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  1. Password: • in pm •
  2. Username: -Kookaine-
  4. Full name: Kim Miyoung
  5. Nickname: Mimi (her little brother calls her that sometimes)
  6. Birthdate: 7th August, 1999
  7. Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
  8. Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
  9. Nationality: Korean
  10. Ethnicity: Korean
  12. Height: 156 cm
  13. Weight: 40 kg
  15. Slot: AWAKEN
  16. Backup Slot: 3RD EYE
  18. Background: Her parents had died in a car accident when she was 15 and with no relatives, she was left to raise her 5 year old brother, Hansol, on her own. She threw away her own promising future to build her brother's by dropping out of school and using what little inheritance they had for his education. She struggled day and night to earn money to pay bills, fees and rent and was slowly crumbling inside due to the grief of losing her parents, her friends, her seemingly bright future, her everything. The only thing left being her dear brother to whom she dedicated her life. After sacrificing what was left of her happiness for Hansol, she pretended to be happy, brave and goofy for him so that at least he could live a happy life, with no worries.
  20. Personality: She's mischievous and playful, a troublemaker and a prankster. She loves teasing her people and joking around, and is very competitive. She's very extra, dramatic, narcissistic and petty, not to mention sassy, having a snide remark for everything. Though this is usually a mask under which she hides her fear, anger and sadness, and she's actually much smarter and more observant and sensitive than she lets on. She's kind, selfless and very protective of her friends and family. Even though she's rarely serious, she can be quite menacing when angry, as her supposed laid-back, goofy demeanour completely changes.
  22. Likes: food, coffee, pranking, video games, street fashion, windy and cloudy weather
  24. Dislikes: circuses, rude and judgemental people, liars, mangoes, hot weather
  26. Habits: licking her lips, saying something very random to break awkward/intense silences (though if the situation is really serious she'd keep her mouth shut), slapping the nearest person while laughing
  28. Languages: Korean and English
  30. Face Claim: Arin - Oh My Girl
  31. Backup Face Claim: Yoojung - Weki Meki
  32. Relationships with other slots: -
  33. Requested scenes: Just one in which she asks Minho to describe her in one word, and millions of words run through his head, all along the lines of stupid, annoying, crazy, but the first thing he blurts out is 'Mine'.
  36. Reason for Phobia: Even as a child, she experienced frequent episodes of sleep paralysis, in which she always saw a clown standing in the corner of her room. Sometimes he would be laughing or standing much closer to her bed. Once she hallucinated a clown stabbing her repeatedly while laughing maniacally, and she couldn't even scream despite the intense pain. Although it later turned out that her appendix had actually burst, those images still haunt her.
  38. First Impression of Love Interest: cold, quiet and distant is what she thinks of him on their first encounter, though she believes that there is more to him than what meets the eye, which makes her curious and determined to get him to open up.
  40. Interactions: She makes several attempts to strike up a conversation but is always shot down as she's met with short, curt replies and sometimes no response, which annoys her. She constantly teases and bothers him, and he mocks her in retaliation, which may end up in a few verbal battles, sometimes leading to those 2 trying to strangle each other, though Miyoung is never really serious in these fights. As time passes by, Minho warms up to her and they talk often and begin to get along, though there are still some exchanges of taunts and jabs.
  42. Relationship: At first, Minho can't stand her and she gets irritated by his lack of appropriate response. Though they slowly start to get along and Minho's cold exterior starts to melt a little, and Miyoung's facade starts to falter. They both still bicker here and there but still care deeply about one another, though they have their own different ways to show their concern and affection. They begin to show sides of themselves which they normally wouldn't show.
  44. Trivia:
  45. - her (real) laugh has no sound
  46. - has the appetite of a blue whale but never gains weight
  47. - being the extra ass she is, she often quotes books and movies to emphasize her words, even while answering a yes/no questiom
  48. - clumsy enough to trip several times on smooth, leveled ground
  49. - has very creative ways of showing the middle finger
  50. - has very exaggerated facial expressions and hand gestures
  51. - is the type of person to say the dumbest things on the planet at ungodly hours such as 3 am
  52. - still sometimes experiences sleep paralysis
  54. How dedicated am i to this Applyfic: dedicated enough to sacrifice my sleep and rewrite the entire form after accidentally deleting all the text at least 3 times (I'm not exaggerating)
  55. Message to You: I love your story, the plot seems really interesting and the format makes it look even cooler. Also I tried to make my form as interesting and unique as possible, pretty sure I failed but yeah I hope you like it
  56. Have I abided by all the Rules: Yes
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