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  1. Exhibitor  raises a brow and watches her tiny hand dance over his belt, gripping the tiny thong himself  
  2. Varietal  Looks up at him innocently, feeling his masculine fingers find themselves laced inside of my tight, skimpy thong. I run my other hand up his thigh, staring at the bulge that's forming underneath his denim jeans, looking up at him once more, licking my little teeth. "Can I please taste you, Daddy?" My hands stay rested on the buckle of his belt still, eagerly waiting to unbuckle him.
  3. Exhibitor  he would grin in amusement as she began to needily travel her hands across his lap, grabbing at his tight belt as she begged to tasted him. His eyes would look her body over calmly before he responded to her in a calm, playful voice "And why should I let you, little one?"
  4. Varietal  "Please Daddy? Because I'll be a good little girl for you if you let me.. Just a little..?" My face grows red as I flutter my eyelashes "I promise"
  5. Exhibitor  pulls up on her thong to tease her as she begins to beg more and more, clearly enjoying making her embarass herself at his expense while roughly toying with her white undies
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