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  1. Hello Dr Hong Wei
  3. I had some complaints about my mark , witch I stated below , based on feedback I received
  5. 1) Intoduction → I took  0.6/1
  6. the feedback said that the introduction is brief. But you said us that the report is strictly required to be 2 A4 pages max! The introduction is purposly brief because otherwise this requirement will no meeted at all!
  7. The given feedback is not states why I lost 0.4 out of 1 . so I believe that this is unfair
  9. 2 ) experiment process 1/1.5
  10. the feedback only mentions that we had experiments based on integers , nothing about why I lost 0.5/1 . specifically says that the flags are mentioned and 2 examples are required .i have done exacly the exersises on the given pdf , so its completely non-fair to lose 0.5!
  12. 3) Discussion → 0.7/1.5
  13. The feedback says about limited discussion , that is completely on-purpose because of the limited space ! I cant have extended discussion for 10 exersises in 2 pages of A4! . Additionally it isnt mentioned to refer the ranges of the numbers anywhere! Why to mention something that isnt asked at all? Its completely unfair to loose so many marks for that . I have read the course and my previous marks was very high because of that . I know why the condition flags are changing in any way , but with 2 A4 pages , it isnt possible to explain!
  15. I really coudnt fit a proper introduction , experiment process , result discussion and conclusion in 2 pages of A4 with 10 exersises with proper discussion in each one! So I strongly believe that the marking was unfair . I can prove if you want any time that I know all the required theory and I dont deserve 46 percent!
  16. Thanks
  17. Stefan!
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