Commercial ???Eye in the Sky??? in Australia

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  1. UFOs and drones don't stand an opportunity if your new weapons system put together by the People's Republic of China proves effective. According to RIA News, the Chinese military announced successful tests from the new laser-guided weapon effective at blasting unidentified flying objects, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and drones out of the skies. According to set of November 3 by Xinhau News Agency, quality for your new laser system was carried out with completely accuracy on UAVs.
  3. Hover board: These things are getting popular today. They are available all around the world and there are 1000s of online sites selling these new items. This amazing gadget is a board with two wheels connected to the board side by side in a very parallel manner. The hover board looks similar to a Segway without having a handle. They move as you put unwanted weight on your feet. You put weight inside the direction you wish to move. They are ideal for planning to nearby places like grocery stores, schools and colleges.
  5. The Raven is small enough that, if the wing are disassembled, the craft can easily match a backpack and transported to where it will likely be needed. Once at their destination the soldier can unpack the Raven, quickly snap the wings together and enjoy the UAV read for its mission. The Raven will then be launched by just throwing it into the air and used, either by remote or pre-programmed, to scout out any target area with in its 12 km (7.45 mile) range. At a speed up to 60 mph the Raven can preform its missions quickly and stay willing to go forward within a few minutes.
  7.     There are several revolutionary aspects for the KQ-X program. Not only will the aerial refueling be autonomous, but as Global Hawks are HALE UAVs, it'll likewise come about at a higher altitude than continues to be previously demonstrated with manned aircraft. It will also function as first time that HALE UAVs have flown in formation.
  9. The U.S. government runs just about the most advanced communications satellites on earth.  The National Reconnaissance Office can be launching 4 additional satellites before the end of the year following the launching from the Mobile User Objective System. MUOS enables military communication devices to communicate electronically on higher frequencies and thus respond much faster. Another government satellite is scheduled to fly this summer.
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