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May 23rd, 2019
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  1. NickyNack has joined the chat
  2. JeanyBeany has joined the chat
  3. JeanyBeany: ISH BISH
  4. ZetaIshtar: IS A ME
  5. JeanyBeany: -punches his arm-
  6. ZetaIshtar dies and another pops up
  7. JeanyBeany: kanick ur turn
  8. ZetaIshtar: No I only have a few more lives D:
  9. JeanyBeany: how is my waifu
  10. ZetaIshtar: She just ran off to work sadly :(
  11. ZetaIshtar: How are you love?
  12. JeanyBeany: i am
  13. ZetaIshtar: You are.
  14. JeanyBeany: yes i am
  15. JeanyBeany: i ran out of animu to watch
  16. NickyNack: I return
  17. Joseei has joined the chat
  18. Joseei: Funny as fuck
  19. ZetaIshtar: Oh grancrest was good
  20. Joseei has left the chat
  21. ZetaIshtar: He was fun
  22. JeanyBeany: no
  23. JeanyBeany: he is the person who almsot made me quit imvu
  24. NickyNack: oof, surprised her could get in here
  25. ZetaIshtar: Oh
  26. ZetaIshtar: Well then
  27. JeanyBeany: no
  28. NickyNack: he*
  29. JeanyBeany: he isnt blocked
  30. JeanyBeany: because he jsut makes it worse when he is
  31. JeanyBeany: i just put the room on open though
  32. JeanyBeany: so he cant spam people in
  33. JeanyBeany: or bomb the room
  34. NickyNack: I blocked em ages ago just to be done with em
  35. ZetaIshtar: I didn't realize jeany had bad people :(
  36. NickyNack: I'mma just boot em any time he comes in :v
  37. JeanyBeany: yup
  38. JeanyBeany: its basically him
  39. JeanyBeany: he is crazy
  40. NickyNack: He's a psycho cunt who stalks people who buy his shit, then threatens doxing n such if yah don't give em pixel sex
  41. ZetaIshtar: Christ almighty
  42. JeanyBeany: that and he makes accoutns to spam your inbox
  43. JeanyBeany: block em just makes another one
  44. JeanyBeany: lies
  45. JeanyBeany: forges chats
  46. JeanyBeany: manipulats friends
  47. JeanyBeany: can do it too
  48. ZetaIshtar: I'm really sorry bun bun :(
  49. NickyNack: Hell, he bought my donkey fur to try and make my ex think I was baning other people
  50. JeanyBeany: casue he is pretty fucking charismattic
  51. JeanyBeany: made his ex think i was banging him too with a falsified screenshot
  52. NickyNack: His dumb ass used mixed matched furs and conviently didn't have the names or words showing, he's not that smart, but just spend shis whole life doing this shit
  53. JeanyBeany: You can make the room private but I still got the room obeserver on, have fun with nick and that Z guy, wont last long.
  54. JeanyBeany: so apparently he has something that can see who is in this room
  55. JeanyBeany: ishy
  56. ZetaIshtar: Dear lord, Ana would rip him a new one
  57. JeanyBeany: this is why i closed the room down for a year,
  58. JeanyBeany: so hoenstly
  59. JeanyBeany: he is going to go after your shit too.
  60. NickyNack: Well, he was just in the room, so probs saw the names
  61. JeanyBeany: so spread it to your peeps about this guy
  62. JeanyBeany: no there is some thing you can buy to look at rooms and who is in them
  63. ZetaIshtar: Oh none of mine and my own will believe anything anyone says without talking to me
  64. JeanyBeany: idk if it does chat either
  65. JeanyBeany: trust me ishy
  66. JeanyBeany: better tell before anything
  67. NickyNack: I doubt he has anything like that, when push comes to shove he just disappears for awhile, I think he has a way to make rooms crash, but thats nothing new
  68. JeanyBeany: yes he does
  69. JeanyBeany: that is why i put the room on open
  70. NickyNack: Had a friend who was complaining recently about him doing it again
  71. JeanyBeany: who?
  72. NickyNack: Cheng
  73. ZetaIshtar: I'll keep a record of this chat just in case.
  74. JeanyBeany: yeah
  75. ZetaIshtar: 5/23/2019 7:16PM DATED
  76. JeanyBeany: he stole abunch of chengs stuff once upon a time
  77. JeanyBeany: also ishy so check this shit
  78. NickyNack: Mmhhmm, I heard
  79. JeanyBeany: he usedto sell breast enhancers for like either 3 or 6 k
  80. JeanyBeany: not in the shop just whisper people and crap
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