DXN - First Favor - Part 1 (Intro/Main)

Jun 16th, 2016
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  1. [00:00] <Cherem> =====
  4. [10:34] <Cherem> Bathed, cleaned, and dried, you all spend a moderate amount of time in there, getting the blood off your clothing. Thankfully, there are sets of simple black and white clothing left for you when you exit the baths.
  5. [10:34] <Cherem> Takao is waiting, having been talking with Yuu and Michio for some time over tea. As you return, he greets you, inviting you to sit and pouring cups of tea.
  6. [10:36] <Cerys_Doyle> This is the first time anyone here has seen Cerys out of aher nomal suit attire. She doesn't look unconfortable at least as she sips the tea.
  7. [10:37] <Cherem> "Huh. I thought you slept in that, Doyle." Honda grins a little, glancing up and down. It's not a creepy look, at least.
  8. [10:39] <Cherem> Akane follows you out of the bath, her wig puffy and frizzy. She probably has to wash it seperately. However, her skin has lost the blemishes it was carrying before, clean and sleek. "Rude to look like that."
  9. [10:39] <Cerys_Doyle> "I have a suit made of satin for sleeping." She jests.
  10. [10:39] <@Mr_Rage> "Fwah~" Ai is happy as a clam, glowing brighter than usual.
  11. [10:39] <Goemon_Hozuki> Goemon just nods at the others.
  12. [10:40] <Cherem> Honda's left his own suit, his robe opening up unsightly as he sits. Takao clicked his tongue when he saw him, but hasn't made the journey across the table to fix his Kimono.
  13. [10:41] <Otomo_Reiko> "At least I don't smell like a sewer anymore."
  14. [10:41] <Cherem> Michio is, at least, looking fine. He had to enter when the men did, but he doesn't look too traumatized.
  15. [10:44] <Cerys_Doyle> "I feel like we'll be back in the sewers soon though, with all the work we've been doing lately."
  16. [10:45] <Cherem> "Well... about that." Takao clears his throat, "I recieved a message, rather, a request, from Watanabe."
  17. [10:46] <Goemon_Hozuki> "What for?"
  18. [10:47] <Cherem> "Watanabe and Tsukimiya are discussing your predicament with the UGN." He's pretty frank about it, "They managed to guess that you came here, or heard about it from somebody, and want to talk with her about this. However, in the meantime, she has a favor to ask of you. Something that will make this easier on us."
  19. [10:48] <Cerys_Doyle> Siiiip.
  20. [10:51] <Cherem> "There has been a rash of weapons and arms moved into Japan these last ten, fifteen years. Recently, we have been troubled by one such operation, which has been working with False Hearts. They have been a thorn in the side of the UGN, but they seem to have an in with them, or at least a contact to warn them of UGN action."
  21. [10:53] <Cherem> Takao takes one of the rice crackers on the table and washes down the big bite he takes with tea, "You are a resourceful group familiar with City N, and as we understand it, are used to searching the city. If the leader of this operation is captured, we can use them as proof of our, and your, willingness to live alongside the UGN."
  22. [10:54] <Cerys_Doyle> "Sounds like a conveniently good deal." Cerys mutters mostly to herself.
  23. [10:56] <Cherem> "There's no guarantee it will work," Takao admits, "Should the UGN be vengeful, they could ignore it, but we believe they aren't foolish enough to spurn such an offering."
  24. [10:59] <Otomo_Reiko> "Haaah. If we're going to go searching the city, I need something from the bank."
  25. [11:00] <Cherem> "You are free to decline," Takao continues, "But if you do so, the House of the Moon has nothing to give the UGN. We have no bargaining chips."
  26. [11:00] <Cherem> Honda blinks, "Mm? Bank?" He glances over, "I figured you would keep your money in a mattress."
  27. [11:01] <Otomo_Reiko> "I keep bitcoins. I have something else in a saftey deposit box."
  28. [11:03] <Cherem> Yuu frowns, "So, let's say they do this. I figure you don't mean to send me out with your sword." He sits up straight, "This is entirely for our benefit, and the House has no stake in it." His eyes pierce Takao, but the younger man sort of rolls his shoulders in a shrug.
  29. [11:05] <Cerys_Doyle> "I'm sure we can hit a bank, since I doubt we have much options other than to agree." She looks at Honda.
  30. [11:07] <Cherem> Honda doesn't look very happy at this newly added task, but sighs, "Alright. I think we should do it. Worst outcome is we get some guns off Japan's street." He sits up, cracking his back loudly, "We should head out soon then, I presume."
  31. [11:07] <Cherem> Takao nods, "The sooner, the better. Those Two are good at playing circular games, but the UGN will tire eventually."
  34. [00:00] <Cherem> =====
  37. [11:28] <Cherem> Having left the House of the Moon with Takao acting as guide, you are unleashed upon the world yet again! And it's in search of malcontents, a thorn in the side of the UGN, with the intent of giving the worldwide conspiracy and organization a reason to get off your back.
  38. [11:42] <Cherem> Searching for this den of inequity, you cut your way through the streets of City N. Seems like there isn't much attention out for yourselves anymore, although there is heavy news coverage of the shootout. You can hear it occasionally, people talking about a gas leak that caused a room to explode.
  39. [11:43] <Cherem> Checking the usual places, looking up the right things, you start to piece together some information: this group has been moving arms through the derelict trainways, cleared for freight since Black Saturday.
  40. [11:51] <Cherem> Tracking where the freight gets loaded and unloaded, and checking cameras to see trucks moving product, you come across it. A Warehouse, downtown City N. Located in a maze of concrete and brick, the node of this group.
  41. [11:52] <Cherem> At least, for now. Evidence shows they are probably easy to move, able to pack up and disappear if given too much of a chance. However, they clearly have no idea you're coming.
  42. [12:00] <Cherem> =====
  43. [12:00] <Cherem> Honda clears his throat quietly, covering his mouth as you observe the warehouse. There's one opening that you can see, large neough to roll up and let two cars in, and there's a small "office" attached to it. That has a door itself but no windows.
  44. [12:01] <Cherem> There's not much space around the building: maybe enough space to let said cars pass around it, but there's no "side" space large enough for cars.
  45. [12:02] <Cherem> There is a way behind it, but an SUV would probably have to fold in it's mirrors driving down it. There is a single door there, metal it looks like.
  46. [12:05] <Otomo_Reiko> Reiko looks quite content waiting. She has a pair of goggles she took from the bank and has hardly taken them off since. They look a lot like hi-tech skii goggles but she insistes they are an advanced computer only a Neumann could possibly use.
  47. [12:07] <Cherem> "So, in the front door?" Honda rolls up his sleeves on the borrowed shirt from Takao. He looks more like a punk rocker than a salaryman now, at least.
  48. [12:08] <Otomo_Reiko> "So straight foward they may not even expect it."
  49. [12:09] <Cerys_Doyle> "But still not exactly the best idea."
  50. [12:10] <Cherem> "Hm... There's that back door: think you could break it open? Not too subtle there though." Honda frowns.
  51. [12:12] <@Mr_Rage> "Mrrh"
  52. [12:12] <Otomo_Reiko> "As long as they can't get away..."
  53. [12:13] <Cerys_Doyle> "Maybe we should block the back door, then go in the front, if we're worried about them escaping."
  54. [12:13] <Otomo_Reiko> "As long as we control both, we're in the lead."
  55. [12:14] <Cherem> As you talk, you hear the sound of a car trundling down the road. A sedan, probably, with black-tinted windows. As it approaches the warehouse, you can see the 'office' door opening, where a man in all black steps out. He gives the car a once-over, approaching it and starting up a quick discussion.
  56. [12:26] <Cherem> You manage to source a car, a sedan, and pull it into the back ally behind the warehouse, avoiding making any noise. Anybody who opens the back door is going to get one hell of a surprise.
  58. [00:00] <Cherem> =====
  60. [09:06] <Cherem> Your plan is set: with a car blocking the back door of the warehouse, and a thick, sturdy metal rod to lock the front doors closed, you're prepared to attack this den of guns, drugs, and who knows what else. A sedan just went in, and there's only one man standing outside, taking a cigarette break.
  61. [09:10] <Cerys_Doyle> "So, how exactly do you want to approach this now? I doubt it'll take long before they notice our barricade."
  62. [09:11] <Otomo_Reiko> "If we could take this guy out in one hit we could head inside without anyone knowing otherwise."
  63. [09:13] <Cerys_Doyle> "I can take the shot, but maybe someone wants to get in position in case it's not enough?"
  64. [09:14] * Otomo_Reiko looks to Ai.
  65. [09:14] <@Mr_Rage> Ai :3's
  66. [09:14] * Otomo_Reiko gives Cerys a thumbs up.
  67. [09:15] <Cerys_Doyle> A guna materializes in her hand as she waits for Ai to get in position.
  68. [09:15] <@Mr_Rage> Hup hup hup~ Ai circles around to the yet-unbarricaded doors, waiting to transform so she can still hide.
  69. [09:16] <Goemon_Hozuki> goemon just waits to see if everything goes to plan.
  70. [09:16] <Shinjou_Miyu> Miyu stares at Ai. Her pupils have dilated and she's started sweating.
  71. [09:17] <Cherem> Outside, the man lets out his cigarette smoke with a cool blow, coughing a little bit at the end. He's dressed in pretty standard clothing, black slacks, boots, and a plain black Tank top, with a jacket tied around his waist. His hair is shaven and his eyes hidden by sunglasses. Generic, really.
  72. [09:22] * Cerys_Doyle lines up the shot, taking her time, then fires off a single shot into the centre of the man's chest.
  73. [09:23] <Cherem> The man doesn't even have enough time to look shocked. A moment later, he's on the ground, a surprised look on his face. However, the sound is like a drop in a pool: there's a ripple of sound... but other than that... nothing?
  74. [09:25] <Cherem> Althrough, you can hear it. The door to the back jolts open a bit, connecting with the car and setting off the car alarm. Underneath that, there's the sound of boots, people talking rapidly.
  75. [09:26] <Otomo_Reiko> "Better make our move now, element of surprise is gone/
  76. [09:26] <Otomo_Reiko> ."
  77. [09:27] <@Mr_Rage> Oh, Ai is plenty surprising on her own.
  78. [09:27] <Cherem> Reiko, you manage to pick up several other things, observing as you are. There's a sharp pickup like guns being prepared, of course, and... a sharp, high-pitched hissing, like a sudden rush of air and water.
  79. [09:28] <Cerys_Doyle> "Most definitely lost the surprise."
  80. [09:28] <Otomo_Reiko> "Watch for guns and...something else."
  81. [09:34] <Cerys_Doyle> "Hrm." Cerys shrugs her armour up an on her body. "Who's taking point?"
  82. [09:34] <Goemon_Hozuki> "I got point."
  83. [09:35] <Otomo_Reiko> "Keep an eye on him," the hikki comments to Ai. "We'll follow you in."
  84. [09:35] <Shinjou_Miyu> "Yeah, we'll be right behind you."
  85. [09:36] <Cerys_Doyle> "Alright, move out."
  86. [09:37] <Goemon_Hozuki> Goemon starts heading towards the door.
  87. [09:37] <@Mr_Rage> Ai's close behind, already changed into a burly, forward-leaning thing, like a battering ram had a lucky night with a bison.
  88. [09:38] <Goemon_Hozuki> While heading forward goemons arms become covered in flames.
  89. [09:41] <Cherem> The front door beckons! However, Doyle, you manage to get a peek in.
  90. [09:41] <Cherem> The office looks like... well, a small office. It's dirty, with detrius and "crap" scattered about, the welcome desk covered in little indents and looking like it's a single bundle of paper away from collapsing. There's a dead plant in the corner even, as well as a door to a restroom (popped open) and one to the rest of the warehouse (closed).
  91. [09:42] <Cherem> Rather, the door has just closed. A man is behind the desk, with a shotgun aimed right at the door. There's maybe a one and a half meter distance between him, and it. First Person through had better be ready for it.
  92. [09:43] <Cerys_Doyle> Her head melds back out from the wall. "There's someone aimed at the door with a shotgun. I can move around and distract him so you can move through safely."
  93. [09:45] <Goemon_Hozuki> "Sounds like a plan. break through the door then when we hear some noise?"
  94. [09:46] <Cerys_Doyle> "Right." She moves around to the side of the building. "Reiko, on your mark."
  95. [09:46] <Cherem> Honda's been watching this whole time, his gun finally returned to him (sans magazine). "Mm. Sounds good."
  96. [09:47] <Otomo_Reiko> She nods to Honda before responding, "Go!"
  97. [09:48] <Cerys_Doyle> With that, she moves through the wall like it was nothing, taking aim, and opening fire.
  98. [09:50] <Goemon_Hozuki> After hearing the gunshot Goemon goes through the door.
  99. [09:54] <Cherem> Bursting through the door, you're able to see the man collapse, shotgun clattering to the floor as his inner mind becomes his outside throughs, splattering against the grimy, gritty walls of the fading wallpaper.
  100. [09:55] * Cerys_Doyle motions to Goemon to move up to the next door, keeping silent and moving along in a crouch.
  101. [09:56] <Goemon_Hozuki> Goemon moves towards the next door.
  102. [09:56] <Cherem> Inside now, you can see the door to the warehouse is closed. And if you're careful, you can hear the tension in the air, tight enough you could cut it.
  103. [09:57] <Otomo_Reiko> Reiko moves up to the door, pressing an ear to it.
  104. [09:58] <Cherem> There's the sound of... heavy breathing. Heavy, thick footsteps. Although, everybody can hear it, like great sandbags hitting the ground.
  105. [10:00] <Otomo_Reiko> The hikki presses her back to the wall, hand on the doorknob. She motions Goemon and Ai forward, "Eyes open, we have no idea what else is going on it there."
  106. [10:04] <Goemon_Hozuki> Goemon opens the door.
  107. [10:04] <Cherem> The warehosue is tall, enough to hold two stories, but instead the higher level is just two crossing catwalks. There's wires and ropes hanging from the top like some kind of inorganic jungle, dangling just over thick, squat crates with ominous stamped words on them.
  108. [10:04] <Cherem> There's a collection of men inside, dressed from "mechanic casual" tank-tops and cover-alls, and smarter-dressed men in slacks and work shirts. They're armed with a collection of guns, mostly sub-machine guns and mac-10s.
  109. [10:05] <Cherem> The closest group is around four meters away, the leader starting to shout as the door swings open, and there are two other groups of note, one on the catwalk around 10m away and 5m up, the other closer to 20m away behind some crates.
  110. [10:06] <Cherem> However, of note is a man whose form slips up as the door opens, already in motion but still 10m away from the door.
  111. [10:07] <Cherem> The man is around Doyle's height, although "man" is putting it kindly. He has saw-like teeth and wild eyes, his skin pale, save for what appears to be fluctuating, breathing scale tattoos... or he's just covered in scales. He's naked from the waist up, his chest pockmarked with little metal discs and a complex network of stich trenches and redoubts.
  112. [10:07] <Cherem> Also of note is his laugh, a shrill, annoying "kikikiki!" as he starts to close the distance, his black hair covering and shading his eyes.
  113. [10:08] <Cherem> His arms are covered in chitin and serrated talons, more like a pair of maces that cut through the air as he rushes at you.
  114. [10:28] <Cerys_Doyle> Busting in behind Ai and Goemon, Cerys trains her gun on the soldiers up in the rafters and opens fire, dropping one and peppering the others.
  115. [10:29] <Cherem> They try to take cover, scattering, but one of them goes toppling over the railing with a cry, as the others scramble to return fire.
  116. [10:30] <Mr_Rage> Zeroing in on their Overed opposition, Ai thunders across the room, horns as long as Honda's arms gleaming in the artificial light.
  117. [10:31] <Cherem> Honda, having been mentioned, pokes his head into the room, grasps the situation, realizes he's probably out of his league, and ducks back out.
  118. [10:32] <Cherem> Meanwhile, the freak in the center grins madly as you close the distance, eyes bloodshot and stained, bagged heavily as he screetches with laughter, "Easy! Too EASY!" His first arm lashes out while you're still a meter away, Ai, but a moment later his arm explodes, the skin curling back like a sick banana.
  119. [10:32] <Otomo_Reiko> "We'll stay here," Reiko offers sympathetically to Honda.
  120. [10:32] <Cherem> The strike is lightning-fast, under-skin covered with bloody white scales and fingers sharpened like knives!
  121. [10:35] <Cherem> "Y-yeeeah.." Honda, for his part, goes to grab the shotgun left behind.
  122. [10:39] <Mr_Rage> Ai jukes, but the blades open up her flesh, spraying blue blood in a beautiful arc, made worse when she pushes through it, barely slowing down.
  123. [10:40] <Cherem> "Hnnn!" The thing smiles, flashing a mouth of razor-sharp teeth. There's something almost familiar about the way it looks at you, Ai, a sort of primordial flicker behind it's bloodshot irides.
  124. [10:48] <Shinjou_Miyu> "Just curl up and die already." Miyu says flatly, forcing herself to look composed despite seeming exhausted and even a bit sickly.
  125. [10:51] <Cherem> The man hesitates, pulling back his arm and shivering, pupils dilating as it tries to draw in more light to see what the hell is affecting it so much in those words. Scanning for a threat, maybe?
  126. [11:00] <Mr_Rage> Right here. Ai's charge connects hard enough to pick the other Chimera right up off his feet, goring him through and through on a horn. Inertia carries him, but not quite far enough; he's good and stuck on his attacker!
  127. [11:02] <Cherem> The overed coughs blood, spitting out a weird blue-red mixture and shrieking loud enough to make one of the soldiers in the far group grab his ears. You get hte distinct impression that his body tried to squirm backwards as you stabbed, but to no avail!
  128. [11:19] <Goemon_Hozuki> Goemon cover in fire strike at the 3 soldiers, breaking the bones of one, breaking the arm of the other, while the third watches as his allies are broken before him.
  129. [11:23] <Cherem> The upper group manages to collec themselves enough to spray wildly in Doyle's direction, an unpredictable bulletstorm!
  130. [11:24] <Cherem> On the other side of the room, the men before goemon are falling over themselves, ascribing to the "spray and pray" firing school, but it seems they are less than faithful, missing terribly.
  131. [11:24] * Cerys_Doyle makes to dodge, but soaks al lthe bullets instead, none of them managing to penetrate her armoured body.
  132. [11:30] <Cherem> The third group follows suit as well, peppering her with gunfire as none of the bullets land a real blow!
  133. [11:36] <Otomo_Reiko> Reiko peeks her head out, shouting out her best guess at applicable tactics for the group. She offers more exact advice for Ai against the snakey Overed.
  134. [11:39] * Cerys_Doyle shoves the girl's head back behind her. "Keep cover love," before opening fire again on the upper group of soldiers.
  135. [11:45] <Cherem> The soldiers... don't have a chance. Torn to pieces by the gunfire, they lay down and stay down
  136. [11:46] <Cherem> Meanwhile, the overed snarls, bringing up both of his arms. His body slips down your horn even further, Ai, and with a screetch he brings both fists down as hard as he can, the strike causing the world to go black for a second before your renegade rages you back into conciousness.
  137. [11:52] <Mr_Rage> Bigger, stronger, the crystals embedded in Ai's flesh glow and swell. Even this burly body is easily another two or three feet taller by the time she's done, a sinuous neck withdrawing between her shoulders and angling... down. With a crack like a gunshot, the entire array of muscle and tendon uncoils, ramrodding the snake into the concrete.
  138. [11:55] <Cherem> If you've ever seen a snake run over by a truck, it wouldn't be far off. The overed hits the ground, back snapping and it's midsection pulverizing, turning to a wet, gory mess. It's face curls up into a shocked, stunned rictus mask, unable to even react as it spasms and dies.
  139. [11:55] <Cherem> The blood that pools around it bubbles faintly, blue and violet in the soft off-white lighting of the warehouse.
  140. [11:56] <Cherem> "Shit, we gotta pull back!" The men in the far end look like they're going to try making a break for the double door!
  141. [11:56] <Otomo_Reiko> "Geez..."
  142. [12:00] <Cherem> "Ah, guess that was a good idea." Honda looks at the door, and raises the shotgun, firing a shot wide. It takes a chunk out of a box not too close to the far men.
  143. [12:01] <Shinjou_Miyu> Miyu stares at snek and Ai, momentarily overcome by awe over what just happened. Then she points out a spot and mutters to Cerys. "Right there."
  144. [12:02] <Cherem> Honda seems to have not noticed the kaiju in the room.
  145. [12:08] * Goemon_Hozuki Punches the wounded soldier into the ground and goes over to the last soldier hittin him in the chest lodging his fist in his chest, all while covered in flames.
  146. [12:10] <Cherem> They aren't going to fight anymore: hell might seem cold compared to this sendoff. Meanwhile, the final soldiers move towards the door, one of them trying to shake the door, another one taking a knee and firing as the final goes for a cell phone.
  147. [12:22] <Cerys_Doyle> Cerys stays in the doorway, her gun following to the soldiers trying to escape, first firing on the one with the phone to take him out, before firing at the others.
  148. [12:24] <Cherem> The man has the phone coming up, but then he hits the ground before the cell does. A moment later, the man firing at Ai drops, gun spraying the boxes in front of him as he spasms. The last man, terrified, slumps and squeezes his own gun's trigger into the unyielding door. Nothing.
  149. [12:31] <Cherem> At your feet, Ai, the Overed's corpse doesn't do anything but bleed. It's face is mutilated, like some kind of snake-human-hybrid thing, his black hair matted to the top of his head, thick with some kind of fluid. In fact, touching him gives off the same feeling, like he was immersed. There's also the indication of something under his bangs on his forehead.
  150. [12:34] <Mr_Rage> Ai sizes up the corpse, pushing his hair away from his forehead.
  151. [12:36] <Cherem> A serial number. It looks like a bar code, but your enhanced eyes manage to peer into it, tiny numbers forming 20+ long rows.
  152. [12:37] <Cherem> Honda finally steps in, approaching the man with the intent to knock him out. He's got the shotgun in one hand, forcing the gun to cough out it's shells. As he gets close to the man, Honda takes a careful side-step, probably cribed from watching Ai and Goemon hit people, cracking the man with the gun butt hard.
  153. [12:38] <Otomo_Reiko> "Oof."
  154. [12:39] <Cerys_Doyle> "Huh." Cerys says, watching. "I think it's safe now." She says to Reiko.
  155. [12:39] <Cherem> "Huh. Good work." Honda kneels to examine the man, checking for Identification.
  156. [12:40] * Cerys_Doyle moves in to survey the room, just in case.
  157. [12:40] <Cherem> As you enter the room and glance around, something seems wrong. It's actually... a bit smaller, looking at it. It looks like it should be larger, from the outside, and there's no room behind the offic,e even through the building is a rectangle from outside.
  158. [12:41] <Cherem> In addition, there's a slick path of liquid leading from the dead Overed to ... a wall, right behind the Office.
  159. [12:41] <Cerys_Doyle> "Huh." Cerys states again, following the trail.
  160. [12:42] <Cherem> Honda stands up, pulling the guy with him as he walks. "You notice something?" He glances around, gawping at Ai and the dead Overed for a second before his mind quick restarts.
  161. [12:43] <Cerys_Doyle> "I think something is here." And she walks through the wall.
  162. [12:44] <Cherem> The wall, you realize, was metal. Flush against the wall, it was disguised rather well to keep it from being discovered. Ideally.
  163. [12:44] <Cherem> This room is... Different. The First thing is that the light that flicks on isn't the warm yellow that fills the warehouse, but a light, bright blue, that hurts when you look at it's origin, a bulb that seems far too high up for so short a room. The shadow it casts are short but deep, painting the room like a messy modern art piece, vivid black, blue, and indigo. The concrete floor is marked with cracks, covered with thick, somewhat-sticky fluid.
  164. [12:44] <Shinjou_Miyu> Miyu eyes the Overed corpse and tilts her head. Then she quietly mumbles to Reiko. "That fight was pretty Freudian, don't you agree?"
  165. [12:44] <Otomo_Reiko> "That will never not be weird to watch."
  166. [12:44] <Otomo_Reiko> "Hn?" She turns her head to look at Miyu.
  167. [12:44] <Cherem> "What-ian?" Honda frowns a little, kneeling to examine the body.
  168. [12:44] <Cherem> Sitting in the center is a long, silver table, flawless save for the black splotches that rorschach the material, and the numerous scratches and cuts along the edges. There's a bevy of medical tools and sharp instruments hanging off one side, including what seems to be a power saw. Nearby, there's a complex-looking machine with an empty, black screen, and not far from that a computer, beeping quietly.
  169. [12:45] <Cherem> The other object of notice in the room is a tall vat, that goes up to the black ceiling and rests neatly flush with the wall. It looks like it's built to open, with several tubes leading away from it, probably what are supposed to suck up all the gross liquid on the ground. The glass front seems to be marked with scratches and heavy impacts, but hasn't broken yet. Alongside it, a whiteboard, hastily erased, dotted with finely-written letters and numbers.
  170. [12:46] <Shinjou_Miyu> "Just the way they fought together. Seems like something a shrink would have a field day with if a patient ever had a dream about it."
  171. [12:47] <Cerys_Doyle> "Huh." You hear her say on the other side of the wall.
  172. [12:48] <Cerys_Doyle> She takes a moment before find a control switch to open the room to the others.
  173. [12:48] <Otomo_Reiko> She certainly wasn't about to disagree with you Miyu. She sighs and looks back to the wall, "Can you open-- Ah."
  174. [12:48] <Cherem> Behind you, barely visible in the lighting, a complex-looking numberpad gives up the ghost. And then the door slides open smoothly, almost silently, two metal plates going in opposite directions.
  175. [12:49] <Cherem> You are also quickly made aware of a small passageway, leading away from the room, seemingly around the back of the warehouse.
  176. [12:50] <Mr_Rage> Ai staaaaares.
  177. [12:50] <Cherem> There's also papers scattered around the computer, seems like somebody packed up and bailed in a hurry.
  178. [12:50] <Shinjou_Miyu> Miyu nods to Reiko, her eyes cycling between losing focus and regaining it.
  179. [12:51] <Otomo_Reiko> Reiko frowns something fierce seeing the room.
  180. [12:51] <Cerys_Doyle> "Looks like some shite went down here." She states the obvious.
  181. [12:52] <Cerys_Doyle> She leaves the smarter people of the group to look over the equipment and looks down the passageway.
  182. [12:52] <Cherem> Honda stares, "One hell of a dream..." Honda leaves the man behind him and goes to peek into the room, "Yuck, what's this fluid?"
  183. [12:52] <Otomo_Reiko> The hikki slowly sinks to the floor, arms limp at her sides.
  184. [12:53] <Cherem> Down the passageway, there's an ever-so-faint light. Looks like... maybe half a meter across, not even.
  185. [12:55] <Cerys_Doyle> "I'm going to follow this, see where it leads. Make sure that soldier doesn't escape." And down the passage she goes.
  186. [12:56] <Goemon_Hozuki> "Alright."
  187. [12:56] <Cherem> Honda nods, kneeling, "Hey, Operator, you okay?" he has one knee on the back of the man, gently tapping Reiko on the shoulder.
  188. [12:56] <Otomo_Reiko> "No. Nonononono." She wipes at her eyes with a forearm.
  189. [12:57] <Cherem> "Ah, well, it was kind of rhetorical, but..." Honda hesitates, looking at everybody else. He's clearly not the guy for this.
  190. [12:57] <Mr_Rage> Ai frowns, jogging over to squeeze Reiko's shoulder. "Reiko? What is it?"
  191. [12:57] <Cherem> Down the hall it's pitch black, but as you approach the light, you can see what looks like a latch. A passageway. It's not even closed all the way.
  192. [12:58] <Goemon_Hozuki> Goemon shrugs he doesnt know what to do in these situations.
  193. [12:58] <Cerys_Doyle> A glance back the way she came before poking her head out.
  194. [12:58] <Shinjou_Miyu> "Something triggering your spider sense?"
  195. [12:59] <Cherem> There's a not too distant sound of... feet, on pavement.
  196. [12:59] <Cerys_Doyle> Unaware of the state of the others, she makes chase.
  197. [12:59] <Otomo_Reiko> Even behind held around shoulders by Ai the girls rocks herself gently. "They kept me in a place just like this."
  198. [13:01] <Cherem> "Who's they?" Honda frowns, not sounding at all pleased. He stands up, poking around the room, "Hey, Doyle, what're you up to... anyways..." Glancing around, Honda bites his cheek.
  199. [13:02] <Cherem> The latch slams open easy and quietly, and you'r eout on the pavement. They've got some good ground on you, but if you're lucky, you might be able to get them in your sight again.
  200. [13:02] <Mr_Rage> Ai frowns knowingly, sticking close to Operator like a guardian monster.
  201. [13:04] <Cerys_Doyle> Luckily she's fast, and can more or less pass through obstacles with ease.
  202. [13:04] <Otomo_Reiko> The hermit clears her throat, head resting against Ai. "The UGN, though I understand the False Hearts had a similar program. The fluid is nutrient rich and also laced with sedatives."
  203. [13:04] <Cerys_Doyle> "I'm chasing another subject" She says to the others over the headset.
  204. [13:04] <Cherem> Tracking the running sounds, you're able to dart out and catch a glimpse of... a man in track pants and a bloody white tank top. He glances around, eyes catching yours for a second, his face abjectivly terrified when he sees you. In one hand he has a briefcase, hanging off his back a satchel stuffed with papers, and in the other... that's a gun.
  205. [13:05] <Cherem> And a moment later, he's running again, darting in between the buildings.
  206. [13:06] <Cherem> honda pauses, his fingers dipped in the mix, an inch away from his nose. "Ah. So, don't touch it too much." Honda stands, "Wait... So, this kind of thing was UGN sanctioned?" He clicks his tongue, "Oh, you're chasing a guy?" Honda starts heading out, "Sorry, uh, we'll pack up here, can you get a visual?"
  207. [13:06] <Cherem> The man is skinny, although "lanky" is probaby better fitting, with long limbs and wiry with muscle. His face is for the most part shaven, safe ofr a patchy mustache, and his hair is really just a bad comb-over.
  208. [13:07] <Cherem> But holy hell is he covering ground.
  209. [13:07] <Cerys_Doyle> Nope. You aren't getting away. She keeps chase, trying to pick up speed. "I'm gaining on him. Someone from that.." huff huff "lab."
  210. [13:08] <Shinjou_Miyu> Miyu twitches at the mention of the UGN, looking a bit more spacey.
  211. [13:08] <Cherem> "Shit." Honda clicks his tongue, "Alright. Keep on it."
  212. [13:08] <Cherem> However, as you turn the next turn, you can see he's making a beeline for the river. There's the stench of the renegade in the air, and you get the impression that this man is definetly Overed.
  213. [13:09] <Otomo_Reiko> "Was it the same for you?" the hikki mutters to Ai, moving just enough to grab any stray papers within reach.
  214. [13:11] <Cherem> "Operator, if we can, see if you can get anything from these computers. I hate to involve you in another crusade, but I don't want to see this happening." Honda sounds gruff.
  215. [13:11] <Goemon_Hozuki> Goemon positions himself near the exit to make sure nodody sneaks up on them
  216. [13:12] <Mr_Rage> The Chimera averts her gaze, unable to answer quite straight. It's an answer enough.
  217. [13:13] <Otomo_Reiko> "No...you're right Honda-san." She got up on shakey legs with help from Ai. She dug a USB cable from her pocket, plugging it into the nearest computer and then into the back of her head. "Lets hope they didn't wipe it. I used a giant magnet on mine but I always expected to get caught..."
  218. [13:13] <Cerys_Doyle> Fuck this guy was fast. She made sure no civilians were around before training shot and firing into the man's ankle.
  219. [13:13] <Cherem> As you chase after him, Doyle, you manage to finally corner him. Or so it seems, as he rushes towards the train tracks. And yeah, that's a train coming right down the line. And then, pop, his ankle goes like a watermelon. Right onto the tracks.
  220. [13:14] <Cherem> He drops, grabbing at his ankle and screaming, almost lost. But a second later, he notices the train. And you see him raise his arm, and blink out of existance.
  221. [13:14] <Cerys_Doyle> .... "Fucking shite." She says quite loudly.
  222. [13:14] <Cherem> And then, on the top of the cable car following the conductor's cabin, you see his form, blinking back into existance just in time.
  223. [13:15] <Shinjou_Miyu> "Just hang in there. If there's anything to be found you'll find it." Miyu says to Reiko. She leans back against a wall afterwards and sighs,
  224. [13:15] <Cerys_Doyle> "You cockhole." She says before turning around and retracing her steps back to the others.
  225. [13:16] <Cherem> "Yeah... Speaking of, you been okay, Shinjou?" He grins a little, "Seem a little tense."
  226. [13:18] <Cherem> As you plug into the computer, you realize it's like somebody tore the brain out of a body. There's still the nerves and blood and bone of the machine, just the mental library is gone. There's a lot of information here, garbled and mixed up, and even with your own skills it would take a long, long time to unscramble these eggs.
  227. [13:19] <Otomo_Reiko> At least it would giver her something to do at night. At long as they were staying with the ludites she'd be keeping night watch.
  228. [13:20] <Cherem> However, plucking through it, you're able to pick out key words and phrases. "Project" "issues" "demand" "accelerate" "quantity"... "Number".
  229. [13:21] <Shinjou_Miyu> Miyu's gaze snaps to Honda, not at all amused. "What are you trying to say, Honda?"
  230. [13:21] <Cherem> And in the very back, there's what seems like a distressed line, repeating. Alarm? But it can't broadcast with it's brain torn out.
  231. [13:22] <Cherem> "Aaah, I just mean, I'm wondering if this fits into an Idol's schedule is all." He tilts his head a little, "I mean, I guess you're still exercising your voice, right?"
  232. [13:22] <Otomo_Reiko> "Haaah? Who were you meant to reach?" She chews on her lip, probing.
  233. [13:23] <Goemon_Hozuki> "We got a problem?"
  234. [13:24] <Shinjou_Miyu> "Sure. I do that every time I exercise my ability to wish kidney stones on people."
  235. [13:26] <Cerys_Doyle> Cerys suddenly appears through the wall as if she was a ghost. "I.. lost him. He caught a train." She looks around the room at the others.
  236. [13:26] <Cherem> "Aaah? I hope I'm not that bad." Honda laughs a bit, going to pat her on the back. "I mean, look at it this way. Operator finds this guy, we come back to those Cultists with more information than they needed, the UGN backs off, and we're free, no debts!"
  237. [13:26] <Cherem> "Eh... Caught a train?" Honda frowns, "No ticket?"
  238. [13:27] <Goemon_Hozuki> "Im not really sure he had time to get one honda."
  239. [13:27] <Cherem> Inside the computer, you manage to piece together two conflicting programs that you recognize: one is a solid piece of UGN work, working almost in tandem with a dangerous program you recognize as being favored by False Hearts Operatives.
  240. [13:27] <Cherem> "Maybe he had a prepay pass." Honda scowls a little.
  241. [13:27] <Cerys_Doyle> "Shot out his ankle but he grabbed a train." She looks a quite pissed about it.
  242. [13:28] <Cherem> "Oh. Ouch." Honda grimaces, "You got a look at him though?"
  243. [13:28] <Shinjou_Miyu> "Yeah, I hope so. Then we can get Ginyomi back." Miyu deflates a little.
  244. [13:28] <Otomo_Reiko> The hikki's typing only gets louder as she works, taking out her frustrations on the keyboard.
  245. [13:29] <Cherem> Honda pales a little, "I mean... Ginyomi's tough, even eith the UGN over her shoulder."
  246. [13:29] <Cerys_Doyle> "Yeah. Thin, wirey comb-over, mustache, over-ed for sure."
  247. [13:30] <Cherem> The computer continues to be obstinant, your probing rewarding you with floods of crap information and spam. Although deep under it, you think you start to get a clear idea of what's happening here. Perhaps a Rogue UGN agent, or a False Heart traitor maybe? Or...
  248. [13:30] <Cherem> "Eugh. Sounds like the guy you'd find on a train feeling up girls." Honda's still got his hand on Miyu's shoulder as he says this.
  249. [13:31] <Goemon_Hozuki> "Honda why are you fixated on the train?"
  250. [13:31] * Otomo_Reiko sighs and unplugs herself from the computer. "I think I have plenty to work with once we've back at the...compound."
  251. [13:32] <Cherem> "Well, a creep like that, who knows what he'd get up to on a Train," Honda shrugs, finally removing his hand.
  252. [13:32] <Shinjou_Miyu> "Still stressing me out. Here's hoping I don't have to wish kidney stones on them."
  253. [13:33] <Cherem> "There's a lot of men in the UGN to wish Kidney Stones on." Honda hesitates, "Can women even get Kidney Stones?" He rubs his chin, lost in thought.
  254. [13:35] <Otomo_Reiko> "We do have kidneys."
  255. [13:35] <Otomo_Reiko> Free of the computer the underweight hikki grabs Ai by the wrist, waiting for the group to move out.
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