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Double Fine Game Club: Monkey Island 2 Part 2(plus dev chat)

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May 11th, 2013
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  1. (06:58:43 AM) Syd: Hey GrumpyGamer!
  2. (06:58:44 AM) Gins: speaking of the devil
  3. (06:58:48 AM) GrumpyGamer: Hey ho!
  4. (06:58:52 AM) Syd: Just about ready to start. :)
  5. (06:58:54 AM) Meeps: hey hey
  6. (06:58:57 AM) GrumpyGamer: You were talking about me?
  7. (06:59:00 AM) Cheeseness: Hey GrumpyGamer :D
  8. (06:59:01 AM) GrumpyGamer: CHAT LOG!
  9. (06:59:08 AM) Cheeseness: Ha, we're always talking about you
  10. (06:59:08 AM) GrumpyGamer: I need to see the chat log!
  11. (06:59:15 AM) Voodoo_Lord: ooh the main man is here!
  12. (06:59:41 AM) Syd: Okay, we're starting! I'll meander around Monkey Island 2 some more until progress is made. :)
  13. (07:00:02 AM) Gins: GrumpyGamer: i think it's only fair if we have a secret to ourselves too ;)
  14. (07:00:34 AM) DuderakeFourkforest [] entered the room.
  15. (07:00:38 AM) FireGaming: is curse of monkey island any good? i never played it
  16. (07:00:44 AM) DuderakeFourkforest: yes
  17. (07:00:45 AM) GrumpyGamer: Hopefully it's not as lame as the secret of monkey island.
  18. (07:00:49 AM) Gins: it's good
  19. (07:00:58 AM) lattsam: GrumpyGamer lol
  20. (07:01:04 AM) Voodoo_Lord: It is!
  21. (07:01:10 AM) Ongaku: lol
  22. (07:01:32 AM) Toothrot: GrumpyGamer: back in the old days there was also Space Quest - did you like it? I thought it was always the second rate, but it was still pretty funny.
  23. (07:01:37 AM) GrumpyGamer: Commander Button head...
  24. (07:01:40 AM) GrumpyGamer: inside joke
  25. (07:01:41 AM) Cheeseness: :D
  26. (07:01:57 AM) Gins: i love those
  27. (07:02:08 AM) GrumpyGamer: I liked SQ and Leisure Suit Larry.
  28. (07:02:14 AM) GrumpyGamer: Always played them.
  29. (07:02:25 AM) mlclz left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  30. (07:02:29 AM) GrumpyGamer: I was not a fan of Kings Quest or Police Quest.
  31. (07:02:53 AM) GrumpyGamer: I liked the funny ones. Adventures should always be funny IMHO
  32. (07:02:55 AM) Voodoo_Lord: Really? Why not? I love KQ.
  33. (07:02:57 AM) Toothrot: Yeah, me neither. Kings Quest was way too cheesy.
  34. (07:03:00 AM) kisak: I made it through SQ and most of KQ
  35. (07:03:05 AM) mlclz [] entered the room.
  36. (07:03:23 AM) Gins: i could not get into any of the sierra games unfortunately :/
  37. (07:03:37 AM) GameClubFan_031155 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  38. (07:03:37 AM) Gins: i grew up with lucas games, so i'm spoiled
  39. (07:03:40 AM) DuderakeFourkforest: GrumpyGamer Have you heard of Fester Mudd? It's Monkey Island tribute set in old west.
  40. (07:03:59 AM) kisak: the last Kings Quest game took too much power and we didn't have a computer at the time to play it
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  45. (07:04:11 AM) takashio [] entered the room.
  46. (07:04:11 AM) GrumpyGamer: I have not, but I will check it out.
  47. (07:04:12 AM) dook [] entered the room.
  48. (07:04:13 AM) Voodoo_Lord: Love those little skulls on the side, a pity the translated version didn't have them.
  49. (07:04:15 AM) Mono [] entered the room.
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  60. (07:04:51 AM) dook: continuing from last week?
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  66. (07:04:56 AM) Syd: Yep
  67. (07:04:58 AM) GameClubFan_894130 [] entered the room.
  68. (07:04:58 AM) lattsam: dook yep
  69. (07:04:58 AM) GameClubFan_970416 [] entered the room.
  70. (07:04:59 AM) GameClubFan_284892 [] entered the room.
  71. (07:05:02 AM) Hiawatha: hi GrumpyGamer, take all my money! it's all yours!
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  74. (07:05:05 AM) Anna_L [] entered the room.
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  76. (07:05:11 AM) GrumpyGamer: Let's start over. I love the Largo scene.
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  79. (07:05:17 AM) RoomieOfficial [] entered the room.
  80. (07:05:17 AM) dook: haha
  81. (07:05:21 AM) Rojasono [] entered the room.
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  94. (07:05:46 AM) GrumpyGamer: Hello all!
  95. (07:05:54 AM) cowjitzu: hi
  96. (07:05:54 AM) GameClubFan_145989 [] entered the room.
  97. (07:05:54 AM) Syd: All these people
  98. (07:05:55 AM) GameClubFan_557690: Hi!
  99. (07:05:56 AM) GameClubFan_815712: Hi grumpy
  100. (07:05:56 AM) GameClubFan_760600 [] entered the room.
  101. (07:05:57 AM) lattsam: GrumpyGamer hi
  102. (07:05:57 AM) Rojasono: That's the second saltiest pile of dirt I've ever tasted! :o
  103. (07:05:58 AM) RoomieOfficial: Hello! :)
  104. (07:05:59 AM) Skywilly: Hello from France ;)
  105. (07:06:00 AM) GameClubFan_495661 [] entered the room.
  106. (07:06:01 AM) Trapezoid [] entered the room.
  107. (07:06:04 AM) Gins: hi
  108. (07:06:04 AM) UncleJeet [] entered the room.
  109. (07:06:05 AM) FireGaming: so many people
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  112. (07:06:11 AM) GameClubFan_815712: indeed
  113. (07:06:17 AM) Zephyer [] entered the room.
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  115. (07:06:17 AM) GameClubFan_557690: I don't remember the game being so dark
  116. (07:06:25 AM) YousufTafhim: Greetings from Karachi
  117. (07:06:27 AM) Trapezoid: MI2 is hella dark
  118. (07:06:32 AM) Voodoo_Lord: Yep, love it.
  119. (07:06:32 AM) Zephyer: Hello. I'm selling these fine leather jackets. :)
  120. (07:06:33 AM) Gins: i like MI2's darkness
  121. (07:06:34 AM) GameClubFan_365416 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  122. (07:06:39 AM) GameClubFan_553850 [] entered the room.
  123. (07:06:41 AM) RoomieOfficial: so awesome music
  124. (07:06:42 AM) MrBrush [] entered the room.
  125. (07:06:43 AM) Gins: i miss it in the later games
  126. (07:06:46 AM) GameClubFan_553850 left the room (quit: Quit: GameClubFan_553850).
  127. (07:06:48 AM) GameClubFan_494032 [] entered the room.
  128. (07:06:56 AM) Voodoo_Lord: Blood Island is pretty dark too.
  129. (07:06:56 AM) GrumpyGamer: Fading the two sides of that room was not easy.
  130. (07:06:57 AM) Rojasono: Voodoo Lady's such a troll lol
  131. (07:07:05 AM) GameClubFan_145989 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  132. (07:07:09 AM) Anna_L: Hello everybody! I played MI last summer for the first time)
  133. (07:07:09 AM) GrumpyGamer: Easy today…. damn hard back then.
  134. (07:07:14 AM) Anon left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  135. (07:07:17 AM) GrumpyGamer: W00t!
  136. (07:07:19 AM) UncleJeet: My 6-year-old started playing MI2 last night, and he hasn't stopped. Except to briefly sleep. He's done most of it himself, too. Including figuring out the infernal hand-wheel-gameshow puzzle monstrosity.
  137. (07:07:20 AM) GameClubFan_960665 [] entered the room.
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  141. (07:07:40 AM) Fireflower: Hello Anna_L
  142. (07:07:43 AM) GameClubFan_382278 [] entered the room.
  143. (07:07:45 AM) Azuranski [] entered the room.
  144. (07:07:47 AM) Pinchpenny [] entered the room.
  145. (07:07:49 AM) GuybrushFan: Such good memories :)
  146. (07:07:50 AM) GameClubFan_382278 left the room (quit: Quit: GameClubFan_382278).
  147. (07:07:52 AM) yama: UncleJeet, that's pretty awesome. :D
  148. (07:07:53 AM) Trapezoid: i love palette fuckery in these old games
  149. (07:07:55 AM) GameClubFan_051435 [] entered the room.
  150. (07:07:56 AM) GameClubFan_919589 [] entered the room.
  151. (07:08:02 AM) lattsam: Hey Pinchpenny
  152. (07:08:03 AM) nopicnic [] entered the room.
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  154. (07:08:06 AM) Nivery [] entered the room.
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  156. (07:08:12 AM) RoomieOfficial: I had heaps of trouble with this game. I think I used a walkthrough for like half the puzzles
  157. (07:08:12 AM) GameClubFan_239112 [] entered the room.
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  159. (07:08:18 AM) Gins: this animation is aweesome
  160. (07:08:21 AM) Zephyer left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  161. (07:08:22 AM) dook: great animation
  162. (07:08:28 AM) cowjitzu: loved this part
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  166. (07:08:38 AM) Trapezoid: i see the rapp scallion animation pop up on tumblr every now and then. it lives on
  167. (07:08:38 AM) GameClubFan_515562 [] entered the room.
  168. (07:08:38 AM) DuderakeFourkforest: I love this conversation
  169. (07:08:40 AM) Rojasono: I'm... dead? T_T
  170. (07:08:41 AM) Ongaku [] entered the room.
  171. (07:08:41 AM) GameClubFan_869691 [] entered the room.
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  173. (07:08:48 AM) GameClubFan_015649 [] entered the room.
  174. (07:08:50 AM) lattsam: He dead
  175. (07:08:56 AM) dook: this whole part is great
  176. (07:08:56 AM) Skywilly: Monkey Island 2 is so the best of the saga...
  177. (07:08:59 AM) Meeps: my favorite gag in the game
  178. (07:09:02 AM) Doornail [] entered the room.
  179. (07:09:07 AM) JuanBatman [] entered the room.
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  181. (07:09:14 AM) UncleJeet: Then I showed him the video of me using MI2 to propose to his mom, which he thought was awesome. And probably made me the coolest dad ever.
  182. (07:09:15 AM) Anna_L: I love Stan) Did I miss the part with Stan?
  183. (07:09:17 AM) dook: so clever
  184. (07:09:18 AM) Voodoo_Lord: Did the bone dance already happened?
  185. (07:09:21 AM) GrumpyGamer: The animation of him disappearing was bigger then all of Maniac Mansion.
  186. (07:09:26 AM) GameClubFan_554442 [] entered the room.
  187. (07:09:30 AM) Trapezoid: damn
  188. (07:09:31 AM) Gins: stan happened, bone dance not yet
  189. (07:09:34 AM) Cheeseness: Ha, Rapp's voice is crazy
  190. (07:09:37 AM) GameClubFan_568955 [] entered the room.
  191. (07:09:37 AM) GameClubFan_815712: lol
  192. (07:09:41 AM) Cheeseness: (I've not played the talkie version of this
  193. (07:09:41 AM) Voodoo_Lord: Thanks!
  194. (07:09:41 AM) Fredvdp [] entered the room.
  195. (07:09:44 AM) TuybrushGhreepwood [] entered the room.
  196. (07:09:45 AM) RonaldDragstra [] entered the room.
  197. (07:09:46 AM) GameClubFan_239112: these MI games are a thing of beauty. Incredible.
  198. (07:09:48 AM) Gins: i love the bone dance
  199. (07:09:49 AM) GameClubFan_554442 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  200. (07:10:00 AM) GameClubFan_466262 [] entered the room.
  201. (07:10:02 AM) DuderakeFourkforest: Rapp sound's like a swiney sweeper
  202. (07:10:05 AM) ReverendGumby [] entered the room.
  203. (07:10:09 AM) UncleJeet: He loves switching to the classic graphics in the new version. He calls it "the olden times version".
  204. (07:10:11 AM) FireGaming: are you playing the remake or the original?
  205. (07:10:12 AM) Azuranski left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  206. (07:10:15 AM) harleyquinn [] entered the room.
  207. (07:10:17 AM) Nivery: that animation took up more space than maniac mansion
  208. (07:10:18 AM) GameClubFan_515562 is now known as Submission
  209. (07:10:18 AM) Nivery: fact
  210. (07:10:20 AM) Fredvdp: wish they would make a special edition of fate of atlantis
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  212. (07:10:30 AM) GameClubFan_864367 [] entered the room.
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  214. (07:10:31 AM) ReverendGumby: Hi all!
  215. (07:10:32 AM) GameClubFan_042539 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  216. (07:10:38 AM) Anna_L: Hi)
  217. (07:10:40 AM) yama: GrumpyGamer, In regards to the animation, it's amazing how quickly games evolved even back then.
  218. (07:10:41 AM) Phlegmster [] entered the room.
  219. (07:10:41 AM) Fireflower: Hi Reverend
  220. (07:10:42 AM) GrumpyGamer: The C64 version of Maniac Mansion was around 250K
  221. (07:10:44 AM) RoomieOfficial left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  222. (07:10:49 AM) GameClubFan_869691 [] entered the room.
  223. (07:10:52 AM) dook: wow
  224. (07:10:52 AM) FireGaming: they shud just make a special edition of all the games
  225. (07:11:01 AM) Skywilly: Monkey Island on First Person with Oculus Rift... On Kickstarter... No ? :)
  226. (07:11:02 AM) GameClubFan_815712: wow, iits so small compared to now days things
  227. (07:11:07 AM) GameClubFan_869691 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  228. (07:11:09 AM) FireGaming: but now stupid disney has the stupid rights
  229. (07:11:10 AM) sugartiger [] entered the room.
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  233. (07:11:12 AM) GameClubFan_389016 [] entered the room.
  234. (07:11:21 AM) RonaldDragstra: Monkey 2's Guybrush is my favorite of all: adventurous and a bit of a show-off
  235. (07:11:22 AM) GameClubFan_568955 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  236. (07:11:23 AM) GameClubFan_264349 [] entered the room.
  237. (07:11:27 AM) Voodoo_Lord: No Maniac Mansion 3 for now then. :(
  238. (07:11:27 AM) Gins: yea
  239. (07:11:29 AM) GameClubFan_932536 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  240. (07:11:30 AM) GameClubFan_389016 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  241. (07:11:35 AM) GameClubFan_606407: And not a little bit uncocky.
  242. (07:11:36 AM) Levi [] entered the room.
  243. (07:11:38 AM) Gins: i like the evolution he made through since MI1
  244. (07:11:42 AM) GameClubFan_338708 [] entered the room.
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  246. (07:11:44 AM) JasperByrne [] entered the room.
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  248. (07:11:54 AM) UncleJeet: MI2 is my favorite in the series. I really consider it the pinnacle of design in the genre, at least of that era.
  249. (07:11:55 AM) Gins: unfortunately it seems that MI3 and subsequent games undid this :(
  250. (07:11:55 AM) GameClubFan_338708 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
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  252. (07:11:57 AM) FoxAndersson [] entered the room.
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  254. (07:12:03 AM) Rojasono: Nice place to keep the map, Rapp
  255. (07:12:05 AM) dook: eww
  256. (07:12:05 AM) GameClubFan_864367 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  257. (07:12:05 AM) Fredvdp left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  258. (07:12:06 AM) GrumpyGamer: Steve Purcell was the best.
  259. (07:12:12 AM) GameClubFan_239112: Can we still buy these games somewhere? Massively nostalgic now. Wonder if we can do an official Android port?
  260. (07:12:14 AM) Skywilly: FireGaming -> Because LucasArts was making good things this last years, you think ?
  261. (07:12:14 AM) dvd [] entered the room.
  262. (07:12:15 AM) Trapezoid: he's still awesome
  263. (07:12:17 AM) GameClubFan_094054 [] entered the room.
  264. (07:12:18 AM) GameClubFan_867660 [] entered the room.
  265. (07:12:18 AM) Phlegmster [] entered the room.
  266. (07:12:24 AM) Voodoo_Lord: "was"? :P
  267. (07:12:25 AM) GameClubFan_842743: i loved that this scene was also in MI3
  268. (07:12:25 AM) dook: terminator gag
  269. (07:12:25 AM) GameClubFan_815712: you can buy them on steam
  270. (07:12:30 AM) Syd: By the way, I'm playing a fanmade version that's a hybrid between the SE and original
  271. (07:12:34 AM) GrumpyGamer: He did all that animation.
  272. (07:12:35 AM) Syd: and it runs in ScummVM
  273. (07:12:41 AM) Dutchbrush left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  274. (07:12:42 AM) ZakMcKrackin: thats the problem with mi3 and 4, they decided against the evolution of his look
  275. (07:12:46 AM) LuTHieR1729 [] entered the room.
  276. (07:12:53 AM) MrBrush left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  277. (07:12:53 AM) dvd left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  278. (07:12:59 AM) UncleJeet: I loved the depth of field bits MI2 introduced. And the animations...I don't know how many times I reloaded to watch Largo spit in the bar.
  279. (07:13:00 AM) GameClubFan_346757 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  280. (07:13:09 AM) NattyDreads [] entered the room.
  281. (07:13:16 AM) NattyDreads: Huzzah! It returns!
  282. (07:13:16 AM) Dutchbrush [] entered the room.
  283. (07:13:20 AM) Anna_L: BTW the graphics of MI4 makes me so sad =( I hope someday it'll be remastered too.
  284. (07:13:20 AM) GameClubFan_293733 [] entered the room.
  285. (07:13:22 AM) GameClubFan_900799 [] entered the room.
  286. (07:13:28 AM) Ekiriam [] entered the room.
  287. (07:13:28 AM) GameClubFan_250408 [] entered the room.
  288. (07:13:33 AM) FireGaming: skywilly well no, they were just milking star wars for every last drop...but they could've pawned off the rights to telltale or double fine before disney bought them
  289. (07:13:35 AM) GameClubFan_900799 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  290. (07:13:38 AM) UncleJeet: My kid's about to get to the bone dance. I'm pretty sure he'll flip out.
  291. (07:13:43 AM) Levi left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  292. (07:13:47 AM) Voodoo_Lord: Not a big fan of the voices to be honest.
  293. (07:13:50 AM) DuderakeFourkforest: GrumpyGamer How many copies of Scurvy Scallywags do need to sell to be able buy Monkey Island back?
  294. (07:13:52 AM) GameClubFan_250408 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  295. (07:13:52 AM) GameClubFan_225405 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  296. (07:13:52 AM) Wolfwood103 [] entered the room.
  297. (07:13:54 AM) Toothrot: the bone dance is epic!
  298. (07:13:56 AM) Ongaku: bone dance is awesome !
  299. (07:13:56 AM) primaerfunktion left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  300. (07:14:00 AM) GrumpyGamer: 5,000,000
  301. (07:14:07 AM) GrumpyGamer: Maybe
  302. (07:14:10 AM) GrumpyGamer: Might be more
  303. (07:14:12 AM) Phlegmster: That list of domains Disney registered for upcoming Star Wars games isn't too inspiring:
  304. (07:14:12 AM) GameClubFan_815712: haha
  305. (07:14:14 AM) Gins: how much is one copy?
  306. (07:14:16 AM) Rojasono: Lol Ron
  307. (07:14:17 AM) Voodoo_Lord: hah
  308. (07:14:20 AM) Doornail left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  309. (07:14:24 AM) GameClubFan_842743 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  310. (07:14:24 AM) GameClubFan_121845 [] entered the room.
  311. (07:14:25 AM) Hiawatha: GrumpyGamer, on the LeChuck's fortress appears something which looks just like the TVE public spanish tv channel, is that a coincidence?
  312. (07:14:27 AM) Skywilly: GrumpyGamer: -> What did you think of Telltale's Monkey Island ?
  313. (07:14:29 AM) NattyDreads: there has to be a rich eccentric millionaire out there that is simply unaware of the situation.
  314. (07:14:33 AM) emitcollect [] entered the room.
  315. (07:14:33 AM) RonaldDragstra: After Monkey 2 they changed Guybrush a lot, like he was a bit of a loser and prefers to sleep, instead of adventurous
  316. (07:14:42 AM) LuTHieR1729: if in the end you port it to Android, let's make it 4,999,999, you can count on me buying one! :)
  317. (07:14:42 AM) GameClubFan_128501 [] entered the room.
  318. (07:14:45 AM) Gins: yea
  319. (07:14:55 AM) Gins: monkey 4 was really bad for guybrush's personality, especially
  320. (07:14:55 AM) GameClubFan_055525 [] entered the room.
  321. (07:14:57 AM) Anna_L: Oooh Kate! She is so anoying! XD
  322. (07:15:12 AM) FireGaming: ugh what i hate about the whole disney thing is that EA is now signed for exclusively making star wars games
  323. (07:15:21 AM) GameClubFan_121845 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  324. (07:15:21 AM) harleyquinn left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  325. (07:15:21 AM) Ekiriam: Gosh, this is the first, and by far the best, point&click game that got into my hands as a kid.
  326. (07:15:22 AM) GameClubFan_239112: I really WANT these games as boxed originals. Willing to swap my firstborn! ;-)
  327. (07:15:25 AM) Ekiriam: ah the memories
  328. (07:15:26 AM) Skywilly: Gins-> Yes, but i love the Shop with Murray :P
  329. (07:15:33 AM) emitcollect left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  330. (07:15:33 AM) Katemonster_NB: what.
  331. (07:15:36 AM) dook: dat grin
  332. (07:15:42 AM) FireGaming: i look forward to my star wars games filled with always online dlc and microtransactions
  333. (07:15:50 AM) ZaxNyu [] entered the room.
  334. (07:15:55 AM) FireGaming: and forced multiplayer
  335. (07:16:01 AM) Ongaku: I love Murray :)
  336. (07:16:07 AM) UncleJeet: Wait. GrumpyGamer's here? Well, there goes the neighborhood.
  337. (07:16:25 AM) GrumpyGamer: Got a problem with that?
  338. (07:16:25 AM) Cheeseness: Hey Katemonster_NB. I think Anna_L is talking about Kate Capsize (in-game character ^_^ )
  339. (07:16:32 AM) RonaldDragstra: What puzzle are you most proud of, from Monkey 2, GrumpyGamer?
  340. (07:16:33 AM) GameClubFan_667867 [] entered the room.
  341. (07:16:39 AM) Katemonster [] entered the room.
  342. (07:16:39 AM) ZakMcKrackin: yeah murray was possibly the best thing about any non RG MI game
  343. (07:16:40 AM) NattyDreads: I would have bought one of these plaques if they marketed them when this came out.
  344. (07:16:41 AM) GrumpyGamer: The neighborhood was wrecked before I got here.
  345. (07:16:44 AM) Gins: hm i wonder, is it possible to use all your money in the booty shop and then get stuck in the game?
  346. (07:16:44 AM) NattyDreads: Just sayin.
  347. (07:16:47 AM) UncleJeet: True enough.
  348. (07:16:53 AM) Rojasono: They're probably just going to keep the rights to the adventure games, and laugh at us silly fans for wanting more >.>"
  349. (07:16:53 AM) slyh80 [] entered the room.
  350. (07:16:54 AM) Katemonster: oh
  351. (07:16:59 AM) Phlegmster: The ending to MI2 is one of the coolest. So hilarious yet dark.
  352. (07:17:01 AM) GrumpyGamer: Not, you can't get stuck.
  353. (07:17:07 AM) dook: syd make ron do a puzzle via the chat >:)
  354. (07:17:19 AM) Gins: how is it prevented, GrumpyGamer?
  355. (07:17:28 AM) Anna_L: Cheeseness, yeah)
  356. (07:17:31 AM) Hiawatha: GrumpyGamer, on the LeChuck's fortress appears something which looks just like the TVE public spanish tv channel logo, is that a coincidence?
  357. (07:17:32 AM) NattyDreads: you can get more money from the wheel game
  358. (07:17:39 AM) UncleJeet: Yeah, that's something I had to convince my kid of...that you can't get stuck. And you can't die. And you can do and try anything you want and the game won't punish you for it. It took some time for him to absorb this notion.
  359. Katemonster Katemonster_NB
  360. (07:17:40 AM) Cheeseness: We all love you, Katemonster :D
  361. (07:17:44 AM) Zoml7654 [] entered the room.
  362. (07:17:44 AM) GrumpyGamer: I don't remember exactly, but I know it is not somrething I would have let slip.
  363. (07:17:44 AM) zorch1138 [] entered the room.
  364. (07:17:50 AM) zorch1138 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  365. (07:17:53 AM) GameClubFan_667867 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  366. (07:18:02 AM) zorch1138 [] entered the room.
  367. (07:18:02 AM) Cheeseness: I love Dredd's excuses for not going here
  368. (07:18:07 AM) GameClubFan_608618 [] entered the room.
  369. (07:18:16 AM) lattsam: Whoa 6000! That's pretty steep!
  370. (07:18:17 AM) GameClubFan_400530 [] entered the room.
  371. (07:18:20 AM) ZakMcKrackin: Ron, whilst I read your thoughts on the other MI games, i'd like to know what you thought of monkey kombat specifically :D
  372. (07:18:28 AM) Anna_L: "Sightseeings!" So anoying)
  373. (07:18:33 AM) GameClubFan_759634 [] entered the room.
  374. (07:18:36 AM) Voodoo_Lord: Yeah but you get to be on a boat alone with her!
  375. (07:18:37 AM) Syd: 38N 90W. Gotta remember
  376. (07:18:39 AM) GameClubFan_400530 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  377. (07:18:41 AM) GameClubFan_712586 [] entered the room.
  378. (07:18:43 AM) GrumpyGamer: kombat?
  379. (07:18:46 AM) GameClubFan_012649 [] entered the room.
  380. (07:18:49 AM) NattyDreads: I loved the animated for when he goes down to the wreck.
  381. (07:18:52 AM) GameClubFan_851658 [] entered the room.
  382. (07:18:53 AM) ZakMcKrackin: yes wasnt that MI4 near the end
  383. (07:18:53 AM) NattyDreads: Always struck me.
  384. (07:18:56 AM) GameClubFan_759634 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  385. (07:18:57 AM) FireGaming: is monkey kombat like a hated thing?
  386. (07:19:03 AM) Voodoo_Lord: I don't think GrumpyGamer made it that far.
  387. (07:19:03 AM) GrumpyGamer: I never finished MI4.
  388. (07:19:03 AM) UncleJeet: Oh, and GrumpyGamer? You'll be happy to know that I fell for the "polish my leg" bit AGAIN. Every damn time, I fall for that. Doesn't matter how many times I've gotten to 19 pieces of eight, I still get excited to get 20 and charter Dredd's ship. Only to be disappointed and remember the rat.
  389. (07:19:08 AM) dook: very much so fire
  390. (07:19:09 AM) GameClubFan_554175 [] entered the room.
  391. (07:19:10 AM) GameClubFan_213478 [] entered the room.
  392. (07:19:12 AM) Trapezoid: why are we talking about monkey kombat. :|
  393. (07:19:17 AM) ZakMcKrackin: well i thought it was cack :D
  394. (07:19:17 AM) PCMR [] entered the room.
  395. (07:19:18 AM) Skywilly: If Grumpy was a EA's developer, we will discover Guybrush Treepwood on DLC for The Cave at this E3, i guess.
  396. (07:19:20 AM) dook: yes lets not
  397. (07:19:33 AM) UncleJeet: My son and I were polishing that jerk's leg for 10 minutes last night before I finally remembered.
  398. (07:19:36 AM) Meeps: and now we wait for 10 minutes
  399. (07:19:36 AM) scarecrow [] entered the room.
  400. (07:19:37 AM) Voodoo_Lord: Anyway Monkey Kombat was a really stupid thing.
  401. (07:19:41 AM) FireGaming: i kinda liked it
  402. (07:19:46 AM) NattyDreads: Loved that part.
  403. (07:19:46 AM) FireGaming: although i was 7 so
  404. (07:19:46 AM) dook: great sprite
  405. (07:19:47 AM) GrumpyGamer: More palette magic.
  406. (07:19:49 AM) GameClubFan_213478 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  407. (07:19:54 AM) Voodoo_Lord: Right there with the giant steampunk monkey robot.
  408. (07:20:00 AM) slyh80: Was the fading to black while diving coded or an animation?
  409. (07:20:03 AM) Gins: I find it disappointing that this scrolling section was possible in SCUMM, but not in the remake... :o
  410. (07:20:05 AM) dook: so good
  411. (07:20:06 AM) kisak: I can hear it now ... low air music from sonic the hedgehog
  412. (07:20:07 AM) GameClubFan_475496 [] entered the room.
  413. (07:20:12 AM) Hiawatha: this is physically wrong! his head would explode with all that pressure!
  414. (07:20:13 AM) iaoth [] entered the room.
  415. (07:20:14 AM) GrumpyGamer: palette shifting
  416. (07:20:25 AM) dook: reminds me of sea quest
  417. (07:20:26 AM) GrumpyGamer: Then when it went black, we switch backgrounds.
  418. (07:20:27 AM) Pinchpenny left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  419. (07:20:27 AM) UncleJeet: Turn off the "anti-aliasing". The game just looks wrong with it.
  420. (07:20:30 AM) lattsam: But he should be okay. He can dive underwater for ten minutes!
  421. (07:20:35 AM) GameClubFan_475496 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  422. (07:20:36 AM) NattyDreads: Was there plans to have guybrush lift an idol head off of the sea floor in everygame?
  423. (07:20:36 AM) dimo2 [] entered the room.
  424. (07:20:42 AM) GameClubFan_094054: 95% of people probably didn't even play enough monkey kombat to get how to beat the lechuck in the end
  425. (07:20:45 AM) GameClubFan_094287 [] entered the room.
  426. (07:20:53 AM) codemite [] entered the room.
  427. (07:21:02 AM) Ekiriam: Yeah, I used to be so enthusiast about discovering every new panel during my first playthrough :)
  428. (07:21:07 AM) Voodoo_Lord: I doubt only 5% people finished EMI mate.
  429. (07:21:09 AM) RonaldDragstra: Any new console should include iMuse, Monkey2 part 1 was one of my favorite... And iMuse made it even more powerful
  430. (07:21:11 AM) Cheeseness: GrumpyGamer: How did you come up with the idea for getting the head back up to the surface? I love that it's so simple, but not at all obvious :D
  431. (07:21:11 AM) Fireflower: Secret of the Mad Monkey Island
  432. (07:21:12 AM) snorbruis [] entered the room.
  433. (07:21:13 AM) GameClubFan_094287 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  434. (07:21:15 AM) GameClubFan_854865 [] entered the room.
  435. (07:21:16 AM) PCMR left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  436. (07:21:21 AM) GameClubFan_795548 [] entered the room.
  437. (07:21:22 AM) GameClubFan_051435 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  438. (07:21:23 AM) Gins: if i loved one joke about monkey 4 it was the joke in the end when you press "ESC" in the final battle against lechuck
  439. (07:21:23 AM) Cheeseness: Or that it's obvious, but nobody thinks of it
  440. (07:21:25 AM) GameClubFan_094054: most of them prob read from webs how to beat the ending
  441. (07:21:30 AM) Voodoo_Lord: Unless we're talking about the world's population. :P
  442. (07:21:32 AM) UncleJeet: Ah, iMuse. Possibly the greatest innovation ever cast aside in gaming history.
  443. (07:21:34 AM) GameClubFan_815712: lol
  444. (07:21:34 AM) PCMR [] entered the room.
  445. (07:21:47 AM) Voodoo_Lord: Nah It wasn't that hard.
  446. (07:21:53 AM) Voodoo_Lord: It was just annoying to do.
  447. (07:21:54 AM) GameClubFan_795548 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  448. (07:22:06 AM) GameClubFan_854865 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  449. (07:22:07 AM) slyh80: GrumpyGamer: Ah, of course :)
  450. (07:22:09 AM) RonaldDragstra: The return of iMuse, i'd vote for it
  451. (07:22:11 AM) GameClubFan_001693 [] entered the room.
  452. (07:22:11 AM) Trapezoid: aren't most video games only beaten by a small percentage of those who play them?
  453. (07:22:11 AM) Anna_L: I love voices in the game)
  454. (07:22:18 AM) Trapezoid: maybe not true with adventure games.
  455. (07:22:20 AM) Ongaku: iMuse for president !
  456. (07:22:28 AM) GrumpyGamer: I'm not a fan of Largo's voice.
  457. (07:22:34 AM) Hiawatha: Hey GrumpyGamer, on the LeChuck's fortress appears something which looks just like the TVE public spanish tv channel logo, is that a coincidence?
  458. (07:22:41 AM) lattsam: GrumpyGamer blasphemy!
  459. (07:22:41 AM) NattyDreads: I dislike Largo's voice ALOT
  460. (07:22:42 AM) GrumpyGamer: But I need at least one thing to be grumpy about.
  461. (07:22:43 AM) plop [] entered the room.
  462. (07:22:47 AM) Voodoo_Lord: Is it Dominic that voices Largo here?
  463. (07:22:50 AM) GameClubFan_266735 [] entered the room.
  464. (07:22:55 AM) Cheeseness: :D
  465. (07:22:55 AM) Hiawatha: ooh Jojo :_)
  466. (07:22:55 AM) Dutchbrush: I don't like the Largo voice either, nor the Kate voice.
  467. (07:22:57 AM) NattyDreads: i always thought he'd sound more like a sleazeball than a tough guy
  468. (07:23:01 AM) lattsam: Voodoo_Lord no, but James Arnold Taylor does
  469. (07:23:02 AM) UncleJeet: The monkey wrench!
  470. (07:23:03 AM) Fireflower: the monkey wrench
  471. (07:23:05 AM) Fireflower: :)
  472. (07:23:07 AM) ReverendGumby: Hypnomonkey!
  473. (07:23:08 AM) dook: dat monkey
  474. (07:23:12 AM) Gins: :(
  475. (07:23:18 AM) GrumpyGamer: Worst. Puzzle. Ever.
  476. (07:23:22 AM) GameClubFan_266735 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  477. (07:23:24 AM) GrumpyGamer: I feel bad about that one.
  478. (07:23:24 AM) Rojasono: Lol ah memories
  479. (07:23:24 AM) Anna_L: YES!
  480. (07:23:25 AM) Skywilly: This server is he a descendant of one who is at the beginning of Full Throttle? :)
  481. (07:23:27 AM) Voodoo_Lord: I see. I thought that Dominic made a better performance in that fake-trailer thingy.
  482. (07:23:30 AM) GameClubFan_766919 [] entered the room.
  483. (07:23:33 AM) GameClubFan_998398 [] entered the room.
  484. (07:23:33 AM) Gins: the part where you have to use the monkey as a wrench?
  485. (07:23:34 AM) Nivery: i was thoughtlessly using everything on everything else at this point
  486. (07:23:37 AM) dook: yeah it's a stinker :(
  487. (07:23:38 AM) matt_hargett [] entered the room.
  488. (07:23:39 AM) GameClubFan_766919 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  489. (07:23:41 AM) Nivery: solved the monkey wrench puzzle accidentally without trouble
  490. (07:23:46 AM) GameClubFan_851658 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  491. (07:23:52 AM) Gins: or the part where you have to put the banana on the metronome and stop him from playing, because that's a really mean puzzle
  492. (07:23:55 AM) GameClubFan_293733 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  493. (07:23:56 AM) Gins: to the monkey
  494. (07:23:57 AM) GameClubFan_998398 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  495. (07:23:58 AM) RonaldDragstra: "Ripburger you're dumber than dirt!" Would be a nice Largo voice :-D
  496. (07:23:59 AM) codemite left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  497. (07:24:01 AM) dook: whose puzzle was it ron?
  498. (07:24:02 AM) GameClubFan_376845 [] entered the room.
  499. (07:24:05 AM) Ekiriam: I think it was accidental here too, I can't really remember
  500. (07:24:05 AM) GameClubFan_659311 [] entered the room.
  501. (07:24:06 AM) GrumpyGamer: That's a good puzzle.
  502. (07:24:10 AM) Trapezoid: more palette shifting
  503. (07:24:13 AM) Cheeseness: Yeah , I never had any problem with the wrench (we don't call it a "monkey wrench" here, so it never seemed like an issue)
  504. (07:24:18 AM) GrumpyGamer: I'm going to look away
  505. (07:24:20 AM) GameClubFan_659311 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  506. (07:24:21 AM) MeCL [] entered the room.
  507. (07:24:22 AM) Hiawatha: in spain the monkey wrench puzzle gave us a lot of headaches, it wasn't well translated (there was no way to do it right) and it was like a nightmare
  508. (07:24:26 AM) Voodoo_Lord: No.
  509. (07:24:27 AM) Voodoo_Lord: Face your fears.
  510. (07:24:28 AM) Fireflower: why is the monkey so stiff?
  511. (07:24:28 AM) dook: oh my
  512. (07:24:30 AM) GrumpyGamer: Pretend this puzzle isn't happening.
  513. (07:24:31 AM) GameClubFan_376845 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  514. (07:24:35 AM) Anna_L: This puzzle with monkey confused me like a cat from Monty Python's scetch))))
  515. (07:24:37 AM) GuybrushFan: :P
  516. (07:24:38 AM) Gins: the animation of it was awesome
  517. (07:24:42 AM) Nivery: interesting Hiawatha
  518. (07:24:46 AM) PCMR left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  519. (07:24:48 AM) dimo2: makes even less sense if you're not playing the english version.... good luck figuring out what a freakin monkey has to do with this
  520. (07:24:54 AM) lattsam: These rooms are awesome
  521. (07:24:54 AM) Anna_L: In a good way)
  522. (07:24:54 AM) UncleJeet: Every time I open the safe in MI1, my wife thinks I'm made of magic. I don't know why she has such a hard time with that puzzle, yet the nightmarish 'if this is 1, what is this' puzzle was never a problem for her.
  523. (07:24:58 AM) Gins: GrumpyGamer: are these tunnels related to The Secret?
  524. (07:24:58 AM) Trapezoid: yeah, Guybrush knows the puzzle sucks and just smiles at the camera.
  525. (07:25:07 AM) UncleJeet: Back before the days of the Internet, that puzzle drove me nuts trying to figure out.
  526. (07:25:09 AM) zorch1138: I *really* love this music cue
  527. (07:25:10 AM) GonRilbert [] entered the room.
  528. (07:25:14 AM) DuderakeFourkforest: the tunnel has to mean something
  529. (07:25:17 AM) GameClubFan_659439 [] entered the room.
  530. (07:25:18 AM) GameClubFan_814737 [] entered the room.
  531. (07:25:23 AM) Trapezoid: Could we have the music turned up?
  532. (07:25:27 AM) Voodoo_Lord: Oh wow! It's Gon Rilbert!
  533. (07:25:30 AM) GameClubFan_659439 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  534. (07:25:32 AM) matt_hargett: I really liked how in the special edition they inserted some interstitial frames into the walk cycle
  535. (07:25:35 AM) GameClubFan_457447 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  536. (07:25:36 AM) lattsam: OOh, can I buy some?
  537. (07:25:37 AM) FireGaming: wait
  538. (07:25:38 AM) dook: love this guy
  539. (07:25:41 AM) GameClubFan_652399 [] entered the room.
  540. (07:25:42 AM) Ekiriam: and here is the best track in the OST, excluding the main theme
  541. (07:25:43 AM) FireGaming: it just hit me, grumpygamer is ron
  542. (07:25:47 AM) FireGaming: im so stupid
  543. (07:25:47 AM) JonnyG [] entered the room.
  544. (07:25:48 AM) FireGaming: :P
  545. (07:25:53 AM) Cheeseness: Hah
  546. (07:25:53 AM) Fireflower: :)
  547. (07:26:01 AM) Ongaku: lolol
  548. (07:26:06 AM) Cheeseness: For anybody who doesn't know, GrumpyGamer is Ron Gilbert, Monkey Island's creator :)
  549. (07:26:13 AM) yama: Aww. Haha. I feel sorry for GrumpyGamer how he always has to apologise for the monkey wrench when talking about MI2. ^^:
  550. (07:26:15 AM) GonRilbert: snoop
  551. (07:26:16 AM) GuybrushFan left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  552. (07:26:18 AM) dook: big fan of this puzzle
  553. (07:26:24 AM) UncleJeet: I'm not a big fan of the remake's graphics. But I think that's just the old man in me. Something about MI2's original art is just timeless and perfect. And virtually unplayable on the iPad, thanks to the cursor.
  554. (07:26:38 AM) Voodoo_Lord: Lots of brits doing the voices I see. :D
  555. (07:26:43 AM) caxxse [] entered the room.
  556. (07:26:46 AM) lattsam: Now martial arts is more manly!
  557. (07:26:52 AM) GameClubFan_239112 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  558. (07:26:53 AM) Nivery left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  559. (07:26:55 AM) Trapezoid: I love that the special edition included a lot of the original art for backgrounds.
  560. (07:26:57 AM) RonaldDragstra left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  561. (07:27:05 AM) Trapezoid: Steve Purcell's posted some of the backgrounds on his blog too.
  562. (07:27:06 AM) GameClubFan_805908 [] entered the room.
  563. (07:27:06 AM) GameClubFan_739408 [] entered the room.
  564. (07:27:11 AM) dragaroo [] entered the room.
  565. (07:27:15 AM) RonaldDragstra [] entered the room.
  566. (07:27:17 AM) GameClubFan_814737 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  567. (07:27:17 AM) GameClubFan_393403 [] entered the room.
  568. (07:27:17 AM) FireGaming: ugh
  569. (07:27:18 AM) Rojasono: I think it's the natural advancement from the original graphics of MI1 that makes MI2's art style so endearing. Personal opinion, of course
  570. (07:27:21 AM) matt_hargett: UncleJeet: I agree. Doubling the resolution and doing minor touch-ups might have been better
  571. (07:27:27 AM) GameClubFan_697057 [] entered the room.
  572. (07:27:31 AM) Anna_L: Guybrush is so cute! ^____^
  573. (07:27:44 AM) GameClubFan_815712 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  574. (07:27:50 AM) UncleJeet: Or just keep the original art and make it point and touch. Just kill the mouse cursor for the iPad and I'd be happy.
  575. (07:27:51 AM) GameClubFan_622176 [] entered the room.
  576. (07:27:57 AM) GameClubFan_722544 [] entered the room.
  577. (07:28:08 AM) RonaldDragstra left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  578. (07:28:08 AM) Nivery [] entered the room.
  579. (07:28:13 AM) GonRilbert: lol
  580. (07:28:18 AM) slyh80: I guess he lost, then...
  581. (07:28:19 AM) eriktorbjorn [] entered the room.
  582. (07:28:21 AM) GameClubFan_698676 [] entered the room.
  583. (07:28:21 AM) scarecrow: Oh I love it
  584. (07:28:26 AM) Ongaku: hahah this animation is veru cool
  585. (07:28:28 AM) Voodoo_Lord: Love these animations.
  586. (07:28:28 AM) Ongaku: very*
  587. (07:28:29 AM) RonaldDragstra [] entered the room.
  588. (07:28:33 AM) dook: classic
  589. (07:28:35 AM) Ekiriam: Guybrush has always been my role model. No need to mention I do not make a very good adult.
  590. (07:28:42 AM) GameClubFan_697057 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  591. (07:28:42 AM) caxxse left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  592. (07:28:47 AM) GonRilbert: ron really should make another one of these
  593. (07:28:53 AM) GameClubFan_571642 [] entered the room.
  594. (07:28:55 AM) dook: you think?
  595. (07:28:55 AM) Voodoo_Lord: MI2 was pretty cartoonish too. :)
  596. (07:29:04 AM) FireGaming: if only stupid disney wud give him the rights
  597. (07:29:06 AM) GameClubFan_119229 [] entered the room.
  598. (07:29:20 AM) UncleJeet: You miss the great animation in the remake's graphics, too. Guybrush's mugging, the peg leg pirate's eye bulge after you cut off his leg, etc...
  599. (07:29:22 AM) Joop [] entered the room.
  600. (07:29:28 AM) ZakMcKrackin: has anyone requested the rights?
  601. (07:29:32 AM) Voodoo_Lord: Don't insult Disney guys, they might be watching us
  602. (07:29:34 AM) GameClubFan_119229 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  603. (07:29:35 AM) Ongaku: disney is the Monsanto of the media :x
  604. (07:29:48 AM) Voodoo_Lord: and deny the rights to Ron on account of us being jerks. :(
  605. (07:29:48 AM) Ekiriam: couldn't put it better myself
  606. (07:29:50 AM) Gins: maybe ron already works for disney and this is the secret...
  607. (07:29:57 AM) lattsam: Ongaku didn't you heard what Voodoo_Lord said?
  608. (07:29:59 AM) NixNada [] entered the room.
  609. (07:30:00 AM) Phlegmster: All these LucasArts games need to be on GOG!
  610. (07:30:04 AM) DuderakeFourkforest: buy 5 million copies of scurvy scallywags and ron will buy them back
  611. (07:30:05 AM) LuTHieR1729 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  612. (07:30:07 AM) Voodoo_Lord: The secret is that his real name is Ron G. Disney.
  613. (07:30:08 AM) lattsam: Phlegmster yeah!
  614. (07:30:08 AM) Phlegmster: Please, Disney, put the LA classics on GOG!
  615. (07:30:12 AM) iaoth: The Secret of Monkey Island is Walt Disney's cryogenically frozen head!
  616. (07:30:15 AM) moooo [] entered the room.
  617. (07:30:19 AM) dook: imuse in action
  618. (07:30:19 AM) Skywilly left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  619. (07:30:20 AM) Ongaku: lolol lattsam
  620. (07:30:21 AM) GameClubFan_571642 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  621. (07:30:22 AM) scarecrow: But I can understand that he doesnt want to make a new MI-Game without owning the rights himself
  622. (07:30:23 AM) UncleJeet: It's fitting that Disney owns MI now. I mean, since they already stole it for Curse of the Black Pearl and all...
  623. (07:30:26 AM) Rojasono: I highly doubt the Disney Illuminati cares about us. We're just a small niche crowd. :(
  624. (07:30:29 AM) GameClubFan_975661 [] entered the room.
  625. (07:30:30 AM) GameClubFan_814873 [] entered the room.
  626. (07:30:33 AM) GameClubFan_057715: i played this game so often in my childhood and it's still my personal #1 of all video games i played yet, what is a lot considering that i'm 32 now
  627. (07:30:34 AM) matt_hargett: UncleJeet 6 or 7 years ago I added a feature to FreeSCI to allow for slightly expanded palettes on some resources. Unfortunately, it got lost when FreeSCI was absorbed by ScummVM :/
  628. (07:30:35 AM) Cheeseness: iaoth: The Secret Of Monkey Island is that Guybrush is a banana. Ron told us that before
  629. (07:30:36 AM) Trapezoid: press the wrong brick!
  630. (07:30:46 AM) GameClubFan_622176 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  631. (07:30:51 AM) Trapezoid: I loved that moment
  632. (07:30:55 AM) GrumpyGamer: It's true.
  633. (07:30:56 AM) mlclz left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  634. (07:30:56 AM) kisak: oh burn!
  635. (07:30:57 AM) GameClubFan_744938 [] entered the room.
  636. (07:30:58 AM) UncleJeet: Ron doesn't need the Monkey Island rights. Just make The Secret Of Primate Atoll or something. BRILLIANT!
  637. (07:30:59 AM) Trapezoid: first time you see the skeleton for just a second
  638. (07:31:01 AM) GonRilbert: ceiling mickey is watching you badmouth disney, be very afraid
  639. (07:31:01 AM) Gins: GrumpyGamer: does guybrush really wear a wig, or was this just for comedy?
  640. (07:31:01 AM) Ongaku: i think the secret is 42
  641. (07:31:02 AM) GameClubFan_975661 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  642. (07:31:02 AM) Trapezoid: I was like WHAT
  643. (07:31:04 AM) GameClubFan_716152 [] entered the room.
  644. (07:31:05 AM) Ekiriam: I want an actual, real-life, Big Whoop amusement park.
  645. (07:31:07 AM) Voodoo_Lord: GrumpyGamer how do you feel about Maniac Mansion's rights instead? Would you agree to only get the license for them?
  646. (07:31:07 AM) GameClubFan_123002 [] entered the room.
  647. (07:31:23 AM) GameClubFan_744938 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  648. (07:31:30 AM) GameClubFan_430072 [] entered the room.
  649. (07:31:31 AM) Voodoo_Lord: If you ever decided to make another MM, that is.
  650. (07:31:32 AM) GrumpyGamer: I'd love to get MM as well.
  651. (07:31:34 AM) zorch1138: Governor Phat takes his infrastructure seriously.
  652. (07:31:43 AM) Cheeseness: GrumpyGamer: Would you prefer MM over MI?
  653. (07:31:46 AM) dook: haha zorch
  654. (07:31:46 AM) GameClubFan_698676 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  655. (07:31:49 AM) GrumpyGamer: MI
  656. (07:31:57 AM) Voodoo_Lord: Cool thanks! (here I'm hoping for a MM3 too!)
  657. (07:32:01 AM) matt_hargett: UncleJeet: Found a screenshot. Enhanced palette:
  658. (07:32:13 AM) matt_hargett: old palette:
  659. (07:32:15 AM) UncleJeet: My kid was playing DOTT last night on my Macbook before he switched to MI2 on his iPad. Made it to Hoagie wandering around, too. Mostly by himself, except for a bit where I told him he needed to get a dime from the pay phone...and he had no idea what a pay phone was. Because he's 6 and this is 2013.
  660. (07:32:15 AM) Ongaku: can't have enough of the OST
  661. (07:32:20 AM) GameClubFan_388993 [] entered the room.
  662. (07:32:23 AM) Ekiriam: only one solution, let's finance a kickstarter to buy back the whole of disney
  663. (07:32:24 AM) FireGaming: goto run guys. Nice meeting you GrumpyGamer, im a big fan
  664. (07:32:27 AM) GameClubFan_264349 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  665. (07:32:28 AM) Syd: So, I've been warned that sometimes the bone song is out of sync in this version. You've been warned.
  666. (07:32:31 AM) matt_hargett: bugged the hell out of me when characters used to 'blend in' to the background in some places
  667. (07:32:31 AM) Phlegmster: GrumpyGamer, how do you see the next evolutionary step of adventure games taking place?
  668. (07:32:33 AM) Ekiriam: we'll drop the stuff we don't need afterwards
  669. (07:32:33 AM) dook: the music here is fantastic
  670. (07:32:33 AM) GameClubFan_738694 [] entered the room.
  671. (07:32:35 AM) GrumpyGamer: See ya
  672. (07:32:35 AM) GameClubFan_488877 [] entered the room.
  673. (07:32:39 AM) Voodoo_Lord: oooh we're close to the big moment!
  674. (07:32:43 AM) KestrelPi [] entered the room.
  675. (07:32:45 AM) GameClubFan_008100 [] entered the room.
  676. (07:32:45 AM) Anna_L: Bone dance is coming)
  677. (07:32:50 AM) FireGaming left the room (quit: Quit: IceChat - Keeping PC's cool since 2000).
  678. (07:32:53 AM) GameClubFan_430072 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  679. (07:32:56 AM) Joop: I love this game. :)
  680. (07:33:04 AM) GameClubFan_021107 [] entered the room.
  681. (07:33:05 AM) Fireflower: the hip bone is connected to the...
  682. (07:33:06 AM) GameClubFan_869381 [] entered the room.
  683. (07:33:06 AM) dook: so good
  684. (07:33:07 AM) UncleJeet left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  685. (07:33:07 AM) Joop: Played it so much when I was a kid.
  686. (07:33:09 AM) jp-30 [] entered the room.
  687. (07:33:12 AM) GameClubFan_915176 [] entered the room.
  688. (07:33:12 AM) GameClubFan_904961 [] entered the room.
  689. (07:33:13 AM) GrumpyGamer: Hard to say. I tried some new stuff with The Cave, some worked realy well, others people did not like as muich.
  690. (07:33:14 AM) Trapezoid: I love how there's nothing important in the outhouse
  691. (07:33:15 AM) Gins: wasn't the bone song quite bad in the SE?
  692. (07:33:15 AM) GameClubFan_008100 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  693. (07:33:18 AM) ZakMcKrackin: its almost time to hit fullscreen
  694. (07:33:19 AM) GameClubFan_185835 [] entered the room.
  695. (07:33:24 AM) GameClubFan_795609 [] entered the room.
  696. (07:33:24 AM) qapla25 [] entered the room.
  697. (07:33:25 AM) GameClubFan_073778 [] entered the room.
  698. (07:33:26 AM) moooo: I don't even remember what it took to get the end of this.
  699. (07:33:27 AM) matt_hargett: GrumpyGamer: you mentioned coming up with a new scriping language specifically for adventure games. have you tried doign a DSL in Ruby or F#?
  700. (07:33:28 AM) GameClubFan_523038 [] entered the room.
  701. (07:33:29 AM) GameClubFan_869381 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  702. (07:33:30 AM) Syd: No bone song yet. Something else I have to do
  703. (07:33:31 AM) Cheeseness: GrumpyGamer: I thought The Cave was brilliant <2
  704. (07:33:32 AM) GameClubFan_915176 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  705. (07:33:36 AM) Phlegmster: GrumpyGamer, I loved The Cave!
  706. (07:33:37 AM) Yossarian_G [] entered the room.
  707. (07:33:38 AM) UncleJeet [] entered the room.
  708. (07:33:38 AM) GameClubFan_523038 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  709. (07:33:42 AM) iaoth left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  710. (07:33:45 AM) GameClubFan_061485 [] entered the room.
  711. (07:33:46 AM) Cheeseness: (less than 2 is more less than three)
  712. (07:33:53 AM) GameClubFan_722544 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  713. (07:33:53 AM) GameClubFan_738694 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  714. (07:33:54 AM) GonRilbert: the cave was great!
  715. (07:33:57 AM) GrumpyGamer: I'd do a new language. I'm a language snob. I need to write my own.
  716. (07:34:01 AM) GameClubFan_091434 [] entered the room.
  717. (07:34:04 AM) Phlegmster: I think one big issue is that adventure gamers seem stuck on nostalgia. They seem much more reticent to accept games that aren't 2D point and clicks.
  718. (07:34:04 AM) Eriath [] entered the room.
  719. (07:34:06 AM) Sir_FrostCap [] entered the room.
  720. (07:34:07 AM) lattsam: Here it comes...
  721. (07:34:08 AM) Ongaku: I haven't played the cave yet
  722. (07:34:08 AM) FoxAndersson: Ron, there's a reason for the amusement park recourring on your games?
  723. (07:34:11 AM) PLP [] entered the room.
  724. (07:34:17 AM) Sir_FrostCap: Is Ronald here?
  725. (07:34:20 AM) lattsam: Sam and Max YAY!
  726. (07:34:24 AM) dragaroo: It's Max!
  727. (07:34:27 AM) Sir_FrostCap: The iOS developer?
  728. (07:34:27 AM) GrumpyGamer: I love amusement parks?
  729. (07:34:27 AM) matt_hargett: GrumpyGamer: hehe. you could write a new front-end for mono, like the boo guys did.
  730. (07:34:28 AM) RonaldDragstra: i'm a Ronald lol :-)
  731. (07:34:38 AM) GameClubFan_061485 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  732. (07:34:39 AM) GameClubFan_057715: i also loved the cave but still missing the twins though
  733. (07:34:39 AM) Sir_FrostCap: Oh hey Ronald
  734. (07:34:41 AM) dook: great voice on this guy
  735. (07:34:41 AM) Phlegmster: I love all the older games as much as anyone but it's hard to argue that right now isn't the best time for adventures in a long, long time. So many great games and so many styles.
  736. (07:34:43 AM) JonnyG: The cave felt like a Ron Gilbert game for sure..
  737. (07:34:45 AM) GrumpyGamer: I love writing compilers and languages.
  738. (07:34:47 AM) KestrelPi: I kinda wish you could use the new music AND voices with the old graphics. The soundtrack was done really well.
  739. (07:34:49 AM) Joop: Ron, how do you like the voice acting?
  740. (07:34:52 AM) ZakMcKrackin: scientist, time traveller & twins. i imagine most people go with those cave characters first time around
  741. (07:34:53 AM) Sir_FrostCap: The guy from RetroKings Right?
  742. (07:34:56 AM) Fireflower: Ronald McDonald?
  743. (07:35:04 AM) Voodoo_Lord: Pick up her up! :P
  744. (07:35:06 AM) RonaldDragstra: yep, that's me, Retroking :-)
  745. (07:35:06 AM) Sir_FrostCap: No, Ronald Draagstra
  746. (07:35:08 AM) Voodoo_Lord: *Pick her up
  747. (07:35:11 AM) Voodoo_Lord: aww
  748. (07:35:11 AM) Hiawatha left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  749. (07:35:13 AM) GameClubFan_420390 [] entered the room.
  750. (07:35:16 AM) GameClubFan_971473 [] entered the room.
  751. (07:35:21 AM) GameClubFan_185835 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  752. (07:35:22 AM) GrumpyGamer: I don't know what the most popular characters are. We had no analytics in the game.
  753. (07:35:22 AM) Gins: again a scene with guybrush looking like he has a wig
  754. (07:35:22 AM) Sir_FrostCap: Yay, I saw you retweeting this
  755. (07:35:22 AM) GameClubFan_091434 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  756. (07:35:23 AM) Cheeseness: GrumpyGamer: As hard as it is to say, I think The Cave suffered from the hype surrounding it. People had expectations of what it should be, and it wasn't that. Still awesome, but not what fans of your earlier stuff were assuming you'd make
  757. (07:35:25 AM) Eriath: I don't believe that I'm here in chat with lot of people... and Ron Gilbert *w*
  758. (07:35:26 AM) Gins: this really bothered me as a child
  759. (07:35:26 AM) Syd: I'll pick her up when I see her again
  760. (07:35:29 AM) Hop_Salot [] entered the room.
  761. (07:35:30 AM) GameClubFan_814873 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  762. (07:35:31 AM) geecko [] entered the room.
  763. (07:35:33 AM) ZaicucH [] entered the room.
  764. (07:35:38 AM) GameClubFan_968915 [] entered the room.
  765. (07:35:42 AM) UncleJeet: Ah, my kid cracked up and carried his iPad all around the house showing everyone Guybrush's costume after he got it.
  766. (07:35:46 AM) GameClubFan_716152 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  767. (07:35:46 AM) KestrelPi: People forget how cartoony a lot of the animations in this game are.
  768. (07:35:47 AM) geecko: Is he gonna finish the game this week ?
  769. (07:35:49 AM) Rojasono: The Cave was nice, although each playthrough felt a little short
  770. (07:35:52 AM) Cheeseness: Syd: You always say you're going to pick up, but you never do. I think you're just not trying.
  771. (07:35:56 AM) matt_hargett: GrumpyGamer: I never used the SCUMM debugger, but the runtime for SCI was totally badass and impressive. Inspecting and manipulating objects by name at runtime, etc
  772. (07:35:57 AM) Hop_Salot: AH HA, Twitch chat is dead and now I know why
  773. (07:35:58 AM) RonaldDragstra: Cool! :-) Yeah i retweeted what Ron retweeted from Double Fine :-D lol... good to know more people join :-)
  774. (07:36:01 AM) Voodoo_Lord: KestrelPi True.
  775. (07:36:09 AM) GameClubFan_420390 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  776. (07:36:15 AM) Joop: Love the bare chest! :p
  777. (07:36:19 AM) GameClubFan_684003 [] entered the room.
  778. (07:36:20 AM) Voodoo_Lord: (big Curse fan here :P)
  779. (07:36:22 AM) matt_hargett: Smalltalk was brand new at the time, but obviously an influence.
  780. (07:36:22 AM) Joop: No hair at all.
  781. (07:36:26 AM) jp-30 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  782. (07:36:32 AM) lattsam: Guybrush looks so manly in that dress :3
  783. (07:36:33 AM) GameClubFan_073778 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  784. (07:36:36 AM) GameClubFan_971473 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  785. (07:36:37 AM) Sir_FrostCap: Bit too messy over here
  786. (07:36:39 AM) GonRilbert left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  787. (07:36:40 AM) Sir_FrostCap: The chat
  788. (07:36:40 AM) Hop_Salot left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  789. (07:36:41 AM) Ongaku: Guybrush is looking sxy
  790. (07:36:44 AM) GameClubFan_057715: GrumpyGamer have you ever get the car? :)
  791. (07:36:45 AM) Rojasono: Guybrush looked so purty lol
  792. (07:36:50 AM) lattsam: His milkshake brings all the boys to the yard
  793. (07:36:52 AM) dook: ron do you think there's a marketable place for 2D indie adventure games in 2013+
  794. (07:36:52 AM) ZakMcKrackin: who would make a good guybrush in a MI movie? NOT including orlando bloom :D
  795. (07:36:53 AM) GameClubFan_413401 [] entered the room.
  796. (07:36:55 AM) Voodoo_Lord: I really loved these screen, even if they weren't of much use.
  797. (07:36:56 AM) Anna_L: Guybrush is sexy in the dress))))
  798. (07:37:01 AM) Fireflower: the maniac mansion
  799. (07:37:06 AM) Phlegmster: Michael Cera for Guybrush! *vomits*
  800. (07:37:09 AM) Voodoo_Lord: They're just so beautiful, like a nature painting.
  801. (07:37:10 AM) KestrelPi: Peter McConnell is excellent. This music.
  802. (07:37:11 AM) ZakMcKrackin: hah
  803. (07:37:11 AM) GrumpyGamer: It's a hard sell.
  804. (07:37:11 AM) RonaldDragstra: i never join chats, but Ron Gilbert's here :-D and watching the game is fun
  805. (07:37:11 AM) moooo: sexbrush threepwood
  806. (07:37:16 AM) GameClubFan_413401 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  807. (07:37:16 AM) GameClubFan_193087 [] entered the room.
  808. (07:37:16 AM) GameClubFan_795609 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  809. (07:37:16 AM) matt_hargett: ZakMcKrackin: Michael Cera
  810. (07:37:19 AM) GameClubFan_968915 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  811. (07:37:25 AM) Sir_FrostCap: Who is Ron Gilbert?
  812. (07:37:26 AM) ***geecko Didn't remember this part of the game
  813. (07:37:33 AM) UncleJeet: I got to have a little fun with ScummC when I was trying to change MI2's dialogues for my marriage proposal. Being not a programmer, it surprisingly not difficult. I could be the next Ron Gilbert! Except without, you know, talent and stuff.
  814. (07:37:37 AM) GameClubFan_817019 [] entered the room.
  815. (07:37:42 AM) Anna_L left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  816. (07:37:45 AM) geecko: Ron gilbert is "GrumpyGamer" in this chatroom
  817. (07:37:46 AM) GameClubFan_128501 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  818. (07:37:46 AM) RonaldDragstra: Ron = GrumpyGamer
  819. (07:37:54 AM) GrumpyGamer: me
  820. (07:37:54 AM) Rojasono: Ron Gilbert is a Lord of the Inner Circle of Adventures
  821. (07:37:54 AM) GameClubFan_526597 [] entered the room.
  822. (07:38:00 AM) Voodoo_Lord: GonRilbert= Ron's evil twin
  823. (07:38:04 AM) GrumpyGamer: Hello all!
  824. (07:38:08 AM) Gonads [] entered the room.
  825. (07:38:08 AM) Cheeseness: Sir_FrostCap: Ron is the person who made this game (if that's your question)
  826. (07:38:13 AM) PLP: Hi ROn
  827. (07:38:14 AM) Voodoo_Lord: stay away from him, he makes games in LUA.
  828. (07:38:17 AM) snorbruis: Hi Ron
  829. (07:38:21 AM) Hop_Salot [] entered the room.
  830. (07:38:23 AM) GameClubFan_488877: Hi good sir!
  831. (07:38:24 AM) slyh80: Beware of the dog, Guybrush!
  832. (07:38:25 AM) Trapezoid: the Party Smalltalk System in this game is very underrated
  833. (07:38:25 AM) Sir_FrostCap: Oh now I get it
  834. (07:38:25 AM) GrumpyGamer: LUA sucks.
  835. (07:38:26 AM) GameClubFan_852237 [] entered the room.
  836. (07:38:30 AM) GrumpyGamer: Just saying.
  837. (07:38:30 AM) Sir_FrostCap: I forgot the name
  838. (07:38:32 AM) Eriath: The other Guybrush..
  839. (07:38:35 AM) Sir_FrostCap: Sorry!
  840. (07:38:42 AM) geecko: LuaBar makes terrible drinks too.
  841. (07:38:45 AM) ZakMcKrackin: cheeky india jones reference
  842. (07:38:50 AM) Gins: hm is this based on some movie/book?
  843. (07:38:51 AM) ZakMcKrackin: *indiana
  844. (07:38:53 AM) UncleJeet: I'm selling these fine leather jackets...
  845. (07:38:53 AM) Eriath: its a myth
  846. (07:38:54 AM) GameClubFan_459178 [] entered the room.
  847. (07:38:56 AM) matt_hargett: GrumpyGamer: I agree; I've never understood why people gravitated to it, other than the liberal licensing and open source implementations being available.
  848. (07:38:59 AM) Gins: the "girl names dog after ex"
  849. (07:39:00 AM) Gins: thing
  850. (07:39:04 AM) FoxAndersson: Ron, what will you do if Disney would ask you to help in wroting a MI movie?
  851. (07:39:05 AM) RonaldDragstra: "One ring to rule them all" that's kinda Ron Gilbert... but instead of a ring he's designing games, and has power over us all through his adventures
  852. (07:39:08 AM) GameClubFan_459178 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  853. (07:39:12 AM) NixNada left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  854. (07:39:16 AM) geecko: Hahaha, beautiful scene
  855. (07:39:17 AM) GrumpyGamer: I can't write movies.
  856. (07:39:17 AM) ZaicucH left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  857. (07:39:21 AM) Rojasono: "Try and catch me, old man!" LOL
  858. (07:39:28 AM) nope [] entered the room.
  859. (07:39:28 AM) GameClubFan_193087: Have you tried, Ron?
  860. (07:39:31 AM) Sir_FrostCap: No shit sherlock :P
  861. (07:39:34 AM) UncleJeet: The whole end sequence of Last Crusade was a surprisingly funny take on the situation I'd all but forgotten until just now, for some reason.
  862. (07:39:36 AM) GameClubFan_167284 [] entered the room.
  863. (07:39:37 AM) GameClubFan_626277 [] entered the room.
  864. (07:39:46 AM) ZakMcKrackin: ah love theme
  865. (07:39:47 AM) Voodoo_Lord: The LC's ending was perfect.
  866. (07:39:52 AM) ZakMcKrackin: ruined by that voice
  867. (07:39:56 AM) Voodoo_Lord: Then Crystal skull happened...
  868. (07:39:57 AM) FoxAndersson: Just for a collaboration?
  869. (07:40:02 AM) Joop: Grumpygamer, how do you like the voice acting in the remake?
  870. (07:40:04 AM) matt_hargett: "Pooper dooper?"
  871. (07:40:05 AM) Rojasono: Aw, c'mon snugglepuss!
  872. (07:40:05 AM) RonaldDragstra: Sir_FrostCap follow GrumpyGamer on twitter, you'd love it
  873. (07:40:06 AM) nopicnic left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  874. (07:40:07 AM) GrumpyGamer: I don't like Elaine's voice.
  875. (07:40:07 AM) Voodoo_Lord: which GrumpyGamer loved, if I'm not mistaken. :P
  876. (07:40:21 AM) Voodoo_Lord: well, not loved, liked.
  877. (07:40:23 AM) Rojasono: Elaine sounds a little old to me
  878. (07:40:26 AM) UncleJeet: Ron hates all the things!
  879. (07:40:26 AM) Phlegmster: Kickstarter for Ron Gilbert to buy MI rights from Disney, anyone??? ;)
  880. (07:40:31 AM) Joop: I liked her voice in Monkey Island 3, but you can hear that Alexandra has aged.
  881. (07:40:32 AM) Sir_FrostCap: Be right back Ronald
  882. (07:40:34 AM) geecko: GrumpyGamer : Do you remember the name of the little green dude (the bad guy) from Spy Fox 2 ? :)
  883. (07:40:40 AM) Hop_Salot: Can't wait for Broken Age <3
  884. (07:40:44 AM) GameClubFan_258686 [] entered the room.
  885. (07:40:48 AM) MisterK2 [] entered the room.
  886. (07:40:48 AM) Voodoo_Lord: Too. Much. English accents. D:
  887. (07:40:49 AM) lattsam: Phlegmster after this, a Kickstarter for Steve Purcell to buy the rights to Sam and Max Hit the Road?
  888. (07:40:50 AM) Ekiriam: Phlegmster, everyone, really
  889. (07:40:53 AM) Hop_Salot: Point & Click 4 LYFE
  890. (07:40:54 AM) GameClubFan_193087 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  891. (07:41:01 AM) GameClubFan_167284 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  892. (07:41:03 AM) GrumpyGamer: Steve owns Sam and Max
  893. (07:41:10 AM) Rojasono: I thought Ron said Purcell owns... yeah, right there
  894. (07:41:13 AM) GrumpyGamer: He owned them before I started at Lucus
  895. (07:41:14 AM) NattyDreads: Who would win in a fight? Elaine vs. Ellen Ripley
  896. (07:41:18 AM) scarecrow: Phlegmaster, a lot of people, without a doubt
  897. (07:41:20 AM) GrumpyGamer: *He started
  898. (07:41:21 AM) Sir_FrostCap: Ron, what do you think of McPixel?
  899. (07:41:22 AM) Trapezoid: damnit elaine
  900. (07:41:36 AM) DaSen [] entered the room.
  901. (07:41:40 AM) UncleJeet: One reason I love point and click is, as I get older, I get lazier. I enjoy being able to lie on my side on the bed or the couch and play a game with one hand. But in a clean way. Pervs.
  902. (07:41:48 AM) qapla25 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  903. (07:41:58 AM) lattsam: GrumpyGamer yeah I know that, but I'm talking about Hit the Road
  904. (07:42:02 AM) GrumpyGamer: Why does Elaine have a paddle above her bed...
  905. (07:42:09 AM) Trapezoid: haha
  906. (07:42:15 AM) GameClubFan_388664 [] entered the room.
  907. (07:42:15 AM) lattsam: GrumpyGamer I guess she's into THAT
  908. (07:42:17 AM) GameClubFan_287262 [] entered the room.
  909. (07:42:18 AM) JuanBatman: Kinky!
  910. (07:42:19 AM) Cheeseness: Ha
  911. (07:42:20 AM) dook: for paddlin
  912. (07:42:21 AM) NattyDreads: maybe it was all that was found of her fathers ship
  913. (07:42:22 AM) hansen [] entered the room.
  914. (07:42:29 AM) Fireflower: :)
  915. (07:42:30 AM) Rojasono: >.>" For... uh... emergency rowin' an' stuff
  916. (07:42:30 AM) Cheeseness: I love this map chasing sequence
  917. (07:42:34 AM) Grimhound [] entered the room.
  918. (07:42:35 AM) Phlegmster: Guybrush hit on Elaine? That's a paddlin'
  919. (07:42:37 AM) UncleJeet: that makes it even more disturbing, NattyDreads
  920. (07:42:38 AM) Voodoo_Lord: Naughty naughty.
  921. (07:42:39 AM) Cheeseness: GrumpyGamer: Any inspirations for the map chasing stuff?
  922. (07:42:54 AM) Joop: Great animation here.
  923. (07:42:55 AM) lattsam: CAN'T CATCH ME CAN'T CATCH ME
  924. (07:42:57 AM) Sir_FrostCap: Everybody comes here only because of Ron
  925. (07:42:58 AM) Yossarian_G: Hi Ron - who is the best adventure game designer, you or that Tim guy at doublewhatever?
  926. (07:43:01 AM) RonaldDragstra: "Serious" question GrumpyGamer: There's this scene from movie StarDust, where Robert De Niro is dressing up in his walk in closet.... Do you suspect Tim Schafer doing the same, when everyone's out of office?
  927. (07:43:04 AM) GameClubFan_388664: Great animation!
  928. (07:43:09 AM) Hop_Salot: LOL "That Tim guy"
  929. (07:43:09 AM) kisak: that mappiece is such a troll
  930. (07:43:18 AM) GameClubFan_852237 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  931. (07:43:20 AM) GameClubFan_388664: Pick Guybrush up!
  932. (07:43:24 AM) Gins: who's tim?
  933. (07:43:28 AM) GameClubFan_388664: Woah fail
  934. (07:43:31 AM) GameClubFan_388664: Get undressed
  935. (07:43:32 AM) Voodoo_Lord: Some dude.
  936. (07:43:36 AM) Fireflower: dog wrench
  937. (07:43:37 AM) Voodoo_Lord: He started a company or something.
  938. (07:43:37 AM) UncleJeet: Sir_Frostcap: That can't be true. At least one person is here for me! But that person is probably me, so...
  939. (07:43:38 AM) Voodoo_Lord: Who cares.
  940. (07:43:40 AM) Rojasono: Now he ain't purty no more...
  941. (07:43:43 AM) Hop_Salot: tim schafer
  942. (07:43:44 AM) Ongaku: ahahaha
  943. (07:43:53 AM) hansen left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  944. (07:43:56 AM) GameClubFan_388664: MI2, the only game where you pick not one but three animals in the whole game
  945. (07:44:02 AM) jfrisby: :D
  946. (07:44:03 AM) Voodoo_Lord: Gilbert is all the rage now!!
  947. (07:44:05 AM) Ongaku: LOL
  948. (07:44:06 AM) GameClubFan_388664: Sorry, four
  949. (07:44:11 AM) Cheeseness: Ha, the chef chase :D
  950. (07:44:12 AM) GameClubFan_388664: A rat, a monkey, a dog and a fish right now
  951. (07:44:13 AM) Ongaku: the writting is so awesome
  952. (07:44:16 AM) GameClubFan_927918 [] entered the room.
  953. (07:44:19 AM) dook: use monkey with dog
  954. (07:44:22 AM) Ekiriam: worst french accent ever
  955. (07:44:22 AM) Ongaku: lots of un everytime
  956. (07:44:25 AM) GameClubFan_927918 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  957. (07:44:26 AM) UncleJeet: oh hey, GrumpyGamer. I've been meaning to ask you...can I still get any of the Humungous games? Since my kid's getting into classic gaming, I thought it'd be a perfect match.
  958. (07:44:26 AM) Ongaku: fun*
  959. (07:44:30 AM) GameClubFan_330712 [] entered the room.
  960. (07:44:31 AM) Sir_FrostCap: Who is uncleJeet then? I really don't know your names! I'm sorry!
  961. (07:44:34 AM) lattsam: That chef be trippin
  962. (07:44:39 AM) Ongaku: i (re)play this
  963. (07:44:43 AM) Eriath left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  964. (07:44:47 AM) GrumpyGamer: I wish I could help with that.
  965. (07:44:52 AM) RonaldDragstra: Sir_FrostCap who are you of my twitter followers?
  966. (07:44:52 AM) GameClubFan_904961 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  967. (07:44:53 AM) UncleJeet: Sir_Frostcap: Don't worry. I'm nobody.
  968. (07:44:56 AM) GrumpyGamer: I don't own any of the HE games.
  969. (07:45:00 AM) Fireflower: a bit like Benny Hill
  970. (07:45:04 AM) Voodoo_Lord: uncleJeet is John Carmcack, I'm Hideo Kojima. 'Sup.
  971. (07:45:08 AM) Rojasono: Guybrush keeping them legs fit by doing laps with the cook
  972. (07:45:08 AM) Ongaku: lol
  973. (07:45:09 AM) Syd: I remember in the commentary that there was something about that chef never stopping chasing Guybrush from a bug during development
  974. (07:45:09 AM) UncleJeet: GrumpyGamer: Damn.
  975. (07:45:10 AM) Gins: GrumpyGamer: is there any game you made that you do own? :o
  976. (07:45:13 AM) GameClubFan_875291 [] entered the room.
  977. (07:45:18 AM) GrumpyGamer: Nope.
  978. (07:45:18 AM) lattsam: Rojasona he got his workout
  979. (07:45:28 AM) GameClubFan_287262 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  980. (07:45:30 AM) GrumpyGamer: I don't own the IP for anything I've ever made.
  981. (07:45:32 AM) Voodoo_Lord: Man that's must feel pretty bad.
  982. (07:45:33 AM) Murray [] entered the room.
  983. (07:45:35 AM) GameClubFan_388664: I love this path
  984. (07:45:38 AM) Sir_FrostCap: Ronald you followed me first! @Sir_FrostCap , Peter_Paul and Ruben know me
  985. (07:45:40 AM) geecko: Who's Nope ?
  986. (07:45:48 AM) GameClubFan_760600 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  987. (07:45:50 AM) nope: >_>
  988. (07:45:51 AM) Hop_Salot: You own my heart, Ron.
  989. (07:45:52 AM) Voodoo_Lord: It's understandable you want the rights back.
  990. (07:45:53 AM) Gins: what about your new game?
  991. (07:45:56 AM) Sir_FrostCap: Well, I am Sir_Frostcap ofc
  992. (07:46:01 AM) RonaldDragstra: oh alright, i'll be glad to follow ya!
  993. (07:46:05 AM) Gonads left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  994. (07:46:05 AM) ZakMcKrackin: hereeeee we go :D:D:D:D
  995. (07:46:05 AM) Syd: I hope this syncs up properly
  996. (07:46:06 AM) GameClubFan_388664: Here comes one of the greatest parts!
  997. (07:46:08 AM) Syd: Sorry if it doesn't!
  998. (07:46:11 AM) UncleJeet: Bone dance!
  999. (07:46:16 AM) GameClubFan_388664: though the voices are quite rad
  1000. Grimhound GrumpyGamer
  1001. (07:46:19 AM) Hop_Salot: You played a part in the building of my childhood... and I expect an apology XD
  1002. (07:46:19 AM) matt_hargett: GrumpyGamer: did you have a specific idea of how you were going to go about creating a VGA++ palette?
  1003. (07:46:19 AM) Phlegmster: GrumpyGamer, I enjoyed your comments on Broken Age in the recent documentary episode. Would you say the gameplay will satisfy people's nostalgia while offering a new twist on old school point and clicks?
  1004. (07:46:23 AM) Joop: YES!
  1005. (07:46:23 AM) Cheeseness: GrumpyGamer: Where did the idea for this sequence come from?
  1006. (07:46:24 AM) lattsam: OUCH
  1007. (07:46:30 AM) Ongaku: You own my time, Ron !
  1008. (07:46:30 AM) Voodoo_Lord: Oooh I'm tingling with excitment!
  1009. (07:46:32 AM) scarecrow: Never owned them or sold them afterwards?
  1010. (07:46:33 AM) Rojasono: DUN DUN DUN lol
  1011. (07:46:34 AM) Submission left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1012. (07:46:35 AM) jfrisby: Who bought Cavedog?
  1013. (07:46:37 AM) GameClubFan_515562 [] entered the room.
  1014. (07:46:38 AM) GameClubFan_875291 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1015. (07:46:45 AM) lattsam: Big Lipped Alligator Moment coming up
  1016. (07:46:47 AM) geecko: What did you smoke at this point of the development ?
  1017. (07:46:49 AM) dimo2 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1018. (07:46:50 AM) Joop: I like the version without the voice acting better in this sequence.
  1019. (07:46:53 AM) Voodoo_Lord: Watching the bone dance with Ron Gilbert: best saturday ever!
  1020. (07:46:54 AM) Sir_FrostCap: RonaldDragstra check your mentions on twitter!
  1021. (07:46:57 AM) GameClubFan_258686 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1022. (07:47:00 AM) GrumpyGamer: Cavedog was just HUmongous Entertainment.
  1023. (07:47:01 AM) Gins: :D
  1024. (07:47:03 AM) GameClubFan_388664: Where did the inspiration for this part come from, GrumpyGamer?
  1025. (07:47:04 AM) dimo2 [] entered the room.
  1026. (07:47:08 AM) GrumpyGamer: Same company
  1027. (07:47:08 AM) Joop: As a child I could hear the voices even without speech.
  1028. (07:47:09 AM) UncleJeet: I found both my MI1 and MI2 boxes in a closet the other day. I was thrilled, especially since my DOTT triangle box ate it in a hurricane a few years back.
  1029. (07:47:11 AM) Ongaku: this is a great honor !
  1030. (07:47:12 AM) GameClubFan_488877: The hip bone!
  1031. (07:47:13 AM) lattsam: What Do You Mean It Wasn't Made On Drugs?
  1032. (07:47:15 AM) jfrisby: aw..
  1033. (07:47:17 AM) GameClubFan_653663 [] entered the room.
  1034. (07:47:19 AM) Zaxx [] entered the room.
  1035. (07:47:21 AM) Ongaku: thanks internet and Ron :D
  1036. (07:47:26 AM) GameClubFan_057715: GrumpyGamer what is the price for an IP like MI? Or in general IPs
  1037. (07:47:28 AM) dook: the secret....
  1038. (07:47:28 AM) Ekiriam: Dat face.
  1039. (07:47:29 AM) Fireflower: is Guybrush on drugs?
  1040. (07:47:31 AM) GameClubFan_042224 [] entered the room.
  1041. (07:47:38 AM) NattyDreads: Took me forever to figure out how to read the song in the fortress.
  1042. (07:47:39 AM) GrumpyGamer: I've always want to do an adventure game were you played a big chuck of it in a dream sequence.
  1043. (07:47:39 AM) geecko: Ouch, the voices.....
  1044. (07:47:39 AM) Joop: Ugh... Really hate the singing here.
  1045. (07:47:40 AM) jfrisby: These voices are bad
  1046. (07:47:41 AM) Hop_Salot: The price is... Disney owns it, good luck
  1047. (07:47:43 AM) matt_hargett: GrumpyGamer: in the mobile game I'm working on, I noticed that the RGB "distance" between the light/dark blue, purple, etc was really consistent. so we made another 8 colors that much brighter than the later 8 colors, and another 8 colors that much darker than the lower 8 colors. works really well!
  1048. (07:47:43 AM) Cheeseness: Wow, OK. The voices detract from this big
  1049. (07:47:45 AM) Cheeseness: bit^
  1050. (07:47:46 AM) Sir_FrostCap: Pretty disturbing
  1051. (07:47:47 AM) UncleJeet: I'm sure the MI license is super cheap...until someone asks to buy it.
  1052. (07:47:50 AM) slyh80: Woah, this sounds terrible!
  1053. (07:47:53 AM) GameClubFan_042224 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1054. (07:47:53 AM) ZakMcKrackin: lol the voices have killed it
  1055. (07:47:58 AM) dook: oh my
  1056. (07:48:01 AM) Laserschwert [] entered the room.
  1057. (07:48:01 AM) GameClubFan_674253 [] entered the room.
  1058. (07:48:03 AM) dook: oh no...
  1059. (07:48:03 AM) Voodoo_Lord: Yyyyyyeah the voices are lame...
  1060. (07:48:05 AM) jfrisby: *mute*
  1061. (07:48:06 AM) ***geecko facepalms
  1062. (07:48:07 AM) Rojasono: The voices sounded a lot more... rickety in my head when there was voice acting
  1063. (07:48:07 AM) GameClubFan_388664: this is the only part of the SE that I dont like the voices
  1064. (07:48:07 AM) DuderakeFourkforest: Is this like Inception?
  1065. (07:48:08 AM) Joop: This is aweful.
  1066. (07:48:10 AM) slyh80: *mute*
  1067. (07:48:13 AM) GameClubFan_981836 [] entered the room.
  1068. (07:48:14 AM) ZakMcKrackin: but this scene is very david lynch
  1069. (07:48:15 AM) Laserschwert: Oh man, just joined during the TERRIBLE singing...
  1070. (07:48:16 AM) Rojasono: was no* voice acting
  1071. (07:48:20 AM) GrumpyGamer: You writing this down?
  1072. (07:48:24 AM) UncleJeet: who was the voice director on the remake?
  1073. (07:48:24 AM) Gins: mom's voice is terrible :(
  1074. (07:48:25 AM) Ongaku: hahaha
  1075. (07:48:26 AM) GrumpyGamer: MIght be imporant
  1076. (07:48:27 AM) Phlegmster: The Bone Dance taught me all the human anatomy I needed when I was growing up
  1077. (07:48:27 AM) GrumpyGamer: Good
  1078. (07:48:28 AM) GameClubFan_488877: We sure do!
  1079. (07:48:34 AM) Yossarian_G: 'they're good...' LOL
  1080. (07:48:34 AM) geecko: I love how he moves his knees
  1081. (07:48:37 AM) lattsam: And on the piece of paper with all the spit on it XD
  1082. (07:48:40 AM) GrumpyGamer: You're not a doctor now are you?
  1083. (07:48:43 AM) Voodoo_Lord: Man, MI2 voices were so much better in my head.
  1084. (07:48:49 AM) Ongaku: the animation is awesome
  1085. (07:48:49 AM) GameClubFan_981836 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1086. (07:48:52 AM) GameClubFan_388664: agree
  1087. (07:48:53 AM) dook: great animation as always
  1088. (07:48:54 AM) Zaxx: Oh, this is one of my favourite parts. Would love to see how the storyline with Guybrush's parents and the circus unfolds.
  1089. (07:48:56 AM) Joop: Like Guybrush's singing though. :p
  1090. (07:48:56 AM) Rojasono: Is this going to be on the test, Mister Gilbert? :O
  1091. (07:48:57 AM) Voodoo_Lord: I mean it's natural, but...
  1092. (07:48:59 AM) GameClubFan_587026 [] entered the room.
  1093. (07:48:59 AM) Voodoo_Lord: OH
  1094. (07:49:00 AM) GameClubFan_488877: Chuckie!
  1095. (07:49:02 AM) Laserschwert: Granted, Dominic was perfect casting for Guybrush
  1096. (07:49:10 AM) GameClubFan_388664: blue coated zombie lechuck!
  1097. (07:49:12 AM) Voodoo_Lord: Grumpygamer, why WHY is LeChuck's coat blue here?
  1098. (07:49:14 AM) cowjitzu: so's LeChuck
  1099. (07:49:16 AM) Voodoo_Lord: Is it for the background?
  1100. (07:49:16 AM) UncleJeet: LeChuck's voice is also great
  1101. (07:49:19 AM) dook: dat dance
  1102. (07:49:24 AM) GameClubFan_587026 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1103. (07:49:25 AM) Laserschwert: jep, Earl Boen
  1104. (07:49:29 AM) scarecrow: Oh dat theme
  1105. (07:49:31 AM) lattsam: Wakey wakey eggs and bakey!
  1106. (07:49:33 AM) GameClubFan_388664: Voodoo_Lord because Guybrush hasn't actually seen him yet in the game, so he remembers him as in MI1
  1107. (07:49:34 AM) Joop: Yeah, LeChuck and Guybrush's voices are perfect.
  1108. (07:49:40 AM) Gins: this was super creepy when i got there the first time :D
  1109. (07:49:43 AM) Gins: (and still is a bit)
  1110. (07:49:52 AM) Voodoo_Lord: Well, but shouldn't he remember him as a ghost?
  1111. (07:49:54 AM) dook: so cool
  1112. (07:49:54 AM) bobo [] entered the room.
  1113. (07:49:54 AM) Laserschwert: aah, the backgrounds... such art
  1114. (07:49:56 AM) Sir_FrostCap: But was it a dream? We will never know
  1115. (07:50:00 AM) Voodoo_Lord: He's just a zombie with a different jacket there.
  1116. (07:50:02 AM) GameClubFan_737586 [] entered the room.
  1117. (07:50:07 AM) Phlegmster: Watching and thinking of old school games gives me bittersweet nostalgia.
  1118. (07:50:12 AM) GameClubFan_388664: but he knows he's a zombie, because largo stole the beard to relive him
  1119. (07:50:15 AM) Trapezoid: Voodoo_Lord, probably just so he stands out from the red background
  1120. (07:50:17 AM) Tamburlaine [] entered the room.
  1121. (07:50:17 AM) Murray left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1122. (07:50:22 AM) ZakMcKrackin: i think maybe lechuck could sound slightly less west-country, but his voice is perfect otherwise
  1123. (07:50:28 AM) GameClubFan_388664: so he figures out he must be a zombie with the same clothes
  1124. (07:50:30 AM) GameClubFan_611107 [] entered the room.
  1125. (07:50:32 AM) UncleJeet: Pretty sure Khris Brown was the casting and voice director for MI3, which is where the principle voice actors came from and explains why they fit so perfectly. Dunno if she was involved in the remake, though.
  1126. (07:50:33 AM) GameClubFan_055525 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1127. (07:50:39 AM) Laserschwert: yeah, big sprite
  1128. (07:50:40 AM) FoxAndersson left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1129. (07:50:41 AM) Hop_Salot: Bittersweet nostalgia indeed...
  1130. (07:50:42 AM) GameClubFan_021107 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1131. (07:50:43 AM) GameClubFan_604044 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1132. (07:50:44 AM) GameClubFan_388664: hate large guybrush
  1133. (07:50:48 AM) KestrelPi: I mean, I'm English so I always read Guybrush in an English accent, but Dom did a great job.
  1134. (07:50:49 AM) GameClubFan_971711 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1135. (07:50:54 AM) Hop_Salot: I just want more point and click adventures...
  1136. (07:51:00 AM) Hop_Salot: from these awesome dudes
  1137. (07:51:01 AM) Gins: i like how guybrush stares into space
  1138. (07:51:03 AM) Rojasono: Busted, fisherdude
  1139. (07:51:13 AM) GameClubFan_388664: bye fisher
  1140. (07:51:16 AM) RonaldDragstra: PC Format's review of Monkey Island 2 was a perfect coverage and ode to this great game... and i had to drool months on the pages before i could finally get the game. I think i still have that magazine
  1141. (07:51:17 AM) ZakMcKrackin: haha
  1142. (07:51:17 AM) Joop: Fisherdude powned!
  1143. (07:51:32 AM) Cheeseness: GrumpyGamer: You said last week that you didn't like the fisherman closeup. Whose idea was it to put it in?
  1144. (07:51:41 AM) Voodoo_Lord left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1145. (07:51:43 AM) Cheeseness: (so we can send them hatemail, etc.)
  1146. (07:51:48 AM) Cheeseness: lol
  1147. (07:51:51 AM) GrumpyGamer: I don't remember.
  1148. (07:51:52 AM) Voodoo_Lord [] entered the room.
  1149. (07:51:53 AM) dook: it's sticks out horribly
  1150. (07:51:53 AM) GameClubFan_877020 [] entered the room.
  1151. (07:51:58 AM) Voodoo_Lord: Damn connection!
  1152. (07:51:58 AM) UncleJeet: There are some great modern Point and Clicks being made today, but the problem usually comes down to poor regionalization. Especially with the comedy games. You just can't poorly translate German into English and expect it to be funny.
  1153. (07:51:59 AM) geecko: GrumpyGamer : Do you think there is a market for old school pixel-art point 'n click games, or are we just being nostalgic ?
  1154. (07:52:02 AM) GameClubFan_737586 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1155. (07:52:04 AM) ZakMcKrackin: howmuch wood could a woodchuck chuck..
  1156. (07:52:06 AM) Voodoo_Lord: What did I miss?
  1157. (07:52:21 AM) scarecrow: ...if a woodchuck could chuck wood...
  1158. (07:52:23 AM) GameClubFan_098870 [] entered the room.
  1159. (07:52:25 AM) ZakMcKrackin: :D
  1160. (07:52:26 AM) GameClubFan_805908 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1161. (07:52:31 AM) Voodoo_Lord: ,Anyway, yeah I think the background is more likely, though I also wondered why they didn't make it simply a different color.
  1162. (07:52:36 AM) GrumpyGamer: I think it's mostly being nostalgic. I feel bad to think that, but I do wonder.
  1163. (07:52:38 AM) Laserschwert: Hey Ron, for a (hypothetical) MI3a be sure to get Peter Chan and Steve Purcell back (if you can drag him out of the Pixar building... or the Academy Award show)
  1164. (07:52:46 AM) Voodoo_Lord: It's just that it confused the hell outta me as a kid. :P
  1165. (07:52:48 AM) GameClubFan_877020 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1166. (07:52:49 AM) Joop: They should've made her sound more like Kate Capshaw.
  1167. (07:52:55 AM) Rojasono: Well, work beckons... again. See you guys again, GrumpyGamer and all~
  1168. (07:52:59 AM) UncleJeet: I don't miss the verb buttons, though. That was one streamlining I approved of when adventures became either context sensitive or icon based.
  1169. (07:53:01 AM) GrumpyGamer: See ya
  1170. (07:53:05 AM) GameClubFan_674253 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1171. (07:53:06 AM) Rojasono left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1172. (07:53:16 AM) Cheeseness: GrumpyGamer: What about stuff like Sword & Sworcery? That's got super awesome pixel art, and point and click-like gameplay
  1173. (07:53:17 AM) dook: adventure games these days arent kid and family fun like they were back then
  1174. (07:53:20 AM) Phlegmster: Wider audiences have accepted games like The Walking Dead (which aren't really puzzle-driven). They at least appreciate good storytelling. Now we just need to show them how fun solving puzzles caan be!
  1175. (07:53:21 AM) GrumpyGamer: Steve Purcell would be hard to get, Peter, much easier.
  1176. (07:53:22 AM) Voodoo_Lord: Bye!
  1177. (07:53:22 AM) GameClubFan_388664: troll bird
  1178. (07:53:25 AM) cube [] entered the room.
  1179. (07:53:29 AM) Yossarian_G: bye ron!
  1180. (07:53:30 AM) MisterK2: Ask the seagull about LooM!
  1181. (07:53:34 AM) GameClubFan_969316 [] entered the room.
  1182. (07:53:34 AM) scarecrow: Dang.
  1183. (07:53:37 AM) GameClubFan_214071 [] entered the room.
  1184. (07:53:38 AM) ZakMcKrackin: i think that whilst point n click adventure games might be a thing of the past, the important part of them was the interactive storytelling
  1185. (07:53:41 AM) GameClubFan_245930 [] entered the room.
  1186. (07:53:42 AM) GameClubFan_350782 [] entered the room.
  1187. (07:53:43 AM) slyh80 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1188. (07:53:48 AM) GrumpyGamer: I don't think Sword & Sworcery is an adventure game.
  1189. (07:53:49 AM) FireGaming [] entered the room.
  1190. (07:53:50 AM) GameClubFan_214071 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1191. (07:53:51 AM) Cheeseness: Ha, did ron say he was leaving? I think he was saying bye to somebody else
  1192. (07:53:52 AM) Laserschwert: Did steve to the initial pencil drawings and Peter merkered it up all good?
  1193. (07:53:56 AM) jfrisby: :D
  1194. (07:53:57 AM) Hop_Salot: Point & Click adventure will never fully die.
  1195. (07:54:02 AM) ZakMcKrackin: which isnt really seen that often these days
  1196. (07:54:02 AM) GameClubFan_494032 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1197. (07:54:02 AM) FireGaming: whoa
  1198. (07:54:03 AM) GrumpyGamer: They both did them.
  1199. (07:54:04 AM) jfrisby: But The Cave is?
  1200. (07:54:04 AM) Voodoo_Lord: Yeah, someone left.
  1201. (07:54:13 AM) UncleJeet: MI is not pixel art. Never was. I like pixel art stuff these days, but it does not look like old games. It looks like...well, modern pixel art. It's faux retro.
  1202. (07:54:13 AM) GameClubFan_719075 [] entered the room.
  1203. (07:54:15 AM) UncleJeet: Very hipster.
  1204. (07:54:17 AM) Sir_FrostCap: Okay I'm gonna get som sleep, bye guys (Like somebody knows me except Ronald)
  1205. (07:54:20 AM) FireGaming: in 5 minutes i wont be a kid anymore (according to the law)
  1206. (07:54:23 AM) FireGaming: scary
  1207. (07:54:25 AM) lattsam: Hop_Salot as Big Fish Games will tell you
  1208. (07:54:26 AM) GrumpyGamer: see ya
  1209. (07:54:26 AM) GameClubFan_057715 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1210. (07:54:28 AM) GameClubFan_487200 [] entered the room.
  1211. (07:54:29 AM) GameClubFan_350782 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1212. (07:54:30 AM) GameClubFan_969316: Ohhh! Too late for the bone's song
  1213. (07:54:35 AM) dook: wadjet eye games are great modern 2d adventures but they arent being played by kids like MI was
  1214. (07:54:36 AM) Phlegmster: Right now is the best time for adventure games in a long, long while. Many great games, all different styles - old and new.
  1215. (07:54:36 AM) KestrelPi: I kind of have a vague memory of first playing this and thinking I needed like a million pegs to get up there.
  1216. (07:54:38 AM) GameClubFan_564908 [] entered the room.
  1217. (07:54:38 AM) GameClubFan_388664: this puzzle was quite... awkward
  1218. (07:54:39 AM) ZakMcKrackin: happy birthday fire :D
  1219. (07:54:43 AM) RonaldDragstra: yeah i agree ZakMcMrackin. And that sort of gameplay is very rare nowadays... The Cave was finally a game again where i was interesting in its story, because of its storytelling
  1220. (07:54:43 AM) GameClubFan_388664: throwing a dog to a pile of maps...
  1221. (07:54:44 AM) FireGaming: thank you
  1222. (07:54:48 AM) matt_hargett: GrumpyGamer: there's a great little adventure game on PlayStation Mobile called "Quiet, Please!" have you checked that out?
  1223. (07:54:49 AM) Gins: it's your bday FireGaming?
  1224. (07:54:50 AM) Joop: You didn't miss anything. The Bone Song was horrible with speech.
  1225. (07:54:51 AM) GameClubFan_487200 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1226. (07:54:52 AM) Gins: congrats
  1227. (07:54:54 AM) Hop_Salot: >.< Big Fish
  1228. (07:54:56 AM) Laserschwert: I gotta say, I'd prefer just high-res versions of the storybook-style paintings done for MI2
  1229. (07:55:02 AM) JuanBatman: Realistically the player here should have spent a couple of hours figuring out this puzzle, like the rest of us
  1230. (07:55:03 AM) FireGaming: yup my 18th gins
  1231. (07:55:06 AM) GameClubFan_817019 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1232. (07:55:07 AM) ZakMcKrackin: heavy rain was good for this
  1233. (07:55:07 AM) FireGaming: in 4 minutes
  1234. (07:55:08 AM) Laserschwert: They will stil be pixels, after all ;)
  1235. (07:55:09 AM) takashio [] entered the room.
  1236. (07:55:10 AM) Yossarian_G left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1237. (07:55:11 AM) lattsam: MAP PIECE GET!
  1238. (07:55:15 AM) GameClubFan_684003 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1239. (07:55:17 AM) GameClubFan_393403 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1240. (07:55:17 AM) Sir_FrostCap: Oh happy birthday FireGaming
  1241. (07:55:19 AM) GameClubFan_388664: open it!
  1242. (07:55:21 AM) Phlegmster: Part of the charm of playing games in the early 90s was experiencing this kind of interactivity for the first time. It's hard to replicate that given how far computing has progressed
  1243. (07:55:22 AM) Sir_FrostCap left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1244. (07:55:23 AM) GameClubFan_388664: open the lens :D
  1245. (07:55:23 AM) FireGaming: thanks
  1246. (07:55:26 AM) Voodoo_Lord: Try to open the lens!
  1247. (07:55:30 AM) Grulien [] entered the room.
  1248. (07:55:35 AM) snorbruis left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1249. (07:55:36 AM) Gins: how awesome is it to start your 18th birthday with ron gilbert? :O
  1250. (07:55:40 AM) GameClubFan_388664: open the lens please :3
  1251. (07:55:41 AM) FireGaming: oh yes
  1252. (07:55:43 AM) scarecrow: I would love to play The Cave, but I never was a big fan of this multi-character-concept. Thats why I would love to play Torchlight, too, but never will
  1253. (07:55:48 AM) KestrelPi: I thought the MI2 special edition was very largely well-done. Especially the new soundtrack. Which is key, for me.
  1254. (07:55:50 AM) snorbruis [] entered the room.
  1255. (07:55:51 AM) GameClubFan_469547 [] entered the room.
  1256. (07:55:51 AM) lattsam: THIS guy again
  1257. (07:55:52 AM) UncleJeet: Very accurate observation, Phlegmster. Things were still 'special' then, because they were being invented. Today...not so much.
  1258. (07:55:54 AM) FireGaming: that is awesome
  1259. (07:55:59 AM) Ongaku: I'm nobody but for some ilogical reason i think there's still a place for this type of games
  1260. (07:56:02 AM) Joop: I don't like Largo's voice either.
  1261. (07:56:05 AM) ZakMcKrackin: scarecrow, maybe play with a couple friends over so you can all get involved
  1262. (07:56:11 AM) Zaxx left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1263. (07:56:16 AM) GameClubFan_863401 [] entered the room.
  1264. (07:56:18 AM) dook: haha
  1265. (07:56:18 AM) Ongaku: I just like to believe it :X
  1266. (07:56:18 AM) lattsam: Joop I'm a Drawn Together fan... I've gotten used to Largo's voice
  1267. (07:56:20 AM) geecko: Grumpygamer : If you somehow got ownership of the Monkey Island IP, and started a new Monkey Island... Would you make it in HD or in pixel-art ?
  1268. (07:56:26 AM) FireGaming: if he wishes me happy bday it'd make the day already before it starts
  1269. (07:56:38 AM) KestrelPi: Largo's voice from mixnmojo's fake MI5 was better ;)
  1270. (07:56:38 AM) Nivery left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1271. (07:56:39 AM) yama: Stephen Stanton would've made a better narrator.
  1272. (07:56:39 AM) Hop_Salot: I like to believe it would look something like the special editions, hand drawn
  1273. (07:56:45 AM) matt_hargett: KestrelPi: I agree on the music. weird MIDI pitch bends never sounded great, even with the amazing custom patch sets I had back then ;)
  1274. (07:56:47 AM) Cheeseness: GrumpyGamer: Even if you don't consider Sword & Sworcery an "adventure game", it's got point and click mechanics and pixel art styles which suggest that there's more than just nostalgia at work that makes games with those sorts of styles/interfaces enjoyable
  1275. (07:56:48 AM) GrumpyGamer:
  1276. (07:56:48 AM) GameClubFan_469547 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1277. (07:56:49 AM) Phlegmster: Playing point and clicks in the 90s, I wanted to click on and try everything. These days I'm older and more impatient. :(
  1278. (07:56:51 AM) Joop: I actually imagined his voice to be more like what Dominic Armato did in the Monkey Island 5 April Fools gag.
  1279. (07:57:10 AM) lattsam: LET THERE BE LIGHT
  1280. (07:57:11 AM) Toothrot left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1281. (07:57:13 AM) GameClubFan_001693 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1282. (07:57:14 AM) Voodoo_Lord: I don't really like MI3a as a title. :P
  1283. (07:57:21 AM) GrumpyGamer: Too bad
  1284. (07:57:21 AM) Toothrot [] entered the room.
  1285. (07:57:22 AM) Voodoo_Lord: I think MI3 would do just fine.
  1286. (07:57:23 AM) dook: adventure games are for kids, lets not forget this.
  1287. (07:57:25 AM) Voodoo_Lord: :P sorry
  1288. (07:57:34 AM) matt_hargett: Cheeseness: I always interpreted the sepiatone palette of Sword and Sworcery as a nostalgic in-joke
  1289. (07:57:42 AM) Laserschwert: there goes the gritty look of MI2...
  1290. (07:57:49 AM) Cheeseness: matt_hargett: Either way, it's super beautiful :b
  1291. (07:57:49 AM) Phlegmster: GrumpyGamer, are we going to see you driving a white Bronco on the news after you break into Disney and snatch the MI rights?
  1292. (07:57:51 AM) GameClubFan_388664 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1293. (07:57:52 AM) Laserschwert: with a Tex Avery drop
  1294. (07:57:52 AM) KestrelPi: I liked the old music, especially on MT32. But I think the music guys did an amazing job for MI2SE. It's replaced the old versions on my MP3 player.
  1295. (07:57:53 AM) Voodoo_Lord: Wonder what the subtitle would be though.
  1296. (07:57:55 AM) UncleJeet: If anyone gets bored, you can go read all about how I used MI2 to propose to my wife. Even watch the horribly out of sync video of the clumsy hack I did to make Guybrush ask her for me. Because that was less risky than doing it myself.
  1297. (07:57:56 AM) UncleJeet:
  1298. (07:58:01 AM) jfrisby: Wadjet Eye still gets hundreds of complaints about the low-res pixel style for their excellent old-school games...
  1299. (07:58:04 AM) GameClubFan_328547 [] entered the room.
  1300. (07:58:11 AM) lattsam: GrumpyGamer snag the Freelance Police rights while you're at it! ^_^
  1301. (07:58:11 AM) DuderakeFourkforest: guybrush and shatner share a secret
  1302. (07:58:13 AM) Trapezoid: I really dislike MT32
  1303. (07:58:19 AM) Trapezoid: Adlib 4ever
  1304. (07:58:20 AM) GameClubFan_342347 [] entered the room.
  1305. (07:58:23 AM) jfrisby: Legend of Dungeon has a nice 3d/pixel/voxel vibe.. that doesn't feel dated.
  1306. (07:58:25 AM) cowjitzu left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1307. (07:58:26 AM) cube: @GrumpyGamer What do you use for rapid prototyping? You said something about it last week and I was curious.
  1308. (07:58:27 AM) Tamburlaine left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1309. (07:58:36 AM) ZakMcKrackin: ok well i need to shoot off now, happy birthday again fire & nice chatting with you ron :)
  1310. (07:58:37 AM) Joop: I actually love the PC Speaker versions of the music.
  1311. (07:58:39 AM) matt_hargett: Trapezoid: LOL. TANDY 3-VOICE 4 LYFE
  1312. (07:58:44 AM) Voodoo_Lord: Grumpygamer do you have a "second title" in mind yet for MI3a? Like "LeChuck's Revenge".
  1313. (07:58:45 AM) Syd: So, looks like I might be finishing it this session
  1314. (07:58:47 AM) Phlegmster: I love Wadjet's games but I don't like the AGS engine too much. It has some annoying quirks.
  1315. (07:58:50 AM) UncleJeet: Ron, who probably doesn't remember at all, actually helped me out a little with it. So I owe him for my wedding. Or will blame him for my eventual divorce. Whichever.
  1316. (07:59:00 AM) Gins: "Secret revealed or your money back" i thought
  1317. (07:59:01 AM) UncleJeet: the Unwritten Tales games aren't bad
  1318. (07:59:06 AM) FireGaming: AND!!! im officially 18
  1319. (07:59:09 AM) FireGaming: awesomesauce
  1320. (07:59:09 AM) Voodoo_Lord: Oh yeah that one. :P
  1321. (07:59:11 AM) UncleJeet: but again, the translation problem
  1322. (07:59:12 AM) Voodoo_Lord: Good!
  1323. (07:59:13 AM) dook: wadjet eye should take a stab at a lighthearted adventure
  1324. (07:59:13 AM) GameClubFan_342347 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1325. (07:59:14 AM) matt_hargett: I actually didn' have a sound card in my PC for the first years I played these games. The limitations of the PC speaker really influenced my ear for music when I'm songwriting/composing
  1326. (07:59:14 AM) UncleJeet: Congrats, FireGaming
  1327. (07:59:17 AM) Gins: wee! congrats FireGaming
  1328. (07:59:22 AM) Voodoo_Lord: Now you can have paid sex. :D
  1329. (07:59:26 AM) Gins: go and do some adult stuff :D
  1330. (07:59:27 AM) scarecrow: Congratz, FireGaming :)
  1331. (07:59:31 AM) jfrisby: Telltale basically came out of said "we're doing choices now, go to Wadjet Eye if you want real adventure games"
  1332. (07:59:33 AM) KestrelPi: Part of the problem isn't the voices in this version, it's the voice direction. The reads on some of the lines seem like they didn't have the context they needed.
  1333. (07:59:35 AM) Laserschwert: Monkey Island 3: Better Late Than Never
  1334. (07:59:35 AM) FireGaming: thanks guys
  1335. (07:59:39 AM) Joop: Happy birthday, Firegaming.
  1336. (07:59:39 AM) UncleJeet: dook: It's far easier to create a serious game than a funny one. Comedy is hard.
  1337. (07:59:39 AM) Cheeseness: jfrisby: People complain about [random new shiny FPS here] for not having [random particular graphical effect]. Could Wadjeteye's feedback just be that sort of thing, but easier to interpret as proper criticism because they're retro styled?
  1338. (07:59:40 AM) ZakMcKrackin left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1339. (07:59:40 AM) Fireflower: Happy bday FireGaming
  1340. (07:59:41 AM) GameClubFan_477242 [] entered the room.
  1341. (07:59:44 AM) Mattias [] entered the room.
  1342. (07:59:44 AM) scarecrow: In germany you could drink a beer now...
  1343. (07:59:48 AM) RonaldDragstra: for he's a jolly good fellow!!! have a grog (18 right?)
  1344. (07:59:48 AM) axs_dub [] entered the room.
  1345. (07:59:55 AM) Joop: KestrelPi, I agree.
  1346. (07:59:58 AM) FireGaming: hehehe
  1347. (07:59:58 AM) Phlegmster: One of the best moments of my life was being in the same room as Ron Gilbert, Ragnar Tornquist, Dave Gilbert, and many other adventure developers 6 weeks ago at GDC.
  1348. (07:59:59 AM) Trapezoid: KestrelPi, that's practically tradition for game voice acting
  1349. (08:00:07 AM) Joop: I don't like the voice direction one bit.
  1350. (08:00:15 AM) XploitOcelot [] entered the room.
  1351. (08:00:20 AM) Joop: Do like it in MI3 and even 4 though.
  1352. (08:00:27 AM) GameClubFan_626277 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1353. (08:00:28 AM) matt_hargett: KestrelPi: I really liked how some of the Broken Sword games had the actors read together as much as possible. That helped a *LOT*, in my opinion.
  1354. (08:00:28 AM) Ongaku: :O im jealous Phlegmster
  1355. (08:00:29 AM) scarecrow: Same her, Joop
  1356. (08:00:38 AM) UncleJeet: Phlegmster: Damn you for suddenly reminding me that I will probably never be able to get The Longest Journey to play on my Macbook.
  1357. (08:00:42 AM) GameClubFan_430690 [] entered the room.
  1358. (08:00:44 AM) KestrelPi: Mm, Lucas used to be pretty good at it though. Voice direction, that is. Double Fine's games I think always had very good voice direction.
  1359. (08:00:48 AM) GameClubFan_328547 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1360. (08:00:53 AM) Phlegmster: UncleJeet, I'm sorry. Hey, did you know TLJ is on sale at GOG this weekend?
  1361. (08:00:56 AM) Joop: It's strange how Neil Ross reprises Wally but he doesn't sound the same.
  1362. (08:00:56 AM) GameClubFan_519419 [] entered the room.
  1363. (08:00:56 AM) GameClubFan_666620 [] entered the room.
  1364. (08:01:01 AM) matt_hargett: Phlegmster: lucky! I was stuck on booth duty most of the time at GDC :/
  1365. (08:01:02 AM) jfrisby: I think they just get swamped by "ur graphix suck" messages on Steam.
  1366. (08:01:10 AM) matt_hargett: but still had a blast
  1367. (08:01:10 AM) GameClubFan_666620 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1368. (08:01:10 AM) UncleJeet: Phlegmster: Oh, I already have multiple copies, including the GOG version.
  1369. (08:01:16 AM) RonaldDragstra: i think we need to develop a game called SimIP .... the IP management sim
  1370. (08:01:18 AM) XploitOcelot left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1371. (08:01:33 AM) Phlegmster: Oh nevermind, GOG's TLJ isn't Mac-compatible...yet.
  1372. (08:01:34 AM) Voodoo_Lord: That actually could be great.
  1373. (08:01:34 AM) KestrelPi: Voodoo lady voice is good, I think.
  1374. (08:01:35 AM) webtax [] entered the room.
  1375. (08:01:36 AM) Ongaku: I can't afford yet a trip to USA for GDC but one day !!
  1376. (08:01:38 AM) Ongaku: one day
  1377. (08:01:39 AM) Laserschwert: Random trivia: The German localization of MI3 is still considered one of the finest voice acting in a German adventure game release
  1378. (08:01:45 AM) Voodoo_Lord: They made a good game about passports afterall.
  1379. (08:01:50 AM) Joop: KestrelPi, it's the original voice.
  1380. (08:01:52 AM) GameClubFan_430690 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1381. (08:01:52 AM) UncleJeet: KestrelPi: The voice direction is down to a woman named Khris Brown. She was the force behind most of Lucasfilm/Arts' talkies.
  1382. (08:01:59 AM) Ongaku: i will be a poor hobo with a dream !
  1383. (08:02:02 AM) Voodoo_Lord: Yeah, the original voices are good.
  1384. (08:02:03 AM) Phlegmster: matt_hargett, ah too bad. Yea I just crashed the adventure developer party that Dave Gilbert organized. It was awesome. Heroes of my childhood.
  1385. (08:02:08 AM) Voodoo_Lord: The new ones, eeehhh...
  1386. (08:02:11 AM) FireGaming: hay grumpygamer, if you could wish me happy bday itd make the day :P
  1387. (08:02:13 AM) KestrelPi: Yup, I know. But I didn't like all the voices in MI3, automatically :P
  1388. (08:02:23 AM) GrumpyGamer: Happy Birthday!
  1389. (08:02:23 AM) GameClubFan_094054: GrumpyGamer: is there any game that someone else made but wish you made it instead or at least were part of the creation of that game?
  1390. (08:02:25 AM) GameClubFan_245930 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1391. (08:02:26 AM) GameClubFan_797963 [] entered the room.
  1392. (08:02:29 AM) FireGaming: THANKS
  1393. (08:02:30 AM) Joop: Laserschwert: A friend of mine picked up the german version by accident. Ein hünchen und eine große grog!
  1394. (08:02:37 AM) axs_dub: I know this game so well I could recite all the solutions to all the puzzles by heart at pretty much any given moment.
  1395. (08:02:38 AM) Trapezoid: Lucasart's casting was pretty great, but there were always weirdly delivered lines. I think it's just the way they compile the scripts.
  1396. (08:02:38 AM) geecko: Hey I didn't know Tim Schafer was making a new Point 'n Click game in september
  1397. (08:02:46 AM) UncleJeet: I liked most of MI3's voices. And the singing bit in that one was far superior to what we just witnessed in the bone dance.
  1398. (08:02:50 AM) GrumpyGamer: I haven't celebrated my Birthday since I was 12.
  1399. (08:02:55 AM) dimo2: Laserschwert: all german localizations on the monkey island games are pretty top notch imho.... tales is a bit meh, but the rest is pretty excellent
  1400. (08:02:55 AM) plop left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1401. (08:02:56 AM) axs_dub: Easily in my top 5 of all time (actually my third favorite)...
  1402. (08:02:58 AM) Laserschwert: @ Joop: Lucky accident, if you can understand a word of it ;)
  1403. (08:03:04 AM) GrumpyGamer: I often forget it's my birthday until my Mom calls.
  1404. (08:03:05 AM) Voodoo_Lord: Ow man. D:
  1405. (08:03:11 AM) FireGaming: hehehe
  1406. (08:03:13 AM) GameClubFan_611107 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1407. (08:03:14 AM) Cheeseness: :D
  1408. (08:03:17 AM) Gins: i wish they'd gotten the MI3 song into the german version :(
  1409. (08:03:18 AM) Laserschwert: I think Tales was translated on an extremely tight schedule
  1410. (08:03:20 AM) Ongaku: i forgot about my bday once
  1411. (08:03:28 AM) GameClubFan_773140 [] entered the room.
  1412. (08:03:32 AM) Voodoo_Lord: lol ok
  1413. (08:03:34 AM) Laserschwert: voice acting is mostly spot on (except for DeSinge), but the translation has a few bugs
  1414. (08:03:38 AM) KestrelPi: Sometimes I can go for years without noticing Ron's birthday.
  1415. (08:03:38 AM) scarecrow: Laserschwert... es klingt halt auch gut! ;)
  1416. (08:03:40 AM) Joop: Laserschwert, it was pretty good. Although I like the English version better.
  1417. (08:03:41 AM) matt_hargett: Cheeseness: I do think that the palettes can be more of a problem than anything. My friend released a game last year and he insisted he use an original NES palette. I kept telling him that orange and brown would make people's eyes vomit on a 50" HDTV.
  1418. (08:03:47 AM) Fireflower: i tend to forget my age :)
  1419. (08:03:48 AM) RonaldDragstra: i play retro games on my birthday as much as possible
  1420. (08:03:50 AM) matt_hargett: he eventually took my advice ;)
  1421. (08:03:50 AM) Ongaku: it was happening on a weekend and i scheduled some work for that time
  1422. (08:03:52 AM) Smikke [] entered the room.
  1423. (08:03:55 AM) Phlegmster: GrumpyGamer, which Sierra games from the 90s did you really enjoy? I hope there's at least one. ;)
  1424. matt_hargett Mattias
  1425. (08:04:07 AM) Toothrot: Gotta run, great talking to you guys. Hope to see you soon, GrumpyGamer. Cheers!
  1426. (08:04:09 AM) GrumpyGamer: DeSinge is the name of my Shaman in WoW
  1427. (08:04:13 AM) UncleJeet: They ought to translate the games, and *then* had the translation off to a native speaking writer. Of actual writing. Because getting a joke right goes a lot further than accurately translating the nouns and verbs.
  1428. (08:04:19 AM) GrumpyGamer: SQ and LSL
  1429. (08:04:20 AM) UncleJeet: *hand
  1430. (08:04:21 AM) Cheeseness: matt_hargett: Ha, yeah, that might happen. S&S is massively well crafted in the visuals department though
  1431. (08:04:25 AM) Voodoo_Lord: GrumpyGamer, is LeChuck his name or surname? :P
  1432. (08:04:31 AM) GameClubFan_328249 [] entered the room.
  1433. (08:04:33 AM) KestrelPi: These things really didn't need narrating.
  1434. (08:04:35 AM) GregRicesLongLostBrother [] entered the room.
  1435. (08:04:44 AM) GameClubFan_773140 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1436. (08:04:54 AM) dook: eels have bladders?
  1437. (08:05:01 AM) Laserschwert: not anymore
  1438. (08:05:02 AM) GregRicesLongLostBrother: Greg is that you? I've been looking for you forever!
  1439. (08:05:04 AM) Fireflower: eels got it all
  1440. (08:05:05 AM) GrumpyGamer: No, they don't. I agree
  1441. (08:05:05 AM) matt_hargett: Cheeseness: I was referring to my friend Brian's game, which I think ended up being called Retro City Rampage
  1442. (08:05:06 AM) Ongaku: hahaha indiana
  1443. (08:05:15 AM) Cheeseness: matt_hargett: Yeah
  1444. (08:05:18 AM) Cheeseness: I think I've heard of that
  1445. (08:05:27 AM) Toothrot left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1446. (08:05:45 AM) GameClubFan_328249 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1447. (08:05:47 AM) matt_hargett: you just can't put some of the EGA, Amiga, NES, etc palettes on a 50" HDTV umodified
  1448. (08:05:55 AM) Cheeseness: GregRicesLongLostBrother: I thnk Greg is on holiday at the moment
  1449. (08:05:56 AM) dook: what was this place based on?
  1450. (08:06:05 AM) GameClubFan_101768 [] entered the room.
  1451. matt_hargett Mattias
  1452. (08:06:15 AM) matt_hargett: put the EGA Cyan (4?) on a large HDTV and stare at it for a while
  1453. (08:06:16 AM) Smikke left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1454. (08:06:16 AM) Mimness [] entered the room.
  1455. (08:06:21 AM) GameClubFan_101768: I love the music that'll come soon
  1456. (08:06:21 AM) Trapezoid: GrumpyGamer, were there cuts made to this part of the game? Always got kind of an unfinished vibe here.
  1457. (08:06:23 AM) GameClubFan_101768: When he picks the key
  1458. (08:06:23 AM) Cheeseness: matt_hargett: I play some Amiga games via UAE on my projector
  1459. (08:06:23 AM) yama: I think I actually tried to write that song down when I first played MI2.
  1460. (08:06:25 AM) UncleJeet: I never did understand casting Gary Coleman in MI3.
  1461. (08:06:29 AM) Phlegmster: This was probably the toughest part of the game for me. Even with the clues for some reason it took a few tries to figure it out
  1462. (08:06:30 AM) KestrelPi: Just nitpicking really. I think we could have got a lot worse out of a Special Edition. And probably couldn't have realistically expected MUCH better.
  1463. (08:06:31 AM) GregRicesLongLostBrother: I loved when i discovered the head bone lyrics on that gross piece of paper
  1464. (08:06:33 AM) lattsam: Cool logo
  1465. (08:06:38 AM) GameClubFan_245194 [] entered the room.
  1466. (08:06:40 AM) Laserschwert: also I remember some unused background pantings for this part
  1467. (08:06:40 AM) GrumpyGamer: Not cuts, but we had to keep it simple.
  1468. (08:06:47 AM) Mimness left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1469. (08:06:48 AM) GameClubFan_863627 [] entered the room.
  1470. (08:06:50 AM) matt_hargett: Cheeseness: 32/64 color? or the EGA ports that have only 16?
  1471. (08:06:52 AM) yama: It was always handy to have a pen and paper ready for old adventure games.
  1472. (08:07:00 AM) Mimness [] entered the room.
  1473. (08:07:02 AM) yama: I kinda miss that with today's games.
  1474. (08:07:06 AM) yama: Good morning, Mimness.
  1475. (08:07:06 AM) GameClubFan_101768: Get ready for the music
  1476. (08:07:10 AM) Yossarian_G [] entered the room.
  1477. (08:07:14 AM) Cheeseness: matt_hargett: Whatever I feel like playing at the time, I guess?
  1478. (08:07:15 AM) UncleJeet: Hey, where's the Max background cameo in MI2? I was going to point it out to my kid, but I thought it was in the costume shop. Didn't see it.
  1479. (08:07:18 AM) GameClubFan_101768: hahaha
  1480. (08:07:21 AM) GameClubFan_101768: music in 3
  1481. (08:07:22 AM) GameClubFan_101768: 2
  1482. (08:07:23 AM) GameClubFan_101768: 1
  1483. (08:07:25 AM) CecilRousso [] entered the room.
  1484. (08:07:27 AM) GameClubFan_101768: go!
  1485. (08:07:31 AM) GameClubFan_245194 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1486. (08:07:36 AM) Phlegmster: yama, me too. I loved taking notes when playing adventure games. Especially Police Quest - you actually had to write down things like license plates, vehicle ID #s, etc.
  1487. (08:07:37 AM) Voodoo_Lord: Nnnice.
  1488. (08:07:38 AM) Mimness: Hi everyone ^_^
  1489. (08:07:39 AM) scarecrow: still gives me the chills :=
  1490. (08:07:40 AM) scarecrow: :)
  1491. (08:07:40 AM) Cheeseness: UncleJeet: Yeah, it's in the costume shop. There's also one in the skeletons too, I think?
  1492. (08:07:41 AM) CecilRousso left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1493. (08:07:52 AM) GameClubFan_101768: fkin love this piece of music
  1494. (08:07:52 AM) matt_hargett: Cheeseness: I just mean that a wider gamut of colors means not having to plaster raelly harsh ones in large contiguous areas on screen ;)
  1495. (08:07:55 AM) GameClubFan_519419 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1496. (08:08:01 AM) UncleJeet: Hrmmm, must've missed it. I'll have to look again.
  1497. (08:08:06 AM) CecilRousso [] entered the room.
  1498. (08:08:12 AM) Cheeseness: It's never really bothered me, but *that* could be nostalgia at play ^_^
  1499. (08:08:24 AM) GameClubFan_348310 [] entered the room.
  1500. (08:08:26 AM) GregRicesLongLostBrother: Ron, what do you think of the voice cast? Similar sounding to what you would have cast for the parts?
  1501. (08:08:27 AM) Syd: Should I let Guybrush fall in the acid?
  1502. (08:08:35 AM) lattsam: Syd DON'T EVEN.
  1503. (08:08:36 AM) Fireflower: yes
  1504. (08:08:36 AM) dook left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1505. (08:08:36 AM) Trapezoid: do it
  1506. (08:08:37 AM) Gins: yes pls
  1507. (08:08:37 AM) KestrelPi: Naaah
  1508. (08:08:38 AM) GameClubFan_564908 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1509. (08:08:38 AM) GameClubFan_101768: Yes
  1510. (08:08:39 AM) GameClubFan_348310 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1511. (08:08:40 AM) GameClubFan_101768: Do it!
  1512. (08:08:40 AM) scarecrow: why NO
  1513. (08:08:41 AM) Trapezoid: Ctrl-F to fast forward
  1514. (08:08:44 AM) FireGaming: yes
  1515. (08:08:46 AM) FireGaming: please
  1516. (08:08:49 AM) dook [] entered the room.
  1517. (08:08:51 AM) Marcel [] entered the room.
  1518. (08:08:52 AM) matt_hargett: Phlegmster: My Sister and I really lived Police Quest, but playign them as an adult revealed they weren't relaly fun. Unless you like procedurals like CSI, etc maybe
  1519. (08:08:55 AM) GameClubFan_101768: Do it!
  1520. (08:08:59 AM) Marcel left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1521. (08:09:07 AM) GameClubFan_101768: (We are cruel after all)
  1522. (08:09:07 AM) DuderakeFourkforest: Do it! Do it now!
  1523. (08:09:09 AM) Cheeseness: Ha, I love this bit too
  1524. (08:09:12 AM) GrumpyGamer: Do it!
  1525. (08:09:16 AM) geecko left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1526. (08:09:18 AM) Trapezoid: I always thought you were supposed to stall LeChuck so that the bullet would hit him
  1527. (08:09:19 AM) GameClubFan_101768: Where do the babies come from?
  1528. (08:09:21 AM) Cheeseness: GrumpyGamer: Any inspirations for this part? Is this in the ride (I know nothing of the ride)?
  1529. (08:09:23 AM) matt_hargett: GrumpyGamer: was this description inspired by the Clue movie?
  1530. (08:09:30 AM) CecilRousso left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1531. (08:09:31 AM) GameClubFan_466262 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1532. (08:09:32 AM) Syd: Screaming chair!
  1533. (08:09:44 AM) Gins: this is the most evil thing one can do
  1534. (08:09:46 AM) KestrelPi: Screaming Chair? Was that a Tim idea?
  1535. (08:09:50 AM) UncleJeet: The PQ games were really short, too. Once you knew what to do, anyway. The length came from the absurdity of some failing to walk completely around your stupid car every time you got in it.
  1536. (08:09:52 AM) GameClubFan_101768: Where do babies come from?
  1537. (08:09:53 AM) yama: Phlegmster, maybe I don't miss tricky mazes that required map-making like in the Kyrandia games, but I'd still like to see trickier games that require note-taking. :)
  1538. (08:10:02 AM) qapla25 [] entered the room.
  1539. (08:10:03 AM) Voodoo_Lord: I think is just a parody of Bond-villains plans for killing the protagonist.
  1540. (08:10:11 AM) TuybrushGhreepwood: UncleJeet: I think it was replaced by another costume, for some kind of license stuff, I believe
  1541. (08:10:12 AM) GameClubFan_518037 [] entered the room.
  1542. (08:10:14 AM) GameClubFan_101768: Hahahahahaha
  1543. (08:10:15 AM) GameClubFan_101768: great one
  1544. (08:10:18 AM) GrumpyGamer: Yes, Bond parody.
  1545. (08:10:18 AM) RonaldDragstra: Imagine Wally is a Disney CEO right now ;-)
  1546. (08:10:22 AM) GameClubFan_101768: it's 5. clearly
  1547. (08:10:25 AM) GrumpyGamer: Prepare to die
  1548. (08:10:30 AM) UncleJeet: I never could get into Sierra's games like I did Lucasfilm's. They just weren't designed well, in most cases.
  1549. (08:10:37 AM) GameClubFan_101768: i love you man
  1550. (08:10:44 AM) Ongaku: hHAHA
  1551. (08:10:46 AM) matt_hargett: UncleJeet: indeed. I ended up playing PQ2 a few dozen times when working on FreeSCI, because it was a really short game and for some reason helped us find quite a few OB1 bugs i the pathfinding, collision detect, etc
  1552. (08:10:46 AM) Fireflower: hehe
  1553. (08:10:47 AM) GameClubFan_753373 [] entered the room.
  1554. (08:11:00 AM) GameClubFan_101768: great lines here
  1555. (08:11:04 AM) Voodoo_Lord: Hah!
  1556. (08:11:07 AM) dook: great dialogue
  1557. (08:11:17 AM) UncleJeet: Plus, they refused to work on updating their technology. Their characters looked awful for years, while Lucasfilm's kept improving. Heck, I don't even remember when they finally started having their vague people-shaped blobs start scaling for distance.
  1558. (08:11:20 AM) Phlegmster: I played more Sierra than LA games. I love them all the same. Sierra's design philosophy was different, and not everybody liked it, but they made some pretty enjoyable games.
  1559. (08:11:28 AM) Trapezoid: lol
  1560. (08:11:30 AM) KestrelPi: I always liked the easy mode solution to this bit.
  1561. (08:11:32 AM) Phlegmster: Gabriel Knight is easily the best Sierra adventure
  1562. (08:11:37 AM) NattyDreads: Wally was such a good character
  1563. (08:11:38 AM) dook: all voice actors sound in their 60s
  1564. (08:11:47 AM) geecko [] entered the room.
  1565. (08:11:48 AM) Ongaku: Phlegmster i with you on that one
  1566. (08:11:53 AM) webtax: you guys should play Papers, Please, tough is in beta
  1567. (08:11:54 AM) Ongaku: i'm*
  1568. (08:11:56 AM) GameClubFan_489028 [] entered the room.
  1569. (08:11:57 AM) Voodoo_Lord: "I feel worse when you yell at me".
  1570. (08:11:57 AM) UncleJeet: Yep, GK was good. The SQ games were fun, too. Particularly 4 and 5, for whatever reason.
  1571. (08:12:00 AM) GameClubFan_101768: haha poor waly
  1572. (08:12:02 AM) GameClubFan_753373 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1573. (08:12:07 AM) Ongaku: but i haven't played a lot of the older sierra games
  1574. (08:12:07 AM) Voodoo_Lord: Oh god I heard that already. What is that a reference form?
  1575. (08:12:07 AM) KestrelPi: Papers Please is excellent.
  1576. (08:12:12 AM) scarecrow: Very nice
  1577. (08:12:13 AM) GameClubFan_923128 [] entered the room.
  1578. (08:12:16 AM) lattsam: Wally's the Butt Monkey of MI2
  1579. (08:12:19 AM) geecko: Is this live gameplay ?
  1580. (08:12:20 AM) GrumpyGamer: Need a hint?
  1581. (08:12:21 AM) Ongaku: have to try sq, pq etc
  1582. (08:12:23 AM) matt_hargett: UncleJeet: yea, a lot of them don't hold up. Quest for Glory series is probably the most impressive technically and in ultimate execution of the depth
  1583. (08:12:24 AM) GameClubFan_140407 [] entered the room.
  1584. (08:12:34 AM) Syd: I'm killing time until Guybrush falls in acid
  1585. (08:12:34 AM) matt_hargett: I'm with Ron, on Space Quest and LSL as well
  1586. (08:12:40 AM) GameClubFan_101768: try to use objects
  1587. (08:12:40 AM) GameClubFan_140407 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1588. (08:12:42 AM) Syd: I more or less remember this puzzle
  1589. (08:12:43 AM) GameClubFan_101768: maybe we find a bug :D
  1590. (08:12:45 AM) GameClubFan_461716 [] entered the room.
  1591. (08:12:47 AM) UncleJeet: I remember really digging QFG3. I should play that again.
  1592. (08:12:47 AM) matt_hargett: though LSL certainly had extremely obtuse puzzles and quite a few dead ends
  1593. (08:12:51 AM) Fireflower: how long does it take until he falls?
  1594. (08:12:52 AM) Trapezoid: Syd, in Scummvm you can ctrl-f to speed up
  1595. (08:12:59 AM) dook: let ron solve it here
  1596. (08:13:00 AM) NattyDreads: LSL, another franchise ruined by people who didn't understand it
  1597. (08:13:05 AM) GameClubFan_357472 [] entered the room.
  1598. (08:13:05 AM) matt_hargett: but I loved, loved, loved the fourth-wall breaking in Space Quest 3 and 4
  1599. (08:13:07 AM) GameClubFan_101768: for ex, how can guybrush read it?
  1600. (08:13:08 AM) GameClubFan_518037: Hey @GrumpyGamer : ) How you're doing? Talking to the german games journalist Michael Foertsch so said you're thinking about an murderer adventure on a yacht or a remote island. a game where you're planing to kill someone and then had to hide your crime. can you say more about this?
  1601. (08:13:09 AM) geecko: Don't you have to talk to the kid at this point ?
  1602. (08:13:17 AM) takashio left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1603. (08:13:18 AM) mrk [] entered the room.
  1604. (08:13:25 AM) Voodoo_Lord: He's psychic.
  1605. (08:13:27 AM) UncleJeet: Freddy Pharkas, I think, was a really good Sierra game. Stuck out like a sore thumb, but in a good way.
  1606. (08:13:38 AM) dook: oh no...
  1607. (08:13:40 AM) GameClubFan_357472 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1608. (08:13:42 AM) scarecrow: But be careful not to fast-forward the scene where hes falling
  1609. (08:13:47 AM) NattyDreads: to the right to the right
  1610. (08:13:49 AM) GameClubFan_101768: yea careful
  1611. (08:13:58 AM) Voodoo_Lord: Unt now ve vait.
  1612. (08:14:01 AM) matt_hargett: UncleJeet: I never got to play that one... or Gabirel Knight. yes, I know, I'm a bad person.
  1613. (08:14:03 AM) dook: love the lighting
  1614. (08:14:07 AM) Trapezoid: I love his head turning as he screams
  1615. (08:14:08 AM) geecko: Aaaand we're done.
  1616. (08:14:09 AM) lchapucero [] entered the room.
  1617. (08:14:11 AM) GregRicesLongLostBrother: Roberta Williams would be proud
  1618. (08:14:13 AM) NattyDreads: the mi2 death scene
  1619. (08:14:17 AM) Laserschwert left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1620. (08:14:18 AM) NattyDreads: one of them
  1621. (08:14:23 AM) dook: so good
  1622. (08:14:26 AM) Fireflower: :)
  1623. (08:14:37 AM) dimo2: wow, never knew of this... awesome! :-D
  1624. (08:14:37 AM) Cheeseness: This cutaway is great :D
  1625. (08:14:41 AM) GameClubFan_863401 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1626. (08:14:43 AM) dook: dominic doing great
  1627. (08:14:51 AM) GameClubFan_101768: very good job, GrumpyGamer
  1628. Grulien GrumpyGamer
  1629. (08:14:59 AM) qapla25 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1630. (08:15:01 AM) Cheeseness: Yeah, you should be proud, GrumpyGamer <3
  1631. (08:15:01 AM) GrumpyGamer: Bank shot!
  1632. (08:15:04 AM) scarecrow: That is why I love those old games. Today, all you get when waiting in a game is a different idle-animation
  1633. (08:15:05 AM) matt_hargett: not sure if I was more sad to hear that TellTale was doing King's Quest (instead of another franchise), or when I heard that they dropped the project
  1634. (08:15:07 AM) Arthur_D left the room (quit: Ping timeout).
  1635. (08:15:08 AM) webtax: well done, good sir
  1636. (08:15:11 AM) geecko: Don't you have to aim for the shield ?
  1637. (08:15:12 AM) Trapezoid: i miss the Adlib sound effects
  1638. (08:15:19 AM) lattsam: matt_hargett Yeah they only care about Walking Dead and Fables now
  1639. (08:15:26 AM) GameClubFan_101768: the shield again
  1640. (08:15:28 AM) KestrelPi: I'll admit, I always just spit on stuff until it works.
  1641. (08:15:31 AM) GameClubFan_101768: u have to do it twice
  1642. (08:15:34 AM) Cheeseness: More of the having to do bad things to people to progress in the game
  1643. (08:15:38 AM) Voodoo_Lord: A little lower.
  1644. (08:15:44 AM) Voodoo_Lord: On the shield.
  1645. (08:15:45 AM) Cheeseness: (everybody guiltily loves spitting on Wally >_< )
  1646. (08:15:48 AM) geecko: hahahaha
  1647. (08:15:50 AM) GameClubFan_101768: to your right
  1648. (08:15:52 AM) matt_hargett: then again, they've proven they are very poor at handling too many things at once. Back to the Future looked and sounded awful. they finally got the lip sync and rigging working in the last episode.
  1649. (08:16:07 AM) UncleJeet: Never did care for the King's Quest games. And ye gods, talk about horrible voice acting. KQIV was hilariously bad. In fact, most Sierra games with voice were just awful. But that's what you get when Bob The Intern And His Aunt Sally decide to be voice actors.
  1650. (08:16:07 AM) iLiekMUDKIPZ left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1651. (08:16:09 AM) GameClubFan_101768: spit once to the pan
  1652. (08:16:11 AM) Phlegmster: Telltale has found a niche for their products. I don't mind their approach, but some people really don't seem to like Telltale at all.
  1653. (08:16:11 AM) GameClubFan_101768: and once to the shield
  1654. (08:16:13 AM) GameClubFan_101768: in this order
  1655. (08:16:18 AM) GameClubFan_089950 [] entered the room.
  1656. (08:16:26 AM) GameClubFan_101768: :D
  1657. (08:16:27 AM) GameClubFan_127786 [] entered the room.
  1658. (08:16:28 AM) Voodoo_Lord: Man let's not rant about other SH here.
  1659. (08:16:29 AM) geecko: Youhou !
  1660. (08:16:30 AM) GrumpyGamer: W00t
  1661. (08:16:35 AM) Voodoo_Lord: Only love and butterflies.
  1662. (08:16:38 AM) matt_hargett: I really liekd Walking Dead, but even it has incredibly rough edges that the comic-book style design still can't cover up
  1663. (08:16:39 AM) Cheeseness: First you steal his monocole, then you spit all over him
  1664. (08:16:47 AM) Ongaku: lolol
  1665. (08:16:52 AM) GrumpyGamer: That saved a lot of animation.
  1666. (08:16:52 AM) GameClubFan_127786 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1667. (08:16:53 AM) KestrelPi: Telltale has money since Walking Dead. I'm hoping they'll put some of it into QA. And some more of it into animation.
  1668. (08:16:59 AM) GameClubFan_101768: :D
  1669. (08:17:00 AM) NattyDreads: i wonder how they actually escaped.
  1670. (08:17:00 AM) dook: ha
  1671. (08:17:05 AM) PLP left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1672. (08:17:06 AM) GameClubFan_518037 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1673. (08:17:11 AM) UncleJeet: Tell Tale is doing good things. Still finding their footing, but I'm glad they're around.
  1674. (08:17:14 AM) GameClubFan_101768: stuff
  1675. (08:17:15 AM) GameClubFan_101768: and things
  1676. (08:17:18 AM) Fireflower: love bomb
  1677. (08:17:19 AM) matt_hargett: UncleJeet: KQ4 had no voice acting..
  1678. (08:17:20 AM) GameClubFan_101768: it feels like the walking dead
  1679. (08:17:22 AM) lattsam: KestrelPi I'm hoping they'll actually hire Bill Farmer and Nick Jameson to voice Sam and Max
  1680. (08:17:26 AM) Ekiriam left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1681. (08:17:27 AM) geecko: It's too bad that Telltale has always been making short episodic IP games, and not original stuff
  1682. (08:17:30 AM) lattsam: BOOM!
  1683. (08:17:33 AM) Cheeseness: UncleJeet: They peaked at S&M Season 3 for me
  1684. (08:17:38 AM) Mattias left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1685. (08:17:39 AM) UncleJeet: maybe it was KQV, then? Whichever the first VGA one was.
  1686. (08:17:41 AM) scarecrow: That sound
  1687. (08:17:44 AM) Voodoo_Lord: Let's all take a moment to mourn the poor Voodoo Priest...
  1688. (08:17:48 AM) geecko: They peaked at season 2, I didn't like season 3
  1689. (08:17:49 AM) KestrelPi: Couldn't care less, their Sam and Max voice actors did a fine job.
  1690. (08:17:50 AM) Joop: lattsam. I agree that Bill and Nick have the ultimate Sam and Max voices. But that will never happen again.
  1691. (08:17:51 AM) GameClubFan_101768: haha
  1692. (08:17:52 AM) dook: word
  1693. (08:17:52 AM) flesk [] entered the room.
  1694. (08:17:52 AM) ZaxNyu left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1695. (08:17:54 AM) NattyDreads: I didn't care for season 3
  1696. (08:17:55 AM) GameClubFan_211135 [] entered the room.
  1697. (08:18:01 AM) Voodoo_Lord: (I laughed when I read Ron didn't even remember him :P)
  1698. (08:18:01 AM) GregRicesLongLostBrother left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1699. (08:18:03 AM) UncleJeet: yeah, it was V
  1700. (08:18:06 AM) GameClubFan_883482 [] entered the room.
  1701. (08:18:07 AM) matt_hargett: UncleJeet: seems like Sam & Max season 3 was the pinnacle. Amazing graphics, design, etc. Looks like a Pixar-quality Ranking & Bass AA game
  1702. (08:18:11 AM) Meeps: i hope you go through all the dialogue here :P
  1703. (08:18:12 AM) GrumpyGamer: This game just won't end!
  1704. (08:18:13 AM) Cheeseness: geecko: We had Jake in here when we played their first Sam & Max episode. He said they were working on something original recently, but it got shelved
  1705. (08:18:13 AM) GameClubFan_101768 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1706. (08:18:22 AM) Joop: lattsam. Too bad, because I heard Bill Farmer say that he loved the role and he was really bummed that Freelance Police was cancelled.
  1707. (08:18:31 AM) Yossarian_G left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1708. (08:18:34 AM) Phlegmster: I was so proud of myself when I exhausted all the color guesses with herman
  1709. (08:18:35 AM) dook: Hi herman
  1710. (08:18:36 AM) KestrelPi: It's all nostalgia, I think. I know someone who favours the TV sam and max voices, because they're the ones they heard first.
  1711. (08:18:40 AM) NattyDreads: Back in the day when a game would take you a few weeks to beat.
  1712. (08:18:43 AM) lattsam: Joop Kickstarter to buy the rights to that game plz
  1713. (08:18:46 AM) bobo left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1714. (08:18:51 AM) NattyDreads: Before the dark times, before...the internet
  1715. (08:18:53 AM) geecko: Oh, I hope we're not gonna hear the voice of the bird for an hour..
  1716. (08:19:00 AM) geecko: the bird's voice*
  1717. (08:19:02 AM) Voodoo_Lord: This makes me miss the face-to-face dialogue of SOMI, although I heard GrumpyGamer didn't like them.
  1718. (08:19:06 AM) GameClubFan_883482 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1719. (08:19:15 AM) Cheeseness: Syd: Are we going to finish up today? I'm totally not ready for that :/
  1720. (08:19:16 AM) UncleJeet: Just when you think you're out, TOOTHROT PULLS YOU BACK IN!
  1721. (08:19:17 AM) GrumpyGamer: The Sirens of Titan
  1722. (08:19:18 AM) MadTinkerer [] entered the room.
  1723. (08:19:20 AM) KestrelPi: Kickstarters to 'buy the rights for x' are not a real thing. Unless the company has actually put the rights on the table. Which they very rarely have.
  1724. (08:19:23 AM) Joop: lattsam, I think the rights have expired and went back to Steve.
  1725. (08:19:33 AM) Narrative [] entered the room.
  1726. (08:19:43 AM) Joop: lattsam. Although he wouldn't have the rights to the game. Just the characters.
  1727. (08:19:44 AM) Syd: I can stop here if you want me to Cheeseness, but yeah, at this rate, I could finish it today
  1728. (08:19:48 AM) GrumpyGamer: Steve always owned the rights.
  1729. (08:20:03 AM) KestrelPi: I mean, what would they do if they got the money and then the rights weren't for sale?
  1730. (08:20:04 AM) Joop: lattsam. So Disney couldn't even finish the game if they wanted to. Or they'd have to buy or lease the rights to the characters from Steve.
  1731. (08:20:07 AM) PLP [] entered the room.
  1732. (08:20:07 AM) lattsam: Syd LET'S GET THIS OVER WITH
  1733. (08:20:09 AM) Cheeseness: Syd: Your call. I don't have a new thread ready to go (we haven't settled on our next game eitehr)
  1734. (08:20:16 AM) GameClubFan_554175 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1735. (08:20:21 AM) basicnoise [] entered the room.
  1736. (08:20:23 AM) Meeps: this lasts about 15 minutes haha
  1737. (08:20:25 AM) Cheeseness: Syd: And I haven't recorded an outro for what we'll do next week
  1738. (08:20:29 AM) GrumpyGamer: The'd have to license it from Steve.
  1739. (08:20:30 AM) Voodoo_Lord: GrumpyGamer, is it true that the "close-up dialogues" weren't in 2 anymore because you didn't like them? Why is that?
  1740. (08:20:38 AM) GameClubFan_913753 [] entered the room.
  1741. (08:20:40 AM) flesk left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1742. (08:20:41 AM) GameClubFan_739408 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1743. (08:20:42 AM) GrumpyGamer: Disk space
  1744. (08:20:46 AM) dook: good question voodoo
  1745. (08:20:48 AM) Ongaku: GrumpyGamer, what do you feel when watching people playing your older games ?
  1746. (08:20:49 AM) jp-30 [] entered the room.
  1747. (08:20:51 AM) UncleJeet: Didn't the remake nuke the end "Go and and do something else" bit after the credits?
  1748. (08:20:55 AM) KestrelPi: But yeah, Sam and Max is a special case. He's always had the rights, so obviously it'd be a license dealie.
  1749. (08:21:06 AM) GameClubFan_010440 [] entered the room.
  1750. (08:21:07 AM) NattyDreads: those 3.5s held way more than the 7 disks of of 5" though.
  1751. (08:21:08 AM) Narrative: Herman has sexy legs.
  1752. (08:21:09 AM) Fireflower: Herman's voice is actually good
  1753. (08:21:11 AM) Cheeseness: GrumpyGamer: You also said last week that you didn't like the fisher close up didn't you?
  1754. (08:21:11 AM) lattsam: Why not go through the entire box of Crayola Crayons while you're at it? XD
  1755. (08:21:15 AM) webtax: damn floppies
  1756. (08:21:16 AM) dook: yes he does
  1757. (08:21:24 AM) GameClubFan_083991 [] entered the room.
  1758. (08:21:32 AM) GrumpyGamer: That's not a CU in my mind.
  1759. (08:21:32 AM) Zenhartha [] entered the room.
  1760. (08:21:33 AM) NattyDreads: I'll never forget the disc changing of SoMI on my 286
  1761. (08:21:37 AM) Joop: Fireflower. It's the same voice as in MI4. Although they ruïned the character, the voice is quite good.
  1762. (08:21:38 AM) Nozis [] entered the room.
  1763. (08:21:40 AM) GameClubFan_083991 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1764. (08:21:45 AM) Fireflower: ok
  1765. (08:21:46 AM) GrumpyGamer: It was just the framing being in to far.
  1766. (08:21:48 AM) geecko: do we really have to sit through all this ?
  1767. (08:21:48 AM) GameClubFan_691043 [] entered the room.
  1768. (08:21:50 AM) KestrelPi: I always imagined Toothrot as sounding more of a cynical, sarcastic old guy.
  1769. (08:22:03 AM) Mimness: We GET to sit through all of this.
  1770. (08:22:08 AM) NattyDreads: Herman murdered his friend.
  1771. (08:22:09 AM) Nozis left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1772. (08:22:10 AM) Syd: Yep
  1773. (08:22:12 AM) Meeps: :D
  1774. (08:22:19 AM) GameClubFan_211135 is now known as Shlee
  1775. (08:22:19 AM) MadTinkerer: "Disk space" hah, those were the days. Can you believe that hard drives will one day have multiple gigabytes of space?
  1776. (08:22:21 AM) Syd: The payoff is worth it
  1777. (08:22:31 AM) GameClubFan_459360 [] entered the room.
  1778. (08:22:33 AM) ReverendGumby: When did sangria become a color?
  1779. (08:22:35 AM) geecko: Oh I just remembered Herman was Elaine's father
  1780. (08:22:38 AM) Voodoo__Lord [] entered the room.
  1781. (08:22:39 AM) GrumpyGamer: Dave Grossman wrote this dialog. It's funny that he would later do this:
  1782. (08:22:42 AM) webtax: well Dominic had to record it so the least we can do is hear them all
  1783. (08:22:42 AM) geecko: He was, right ?
  1784. (08:22:44 AM) Voodoo__Lord: I really REALLY hate my ISP.
  1785. (08:22:51 AM) Voodoo__Lord: I'm disconnecting like crazy.
  1786. (08:23:02 AM) GameClubFan_489028 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1787. (08:23:02 AM) Fireflower: Sangria is sangria colored
  1788. (08:23:04 AM) Voodoo__Lord: Anyway, thanks for the answer GrumpyGamer!
  1789. (08:23:11 AM) GameClubFan_470390 [] entered the room.
  1790. (08:23:19 AM) Shlee: Let's assume these vocal samples were added after the game was finished and they had spare space.
  1791. (08:23:23 AM) Ongaku: i just love the idea of recording all of those lines
  1792. (08:23:23 AM) Syd: I don't think there's many more, lol
  1793. (08:23:24 AM) dook: drizzle?
  1794. (08:23:28 AM) flesk [] entered the room.
  1795. (08:23:31 AM) KestrelPi: How was the writing divided up for this, anyway?
  1796. (08:23:32 AM) GameClubFan_094054: GrumpyGamer: we all know that you didn't like the idea of Guybrush and Elaine getting married but what you feel about MI4 revelation of Herman being Elaines father who had lost his memory?
  1797. (08:23:35 AM) basicnoise left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1798. (08:23:46 AM) dook: how much did this gag cost in terms of VO??
  1799. (08:23:48 AM) GrumpyGamer: Ick
  1800. (08:23:50 AM) GameClubFan_477242 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1801. (08:23:53 AM) Trapezoid: Grumpygamer, did Dave pickup a paint swatch sample for this or does he just really know his colors?
  1802. (08:23:55 AM) Ongaku: :D
  1803. (08:23:57 AM) Voodoo__Lord: Oh right, GrumpyGamer did you know about that twist? That they made Herman Governor Marley? :P
  1804. (08:24:03 AM) GrumpyGamer: Doing VO like this is pretty fast.
  1805. (08:24:05 AM) Ongaku: lol Trapezoid
  1806. (08:24:05 AM) Shlee: Worth every penny.
  1807. (08:24:07 AM) kelmer [] entered the room.
  1808. (08:24:10 AM) Joop: Grumpygamer. I don't think anyone liked the revelation about Herman in part 4.
  1809. (08:24:14 AM) GrumpyGamer: YOu often don't do safeties.
  1810. (08:24:14 AM) Narrative: worth it
  1811. (08:24:23 AM) Mimness: Ha! Just checked out the International Color Time Clock. Awesome.
  1812. (08:24:41 AM) dook: this is ridiculous
  1813. (08:24:42 AM) NattyDreads: I've never actually gone through every color here
  1814. (08:24:47 AM) ReverendGumby: I don't even remember how this gag started.
  1815. (08:24:51 AM) Voodoo__Lord: "Ick" oh apparently you didn't too. :D
  1816. (08:24:52 AM) Syd: There is a payoff, I swear
  1817. (08:24:56 AM) geecko: I think it was kind of implied in the first game, wasn't it ? (Herman being Elaine's father)
  1818. (08:25:04 AM) MadTinkerer: MI4 is the ONLY Monkey Island I haven't finished. Therefore, it is not canon.
  1819. (08:25:04 AM) Voodoo__Lord: Absolutely no.
  1820. (08:25:06 AM) Fireflower: "Deep Purple" :)
  1821. (08:25:08 AM) geecko: Man, it's been years
  1822. (08:25:15 AM) Cheeseness: :D
  1823. (08:25:16 AM) Ongaku: hahaha
  1824. (08:25:20 AM) Mimness: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!
  1825. (08:25:20 AM) DuderakeFourkforest: I completely agree with Herman's philosophy lesson.
  1826. (08:25:23 AM) dook: keep going!
  1827. (08:25:24 AM) Joop: Geecko. It was?
  1828. (08:25:25 AM) geecko: HAHAHAHAHA
  1829. (08:25:25 AM) yama: Heheh.
  1830. (08:25:26 AM) Voodoo__Lord: Same.
  1831. (08:25:26 AM) Narrative: Explain the nature of Dinky and it's connection to Monkey Island Mr Gilbert or I am explode with curiosity
  1832. (08:25:29 AM) Rev [] entered the room.
  1833. (08:25:30 AM) scarecrow: holy
  1834. (08:25:31 AM) Voodoo_Lord left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1835. (08:25:32 AM) Shlee: :)
  1836. (08:25:33 AM) matt_hargett: hilarious
  1837. (08:25:35 AM) TuybrushGhreepwood: huhu
  1838. (08:25:39 AM) scarecrow: I feel so ashamed that I never did this
  1839. (08:25:42 AM) ReverendGumby: That's great.
  1840. (08:25:43 AM) kelmer: I never knew that conversation had an end
  1841. (08:25:46 AM) Voodoo__Lord: Oh lol I'm still here.
  1842. (08:25:47 AM) dook: so great
  1843. (08:25:47 AM) geecko: Joop : I'm really not sure, I haven't played it for years
  1844. (08:25:48 AM) RonaldDragstra: no one messes with Herman.... leave him on his beloved paradise, you Monkey 4 creators you!
  1845. (08:25:48 AM) Meeps: congrats
  1846. (08:25:49 AM) NattyDreads: me either
  1847. (08:25:55 AM) Voodoo__Lord: That explains why I had to change nickname.
  1848. (08:25:57 AM) GameClubFan_089950 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1849. (08:26:00 AM) GameClubFan_691043 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1850. (08:26:01 AM) Trapezoid: i wish you could murder herman toothrot with a coconut
  1851. (08:26:02 AM) Joop: geecko, I don't remember anything like that.
  1852. (08:26:04 AM) PLP left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1853. (08:26:06 AM) matt_hargett: GrumpyGamer: did you guys ever record VO with actors together?
  1854. (08:26:08 AM) GameClubFan_257061 [] entered the room.
  1855. (08:26:10 AM) Cheeseness: Syd: Let me know what your plans are
  1856. (08:26:18 AM) GrumpyGamer: No, we never do that.
  1857. (08:26:26 AM) FireGaming: the thing in escape i hated the most was the damn ride from the church thing
  1858. (08:26:32 AM) KestrelPi: My first nickname in #monkey-island IRC channel was HermanToothrot.
  1859. (08:26:34 AM) mrk left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1860. (08:26:38 AM) Voodoo__Lord: One of the things I didn't like in Curse was the absence of Herman.
  1861. (08:26:39 AM) KestrelPi: er, don't actually click that.
  1862. (08:26:41 AM) mrk [] entered the room.
  1863. (08:26:47 AM) Rev left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1864. (08:26:49 AM) Voodoo__Lord: Though it was still better that shoehorn him in, I suppose.
  1865. (08:26:50 AM) lattsam: Graphic adventure games always have a crowbar!
  1866. (08:26:54 AM) Joop: I actually liked the first parts of Monkey Island 4. Especially the swamp puzzle.
  1867. (08:26:56 AM) GameClubFan_257061 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1868. (08:26:58 AM) geecko: AHA
  1869. (08:27:00 AM) geecko: YES
  1870. (08:27:03 AM) geecko: There it is
  1871. (08:27:05 AM) GrumpyGamer: The Cave has one
  1872. (08:27:08 AM) Voodoo__Lord: The swamp puzzle was the best.
  1873. (08:27:10 AM) Joop: But when the commercialism hits its just not funny anymore.
  1874. (08:27:11 AM) Syd: Alright, guys. I think I'll stop here. Next week will be the finale
  1875. (08:27:13 AM) geecko: If you listen to the bird, you understand that his granddaughter is Elaine
  1876. (08:27:15 AM) Narrative: I miss the days of IRC and the scumm bar. so many memories!
  1877. (08:27:17 AM) GameClubFan_190668 [] entered the room.
  1878. (08:27:20 AM) Ongaku: lattsam like half-life
  1879. (08:27:20 AM) NattyDreads: I always wished games like Shadowgate and Uninvited were more like this.
  1880. (08:27:23 AM) Meeps: thanks, Syd!
  1881. (08:27:26 AM) Cheeseness: Thanks Syd!
  1882. (08:27:28 AM) Voodoo__Lord: That's a very loose connection geecko.
  1883. (08:27:29 AM) Narrative: long live mojo!
  1884. (08:27:31 AM) Voodoo__Lord: Thanks Syd!
  1885. (08:27:33 AM) Trapezoid: That was fun
  1886. (08:27:33 AM) scarecrow: Thanks a lot, Sy
  1887. (08:27:35 AM) scarecrow: d
  1888. (08:27:35 AM) dook: thanks!
  1889. (08:27:36 AM) Fireflower: thx Syd!
  1890. (08:27:37 AM) GrumpyGamer: Thanks!
  1891. (08:27:37 AM) Joop: Thanks Syd!
  1892. (08:27:37 AM) UncleJeet: Thanks, Syd!
  1893. (08:27:37 AM) KestrelPi: MI4's main problem is that it was ALL anachronism.
  1894. (08:27:39 AM) dook: great stuff!
  1895. (08:27:39 AM) cube left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1896. (08:27:40 AM) Voodoo__Lord: And thanks to GrumpyGamer too!
  1897. (08:27:41 AM) Dutchbrush: \o/
  1898. (08:27:42 AM) Phlegmster: Ahhhhh all done, great times, thank you Syd and Ron!
  1899. (08:27:43 AM) kelmer: Is this conversation somehow getting logged?
  1900. (08:27:44 AM) Ongaku: Thanks. Syd
  1901. (08:27:44 AM) GrumpyGamer: thanks everyone!
  1902. (08:27:44 AM) Joop: Thanks Grumpygamer!
  1903. (08:27:45 AM) GameClubFan_459360 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1904. (08:27:46 AM) dook: word up
  1905. (08:27:46 AM) geecko: Thanks Syd, thanks GrumpyGamer
  1906. (08:27:47 AM) Zenhartha left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1907. (08:27:48 AM) webtax: nice, thanks syd and the parrot
  1908. (08:27:50 AM) GameClubFan_123002 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1909. (08:27:51 AM) Cheeseness: kelmer: Yeah, there'll be a chat log!
  1910. (08:27:51 AM) lattsam: Thanks everyone!
  1911. Grulien GrumpyGamer
  1912. (08:27:52 AM) GameClubFan_330712 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1913. (08:27:52 AM) GameClubFan_923128 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1914. (08:27:52 AM) KestrelPi: Cool stuff.
  1915. (08:27:52 AM) DuderakeFourkforest: thanks
  1916. (08:27:54 AM) Phlegmster: LONG LIVE ADVENTURE GAMES!
  1917. (08:27:54 AM) GameClubFan_461716 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1918. (08:27:55 AM) ReverendGumby: Thanks Syd!
  1919. (08:27:55 AM) Cheeseness: Thanks GrumpyGamer! :D
  1920. (08:27:56 AM) GameClubFan_608618 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1921. (08:27:57 AM) axs_dub: Thanks !
  1922. (08:27:58 AM) Narrative: Awesome, thanks!
  1923. (08:27:58 AM) Meeps: thanks for stopping by, ron!
  1924. (08:27:58 AM) kelmer: excellent
  1925. (08:28:00 AM) nope left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1926. (08:28:00 AM) matt_hargett left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1927. (08:28:00 AM) MeCL left the room (quit: Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 20.0.1/20130409194949]).
  1928. (08:28:00 AM) Joop: See ya, everyone!
  1929. (08:28:00 AM) KestrelPi left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1930. (08:28:01 AM) DuderakeFourkforest left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1931. (08:28:02 AM) MadTinkerer left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1932. (08:28:02 AM) scarecrow: And thank you too, Ron. Till next time!
  1933. (08:28:03 AM) dimo2: This was fun. I think i'm gonna stick around the next time too!
  1934. (08:28:03 AM) GrumpyGamer: see ya all!
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