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  1. C3986
  2. "Is that the Secret Cave Saints's protective treasure?"
  3. "But, he clearly has the advantage. Why would he suddenly use a protective treasure to protect himself?"
  4. Everyone did not understand, and did not understand Chu Feng's actions.
  5. He could not understand why Chu Feng was able to suppress Lu YingZhuo.
  6. It was to the point that Lu YinZhuo didn't even have the strength to fight back, but he suddenly used a treasure to protect himself.
  8. Could it be that Lu YinZhuo was prepared to use an even more powerful technique, and Chu Feng coincidentally saw through it?
  10. In a moment of confusion, everyone could only make random guesses.
  12. "Then... "Could it be, the legendary ancient beast trap talisman!"
  13. Suddenly, a cry of surprise sounded from the crowd. It was Grandmaster Feng You.
  15. At first, Master Feng You had an expression of disbelief on his face, and his gaze shifted as he sized up the fortress.
  16. Under this kind of observation, he quickly confirmed it.
  18. He had already confirmed his guess.
  20. "It's really, really the legendary ancient beast trap talisman."
  21. "I never thought that All Heavens Sect of the All Heavens Sect would actually have such a treasure."
  22. "Such a precious item was used just like that?"
  23. "This... "Sigh, believable. What a pity."
  25. A look of regret and even pain appeared on Grandmaster Feng You's face. It was as if something he loved for a very long time had disappeared.
  26. "Master, could it be that that is a treasure used by the All Heavens Sect and not something used by the Secret Cave Saints?"
  28. At this moment, many people were asking Master Feng You.
  29. After all, Grandmaster Feng You's words were completely different from what they had imagined.
  30. "Those are no ordinary treasures. They are extremely precious."
  31. After that, Grandmaster Feng You began to give a very simple account of the origin of the Ancient Era's Beast Sealing Glyph.
  32. After hearing what Master Feng You said, the crowd finally knew what the Ancient Era's Beast Trap Symbol was.
  33. It turned out that the Ancient Era's Beast Trap Symbol had originated from the Ancient Era. Back then, it had been discovered within an Ancient Era's Remnants.
  34. At the time of his discovery, the number of ancient beast trap talismans had been quite large.
  35. However, because they could only be used once per Ancient Era's Beast Symbol, the number of Ancient Era's Beast Symbol became fewer and fewer.
  36. Because of that, it was no longer just a treasure. To many Barrier Spirit Master, and to Martial Cultivator, it was more like a treasure that they wanted to collect.
  38. Many people simply wouldn't use the Beast Trapping Talisman after obtaining it. They would carefully store it away.
  39. Of course, the power of the Ancient Era's Beast Trap Symbol was no small matter either.
  40. Not only could he trap his opponent, he even possessed the strength to kill him.
  42. Furthermore, the special interest of the Ancient Era's Beast Symbol meant that as long as one threw it out, they would definitely be able to hit their opponent. The opponent would have no way of escaping.
  43. Even if his opponent's strength surpassed the Ancient Era's Beast Symbol's strength, he would still be unable to escape the Ancient Era's Beast Symbol's pursuit.
  44. He could only use his own power to break through the Ancient Era's Beast Trap Symbol after it had materialized into a corporeal form.
  45. Although the strength of the Ancient Era's Beast Trap Symbol was different, it still differed.
  47. However, in Grandmaster Feng You's view, the power of this Ancient Beast Trap Symbol was absolutely capable of killing off a rank one Martial Saint. Even if a rank two Martial Saint were to be trapped within, it would most likely not be a good thing.
  48. "Master, then in your opinion, does that trapped Secret Cave Saints still have a chance to escape?"
  49. At this time, someone curiously asked.
  50. "The Ancient Beast Trap Symbol's power is too strong."
  51. "There must be a reason why it's so precious."
  52. "And in this old man's point of view, unless he has the cultivation of a rank three Martial Saint, even a rank two Martial Saint would find it very difficult to escape from him." Master Feng You said.
  54. After he said those words, the crowd fell into a state of ecstasy.
  55. After all, they were standing on the side of the six great powers, hoping that the Secret Cave Saints would receive the punishment that she deserved.
  57. "Whooosh."
  58. However, compared to the revelry outside, Lu YinZhuo, who had just used the Ancient Beast Tally, heaved a long sigh of relief.
  59. To tell the truth, after fighting with Chu Feng, he was also filled with fear.
  61. Earlier, he had been hesitating as to whether or not he should use the Ancient Era's Beast Symbol. The reason for that was because the Ancient Era's Beast Symbol was too precious.
  63. He was afraid!
  64. He was afraid that even if he used the ancient beast talisman, he would not be able to defeat his opponent.
  66. However, looking at it now, the effect of the Ancient Era's Beast Trap Symbol seemed to be quite good.
  67. At the very least, from the looks of it now, the Ancient Beast Trapping Symbol had sealed off the other party.
  68. Otherwise, it was impossible for the other party to have no reaction after such a long period of time had passed.
  69. However, after trapping his opponent, the ancient beast talisman would unleash its power to destroy his opponent.
  71. Therefore, the longer a trapped person stayed in there, the more life threatening it would be.
  72. If anyone was capable, they would immediately break open the Ancient Beast Symbol.
  73. Most likely, the only thing that did not break open was the power of the Ancient Era's Beast Symbol.
  74. When he felt that Chu Feng had most likely been trapped, he walked towards that set of armor.
  77. Initially, before he touched the armor, he had subconsciously turned around to take a look.
  79. When he realized that Chu Feng was still trapped inside the Ancient Beast Trapping Rune, he reached out and took the armor off.
  80. After which, he donned the armor.
  81. With the armor on, Lu YinZhuo's entire being was different.
  82. He was incomparably divine, as if he had become one with the world. Most importantly, he could feel that the Thunder Sea in the sky was already unable to stop him.
  83. "Woosh ~ ~ ~"
  84. Suddenly, Lu Yingchuo rose into the air and flew towards the depths of the horizon.
  85. At this moment, everyone held their breaths.
  86. The moment they had been anticipating the most had finally appeared.
  88. "Wuuwaa ~ ~ ~"
  90. However, the moment Lu Yingchuo touched the Thunder Sea, he let out a blood-curdling scream.
  91. Then he fell from the sky like a kite with its string broken.
  93. "This …"
  94. "What's the matter now?"
  96. "Could it be that even that armor is unable to pass through that Thunder Sea?"
  97. At that instant, no matter if it was the people from the six big powers or the observers, they all had blank expressions on their faces. At the same time, uneasiness started to arise in their hearts.
  99. After all, the power of the Thunder Sea was extremely terrifying.
  101. Until now, from all the clues they knew, wearing that set of armor made from the twelve treasures was the only way to pass through the Thunder Sea.
  102. But now, even though Lu YinZhuo was already dressed in that armor, he was still unable to pass through the Thunder Sea.
  103. This caused people to panic.
  104. For a moment, they didn't know what to do.
  106. After all, if one was unable to pass through the Thunder Sea, they would not be able to touch the divine weapon.
  107. Furthermore, there was no need to mention the fact that they had found the legendary mysterious treasure.
  109. "Woosh ~ ~ ~"
  110. However, just as everyone was at a loss as to what to do, Lu Yinzhu took off the armor on his body.
  111. "Damn it."
  112. After he revealed his old face, everyone could tell how unreconciled he was.
  115. "You're really useless."
  117. Right at this moment, a voice suddenly sounded.
  119. When the voice was heard, Lu YinZhuo and the All Heavens Sect in the barrier world all had a drastic change in expression.
  121. Although the people outside could not hear it, they could hear it clearly.
  122. That voice had originated from the Ancient Era's Beast Symbol.
  123. Moreover, the sound was sonorous and powerful. It simply did not seem like the voice of a person injured.
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