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  1. * Now talking on #bittrex
  2. * Topic for #bittrex is: richie doesn't know how to send emails OR use topics...
  3. * Topic for #bittrex set by bittrex-richie!~bittrex-r@ at Mon Jul  7 22:59:55 2014
  4. <ZackPac> threat updated look much better now
  5. <mircea_popescu> ZackPac what threat is that ?
  6. <ZackPac> mircea_popescu
  7. <dobbscoin> [ [ANN]SingularityCoin (SING) Community TakeOver - Scrypt/X13 Algo *NEW GITHUB* ]
  8. <mircea_popescu> so help me orient here, since there's no topic, chan log or anything. this is basically the chan of a dubious wanna-be btc exchange and its associated dubious altcoin ?
  9. <SwagDaddyKevin> the only thing dubious here is ur mom
  10. <ZackPac> bittrex-richie wake UP !!!
  11. <mircea_popescu> SwagDaddyKevin you know her ?
  12. <SwagDaddyKevin> no mircea_popescu i am just joking
  13. <SwagDaddyKevin> i am not familiar with your mother
  14. <ZackPac> #singularitycoin awaits you guys
  15. <SwagDaddyKevin> #singularitycoin awaits your mom!!!
  16. <mircea_popescu> ZackPac i didn't manage to get it from the thread. what's the uvp with this singularity thing ?
  17. <Vindyne8> ur mom is a singularity
  18. <ZackPac> :)
  20. ~Zack@ in PM
  21. <ZackPac> #singularitycoin
  22. <ZackPac> join the irc channel
  24. * Now talking on #singularitycoin
  25. * Topic for #singularitycoin is: ▓▓▒▒░░░░ #SINGULARITYCOIN ░░░░▒▒▓▓ ☆☆
  26. * Topic for #singularitycoin set by ZackPac!~Zack@ at Sat Jul 12 20:04:17 2014
  27. <mircea_popescu> alright...
  28. <ZackPac1> hi mircea_popescu
  29. <ZackPac1> so this is the official channel
  30. <mircea_popescu> ok... of what ?
  31. <ZackPac1> of an altcoin
  32. <ZackPac1> very promising alt coin
  33. <mircea_popescu> ok, very promising because what's it do ?
  34. <ZackPac1> yes
  35. * ZackPac1 is now known as ZackPac
  36. * ChanServ gives channel operator status to ZackPac
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