Jan 14th, 2020
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  1. The night before was something of a blur to the vigilante from Gotham, due to her business in New York, there had been a party in honor of someone she had never met before. Helena only chose to attend this party as a sign of good faith, though it was due in part to something about a connection that her father had, she couldn’t quite remember all the details right now. All she could think about was why everything was so goddamn loud.
  3. “Ms. Bertinelli, you had a phone call. You’re wanted back at the Avengers Tower, I believe it was called. The woman on the phone sounded quite serious.” Helena grumbled as Woodhouse came, uninvited, into her room, though to be fair it was nearly eleven in the morning. “Thank you, give me a few minutes to get ready and we’ll head on over.” Helena said as she slowly peeled herself from the comfort of her bed, walking over to her dresser. Pantless, Helena dug out a pair of black leggings and one of those amazingly comfortable oversized shirts. It was the perfect outfit for someone who was nursing an irritating hangover.
  5. Walking passed the mirror, she caught a glimpse of her reflection and stopped. Slender digits plucked a hair tie from the dresser and pulled her hair up into one of those overly messy ponytails. Not caring about her appearance since this was just a get together of whatever kind. It was odd to be called in the middle of the day like this, but this beat having to go to any of the meetings she was scheduled to go to.
  7. Helena picked her phone up from the dresser, swiped to unlock it and send out an email to everyone. Responses came back quickly and nearly everyone had forgotten about it. “Idiots, I work with idiots.” A sigh of relief passed, typing up the date and time of the meeting. Reading it over a couple of times, everything looked fine and she hit send. Hitting the lock button, Helena placed the phone on one side of her bra --- including a switchblade. (She never went anywhere without some kind of weapon on her person. Safety precautions and all.)
  9. Woodhouse was waiting for her at the front of the building, standing by the passenger door. He opened the door once he saw her approaching the car. “Before we go to the Tower, I am in desperate need of some hangover food. Starbucks, please.” The man nodded his head and closed the door once Helena was safely tucked inside.
  11. The coffee shop wasn’t too far away and thankfully the line wasn’t that bad for a change. “Keep the car running, I won’t be long.” Was said to the driver as the vigilante let herself out of the car and headed over to the front door. Once inside the establishment, she went straight for the counter to order the much needed nourishment.
  13. Moments later Helena exited the building and made her way back to the car. Woodhouse had rolled down his window as Helena approached, she had gotten him a coffee and handed it over to him as a gesture of goodwill. “Oh, Ms. Bertinelli, thank you.” The man smiled, showing his thanks even more. With a simple smile and nod, she turned to the passenger door and got inside. In a matter of seconds the car was put into drive and they were on their way.
  15. The drive to the Tower wasn’t long, but Helena decided to take a detour just so she could finish the chocolate chip cookie she bought. Not exactly breakfast related, but it was close enough and come on --- it was chocolate. “I’ll call you when I need a ride. Take the day to yourself until then.” The man nodded, rolling up his window before taking off again. She sighed, bringing the coffee to her lips; blowing on it lightly before taking a sip from the cup. There was no rush to get inside, clearly this little meeting wouldn’t start until everyone was there.
  17. Azure optics glanced up at the building, simply admiring how tall it was. “Someone must’ve been compensating for something.” Her words making herself laugh over something that clearly was a lame remark. Coffee in hand, she finally stopped procrastinating and turned to enter the Tower.
  19. At the front desk there was a man monitoring the entrance, he stopped Helena and asked her what business she had here. Once she told him what was up, he nodded and let her go. Apparently he was given instructions to guide anyone that had gotten a call from Maria Hill. He showed her where the elevator was and gave her instructions on where to go from there. She nodded, thanked the man and went on her way.
  21. Casually sipping on her coffee, she had the urge to press every button in this elevator --- something Helena would never admit to anyone. Refraining from being a child, she pressed the corresponding button and let the elevator do its thing.
  23. The door would open once reaching the appropriate floor, stepping out of the metal box and going in the direction she was told to go. Her curious gaze wandered around the floor as she scanned about for the place everyone was supposedly meeting in. Slowly approaching the door, Helena heard the sound of muttering voices; all of which were trying to figure out one thing: why were they here? The woman opened the door and let herself in, noticing the room full of some unfamiliar faces. Helena kept quiet and found an empty seat by an opened window.
  25. Just as she had finished taking a sip of her coffee, Maria Hill had entered the room with all of her called in guests. The way she carried herself indicated that something was very off and her tone had proven that. Curiosity nearly getting the better of her --- scratch that, she was more anxious as to what in the world was up and she hated when people had to beat around the bush. This wasn’t the case, clearly she was building up the tension in the room to read everyone’s reactions. The moment she spoke of a murder, the room went dead silent.
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