrbanZone.
  3. This post is directed to express the dissatisfaction with the current situation of our national team (Venezuela) and the dissatisfaction with the way decisions are being made.
  5. It is in bad taste, to see that they do not allow us to play with foreign players. Our roster is made up of the sL team since 2008, and our players have experience since 2006, where we have played with great players and great teams in SA and NA, players who were part of important teams in SA and NA.
  7. As a team we have had championships in Clan Base, FTWGL and URTLA. We are adults, businessmen, parents, we employ more than 600 people, not only in Latin America but also in Europe. The little time we have, we invest it in this game that is dead and knowing that it does not allow us to play with 2 foreign players, makes us feel sorry for the game and is an insult to the effort that is made to revive this game from the SA community.
  9. I, radamanthys, creator of UrtLA and administrator of Urbanterror Venezuela, have tried to revive the SA community and convince the old school of SA to return, making efforts to bring back the golden years of UrbanTerror, despite my personal responsibilities and but, if the rest of the communities do not help, it is difficult to continue with this project of reviving the URT, at least in SA.
  11. We are players born in Venezuela and who live in different countries (Colombia, Chile, USA, Spain, Germany, Hong Kong) and it is difficult to meet them at the same time, that is why we made the decision to include Pistol and Toru for the NC, where their respective countries do not have active players.
  13. The case of Stalka aKa Crappy, he is an sL player since 2009 was one of the first in the sL team. He is practically part of our base family and it could be said that he is just another Venezuelan. Despite the fact that many qualify it, I have never spoken about it because I observe that now the analyzes of the demos are not the same as 10 years ago and I am not going to discuss that issue either, but unfortunately many do not want Stalka to play NC .
  15. It also leaves a bitter taste, the edition of the Venezuelan roster by the UZ administrators, before making an official statement. We always respect the teams and the administrators of all the communities, we do NOT discredit, we are not racists, we play for fun, we are mature people, between 30 to 45 years old, looking for URT as an alternative to get out of stress day to day work, we do NOT seek to attract anyone's attention and we are not interested in the comments you say about the Team or players from Venezuela, SL and the SA community.
  17. It's amazing that there are champions and runners-up in UZ breaking the rules. I see award winning teams where their players did not upload demos, however it seems that it is more important not to allow an NC to play with foreign players than to adhere to UZ rules in matches regarding demos.
  19. With this, we request that they eliminate us from the NC, from 2014 to the return of 2020 we do not agree how this league is administered, however, we always respect the rules and decisions, but when it affects our team, we do we speak and do not allow the rules to apply to some and NOT to others.
  21. Sorry for writing in Spanish, surely Biddle will understand this post and it is a post that is directly to the administrators without seeking any response from the community and without seeking to allow us to play NC, our decision is NOT to participate.
  23. Good luck.
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