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  1. @EDIT: This is a public post that explains why I won't be playing, not a leak. Basically real life has finally caught up to me and now I need to become a wage slave to keep my home.
  3. 21:56 - sheepy dog's hand: sorry about this week ive just had a lot of really stressful shit going on in real life and dont want to play tf2
  4. 21:56 - sheepy dog's hand: hopefully next week i will be feeling better
  5. 21:57 - Bloodis: it's fine, if you still keep on having shit happening even this week now then do tell about it soon enough so we would know to get a sub
  6. 21:57 - sheepy dog's hand: yeah might be a goood ide
  7. 21:57 - sheepy dog's hand: a
  8. 21:58 - sheepy dog's hand: possibly even might be a good idea to get another scout in case
  9. 21:58 - sheepy dog's hand: but i would only be willing to do that if the scout was better than me at my peak
  10. 21:58 - Bloodis: what's even been happening recently then? or do you not feel like talking about it
  11. 21:59 - sheepy dog's hand: just family problems with my mom and dad and also having issues with keeping my flat
  12. 22:00 - sheepy dog's hand: i need to get a job basically
  13. 22:00 - Bloodis: that's understandable then that you're feeling quite down
  14. 22:00 - sheepy dog's hand: but thats a challenge in its self with autism
  15. 22:01 - Bloodis: yeah, like there's definitely lots of word going around that there are so many empty jobs but finding a job is still really hard somehow
  16. 22:01 - sheepy dog's hand: and i know if im not reallyl trying then it damages the entire team
  17. 22:01 - sheepy dog's hand: so i dont want that
  18. 22:02 - sheepy dog's hand: in high i showed how good i can be if i am in a good mindset
  19. 22:03 - sheepy dog's hand: but with all this stuff happening irl i just dont want to play tf2
  20. 22:03 - Bloodis: I can understand that
  21. 22:03 - sheepy dog's hand: dunno when the season starts
  22. 22:03 - sheepy dog's hand: is it like a few weeks?
  23. 22:03 - Bloodis: in less than couple weeks
  24. 22:04 - sheepy dog's hand: hmm well im thinking its worth trying out other flank scouts
  25. 22:04 - sheepy dog's hand: but only ones who can be as good as me at my best
  26. 22:05 - sheepy dog's hand: which is pretty good if i may say so myself (check high final playoffs)
  27. 22:06 - sheepy dog's hand: but yeah getting a job is really hard for someone like me
  28. 22:06 - sheepy dog's hand: so im pretty stressed out
  29. 22:06 - sheepy dog's hand: hope you all understand
  30. 22:07 - Bloodis: pretty sure others do understand your situation just as well
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