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  1.  TAYLR Application:
  5. Background and Fit Questions:
  7. 1- Please list your Main Character and its SPs: (use pls)
  8. Subcap-
  9. Cap-
  12. 2- Please list ALL of your alts, their respective SPs/skill overview, and the killboard links for these characters with an explanation of the role of each alt. Use
  13. - ( My first account has no use)
  14. - (Market Alt)
  15. - (scout alt, planned to be specced into jf, idea scrapped)
  16. - (TO be Fax alt, not omega bc I don't have a super yet)
  17. - (Was a ferox alt to defend Init fountain sov under the ghost initiative.)
  18. No zkills because they either don't have one or do not get significant use from me.
  22. 3- Why do you want to join TAYLR?
  23. I want to join TAYLR because I'm interested in pvp environment which would for my time so I hopefully can socialize and make friends and contribute the corp/alliance overall.
  27. 4- Which corp/alliance are you currently in? Why do you want to leave? Why do you think NC or TAYLR will be any different?
  28. I am currently in Zima Corp in Legion of XxDeathhXx a Russian alliance. I currently want to leave because when I initially joined I thought I would get people online during my time zone but alas their prime is when I'm in University so that doesn't work out for me. (Had the same problem in Fraternity, plus corp leader was negligible) I believe NC and/or TAYLR will be different because on paper they have a higher amount of active pvp characters and have by the looks of it decent coverage during my time zone across the corp and alliance.
  32. 5- Have you ever held a leadership position in a corp? (Explain in detail, position, job, when and why)
  33. Yes, but it's not something I'm proud of. I lead a little private corp with friends from a different game who brought me into eve but we were kind of noobs at the moment and they spent a lot of time in hisec and seemed to get bored, so I moved on. The job was CEO of corp we had a raitaru in geras which we defended from an attack but after that, I haven't done much leadershipinng at all.
  37. 6- Who are your referrals within TAYLR or Alliance?
  38. I don't have referrals per say but I know a DICE. a member who is also a member of NC.
  42. 7- What time zone(s) do you play and how many days/hours a week do you / can you spend in EVE?
  43. In the summer I could have been free from 15 eve time to 22 but now with university and if I'm not too busy on certain days I can do 16 eve time to 23. If I'm not doing something I could play eve every day if life permitted it
  46. 8- What are your personal goals or interests in EVE?
  47. I don't have many personal goals but if this counts getting my very first Supercarrier and Titan would be a personal goal of mine. I'm interested in doing market pvp and economics type of things I seed staging markets buy ores and produce things to sell and get money rolling through the alliance/coalition. I also like partaking in pvp I've finished Loki training so I can take it out solo if I want to but small to medium gang is what I enjoy most, but large scale fights are also sort of fun as long as tidi less
  50. 9- How long have you played EVE? Any Long breaks?
  51. I have begun playing even during 2016 I started with my friends and then went on my own made a friend during my time in init but sadly he has quit ever since blackout I have had a break after being Init because I just started uni and needed time to adjust but ever since then I have come back and have been playing and online consistently
  54. 10- Explain your employment history. (what did you do that was notable in those corps!! wars? fights? explain)
  55. Notable employment disregarding personal corps would begin in Ceptacemia an ex Darkness corp, I was dragged in with my friends over all the alliance and corp sucked so I left then I spent some time in dreddit but I didn't like it that much. The next stop would be fweddit the corp was great and I had fun and The Initiative was overall a pretty good alliance I participated in the war on co2 for the most of it my thanny being in 2 timers of x47 (no hard feelings) then I had a time of being away and during that time fweddit left the alliance so when I came back my assets were all stuck in delve. I joined a TNT corp to liquidate and recover then I joined UNTNC a corp in Fraternity. The content was there but the corp itself was not if I'm not wrong like 3-5 guys out of 70 were active plus as an EU corp they kept on doing fleets DURING early CN the audacity. I'm Russian by origin but never played with them so I gave it a try but xix isn't all that active apart from cta and I miss their prime time as I mentioned before.
  58. 11- Please list your assets: (ISK, caps, super caps, etc.)
  59. Based on Neocom 2 Skyler has a net of around 34 bil I have 6 bil liquid right now and 2 thannies. Other assets include a lot of minerals in detorid that I couldn't take with me so I put on sale and some ships here and there I have scattered.
  62. 12- Are you self-sufficient? How?
  63. I hope I understand this question right... Uh, I believe I am self-sufficient in making money I do ratting here and there but most of my money comes from industry or market stuff like importing or seeding.
  70. Technical Questions:
  72. 13- What capital ships (Dread, Carrier, FAX) can you fly and can you use T1 Triage or Siege? Do you have JDC 5? If applicable, please specify per character. If not please advise how long before this is possible.
  73. My cap alt is specced mostly into Carriers and Supercarrier Has JDC 5. It would take him 1 mo and 17 days to get triage and apostle (can train if requirement)  It would take 27 days to skill into rev with siege 1.
  76. 14- Do you fly or have flown a super cap? If not, do you aim to do so? Why, why not?
  77. I have not flown a super cap. I do aim to one day get one for myself hopefully around the end of September. Possibly use it to make money but probably use for pvp or if the alliance/coalition call for supers
  81. 15- What are your Combat Competencies: (roams, BLOPs, bombers, caps, sub caps, fencing, hand to hand combat, Krav Maga)
  82. I can participate in roams and know how to fly my ship in small gang. I've flown bombers with bombers bar etc. Can fly subcaps like Loki cyna hopefully soon legion. And my go-to cap is a Thanatos but I haven't had the chance to use mine yet.
  86. 16- What is your favorite PVP ship? How would you fit it (in detail please)?
  87. My favorite pvp ship is a Covert Ops Loki
  88. [Loki, *Simulated Loki Fitting]
  89. Damage Control II
  90. Ballistic Control System II
  92. Corelum C-Type 10MN Afterburner
  93. Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
  94. Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
  95. Caldari Navy Warp Scrambler
  96. Shadow Serpentis Stasis Webifier
  97. Pith X-Type Large Shield Booster
  98. Thukker Large Cap Battery
  100. Heavy Assault Missile Launcher II
  101. Heavy Assault Missile Launcher II
  102. Heavy Assault Missile Launcher II
  103. Heavy Assault Missile Launcher II
  104. Heavy Assault Missile Launcher II
  105. Covert Ops Cloaking Device II
  106. Sisters Expanded Probe Launcher
  108. Medium Capacitor Control Circuit II
  109. Medium Semiconductor Memory Cell II
  110. Medium Polycarbon Engine Housing I
  112. Loki Core - Immobility Drivers
  113. Loki Defensive - Covert Reconfiguration
  114. Loki Offensive - Launcher Efficiency Configuration
  115. Loki Propulsion - Wake Limiter
  118. Infiltrator II x4
  120. Mjolnir Rage Heavy Assault Missile x330
  121. Sisters Combat Scanner Probe x8
  127. 17- Do you have Logistics Cruisers V? If not, why not and how far are you?
  128. I do not have Logistics Cruisers V. I haven't gotten around to it since my Subcap alt is somewhat fresh but I usually fly scythe as logi in fleets and I am 9 days away from being able to fly the scimi
  131. 18- Armor vs. Shield. If you had to pick one, which one do you prefer and why?
  132. I would prefer shield, in both sub-capital and capital situations. Shield Subcaps are usually faster and can get more ehp from their tank but do have the increased sig radius but that's not too bad. Even fleet combat a shield fleet like for example munnins would have an overall advantage over an armor hac like a zealot. Shields ships get reps applied instantly and in large combat situations even an armor fax rep probably won't land fast enough to save the ship, shield ships also get the bonus of flexibility to be able to fit more dps and tacking modules in their low slots. In terms of capitals and super capitals, I don't know much but from my perspective, the way titans fights are usually operated are at 200-300km long distances so capital neut pressure won't be in play much. On paper, shield caps can get more EHP than armor ones and therefore can be repped much easier and much better to an extent. This will be amplified once shield slaves are introduced into the game.
  135. 19- List one instance you would have to offline your plates while in fleet:
  136. Armor plates only really affect ships align speed so I would only offline my plate if the Fc said to so the fleet can align and get out of the fight before getting bubbled a few seconds can be the difference but I apart from that I do not see a reason.
  139. 20- Orbit or Keep at range? Why and why not?
  140. orbit or approach if in brawl ship, keet at range if kiting
  143. 21- Why do you stagger energy neutralizers?
  144. I would stagger my neuts instead of cycling all at once is because every ship has capacitor recharge so lets say I used all my neuts same cycle on a ship and got him dry? in the time it takes my neuts to recycle he would have gained cap from recharing or use cap boosters to get back up and then my neuts aren't as effective. if I use one neut and then one neut 5 seconds later or more depending on the amount and timers, this would allow me to neut the ship and then neglect his recharge or cap boosting in return getting more efficiency from my neuts
  148. 22- How does Transversal work?
  149. Transversal is an object speed correlating to your speed I believe. So if my enemy is moving at 2k/sec and I'm also moving in the same direction as him at the same speed in terms of transversal it would be as if he were standing still and hitting him would be much easier.
  153. 23- You are pointed by a ship that is faster than you and seems to be using the keep at range command. How do you proceed with the engagement?
  154. I haven't had this happen to me but I've seen streamers use a tactic called slingshooting. If I'm not wrong you approach the person pointing you and because of his keep at range command he would begin to burn away from you and then you quickly decyle prop and go the opposite direction since he is keeping at range he would end up slowing down only after you and more than often they burn out of point range and you can warp off.
  157. 24- Have you ever FC'ed? What type of fleets? War stories baby, hit me:
  158. Never fc'd don't really have a good mic plus I haven't had the opportunity but I am interested and maybe if I could be taught the basics I could give it a try, apart from that no fc history );
  161. 25- How good is your smack talk? Rate from 1 to 4, 4 being Tyson level:
  162. 1-2
  166. 26- Please list other skillsets (industrial, logistics, spy, singing, graphic design, IT ninja, culinary expertise, forum troll, fashionista, etc.):
  167. Have a good knowledge of Industry and Marketing. Use a Blockade Runner as my main logistic ship.
  173. Bonus Questions (Mandatory):
  175. A- You crash-landed on an inhabited planet, your comms are broken, CCP decided to leave you there to fend for yourself and the wormhole collapsed. Name three things you would want/need/wish to have:
  176. 1- My dad, if anything I can always rely on family. 2- A genie, can't say no to wishes in a dire situation. 3 - Internet spaceships
  179. B- You find yourself in the depths of Finland in the middle of winter, naked in a sauna, drinking a few warm beers feeling really relaxed. You start talking to a beautiful blonde Scandinavian girl about your sore shoulders from playing internet spaceships all day. She tells you to lay down on the wooden slats to give you a back massage. Confused, drunk(ish), and past caring, you decide to agree, and lay down on your front. she straddles your lower back and starts to rub your shoulders. Groaning with comfort, horror strikes you as you notice your penis has fallen between the wooden slats, and you are starting to get an erection after feeling her pussy lips being pressed against your back. Whilst hoping that the wood is thick enough to hide your average erection from her boyfriend who is also in the sauna, you notice her boyfriend has started  to suck your dick. She whispers in your ear, "let it happen...". What do you do?
  180. Well I have been bamboozled, for all that I could do is let it happen, I would kindly say no homo and let it be. Whats is so bad about a hot girl and her strong chad boyfriend. I see this as an absolute win
  184. C- Tell us something non-Eve related that you are interested in. It can be anything from sustainable automation, obscure programming languages, and dogging, all the way to football, fighting drunk on Tuesday nights, and snorting special K off male prostitute erections:
  185. I am interested in programming and coding etc, it's my Major I thinks its pretty fun even though I'm just getting started.
  188. D- Teddy Roosevelt vs William Taft; pick one and explain your choice:
  189. I would go with William Taft. In no country should a president or PM have the power to do what he desires and thinks is right (Not everyone's ideas are correct) It would lead to an imbalance and even when the congress steps in or the laws say otherwise wouldn't this be proof of the president having more power than he should, wasn't the whole idea to give the power to the people and not have another power-hungry leadership position.
  193. E- What is your favorite Taylor Swift song and why (details: when do you listen to it, how often, how does it make you feel)?
  194. Favorite Taylor Swift song- (Bad Blood) I listen to it periodically along with my playlist. It makes me feel empowered.
  197. F- Name your favorite TV show or name a current TV show you are watching.  Explain your choice:
  198. My Favorite TV show would be Gravity Falls, It had a really good story with a lot of morals written in between plus I think the comedy was on spot.
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