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  1. One of the biggest difference for me is that, fortunately, most fetuses don't suffer horrific pain and indignity prior to their execution. While some of them may feel pain during an abortion (I guess the science is unclear), they almost certainly don't possess conscious self-awareness. Conscious self-awareness doesn't really develop until _months after birth_, which is why, if one is consistent, they will find themselves forced to defend legal infanticide.\n\nSo I would say that the horrors of slavery are far worse due to the conscious torment they caused.\n\nBut I think both are horrific and there are a lot of valid comparisons to make. \n\nA culture that so effectively and completely dehumanizes the powerless _Other_ that many in society not only unabashedly accept horrific cruelty to the _Other_, but have the audacity to scold those who choose to defend them? \n\nTheir sloganeering and arguments are also frighteningly similar:\n\n- The [slave / fetus] is not a human being!\n- Don't like [slavery / abortion]?! Then don't get one! \n- How _dare_ you try to tell another person what to do with their own [body / property]?\n- If these [slaves are freed / children are born] they will be subjected to a life of abject poverty! Indeed, we are doing a kindness to the [unwanted child / slave].\n- It's the law of the land. You are trying to undermine the rights that SCOTUS guaranteed us in the [Roe v Wade / Dred Scott] decision!\n- Being forced to [free slaves / have children] will have a deleterious effect on the lives and economic well being of [slaveholders / women]! Do you care nothing for them?\n- Stop trying to legislate your own private morality!\n\nThe dark heart of both slavery and abortion is dehumanization. Not one of those slogans or \"arguments\" would have any force without first dehumanizing the victim.\n\nThere is a reason this image was so iconic and powerful during the abolition movement:\n\n\n\nI pray that one day this will be seen in the same way:\n\n"
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