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  1. Discord Link:
  3. Server rules:
  4. Mic spam is only allowed to be played in-game as long as it is not too loud or has to much swearing/profanity, Racism is never allowed
  5. -using the intercom repeatedly to mic spam is not allowed and using intercom for mic spam is only allowed once per round
  6. -because mic spam is allowed if ask to stop you are to stop or you might get warned
  8. Staff's say is final. if you want to report someone for abusing DM me, the current Co-Owner or the  administrative overseer with appropriate evidence.
  9. -Continuously reporting staff for abuse without sufficient evidence can lead to a permanent ban.
  11. "bullying" is not allowed ever and can lead to serious punishment, same with abusive or inappropriate content.
  13. teaming is not allowed.
  14. -SCP's can show mercy to D class and scientists but may not follow them around or help them
  16. If brought to a staff sit stay there and don't try to run away-
  17. -running away from a sit could lead to you getting punished for what you were brought there for, without your side of the story
  19. Using bad words in-game will not be tolerated.
  20. -first time is a verbal warning
  21. -second time is a server warning
  22. -third time is a mute.
  24. TK is not acceptable and can lead to serious punishments
  25. -First time is a warning
  26. -Second time is a Disarm
  27. -Third time is a ban
  28. Mass TK (such as when you are MTF and you throw a grenade in the elevator and kill your entire squad) can lead to an instant kick or ban
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