Jan 28th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. What the hell!!!
  2. Not this Vanilla shit again!
  3. My eyes are already crusted.
  4. My body feeling rustic.
  5. Hopefully it will get Linked In
  6. With my mind,
  7. Which needs to be Google'd.
  8. Plus…
  9. I’m too lazy to fix my green,
  10. Eggs & ham, but
  11. I would like them Sam I Am.
  12. Sorry my mind is pacing.
  13. Anyways back to Vanilla
  15. Vanilla eclipsing my sunny day.
  16. Guess I post a picture on Twitter,
  17. With me digging in to this Vanilla.
  18. There’s enough for all to share!
  19. Maybe I should tag,
  20. Something on Pinterest
  21. That shows the other flavor
  22. I would want instead.
  23. Damn!
  24. Damn!
  25. Damn!
  26. Why can’t I go back
  27. To being a kid?
  28. I HATE THE SNOW!!!!!!!!!
  29. And would love to be given
  30. A Snow Day Again!
  31. I’m not the only one
  32. On Facebook to feel this way...
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