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  1. In retrospect it might have been a little dumb to use that handle. He'd checked things out some and found out that "Shinobu" meant "endurance" in Japanese, so he'd picked it up as a kind of dirty joke, and to sound exotic. He'd never expected to actually get a date, so it was a little embarrassing to have a Japanese name when one look at him would tell anyone he wasn't Asian. But she was an Elf. Elves didn't get picky with that kind of thing.
  2. Her name, or at least her handle, was Rebecca, a Wood Elf with eyes the colour of soaked spruce needles, long, blond curls and she wore flowers in her hair, like Elves often did. And she'd been less interested in his real name than an Amazon was in how to put on a hijab. Elves, especially Wood Elves, enjoyed casual sex with far greater liberty than most human women did, and Rebecca seemed to be very much interested in him. Which was good. Shinobu hadn't had much luck with human women. None whatsoever to be precise. Losing your boyhood to a Wood Elf you met online didn't seem like such a bad prospect to him. At least he'd have something to brag about.
  3. Rebecca had said she'd prefer to take him out to some grove to make love inna woods, in the heart of Nature and under the Sun, Moon and Stars, as she herself put it, but since it was winter, that wasn't really an option, unless he wanted to try spending the weekend in an igloo. He hadn't wanted that, and so they agreed to have their little get-together at her place. When he'd asked where she lived, she'd replied "A little ways off", which made sense, she was an Elf, a Wood Elf, she'd live far from the urban sprawl, sure. Thing is, he didn't have a car and she assured him there wasn't a bus he could take there. Rather than having him waste money on a taxi, she said she could pick him up someplace, and so they'd agreed to have a rendezvous at a coffee shop. That's where Shinobu was now, dressed in some comfy, worn out jeans, a pair of even more worn - but recently washed - sneakers, and his most badass piece of clothing, a black leather jacket. Topping off his apparel was treasured item his mother had made him for him when he entered high school, something he had only started to wear AFTER graduating, a wool cap with the MetalMorphosis logo on it.
  5. It had been fifteen minutes since he'd showed up with his backpack, wherein he had a change of underwear, his toothbrush, some razors - these he'd bought before coming here just in case there was nowhere to plug his electric razor, which, in hindsight, was stupid, what with him meeting her on the internet and all - a towel and a very carefully concealed pack of condoms. He knew Elves preferred to either use no protection or just drink some special herbal tea after the act, but he brought them along just in case. He also realized he'd forgotten the charged to his phone at home, and it was too late to go back for it.
  6. Having downed his first cup, Shinobu suddenly realized he needed to use the bathroom. Damn coffee. Damn nervous bladder.
  7. Having relieved himself, he gazed into the mirror while washing his hands. Chestnut hair, washed up nicely earlier today, his face shaved clean... ehh, dark bags under his blue eyes, he hadn't gotten much sleep. Last night had been hard for him. At first he'd thought he would jerk off while thinking about Rebecca and the things they'd do together all weekend, but then he'd gotten worried he might not live up to his "name" and decided to save up. He was getting antsy.
  9. Exiting the restroom he saw her right away. She was dressed in those cute fuck me -boots, some much newer and much tighter jeans than his, and a quilted jacket with a fur collar. Butterflies suddenly became ravenous in Shinobu's stomach as he looked at her, seated at the table he'd left his bag at, tapping the counter with those long nails of hers, ordering some green tea... and seeing him. She smiled. Her ears made a cute little twitch, like she was waving at him. So nervous he almost tripped on his own feet, he made his way to the table and greeted her.
  10. 'Hi' he said, smiling so hard his face hurt, feeling a blush come on. She was eyeing him up from head to toe, intently. She wasn't shy at all, that was obvious. Elves usually were pretty outgoing, weren't they?
  11. 'Hi there yourself' she said, resting her face on her palm, and then going quiet. She barely flinched while staring at him.
  12. I must look like a deer in the headlights, thought Shinobu.
  13. 'I guess we haven't really been introduced properly, since this is our first meeting' she noted.
  14. 'Oh, uhh, yeah'
  15. 'Rebecca' she said, offering her hand.
  16. 'Shinobu' he said, shaking it. His palms were all sweaty. Hers weren't.
  17. 'And here I thought you'd be a real gentleman and kiss my hand and go "Enchante" or something' she said, returning her hand to the tapping.
  18. 'Oh. Sorry' he said, too nervous to realize it had been a joke until he'd already embarrassed himself.
  19. 'You're adorable' she pointed out.
  20. This time he went red up to his ears.
  21. 'Really?'
  22. 'Yeah. Like, I can tell this is your first time'
  23. That shows?
  24. 'Oh don't look so shocked, Elves have a sixth sense when it comes to these things. You ordering something? I'll finish my tea before we go'
  25. 'Oh, uhh, yeah, I'll... I'll have more coffee...'
  27. It was only after finishing his coffee he realized what a dumb idea that had been. They would be driving for a while, asking her to pull over so he could go relieve himself would be a real mood killer. But it was too late for that, and too soon to go empty up again. But she'd said he was adorable. That was something.
  28. 'Shall we?' she asked when they were both done.
  29. 'Ahh, sure...'
  30. 'As a gentleman, I assume you'll pay?'
  31. Oh.
  32. 'Ahh, sure, sure'
  33. Some smooth operator he was. Shinobu paid the bill and followed Rebecca to the alleged car. The darn thing looked completely run down, it was all cubic and shit. Most cars didn't have sharp shapes like that anymore. Even he knew that, and he didn't know anything about cars. He threw his back to his feet as he sat down on the front and noticed that it smelled like cigarette smoke in there. Rebecca must've realized he had noticed this, since her first comment upon entering the car was to point out it wasn't hers.
  34. 'If you look to the backseat, you'll see last week's menu for my friend Trish' she said, nodding back. Looking there, he spied hamburger wrappers and beer cans. Lots of them.
  35. 'I don't want to sound like a racist or nothing, but is your friend a...'
  36. 'An Ogre'
  37. 'Oh, okay. I'd have guessed Oni'
  38. 'There's more Ogres in the world than Oni, why'd you guess that?'
  39. 'Guess I'm just... kinda quirky'
  40. Nice save.
  41. She smiled at his comment and they drove off into the night.
  43. Roads got smaller and less well kept as time passed, there was less traffic around them and less lights and buildings to the sides of the road, until they were on a bumpy dirt road that wound its way through forest that seemed to get thicker and darker the further they went. Of course it being nine in the evening in November might have had something to do with it.
  44. Throughout the drive they kept talk to a minimum, but Rebecca had turned on the radio, which at first began to play some antique cassette put in by the Ogre called Trish, consisting of what sounded like Lich Metal from the 80's. They both agreed it was better leave that be and listen to the bland stuff that was on whatever station they happened to pick up first.
  45. And then they were there, at 21:13, or so the clock on the radio claimed. "There" of course, referring to what looked to be a gate.
  46. 'A gate?' he asked, surprised.
  47. 'Uh-huh. For elk. And wolves and bears. There's a proper chain link fence all around the place, with a little razor wire up top. It's over two meters high' Rebecca said, grinning.
  48. 'I thought Elves were in touch with nature and stuff' Shinobu said, feeling a little uneasy at this revelation.
  49. 'Being in touch with nature doesn't mean wild animals turn tame like that' she said, snapping her fingers for emphasis.
  50. 'But you are a vegetarian and stuff?'
  51. 'Vegan, sure'
  52. With that comment she left the car, ran to the fence and opened the lock of a door in it, went inside, closed the door behind her, then unlocked the gate and slid it open, ran back in the car, drove in, then rushed out again to close and lock the gate.
  53. 'Word of warning, cell reception here is totally... nonexistent' she pointed out, and picking his up Shinobu noticed that she was telling the truth. Oh well, not like he'd need to call anyone...
  55. It was dark out and there wasn't a light anywhere, so only the car's headlights gave a hint as to what was inside this fence, but he did see enough shapes to be able to deduce that there were several sizable buildings here. Probably like, barns and stuff.
  56. They drove up to a garage, the door of which Rebecca slipped out of the car to open. When Shinobu stepped out of the car, she told him they'd go inside the main building through the garage, and so they did.
  57. Shinobu was glad to get into a part of the building that had some kind of heating going on. The car had been so busted that the seats had been cold, and the long drive had left him shivering. More than that, he wished very, very sincerely that it wasn't an outhouse they used in this place.
  58. 'Umm, Rebecca?'
  59. 'Yeah?'
  60. 'Do you have an indoor toilet?'
  61. 'Sure'
  62. Thank you Amaterasu.
  63. 'Okay, where...?'
  64. 'It's right there, the door under the stairs, no, turn left, left'
  65. Left he turned, and rushed in. Immense relief was immense. His stomach was downright upset from the long, nerve-wracking drive. Throughout it he had put everything that was to come out of mind and just stared into the nothingness outside the window and listened to the nonsense coming out of the radio, but now that he was finally HERE, it was getting a little overwhelming. A part of him wished he could just bed her already and get the first time over with. But there was a rhythm to the things. Washing his hands he noticed that the dark rings under his eyes were gone. What a delight, he was pretty as a picture again!
  66. Emerging from the toilet he was led down the corridor to a large living room, from whence came the obvious sounds of TV. Someone else was here? Well obviously there was, this was too big a place for Rebecca alone.
  68. In the living room was Trish the Ogre, drinking beer by the case, wearing a pair of shorts and a dirty tank top, watching some show that looked like it was about a bunch of Kunoichi in rubber suits fighting against horny Tentacles, laughing her ass off.
  69. Shinobu had seen some Ogres before, of course. Back in school they were always to be found in basketball or football teams. They grew big and strong quickly, and only grew bigger and stronger when they got older. Trish was a sizable specimen alright, even though she was slumped down with her feet on the table, he could tell she was at least 220cm tall, and that's not counting her horns, neither of which had a single chip he could see. Being dressed as she was, Trish also lent herself for some careful study of the anatomy of a fit Ogre. She was obviously in great shape, the muscles on her legs, arms and shoulders were all clearly defined and had no flab to cover them, but she didn't have any bulging veins or any of that gross stuff. Shinobu could also tell that her breasts and ass had managed to somehow grab most of her fat deposits, and he was quite certain that she'd be a good lay. Her hair was tied in a pony tail that reached below her shoulder blades, the fangs protruding from her lower jaw were white and shiny, oh yes. She was quite a sight. And she saw him staring.
  70. 'You 'mirin' brah?' asked she, and the question confused him.
  71. 'You thick? I asked if you're 'mirin' this!' she snapped at him, gesturing to her body with the hand that wasn't holding a bottle.
  72. 'I, uhh, guess I was' he mumbled. He didn't want to piss her off.
  73. 'Well don't be shy, you obviously like what you see, and you're supposed to!' she said happily, removing a cork from one the bottles with her bare hands tossing it to him. To his surprise Shinobu caught it in the air without spilling much.
  74. 'T-thanks' he mumbled, and Rebecca hit him in the back.
  75. 'You two play nice, I need to go change. Shin, let me get those...'
  76. Rebecca took his back and coat and asked him to kick of his shoes so she could go take those away and then she scurried off somewhere. Shinobu was left with no other choice than to sit on the sofa with the Ogre, but luckily for him there was plenty of room and he didn't feel too awkward. The show on TV was getting lewder by the minute though, and the beer he was drinking made him feel a little less reserved. Trish sure didn't seem to mind his presence.
  78. 'So you're the new squeeze, huh?' she asked all of a sudden, eyeing him up.
  79. 'I, uhh...'
  80. 'You're a real cutie. Like a deer in the headlights. Or a Bunny Girl about to get raped by some guy with a big cock' she said. He wasn't quite sure whether the last bit was meant as a joke or if it was an accurate metaphor. But at least she liked him.
  81. 'So you, uhh, live here?' he tried to make conversation.
  82. 'Suuuure~' she said, chuckling a little.
  83. They went quiet for a bit. What was keeping Rebecca?
  84. 'This shit's getting boring' Trish said, turning off the TV. 'Gimme some sugar' she added, manoeuvring herself so she was up close and personal with him. In fact, she covered his view of the rest of the room with her bosom, spread her legs on both sides of his body and gently but firmly removed the beer from his hands, emptied it in her mouth without swallowing, forced his face upwards and then kissed him, forcing the beer down his gullet, with a lot of tongue to go with it.
  85. Shinobu was immediately aware of very few sensations at the moment. One was the smell of sweat, cigarettes and alcohol on the Ogre. A very strong smell, but not an unpleasant one. Intoxicating, actually. The second sensation was her tongue and lips, which were quite violent in their explorations of his mouth. The third was an erection so hard it ached.
  86. And then their lips parted and she stared into his face with a grin primordial man must have associated with the immediate threat of being eaten in one way or another. He'd quite forgotten about Rebecca at this point.
  88. 'Trish, get off him' came a cool, collected voice. The voice of a woman, but not Rebecca's.
  89. The Ogre frowned and turned to look at the intruder.
  90. 'I was just having a bit of sport' she said in a whiny voice, but climbed off of him obediently, allowing Shinobu to look at his saviour. To his surprise, it was someone who would be expected to offer a more spiritual form of salvation than this.
  91. A Dark Priestess, a kind of Succubus, if he remembered correctly, but one devoted to religious... stuff. She had the familiar, thick spadetail of the Succubi, and the horns, but no wings. Her hair was shoulder length and in two braids of such a deep tinge of red it couldn't be natural. Her face was stuck in a very stern expression, but even this left her quite adorable, thanks to her freckles, dimples and the big, round glasses that gave her the look of absolute innocence. Contrary to that though, was her shapely body, hidden under what was quite obviously a bathrobe and slippers, with nothing underneath. Her cup size must've been in the double D's, and the rump under her tail was one of those asses that seemed to have been sculpted by the gods for the sole purpose of sitting on a man's face. Even though she had her robe tightly tied, it was obvious her thighs and hips were equally soft and... and she was looking at his tent pole.
  92. If Shinobu could've blushed any more, he would've. All he knew and believed in said that he should be shooting blood out of his nose by now, but he wasn't.
  94. 'H-hi' greeted he meekly, waving his hand a little, but the Priestess merely nodded at him, then turned back to the Ogre.
  95. 'If you've got the energy to do that kind of thing, why don't you go get dressed properly?' she rebuked her.
  96. To Shinobu's surprise, Trish shrugged without a word and left. Apparently this little Priestess was above her in the pecking order. And then he realized he'd almost been raped. Kind of.
  97. 'Thanks' he said.
  98. 'Hm?'
  99. 'I said thanks'
  100. 'Oh, you're welcome. You really ought to be more careful you know. I heard from Rev about you two. Getting together with some stranger over the internet for a get-together to have sex and then letting them take you to a place like this? Geez, it's like you're asking for it...'
  101. She didn't look old enough to be lecturing him like that, but he found her words to be truthful. In retrospect, this had really been a dumb idea.
  102. 'W-well, lucky me that you were here, eh?'
  103. 'Hmm. Well, you just... you just get upstairs already. Rebecca's room is the last one up there, go on, get going...'
  104. Shinobu got up rushed to the stairs. He noticed that the house was built a little funny. Based on where the garage, vestibule and living room were, the kitchen was obviously to the right from where he'd come from, but when he got up and saw how long the corridor up here was, it seemed like a part of the house was missing downstairs. Unless Rebecca's room was built over nothing like a balcony, there should have been another room under it. Or maybe he was really, really nervous and his brains were trying to come up with stuff for him to think about so he wouldn't have to deal with what had just happened. Ogres were scary. Passing the second door up here, he heard her voice humming something. She was actually right there. He shuddered to think about it.
  105. Reaching Rebecca's door, he knocked. He had to. It was a girl's room.
  106. 'In here, mi amor!' she replied with a sing-song voice. Somebody was in a good mood...
  108. Stepping in Shinobu found that the room was not lit by regular lamps, but dim red ones, all ambient and stuff. The kind meant to get them in the mood, eh?
  109. And then he noticed the bed. The bed was huge, and it had four ornamental pillars holing up like a canopy, and there were curtains and could be drawn around it, and there were frilly pillows, and an Elf. Rebecca lay on the bed sideways, resting her head on one hand while playing with pieces of chocolate candy in a heart-shaped case with the other. She had undergone a sort of transformation during her absence. Her clothing was reminiscent of gothic lolitas in many ways, with frills and lace everywhere. The clothing itself consisted of dark stockings that reached almost all the way up her thighs, a garter belt, a frilly black petticoat, a sort of bodice or corset, and gloves that reached to her biceps, looking like a spider's web, with laces around the wrists that made her hands look like they emerged from within black flower petals. Her hair had been somehow straightened in this short time, and there was a small, black hat on her head, with a veil that covered her face down to just above her lips, which had been painted a deep purple, as had her nails. She'd been busy.
  110. 'Do close the door, dear' she said in a half whisper, and he did, leaving the room even darker. There was a sort of click when he closed it, but he barely registered this. He was going to get laid so good.
  111. 'Now, now! Don't just stand there, do undress!' she egged him on, and she didn't have to tell him twice, his hoodie was already gone, and soon his pants were down. He struggled a little with his socks before removing the shirt and boxers, but by the time he did, he was properly hard and ready to jump in bed with her.
  112. But something held him back. He felt too much in awe to merely give in to his animal lust now that she was so dressed up for him.
  113. 'Oh don't be shy now, do come recline by my side' she said, and something about the way she spoke just... seemed off. There was something else too, something he couldn't quite put his finger on...
  114. But he obeyed nonetheless and lied down on the bed by her side. Well, almost by her side. There was a lot of space and he was a little nervous.
  115. 'Oh dear, I must help you relax, I fear, ufufufu~"
  116. Her laughter at the silly rhyme soothed him, and he didn't resist when she directed his arms wider to his sides, above his head. He didn't resist when she pulled out a long ribbon of silk either, or when she gently but firmly tied his right hand to the bedpost. Or when she did it to his left hand. Having secured him, she playfully ran her finger on his chest.
  117. 'You're quite hairless up here' she noted, running her fingers to his armpit, where the ticklish sensation caused him to giggle stupidly.
  118. 'But there some here...' she noted. 'Mmhm. And down here, too...'
  119. With that last comment she reached for his crotch and twirled his pubic hair around her fingers.
  120. 'My, oh my. You're almost androgynously cute up there, but all man down here... juuuuust peeerfeeect~'
  121. She whispered those last long notes to his ear and smacked her lips a little. The hot air and wet sounds in his ear made his cock twitch and his hips wriggle a little.
  122. 'Oh my, let me finish what I started...' she said, and slipped away to finish the spread-eagle and attach his ankles to the bedposts. Despite the size of the bed, he was tall enough to be tied in this manner without using up very long stretches of the ribbons, he noticed. But he was getting too horny for his own good.
  123. 'Hey, Rebecca...' he began, but the Elf pressed her fingers on his lips and hushed him.
  124. 'You will address me as Duchess here, Taro' she said.
  125. What?
  126. 'M-my name's Shinobu...' he said, even though it wasn't. But neither was Taro.
  127. 'Oh no, Taro, that's all wrong. I decide your name, not you, you silly boy' she said, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.
  128. Just what was this all about? Elves were sexually liberal, sure, but were they normally this kinky? Not Wood Elves, that's for sure... but... Huh. NOW he noticed what he hadn't quite realized in the poor illumination that dyed everything red. Her skin wasn't the pale pink that he'd gotten used to with Rebecca. Her skin was... Amazon Chocolate, as best as he could tell. The red lights made it hard to tell the exact hue, but it was definitely brown.
  129. No way. This was not happening.
  130. 'Oh, you DO make such an adorable face when you're afraid, Taro' she cooed, running her hands along his chest to his face, then coming in close to his ear for another intimate whisper.
  131. 'That's right, I'm a Dark Elf. And my name wasn't Rebecca any more than yours was Shinobu. But I did think it quite funny, that you would use a name like that, so I made my own little joke with my profile. Do you know what "Rebecca" means?'
  132. He shook his head, too dumbstruck to say anything.
  133. 'It means "snare". I think I lived up to my name, no? Now we'll see if you live up to yours'
  134. She gave a flick to the tip of his cock after saying this, causing him to exhale sharply.
  135. 'This isn't funny, let me go'
  136. She leaned back from him.
  137. 'I daresay, Taro, you're not a very good boy, not a good boy at all, in fact!'
  138. Her voice was playful, but there was a hint of danger there. Of course there was, in a situation like this. He had to stop this.
  139. 'Let me go!' he said firmly. Yes. That would do it.
  140. 'Tsk, tsk. I don't think you quite understand the situation you're in, Taro'
  141. He tried to pull himself free, and realized that the ribbons held him in place quite well.
  142. 'Do you know what Taro means, by the way?' she asked suddenly.
  143. 'No!'
  144. 'It's made up of two characters, one meaning "thick" or "big", the other meaning "son". I like to think it's my way of calling you Big Boy. Ufufufu~'
  145. She gave another flick to the tip of his penis.
  146. 'Ow! Stop that!'
  147. 'Is that any way for a big boy to talk to his Duchess? Hmm? I don't think it is! I think I've been very fair and patient in explaining your situation to you Taro, but I guess you want to do this the hard way. Oh, don't get me wrong, I do love the hard way... but you won't, I promise!'
  148. She giggled after this and picked up one of the chocolates she'd been playing with.
  149. 'Open up Taro, say "aahhh"!' she ordered.
  150. He didn't open his mouth. That thing was obviously poisoned somehow.
  151. 'Hmm, and here we go again...'
  152. She did the simplest thing she could, and shut his nose with her fingers. Eventually he had to open his mouth to breath, and when he did, the chocolate went in. He refused to bite down on it. He tried to spit it out, but then she put her other hand over his mouth and sat on his belly. If he wanted to breathe, he would have to do what she wanted. There didn't seem to be any way out of this, and so he reluctantly bit down on it.
  153. The insides tasted even better than the exterior. Whatever it was that he consumed, at least it didn't taste bad.
  154. 'And now we wait' she said, getting off of him and removing her hat and veil, revealing the domino mask underneath. She'd been hiding that with good reason, it looked quite menacing now.
  155. She took the chocolates off the bed and put them on a table, after which she pulled out some candles. No way.
  156. 'The drug I just gave you' she began, placing three candles on a golden candlestick, 'was not an aphrodisiac, like you might expect. There's different drugs in different candies in this one, and the one I gave you will just... make you FEEL more'
  157. Shinobu didn't like the way she put emphasis on feel.
  159. 'It'll be a while until it takes effect' she said, putting down the candlestick. 'So we'll do a little hygiene maintenance first...'
  160. She produced a package of some kind. When it came closer, he recognized it to be his new razor and the foam. Wait...
  161. 'W-what did you do with my stuff?' he asked.
  162. 'Oh it's safe. Now don't wriggle, I don't want to nick any veins here...'
  163. She sprayed the foam, which felt quite cold against his skin, to his armpits and crotch, and then began to spread it in rough strokes.
  164. 'Stop that!'
  165. 'Mmh, no'
  166. She grinned when she brought the razor toward his armpit. Shinobu struggled with all his might one last time, but the ribbons didn't give way at all.
  167. 'You do realize they're arachne silk, yes? Silly little Taro. Humans can't break arachne silk' she explained to him in the tone of a kindergarten teacher trying to explain the rules of Monopoly to a Wurm.
  168. That was that then.
  169. 'And here we go...'
  170. It was a humiliating and infuriatingly frustrating experience to have his armpits shaved like that. She shaved him against the grain, then wiped the foam away. With both pits done, she turned to his pubic area.
  171. 'Mmhm, you know a waxing would have been more fun...' she whined as the razor came in contact with his skin. With a couple strokes she cleaned up the hair above his genitals, and around his balls, and finally the pubes on his sack were all that was left. Shinobu shut his eyes tightly and sent Ammy a prayer that the Dark Elf's hand wouldn't slip.
  172. It didn't. When the process was over, he realized he'd been holding his breath. He began to breathe heavily to make up for lost time, causing the damned Elf to giggle again.
  173. 'Aww, is Taro scared? Good! You should be!'
  174. She wiped the foam off his ballsack, making him squirm at the ticklish sensation. He wasn't this sensitive, dammit!
  175. 'Eheheh' escaped his lips.
  176. 'Ooh, it's working already, is it?' she cooed. 'The drug I mentioned... oh you're going to love this!'
  178. She slipped off of him and dug something up. A cooler. Inside of which was... a bag of ice.
  179. She grinned like a Cheshire serial rapist in a horror movie.
  180. 'Oh my, these ARE cold... brrr!'
  181. She removed a cube and brought it to his belly. It WAS cold.
  182. 'S-stop that!'
  183. 'Tsk, tsk' she said, running it to his side. That part was more sensitive than the belly even under normal circumstances, but now... the cold made him wriggle around. Everything made him wriggle around. It was ticklish and cold and he wanted it to stop, but it didn't.
  184. Rebecca ran the cube up to his armpit let it stay there just long enough for him be very much discomforted by it, then ran it up the inside of his bicep, then removed it from his skin and dropped it in his bellybutton.
  185. 'Take it out!'
  186. 'No'
  187. She produced a cloth that... oh. A blindfold. There was no need for explanations here. She blindfolded him so he couldn't see where the next attack would hit.
  188. 'It'll be a while before you'll start to compensate for lack of sight with your other senses, but we have time, don't we?'
  189. Shinobu could have cried. This was the worst thing that had ever happened to him. Nobody would miss him until Monday, would they?
  191. He heard her crack another piece of ice free, and then he waited. The one in his bellybutton was unbearable, but it was melting. It was making him breathe through his mouth. Why did cold do that anyway?
  192. The sole of his left foot.
  193. 'Gaah-ahh!' he let out.
  194. 'Mmm, lovely'
  195. She rubbed the ice against his foot for a bit, staying firmly between the heel and ball of his foot. Then the sensation lessened and...
  196. His left thigh.
  197. 'Hhhh!'
  198. 'Mmmhm, that's right...'
  199. She ran it along his thigh, up and down, then crossed over the bit between his ass and balls to the other leg and did the same thing there, running down the back of his shin and to the sole again, stayed there a bit and then ran back up again, slower, slower, then stopped right below his balls, not quite touching the sack.
  200. 'Hmmm...'
  201. She sounded like she was contemplating her next move.
  202. His nose was shut. She was holding it shut. He had to breathe through his mouth anyway, but he held his lips shut out of same senseless act of defiance.
  203. His lips. That's where the ice was now. And she hummed a low, droning hum. She knew he had to open his mouth sooner or later. There was nothing he could do. He could win. He couldn't fight back. His struggles were meaningless.
  204. His lips parted, and she slipped the ice in... but didn't let go.
  205. 'Lick it' she said. 'Lick it good, Taro. I want to see how long it will take for you to melt it up'
  207. Shinobu let go of his pride for the moment and obeyed. It felt like a natural thing to do, to lick away at it. She was holding the ice higher now, he had to move his head up from a resting position, straining his neck, his lips didn't reach the ice at all, he had to stretch out his tongue and the muscles were getting tired very soon after...
  208. 'Hmm, that's a little boring' she said after what felt like a short eternity. 'Oh, let's get another one, shall we'
  209. She slipped the cube into his mouth and broke free another.
  210. 'Now you let that melt in there, Taro' she said, and he didn't spit it out. He just laid his head back and was glad he could rest his neck. The damn thing felt so cold he had to keep moving it around in his mouth.
  211. Another piece was broken free.
  212. His left armpit this time. The ice felt colder than the other two pieces, so cold that it surprised him. It wasn't any colder than the other two had been when they made contact with him, but these two had warmed up a little, hell, the one in his bellybutton was practically gone... WHY WASN'T SHE TAKING IT OUT OF HIS ARMPIT?
  213. 'H-hhhhhgghh' he moaned past the rapidly melting ice in his mouth.
  214. 'Yes, yes Taro, I know. You want Duchess to be a little more symmetrical, don't you?'
  215. What the hell did that mean?
  216. The sensation stopped for a brief moment as she broke another piece, and then the ice attacked both of his armpits at once.
  217. 'Hhhhhhh!'
  218. 'That's the spirit Taro! That's refreshing isn't it? Hahahaha!'
  219. She moved them up his arms in tandem, then down them back to the pits, then down his sides to his hips...
  220. And then they stopped moving the same way. The one on his left side ran down his hip and the outside of his thigh, the one on the right ran back up. Her arms couldn't reach all the way in both directions, but as far as she could she moved them in the opposite directions, then back towards each other again, and when they met around his hips back up to his pits again.
  221. 'Oh, will you look at that, you've melted up here...' she noted. Indeed, the piece in his bellybutton was now just water. There was nothing left in his mouth either.
  222. 'Well Taro, we can't have that now can we?' she said, and so the piece on the left slipped in his mouth and the one on the right slipped into the puddle in his bellybutton.
  223. 'Hhhhnhhh!' he protested, but powerlessly. He could already hear her break two more pieces.
  224. 'You know, doing the same old thing over and over gets boring for both of us, doesn't it Taro? But don't you worry, Duchess has plenty of tricks left!'
  225. She sounded quite happy when she said that. Her spirits seemed to rise higher as his lowered.
  226. 'Ehh, what's this Taro?' she exclaimed, a hint of reproach in his tone.
  227. His dick. A piece touched the very bottom of his shaft. He perked up a little, but it didn't change the fact that he was no longer fully erect. His balls had shrunk in response to the cold as well, and her hand groping his sack didn't have much to work with.
  228. 'Hmm, well that's no good! Tell you what Taro, I'll let YOU choose. Do you want a little pick-me-up, or should I just use mechanical stimulus?'
  229. 'Huhhn?'
  230. 'Oh, right. Your mouth is full already. No room for chocolates. Silly me' she said, giggling. And then he felt more of that arachne silk on him. On his genitals. No...
  231. 'Let's see here, around and then overy-undery...'
  232. She tied the ribbon around his balls and tightened it until his sack was plenty apart from his body. It was a scary sensation, but there was no actual pain. There was enough ribbon there left for her to tie the same around his flaccid member several times and tighten that too before tying a knot. He felt some blood rush down there right away at these sensations. The damn arachne silk was a stimulating substance, and having a woman's fingers touch him there was a new experience, regardless of the context.
  233. He soon felt the restraints causing pressure.
  234. 'Hhhh?'
  235. 'Yes, it is tight, isn't it? That should help you endure a little...'
  236. His tip. The ice was touching his tip. Please stop.
  237. His scrotum. The other piece was right there, at the most ticklish and sensitive spot at the bottom. Please stop!
  238. Surprisingly she did. But then...
  239. His nipples.
  240. 'HHHhhhngm!' he protested.
  241. 'I know right?'
  242. And there they stayed. The ice wasn't going anywhere. He was gasping for breath. He wanted it to stop. He chewed up the piece in his mouth and swallowed it all up so he could talk properly.
  243. 'For the love of Ammy please stop!'
  244. 'No'
  245. 'I can't take it anymore, take them off, please!'
  246. He squirmed from side to side and managed to escape the ice for a moment, but then she climbed on the bed and sat on his crotch. At least his dick was warm now, he could feel her panties and vulva...
  247. His nipples were freezing again.
  248. 'STOP IT!'
  249. 'Nope!'
  250. 'FUCK YOU!'
  251. 'Tsk, you'll pay for that Taro'
  253. 'No you won't, Taro'
  254. 'Rebecca, I swear...'
  255. 'Call me Duchess'
  256. 'REBECCA!'
  257. She sighed and got up. He'd finally found some way of fighting back and he wasn't about to give it up.
  258. 'Apologize. Say, "Duchess, please forgive Taro for being a bad boy"'
  259. 'Fuck you, Rebecca!'
  260. She clicked her tongue.
  261. 'Last chance'
  262. 'FUCK YOU!'
  263. His ass. She slipped one cube up his ass. And then another.
  264. 'HYAAAHHH!'
  265. 'That's right Taro. I gave you a chance, but you didn't take it. Now you'll pay for it'
  266. He heard her break more of them. NO!
  267. 'S-stop! Take them out!'
  268. 'I'm not putting my fingers up your dirty ass, Taro'
  269. 'Please, I...'
  270. 'No, we're past that point now. This thing had eight pieces in it, so you'll get two more inside of you'
  271. 'No, no! I can't take it, please, I...'
  272. She shuffled around and then something was on his mouth. Rubber? A ball gag. Despite his struggles she got it on and his protests ended. This wasn't good. This wasn't good at all!
  273. His ass again. The ice went in, pushing deeper the old pieces. He made some noises.
  275. He couldn't say how long it took for the ice to melt inside him, but after it was all over, he was shivering. Having that stuff inside that part of him had really pushed him over the edge. Maybe that car ride had played a part in this, it had gone on forever and the car had been so cold... that felt like forever ago. He wanted to go home. He wanted this all to stop. But it wasn't going to stop, was it?
  276. 'Oh my Taro, you look like you're getting a little chilly, ufufufu~'
  277. Again that laugh. That infuriating laugh, like the Vampire or Wight in the movies.
  278. 'Would you like me to warm you up?' she asked.
  279. He did. But he couldn't say it because of the gag. And if the gag wasn't there, he'd still not say it. He had his mind mostly intact, he knew what she meant. The candles. No way would he say that.
  280. She removed his gag.
  281. 'Eww, you drooled all over it, hahahaha!'
  282. Adding insult to injury.
  283. 'Well then Taro, are you going to ask me to warm you? You know how to do it by now, don't you? You're a smart boy!'
  284. But he didn't say anything. He kept quiet. He had to be strong. He had to hold on to his dignity. Even if he had none left, he had to!
  285. 'There's another eight pack of ice in the cooler if you're not ready yet, Taro' she said.
  286. 'Warm me up please!' he blurted out as if on instinct.
  287. 'Oh come on Taro, you know that's not how to do it. Do it right, or the gag goes back and the ice goes ALL-IN"
  288. 'Please warm me up, Duchess!'
  289. 'Ahahahah! You should have heard yourself! That's so lame! Ahahaha! Ooh, you little BITCH!'
  290. She slapped his cock, making him grunt.
  291. 'Oh, it's fine. Now that wasn't so hard to say, was it? You might as well play nice from now on, right?'
  292. He didn't say anything.
  293. 'Taro!'
  294. 'Yes Duchess'
  295. She snickered.
  296. 'Oh, I shouldn't tease you so, you're having a hard time, poor boy. Let's get you all warmed up then, shall we?'
  297. 'Yes Duchess'
  298. 'It was a rhetorical question, keep quiet'
  299. He did.
  300. 'Did you hear what I said, Taro?' she asked, grabbing his member firmly and digging the nail of her thumb into his foreskin.
  301. 'Yes I did!' he cried.
  302. 'Yes you did what?'
  304. 'Good'
  305. She let go of him. Then it was quiet for a while, and then he heard the rustle of fire. What had she lighted the candles with?
  306. 'Now then... I'll just start... here!'
  307. His belly. The first few drops of wax fell on it, and it was warm, it was hot, and... it wasn't all that bad, actually.
  308. He sighed with relief. Involuntarily. It just happened.
  309. 'Oh, you like it, do you? Aww, the candy's worn off by now, hasn't it?'
  310. She put away the candlestick and he heard her rustling with the box of chocolates.
  311. 'I'll give you two this time' she said.
  312. 'One to make you more sensitive, one to arouse you' she explained, and he opened his mouth to accept the candy without even thinking about resistance.
  313. 'Good boy Taro' she said and ran her finger across his lips. The chocolates were soon gone down his gullet.
  314. 'Now then, what shouuuld weeee dooo whiiileee weee waaaiiit~' she sang. He made no comment, he knew better. She was planning something again.
  315. 'Oh I think I've got juuust the thing here!'
  316. Again the rustling. He wanted to ask her what was happening. But he didn't have the guts to do it.
  317. His feet.
  318. 'Eheheh' escaped his lips again. She was tickling him with a feather... no, featherS.
  319. 'Can you guess what this is, Taro?'
  320. 'N-n-hohoo'
  321. 'Oh I bet you can'
  322. 'Ah, ah, ahh fe-fheeheer... aahhh!'
  323. She didn't spare his balls or pits either.
  324. 'What was thaaat~?'
  326. 'Hmmm? Did we... forget about something again?' she asked, her voice still upbeat and playful.
  327. 'It's a feather duster, Duchess'
  328. 'That's right Taro! It is! Made with genuine Harpy feathers. Let's see if I can't make you laugh so hard you cry...'
  329. She did manage that. He didn't even try to beg her to stop. He just didn't have it in him now. Good thing his bladder was empty. He got harder than before though. His cock felt like the arachne silk around it was actually squeezing it.
  330. 'I think that's enough fooling around, Taro' she said when she noticed it too and put away the feather duster.
  331. 'You survived the ice. Here comes the fire'
  333.                         ***
  335. It had been an unpleasant couple of hours for Taro. It hadn’t been enough for Duchess to make him hypersensitive and horny, oh no. She’d gotten bored of dripping the wax on him after a while, and decided to add clamps to his nipples.
  336. Taro had never been too crazy with his masturbation habits, but he had once tried out what clothespins felt like when he put them there. Less than a minute later he’d removed them and wondered how people could possibly enjoy that. He’d felt like a wimp, so he decided to try again. He put them back, and sat on his hands. Three minutes. Several weeks later he’d given up on the idea of enduring it past seventeen minutes, his record. But now? Now he no longer had the option of giving up, of course. Duchess placed the clamps on him without much ado about it, and then observed his reactions.
  337. Nipple clamps were a strange kind of beast. They didn’t quite cause the kind of feeling you could with a straight face call pain, not when you still wanted to maintain the dignity of being a man, like Taro at that time still was, but the thing is, it was consistent. The sensation remained dull and unchanging, which was in a way worse than a sharp pain that happened quickly and then went away. Or so he thought. The pressure felt like it got worse even when it didn’t, and the constant pinch that neither waxed nor waned was driving him mad soon enough. The drugs and the sensory deprivation on top of that, and he was starting to feel like crying again. Why wasn’t it stopping? How long had he been enduring it already? How much longer was left?
  338. The answer was: very much longer.  Fortunately for Taro, Duchess was not unfeeling, and she gave him something to think about after several eternities of dull, unbearably monotonic discomfort. The wax… now that was different.
  340. Since the beginning of it, Taro had realized that the wax wasn’t anywhere near as bad as he’d thought it would be. It scared him plenty when the first little droplet fell on his chest with no prior warning, and he THOUGHT he was getting burned by it, but the heat wasn’t all that bad. Or maybe it was. It didn’t last long enough for him to get used to it. By the time the feeling of getting burned reached his conscious mind – amplified, naturally, by the drugs – the wax had already cooled and kind of solidified. Despite this realization, the next drop made him shudder just the same, and the one after that, and the one after that, and then they fell in new spots and then there were two and then three and after he got kind of used to it she put on the clamps.
  342. How long did the dripping of the wax and the pinching last? He had no idea. There was a lot of wax on him in the end of it, and he was sweating. Duchess had a nice little laugh about that, how he was no longer cold at all. That was true. Very, very true.
  344. She’d set the candle aside at last and let him wallow in his misery for a bit. Taro found himself wondering about what she was going to do next. He became increasingly conscious of the pressure in his groin as well. His shaft had gotten the ol’ wax treatment as well, and that had distracted him from the band that was tied around him. His dick was throbbing and twitching on its own, and the more he tried to escape this fact, the more it pushed itself to the forefront of his consciousness. It almost distracted him from the clamps.
  345. ‘Hmm, oh careless of me. I made such a mess of you…’ she said all of a sudden. Taro went rigid. The tone of Duchess’ voice… she was plotting something. The nightmare was never going to end.
  347. There was some rummaging about, and then a bucket of water was produced from under the bed. Taro could hear the water splashing about.
  348. ‘I bet you’ve never had a spongebath before’ she said, and he could hear the sponge being squeezed as she was getting it all wet. If… if she was going to clean him up, that meant that all this weird stuff was going to end now and then they’d have normal sex and then it would all be fine!
  349. She let a few drops of lukewarm water fall on him to let him get a feel for it. After the extremes he’d been put through, this was just fine by him. But the damn clamps! He tried to tell her to take them off, like he’d tried before, but the gag of course made this impossible. He always realized that, and then forgot about it again. He tried to squirm around a little, but that didn’t help either. Of course it didn’t. She’d take them off when she felt like it. This realization had also been in his head several times, only to be washed away again later. He gave up for now. Then it turned out Duchess had another surprise for him.
  350. The sponge was the roughest he’d ever felt, like the tongue of a cat. His skin was far too sensitive for this kind of thing!
  351. His muffled cries didn’t stop the sponge from being pressed even more heavily into his belly and being moved up and down and around like a karateka waxing cars, cleaning the wax off of him nicely but… it wasn’t as pleasant as he’d hoped. If this scratching was what it took, he’d rather stay dirty!
  352. But he didn’t stay dirty. And she didn’t limit herself to the wax, scrubbing clean his sweat, too, and to finish up by drying him with a towel that was as rough and unpleasant as the sponge. Did they make these things for BDSM or were some people just completely ascetic?
  353. ‘Aww, we’ll need to change the sheets after, too. Oh well, what’s important is that you’re all better now!’ she said.
  354. ‘Mmhmmh!’ said he in response.
  355. ‘I know, doing it in bed was a little too much. A mattress on the floor should have done for you, but I do so like to spoil my pets…’
  356. She’s messing with me, he thought. Of course she was.
  357. ‘Mhmem!’ he cried.
  358. ‘Oh what is it now? Don’t whine, you’re not being milked!’ she said, slapping the side of his buttock.
  359. There was a knock on the door.
  360. ‘What is it now?’ Duchess snapped.
  361. A muffled response came from behind the door, inaudible.
  362. ‘Oh for heaven’s sake…’
  363. Taro hear her stomp to the door and open it.
  364. ‘You done yet? We’re all set up and Trish is getting ants in her pants’ said the voice he recognized as belonging to the Priestess.
  365. ‘Fifteen minutes tops’ Duchess replied and slammed the door shut.
  366. ‘Sorry about that’ she said with a sigh. ‘I was hoping we could have some more time for this, but I guess I’ll have to pick up the pace…’
  367. She stomped over to… somewhere, did something, and then came back to the bed, took off his blindfold and… damn it was bright! How?
  368. There was a camera’s screen shining in his face, that’s how. It showed him. While he still had his clothes on.
  369. ‘You see that? That’s you. See this?’ the next picture was him getting undressed. Then in bed. Then tied up. And then everything that had happened, in order. He closed his eyes, but she slapped him and told him to look until she went through every picture.
  371. ‘You get the idea? It’s all on film, too. From SEVERAL angles. Got that? GOT THAT?’
  372. He nodded. She smiled in response.
  373. ‘Good’
  374. She brought her hand down on the clamp on his right nipple and began to open it up. The sudden release actually hurt more, or so he thought until she let it clamp down again.
  375. ‘You don’t want this stuff online, do you? With your name and address attached? You’d get very popular, and maybe not in the kind of crowds who put a lot of stock on consent. Or how much you get to enjoy yourself. Understand? Do you?’
  376. He nodded.
  377. ‘Good. Now you wouldn’t want your friends and family to see this stuff either, would you?’
  378. He shook his head.
  379. ‘That’s right, good boy! Luckily for you, I’ve got a way for you to avoid all that trouble. Want to know what it is? Do you?’
  380. Enthusiastic nodding.
  381. ‘Hmm, you’ll be a good boy then? You’ll do what you’re told? We’ve only got a very short weekend to work on this stuff you know!’
  382. He nodded again.
  383. ‘Hmm, you’re agreeing before you even know what I’m going to ask! That’s dumb of you, Taro. But that’s fine, I’m not mad at you. If you weren’t such a silly little dumb-dumb, you’d never have ended up here in the first place! Now then, do you want to know what I’m going to ask you to do?’
  384. More nods.
  385. ‘You’re going to have sex. Lots and lots of sex. On camera. Uh-uh, no backsies! It’s not what you think, silly. We won’t use your name, we won’t put up your contact information, and we won’t send the stuff to your mommy. And you’ll get paid. You’re the only guy we have so you’ll be paid, say, a third of what we make, I mean, from the sum that’s left after we mark off the production costs. Distribution doesn’t cost us a penny though, isn’t that sweet? Now of course, you don’t HAVE to agree to it, buuuuuut since you’re not actually going anywhere until Sunday evening anyway… well, we’ll get plenty of material with you in any case. So whether or not you make any money or not, or if something… more unpleasant happens, is up to you. So? Do you agree?’
  386. Taro was scared again.
  387. ‘Well then, let’s hear it out of your own mouth!’ she said, removing his gag.
  388. ‘Eww, it’s all slimy!’ she said with a giggle. ‘Ah, but what do you say, yes or no?’
  389. ‘Yes! Yes!’
  390. ‘Yes what?’
  391. His mind drew a blank for a moment.
  392. ‘Yes Duchess?’
  393. ‘Are you asking me or telling me?’
  394. ‘T-telling you?’
  395. ‘Taro!’
  396. ‘Telling you!’
  397. She slapped his face.
  398. ‘Who do you think you are, telling me anything?’ she snapped. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t?
  399. He swallowed and didn’t say a thing.
  400. ‘Let me repeat myself. And I HATE repeating myself. Will you become the star of our porn films?’
  401. ‘Yes, Duchess’
  402. ‘Glad to hear it’ she said, smiling.
  403. ‘P-please take them off!’
  404. ‘Hmm?’ she feigned ignorance. ‘Take what off? My clothes? Oh my, Taro you brave little stud, you!’
  405. ‘No! The clamps!’
  406. ‘Oh, my bad. Ahahaha, you know I forgot all about those silly little things!’ she lied, playing with them, tugging on them.
  407. ‘Please…’ he moaned.
  408. ‘If you insist’ she sighed and removed both clamps. His sense of relief was immense, but then he became conscious of that last bit, his still restrained dick.
  410. ‘Duchess…’ he began, breathing heavily. He couldn’t quite think of the phrasing to finish that sentence.
  411. She eyes him up with obvious glee in her eyes. She liked what she saw, alright, the sadistic knife-ear!
  412. ‘You look like you want to get started already’ she said, brushing his shaft and tip with her gloved fingers. He gasped.
  413. ‘Maybe I should… oh no, I couldn’t. I promised to get you out there ready for action. You need to save up that stuff for the camera, too’ she said, removing her hand.
  414. ‘Please take it off!’ he cried desperately.
  415. ‘What, this again? Told you, the top’s not coming off! Ahahaha!’
  416. ‘The band!’
  417. ‘What band? SerpenTeens?’
  418. ‘My dick!’
  419. ‘Cute, pink, unused, yeah. Trish is going to wreck it’
  420. ‘Please! I can’t take it anymore!’
  421. ‘Now, now. You have to think of other people too, little one. Look at these gloves! I couldn’t possibly undo the knot on that band with these on! Especially when it’s digging in so deep like that, I mean just look at it! I couldn’t possibly get my fingers there!’
  422. He looked and he saw, and what’s more, he felt. And he didn’t enjoy any of these.
  423. ‘It hurts!’ he cried, hoping against all reason that she would relent.
  424. Duchess sighed.
  425. ‘You can take it off yourself if you promise not to touch yourself any more than necessary. I’ll keep an eye on you!’
  426. ‘I promise!’
  427. ‘Good enough’
  428. She undid the restraints that tied him to the bed, starting with his feet rather than his hands, probably for no other reason than no prolong his suffering, bumbling and fumbling with the knots as she did it.
  429. As soon as he could sit up, Taro reached for the band on his cock and soon found that as slender and skinny as his hands were, the band was still a match for him.
  430. ‘Didn’t you just promise not to touch yourself?’ she demanded with a voice that was obviously faking sternness. He ignored her and no repercussions followed.
  431. ‘Aahhh’ he sighed in relief when the band was finally off. Nothing escaped his urethra, of course, and in short order he was completely flaccid.
  432. ‘Good. We done?’
  433. He turned to face her and only now realized just what he’d gotten himself into.
  435. Without getting any clothes on him he was marched out of the room and back downstairs, where he was shoved into the bathroom, where the Priestess was waiting with… was that make-up?
  436. ‘Here he is, eager and willing!’ Duchess said, resting a hand on his shoulder. It felt like an inescapable grip, even if she wasn’t using any strength whatsoever.
  437. The Priestess looked him up and down, paying close attention to his genitalia.
  438. ‘Turn around’ she ordered, and with a gentle push from Duchess, he slowly turned around.
  439. ‘Nice ass on him. That’s good for missionary’ she said.
  440. Duchess put both hands on his shoulders now.
  441. ‘Isn’t he just a treat? I bet he’ll just make Bergstrom soil her panties and chair!’ Duchess giggled.
  442. ‘W-who’s that?’ Taro asked. Duchess hands gripped him painfully now.
  443. ‘You’ll speak when spoken to, Taro’ she hissed in his ear.
  444. ‘Don’t be so hard on him, this is a big night’ the Priestess stepped in to defend him. Duchess relaxed her grip.
  445. ‘Bergstrom, dear, umm, Taro, is our boss. She’s a Tanuki. You know what a Tanuki is, don’t you?’ the Priestess asked.
  446. ‘Yeah’ he said. When it came to porn, they were usually the lonely businesswomen, brimming with lust.
  447. ‘Well she’s one, and she’s the one who comes to us with lists of the films we need to make. And you’ll be the star of all we’re going to do this weekend, you lucky dog!’
  448. He wasn’t so sure about that anymore. Earlier that day he might have thought the idea to be the best ever though. Live and learn.
  449. ‘S-so what exactly are we going to do?’ he asked.
  450. ‘Well your debut role should fit you like a glove!’ the Priestess said happily and snatched up a sheet of paper from a foldable table she’d set up, handing it over to him.
  451. He read the title, “Cute boy loses virginity to Ogre step-sister”. Below were a few more lines of printed text, including the phrase “Gotta be a total bishie!” which had been underlined. Below that there were several more lines of text written by hand, and apparently by several different people, some of which had been crossed out. Apparently, it was a discussion on the content. The last lines, which once again had been underlined, contained the following: “Do it on the couch. Bishie starts off watching porn and fapping, sister walks in, BJ, blows load on face, cowgirl on couch, finish with missionary. Bishie collapses, sister carries him off, hinting he’ll get it even harder next while licking off jizz”.
  452. Taro swallowed. That sounded like some heavy-duty stuff for his first time.
  453. ‘Well? Like it? I know it’s not all that glamorous, but you’ll get the hang of things’
  454. ‘I, uhh…’
  455. ‘That’s great! Now let’s get this oil on you!’
  456. ‘Wait, what?’
  457. She shoved him the bottle.
  458. ‘For those “authentic” bishie sparkles. They’re a must have!’ she said with a grin.
  459. Taro knew what that sparkle was. He’d never thought he’d be the kind of guy to ever give it off, but what with it not being real in the first place…
  460. Squirt went the bottle and the Priestess began to rub the cool stuff on his belly.
  461. ‘O-ooh…’
  462. ‘Hands to yourself, please’ she said while pouring the stuff all over both hands and rubbing it all over him.
  463. ‘Rev, the lights!’
  464. ‘Oh, yeah, yeah’
  465. Duchess turned off the lights in the bathroom.
  466. ‘We’ve got to keep it in the dark, let it absorb like this. It’ll shine when you get exposed to light again, so we’ll need to dress you up nicely’ she explained while rubbing the stuff on his torso. Once done, she washed her hands and picked up something else.
  467. ‘A little red for the cheeks and black for the lashes, just for good measure’ she explained. So they really were going to put make-up on him? That was kind of gay… and made him worry suddenly.
  468. ‘You’re not going to shove anything up my ass again, are you?’
  469. Even in the dark it was clear the Dark Priestess gave Duchess a mean glare.
  470. ‘Whatever gave you THAT idea?’
  471. Duchess giggled in embarrassement.
  472. ‘Oh please, it was just a little ice, he’s still intact’
  473. ‘Let’s keep him that way, shall we?’
  474. ‘Oh if you say so~’
  476. That was a relief. Sort of.
  477. ‘Okay, now let’s get you into these…’
  478. There was shuffling, and clothes were produced. A pair of shorts so skimpy they might as well have been underwear, a loose t-shirt that covered his upper body nicely, and a pair of light socks.
  479. ‘The socks will stay on, just so you know’ the Priestess pointed out. ‘That’s important. Okay, let’s see here… yeah, you’re good to go, your hair’s nicely ruffled and everything… yeah, we can start’ she said.
  480. ‘Wait a minute, what do I do?’ he asked in a sudden panic.
  481. ‘Oh, right. You sit on the couch; you jerk off like a naughty little boy, make sure to look at the camera while you do by the way, and remember to look vulnerable, yeah? And then, then Trish, now remember, she’s your Ogre step-sister, she’ll walk in, and she’ll catch you doing a no-no, and then she’ll take the lead, so all you have to do from there on out is do what she tells you to, and you’ll be golden, until the very end, when she’s carrying you off, you need to turn to look at the camera and do this’ she flashed a grin and made the victory sign with her fingers, ‘only you have to be embarrassed, like, you know you’re not supposed to like it, but you do. Got it?’
  482. Taro was pitching a tent for some reason.
  483. ‘I guess…’
  484. ‘Great!’ the Priestess gave a thumbs up, and they left the bathroom. The living room was waiting for him like the maw of some beast, only he was starting to feel differently all of a sudden. The Priestess was being nice to him, after all. Maybe Trish would, too. It’s not like regular sex hurt. As long as he wasn’t left alone with Duchess again, everything would be fine. Yeah. The glass is half full, dammit! He’d be fine. Sex was fun. He was going to have fun.
  485. ‘Now then Taro, do you remember your lines?’ asked Duchess. He nodded with much oomph put in.
  486. ‘Are you sure? Because we don’t want to take several takes here, you have to get it right on the first go…’
  487. ‘I’ll be fine, Duchess’ he said, feeling confident. No stage fright at all.
  488. ‘Then go get ‘er, tiger!’ she said, slapping him on the rear and sending him into the living room; the set of his debut into the world of adult film was waiting him, and he was waiting for it. It wasn’t until he was already seated that he realized there was a stinging sensation in his buttcheek where she’d hit him. Oh no she didn’t!
  491.                         ***
  493. Taro was sitting on the sofa with his legs spread apart, facing the camera, which was now manned by the Priestess. The TV was on, and the Kunoichi in their latex or rubber suits were now interrogating a bunch of male ninjas put into various kinds of rope bondage. It wasn’t exactly his cup of tea, but he did his job and jerked off, breathing through his mouth as if being overwhelmed by pleasure. Which he kind of was. Whatever Duchess had slipped him, it was working faster than the candy had, and the effects were stronger, too. He might finish up before Trish even laid a finger on him!
  494. ‘U-uuh,uhhh’ he moaned involuntarily. The Priestess gave a thumbs up again, and he felt his face heating up. Maybe this wasn’t such a bad thing. No, this WASN’T such a bad thing! He’d be fine!
  495. To his surprise, even after everything he’d been to, he didn’t get even close to a climax. Maybe it was what Duchess gave him…
  496. Several minutes later he switched hands. Fapping was hard work, but he was really getting into it, even if something was making him not really get off on it. The only hard bit was keeping his eyes at the camera without missing too much of the ninja-action on the telly. He felt like he might catch some kind of plot-thread if… no wait, no, one of the Kunoichi was actually an Akaname and… what?
  497. ‘Hey squirt, whacha doin’?’ came the sound of Trish the Ogre all of a sudden from behind him, and he actually jumped in the air a little from the start she gave him. He’d actually forgotten about her being in this film.
  498. ‘Oh, oh, uhh’ he fumbled to hide his boner in his pants and looked for the remote to hide the adult entertainment.
  499. The remote was in her hands, and she was looking at the TV, where the Akaname was just wrapping her tongue around a man’s penis.
  500. ‘You into that sort of thing, are ya?’ she asked, turning the TV off. A second camera, operated by Duchess, was now filming from behind his back, getting Trish in full view.
  501. ‘S-sis, I…’
  502. ‘Don’t sis me, sissy! You got a lot of nerve, doin’ this kinda thing the moment mom takes dad for a little trip!’
  503. So that was the set-up for the plot, eh?
  504. ‘I, uhh…’
  505. ‘You know, you could have just asked me’ she said, grinning. Trish was still dressed as she had been when he’d first met her, and now she removed her top, tossing it away to reveal a nice set of abs, and, as his eyes made their way up, a much softer-looking set of breasts than he’d expected. They were almost motherly in their inviting manner. He just wanted to rest his head against that bosom.
  506. There was no time to take in the scenery though, because she’d dropped on her knees, which still left her eyes above his.
  507. ‘Let sister take care of you, yeah?’ she said, with an unexpected kindness in her voice, as she held his chin up and leaned in for a kiss. She didn’t taste or smell like she had previously, apparently she’d brushed her teeth. Her tongue was every bit as intrusive as it had been before, though.
  508. There was a strand of saliva when their lips parted, and then she pulled off his shirt in an experienced motion, throwing that away, and there was a flash of sparkles that escaped from his upper body, and when that passed his underwear were gone too, while she positioned herself so that the camera had a great view for a close-up of his fresh, pink thing.
  509. ‘Ahh, so fresh… little bro, you’ve been so gentle with it…’ she said, more drool falling from her mouth, and with an exaggerated yawn she opened up her maw, revealing her ferocious but well maintained fangs, and then she snatched up his tip in her mouth, closing her lips around it and the heat and stickiness of her mouth enveloped him, closing off all other senses. Her lips squeezed down on him, her teeth were nowhere to be felt, and it felt like he was drowning in that drool, and then her tongue was there… oooh.
  510. The tip of her tongue peeled back his foreskin and slowly she swallowed up more of him, making a slurping noise as she began to, to, oh god.
  511. ‘A-aaahhh~’ he moaned when she began to suck on him, and his hands clumsily flailed about until they found her horns, and those he gripped for whatever reason.
  512. ‘Ah, ah, ahhhh~’ he kept moaning while she moved up and down, never letting up on the suction, like she didn’t need to breathe, and her tongue was playing with his glans, hoo boy!
  513. ‘Kheh hihn’ she managed from the corner of her mouth, pulling him in deeper, getting his tip all the way to her throat, which squeezed even worse.
  514. ‘Ihhh, oh, I’m… sis, I’m… I’m cumming!’ he shouted, and his face flushed redder than ever. He’d never thought he’d say something as lame as this, ever. And the worst part was that he really was cumming! Whatever had been blocking him was wearing off!
  515. She picked up the pace, and then, just as he felt his mind go blank, she plopped him out of her mouth, letting him cover her face in the white, stinky stuff.
  516. ‘Ooooohhh’ he exhaled, falling limp on the sofa. His body was limp, that is, not his dick.
  518. ‘Aww, look at what you did to your sister, you bad, bad boy!’ Trish chastised him, wagging her finger.
  519. ‘Now I’m going to have to teach you a lesson!’
  520. ‘L-lesson?’ he mumbled, his mind addled. Taro didn’t remember he was in a film anymore.
  521. ‘Yeah, sex-ed. Don’t you know you’re supposed to put that stuff on the inside of THIS hole?’ she said, pointing at her shaved pussy, now revealed fully. Her underwear fell on his face, and before he got it off, he got a good whiff. She was plenty turned on now.
  522. Trish pushed him down on his back and climbed on top of him, sliding his raw member in while he was still in his refractory period.
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