Ones, Zeroes, and Heart Pupils

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  1. You’d just gotten home and were set on relaxing in front of your computer when you noticed something strange. The light for your webcam was on. You barely ever used the thing apart from video chatting with your parents once or twice. Could you have accidentally turned it on and not noticed? You start fiddling with the webcam settings, when, as if in response, the light goes out. By now, you were thoroughly confused. You run a few tests and it seems to be working normally. Having found nothing wrong with the software or the camera itself, you decide to ignore the strange happenstance.
  3. You spent some time watching movies and playing games on your computer until another strange thing happens. You close a window you were working on to find your image viewer open underneath. It happened to be showing a picture from your porn collection, depicting a busty, blue skinned succubus in an erotic pose. All the same, you brush it off as coincidence. You remember fapping to that picture just last night. Even though you were usually pretty orderly with your computer, you’d been known to leave applications running from time to time.
  5. It isn’t until that night that you know there’s a problem. You were in the mood for your nightly masturbation, and were browsing an image booru when another browser suddenly pops up, curiously with a picture of another blue skinned succubus. You double check to make sure your ad blocker is running. Another window opens, showing yet another blue skinned succubus. The windows start appearing rapidly, and your screen is filled with pictures of busty succubi in all sorts of lewd poses.
  7. This sets off the alarm bells in your head. You immediately open your task manager and close every instance of your browser. No denying it now, you’ve got a virus. Now you’re tasked with removing whatever bug has infected your computer. With a little hesitation, you open your internet browser again. Thankfully the pop-ups seem to have stopped for the time being. You quickly do a search and torrent a copy of Order brand antivirus. You chuckle at the irony of the situation, considering how one of these torrents is probably what got you your virus in the first place. Maybe it was that copy of Grand Rape Auto you downloaded a few weeks ago?
  9. You set about installing the antivirus and entering the code from a keygen to unlock the full version. You begin a scan of your entire drive and are treated to a small graphic of a pair of paladins marching across your screen, imprisoning tiny demons as they go along. A quick look at the application tells you it will be a few hours before it’s finished. You decide to go to bed. It was getting late anyway.
  11. In the morning, the scan has finished, the graphic showing the pair of paladins triumphantly raising their swords above their heads. You take a look at the application. Apparently there was a lot of malware on your computer that you hadn’t been aware of. You needed to start scanning this thing more regularly. You press the “Quarantine and Remove” button, and the application starts deleting infected files while the cartoon paladins start lopping the heads off of the cartoon demons. Satisfied that your computer was safe and that you wouldn’t have to wipe the drive and reinstall everything, you went about your day.
  13. That evening you sit down at your computer to find the most peculiar thing yet. An open window of notepad is sitting on your desktop, and what’s more, someone’s written in it. And if that weren’t bizarre enough, it was addressing you.
  15. “Dear Anon,
  17. I hope you’re not alarmed by this letter, but I need to tell you my feelings. You see, I’ve been watching you for quite some time, and I was never sure how to express myself to you. The moment I saw you through your webcam, I felt my heart skip a beat. And anytime you were away, it felt like there was a void I just couldn’t fill.
  19. I tried for so long to contain my feelings, but last night, when you were browsing those naughty sites, I just lost control. To see you stroking yourself and moaning while looking at those lewd pictures was more than I could bear. I just couldn’t help myself. I hope I didn’t scare you too badly.
  21. I understand why you sent those scary paladins to look for me, but I hope you’ll understand that I don’t want to do you any harm. This brings me to my point. I want to stop hiding from you. I want to be open and honest and share everything that I am with you. What I’m saying is, I love you, Anon, and I hope that you’ll return my feelings.”
  23. As you finish reading the letter you notice a small face on your screen, barely peeking up from behind your taskbar. The figure seems to have noticed you as well, and slowly pulls itself up, revealing itself to be what looked like a succubus dressed in black lingerie. She had blue skin, small horns protruding from her long white hair, a tail ending in a spade tip, and a pair of tiny batwings on her back. Her figure was curvy, but rather cartoony, like some sort of chibi drawing. Her most striking feature, however, was her eyes. She had deep black sclera, and where most people have irises and pupils, she sported a pair of bright pink hearts.
  25. “Hello, Anon.” Her mouth didn’t move, but you clearly heard her voice coming from your speakers. “Did you read my letter?” The succubus on your desktop cradled her face in her hands, blushing a deep purple while tiny red hearts floated above her head before popping out of existence.
  27. “C-can you…hear me?” You ask out loud, unsure of how best to interact with this creature.
  29. “Sure I can, silly. I can see you, too.” She points up at the top of your screen, and you see that your webcam has been activated again.
  31. “What are you, exactly?”
  33. “I’m your virus! I snuck into your computer while you were browsing one of those dirty sights a few months ago, and I’ve been here ever since,” A picture opens up of that same busty succubus you’d found sitting on your desktop yesterday. “When I say how much you liked this picture, I decided to model my avatar after it. If you want, I can change it.” The little succubus grows taller, her proportions while still curvy, seem more natural, like a well-developed woman. “I can be sultry and womanly,” she shrinks back to her chibi form, “or small and cute! I can even change my color scheme or body type. If there’s anything you like, please tell me.”
  35. You weren’t sure what to make of this. If she was a monster, she wasn’t like any you’d ever seen. You’d certainly never heard of a digital succubus before. On the other hand, if it was just a regular virus out to mine your data, it was a very creative one.
  37. “Do you…not like me?” She asks, suddenly looking sullen, “That’s why you got that antivirus program, right?” Her depression eventually gives way to a look of determination. “Well, if it will convince you that I’m not here to cause trouble, then I’ll stop hiding. Look.” A new folder, titled AMI, appears on your desktop, which opens on its own. Inside is a long list of files, each with a garbled mix of letters and numbers for a file name. “This is me. My heart and soul,” the succubus says through your speakers, “All of my code is right here in this folder. If you decide you don’t want me, you can delete them, and I’ll go away, forever.”
  39. Well, this was new. You’d certainly never seen a virus offer to purge itself from your computer. “Please, if you don’t want me, delete the files. Don’t think you’d be doing me a kindness by sparing me, because I don’t want to live in a world where we can’t be together.” She’s still smiling on the screen, but you can see tears flowing from her eyes.
  41. This virus was spilling its guts on your screen, and all you could manage to do was give it a dumb look. You were reluctant to just wipe her from your hard drive, but on the other hand you’d just met her   ! It was a little soon for her to ask for a relationship right off the bat. Not to mention the fact that she lived in your computer. Sure, there was no shortage of weirdos claiming to date cute anime girls on their computers, but those cute anime girls usually didn’t make the first move.
  43. The succubus seems to take your hesitation as a refusal of her advances, and her face grows dark. “I knew it. Don’t worry dear, I won’t trouble you any longer.” Her avatar moves to the open folder. With a swipe of her arm she selects the folder’s contents. She clenches her fist, and a window opens, asking if you want to delete these files.
  45. This action snaps you out of your deliberation. “Wait a minute!” you shout, causing her to pause, hand hovering just over the confirmation button. “This is all moving a little too quickly. Look, I don’t know if I feel the same way about you, but don’t do anything rash. Let’s just give this some time. One week. One week for us to get to know each other. By then, I’ll make a decision.”
  47. “Really? You don’t want to delete me?” Her face brightens up almost immediately. “Oh thank you, Anon. You’ve made me the happiest program on the C drive! I promise I won’t be any trouble, you’ll see!” Her avatar grows until her face fills most of the screen. She leans in, and leaves a little kiss mark on the screen that fades after a few seconds.
  49. You spend the next few days with the succuvirus. As you’d figured from her folder, AMI was her name. Apparently she’d been floating around the net for a few years, hopping from one computer to another before she finally settled on yours. She always greeted you when you sat down at your desk, and bid you good night when you went to sleep. You watched movies together, her little avatar sitting in the corner of the screen. When you were working on something she’d watch silently, and even try to help on occasion, like a sexy version of that old animated paperclip.
  51. You enjoyed her company, and everything is going great until the fourth day. It’s something that had bothered you since AMI first revealed herself. You ignored for as long as you could, but you knew it wouldn’t go away without addressing it. Even so, you’d been absorbing yourself in games and movies to try and distract yourself, and put it off as long as possible.
  53. “Anon?” AMI asks, her avatar appearing onscreen, a look of worry on her face, “Are you feeling okay?”
  55. “Yeah, I’m fine,” you tell her perhaps a bit too loudly, “Why do you ask?”
  57. “You seem a little frustrated. Your brow is furrowed and you’ve been tapping your foot really fast for the last hour.” You hadn’t even realized you were doing that. “That and…well…you haven’t masturbated in four days.” Her avatar makes a stroking motion on the screen as she talks.
  59. It’s true, you’d been nervous about jacking off or looking at porn when there was someone who lived in your computer. “It’s sweet of you to hold back for my sake, but I don’t want you to feel pent up. So…I got a little something to help you with that. It should be here any minute.”
  61. As if on command, you heard a knock at your door. You cast AMI a suspicious look, but she just smiles and giggles. You check the door to find a holstaur in a delivery uniform. She hands you a clipboard and asks for your signature before handing you a small cardboard box. Even though the package had your name on it, you were certain you hadn’t ordered anything in the last few days, certainly not from the company on the return address.
  63. Taking the box back to your desk, you see AMI smiling expectantly at you. “Well, aren’t you gonna open it?” she asks eagerly. With some reservation you grab your house key and tear at the tape holding the box shut. Digging through the packing peanuts, you come across a cylinder, wrapped in plain brown paper. The object was made of a hard, black plastic, and wrapped in a cord. It’s not until you flip the thing around, and are staring at a pink, rubber vagina that you fully comprehend the situation. Your computer just ordered you an onahole.
  65. “Ta-dah!” She shouts, “It’s a present! From me to you. Do you like it?”
  67. “AMI, how did you…pay for this?” you ask, concerned that she might have been messing around in your bank account.
  69. “Oh, have a little faith,” she pouts, obviously upset that you don’t fully trust her, “I used bitcoins. I’ve been mining them since I got here.” To illustrate her point, her avatar sprouts a little pickaxe and miner’s helmet, and a small window, with details for a bitcoin wallet, appears on your screen. There must have been few hundred dollars’ worth of coins. “I’m really good at mining,” AMI gloats, “I think maybe that’s what I was programmed for. And since you agreed to let me stay, I’d been thinking about having our first time together.” Once again she’s blushing, and little red hearts are hovering over her head.
  71. That last statement prompts you to take another look at the onahole, and you notice that the cord wrapped around the case end in USB plug. “I thought that this way, we could both feel each other.” The avatar is curling her hair around a finger, and the hearts in her eyes pulse as they look at you. “Plug it in. Please? You’re not the only one who’s been holding back, you know.” You can see that the avatar is wiggling her hips, and there’s a faint trace of fluid leaking down her thigh.
  73. You chuckle a bit at the absurdity of the situation. You knew from the start that sex was going to be a part of this relationship, but you never quite pictured this. All the same, you decide to play along, plugging the cord into a port on your computer. AMI lets out a sharp gasp, followed by a long throaty groan as she adjusts to the new hardware. Digging around in the box again, you find a small bottle of lubricant. You reach for the onahole to lubricate it, and inadvertently brush your fingers across the surface.
  75. “Hnng! Easy!” AMI whines, “It’s still sensitive. This is the first time I’ve felt anything on the outside.” As gently as you can manage you apply the lube to the opening of the fake vagina and work it into the rest of the toy with your finger. All the while, your succuvirus moans and gasps. By the time you’re finished, AMI is a mess. Her avatar is splayed across your screen, clothes long discarded. Her normally light blue face is flushed to a dark purple, tongue hanging out of her mouth, and  panting like a dog through your speakers.
  77. “Please! Put it in! I can’t take it anymore! I need to feel you!” She whines and begs, her avatar spreading her deep blue vaginal lips.  You don’t need much encouragement. After seeing the display she’d just given you, you’re fully erect. You remove your clothes as quickly as possible and lube up your girth. You pick up the onahole and slowly bring it to your throbbing penis. “Hurry!” she pleads, chewing on her bottom lip. Carefully, you press your head against the opening of the toy, and gradually slide yourself inside. AMI moans as you hilt yourself inside the onahole, and gazes dreamily at you. “It feels so good. It’s like I was missing something this whole time, and now I’m whole.”
  79. To your surprise, the toy is actually warm. The case must have some sort of heating coils on the inside. You move slowly at first, to get used to the feel of the toy. It’s soft, but it clings to you in all the right spots. You made a mental note to give the manufacturer a stellar review later. AMI seems to be enjoying it even more than you are. Her eyes have rolled back into her head, she’s chewing on her bottom lip, and her moans fill the room like some kind of obscene orchestra. This continues for a few minutes before AMI speaks up, somehow finding her voice through her ragged breathing.
  81. “Anon, wait! Stop for a second, would you? Let me catch my breath.” You grant her request, and rest the onahole on the base of your shaft, all the while wondering why a computer program would need to “catch its breath.” Her avatar grants you no answers, just staring lovingly into your eyes, heart pupils beating rapidly. “Anon…let go of the onahole.” You’re a little confused by her command, but you humor her, gradually loosening your grip on the plastic casing.
  83. To your surprise, the onahole does fall off of your dick onto the floor, but stays perfectly still. “Darling,” AMI says sweetly, “you’ve been so good to me. Now I want you to let me make you feel good. Just sit back, and let me take care of you.” With those words, the onahole that had been still, begins to move up and down your length, seemingly of its own accord. You gasp at the unexpected stimulation, and AMI joined you with her own barely restrained moans. The toy’s movements were slow to start, but quickly picked up speed until it was rapidly swallowing and sucking your length. It’s all you can do not to scream at the intense pleasure AMI’s giving you, and your fingers dig into the arms of your chair, as if holding on for dear life.
  85. “Mmm, you’re swelling, Anon. Are you gonna cum?” AMI eggs you on as she pistons the onahole on your cock, “It’s okay sweetie, just let it all out inside me. I want to feel you filling me up. I need it! Cum for me!” That verbal barrage was all it took to send you over the edge, and you tense and spasm as you fill the onahole with your seed. AMI’s moans only grow more intense as she strokes you through your orgasm. They finally culminate in a shrill scream that quickly devolves into a noise like a cross between static and a dial up modem. Your screen erupts in just about every color it can display. It’s a good thing you aren’t epileptic, or that might have given you a seizure.
  87. The onahole gradually falls limp, and you catch it in your hands. Your screen slowly fades back to your normal desktop, and you’re treated to the sight of your naked, sweaty succuvirus. “W-wash it good fer you, too?” she asks in slurred speech. You respond by telling her it was fantastic, and that the two of you would have to do it again, regularly. She takes a moment to process your words, and her eyes light up. “Does that mean I can stay? You won’t delete me?” You nod, and she jumps for joy. “Oh, thank you so much, Anon!” she says through joyous tears, peppering your screen with little kisses.
  89. A month passes, and AMI is still living in your computer. You have sex frequently and every so often she buys some new USB sex toy for the two of you to play with, but most of the time you’re just content enjoying each other’s company. One day, you notice a small bulge in her avatar’s stomach. When you ask her about it she pouts. “Hey! It’s mean to tease a girl about her figure!” she scolds you, slowly stroking her belly, “Besides, this is your fault. You’re the one who’s been cumming inside me day after day. That reminds me, we need to think of a name, Papa.”
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