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  2. * Corporal Marge Benito: A female soldier in the FLF. She is idealistic and believes in justice. She represents the "good" side of the FLF, and will play an important role in completing the FLF campaign.
  3. * General 1
  4. * General 2
  5. * General 3
  6. * Colonel Urnus (Dvaered)
  8. PLOT
  9. The FLF is a guerrilla organization fighting against the Dvaered oppression of Frontier space. Its goal is to keep the Dvaered from laying claim to the Frontier, but it is fighting a losing battle. The Dvaered are too numerous and powerful for a small organization to keep at bay, and so the FLF has to resort to ever riskier, ever more radical measures.
  11. However, unbeknownst to all, the FLF is nothing more than a front. Its leaders are shrouded in mystery, never making themselves known even to the higher ranked FLF officers. In reality, the top of the FLF are a select number of Dvaered generals, who created the FLF to further their own ends. All FLF operations are meticulously engineered from both ends, the FLF forces being fed accurate information about Dvaered assets and the Dvaered forces being instructed in a way that will make the FLF operations go off as planned.
  13. The generals are trying to break the command structure that is slowing the Dvaered down. They mean to overthrow the Warlords as well as Dvaered High Command itself, and establish a new hegemony uniting all of Dvaered space under one rule, opening the path to total war on all the other factions. To do this, several key Dvaered officials have to be eliminated and replaced with others who will follow orders when the time comes. The FLF is a means to this end. As a bonus, the FLF generals have been steadily gaining the support of the Frontier worlds. This will allow the them to move their ships into position for a surprise military coup of Frontier space, when the time is right. They will achieve in one decisive blow that which the FLF is sworn to prevent.
  15. When the player joins the FLF, he knows nothing of this. His motivation is solely to aid the resistance movement. But as the missions progress there will be things that seem out of place, operations that seem too risky or brutal to warrant what they achieve. Together with Marge Benito, the player will uncover the Dvaered plot and avert catastrophe. The end of the campaign sees the FLF generals defeated and the FLF re-established as an idealistic guerrilla movement, led by Benito herself. At this point Dvaered High Command has been weakened by the loss of its more capable generals, meaning the future holds at least hope for the FLF and the Frontier.
  19. * ?
  20. * ?
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