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  1. We find instances of high-level pedosadism alarming, and are wondering why the DoJ, Secret Service, and State Department allow this activity to go unnoticed. Daniel Rosen used a [government?] computer to solicit sex from what he thought was a child, and was caught by Virginia County Police--not by the FBI, DoJ, or Secret Service. He is merely the latest example of the DoJ's apparent lack of concern about pedosadism in its ranks. Rosen has been in place as Director of Counter-terrorism Programs & Policy at the U.S. State Dept since 2008, and necessarily has access to global intelligence systems. His speeches show an implausible, suspicious naivety around the use of social media to recruit young people, and his position puts him at risk of being blackmailed. Jim DeFoggi, Cyber Security Director of HHS in Omaha, was engaged in producing child pornography, and wanted to "meet with" makers of child snuff (murder) films. Most pedosadism cases involving government or military personnel end in plea bargains for light sentences--DeFoggi's sentence is a rare but welcome departure from this norm.  
  3. #OpDeathEaters' mission is to obtain enough evidence of collusion and/or cover-ups to call for a People's Inquiry into the huge--and rapidly growing--global problem of child predation--and there is so much evidence. To name just a few examples: Some states, such as Georgia focus exclusively on families as the only source of pedosadism; but, they do not require military personnel found guilty of pedosadism to be listed in a sex offender registry. The Pentagon allowed the statute of limitations to expire on 1,700 members found with child pornography [with no prosecutions?]--how many of members of the military were producers of it? The USA was even put on notice by the UN Human Rights Commission about the FBI's focus on arresting low-level pedosadists without going to the top.
  5. @OpDeathEatersUS focuses on the USA, population of more than 321 million, and producer of 68% of the globe's child pornography. To create child pornography, the torture of children is required. The predatory landscape here is immense, as are the enabling mechanisms in law and legislation. Remember DynCorp trafficking in the Balkins? They were never removed as a military logistics supplier, and have current contracts in, among other locations, Afghanistan and Iraq. Because the arena here in the USA is so large, we need to focus only on cases of high-level corruption and support mechanisms, which means that we cannot explore the full scope of pedosadism in the USA. But make no mistake, our work and the work of other OpDeathEaters accounts worldwide will ultimately lead to an independent, internationally linked, victim-led inquiry/tribunal into the child trafficking and paedosadist industry.
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