Kain't Be This Edgy

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  1. [18:59:17] <@Amaryllis> Back...somewhere private. Where would Nat prefer?
  2. [18:59:58] <Natalie> Hmm, well, it's not late enough for Nat to sneak out ~yet~ so during the interrogation she was probably boredly scribbling stuff back at the hideout!
  3. [19:01:04] <Natalie> Meaning, anywhere that could be reached from there or somesuch- probably more private than where Lenny was dragged to.
  4. [19:01:06] <Natalie> Maybe.
  5. [19:01:38] <@Amaryllis> Sit around in a pile of mansion ashes while chatting?
  6. [19:01:43] <Natalie> ... Yes.
  7. [19:02:02] <Natalie> In fact let's rearrange this, what if they decided to meet there before leaving the ball?
  8. [19:02:05] <Natalie> That probably works better.
  9. [19:02:50] <@Amaryllis> Let's just keep it sometime after the interrogation. Ammy goes out for groceries, stops by the mansion on the way.
  10. [19:02:54] <Natalie> And THEN after the interrogation Nat's sprawled about in a lonely pile of ashes, sending lewd sexts on the rubyphone- no just kidding it doesn't actually get used for that unless the summoner starts contact first.
  11. [19:03:07] <Natalie> Some eidolons have shame!
  12. [19:03:32] <Natalie> No for clarification that's that they AGREED to meet up there, and then they actually do meet up there after the interrogation.
  13. [19:04:05] <Natalie> Clarifications aside Natty's there, without having changed out of the outfit at all, writing something down.  It's like she's trying to focus but just plain isn't capable of doing so, and is pretty restless sitting there worrying!
  14. [19:04:11] * @Amaryllis reaches up and unlocks the gate, then finds a quiet and secluded area within the crumbling structure of the mansion, leading Nat there. She pulls out her bottle of whiskey.
  15. [19:04:25] <Natalie> Or that, whatever, scribbling either way
  16. [19:05:30] <@Amaryllis> "You appear worried. Is something the matter?" Ammy forces a smile and glugs down a mouthful of whiskey straight from the bottle.
  17. [19:05:48] <Natalie> "Nnnn."  Scribblescribble... pause.  "You too, Ammy.  Did something happen again?"
  18. [19:06:48] <Natalie> "I'm just worried about how she's doing-" rubrub.... plop, she sits down on the floor.  "I found out just what happened and HOW MUCH time we missed out on!  But... I already forgot if I told you yet or not."  :<
  19. [19:07:38] <@Amaryllis> "Only once since we got back to Lindblum, but even once is too much. It took a lot out of me to keep focused this long today..." Glug glug. "No, you have yet to tell me about Eiko. Let us start there; it is a happy start for this conversation."
  20. [19:09:15] <Natalie> Shuffle shuffle~  Natty sprawls out after brushing the ashes away so as to not, you know, get covered in them, and nods with a smile.  A worried expression but a smile nonetheless.  "Okay!  I gotta warn you though, I could talk for a LOOOOOOONG time.  I forgot just how... good~ it feels.  Er, um, I mean... well we re-made our pact and..."
  21. [19:09:48] <@Amaryllis> "Re-made?" Ammy cuts in there, looking worried.
  22. [19:09:53] * Natalie jolts up. "RIGHT! Memories!"
  23. [19:10:19] <Natalie> "Well what happened... apparently our connection to each other was cut.  The others she made pacts with, too."
  24. [19:10:33] <Natalie> "So it's not like she didn't want to summon me anymore!  But, she COULDN'T."
  25. [19:10:35] <@Amaryllis> "All of them?"
  26. [19:11:31] <Natalie> "Um... just a few, I think.  I want to help her find Phoenix and Titan, 'cause they're missing too... Fenry's still with her, though.  We got to have a chat."
  27. [19:12:16] * Natalie looks visibly relieved. "I'm glad SOMEONE was. I can't believe I was supposed to be bound to her and didn't even get to watch her grow up." ;~; The not-quite-catgirl sniffles a little.
  28. [19:12:27] <@Amaryllis> "Must have been nice. I suppose he had tales of your travels together to share?"
  29. [19:12:42] <Natalie> "Oh, we don't speak the same language!"
  30. [19:13:12] <Natalie> "But he felt familiar."  She pulls the sapphire out, displaying it.  "Just... in a weird way.  We used to work together and all."
  31. [19:14:27] <Natalie> "But!  I wasn't the only one whose memories went POOF."
  32. [19:14:30] <@Amaryllis> "You will have many more years to be part of Eiko's tale..." Ammy suddenly gets contemplative thinking about what Nat said about watching her grow up.
  33. [19:15:03] <@Amaryllis> "..." She looks to Nat and stares, looking unsure. Then she turns back to her whiskey bottle and takes a small swig.
  34. [19:16:36] * Nacchan stops and goes back to that, nodding again. "Mm... hmm. Yeah, NOW I will. Or... I can."
  35. [19:16:06] <@Amaryllis> "Who else's memories?"
  36. [19:20:08] <Natty> "Um... those two, definitely.  There was something about the crystal... and them NOT getting their memories back, even though I was."  Itch, itch.  "There's something really weird happening."
  37. [19:21:20] <@Amaryllis> "What else does Eiko know?"
  38. [19:21:40] * @Amaryllis frowns. "So even the current summoners are losing their power."
  39. [19:22:37] <Natalie> "Well she's..."  Nat looks distressed for a second but forces a smile.  "Totally happy!  Or at least, she's living a life that it seems like she enjoys now.  She doesn't have to save the world or anything stressy like that anymore, she gets to sneak out and rob people every night... she's having all the fun she can have."
  40. [19:23:26] <Natalie> "If I was um... you know, me again, I'd want to just stay here and help her, like Fenry is.  And Madeen, too!  ... I don't remember her all that well though."
  41. [19:23:54] * @Amaryllis ignores the comment about Eiko apparently taking up larceny as a habit now. "I am unsure what to make of this."
  42. [19:24:28] <Natalie> "Well, there's more!"
  43. [19:24:59] <Natalie> "My task... she reminded me."
  44. [19:25:12] <@Amaryllis> "What was it?"
  45. [19:25:17] * Natalie gets a bit more srs. "The crystal shards. I was supposed to..."
  46. [19:25:36] <Natalie> "... Collect and put 'em together all along!  I was doing it right by accident, heehee!"
  47. [19:26:24] * @Amaryllis furrows her brow. "But that means the crystal should have found heroes for this task many years earlier."
  48. [19:26:58] <Natalie> "It's weird, isn't it?  ... Maybe me forgetting and putting it off for so long means all the problems that're happening now are all my fault."  Mega-:<
  49. [19:27:48] <Natalie> "But the crystal remembered my fake-name.  And it even remembered me holding it after I forgot what I was supposed to do!  And that's even weirder, kinda."
  50. [19:28:27] * @Amaryllis listens mostly in silence, occasionally taking a swig of whiskey.
  51. [19:29:18] <Natalie> "But me being like this..."  Natty stands up and starts doing the snap-kick thing.  "Actually isn't right.  She doesn't know if she can even summon me anymore, and there might not EVEN be a way to go back to being real-me, even if I want to!  You'd think if I did this myself to spy on how humans do things I'd be able to just turn back whenever I wanted, yeah?"
  52. [19:29:26] <@Amaryllis> "No, do not blame yourself. This is the story the crystal chose to write for itself. I am sure if it had wanted, it could have bent the tapestry of tales that makes our reality, found another set of heroes from the various coincidental finders of shards through the years..."
  53. [19:29:34] <@Amaryllis> "It waited for now, and it must have a reason."
  54. [19:29:49] <Natalie> "... Yeah.  I guess.  Or it could be really lazy."
  55. [19:29:52] <Natalie> "Nnnnnnnnnnnnn."
  56. [19:30:09] <@Amaryllis> "You are part of the crystal." Ammy taps her chin faux-thoughtfully.
  57. [19:31:26] <@Amaryllis> That's done with the beginnings of a teasing grin, to make it clear.
  58. [19:31:39] * Natalie taps the ruby in a similar way. The bandage's been off since they're here, which is pretty much their safe haven anyway. "Hehe, yep!"
  59. [19:31:57] <Natalie> "But so are the others, and if I'm the only one who's been getting memories back that's just WEIRD."
  60. [19:32:36] <@Amaryllis> "We shall see if that is still the case when we bring the shards to them."
  61. [19:33:24] <@Amaryllis> "Perhaps the crystal cannot reach as far as it used to, even if it still holds their memories."
  62. [19:33:34] <Natalie> "I reaaaaally want to just..."  Still standing up, Nacchan paces around a bit, concerned.  "... Stay here with her.  And help her and be her friend and do all the things I couldn't do as old-me, and just... make sure she's really happy all the time."
  63. [19:33:48] <Natalie> "I remembered what the bond is like.  It's close.  Closer than human families-close."
  64. [19:34:08] <Natalie> "Maybe you should make a pact with her too, huh~?"  She says twirling around with a giggle.
  65. [19:34:55] * @Amaryllis smiles but shakes her head slowly. "If ever I were to make a pact with someone..." She trails off.
  66. [19:35:42] <Natalie> "Hmmnnnn?"  Still smiling, Nat handhips.  "Well it's not like you have to be in a hurry, she still has a pretty long lifespan ahead of her I think!"
  67. [19:35:50] <@Amaryllis> "I would have to first find the way to bring back the summoning tradition in full force, would I not?"
  68. [19:36:36] <Natalie> "Maybe.  Some of us are still like Terry, right?  Whether summoning HAS to happen or we can just live together and get along as friends..."
  69. [19:36:48] * Natalie remembers Celina, her eyes probably make that really obvious, as she shakes her head softly.
  70. [19:37:28] <Natalie> "Still, it feels really nice.  I'm glad to have a Summoner, even if some of the others aren't, you know?  Nnnn."
  71. [19:37:59] <Natalie> "I'll do whatever I can to protect her.  Not-Kuja won't lay a hand on her, no way!"
  72. [19:38:06] <@Amaryllis> "I would like a summoner one day, but such a pact is not entered lightly. It is the pinnacle of trust to allow someone such complete governance over the course of your tale..."
  73. [19:38:15] <@Amaryllis> "Ayane." Ammy corrects her.
  74. [19:38:42] <Natalie> "Oh that's actually not true," she nods at the correction, "We were actually just like 'hey wanna renew that pact' and I was like 'yeah!' after barely a couple minutes of meeting back up with her."
  75. [19:40:06] * @Amaryllis stares at Nat for a few moments and then takes another big swig of whiskey. "Were it be I could enter one so casually...I am too afraid of being bound by a will I have no intent to serve."
  76. [19:40:13] <Natalie> "I don't remember a whole lot about what it was like the FIRST time we met but I bet that probably didn't take long either!  Or any of the others before that!"  A sage nod.  "Once you've lived as long as I have you just get used to it.... I think.  That's just kinda a feeling I have.  Because I know Eiko won't live forever but I'm happy being by her side as long as she does."
  77. [19:40:19] * @Amaryllis shivers and draws her cloak around herself.
  78. [19:40:36] * Natalie grins and dashes over, giving Ammy a SURPRISE HUG from behind. "Don't worry!"
  79. [19:41:03] <Natalie> "There's nothing wrong with being afraid.  Everyone's afraid sometimes."
  80. [19:41:45] <Natalie> "Remember what Levvie said?  Some ol' summoner just used me as a big wall to keep him sealed once!"
  81. [19:41:59] <Natalie> "But even if I can't remember who or why... I still feel it, that I didn't mind."
  82. [19:42:16] <Natalie> "I was helping some people.  That's what I'm here for!"
  83. [19:42:25] <@Amaryllis> (hold on Ammy would say something in between there but my browser won't load for me to look up something)
  84. [19:42:37] <Natalie> (oh sure just mention where it's inserted)
  85. [19:42:46] <@Amaryllis> (like right after she shivers but chrome crashed twice)
  86. [19:42:56] <Natalie> (chrome sux)
  87. [19:43:10] <@Amaryllis> (or fuck it, what was the name of that noble family? Damcyan? It started with a D and had a Y in it)
  88. [19:43:33] <Natalie> (It's Damcyan.)
  89. [19:43:42] <Natalie> (god what the fuck are you trolling have you not played FF4?)
  90. [19:44:01] <@Amaryllis> (yeah fuck you I couldn't get the ff wiki up to look up the name)
  91. [19:44:04] <@Amaryllis> (>:I)
  92. [19:44:04] <Natalie> (I remember when I was a kid I always thought I was 'Damycan' and the shock of that correction helped me go on to remember it)
  93. [19:44:23] <Natalie> (If you said that I would've just laughed and corrected you!  Also shame on you for not having a Nammy.txt like me)
  94. [19:44:58] * Natalie goes ahead and rattles all that off even if Ammy's saying something anyway, because she's just that excited getting to talk about summoning and stuff.
  95. [19:44:59] <@Amaryllis> "I am young, compared to you. Maybe it comes with time. I am not sure. It was...the Damcyan man this time." She closes her hands tight around Nat's as she's hugged. "I do not think I will ever get used to merely watching my story play out like a stage play that way."
  96. [19:46:00] <Natalie> "Nope, wrong!  You just need a while to get used t- ... wait, it?"
  97. [19:46:04] <Natalie> "It..."
  98. [19:46:06] <@Amaryllis> "Or..." Ammy shakes her head. "I am unsure. I think it was him. I have only the vaguest sense when that happens."
  99. [19:46:14] * Natalie loosens the grip. "Oh... right."
  100. [19:46:17] <Natalie> Natty gets droopy.
  101. [19:46:22] <@Amaryllis> "Nat, I killed him." Ammy slumps.
  102. [19:46:29] <Natalie> "Well..."
  103. [19:46:46] <Natalie> "It's okay!  He's just part of the crystal again now.  Or... something like that."
  104. [19:47:37] <Natalie> "... I'm done for now though, it's your turn."  Nat sits in front of Ammy and snags the bottle.  "Gimme some of that."
  105. [19:48:09] * Natalie sniffsniiiiiff.... bleh.
  106. [19:48:17] <@Amaryllis> "Bloody hell, it's not even the right story. That's what Kni'lis told me. I am an affront to their kind, made of all the lies civilization has piled in its libraries." Ammy relinquishes the bottle.
  107. [19:48:37] <@Amaryllis> "Myth supplants reality, and the worth of a story is not in its truth, I know..."
  108. [19:49:03] <@Amaryllis> "Nor is the best ending to a story the happiest. Sometimes, it is better to write a tragedy, or be written into one."
  109. [19:49:20] <@Amaryllis> "But..." Ammy grabby hands at the bottle again.
  110. [19:49:20] <Natalie> "Who?"  Nat quickly realizes that she probably just made clear another memory disappeared and then droops again with a minor 'oops.'  "Well... yeah!  That's just how it works."
  111. [19:49:45] <Natalie> "Nope."  Nat takes a chug of it much like Ammy did without even wiping it off.  Yuck!  "... Okay nevermind here you go."
  112. [19:50:50] <@Amaryllis> "A tonberry I met in Durandal. He and all the rest of his kind will disappear in the wake of my myth." Ammy takes back the bottle and glugs.
  113. [19:50:53] <Natalie> "Still, just because all stories aren't happy doesnt mean you can't enjoy things, or have fun, or HOPE for the best.  Sometimes it's okay to even like sad things, isn't it?"
  114. [19:50:58] <Natalie> "O.. Oh."
  115. [19:51:11] * Natalie shuffles a little. "So that's how it works, huh..."
  116. [19:52:04] <Natalie> "I probably knew that before... but I sure don't now.  Wonder if there used to be lots of little mes who all disappeared too... well!  Let's not think about that, okay?"
  117. [19:52:12] <@Amaryllis> "I cannot be happy living a tragedy. That does not mean I cannot be satisfied living one. There is a difference and perhaps one is a higher feeling than the other." Ammy speaks quietly and her face is stricken with confusion.
  118. [19:52:49] <@Amaryllis> "That," Ammy manages a teasing grin, "was probably a favor to the world."
  119. [19:53:09] * Natalie snerks and stands up, hands at hips again. "Hey, that's awful!"
  120. [19:53:15] <Natalie> "... Hehe."
  121. [19:54:36] <Natalie> "I'm glad I had your help, Ammy... starting to get my memories back and all.  I think once they're ALL back I can tell you everything about what being an eidolon is like.  The sad things, the happy things... I guess I'll be like your big sister!"
  122. [19:54:58] <Natalie> "Well, we probably had that talk before already, huh."  Back to drooping.
  123. [19:55:35] * @Amaryllis tilts her head. "If you can many summoners have you had? What did it feel like, having to watch each in turn be born from and return to the crystal in your time?"
  124. [19:55:36] <Natalie> "I've lived tragedies before... we were watching that thing with Alexander together, right?  Lots of people probably died!  But we still stopped it!"
  125. [19:55:38] <Natalie> "... Probably!"
  126. [19:56:08] <@Amaryllis> "...I am sorry, that is probably not a set of tales you remember, nor ones you would care to recount right now."
  127. [19:56:12] * Natalie looks down and shakes her head. "I... don't remember how many. Or their names, or their faces... only that I think there were probably a lot."
  128. [19:56:57] * @Amaryllis nods. "In time..."
  129. [19:57:06] <Natalie> "That feeling, though... I think I'm sad when they die and happy when they're born.  Maybe I'm like this because I wanted to know more about how humans feel ways like that?"
  130. [19:57:25] * Natalie tugs at her ruby brooch now.
  131. [19:57:49] <Natalie> "But... I'm glad they existed at all.  Since that's how I feel about Eiko now!"
  132. [19:58:12] <Natalie> "I'll protect her until I can't anymore.  And then the next, and then the next!"
  133. [19:59:46] <@Amaryllis> "Happiness and sadness seem like they could be such selfish and fleeting feelings then. Satisfaction or contentment with a story well told, no matter an outcome of heroics or tragedy...That makes more sense, does it not? That is how you feel toward the many summoners you have had as you lived and died?"
  134. [20:01:30] <Natalie> "Yeah... maybe.  That feels right.  I dunno if I'M really supposed to feel sad or happy.  Doing my job comes first!"
  135. [20:02:56] <@Amaryllis> "Some Eidolons must think differently. Terrato certainly seeks happiness above all."
  136. [20:03:54] <Natalie> "I thiiiiink it's.."  She makes some gestures toward herself.  ".. Since I'm like this that I feel that way now.  Right NOW I just want to be my Summoner's friend.  Since humans are supposed to make friends with humans, right?"
  137. [20:04:16] * Natalie taps her ruby again. "Well... something close, anyway."
  138. [20:05:05] <@Amaryllis> "You act as if humans and Eidolons are meant to act so differently. Odin was born human, and became Eidolon through the strength of his tales. Friendship, love, all that should mean the same, Eidolon or human, should it not?"
  139. [20:05:27] <Natalie> "... Yeah.  That's what I WANT to think is right, Ammy!  But, people like Leeny..."
  140. [20:06:11] * Natalie shuffles over and faces the direction opposite Ammy, kicking at some ash. "I've been wondering... keeping who I am a secret might put Eiko in danger. And I CAN'T do that."
  141. [20:06:14] * @Amaryllis shrugs and swigs from her bottle.
  142. [20:06:40] <@Amaryllis> "And revealing that secret may put us all in more danger."
  143. [20:07:11] <Natalie> Nod, still backwards.  "But if something happens where the only way I can protect her is revealing who I am... you won't be mad, right?"
  144. [20:07:15] <@Amaryllis> "Revealing who I am certainly will. As long as I am bound by the tales that compose me..."
  145. [20:07:43] * Natalie spins around and sticks a tongue out. "Oh, no duh, you're safe! My powers are different from yours after all."
  146. [20:08:38] <@Amaryllis> "Of course not." Ammy leans against a chunk of debris and laughs. "Bloody hell Nat, there are two summoners left. The hell am I supposed to do if one dies? You really ought to find Eiko a nice boy to settle down with and..." Ammy trails off with a smirk.
  147. [20:09:07] <Natalie> "Hee hee... that's the kind of lifestyle I want to see her have."
  148. [20:09:37] <Natalie> "That's why we have to finish repairing the crystal FAST."
  149. [20:09:44] <@Amaryllis> The look on Ammy's face suggests that her idea of 'make her make more baby summoners' wasn't entirely in jest.
  150. [20:10:12] * Natalie wasn't even thinking about it like that so much as in the vein of Eiko finding someone she likes making her happy. So innocent.
  151. [20:10:34] <@Amaryllis> The glint in Ammy's eyes makes it clear she was thinking about it that way.
  152. [20:10:40] <Natalie> LEWD.
  153. [20:11:12] <Natalie> "Then I can do stuff like that and be by her side.  Even IF our connection was cut my task's still my task!"
  154. [20:11:34] <@Amaryllis> "We should, and...I need to find how else summoners are born."
  155. [20:12:17] <Natalie> "And I need to find Phoenix and Titannnnnnnn... and hey, if your 'revive summoners' plan doesn't work you and Terry and a bunch of others we probably haven't met yet since I went amnesiac can all make pacts with her too, and we can be one big family!"
  156. [20:12:19] <@Amaryllis> " be selfish to turn someone into a summoner, once the means are rediscovered, simply to form a pact with them or allow another Eidolon a pact?"
  157. [20:12:36] * Natalie pauses, frowning. "Y'mean you wouldn't ask them first?"
  158. [20:13:09] <@Amaryllis> "I would ask, but using that kind of power for such a personal reason rather than the good of the crystal and its tales..."
  159. [20:13:28] <Natalie> "BZZT, WRONG."
  160. [20:13:41] <Natalie> "Haven't you learned anything?  Weren't you listening to YOURSELF earlier?"
  161. [20:13:51] <Natalie> "Everything that happen's good for the crystal!"
  162. [20:14:02] <Natalie> "As long as things exist, it's able to keep going."
  163. [20:14:09] <Natalie> "... Pretty sure it's something like that."
  164. [20:15:14] * @Amaryllis just nods again, looking unsure once more.
  165. [20:15:42] * Natalie sits next to Ammy with a hand on her shoulder, grinning a bit.
  166. [20:15:55] <Natalie> "Ohhhhh... lemme guess!"
  167. [20:16:09] <Natalie> "1,1You want Mr. Prickles to be your summoner?"
  168. [20:16:16] * Natalie says this totally seriously.
  169. [20:17:17] <@Amaryllis> "Then, tragedy, comedy, or epic, I will let my tale play out as - ...What? Where did you even get that idea?" Ammy's tone of voice suddenly changes midsentence, with another jump just before Nat said the name. She actually sounded apprehensive for a moment and then relieved.
  170. [20:18:01] <Natalie> "PFFfhahaha!  Nnnnn... actually I just thought of the first name I could."
  171. [20:18:11] <Natalie> "But he'd be a pretty neat summoner, huh?"
  172. [20:18:51] <@Amaryllis> "You have the strangest ideas Nat."
  173. [20:19:12] <Natalie> "Oh that's not even the strangest one!"  She gets up and gigglefits, clearly enjoying this.  "What if your summoner was..."
  174. [20:19:41] * Natalie holds a hand forward and swirls her fingers dramatically, before doing that ojousama thing where the flutters her hand inward to point a full set of fingers at herself. "Me~?"
  175. [20:20:27] <@Amaryllis> "I would drink myself to death." Ammy grins and takes a long drag from the whiskey bottle.
  176. [20:20:40] <Natalie> "And then YOU could summon like... Terry or someone.  And then he'd summon someone else!  And..."  She's laughing more than she is talking.
  177. [20:21:41] <Natalie> "Don't worry, I'd treat you nice!  Nnnnn!  I wouldn't give you weird orders like..."  Natty pauses and droops again.  "..."
  178. [20:21:50] <Natalie> "Hey, Ammy..."
  179. [20:21:56] <@Amaryllis> "Yes?"
  180. [20:22:29] <Natalie> "If Summoners DO come back... there'll be mean ones or stupid ones again, won't there?  That use us selfishly and to destroy stuff... and that kinda thing?"
  181. [20:23:00] <Natalie> "I know for sure Eiko's nice and would never do that... maybe she deserves to be the last one."
  182. [20:23:21] <Natalie> "..."
  183. [20:23:21] <@Amaryllis> "Like Queen Brahne or Kuja? No, they exist precisely because the summoning tradition was destroyed."
  184. [20:24:01] <Natalie> "Oh yeah, I think we help her steal every now and then but that's not THAT bad, she's just doing it for fun.  Wonder when she'll call me to-" Headshake, "Er, anyway!  I... guess you're right, yeah."
  185. [20:24:13] <Natalie> "Those crystal shards have their thing..."
  186. [20:24:28] <@Amaryllis> "Garland ordered Madain Sari destroyed because the Summoners posed a threat, and with them out of the way Eidolons could be abused without other Summoners to keep order."
  187. [20:24:33] * Natalie suddenly gets all flustered and STOMPS the ground in realization, losing her balance and tumbling over backwards! "W-Whoa!"
  188. [20:24:50] * @Amaryllis shuffles over and helps her up.
  189. [20:24:53] <Natalie> "Oof....  I just realized a thing I forgot."
  190. [20:24:55] <@Amaryllis> "Are you alright?"
  191. [20:25:00] <Natalie> "Well not like forgot-forgot because I remembered this one."
  192. [20:25:06] <Natalie> "But I ALMOST forgot it."
  193. [20:25:19] * Natalie takes the help and nods, though she may be covered in ashes or something silly.
  194. [20:25:37] <Natalie> "We don't know yet but..."
  195. [20:26:03] <@Amaryllis> "But...?"
  196. [20:26:06] <Natalie> "Um... I THINK the reason why my memory's all screwy and our bond got cut was because someone else summoned me."
  197. [20:26:14] <Natalie> "And they cheated by using the crystal somehow!"
  198. [20:26:37] <Natalie> "I dunno who it'd be, because I don't remember anyone who seemed like that..."
  199. [20:27:37] <@Amaryllis> "This is dangerous." Ammy frowns. "Even I could be called in such a manner, were one to find a stone to represent me."
  200. [20:28:14] * Natalie nods, tugging at her brooch. "Yeah... Rubies are something pretty much anyone can find, I think."
  201. [20:28:20] <Natalie> "... Oh!  OH OH OH!"
  202. [20:28:59] <Natalie> Finally stopping being all moody, Nat does another twirl.  "Ammyyyyy, you never told me!  What do you think of this?"  Gesturing to the dress, obviously.  "It looks JUST LIKE the one we saw, huh?"
  203. [20:29:03] <@Amaryllis> "...How much are you going to tug at that, waiting for me to compliment your dress? Someone is getty antsy." Ammy sits on a rock.
  204. [20:29:15] <Natalie> "Nnnnnyeeeeeeh!"
  205. [20:29:24] <@Amaryllis> (damnit, I was typing slow. Can we say Ammy said that before Nat did so it makes sense?)
  206. [20:29:35] <Natalie> (they said it simultaneously, clearly)
  207. [20:29:39] <@Amaryllis> (sure)
  208. [20:30:07] * @Amaryllis stifles a giggle.
  209. [20:30:12] * Natalie bursts into a fit of laughter at this, again. It's like she's been having more fun tonight than they've had their entire 10 years together! ... Okay not really because she's having fun 100% of the time, but still.
  210. [20:30:35] <Natalie> "It's so perfect though, isn't it?  It's like someone went into my mindworld and dragged it out!"
  211. [20:30:51] <@Amaryllis> "So it does. Do you think Eiko had it made? It would fit her, would it not? Maybe she missed you."
  212. [20:31:40] <Natalie> "... Yeah, she did."  Droopymode again.  "And I dunno how I feel about how I didn't miss her... well, not until I got my memories back."
  213. [20:32:17] <Natalie> "Er, she missed me, not the first thing."
  214. [20:32:34] <Natalie> "I wonder if it is hers though?  Maybe we can ask about it..."
  215. [20:33:49] <@Amaryllis> "Maybe." Ammy gets up and brushes at some burned bit of bookshelf or other remnant of the mansion. "So, what do you think Eiko would make of 12GIL's proposition? Bring back the summoning tradition, usher in a new renaissance of Eidolon and human cooperation, honor the old myths and legends..."
  216. [20:34:57] <Natalie> "I asked her... but she didn't have anything to say on it then.  Just that she'd meet you.  We're not SUPPOSED to ask favors of our Summoners like that... that's kinda backwards of how it works."  She tilts her head a bit.  "At least it feels like that's how it's supposed to be.  I know it was super awkward when I did horntalk with her about it."
  217. [20:35:28] <@Amaryllis> "Oh. We shall have to find time for that then."
  218. [20:35:38] * @Amaryllis frowns.
  219. [20:35:41] <Natalie> "Ooh... hold on with what you're doing, come over here."  Natty plops down on the floor and beckons Ammy over.
  220. [20:35:54] * @Amaryllis shuffles over.
  221. [20:36:04] * Natalie undoes her ribbon and spins around. "I wanna check something."
  222. [20:36:23] <Natalie> A hand reaches up to the back of her own head, pointing.  "... Scratch me.  Right there."
  223. [20:36:45] <@Amaryllis> "..." Ammy slowly reaches up a hand and obliges.
  224. [20:36:50] <Natalie> "~"
  225. [20:37:08] <Natalie> "Nnn... nnnnn~  Ooh, that's good!  ... But I thought so."
  226. [20:37:36] <@Amaryllis> "What is it?"
  227. [20:37:44] * Natalie gives an understanding nod after a minute. "Yeah... even if my body's all funky she remembered me."
  228. [20:38:06] <Natalie> "She knew just where the right spot was... I totally forgot what being scratched behind the ears even felt like."
  229. [20:38:31] <Natalie> "It probably felt better as old-me... guess I gotta find out how to get back soon."
  230. [20:39:09] <Natalie> "Then I can curl up in her lap and we can talk to each other..."
  231. [20:39:25] * Natalie puts the ribbon back in and stands up, sniffling a little.
  232. [20:39:27] <@Amaryllis> "Speaking of getting back, shall we return to the hideout soon? I should let the others know what I found out from interrogating the Qu..."
  233. [20:39:50] <Natalie> "Yeah.  No use dwelling on it."  Snap-kicks.  "And I'd probably miss what I can do now, anyway!"
  234. [20:40:21] * Natalie stretches a bit and starts heading out, stamping a bandage back over the ruby. "Ohh... so what DID you learn, anyway?"
  235. [20:42:22] <@Amaryllis> "Everything he knew. Unfortunately, he was a mere grunt and so that was of course quite limited. But I still have the knack." Ammy gets up and traces a hand along a bit of ruined wall as she shuffles toward the entrance. "Lord Alwyn taught me well, he did." Her voice softens into a melancholic whisper as she finishes that last sentence.
  236. [20:43:19] <Natalie> "Hnn... lemme know if there's anything I need to write down before I leave tonight then, 'kay?"
  237. [20:43:44] <@Amaryllis> "Of course."
  238. [20:44:34] * Natalie twirls out the gates. "And if anyone asks... I went 'home.'"
  239. [20:45:50] * @Amaryllis nods. "Thank you Nat, for putting up with all my trouble." She shuffles along at her usual slow pace behind Nat.
  240. [20:46:06] <Natalie> "And thank you Ammy, for being my friend~!"
  241. [20:46:15] <Natalie> And so the nope I won't even start today nope nope nope
  242. [20:46:24] <@Amaryllis> AND SO THE ADVENTURE OF LIFE GOES ON
  243. [20:46:26] <@Amaryllis> SUCK IT
  244. [20:46:28] <Natalie> THANK YOU
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