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  1. [23:04:56] <Terri> Ok. It is the afternoon of Spring 84!
  2. [23:05:05] <Terri> right after the events of http://pastebin.com/mnrtWPLV
  3. [23:06:02] * Terri is running around town screaming.
  4. [23:06:14] <Terri> "HAALPPPF IT HURRTFFS!"
  5. [23:06:20] <Terri> "OOOOOOOOW!"
  6. [23:07:13] * Cress was reading but, it's kind of heard with a person SCREAMING outside
  8. [23:07:44] <Terri> "GAAAAAH!"
  9. [23:08:09] * Cress sighs and looks around. "Okay okay, who the hell is yelling."
  10. [23:08:59] <Terri> "AAAAAH IT HURFTS! IT HURFTS! HAAAALPF!"
  11. [23:09:27] * Cress sighs again and walks over to stop the screaming.
  12. [23:09:32] <Cress> "Will you stop that.
  13. [23:10:38] <Terri> "GYAAAAAH! YOUUUU DOKTOOR MAN?"
  14. [23:10:56] * Terri continues running around as if he was on fire.
  15. [23:11:12] <Cress> "Yes I'm 'Dooookkktooor maaan'. What is it?" Cress sighs as he watches Terri run around
  16. [23:12:12] <Terri> "MOUF PAIN. STOOPID BAALF TRICK ME."
  17. [23:13:43] <Cress> "Mouth ... Pain? Baallf? What the hell is a Baall... Okay skip it just come with me. Doktoor man make mouf pain go away." Cress smiles as he says this, doing his best to imitate Terri
  18. [23:14:59] * Terri follows and stops screaming as much.
  19. [23:15:09] <Terri> "MAKE PAIN STOPF!"
  20. [23:16:34] * Cress leads Terri to the center and sits him in a chair near all his fancy examination tools. He then pulls out his Medigun and looks at Terri.
  21. [23:16:42] <Cress> "Okay, where does it hurt and how did this happen?"
  22. [23:16:53] <Terri> "ALL MOUF!"
  23. [23:17:23] * Terri opens up his mouth and is bleeding fairly bad. there's also a screw and a razor stuck in the roof of his mouth, though not that deep.
  24. [23:18:51] <Cress> "Why the hell is there a razor and a screw.... Okay hold still. This may hurt a little bit." Cress puts on some gloves and grabs Terri by the chin.
  25. [23:19:18] * Cress then pulls the screw out
  26. [23:19:53] <Terri> 1d20-2
  27. [23:20:09] <Terri> Terri screams in pain a bit.
  28. [23:20:25] <Terri> and grabs onto the first thing he can.
  29. [23:21:33] <Cress> "Hold still I'm almost done." Cress drops the screw then pulls out the razor blade, it being a littttle bit trickier than the screw
  30. [23:22:29] * Terri holds onto the chair's hand holdy bits.
  31. [23:23:14] <Cress> "There ya go now hold still let me just..." Cress picks up his healing machine to heal Terri of any minor wounds his mouth may have
  32. [23:23:40] * Terri breathes heavily in pain.
  33. [23:28:21] <Cress> "Okay soooo... What the hell happened." Cress speaks offhandedly as he puts up his equipment
  34. [23:29:29] * Terri still hurts but not as much.
  35. [23:30:41] <Terri> "Balf...balf...odd man...eye...big eye..."
  36. [23:30:48] * Terri searches for the word
  37. [23:31:49] * Terri then points to the window.
  38. [23:31:55] <Terri> "dis stuff."
  39. [23:32:03] * Terri taps on the glass.
  40. [23:32:18] <Terri> a BIT too hard, shattering it.
  41. [23:32:44] <Terri> '
  42. [23:32:53] <Cress> "Okay you'll have to pay to fix that! And you were eating glass?"
  43. [23:33:21] <Terri> "No eat that. Eat..."
  44. [23:33:29] * Terri points to the items taken out of terri's mouth
  45. [23:33:35] <Terri> "Metal."
  46. [23:33:39] <Cress> "Why were you eating metal?"
  47. [23:33:41] <Terri> "Man say tasty. man lie."
  48. [23:34:00] <Cress> "... Wait wait what man did this." Cress seems a BIT annoyed
  49. [23:34:12] <Terri> "Me sorry for break...thing."
  50. [23:34:42] * Terri tries to put it back together, but now his hand is bleeding, and fails to fix it properly.
  51. [23:34:48] <Terri> "Ow."
  52. [23:35:07] <Terri> "Sharp like axe."
  53. [23:35:16] <Cress> "No don- Jee you don't have much going up there do you?"
  54. [23:35:32] * Cress walks over and looks at the window. "I guessss I can get someone to fix it."
  55. [23:36:00] <Terri> (Terri will totally pay to fix it. You just have to remind him and explain that to him.)
  56. [23:36:32] <Terri> "Man with big..."
  57. [23:36:37] * Terri points to a glass shard.
  58. [23:36:51] <Terri> "name is..balf? odd man."
  59. [23:37:19] <Terri> (Balth is also fairly injured, but not to the extent terri was. Just some bluntforce trauma via terri)
  60. [23:40:41] <Terri> "Soundfs righ."
  61. [23:41:21] * Cress nods a few times with the typical, mhm, mhm. Then claps his hands together.
  62. [23:42:00] <Cress> "Okkaaay! I'll be sure to let someone know what happened to you Mister... Uh... Miste... Gotta name, lug?"
  63. [23:42:34] <Terri> "I Terri."
  64. [23:43:01] <Terri> "Thankf you for healy. Sorry no fix..."
  65. [23:43:05] * Terri points to the window.
  66. [23:43:34] <Cress> "Terri? Well I'm Cress and if you get hurt again, just come here and I'll be sure to heal you right up okay! And don't sweat it, I'll send you a bill soon."
  67. [23:43:36] * Cress smiles wide
  68. [23:43:49] <Terri> "Ok."
  69. [23:43:54] <Terri> "What bill?"
  70. [23:44:18] * Terri makes an imitation of his farfetch'd's bill
  71. [23:44:30] <Terri> "Like Boris bill?"
  72. [23:44:45] * Terri lets out Boris who is for some reason in his pokeball.
  73. [23:44:51] <Cress> "It's something where you have to pay for things, not like Boris. It cost money."
  74. [23:44:55] * Cress also eyes the duck
  75. [23:45:02] <Terri> "Oh. This stuff?"
  76. [23:45:09] * Terri takes out his coin purse.
  77. [23:45:24] <Cress> "Oh yeeesss this!"
  78. [23:45:28] <Terri> (Which is just a dirty leather sack.)
  79. [23:45:33] * Cress perks up and points to the window
  80. [23:45:44] <Terri> "How many?"
  81. [23:46:55] <Cress> "Oh I'll just get back to you... Do you live around town?"
  82. [23:47:25] <Terri> "In shiny thing."
  83. [23:47:34] <Terri> (The UFO in balth's garage)
  84. [23:48:36] <Cress> "Okay... I'll just get back to you on bill thing when I see you..."
  85. [23:48:43] <Terri> "Ok."
  86. [23:48:51] <Terri> "Thankf for healfing."
  87. [23:48:58] <Terri> "Hurt less now."
  88. [23:49:06] * Cress leans against the wall and nods a few times. "Anything else Mister Terri, and no need to thank me, it's my job"
  89. [23:51:01] * Terri then wanders off, clunking into a few things on his way out, but not doing any real damage.
  90. [23:51:13] <Terri> his fist is still bleeding slighty.
  91. [23:52:00] <Terri> but will be fine after a few days.
  92. [23:52:15] * Cress grumbles before muttering under his breath. "I hate idiots..." Cress then returns to the back
  93. [23:53:57] <Terri>  /session
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