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  1. +++++++++++++++
  2. +++THE SWORD+++
  3. +++++++++++++++
  5. Blaz's main weapon, Zarach is still capable of delivering a 4 hit combo, and is still the best melee weapon compared to the other heroes. Hitting reload will POWER UP the sword, allowing Blaz to unleash an augmented sword combo, landing blows with this will heal his wounds. draws from his only resource pool, SPIRIT. Spirit can be regained from striking enemies with subweapons or Zarach, as well picking up gems.
  7. Special moves:
  8. Holding attack will ready Blaz's sword to be thrown, throwing the sword does a lot of damage but Blaz will have to retrieve his weapon, or wait for his magic scabbard to kick in and call his sword back (takes 20 seconds), throwing the sword when it's powered is far more devastating, but it can NOT be recovered, forcing Blaz to wait. When unarmed, Blaz is capable of throwing devastating punches, keeping him still in the fight, but punching will NOT generate spirit gauge.
  10. Blaz is also capable of using his throw chain to pull in distant foes with the zoom key, this will be his most reliable solution when it comes to ranged targets
  13. All of Blaz's subweapons return, albeit with a new nuance to them: They are no longer unlimited in use (technically), each subweapon will have a set amount of uses before needing to be restocked, Blaz's enchanted pouch is capable of doing this, it just takes time, restocking times vary between subweapons. Picking up the same subweapon up will give Blaz extra subweapons to throw before needing to restock.
  15. Instead of item crashes, when Blaz powers his sword up, he can unleash SWORD TECHNIQUES, depending on his currently equipped subweapon, these don't consume spirit but each has a cooldown after being used and are mainly there to offer additional utility while Blaz's sword is powered up
  17. DAGGER: 1000 CUTS
  18. Blaz unleashes a flurry of strikes that inflict rapid flinch before ending with a dramatic sweep, blasting his foes back
  21. Powerul upwards slash that fires a wave of energy out in front of Blaz, if performed in the air, Blaz will ascend upwards
  24. Close range flaming sword strike, leaves small lingering flames even if Blaz misses, if he lands with this, an intense plume of flame erupts out, burning everything within a small radius
  27. Powerful spin attack, primarily a defensive move, blasts projectiles and monsters away
  30. Blaz slides forward at high speeds, plunging forward with his sword, (essentially the stinger from Devil May Cry), if Blaz slides forward long enough, the strike will cause an explosion on hit, useful for sliding around at high speeds as well
  32. ++++++++++++++++
  33. +++THE BLAZTER+++
  34. ++++++++++++++++
  36. Even though Blaz has lost the ability to power his arm cannon up, it's still a useful and flexible ranged weapon, though somewhere along the way, Blaz lost his immunity to his subshots, so caution will need to be exercised
  38. tapping primary fire will unleash weak buster pellets that travel a short distance before vanishing, this firing mode is pretty inaccurate and the pellets will have a spread to them. The weapon can still be charged but it has a bit of a kick now, this can be used to Blaz's advantage as firing it in the air and aiming downwards will propel him up.
  40. (NOT SURE WHAT TO DO ABOUT RELOAD AND ZOOM RIGHT NOW, considering making reload toggle between two charge modes, HYPER and CHARGE, HYPER would be the super charge mode seen in R-type 3, where the main cannon is overloaded to fire bursting projectiles before cooling down, unable to charge or fire subshots for a set time. Zoom could perhaps prep a single spike like the charge shot for the dart mode in old GMOTA, allowing for a slow, slightly cumbersome long ranged attack if the player needs it!)
  42. Blaz's subshots all return but they're nerfed quite heavily, as well as inflicting self damage. They too operate on an ammo system, needing time to be restocked before Blaz can fire
  44. ROLLING BOMB: Still lobs out a big nasty bomb that clatters along the ground, but now it no longer pierces through monsters, idles for a few moments before exploding, giving Blaz time to get the hell out of the blast radius
  46. CLUSTER MISSILE: Now on hit it explodes rapidly in the air in a tight clustered pattern, no longer scatters bomblets.
  48. SCATTERSHOT: the only real buff, increased range, a tighter spread.
  50. ++++++++++++++++++++
  52. ++++++++++++++++++++
  54. Main weapon spawns are now upgrade items that unlock different abilities and skills for each hero
  56. Chainsaw:
  58. shotgun: sword throw
  59. Upon picking up this ability, Blaz can now hold the secondary attack button and ready his sword to throw it.
  61. Super shotgun: charge attack
  62. Blaz can now hold primary fire to focus his attack into a three pronged slash wave, while the attack doesn't rip, it still hits like a strong and has impressive range. Charging with no sword lets Blaz perform a powerful rising uppercut
  64. Minigun: Blazter bolts
  65. the Blazter will now fire one accurate shot each time Blaz begins firing, though repeat shots will return things back to its normal inaccuracy
  67. Rocket launcher: charge buster
  68. The Blazter can now be charged by holding primary fire (what a surprise there)
  70. Plasma gun: HYPER buster
  71. The Blazter unlocks a new ability, charging the buster up to full capacity transforms the weapon into the heavy cannon form, granting Blaz a few seconds for rapid fire attacks that deal splash damage, after the change times out, the Blazter needs to cool off, leaving Blaz unable to charge his weapon or use subshots
  73. BFG: secret techniques
  74. The shining knight is no more, instead upon picking up an unleasher, Blaz gains a new meter that builds upon dealing damage to enemies. After filling the meter you gain a stock for a secret tech. Pressing the use item key readies the attack and pressing either fire button triggers it. If Blaz has his sword, he can unleash a devestating slash that hits his foes so hard that everything else on screen feels it (Bringing back the old BFG cleave attack). If he is unarmed, readying a tech allows Blaz to perform the 100 crack fist, throwing out a series of rapid punches that actually fire out etheral ghost fists (bringing back the fist item crash with a new spin)
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