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  1. Knowledge of another future tried to come to terms
  2. with the industrialized (legions)? and their corporate firms
  3. to decontaminate the planet and meet their demands
  4. intoxify the oceans, rivers, lakes and lands
  5. purify the air get rid of nuclear waste
  6. put it on a rocket ship and launch it into space
  7. tone down hound down,(own)? down hatred
  8. tear of love for the most ? ancient and sacred
  9. erectify a recom fence repatriation
  10. clarify satisfy reevaluation  
  11. spiritualize, realize hope and aspirations
  12. recognize, stabilize the unity of nations
  13. take all the bullshit and bury it with a shovel
  14. quit the lyin, spyin, allibyin, damn the devil
  15. but the parents of the future like the ones in the past
  16. had an apocalyptic childhood and the die was cast
  17. those among their leaders were the children of the present
  18. diabolical, devious, extreme and unpleasant
  19. radiating mutated dna change
  20. sci-fi sinister, slick and strange
  21. in a megalomaniac, satanic scientific blunder
  22. took the villain of oblivion based on creed and code
  23. super secret, and clandestine, and discreet elite
  24. saw the conquest of nature ending in defeat
  25. they had bad due of what they shouldn't have done
  26. till the planet overheated from the rays of the sun
  27. you couldn't tell them nothing cause they didn't wanna hear
  28. and oppressed all the people till their souls couldn't bear
  29. =====
  30. so the children of the future went underground
  31. so deep down that they couldn't be found
  32. fleeing for their lives for all it was worth
  33. they burrowed in their capsules till they reached a third earth
  34. out of depth ? ? to the stratosphere
  35. they met the underground fellas that lived down there
  36. the subterraneans were evolved and aware of the facts
  37. and they gave the children shelter then covered their tracks
  38. they were illuminated, elevated, sensory-heightened
  39. transcendent omega mental fully enlightened
  40. with teleportation, levitation, meditation,
  41. cryptographers,clairvoyance, telekenetics, astro travel
  42. telepathic comprehensive comprehension gravitational suspension
  43. and a multiple dimension
  44. every third eye seeing
  45. subterranean living being
  46. then they taught all the people about the secrets of life
  47. until thy gained inner peace instead of stress and strife
  48. meanwhile the fabricated mutated (talents)? and such
  49. were tryin to colonize space but it was (maybe)? too much
  50. their computers were diluters and (androgynous)? phones
  51. and had the planet subdivided into no-go zones
  52. with their dooms' day scenarios all coming to pass
  53. they were holding up in fear and doubt until the last
  54. their pursuit of the their children had then in vain
  55. a way to everything to lose and a nothing to gain
  56. a making war on the surface time and time again
  57. till their end was beginning from beginning to end
  58. But the children of the future had learned the (odds)?
  59. and an unity of mind, body, spirit and hearts
  60. they kept evolving till their reached the stage
  61. of when the children of the future finally came of age
  62. having all understood what their lives were worth
  63. they made preparations to leave the planet earth
  64. Then a space craft came and took 'em out in space
  65. to complete the evolution with the cosmic (race)?
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