Tits: Ride Bronco

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  1. You approach the mechanical stallion in the middle of the saloon. It looks like a caricature of the upper half of a bronco with a saddle equipped with a horse dildo where a rider’s groin would normally rest, the animal facade ending just below the leg joints. The horse dildo on the saddle is over a foot in length and exceptionally thick, with a broad, flared tip. There are instructions on the sign next to the pit that read “Take the Bronco for a ride! The Bronco is self-lubricating; all he needs is a few tugs before you mount up. Hold on until he finishes and win free drinks for a day, but if you get bucked off or finish first, you’re out!”
  3. Do you want to ride the Bronco?
  5. You step up to the mechanical stallion and examine your soon to be mount. You aren’t quite sure what the dildo is made of, but it is perhaps the most realistic replica of a penis you’ve ever encountered. When you reach out to touch the false phallus you’re surprised to find that it is warm. It’s actually warmer than a human would be, and as you pump it experimentally it throbs in your grip and leaks a large dollop of lubricant. You gather it up and spread it up and down the length of the shaft, and in doing so cause more lubricant to leak from the flared head of the dildo.
  7. You slip out of your Pump-king’s platemail, plain bra, and plain panties, a small crowd beginning to form around the ring as you strip down. You flush in embarrassment as the onlookers stare at your lewd behavior. Both locals and tourists alike are gathering to watch, many of them taking pictures or even recording videos, the boldest among them sometimes barking out at you to turn and smile for the camera or to show them your ass. You still can’t really believe you’re doing this. Is a day of free drinks really worth embarrassing yourself in front of so many people? Especially if they’re going to be recording it? You swing a leg onto the mechanical stallion and climb onto the saddle, which turns out to be heavily padded. At the “shoulders” of the stallion, just an inch from where your crotch will rest once you’re properly mounted sits a loop of leather, presumably for you to hold onto when the ride starts. There’s a button labeled “Start” on the mechanical stallion’s neck. Before you press it though, you need to decide how you’re going to finish mounting this bronco.
  9. You lift up your flared hips to better position your cunt for penetration.
  11. Knowing how wet your pussy is, the only preparation you require is to finger yourself for a few moments, biting your lip a little to hold in a moan as you do so. With the prep work out of the way, you finally sink down onto the dildo.
  13. It seems like an almost impossible task to fit the broad, flared head of the equine phallus past the lips of your tight womanhood, but you’re not backing out after getting to this point! With one hand you spread your entrance as wide as possible while using your other hand to angle the flare of the dildo so that only part of it is pressing into your cunt. At first it seems like this just isn’t going to work, but with a grunt of effort and a few shouts of encouragement from the audience, you finally wedge the head of the dildo into your narrow vagina. A loud, whorish moan of pleasure is ripped from your lips by the insertion, the incredible feeling of fullness overwhelming your self-restraint in an instant. When you finally adjust to the sensation, you realize with no small degree of trepidation that you still have more than a foot of phallus to feed into your love tunnel. Over the better part of a minute, you sink more and more fake flesh into your honeypot, moaning out loud when the delicious feeling of your vaginal walls being stretched temporarily becomes too much. By the time you finally bottom out on the dildo, your legs are quivering and you are on the verge of orgasm.
  15. A smattering of applause goes through the crowd, with a few catcalls and hoots for good measure. You take deep breaths to try calm yourself, the bestial wang inside you sporadically twitching and leaking more lubricants into your depths, almost setting off your orgasm a few times. When both you and the dildo have finally calmed down you tightly clutch the leather handhold and reach out and press the start button.
  17. A rumble rolls through the Bronco as it begins its ride, the vibrations being transferred to your leg-soaking slit through the dildo embedded in your muff, causing you to shudder in pleasure. Some of the people in the crowd are placing informal bets on how long it will take you to succeed or fail, and many are pulling out recording devices. The mechanical stallion’s rocking motions are fairly easy to keep up with for the first ten or so seconds, though the rumbling of the device keeps the dildo gently vibrating, making it a bit hard to concentrate on keeping up with the Bronco’s constantly changing center of gravity. After thirty or so seconds, you are no longer able to keep in sync enough with the Bronco’s motions, causing you to bounce an inch or two off the saddle, creating a rough facsimile of a lover making short, rough thrusts into your canal. It’s an altogether pleasant sensation that makes your womanhood clench at the dildo inside you.
  19. Though the Bronco you are speared on is bucking you around fairly hard at this point, you manage to keep your seat. More hoots and cheers go up from the crowd, which is now growing as locals who assumed a tourist such as yourself would lose begin to wander over to watch. Your big rack certainly doesn’t detract from the appeal of watching you. With both your hands occupied holding onto the mechanical stallion, your breasts are left free to bounce around unhindered. The stimulation sends shockwaves of mixed pleasure and pain through your melons. You’re certainly giving the audience reason to watch, and the increasingly violent motions of the mechanical stallion send you higher and higher, treating your juice-drooling pussy to longer, deeper, and more frequent penetrations, forcing you to moan out in unmistakable pleasure. The vibrations of the dildo you’ve saddled are increasing in intensity with the movements of the Bronco, leaving you practically juicing yourself.
  21. You nearly cream yourself, but you’re no stranger to getting off. You ride the pleasure higher and higher, delaying your climax as long as possible.
  23. Somehow though, you hold on. Judging by the intensity of its motions, the Bronco must nearly be at the climax of its performance. It’s bucking violently, lifting you higher and higher off the saddle and spearing you even harder on the false phallus than it was before. At this point it feels like someone very large is picking you up once a second and dropping you onto a massive equine vibrator. The motions of the Bronco make it so that whenever you fall back down onto the dildo, it’s at a different angle of penetration, ensuring that every inch of your love tunnel is raked by that hot, lube-leaking, vibrating flare, which seems to have almost doubled in size at this point.
  25. The audience is cheering for you now, cows, bulls, and tourists all taking pictures and videos and hollering supportive cheers like “Break that Bronco, bitch!” or “Ride that dick like you mean it!” You can barely hear anyone over the sounds of the mechanical stallion. By now its motor is at full power, and you can barely keep a grip on the leather handhold as the violent motions of the Bronco and the pleasing rumbles of its dildo vie to defeat you first. Your mounds are flailing around with minds of their own, each mammary moving in a different direction, sometimes even hitting you right in face.  It’s all just another sensation in the sea of pleasure you’re currently engulfed in.
  27. Through sheer force of will, you hold yourself back from climax.
  29. Just when you feel like you’re going to be thrown off, cum, or both, there’s a hissing sound as the Bronco suddenly stops bucking. The flare of the equine phallus expands suddenly as you feel the dildo inside you pulsing like a real penis would when cumming, and a wet warmth blossoms inside your juice-drooling cunny. The dildo is ejaculating! Your eyes go wide as you throw your head back and cry out in ecstasy before you start bucking your hips furiously into that still-cumming horse cock. You immediately break your death grip on the leather handhold to set one hand to diddling your clit and your other to tweaking your trembling nipple in a bid to maximize your well-earned pleasure.
  31. Your ecstatic moans are drowned out by the applause and cheers of the audience, many of the assembled openly masturbate to your performance. Some of them are exchanging cash, clearly having won or lost bets, but most of them are now filming or photographing you as you cream all over the dildo, squirting translucent girl-cum all over your thighs and saddle and leaking more and more of the stuff as you bounce on the fake dick. Your orgasm is extended well beyond usual by the fact that the dildo is still vibrating and still pumping jizz into you, the massive flare on the tip keeping most of it trapped inside you. Your eyes cross and you moan even louder as your womb is filled to the brim with jizz. When you feel your belly start to stretch from the amount of cum being pumped into you, you cum a second time from the sensation. You’re utterly full of both cock and cum, and at this moment you wouldn’t have it any other way. Free drinks? Who needs them when you have a bellyful of warm spunk?
  33. Eventually both your orgasm and that of your mechanical mount wind down. You are sweaty, flushed, and completely winded. You take some time to catch your breath. The audience starts to disperse, though many stay behind to finish masturbating to your nude, cum-pumped form. You look like you’re in the second trimester of a pregnancy, and you feel about that full as well. Evidently the voyeurs watching you appreciate your new look, because you soon hear moos and moans of pleasure from cows and bulls alike, their sexual fluids joining the mess you’ve left on the floor of the saloon.
  35. Once you feel like your legs will support you again, you begin the process of climbing down from the Bronco. Slowly, you lift up off the dildo, the engorged flare scraping your walls all the way up and stoking your arousal all over again. When you finally remove the shaft with a wet ‘pop’, you’re treated to one last spurt of deliciously hot spunk right across your clitty. Combined with the sudden torrent of pent-up semen that pours out of your canal, you succumb to one last climax, slipping off the Bronco onto the high-tech padding below and bucking your muscular hips helplessly as you cream yourself, your pussy squirting a thick mixture of translucent fem-cum and semen onto your legs and the pads you’re lying on.
  37. When you recover from this unexpected orgasm, you stand up again on shaky legs. The crowd around you begins to scatter as you collect your gear. Hot cum leaks out of your pussy, dripping down your legs and onto the floor. You aren’t provided with a towel or any other means to clean yourself, so all you can do is wipe yourself off with your hands as best you can before getting dressed again. Your spunk-stuffed pussy squelches lewdly as you slip the last of your clothing on, your motions forcing more warm cum out of your lower lips. When you’ve finally gathered everything up you step out of the ring and head towards the bar. You could really go for a drink right now!
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