Which one is your best strategy for creating web 2.0s?

Jul 3rd, 2020
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  1. Which one is your best strategy for creating web 2.0s?
  2. I have been looking through a few guides on creating web 2.0s, I would like opinions on the best one you have used.
  3. ++++++++++++++
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  13. +++++++++++++++
  14. E.g one guy creates expired tumblrs for higher DA,
  15. Another guy creates them all fresh on 10 different web 2.0s..
  16. What would you guys recommend for an SEO newbie learning the ropes and had his site up 4 months with only 8 keywords ranking (I have done no off site SEO yet)
  17. Expired tumblrs already have backlinks.
  18. So, in most cases these are better than fresh web2.0's.
  19. But, there is no harm in using both types.
  20. Why not use both?
  22. Best strategy is to treat your Web 2.0 like it's your PBN. High quality content + value. Than buy some crappy Web2 with spinned content to point on them
  25. I go for expired web 2.0 for link juice
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  31. Either pick one or both. Also not all web 2.0s have expired names
  32. I go for expired web 2.0 for link juice
  33. What about the links web 2.0 links that Tools like Money Robot generate. Would.you recommend them?
  34. Mr. Rhodes is currently the CEO of ‘SMS Assist’ LLC, a startup offering cloud-based property management software. An industry veteran, he brings over two decades of experience to his new role at Liquid Web. He joined Rackspace in 2007 and led the company’s sales and support activity. He was integral to launching ‘Rackspace Enterprise Services’ which helped the company acquire larger enterprise customers. Prior to Rackspace he held executive positions at EDS. A former Marine, he has an MBA from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
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  39. 55. Review Music
  41. Addicted to music and would like to help budding singers and artists? This is possible through various websites such as Research FM, Unique Rewards, Music XRay, Radio Loyalty and SlicethePie among others.
  42. Which one is your best strategy for creating web 2.0s?
  44. Upon registering on these websites, you will receive links to various music clips by email. Your job is listening to this music and writing honest reviews.
  46. Renowned market research firm, Neilsen also offers this service. For every review submitted, these websites reward you with cash and shopping vouchers.
  48. You also get to review radio stations, live audio streams from various sources and voiceovers for videos.
  50. 56. List a Spare Room on Airbnb
  52. Got a room to spare? Why not list it on Airbnb and make some extra cash. In fact if your home is in a desirable location and the room spacious and comfortable you could even make thousands of dollars by simply renting it out on this popular homestay website.
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  55. domain synonym
  56. masterblogging.com
  57. mookychick.co.uk
  58. no-minimum.com
  59. host stand
  60. serpstat.com
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