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  1. [19:21:46] <Atsuko> Okay, so... You know how we SORTA kinda accidentally let the reanimated corpse of a heart eating, baby killing war tyrant loose? The very one who ate the heart of one of our generals? ... Yeah, I'm, uh, not sure which of Atsuko and Hitomi would've been more likely to initiate a discussion regarding this travesty of a mess, but whichever of us did, Atsuko has just the place to do so!
  2. [19:21:50] <Atsuko> Setting forth from the Koketsuna Estate eastwards, Atsuko takes Hitomi all sorts of weird directions straight into the newly conquered territories of what was once the Satomi clan, leading the two of them to the mouth of a dark cave. (I checked a long-ass time ago; there IS a cave in this bitch! People committed seppuku in it!)
  3. [19:22:01] <Atsuko> After making use of Fuko to ignite a small lantern (equivalent, if lanterns didn't exist yet), Atsuko bring his sister inside. The path is straightforward, but does little to remedy the poor lighting situation. At some point, Atsuko stops his advance and instead begins feeling at the walls, fumbling about a hit before using the light from his own lantern to illuminate lanterns strung up around the room.
  4. [19:22:14] <Atsuko> The light shines down upon the room, and Hitomi can see the place is littered in... Well, litter. Some food crumbs on the floor, some other things here and there... The place has been deserted a while, but she can easily tell that at some point that it was once made use of, and quite frequently at that.
  5. [19:26:48] <Niki> Nekode is probably on the castle mucking around, so he doesn't have to worry about any catgirl interruptions. For now.
  6. [19:32:40] * FreePork is now known as Herbert
  7. [19:39:06] <Hitomi> It was likely Atsuko, since Hitomi's first reaction to this would be shoving her head full of book and not talk to anyone but those she's close enough to! That total is currently one, so...yeah. In any case, she's willing to come along (though even so, she has not one, not two, but three books of average bulk on hand, the first of which she's halfway through). In any case, they clearly
  8. [19:39:06] <Hitomi> arrive without incident, and once the room is lit up (Hitomi helps with this), she...would normally have simply gotten the book back out and talk from there, but she has to stop on seeing how this place is kind of a mess, on top of being a room in a case. "...Where are we, exactly?"
  9. [19:42:05] <Atsuko> "A place I discovered a few years back, Hitomi. Before I set off to explore Ransei. You recall the time I accidentally laid waste to Ginsei's collection of trophy mounts, no? That was the night I stumbled upon this place."
  10. [19:42:31] <Atsuko> "I've made use of it for when I needed privacy since... And I figured a matter such as the one we're currently facing definitely warrants having the privacy to discuss it."
  11. [19:44:19] <Atsuko> He starts fixing up the place a small bit; Hitomi can see he actually took the time to make the place at least somewhat home-ish a long time back... There's a couple of pillows and blankets strewn about, and even some clothes now far too small ffor Atsuko to comfortably wear.
  12. [19:44:44] <Atsuko> A couple baskets and storage things are around, too, those those mostly hold now rotten food.
  13. [19:52:48] <Hitomi> "Ah, yeah, I remember that..." Yeah, no wonder this place is a thing, huh? That was sure a thing. Definitely needed a home away from home from THAT GUY, since he may very well have had to live there. "...That it does. As lively as the people you've picked up seem to be..." Nnnng. Lively. Lively. Dammit. She gets out that book, and starts reading the heck out of it. Multitasking. Stress
  14. [19:52:48] <Hitomi> relief. So on. "...they'd likely have no talking of any importance, just parties and other things like that to attempt to fix the mood..."
  15. [19:58:26] <Atsuko> Atsuko nods. "And amongst those who would perhaps prove otherwise, I haven't become sufficiently acquainted with any of them to discuss such a grave issue with them yet... Perhaps at some point I should have that rectified." He fluffs up two pillows and props 'em up against the wall before setting himself down against one of them.
  16. [19:59:08] <Atsuko> "But what exactly ARE we to do, Hitomi?"
  17. [20:11:36] <Hitomi> "...Perhaps. Though after what just happened, that's a rather daring thing to say." Pillow? ...Sure, what the heck. A pillow and a book. If it wasn't for the book and 20 tons of stress she'd be out like a light because she honestly should be tired. Plop. "I...don't see much options available to us, and none of them look good. We could simply run our duties, names, and so on, but...well,
  18. [20:11:36] <Hitomi> that would simply doom the country since no one else is competent enough to take the position you'd leave, to say nothing of our family and Ransei itself, with what we unleashed...not to mention at least five other things, so that's not even a real option."
  19. [20:20:04] <Hitomi> "Or we could simply keep on going, likely somehow making things worse than they already are and/or simply dying in that line of duty because we can't even defend our own troops, much less ourselves if it came to it." She sighs. It's a sighable thing. "Death by guilt and shame, or death by all the kinds of pain I can think of. Lovely selection." Hitomi is in a terrible mood, apparently. :(
  20. [23:01:05] <Atsuko> “You know just as well as I do that neither of those results are acceptable, Hitomi!” Atsuko has to restrain himself midsentence from, like, completely bouncing up off the floor and onto his two feet or something. “To abandon our duty to this land is every bit dishonorable as our ancestors’ behaviors ever were…
  21. [23:01:06] <Atsuko> And equally disgraceful to Masahiro’s name! I would claim my own life before doing such a thing!” Though Hitomi may not be looking into Atsuko’s eyes, she could probably feel just how goddamned serious he is in making that claim. “The true challenge that lies before us is how we continue onwards…
  22. [23:01:11] <Atsuko> And no matter what path we choose, we’re bound to face tremendous difficulties.”
  23. [23:13:06] <Leen> She sighs. "Yes, I'm aware. But though the first path is easily avoidable, that thing we've awakened is..." It's dat TYRANT that bugs her, in the end. "Are we going to simply claim to do the right thing, make our best effort, and simply make things worse again, then get shoved onto the sidelines at the end? I couldn't even take a shot at the jerk before he put me to sleep for the entire
  24. [23:13:06] <Leen> damned's not how hard it is that bugs me, it's why I'm reading as I talk to you, but simply making it worse overall. We'll probably end up undoing some other ancient monster's seal or..." She pauses. "...this isn't like me at all, is it?" Shrug. "Then again, zombie tyrants don't grow on trees."
  25. [23:23:17] <Atsuko> "Put aside for now the fact that at some point we eventually WILL have to try and subdue Kiyomori. What I'm more concerned about is what it is we're supposed to tell our people of this! Or worse, those who may seek to oppose us! To even consider informing them of what's transpired would almost certainly provoke a revolt...
  26. [23:23:18] <Atsuko> And open the doors for any of our neighboring allies… The Takeda, the Uesugi, the Tokugawa… To snuff us out almost effortlessly, no doubt using the pretense of ‘ridding the world of those who invoke the name of calamity’ or some other self-righteous preaching to conquer our lands and make off with our heads…”
  27. [23:23:23] <Atsuko> Atsuko’s gaze eases off of Hitomi’s as it falls to the floor, perhaps his feet even. “But if we aren’t the ones who inform the world of what has transpired, then Kiyomori himself will, and the results will be far worse… It’s as if we have the option to choose the date of our own execution…”
  28. [23:34:03] <Leen> "...Hmm...while having to face down against him is unavoidable as long as  we don't meet something else first, this can be worked with. It is true that it is our fault in the end, but the deceased Satomi necromancer is the one that transpired the events in the first place. It's a given that if we didn't break the seal, the very zombies coming from it would have. The seals were pretty much
  29. [23:34:04] <Leen> already gone, the fact we destroyed them matters little when they were already pretty much like buttons to him in the first place." Girls, they can think.
  30. [23:35:58] <Leen> "As such, we should let them know that the Satomi had done the unsealing, as that's pretty much the truth. If the tyrant spreads word that things went differently, we can let them know in a friendly manner that they're trusting the most evil man in Ransei over pretty much anyone else, who is also a zombie, which the Satomi clan are known for in the first place."
  31. [23:41:03] <Atsuko> "But will our people believe that? Will the rival warlords choose to believe such a thing? Chaos only begets more chaos, and there are no doubt those in this world who would fuel its flames and bring all the world around them to its knees for their own personal gain..." Atsuko rises from his seat against the wall, and begins pacing around the room...
  32. [23:41:59] <Atsuko> as he deliberates, slowly at first, but the, err... pace of his pacing quickly escalates to the point that he's more or less making laps around and across the room in a figure-8 or something.
  33. [23:46:17] <Hitomi> "If our people would believe in the words of a tyrant and assume good from the necromancers, I worry for our future for many, many reasons. If other people do not believe this, then we will simply have to show them our good will. If they would use this as a reason to declare war...we'd have to find a way to show our good will as we knock them over or something along those lines. It is an
  34. [23:46:17] <Hitomi> extra hurdle, but one minor compared to actually having to face the man again."
  35. [23:47:27] <Hitomi> "Peace would be nice, but even without the tyrant involved, the air has been rather tense, and I assume that we're going to be busy no matter what might happen, or what could have, or what not could have, and what have you."
  36. [23:59:32] <Atsuko> Atsuko eventually stops pacing about, and instead draws Tendou; aiming it towards the path they took into the cave, he starts firing it with a steady rhythm, causing the bow to expel powerful bursts of winds that let out a roar of sorts as they rush along the walls of the cave. “Yes, Hitomi… I suppose you’re right…
  37. [23:59:33] <Atsuko> Though it does little to allay the concerns which remain… What if we fail? What if either of our lives are claimed before we can restore honor to our family name? Though we had the fortune of having roots to stem forth from, we are still but a fledgling nation…”
  38. [00:07:13] <Hitomi> "That...was my fear to begin with. I cannot worry about things that are possible to deal with, for I know we can deal with those, there is no ifs about it. But if we have to face off against power that should rightly be impossible some more? We may very well see this situation again...and...I'd rather not see this situation again. I'd rather not lose you, after all. That would be
  39. [00:07:13] <Hitomi> bad."
  40. [00:22:17] <Atsuko>  Atsuko looses one last shot from his bow before, at the very least temporarily, ceasing fire; his hand visibly trembling as the last shot is fired, bits and pieces of rock chipping off from the cave walls and dropping can be heard. “And to lose you would be equally as great a loss to this world, perhaps moreso…
  41. [00:22:18] <Atsuko> Hitomi, you and Yoshiko are but the only people alive on this earth who I truly hold of any personal value.” He puts the bow down to the floor, then returns to where Hitomi is. … Is she standing? Sitting, still? If the latter, Atsuko will drop to one knee before her so he can meet her at eye level. “So, please, Hitomi…”
  42. [00:22:29] <Atsuko> Atsuko puts both hands upon her shoulders, an intent gaze locking in on her own. “While it may be pointless for me to say this, please help me… So that we may both endure. For each other’s sakes. For Yoshiko’s sake… Perhaps even for the sake of this land. Fouled though we may have…
  43. [00:22:29] <Atsuko> I fear it may soon need us far more than we need it.” (Gee, that sure was a lot of words, wasn’t it? … Sorry.)
  44. [00:38:08] <Hitomi> (It's OK, I'm playing PSO in the downtime! It's like I'm really in a PbP!) She's...really not used to these! And she's certainly still sitting, needing that pillow more and more for that reading, though by this point she's stopped and is actually MEETING ATSUKO'S GAZE, even before he puts her hands on her shoulders and all. ...God, this sounds cheesy. But at the same time, it's completly
  45. [00:38:08] <Hitomi> serious, so... "...It certainly is pointless to ask. I'll help you till my dying breath, Atsuko...which shouldn't be in another 70 years. I don't plan on dying till then, even if it means I have to turn tail and run at some point. If we plan on living, we're gonna need to know when to get out and all." She seems a lot better now, for some reason or another! ...Almost. "...You think it's OK
  46. [00:38:09] <Hitomi> leaving Yoshiko at home, though? Even though all this has happened, she'd probably be better off over here with our strange company than with our parents." And possibly their brother, though he might be gone since it's a time of war and all. If it's obvious that BRO is home, then include him in there too.
  47. [00:50:30] <Atsuko> ". . . " Atsuko thinks long and hard on this a moment. God, leaving Yoshiko home alone with nothing but the peanut gallery and the manipulative whore bitch DOES sound like a terrible idea! “An excellent point. Though we’d have to take caution to keep her out of harm’s reach, and from exposure to our wounded soldiers…
  48. [00:50:31] <Atsuko> It’d be a far superior idea to leaving her at home with Father and Sakura.” And now that THAT’s out of the way… “Thank you, though, Hitomi… I’m truly blessed to have you as a sister.” Something’s telling Botherer that he probably should just stop Atsuko from speaking more before this turns creepy…
  49. [00:50:35] <Atsuko> So to that point, the totally-not-a-boy wraps his arms around his sister in a totally-not-lustful manner. I swear he’s not like Jirou or Ginsei! It’s truly a heartfelt family moment here, not an excuse to press up against her tits or feel her ass or any of those other terrible things Ginsei might be doing! … ‘cause he would ;_;
  50. [00:51:56] <Atsuko> as my sister** (Whoops? I mean, really, "a' sounds disturbingly impersonal)
  51. [00:58:31] <Hitomi> Avoid misunderstandings with HUGS! This clearly can't go wrong. But anyway, from the top... "True, true. We'd certainly have to avoid that sort of thing..." She totally misses her too. But hey!  Hitomi accepts this hug  that comes now and returns with one of her own (and unlike Leen, she doesn't give hugs often/ever)! "You too, too." And Gensei probably would do that, which is
  52. [00:58:31] <Hitomi> a reason why she totally keeps her distance at all times. Though it should be noted that pressing against the chest is entirely unavoidable. But let's ignore that part, eh? :V
  53. [01:10:54] <Atsuko> Somewhere inside a nearby Apricorn Ball, a certain terrible acorn Pokemon may or may not be fapping to what this family moment might become! … But that’s irrelevant, and quite gross if it’s true. … Now comes the part where an awkward pause arises as Botherer struggles to figure out what say after THAT.
  54. [01:10:54] <Atsuko> ... Damnit, he’s got nothing. So after whatever SEEMS like an appropriate time (at least to Atsuko… He meant it though, so it was probably on the long side), Atsuko lets go of his sister and returns to his feet. … Aaand words are still not forming up in here. Sorry, Shuku! Passing the sayingwordsbaton back to you.
  55. [01:11:40] <Bigwood> (JUST THINK, THAT is what you were typing/thinking as we did an entire boss fight)
  56. [01:11:42] <Bigwood> (amazing)
  57. [01:11:53] <Atsuko> (You shut your whore mouth!)
  58. [01:12:33] <Hitomi> (It's OK, the boss fight was a curbstomp because I'm a fucking murdermachine)
  59. [01:14:12] <Bigwood> (I'm still kind of mad I got hit by that tentacle once ;~;)
  60. [01:14:27] <Hitomi> (CORNER!)
  61. [01:14:32] <Bigwood> (SHUT UP)
  62. [01:17:41] <Hitomi> This is actually nearing the end, so there's not too much words pressure here!  "...We should get going soon, unless you have anything else to say. Can't be living in the past and all. ...but not before actually considering that sword's words earlier. Maybe a spar with Pokemon would be nice. It would strengthen both of us, and all. ...Though I'd rather that be some other time."
  63. [01:24:16] <Atsuko> Atsuko merely nods, smiling at the suggestion. "A fine idea, indeed... Though you are right that it'd be best conducted where neither we'd be at risk of neither a cave-in nor beating each other senseless to the point that should we be ambushed on the trek back home, we'd be defenseless… Now then, shall we, Hitomi?”
  64. [01:24:55] <Atsuko> He offers her up a hand back up. She's free to bring the pillow back, if she likes. It's probably actually very comfy. Possibly because it MIGHT'VE been hers a long time back before it mysteriously disappeared. Hell if I know!
  65. [01:29:22] <Hitomi> "We shall." She totally takes his hand, somehow having a free one despite getting up with both the pillow and her books. If there's a pillowcase, that makes things a load easier. ...Despite everything though, there's totally no holding hands out the cave. That just isn't happening.
  66. [01:29:31] <Bigwood> (or is it)
  67. [01:30:00] <Hitomi> It isn't.
  68. [01:30:07] <Hitomi> 1,1Yet
  69. [01:32:34] <Atsuko> It's okay! At the moment, Atsuko's perfectly fine with just beating it furiously to thoughts of his older sister while forcing his bodyguard to watch and make fake, female moaning sounds... Or just fucking Nekode into complete hysteric bliss while fantasizing about how he wished it was her... And Hitomi will never know what horrid thoughts lay beneath her
  70. [01:32:35] <Atsuko> Younger brother’s calm smile as –Okay, I can’t write this with a straight face.
  71. [01:33:20] <Atsuko> They totally just walked home together and maybe talked about perfectly normal things if Hitomi wasn't too preoccupied with her book and Atsuko wasn't ADDing over his little balloony friend that he left waiting at the entrance to the cave.
  72. [01:58:05] <Hitomi> Oh, I should respond to this. She actually isn't preoccupied anymore, though whether ADDsuko ADD'd is up to him. ...Also, if he's thinking about this, she has Telepathy. So. Um. Yeah.
  73. [02:00:29] <Atsuko> Oh, don't worry! He's not ACTUALLY thinking of that! ... Yet. ADDsuko is totally a thing, though, if Hitomi doesn't bother talking to him... Or if Reppu's hugging her doesn't pull her out of Book 2 mid-walk.
  74. [02:06:17] <Hitomi> They said all they needed to for a while. Hitomi was never a chatty least, when it comes to chatting about nothing in particular. She's actually not reading as she goes though, actually enjoying the whole walking with her brother thing instead. ...Perhaps with the balloon if it hugs her and all, Reppu would probably like someone to hold it considering the fate of it's last buddy,
  75. [02:06:17] <Hitomi> even if it doesn't know yet! The black balloon of ill omen.
  76. [02:10:46] <Atsuko> Then the two walk off into the sunset, smiling and holding hands as a rainbow paints the sky! As night descends, the Kricketot's chirping fills the air with a wondrous symphony, complimented by a herd of Pichu's stray thundershocks creating faux fireworks for all to see! </ShippingIncestualRelations... I mean... /Session>
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