Dread Knight rough draft

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  3. When you take this oath you get a demon you can summon once per long rest, mostly flair but it's part of your pact.
  4. Paladin Spells:
  5. 3rd - Armor of Agathys, Hunter's Mark
  6. 5th - Blur, Shadow Blade (or Magic/Elemental Weapon)
  7. 9th - Hunger of Hadar, Blink (Or Haste, or Slow, haven't decided)
  8. 13th - Shadow of Moil, Freedom of Movement (Or Phantasmal Killer?)
  9. 17th - Destructive Wave, Hold Monster
  11. Channel divinity 1 - Physical Boost (Add charisma to weapon damage rolls for 1 minute, or crit on a 19 for 1 minute)
  12. Channel divinity 2 - There is no Darkness (Cast Darkvision on a number of creatures equal to your charisma mod, while they have this darkvision they do not suffer disadvantage on perception checks)
  14. Level 7 - Your smites can now deal magical slashing, overcoming any resistances or immunities to the damage.  In addition, you can choose to use your pool of Lay on Hands to fuel your smites, adding a maximum number of points equal to 5 * the spell's level as extra slashing damage.
  16. Level 15 - Your demon can now be conjured as a tangible creature, capable of fighting. The DM has the creature's statistics. It adds your charisma modifier to its saving throws to resist being turned or banished (This stacks with your aura of protection if in range)
  18. Level 20 - You use the power of Noxus to fuel your body past the limits of normal people. Your speed doubles, when you take the attack action on your turn you can make one additional attack, your jump height triples and you take no falling damage, you gain resistance to physical damage and can use a level 1 smite once per turn without expending a spell slot
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