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  1. Secret of Mana, Turbo - Changelog
  3. ============================
  5. Version 2019-03-06:
  8. Added [Japanese_Legalese], Kethinov's [Better_Default_Text_Boxes] (and made it configurable so you can set which of the 8 styles is the default), implemented more [[Title_Screen]] features for [Relocalized], made [Turbo_Logo]'s uh, basically thread-safety more robust, made a file rename in the Helper Script more robust.
  10. ============================
  12. Version 2019-03-07:
  13. (
  15. Added Kethinov's "No HP Restored At Level Up" and Regrs (?) "Super Change Form Boss Crash Fix" (in vanilla, level up Luna then go cast Change Form on a boss; it's a pretty exciting crash). Only three more Kethinov hacks to go!
  17. Made [Magic_Recharging] recharge times configurable (in the Advanced Options menu), and also prettied up the Advanced Options menu. Renamed [Spirits_Default_Levels] to [Default_Spirit_Levels] and tweaked some option descriptions.
  19. Made the Helper Script adjust ROM size after patching; if there's nothing in the 4th MB it will be truncated to a 3 MB ROM, and if there's also nothing in the 3rd MB, it will be truncated back to the vanilla 2 MB ROM size. So if you enable only FuSoYa's VWF Edition feature, the ROM will be 3 MB, for example.
  21. ============================
  23. Version 2019-03-14:
  26. Changes (since 190307):
  27. - Added an [[Audio]] section and moved some features to it
  28. - Added a tiny bit of momentum to spear thrusts
  29. - Changed MP HUD label graphic (if [Turbo_HUD] is enabled)
  30. - Added Mop's [Seven_Items_Max] as an alternative to Masterflow's Nine; the 9 limit makes item save data incompatible with vanilla, while 7 is safe
  31. - Added HUD portrait corners transparency hack; the sprite's portrait now has rounded corners like the boy's and girl's (also fixes pointy portrait corners for stuff like frostied, moogled, etc.)
  32. - Tweak that keeps attack sounds from blocking themselves; e.g. fixes silent whip attacks
  33. - Added BRK / COP handler, not important for the end user, but documenting it anyway
  34. - Overhauled [Safe_Save_State]; hotkey combo is now start + select, shows a PAUSE label, and a state saved while the PAUSE label shows can be successfully loaded on a vanilla unmodified ROM
  36. ============================
  38. Version 2019-03-15:
  39. (
  41. Changes:
  42. - Boomerang quick throw now begins return on contact with an enemy
  43. - Boomerang can now damage enemies during return
  44. - Added SFROM generation to Helper Script if you enable VC_without_PCM (by UNCHECKING it, it's inverted)
  45. - Added right align fix for merchants in Relocalized 1.5
  47. ============================
  49. Version 2019-03-22:
  50. (
  52. Changes:
  53. - Removed buggy part of whip post fix.
  54. - Fixed Rain of Arrows behavior on maps with a scrolling layer
  55. - Fixed unconscious animation character lockup
  56. - Fixed charge locking game lockup
  57. - Added Regrs's mixed case naming feature and jazzed it up with an extra row of numbers and symbols
  58. - Disabled the Drum at the Ice Castle Entrance to prevent an exploit
  59. - Turned [Safe_Save_State] into a full-featured single player pause (works with any controller, you just need to be solo)
  60. - Added item save data validation so you can disable [Item_Limit_Increase] without wrecking your inventory
  61. - Small intro cutscene fix for [Scroll_Hack]
  62. - Some internal bugfixes and code cleanup that should be unnoticeable
  64. ============================
  66. Version 2019-03-26:
  67. (
  69. Changes:
  70. - Added checksum adjustment code to the Helper Script for the case where the ROM is resized down to 3 MB
  71. - The SFROM file generated by the Helper Script should be backwards compatible with old emulators that accept headered SNES ROM files (though the extension may need to be changed to make selecting the file easier); this feature is really just for testing and I haven't double checked that I didn't break compatibility with SNESCE / Canoe
  72. - Split the [Balance] section into three sections: [Magic], [Items] and [Balance]
  73. - Changed [Hittable_Vampires] to be Off by default
  74. - Added Kethinov's [Earlier_Midge_Mallet], [Later_Midge_Mallet], [Faerie_Coconut] and its graphic replacement
  75. - Added the ability to "unforge" level 9 weapons back to 1 (the feature is called [Circular_Forging]), after which you can forge them back up; just burns through some money
  76. - Made disabling auto-casing when using [Mixed_Case_Naming] toggle-able; mostly useful for continuing saves where your characters already have dumpy all-caps names
  77. - Fixed an obscure vanilla crash that occurs if you walk multiple characters into an auto-talk NPC simultaneously
  78. - Slight adjustment to boomerang diagonal down left/right quick throw so you won't miss the catch
  79. - A good amount of code cleanup
  80. - Almost finished untangling dependencies; this is mostly an internal issue but wanted to document it
  82. ============================
  84. Version 2019-03-28:
  85. (
  87. Changes:
  88. - Updated Timbo's Relocalized to 1.7
  89. - Added Kethinov's Faster Weapon Grinding
  90. - A few more code comments here and there
  91. - Slight adjustment to a cutscene bugfix related to [CPUs_Dont_Block_Screen] and [Walk_To_Edges_Of_Screen] (which I haven't tested, so here's hoping)
  93. ============================
  95. Version 2019-04-07:
  96. (
  98. Patcher Changes:
  99. - Checkbox state based on feature variables; this means features can start in the Off state and the !!_Inverted workaround is no longer necessary
  100. - Checkboxes can be inactive (useful for section separators)
  101. - Fixed race condition when reapplying patch without restarting patcher
  102. - Changed window title to add a + symbol
  103. - Relaxed version checking so a ZPS file can contain a screwy version value to intentionally block compatibility with the older patcher
  105. Changes:
  106. - No more !!_Inverted patcher options, yay; some stuff just starts unchecked
  107. - Added [Balance] feature to disable item damage canceling (On by default)
  108. - Added Kethinov's Neko and Watts in the Mana Fortress
  109. - Added Doom's Wall's desperation attack name fix (Cave -> Cave In; the space was an invalid character)
  110. - Added a fix for getting too many weapon orbs from events causing a lockup
  111. - Added a fix for the script event that causes your party to gather on to the leader where it can get stuck in an infinite loop if party members are at the far left edge of the screen
  112. - Finished converting any lowercase assembly mnemonics to uppercase
  113. - Added preliminary New Game Plus feature, lots of little issues at the moment, but should be functional enough to test
  115. ============================
  117. Version 2019-04-12:
  118. (
  120. Changes:
  121. - Fixed PAUSE unintentionally hanging the game if the screen is dim (like when leaving the controller config menu)
  122. - Fixed customized button config not affecting new button functionality (quick weapon swap, etc.)
  123. - Added Kethinov's Magical Herb patch
  124. - Added Balance\Luna_And_Dryad_Weaknesses (based on notes made by, I think, Regrs)
  125. - Fixed Hit Chance code so that the Hit Up buff and Hit Down debuff work properly
  126. - Added Technical\Disable_Soft_Reset; fixing customized button code re-enabled the ability to soft reset, which is... mostly used to abuse bugs, so it's now disabled by default
  127. - Visual fixup for the T-junction north of Gaia's Navel for Scroll Hack
  128. - Added preliminary enemy stat boost for New Game Plus loops
  130. ============================
  132. Version 2019-04-16:
  133. (
  135. Changes:
  136. - Completely fixed Rain of Arrows (probably)
  137. - Updated Kethinov's Restore Unused Fanfares patch to v1.1 (finally)
  138. - Added Kethinov's No Music patch (Off by default)
  139. - Added Kethinov's Faster or Slower Spell Grinding patch (configurable via Advanced Options)
  140. - Added a [_No_Free_Lunch] sub-option to [Weapons_Progression_Balance]
  141. - Added a Silence proc to Thunder Saber
  142. - Added a Balloon proc to Light Saber
  143. - Minor code optimizations (mainly stripping unnecessary CMP #00's)
  144. - Fixed Scroll Hack issue during ending credits Lofty Mountains scene
  145. - Aesthetic tweak to progress animation during New Game Plus flag clearing process
  147. ============================
  149. Version 2019-04-21:
  150. (
  152. Changes:
  153. - Rewrote ACT_Defaults; it was a miracle it worked since it lacked a return and was just falling through to whatever code happened to be next.
  154. - Lots of map cleanup in the field between Potos, Pandora and the Water Shrine. This took days, and you probably won't even be able to spot all the messed up tiles that were fixed.
  155. - Added ability to revisit the goblin village, which is super janky at the moment. To get back in, walk left against the trees near where you were captured.
  156. - A little map cleanup on the goblin village but it still needs a lot of work.
  158. ============================
  160. Version 2019-04-23:
  161. (
  163. Changes:
  164. - Fixed [Super_Change_Form] bugfix; it wasn't actually being applied prior to this version
  165. - [Revisit_Goblin_Village] promoted out of Experimental status; spent way too much time cleaning up the goblin village map, but now it's seamless and bugless; you can leave via the far upper left or right by walking into the trees (like when the girl rescues you)
  166. - Tidy map treatment for the map just south of the water palace
  167. - Tidy map treatment for turtle shell isle
  169. ============================
  171. Version 2019-04-26:
  172. (
  174. Changes:
  175. - Covered up a stray black pixel in the goblin village
  176. - Tweak to turtle shell isle map cleanup; result is the same, but byte reorganizing is more sane if it needs adjusting in the future
  177. - A couple FastROM adjustments
  178. - A feature no one asked for, and probably only Timbo and maybe Kethinov will care about, and that I sorta regret doing because it was multiple hours of crazy tedium, even when using macros to automate the worst of it:
  179. - 3bpp graphics decoding and re-encoding support
  180. - - menu icons (items, spells, etc.)
  181. - - damage numerals
  182. - - weapons and projectiles
  183. - - spells (including the mana spirit summons)
  185. Example images:
  186. Vanilla
  187. (
  189. Decoded
  190. (
  192. This lets you use a standard SNES sprite editor to make changes. The graphics are 3 bits per pixel, so you just need an editor that supports that. Working on the palettes is another matter, but generally much less of an issue than dealing with the screwy byte order SoM was using on these art assets.
  194. ============================
  196. Version 2019-04-26:
  197. (
  199. I've been trying to use that 7-day file host limit to force myself to get out a new release at least once a week, but what I'm currently working on has taken longer than expected. Sorry about that. The sad part is if I get it working, I'm not sure it'll even be well received, but at least it's been fun to work on (details intentionally left vague).
  201. ============================
  203. Version 2019-05-07:
  204. (
  206. Changes:
  207. - Rewrote the imported MSU-1 hack using source code graciously provided by DarkShock
  208. - Fixed a crash caused by making a safe save state without the MSU-1 hack enabled, then adding it and loading said save state
  209. - Minor FastROM adjustment and code cleanup
  210. - Removed Relocalized internal ROM name dependency on [[Combat]] section
  212. Okay, time to reveal my madness:
  213. - MSU-1 support for ZSNES v1.51 (official Windows build only, at the moment).
  215. How to use it?
  216. - Make sure [[Audio]], [Enable_MSU-1] and [_ZSNES_MSU-1] are On when patching.
  217. - Download a Secret of Mana MSU-1 sound pack and extract the .msu and .pcm files to the same folder as the patched SoM ROM.
  218. - Use Snes9x-style MSU-1 file naming; there's a batch file in the Turbo readmes folder to hopefully simplify renaming.
  219. - Launch the official Windows build of ZSNES v1.51 (not FuSoYa's 8MB R2 build, nor any other variant).
  220. - Open the "Config", "Sound" menu and set "Sampling Rate:" to *44100Hz*.
  221. - Load the patched SoM ROM.
  223. The Turbo title screen song is track number 63 if you want to override it with a PCM file.
  225. I have only tested this on my primary computer so far, so there is the definite possibility this will not work on some system configurations.
  227. I will be releasing a "plugin" version of this MSU-1 support (a dsound.dll file to put in the ZSNES program folder alongside zsnesw.exe), but wanted to get this crazier version tested first.
  229. ============================
  231. Version 2019-05-13:
  232. (
  234. Changes:
  235. - ZSNES MSU-1 support improved, see details after this abbreviated change list
  236. - Slight tweak to PCM renaming batch file (in the readmes folder) to copy song 55 to 63
  237. - Verified and incremented Kethinov's "Magical Herb" and "Neko and Watts in the Mana Fortress" patch version numbers from 1.0 to 1.1
  238. - Added Kethinov's "Different Boss Music for Buffy and Dread Slime" patch
  239. - Added a new [Miscellaneous] category and moved New_Game_Plus, Restore_Kettle_Kin, Restore_Aegagropilon and Revisit_Goblin_Village to it
  240. - Added Graphics\Japanese_Button_Colors (which also reverts the Action Grid purple color)
  241. - Unhid Audio\SFX_Channel_Limit by Mop; it's been in the ZPS file for a while, it's disabled by default
  242. - Split the Turbo title screen song off to its own option under [Title_Screen]
  243. - Added Title_Screen\Override_White_Palette
  244. - Added Bug_Fixes\Tsunami_Scramble_Fix
  246. ZSNES MSU-1 Changes:
  247. - Fixed some mistakes I'd made in v1 support
  248. - Added MSU-1 v2 support (ability to save and resume track position for one song at a time)
  249. - Added support for save states (saving, loading and rewinding)
  251. Still no 'fast forward' / 'slow down' support for MSU-1 audio and still requires ZSNES audio output to be set to 44100Hz. I'm working on it.
  253. ============================
  255. Version 2019-05-19:
  256. (
  258. Changes:
  259. - ZSNES MSU-1 support improved, see details below
  260. - Slight adjustment to location of MSU-1 patch
  261. - Added Kethinov's "Watts in the Haunted Forest" patch
  262. - Added Kethinov's "Gaia's Navel With the Girl Without Doubling Back" patch
  263. - Added Kethinov's "More Useful Evil Gate" patch
  264. - Added a prerelease version of Kethinov's "Remove Barrels on Run" patch (hope you don't mind)
  265. - Added Bug_Fixes\Barrel_Scramble_Fix; deals with some vanilla animation art issues related to barrels
  267. ZSNES MSU-1 Changes:
  268. - Added support for emulation 'fast forward' and 'slow down' (and non-1x baseline speed)
  269. - Fixed and improved resume support; should now follow the spec exactly
  271. This should mark the first fully usable ZSNES MSU-1 build now that variable emulation speed support is in.
  273. Still requires ZSNES audio output to be set to 44100Hz, and doesn't maintain timing if the 'increment frame' hotkey is used. Audio quality is pretty bad when not at 1x speed.
  275. ============================
  277. Version 2019-05-25:
  278. (
  280. Changes:
  281. - Verified and incremented Kethinov's "Remove Barrels on Run" patch version number from 0.0 to 1.1
  282. - Added Kethinov's "Steal From Matango Innkeeper" (1.1) patch
  283. - Tiny adjustment to Technical\Safe_Save_State, might improve unpause reliability on real hardware / accurate emulators (or might not help)
  284. - Added Audio\Faster_Music_Crossfade; this simply disables the music fade out and is disabled by default because it sucks
  285. - Overhauled Audio\Enable_MSU-1
  287. So, let's talk about music. When a new song is played, if it has a fade duration set, it locks up the game and fades out whatever music is currently playing, if any, then it stalls again as it sends the new song to the SNES sound CPU, then gameplay resumes and the new song fades in. The original MSU-1 patch lacks any music crossfade (I realize there's never a true crossfade since they don't overlap, work with me here) behavior, but does support the asynchronous fade command; I rewrote large chunks of the MSU-1 patch to fix a race condition in said fade code, and added the functionality for vanilla-style crossfade, including the blocking fade out behavior. Then I went a step further and added asynchronous fade out for both vanilla and MSU-1 music. Crossfade also works when transitioning between an SPC and MSU song, and vice versa, which opens up options for future features (random SPC / MSU song selection for example). Async fade out works for vanilla music even without the MSU files (or with an emulator that lacks MSU support), as long as you have the correct features enabled when patching. There's still a pause when the new SPC song starts playing, but you no longer have an artificial wait on the fade out.
  289. I'm among those who think vanilla SNES music is often beautiful (particularly many of Square's games) and that CD audio remakes, orchestral renditions, ambient remixes, etc. are generally inferior, but the Secret of Mana Remaster music is actually pretty darn good; if you can get it set up for use with the MSU-1 patch, I highly recommend you give it a chance (using the alternate tracks for 4 and 12, because those two do kinda suck). You can always remove the MSU files again if it doesn't suit your tastes. A side benefit is faster area transition times / no music hiccoughs.
  291. ============================
  293. Version 2019-05-30:
  294. (
  296. Changes:
  297. - Added Kethinov's "Alternate Karon" (v1.0, mysterious) patch
  298. - Fixed lack of music when loading a save in the Mana Fortress
  299. - Fixed a volume issue when music switched from an SPC to an MSU track
  300. - Audio\Async_Music_Crossfade promoted out of (Experimental) status
  301. - Added Bug_Fixes\Missable_Spear_Fix; defeating Tropicallo before getting the Spear is now safe
  302. - Code reorganizing related to weapon switch hotkey
  303. - Improvements for New Game Plus:
  304. -- character naming events are bypassed (avoids lots of issues)
  305. -- weapon levels survive the end game to new game transition
  306. -- re-obtaining weapons no longer bugs them (you will have to burn money reforging though)
  307. -- early game enemies can hurt you
  309. ============================
  311. Version 2019-06-04:
  312. (
  314. Changes:
  315. - Added Kethinov's "Overworld Hidden Treasure" patch
  316. - Updated Kethinov's "Early Luna" to v1.2
  317. - Slight fix to Alternate Karon (the mistake was mine and not present in Kethinov's patch)
  318. - Slightly moved Watts (like 6 feet) in the Haunted Forest location to avoid Scroll Hack spoiling his presence
  319. - Fixed and enabled Audio\Random_MSU_or_SPC (off by default); gives a 50/50 chance between MSU and SPC music if you have MSU music set up
  320. - Added Items\Unique_Equipment: Limits helmets, armor and accessories so you can only carry one of any given piece of equipment. Other than causing a difficulty spike for the Pure Land (due to lack of defense), this seems like a pretty positive change for itemization. May warrant an item rebalance to truly flesh out its potential.
  322. ============================
  324. Version 2019-06-08:
  325. (
  327. Changes:
  328. - Added Kethinov's "Neko in the Underground City"
  329. - Updated Kethinov's "Watts in the Haunted Forest" to v1.1
  330. - Updated Kethinov's "Overworld Hidden Treasure" ("Treasure in Northtown Woods")
  331. - Slight tweak to Kethinov's "More Useful Evil Gate" to set the Mana Beast to all elements instead of just changing it from Dryad to Shade
  332. - Added Kethinov's "Reverse MP Absorb on Evil and Undead Monsters" (altered slightly for safety, behavior is the same)
  333. - Added code comment to Revisit_Goblin_Village related to re-enabling the hut doors
  334. - Added a "...SHRIEK!" sound to the Goblin Stew event (as part of Revisit_Goblin_Village)
  335. - Map cleanup for Northtown, notably no more stairway chimneys, scroll hack compatibility, and a non-solid shadow (and Mara's house in Southtown's chimney)
  336. - Map cleanup for Northtown Interiors (and Mara's house in Southtown's interior)
  337. - Added Miscellaneous\Revisit_Sunken_Continent; speak to "Girl" in the Tree Palace to re-extend the bridge back down into the Grand Palace interior, then work your way backwards to reach the Underground City
  338. - Added Miscellaneous\Revisit_Pure_Land; walk around the sides of the tree to find a cave
  340. ============================
  342. Version 2019-06-11:
  343. (
  345. Changes:
  346. - Updated Kethinov's "Treasure in Northtown Woods" to v1.1 (fixes Southtown merchant palette)
  347. - Bumped ZPS patcher version from v0.18+ to v0.18++
  348. - The ZPS patcher now saves and loads which features you have checked / unchecked, and any changes made to the Advanced Options window
  349. - Settings save to an INI file that matches the name and location of the ZPS patch file; so "SoM Turbo.190611.zps" will wind up with "SoM Turbo.190611.ini" in the same folder
  350. - Migrating settings between updates will require renaming the INI file to match the new ZPS file name
  351. - Settings are saved when you click Apply, and loaded when you select a ZPS file that has a matching INI file; delete the INI file to reset settings to defaults
  353. ============================
  355. Version 2019-06-18:
  356. (
  358. Changes:
  359. - Added Kethinov's "Easier or Harder Monsters" (configurable via the Advanced Options menu)
  360. - Added superscript 3 markers to features that expand the ROM from vanilla 2 MB to 3 MB (features marked with ~ expand it to 4 MB)
  361. - Feature cross-dependencies sorted; if you uncheck every feature with a superscript 3 or ~ in its description, you'll get a 2 MB output ROM
  362. - Fixed a bug in the ZSNES MSU-1 loader that caused a lockup when starting a new game in ZSNES
  363. - Added a bug fix for an obscure vanilla memory corruption bug related to attacking bosses (Bug_Fixes\Boss_Block_Fix)
  364. - Minor code cleanup
  365. - Fixed Spring Beak rendering issue (related to Scroll Hack)
  366. - Fixed Mech Rider II rendering issue (related to Scroll Hack) and fixed minor art issue on the lower arches in his fight room
  367. - Fixed a tree north of the Potos elder's house
  368. - Fixed two minor art issues outside the Fire Palace
  370. ============================
  372. Version 2019-06-24:
  373. (
  375. Changes:
  376. - Updated Kethinov's Level 9 Weapons Progression Balance to 1.4 (and think I got compatibility stuff for it all sorted... hopefully I didn't introduce any bugs)
  377. - Modified Kethinov's Early Luna to be fully compatible with VWF Edition and Relocalized
  378. - Minor compatibility fixup related to Easier or Harder Monsters
  379. - Fixed Turbo_Logo without Restore_Title_Screen graphics issue
  381. Hm, listing it out like that it doesn't look like much, but those first two things took some time.
  383. ============================
  385. Version 2019-07-01:
  386. (
  388. Changes:
  389. - Added Miscellaneous\Day_Night_Cycle
  390. - Moved Bug_Fixes\Missable_Spear_Fix event flag from 06 to 09 (value = 3)
  392. ============================
  394. Version 2019-07-08:
  395. (
  397. Changes:
  398. - Verified and incremented Kethinov's "Early Luna" patch version number from 1.2 to 1.3
  399. - Verified and incremented Kethinov's "Level 9 Weapons Progression Balance" patch version number from 1.4 to 1.5
  400. - Small adjustment for NGI SRAM code (unimportant, just documenting it)
  401. - Tidy map treatment given to the Great Forest / Upper Land / forest path to Matango
  402. - Updated Miscellaneous\Day_Night_Cycle with new features and bugfixes
  404. Day / Night Cycle Changes:
  405. - Fix for time saving / loading
  406. - Fix for NPC visibilty event use of time event flags
  407. - Modified event command 33 to allow recalculating time (use 33 FFFF)
  408. - Slight change to which hours correspond to which time of day (simplifies visibility events)
  409. - Made sleeping at an inn advance time
  410. - Implemented glowing windows in towns (similar to Trials of Mana)
  411. - Preliminary time of day stuff related to riding Flammie
  412. - Modified some townsfolk to only be outdoors at certain times of day, side effect: performance improvement
  414. Still to do:
  415. - Flammie and Cannon Travel visuals
  416. - More townsfolk behavior
  417. - More visual junk in general
  419. ============================
  421. Version 2019-07-14:
  422. (
  424. Changes:
  425. - Verified and incremented Kethinov's "More Useful Evil Gate" patch version number from 1.0 to 1.1
  426. - One more Great Forest (Autumn) tidy map tweak for its northwest area transition
  427. - Tidy map treatment for the Sprite Village
  428. - Added Quality_of_Life\Run_On_Trigger_Tiles, you will no longer stumble over invisible bear traps when trying to run
  429. - Added Graphics\Alternate_Text_Boxes (and _Candy_Cane), if you don't like the new text box backgrounds, turn this feature off; it's meant to add variety, but I can understand if you want one of the vanilla backgrounds (I did test these on various monitors / TVs, and with various video filters in various emulators to try and make some that are useful for a variety of circumstances, but this is a very personal preference sort of thing); it also tweaks 3 text box border options, so be sure to weigh your options
  430. - Minor improvement to Miscellaneous\New_Game_Plus, properly reset the Mana Fortress and Sunken Continent (only occurs when triggering the restart so existing NG+ saves won't benefit)
  431. - Improvements to Miscellaneous\Day_Night_Cycle, detailed below
  433. Day Night Cycle Changes:
  434. - Kethinov, thank you for the feedback!
  435. - Added lighting-based palette modification to the player stamina recharge flashing animation
  436. - Sleeping at an inn when it's evening or night will always advance time to (at least) morning
  437. - When changing areas, if a timezone change would cause the time of day to become earlier (day -> morning, night -> evening, etc.), instead time will advance forward to keep time of day intuitive; this causes occasional passage of time, but only when necessary
  438. - The Ice Country Tropics event will no longer be able to go from day to morning when freeing Salamando
  440. Technical Changes:
  441. - Clarified the "-" feature marker to mean "Compatibility fixups present" (regardless of who authored the fixups)
  442. - Added searchable "compat" comments to the ZPS file
  443. - Sweeping internal ZPS file changes to support event script command mnemonics and human-readable text entry; example:
  444. RAW   9D8F8D85808281838B80898E80948885808D8F928E898E87BF
  445. is now
  446. TEXT   ^C o m e _ b a c k _ i n _ t h e _ m o r n i n g .
  447. Much more pleasant to edit... (have to put spaces between letters, but it's a small price to pay)
  448. - Added event script command mnemonics for every command I understood; examples:
  449. 00 = \end
  450. 03 = \gather
  451. 2D03 = \shake_horizontal
  452. 40F1000000 = \music_stop
  453. - Added event commands 1F05 (hide_fortress and sunken continent), 3F?? (relative jump), 70?? (relative jump, when not in text mode)
  455. ============================
  457. Version 2019-07-18:
  458. (
  460. Changes:
  461. - Fixed being able to start a New Game Plus (I accidentally broke this last version)
  462. - Added Graphics\Functional_Fashion: head/body/hand armor affects the color scheme of the characters. A few garish results, but mostly pretty spiffy.
  463. - Improved Miscellaneous\Day_Night_Cycle: world map (cannon / flight) time of day lighting changes as you travel east / west. Going to the world map prevents time advancing; not sure if this behavior will stay, but it makes world map lighting more logically consistent with what you see on the ground. The sky is currently not affected, but I intend to get to that next (sky coloring depends on what direction you're facing as well as your position, so setting it up is more complex than the ground which only cares about your position).
  465. Technical Changes:
  466. - Events 1F03 and 1F04 (and the new 1F05) have vanilla behavior of showing a cutscene if followed by an end event command (00) like they are in the vanilla event scripts that use them. If they're followed by anything other than 00, they do not show a cutscene and do the following: 1F03 shows the sunken continent ($7E00E3 | #80), 1F04 shows the mana fortress ($7E00E3 | #40), 1F05 hides both ($7E00E3 = #00). Example:
  467. 1F05 1F03 01 00 (hide both without cutscene, show sunken continent without cutscene, nop, end)
  469. ============================
  471. Version 2019-07-23:
  472. (
  474. Changes:
  475. - Added Miscellaneous\Centered_Inn_Bed, which tucks you into bed most expertly
  476. - Added Bug_Fixes\King_Goes_To_Bed, which fixes an event issue with the king of Pandora, queen of Pandora and Jema fighting over who is number 4, 5 and 6
  477. - Tweaks to Bug_Fixes\Mode_7_Rendering_Fix to deal with some slight visual oddities on the horizon and far bottom edge of screen
  478. - Improved Miscellaneous\Day_Night_Cycle to use vanilla colors for the players when paused (ring menu)
  479. - Graphics\Functional_Fashion now includes a one pixel fixup on the ring menu mini face for the girl (hair ribbon color)
  481. Technical Changes:
  482. - Fixed incorrect \stats1_* mnemonics
  483. - Added event command 3D which lets you set the first 256 bytes of actor data
  484. - Added additional functionality to event command 2B to let you align an actor to the event target actor on the X or Y axis
  486. ============================
  488. Version 2019-07-28:
  489. (
  491. Changes:
  492. - Added Magic\HP_Absorb_-_Reversible; ghosts also invert energy absorb (to match magic absorb behavior with Kethinov's "Reverse MP Absorb on Evil and Undead Monsters")
  493. - Improved Quality_of_Life\CPUs_Dont_Block_Screen and Quality_of_Life\Walk_To_Edges_Of_Screen; minor optimizations and dealing with erroneous status afflicted player behavior
  494. - Added warnings to Scroll_Hack and Centered_Camera descriptions; seriously, these aren't especially safe to use without Walk_To_Edges_Of_Screen
  495. - Made a second pass on tidy map improvements to the Cannon Travel screen; it was one of the first I did and I've learned a lot about editing maps since then, so was able to clean it up without compromise
  496. - Rewrote Bug_Fixes\Auto_Talk_Fix and Bug_Fixes\Permadeath_Fix to fit within vanilla ROM space
  497. - Combat\Better_CPU_Allies now hides the Action Grid icon from the options ring menu
  498. - Circular Forging now costs 50000 GP for a reset instead of 65535
  499. - Miscellaneous\Day_Night_Cycle now includes simple water palette animation to try and disguise static coastline water
  500. - Bug_Fixes\Dialog_Debuffs prevents getting stuck when afflicted by a status effect and a dialog box opens
  501. - Bug_Fixes\Equipment_Trashing_Fix prevents memory corruption when trashing currently equipped equipment, probably (this one was complicated, but I think I got it)
  502. - Bug_Fixes\No_Blats_To_Sell prevents lots of inventory issues involving corrupted items, also lets you sell consumable items when you have zero equipment
  504. ============================
  506. Version 2019-08-08:
  507. (
  509. Changes:
  510. - Slight tweak to Kethinov's "Magical Herb" hack to invalidate targeting dead players (I forgot the "+" symbol in the feature description)
  511. - Quality_of_Life\Boy_Dislikes_Nuts; can no longer use Faerie Walnuts (or Coconuts) on the boy, and before anyone has magic can't use them at all
  512. - Bug_Fixes\Initial_Distance; properly initializes some NPC data, primary result is you can no longer interact with an NPC from long range when they spawn
  513. - Graphics\Polished_Weapons (Whips & Flails); fixes alignment issues on some Whip animations (for example, boy sprinting left / right) and adds a secondary animation set for Flails
  514. - Tidy Map treatment for the final whip room in the Grand Palace; fixes some erroneous stained glass and shadows at the top of the room and provides some escape routes if you try and get stuck using whip post jumps
  516. Technical Changes:
  517. - Added ending credits text roll characters to the character table (it's just limited ascii)
  518. - Minor Combat\Strong_And_Weak_Attacks code reorganization (and elsewhere in &(mods)\Combat)
  519. - Small NOP optimizations here and there
  520. - Fixed a dependency between DEBUG_MODE and Combat\FastNumbers
  521. - Fixed detection of X button by DEBUG_MODE and added support for animation testing (via R+X; 0x000-0x0FF all PCs, 0x100+ boy, 0x200+ girl, etc.)
  523. ============================
  525. Version 2019-08-11:
  526. (
  528. Changes:
  529. - Implemented Balance\Run_When_Tired
  530. - Implemented Quality_of_Life\Inverted_Ring_Menu_Rotation and Quality_of_Life\Inverted_Shop_Menu_Rotation (both off by default)
  531. - Implemented Bug_Fixes\Northtown_Ruins_Better_Rope
  532. - Implemented Technical\Fake_50Hz (off by default, this one's sort've a joke feature)
  533. - Quality_of_Life\Run_On_Trigger_Tiles now includes running on stairs (since running on trigger tiles didn't work without it)
  534. - Compatibility fix between Items\Item_Limit_Increase and Bug_Fixes\No_Blats_To_Sell
  536. Technical Changes:
  537. - Two new FastROM JSR patches and three compatibility fixups
  538. - A handful of minor optimizations
  539. - Changed mnemonics for event commands 0B, 0C, 0D (related to Magic Rope Door)
  540. - Implemented event command 3E, Set Rope Door, for Northtown_Ruins_Better_Rope
  541. - A few more compat markings for documentation purposes
  543. ============================
  545. Version 2019-08-14:
  546. (
  548. Changes:
  549. - Added a note about dependent feature options to the [Information] description
  550. - Implemented Balance\Level_9_Weapon_Perk; level 9 weapons don't slow player movement while charging up
  551. - Implemented Quality_of_Life\_Run_Requires_D-Pad; Trials of Mana-style running controls, requires Run_Freely and probably shouldn't be used with _Gradual_Turns_Only
  552. - Implemented Quality_of_Life\Run_After_Area_Change; hopefully no bugs
  553. - Implemented Quality_of_Life\Sand_Ship_Guard_Pause; changes a timed pause after they yell at you to a wait-until-button-press
  555. ============================
  557. Version 2019-08-19:
  558. (
  560. Changes:
  561. - Made D-Pad running more aggressive in detecting run button state
  562. - Optimizations related to mod-added sound effect calls (stripped out unnecessary register saving code), hopefully didn't introduce any bugs
  563. - Possibly fixed a bug related to screen scrolling, event-controlled characters and Quality_of_Life\Walk_To_Edges_Of_Screen
  564. - Implemented Bug_Fixes\Stereo_Panning_Fix; fixes and unifies lots of faulty stereo panning logic in vanilla sound code, sound effects should no longer come out of the wrong speaker, nor both speakers when it should be only one
  565. - Implemented Quality_of_Life\Damage_Feedback; aesthetic change to how the game alerts you to successful attacks: enemies vibrate slightly and the enemy "damaged" sound now plays when an attack adds damage rather than when accumulated damage causes a damage number to pop up, additionally, enemies become ghost-like when they're out of health but haven't yet played their dying animation, and conversely, if you swing at an enemy but they're currently invulnerable, there will simply be no "damaged" sound (or vibration). Enemy invulnerability periods vary wildly based on enemy appearance since it's generally tied to animations, but given the number of complaints I've heard regarding this aspect of Secret of Mana combat, that doesn't seem to be universally known. While this feature doesn't change when enemies are vulnerable, it should give you better feedback on if your attacks are working or not; this is why I categorized it as Quality_of_Life and not Balance, because it doesn't literally make things harder or easier, but most likely you'll perceive combat as slightly easier due to spending less time attacking already dead or invulnerable enemies.
  567. ============================
  569. Version 2019-08-25:
  570. (
  572. Changes:
  573. - Added version number within ZPS file
  574. - Implemented Miscellaneous\Day_Night_Cycle\_No_Morning_Or_Evening option (off by default), in case you want vanilla daytime, and mod-added nighttime but not morning or evening, for some reason
  575. - Implemented Bug_Fixes\Boss_Loader_Buffer_Overflow; this was the cause of a glitchy out of bounds tile during the Frost Gigas fight
  576. - Implemented Bug_Fixes\Text_Box_Palette_Loader; this was the cause of the oddly colored text box backgrounds in the text box edit screen when using Graphics\Alternate_Text_Boxes
  577. - Implemented Bug_Fixes\Flakey_Snowflakes; this was related to seeing sword-shaped snow during the ending credits
  578. - Disallowed Technical\Safe_Save_State functionality during the Mana Beast fight
  579. - Added a deadlock safety to Technical\Safe_Save_State unpausing
  580. - Tidy map treatment for the far north edge of Spring Beak's fight room
  581. - Slight vertical size increase to Frost Gigas's fight room (not walkable space, just the out of bounds area)
  582. - Tidy map treatment for the Thunder Gigas's fight room
  583. - Tidy map treatment for the Wind Palace entrance
  585. ============================
  587. Version 2019-08-27:
  588. (
  590. Changes:
  591. - Tidy map treatment for Pandora Castle (shadow tops in stool hallway and arch over left staircase in entry room)
  592. - Tidy map treatment for Minotaur fight room (single tile over top exit doorway)
  593. - Tidy map treatment for Tasnica Castle (shadow top in u-turn room)
  594. - Fixed out-of-bounds door visibility in Ice Palace, Northtown Castle and Northtown Ruins (simple fixes, either moving them farther out-of-bounds, or hiding them behind foreground walls)
  596. ============================
  598. Version 2019-09-02:
  599. (
  601. Pretty big update.
  603. Changes:
  604. - Slight tweaks to Magic\Magic_Recharging regarding which spells have long, medium and short cooldowns. Search the ZPS file for \tbl_magicRechargeTime.asm to see specific spell classifications.
  605. - Implemented Magic\Moon_Saber_-_Reversible; gives same inverted healing behavior on ghosts as on undead.
  606. - Implemented Items\Farmable_Sword_Orb; moves Spear Orb drop from Tsunamis to Turtlances, and gives Tsunamis a Sword Orb drop.
  607. - Added more info to Items\No_Missing_Orb's description; no change to functionality.
  608. - Implemented Items\Mana_Fortress_Rarity_Swap; any weapon orb dropper's rare drop (their weapon orb) and common drop (usually equipment) is exchanged so the weapon orbs take less farming, while the desirable equipment is rarer.
  609. - Added more info to Balance\Reduce_Moon_Saber_Healing's description and changed healing reduction formula to round up instead of down (e.g. 33 / 2 = 17 instead of 16, 1 / 2 = 1 instead of 0).
  610. - Verified and incremented Quality_of_Life\Neko_And_Watts_In_Fortress version number from 1.1 to 1.2, and fixed a bug that was my fault that enabled the teleporters in Mech Rider III's fight room. If you see this Kethinov, I had made a mistake when adding the song auto event so you'll want to update your release with this change as well.
  611. - Removed (Experimental) status from Graphics\Functional_Fashion.
  612. - Verified and incremented Audio\Restore_Unused_Fanfares version number from 1.1 to 1.2; no change to functionality.
  613. - Removed (Experimental) status from Miscellaneous\Day_Night_Cycle, implemented sky color change when flying, implemented dynamic distance fog when flying, replaced sun with moon during Flammie launch at night, added a few more minor enemy night spawn changes.
  614. - Added more info to Miscellaneous\Revisit_Sunken_Continent's description; no change to functionality.
  615. - Added Kethinov's Miscellaneous\Remove_Empire_Castle_Gate version 1.1; tiny change to his hack to make the bonus throne room chest immovable.
  616. - Updated Kethinov's Miscellaneous\Gaias_Navel_Treasure from version 1.1 to 1.2 and added a sub-option _Navel_Immodesty to boost the now baseline 50gp chest to 1000gp.
  617. - Improved Bug_Fixes\Whip_Post_Fix; now avoids memory corruption caused by text boxes that would interfere with whip post behavior (e.g. stand on whip post gathering spot, land a critical on an enemy which causes a text box to show, whip post wouldn't work until you step off then back on the gathering spot).
  618. - Changed Technical\Disable_Checksum_Bypass into Technical\Checksum_Bypass (off by default) and improved the description.
  619. - Slight adjustment to Combat\Strong_And_Weak_Attacks: sword and glove directional attacks (thrust and kick) have slightly less animation delay (makes them feel slightly more responsive).
  620. - Fixed some messy tiles in Hexas's fight room, part of Bug_Fixes\Boss_Rendering_Fix.
  621. - Fixed bug in Bug_Fixes\No_Blats_To_Sell; if you had 12 different items, the item ring was seriously broken.
  622. - Fixed bug in Quality_of_Life\Boy_Dislikes_Nuts; caused a Rabite spawning to potentially de-level the boy's boomerang and/or javelin weapon level.
  624. ============================
  626. Version 2019-09-08:
  627. (
  629. Changes:
  630. - Improved Magic\Magic_Recharging description
  631. - Second attempt at Items\Farmable_Sword_Orb; adds an out-of-the-way new teleporter in the Mana Fortress (shouldn't be hard to find) to send you to a new room to fight the now functional unused enemy, which now can drop a Sword Orb
  632. - Changed Items\Mana_Fortress_Rarity_Swap to no longer affect Turtlances
  633. - Changed Miscellaneous\Day_Night_Cycle to no longer replace Eggplant Man with Metal Crab at night (since Metal Crab has a weapon orb)
  634. - Implemented Graphics\Retouched_Characters; fixes some color issues with the Girl which also happens to improve Functional_Fashion; stamina recharge / poisoned status palettes haven't yet been adjusted to accommodate
  635. - Implemented Bug_Fixes\Pure_Land_Cave_Trap
  636. - Tidy Map treatment for:
  637. -- Axe Beak's fight room
  638. -- Mana Fortress A (first interior area)
  639. -- Witch's Castle Monty Hall (interior room with three doors north)
  640. -- Kakkara Desert (north, east and west exits; south not changed yet)
  641. -- Ice Palace Library
  643. ============================
  645. Version 2019-09-13:
  646. (
  648. Changes:
  649. - Fixed compatibility issue between Magic\Early_Luna and Text\VWF_Edition (or Text\Relocalized)
  650. - Implemented Balance\Dangerous_Poison_And_Engulf; engulf does 1/32 of *current* health per pulse, poison does 1/64 of *maximum* health per pulse
  651. - Fixed Balance\Reduce_Moon_Saber_Healing to actively update the UI upon healing
  652. - Clarified Magic\Extend_Buff_Time description: it affects both stat buffs and stat debuffs and extends them by 50% over vanilla duration (also Mana Magic, guess I'll add that to the description later)
  653. - Implemented Magic\Spell_System_Extensions; by itself it should have no effect, but it allows for more complex permutations of spell effects and adds 20 new spell slots (not currently practical for use by players, but easily used by enemies)
  654. - For demonstration purposes of Spell_System_Extensions, implemented the following:
  655. -- _Evil_Gate_-_NPC_Version; adds a copy of Evil_Gate that isn't affected by the increased mana cost of Evil_Gate_-_More_Useful for Dark Lich to use
  656. -- _Speed_Down_-_Hit_And_Evade_Down; adds stat debuffs to the Tangle status effect inflicted by Speed Down
  657. -- _Speed_Up_-_Detangle; makes Speed_Up cure Tangle status in addition to overwriting accuracy and evade down with accuracy and evade up
  659. ============================
  661. Version 2019-09-15:
  662. (
  664. Changes:
  665. - Added Kethinov's Herbal Boost hack; the mana cost changes are split off into their own separate options just preceding it
  666. - Implemented Magic\Blaze_Wall_-_NPC_Version
  667. - Implemented Magic\Blaze_Barrier_-_Replaces_Blaze_Wall; 2-10 hit (based on spell level) damage shield buff, mutually exclusive with Lucid Barrier, enemies not immune to engulf will be engulfed if they land a melee hit
  668. - Implemented Magic\Shadow_Saber_-_Replaces_Evil_Gate; mana tapping saber buff, especially useful for the sprite to use on the girl, pretty inefficient until Shade is leveled up
  669. - Implemented Magic\Lava_Wave_-_Engulf; reverts Spell_Power_Tweaks change to Lava Wave and gives it the engulf status effect since the girl no longer has Blaze Wall
  670. - Implemented Text\Tangled_Up_TextFix
  671. - Implemented Bug_Fixes\Lucid_Barrier_Defense; if the target of Lucid Barrier had 512+ defense, Lucid Barrier's defense would be calculated incorrectly
  673. Technical Changes:
  674. - Added more searchable "SPELL DATA"-related comments in the ZPS file; search for "SPELL DATA" (without quotes) as a shortcut to find spell related defines and data tables
  675. - Tiny tweak to Moon Saber HUD refresh code to save 2 cycles
  676. - Optimized SSE.Func.Detrimental.Magic_Absorb
  677. - The data shuffle buffer at $FFFF00 given a pseudo label of %[]% to make it theoretically relocatable
  678. - Added variable case letter defines to make Proper-caser compatibility easier when adding new spell names / descriptions:
  679. TEXT ^B l^ a^ z^ e^ _ ^B a^ r^ r^ i^ e^ r^ \end
  680. ^-suffixed letters are lowercase with Proper-caser On, and UPPERCASE without
  682. ============================
  684. Version 2019-09-19:
  685. (
  687. Changes:
  688. - Fixed game crashing bug in Magic\Spell_System_Extensions Lunar Magic reimplementation
  689. - Implemented Magic\Comprehensive_Dispel; Dispel Magic also removes Lucid Barrier (Wall can prevent this) and Moon Energy (always)
  690. - Implemented Magic\Stone_Saber_-_NPC_Version
  691. - Implemented Magic\Mud_Saber_-_Replaces_Stone_Saber; replaces Petrify status on the Gnome Saber with the formerly unused "Paralyze" status
  692. - Renamed Blaze Barrier to Inferno Barrier
  693. - Fixed Shadow Saber showing as Evil Saber in-game
  694. - Changed Shadow Saber's mana drain formula; old version stole between 3 and 135 mana, new version steals between 4 and ~40 mana (both versions depend on Shade level)
  695. - Fixed Herbal Boost causing Wall bosses to cast Herbal Boost instead of Revivifier
  696. - Implemented Balance\Less_Fragile_Pygmy; defense penalty reduced to 25% from 75%
  697. - Implemented Balance\Defensive_Petrify; instant damage changed from 50% to 25% of current health and added a 25% physical defense bonus while in effect
  698. - Changed Balance\Dangerous_Poison_And_Engulf Engulf damage from 1/32 of current to 1/64 of current
  699. - Replaced Balance\Lower_Weapon_Status_Infliction with Balance\Weapon_Status_Chance; configurable in Advanced Settings
  700. - Implemented Balance\Double_Saber_Status_Chance; meant for use with Weapon_Status_Chance (which reduces player weapon status chances from 80% down to 33% by default)
  701. - Implemented Miscellaneous\Diverse_Chest_Traps; changed Punch Gloves damage from a fixed amount to a percentage if the victim's health (25%), changed Bomb damage into Engulf status effect, made chests from enemies over level 41 able to be any trap type
  702. - Implemented Miscellaneous\Enable_Paralyze_Status; use with Mud Saber
  703. - Implemented Bug_Fixes\Final_Saber_Hit; last Saber buff hit wasn't applying its effects
  705. Technical Changes:
  706. - Some Extended spell numbers were shuffled around when adding Mud Saber
  707. - Changed descriptions containing ghosts to instead be ghosts/clouds
  708. - Compatibility fixup for Tangled_Up_TextFix related to Relocalized
  709. - Implemented Technical\Overwrite_Unused_Data; overwrites what should be unused data with 0xFF bytes to help locate available unused data
  711. ============================
  713. Version 2019-09-20:
  714. (
  716. Changes:
  717. - Implemented Magic\Revivifier_-_Turn_Undead; normal behavior if an ally is dead, can target enemies if allies are all alive; hurts ghost/undead enemies, but can also heal other enemy types, I think it only heals bosses, didn't verify behavior in that case
  718. - Implemented Magic\Dispel_Magic_-_Target_Allies; normal behavior if enemies are in view, can target allies if not
  719. - Added compatibility fixup to QuickSpell_Hotkeys for Herbal_Boost and the new targeting stuff related to new targeting options for Revivifier / Dispel Magic
  720. - Fixed a graphics bug when multi-target casting Inferno Barrier
  722. Technical Changes:
  723. - Implemented new spell targeting types, basically:
  724. - Allies first, enemies if no valid allies (only really viable with Revivifier and maybe Mana Magic since those have additional rules to result in no valid teammate targets)
  725. - Enemies first, allies if no valid enemies
  726. - Uses bit 0x10 in the spell data target field, defines of: SSE.Target.AllyOrEnemy, SSE.Target.AlliesOrEnemies, SSE.Target.EnemyOrAlly, SSE.Target.EnemiesOrAllies
  728. ============================
  730. Version 2019-09-23:
  731. (
  733. Changes:
  734. - Minor feature addition to ZPS Patcher, see note below
  735. - Implemented Lunar_Magic_-_Celestial_Cascade; large changes to behavior based on mixture of suggestions, 3 instead of 8 random effects, all useful and offensive instead of the vanilla mess (its code needs to be optimized but wanted to get something out for testing)
  736. - Implemented Burst_-_Health_Cost; removes mana cost and gives it 1/8 max health cost instead
  737. - Implemented Lunar_Magic_-_Mana_Cost_Reduction; halves mana cost from 8 to 4, arguably fair for vanilla or modified Lunar Magic
  738. - Changed Moon_Energy_-_Mana_Cost_Reduction to be Off by default
  739. - Overhauled Turn Undead; can now damage bosses, ignores enemy's resistances, should now be bug free when healing enemies
  740. - Fixed bug in Lunar Magic (standard, not the new variant) reimplementation in SSE
  741. - Fixed bug in Day_Night_Cycle (related to sleeping in an inn)
  742. - Fixed bug in Diverse_Chest_Traps (random traps generally messed up)
  743. - Fixed bug in Audio\Different_Fortress_Boss_Music Relocalized compatibility fixup (this was entirely on my side and had been there for a while, result was likely no special music during Dread Slime fight)
  745. Technical Changes:
  746. - Bumped ZPS Patcher version from V0.18++ to V0.18+++
  747. - Added optional debug output to ZPS Patcher; near the top of the ZPS file, under "[Options]" on line 8, add DEBUG (can be below or above FALSE). Do not change or remove the "FALSE" option. Upon applying a ZPS patch, a ZPS_Debug.log file will be created. Example:
  749. [Options]
  750. FALSE
  751. DEBUG
  752. [EndOptions]
  754. The new debug log helped me catch the Day_Night_Cycle and Different_Fortress_Boss_Music bugs.
  756. ============================
  758. Version 2019-09-27:
  759. (
  761. Changes:
  762. - Changed Lava_Wave_-_Engulf to modify the Fire Gigas to use Fire Bouquet instead of Lava Wave
  763. - Added Kethinov's Firenado hack (it replaces Exploder); needed some reworking to play nicely with other spell changes so may undergo further revision following his feedback
  764. - Added Kethinov's Multiplicative Change Form hack (incompatible with Alternate_Transform_List)
  765. - Added preliminary version of hmsong's Spell Balance Overhaul (feature name subject to change if hmsong prefers something else)
  766. - Added hmsong's Balance\Mimic_Box_Dragon_Type
  767. - Added hmsong's Alternate_Transform_List (incompatible with Multiplicative_Change_Form)
  768. - Added hmsong's Alternate_Shape_Shifter_List
  769. - Fixed mistake in Spell_System_Extensions reimplementation of Evil Gate; it was doing full damage when multi-target cast
  770. - Possibly fixed Lunar_Magic_-_Celestial_Cascade Mimic Box transformation not hiding target's weapon; needs testing (and to make sure it doesn't change their attack power)
  771. - Changed Paralyze replacement status effect to display "Quagmired" on the stats screen without Relocalized (still just "Mired" otherwise since Relocalized generally has dry literal terms in place of made up words)
  773. Technical Changes:
  774. - Added \0 global constant for use as a string terminator with TEXT in place of the event system \end
  775. - Added two more chunks of data to Overwrite_Unused_Data
  777. Note: Some new additions are Off by default; I haven't had a chance to playtest them and I'm not yet positive I'd personally use them.
  779. Also: I really need a break from the spell stuff. I have a couple other things I really want to do, but constant spell stuff has kept me from them. For example, I really want to mess with turning the Goblin Village into a usable path to Gaia's Navel, but that'll likely take an entire week's Secret of Mana hacking time. I also have some ideas for improving how Turbo Mode interacts with AI since I've recently been digging through AI when working on spell stuff and seen some potential, but that'll also need multiple day's SoM time for research and experimenting.
  781. ============================
  783. Version 2019-10-04:
  784. (
  786. Changes:
  787. - Added Y-axis safety to Gather_Party_Fix; should prevent allies at top edge of the screen getting stuck
  788. - Updated Firenado to Hellfire and removed Evil_Gate_-_More_Useful dependency; slight divergence from kethinov's in that it doesn't do reduced damage when multi-target casting and used a different address to store the custom spell function (this actually turned out to be a compatibility savings, we'll discuss this further as I'm not averse to restoring the multi-target penalty, just went ahead with it for demonstration purposes)
  789. - Added kethinov's Upbeat Elinee's Castle 1.0
  790. - Renamed Mimic_Box_Dragon_Type to Enemy_Type_And_Element_Changes but didn't get a chance to update what it actually does
  791. - Revisit_Goblin_Village now turns the Goblin Village into a path between the field south of Potos and Gaia's Navel
  793. Technical Changes:
  794. - Changed apostrophe 'quotation mark' stand-ins to fancy quotation marks in feature descriptions
  795. - Documented unused doors (and doors that might appear unused but are)
  796. - Added Relocalized to automatic Proper-caser text support (TEXT a^ - z^)
  797. - Organizational changes to "SPELL DATA DEFINITIONS"
  798. - Added Spell Name global constants to "SPELL DATA DEFINITIONS" but ran out of time before setting up full Relocalized compatibility
  800. ============================
  802. Version 2019-10-04 post updated with changelog.
  804. I saw your posts hmsong, I just ran out of time and wanted to get a new version uploaded as soon as possible. My intent is to update the features with you marked as the author with whatever you want them to be, just blew all of my Secret of Mana time this past week playing with the Goblin Village (and non-SoM-free-time rerouting a second electrical circuit to my computer room).
  806. I hammered out some preliminary stuff in the "SPELL DATA DEFINITIONS" so I can walk you through swapping and changing spell names sometime soon.
  808. Likewise, will get through a full response to everyone tomorrow most likely, as my afternoon should be free.
  810. ============================
  812. Version 2019-10-05:
  813. (
  815. Changes:
  816. - Verified and incremented kethinov's Earlier_Midge_Mallet from v1.0 to v1.1
  817. - Updated kethinov's Later_Midge_Mallet to v1.3 (even if he changes it more later, wanted to get a functional version in)
  818. - Updated hmsong's Enemy_Type_And_Element_Changes and Alternate_Transform_List
  819. - Added hmsong's Mimic_Box_Rewards
  820. - Fixed bug in Equip_2nd_Weapon hotkey code for the girl and sprite
  821. - Finished adding Relocalized spell name addresses to "SPELL DATA DEFINITIONS", which probably fixed a mistake in my Hellfire Relocalized compatibility
  823. Technical Changes:
  824. - Changed "SPELL DATA DEFINITIONS" address format for spell function table/list to allow their use with the COPY directive
  825. - Added 9 SSE.Text.Extended.Extra.* variables to assist with modifying spell names
  826. - Minor SSE general spell function optimizations
  827. - Medium SSE Dispel Magic spell function optimization (should go through a little testing to verify I didn't break it)
  828. - Minor Hellfire spell function optimization and relocation (packed to the end of the space it's stored in)
  830. ============================
  832. Version 2019-10-06:
  833. (
  835. Changes:
  836. - Fixed unintentional button presses when leaving menus caused by Quality_of_Life\Run_After_Area_Change; hopefully no other side effects
  837. - Added Miscellaneous\Wiggly_Balloons; makes balloons over balloon'd enemies wiggle the way balloons over balloon'd players wiggle
  839. ============================
  841. Version 2019-10-10:
  842. (
  844. Changes:
  845. - Updated kethinov's Herbal Boost to v1.1
  846. - Updated kethinov's Remove Empire Castle Gate Permanently to v1.2 (but forgot to bump the version number in the description); did compatibility junk for VWF Edition and Relocalized (and think I got the dependency on Northtown_Woods_Treasure and conflict with Weapons_Progression_Balance set up to match kethinov's design)
  847. - Added kethinov's Sheex is a Master Ninja v1.1; did compatibility junk for VWF Edition and Relocalized (took a different approach for the event edits, should be reviewed)
  848. - Tidy map treatment for the witch's castle exterior (this took 3 days!)
  849. - Implemented Miscellaneous\Accessible_Ramparts; allows access to the southern ramparts of the witch's castle (requires Tidy_Map_Pieces)
  851. ============================
  853. Version 2019-10-16:
  854. (
  856. Changes:
  857. - Fixed compatibility between Inverted_Ring_Menu_Rotation and QuickSpell_Hotkeys
  858. - Added hmsong's Dust_Flare and Equipment_Tweaks patches
  859. - Updated hmsong's Spell_Balance_Overhaul, Enemy_Type_And_Element_Changes and Alternate_Shape_Shifter_List
  860. - Removed (Experimental) label from Spell_Balance_Overhaul
  861. - Rewrote Overcharge_Fix to hopefully not have any side effects
  862. - Repurposed Mop's Overcharge_Fix as Balance\Spells_Cancel_Charging
  863. - Tidy map treatment for the 3 sandy Underground City areas (includes a bug fix for a bush near the Hydra room door that you can get stuck in; it's harder to get stuck in than the other "sticky traps" so probably almost no one has run into it before)
  864. - Implemented Miscellaneous\Flooded_Staircase to add cascading water to the entry stairway just inside the Underground City to match its exterior appearance
  866. Technical Changes:
  867. - Implemented map refresh hotkey to DEBUG_MODE (R + Start)
  869. ============================
  871. Version 2019-10-18:
  872. (
  874. Changes:
  875. - Implemented Bug_Fixes\Deathless_Foe_Fix; should solve the unkillable enemy issue
  876. - Added compatibility fixups to Quality_of_Life\QuickSpell_Hotkeys for Dust_Flare and Hellfire
  877. - Modified Dust_Flare to be compatible with Speed_Up_-_Detangle and to exchange spell descriptions
  879. Technical Changes:
  880. - Added global constants related to spell descriptions and modified some spell features to use them
  881. - Adjusted spell data and extended spell name constants to allow for use with the COPY directive
  883. ============================
  885. Version 2019-10-24:
  886. (
  888. Changes:
  889. - Added ability to reset a New Game Plus loop by talking to the Potos Bartender after being banished
  890. - Disabled route through witch's castle during New Game Plus if you go there without a full party
  891. - Lava_Wave_-_Engulf modifies the Fire Gigas to only single target cast Lava Wave (previously it had changed him to cast a different spell, still multi-targeted)
  892. - Updated hmsong's Equipment_Tweaks
  893. - Improved Comprehensive_Dispel to clear all data related to Lucid Barrier on a successful Wall / Barrier dispel (bandaid for vanilla AI problems related to Dispel Magic and Lucid Barrier)
  894. - Modified Shadow_Saber to allow the boy to make enemies lose mana even though he won't gain it; no penalty if he hits undead/ghost enemies
  895. - Activated high level spell animation for Dust_Flare (no changes to its palette though, so it's fiery)
  896. - Updated Dust_Flare in general (though whoops, left in the wrong icon color; was experimenting and forgot to set it back)
  897. - Minor changes to Watts_In_Haunted_Forest; made Watts only visible if you've forged the axe to improve compatibility with New_Game_Plus and tiny optimization to its event script changes
  899. Technical Changes:
  900. - Rewrote No_Exp_When_Killing_Allies; different approach to the fix that fits within vanilla ROM space
  901. - Optimized Ghosts_Dont_Block_Projectiles; same approach but fits within vanilla ROM space
  902. - Small adjustment to No_Damage_While_Recovering to accommodate changes to Ghosts_Dont_Block_Projectiles
  903. - Small optimization to Magic_Recharging
  904. - Preliminary groundwork for Medusa Barrier (a possible enemy-only barrier spell)
  905. - Semi-overhaul to New_Game_Plus to unify its event between vanilla, VWF Edition and Relocalized (easier to maintain and change)
  907. ============================
  909. Version 2019-10-30:
  910. (
  912. Changes:
  913. - Updated hmsong's Dust Flare
  914. - Added Magic\Stone_Saber_-_Icon_Color based on hmsong's icon recoloring, separated from Dust Flare (this doesn't work yet, fixed for next release)
  915. - Updated hmsong's Enemy_Type_And_Element_Changes
  916. - Verified and updated kethinov's Watts_In_Haunted_Forest version number to 1.2, then further optimized the event NOPs, sorry -_-
  917. - Verified and updated kethinov's Sheex_-_Master_Ninja version number to 1.2
  918. - Added kethinov's Banished From Potos on the Honor System (as Revisit Potos)
  919. - Updated kethinov's Remove_Empire_Castle_Gate to 1.3
  920. - Modified Lunar_Magic_-_Celestial_Cascade to not work on the Tasnica Boss when combined with Sheex_-_Master_Ninja
  921. - Hellfire now renames Heck Hounds (to Hell Hounds)
  923. Technical Changes:
  924. - Further analyzed event commands and added 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6-byte event system NOPs to global defines; these drastically outperform the vanilla 1-byte NOP (01), and very slightly outperform the older 2-byte NOP I had been using (2D09). Unfortunately I couldn't find a 1-byte NOP without side effects / corner-case bad behavior (53 was so close). They are as follows:
  926. /2D90 \nop2
  927. /42000F \nop3
  928. /38802D90 \nop4
  929. /4200F02D90 \nop5
  930. /4B0000002D90 \nop6
  932. The 2D90 in nop4, 5 and 6 are never parsed and are included (as a copy of nop2) to make byte searches easier.
  933. - Unfortunately, this surely changes a couple of your hacks kethinov (like Sheex is a Master Ninja, where the 5 2D09 in a row are now 2D90), but there's zero reason to rush out and update any of them, this is an academic improvement.
  935. ============================
  937. Version 2019-11-06:
  940. Changes:
  941. - Fixed Stone_Saber_-_Icon_Color (so that it actually works)
  942. - Modified Lava Wave - Engulf to give the Fire Gigas Flame Saber (which he casts on the heroes); trying to change his offensive spell just kept making him more and more deadly, an early game boss doesn't need to be so difficult (I'll likely split this off as its own feature since he probably needs adjusting regardless of Lava Wave - Engulf)
  943. - Modified Magical Herb to dispel Saber buffs and made it compatible with Comprehensive Dispel (in which case it also dispels Barriers and Moon Energy)
  944. - Added Mech Rider 3 MP increase to Dust Flare per hmsong's request
  945. - Added hmsong's Enemy_Stat_Changes
  946. - Added hmsong's Enemy_Behavior_Changes (modified the compatibility conditions)
  947. - Replaced kethinov's Easier_or_Harder_Monsters with Monster_Stat_Modifiers, which do their stat scaling at run time so should be compatible with other patches that change monster stats (such as the newly added Enemy_Stat_Changes); currently supports HP, MP, exp and gold but I'm open to suggestions on other stats to include (no, I'm not doing all of them because most don't matter)
  948. - Reimplemented Mana_Magic_Unequip_Fix; no longer needs code space in bank 0x08
  949. - Inactive Stardust Herb icon added
  951. ============================
  953. Version 2019-11-13:
  954. (
  956. Changes:
  957. - Implemented Magic\Data_Driven_Wall_Bypass and relevant constants (e.g. Spell.Target.Enemies.WallBypass)
  958. - Removed Spell_System_Extensions dependency from Comprehensive_Dispel
  959. - Added Balance\Fire_Gigas_-_Flame_Saber
  960. - Added kethinov's Harder_Final_Boss v1.3
  961. - Fixed a crash bug with 1/3, 2/3 and 3/4 multipliers for Balance\Monster_Stat_Modifiers
  962. - Added kethinov's Sad_Moogle_Village v1.0
  963. - Added kethinov's Echoey_Matango_Caves v1.0
  964. - Implemented Miscellaneous\Revisit_Kakkara_Desert
  965. - Added kethinov's No_Missable_Monsters v2.0, notes for this after the main changelog
  966. - Implemented Bug_Fixes\Far_Western_Todo
  967. - Added kethinov's Dark_Lich_Head_Bang_Fix v1.0
  968. - Minor additional Tidy Map treatment for Kakkara Desert
  969. - Commented out Harder_Final_Boss changes that were included in Enemy_Stat_Changes; let me know if you want them forced back on hmsong, but since Harder_Final_Boss is now available in the patcher, the duplication seems unnecessary
  970. - Fixed Magical Herb / Relocalized compatibility issue
  972. Technical Changes:
  973. - Slight rearrangement of some [Balance] section features
  974. - Syntax change regarding high level if statement comments; "? {" became "'{" (this is related to custom syntax highlighting in the text editor I use)
  976. - No Missable Monsters
  977. I added compatibility stuff for Day_Night_Cycle monsters, and commented out the Sand Stinger (due to finishing, I hope, Revisit_Kakkara_Desert). I didn't finish importing the Revisit_Sunken_Continent script change; I do want the bridge to be automatic, but I got part way through and threw up my hands in exhaustion. I don't think I left anything in a broken state.
  979. - Revisit_Kakkara_Desert
  980. Definitely want testing and feedback on this. Had to do lots of stupid things to events to get it working (ended up fitting it all within the vanilla desert events' space and numbering though, so that's swell), and am hoping I didn't break the storyline stuff that happens when you first launch into the desert. Did end up adding a walking path in addition to 4 southeast desert landable regions being set to send you into the maze (instead of 1 that then auto-ejects you).
  982. ============================
  984. Version 2019-11-14:
  985. (
  987. Changes:
  988. - Added kethinov's No Text Boxes v1.0
  989. - Implemented Graphics\Fancy_Text_Box_Transitions
  990. - Implemented Bug_Fixes\Big_Health_And_Mana_Support; lets enemies with more than 127 mana cast spells and fixes Analyzer info readouts
  992. Technical Changes:
  993. - Compatibility fixup for Better_CPU_Allies for No Text Boxes (related to modifying the options ring menu)
  995. ============================
  997. Version 2019-11-15:
  998. (
  1000. Changes:
  1001. - Fixed Revisit_Kakkara_Desert, probably
  1002. - Added missing Robin Foot to No_Missable_Monsters
  1003. - Some adjustments to Echoey_Matango_Caves event changes to keep event flag behavior the same as vanilla
  1004. - Added Remove_Empire_Castle_Gate / Weapons_Progression_Balance compatibility fixup
  1005. - Added Evil_Gate_-_More_Useful / Enemy_Type_And_Element_Changes compatibility fixup
  1006. - Updated Dust_Flare
  1007. - Updated Spell_Balance_Overhaul
  1008. - Updated Enemy_Stat_Changes
  1009. - Changed Enemy_Type_And_Element_Changes, Enemy_Stat_Changes and Enemy_Behavior_Changes to be On by default (and as a reminder, the defaults are generally just based on what I use when playing, they're not really meant as feature approval / disapproval)
  1011. ============================
  1013. Version 2019-11-18:
  1014. (
  1016. Changes:
  1017. - Updated kethinov's Alternate Karon to v1.1, adding _Wandering_Helmsman as a sub-option to control whether Karon stays at the ship's wheel
  1018. - Updated kethinov's Remove Empire Castle Gate Permanently to v1.4
  1019. - Implemented Quality_of_Life\No_Whip_Tile_Gather, makes whip posts less annoying
  1020. - Implemented Bug_Fixes\Flight_Waits_For_Events (should prevent the Mana Fortress barrier skip), this needs serious testing as it's in very fragile code related to flight (summoning Flammie) and cannon travel; if something goes wrong, you'll probably get stuck or the game will hang, buuuut, I think I got it working right
  1021. - Rewrote Bug_Fixes\Whip_Post_Fix, this may have finally solved all major whip post bugs and exploits I was aware of, though admittedly I haven't tested the trick where people use spell casting and the whip post to walk through walls, so maybe that can still happen
  1022. - Modified Revisit_Sunken_Continent to automatically extend the bridge, with fallbacks of talking to any of the three Resistance NPCs inside to extend the bridge as well (so you don't have to re-enter the room if you step on the button), and forgot to update the description; kethinov, I took a slightly different approach to the event edits to avoid the bridge state saving into the save file (so if the feature is turned off the bridge doesn't stay extended)
  1024. Technical Changes:
  1025. - Rewrote the Quick Spell icon loading code to use vanilla spell icon data instead of its own hardcoded list; this resolved a compatibility headache
  1027. ============================
  1029. Version 2019-11-20:
  1030. (
  1032. Changes:
  1033. - Fixed Data_Driven_Wall_Bypass to work correctly for bosses (probably, will detail new version after testing)
  1034. - Replaced Balance\Weapon_Affinity_Damage and Balance\Saber_Elemental_Damage with Balance\Bonus_Weapon_Damage; affinity and elemental damage now fit cleanly into the damage formula, and it fixes a bug where level 0 saber buffs don't get the expected 10% damage bonus
  1035. - Added _Wandering_Truffle as a sub-feature to Remove_Empire_Castle_Gate; defaults to On
  1037. Technical Changes:
  1038. - Started ground work to import Stardust Herb then table-flipped when I saw all the unrelated changes bundled in with it, so, I'll come back to this later
  1040. Note that I will likely be unavailable Friday through Sunday; just a heads up if I don't respond then.
  1042. ============================
  1044. Version 2019-11-21:
  1045. (
  1047. Changes:
  1048. - Added _Element_Match_Defense sub-feature to Bonus_Weapon_Damage
  1049. - Added _Doubled_Bonus_Damage sub-feature to Bonus_Weapon_Damage
  1050. - Modified Equip_2nd_Weapon to (mostly) remove saber buffs like vanilla weapon changing behavior
  1052. Surprisingly complicated code (due to space constraints) to re-add Element_Match_Defense and to make sure Doubled_Bonus_Damage can't cause more than -100% damage, so hopefully no bugs.
  1054. ============================
  1056. Version 2019-11-25:
  1057. (
  1059. Changes:
  1060. - Rewrote most of Turbo_Mode to fix some long-standing issues:
  1061. -- the HUD should update correctly (e.g. the weapon charge gauge at the bottom of the screen should look better when doing back-to-back charge attacks)
  1062. -- enemies where their AI checks their stamina will now randomly use their "tired" AI 25% of the time (instead of never) to resolve AI behavior where an enemy needs to occasionally be tired to act correctly
  1063. -- ally AI should be able to use more than one charge attack per fight and should no longer stop attacking after performing a charge attack
  1065. ============================
  1067. Version 2019-11-27:
  1068. (
  1070. Changes:
  1071. - Dust Flare high level animation colors now match its lower level variations
  1072. - Fixed a bug in Magic_Recharging where spell recast timers didn't work correctly with weird or atypical party compositions (e.g. girl and sprite without boy, boy and sprite without girl)
  1074. ============================
  1076. Version 2019-11-28:
  1077. (
  1079. Changes:
  1080. - Fixed Turbo_Mode interfering with boomerang charge attack damage
  1081. - Made Turbo_Mode cause most level 8 spells to not pause gameplay (a few still do, like the fancy fireball serpents)
  1082. - Added Balance\Spells_Pause_Gameplay, defaults to Off; makes all spells pause gameplay the way vanilla level 8 spells do (overrides Turbo_Mode doing the opposite)
  1084. ============================
  1086. Version 2019-11-29:
  1087. (
  1089. Changes:
  1090. - Fixed Equipment_Trashing_Fix so that it should work reliably
  1092. ============================
  1094. Version 2019-12-02:
  1095. (
  1096. Edit: Don't use this, scroll down for 2019-12-02(b).
  1098. Changes:
  1099. - Fixed Dust Flare accidentally recoloring low level Blaze Wall
  1100. - Implemented Bug_Fixes\Text_Box_Overlap; this should prevent the bug used to end the game in
  1101. - Implemented Bug_Fixes\Mana_Magic_Endless_Fix; this should prevent Mana Magic from lasting forever if you cast a Saber buff after applying Mana Magic
  1103. ============================
  1105. Version 2019-12-02(b):
  1106. (
  1108. Changes:
  1109. - Fixed a crash bug in Bug_Fixes\Text_Box_Overlap, whoops.
  1110. - Implemented Bug_Fixes\Boss_Defeat_Controller_State; fixes some faulty code that probably has no actual affect on the game.
  1112. Will post actual replies tomorrow. Just wanted to get the fix to Text_Box_Overlap uploaded before I went to bed since it was game breaking.
  1114. ============================
  1116. Version 2019-12-05:
  1117. (
  1119. Changes:
  1120. - Updated kethinov's Neko and Watts in the Mana Fortress from v1.2 to v1.4
  1121. - Added kethinov's Neko and Watts in the Pure Land, slightly altered positions to prevent the player from getting stuck in walls (hoping you swing by kethinov so we can discuss this; I tried to move them as little as possible)
  1122. - Split some parts of hmsong's Spell_Balance_Overhaul into a new option named Some_Buffs_Bypass_Wall; Spell_Balance_Overhaul includes Some_Buffs_Bypass_Wall automatically
  1123. - Removed Experimental label from Dust Flare
  1124. - Implemented Balance\Axe_Beak_-_Sonic_Sleep; should slightly buff Axe Beak's Sonic Pulse and Sleep Gas attacks (in code they had their own weapons that caused sleep but were overridden at the last second to have no status effect); not properly tested yet, need to know if this affects Spring Beak and that there aren't side effects (like adding Sleep status to Axe Beak's normal attacks)
  1125. - Implemented Balance\Persistent_Saber_Buffs; should allow Saber buffs to persist through weapon changes, especially important for enemies who constantly reset their equipped weapon; probably doesn't affect bosses correctly (and needs lots of testing)
  1127. ============================
  1129. Version 2019-12-10:
  1130. (
  1132. Changes:
  1133. - Renamed Some_Buffs_Bypass_Wall to Some_Spells_Bypass_Wall and added Analyzer
  1134. - Fixed Some_Spells_Bypass_Wall's conflict with Spell_System_Extensions and moved it to near the bottom of the Magic section to better reflect its patching order
  1135. - Implemented initial version of Strong_Element_Immunity; simply makes a saber buff element matching an enemy's element do 0 damage, will likely be changed in the future
  1136. - Fixed buggy Persistent_Saber_Buffs behavior where you could stack saber buffs; this still causes the reaper, engulfed, barreled and ballooned to be discolored, but I intend to fix those (they're just cosmetic so wanted to get the actual bug fix part out for testing)
  1137. - Implemented New_Spell_Targeting_Controls: up = target all, left / right = cycle target, down = reset to initial target
  1138. - Slightly altered QuickSpell_Hotkeys targeting controls to match New_Spell_Targeting_Controls
  1140. ============================
  1142. Version 2019-12-16:
  1143. (
  1145. Changes:
  1146. - Compatibility fixups added to Evil_Gate_-_NPC_Version for Enemy_Behavior_Changes and Harder_Final_Boss
  1147. - Evil_Gate_-_NPC_Version now affects Gremlin and National Scar
  1148. - Bonus_Weapon_Damage removes Dryad element damage from Mana Magic to prevent unintended interaction with enemy elemental resistances
  1149. - Improved New_Game_Plus prompt to resolve the glitchy text highlighting
  1150. - Updated hmsong's Enemy_Type_And_Element_Changes, Enemy_Stat_Changes and Enemy_Behavior_Changes
  1152. ============================
  1154. Version 2019-12-21:
  1155. (
  1157. Changes:
  1158. - Updated hmsong's Dust Flare spell color choices
  1159. - Updated descriptions for Enemy_Stat_Changes and Enemy_Behavior_Changes
  1160. - Added hmsong's Generous_Gold_Chests
  1161. - Altered Boy_Dislikes_Nuts to only affect the unused item if Faerie Coconut is On (in preparation for Stardust Herb)
  1162. - Fixed missing code in Enemy_Behavior_Changes
  1163. - Fixed Barrel_Scramble_Fix to not have side effects on enemy AI
  1165. Probably the last release before Christmas. If my updates have seemed slower than normal, it's because they are; this is a busy time of year for me (and obviously for a lot of people) due to social obligations.
  1167. ============================
  1169. Version 2019-12-22:
  1170. (
  1172. Changes:
  1173. - Only internal technical changes to help with hmsong's spell description request; ROM output between this and yesterday's release are identical (in other words, not important for anyone to grab this one if they already have yesterday's unless they're hmsong)
  1174. - Fixed some bad offset definitions for spell names; they aren't currently in use so don't affect anything already existing
  1176. ============================
  1178. Version 2019-12-26:
  1179. (
  1181. Changes:
  1182. - Updated hmsong's Spell_Balance_Overhaul
  1183. - Many spell description updates thanks to hmsong
  1184. - Fixed Relocalized's Energy_Absorb and Exploder spell descriptions
  1185. - Fixed bug in Strong_And_Weak_Attacks knockback code that made enemies much easier to knockback (attack >= 1/8 target HP instead of intended 1/4)
  1186. - Altered Strong_And_Weak_Attack knockback behavior for most weapons to be based on direction player is facing; only axe and boomerang retain vanilla behavior (where enemies are knocked backwards solely based on the direction they're facing)
  1188. Technical changes:
  1189. - Optimized getPlayerChar()
  1190. - Optimized getCharOffset()
  1192. ============================
  1194. Version 2019-12-27:
  1195. (
  1197. Changes:
  1198. - Updated hmsong's Dust Flare and Spell_Balance_Overhaul
  1199. - Added hmsong / kethinov / Timbo's Stardust Herb
  1201. Things are even less tested than normal, but I had to call it a night and wanted to get something posted today. Stardust Herb is totally untested, hopefully it works at all.
  1203. ============================
  1205. Version 2019-12-30:
  1206. (
  1208. Changes:
  1209. - Updated a bunch of kethinov's hacks (some were just version number bumps): Herbal_Boost, Weapons_Progression_Balance, Magical_Herb, Faerie_Coconut, Stardust_Herb, Watts_In_Haunted_Forest, Neko_And_Watts_In_Pure_Land, Remove_Barrels_On_Run, Echoey_Matango_Caves
  1210. - Minor change to Revisit_Sunken_Continent description
  1211. - Added Drop_And_Shop_Changes sub-feature to Stardust_Herb
  1212. - Added Switch_Requires_R sub-feature to Equip_2nd_Weapon (Off by default)
  1213. - Equip_2nd_Weapon now works while blocking with Manual_Block
  1215. This is probably the last update for this year. Happy New Year everyone. =)
  1217. ============================
  1219. Version 2020-01-02:
  1220. (
  1222. Changes:
  1223. - Added kethinov's Gigas Bosses Disassemble Less Often and Gigas Bosses Never Disassemble
  1224. - Fixed unintentional Whip_Post_Fix dependency on Revisit_Goblin_Village
  1226. ============================
  1228. Version 2020-01-06:
  1229. (
  1231. Changes:
  1232. - Implemented Blocking_Requires_Full_Stamina sub-feature for Manual_Block (I don't think this has any flaws)
  1233. - Implemented experimental Blocking_Drains_Stamina sub-feature for Manual_Block; this one is still buggy but good enough for initial testing
  1235. Technical Changes:
  1236. - Overhaul to shared helper functions allowing for a mechanism to inline them; this needs testing to make sure I didn't break anything (specifically any features that use these shared helper functions, which is a lot of stuff marked with (NGI) in the description, especially Manual_Block, Run_Freely, Equip_2nd_Weapon and QuickSpell_Hotkeys)
  1238. ============================
  1240. Version 2020-01-10:
  1241. (
  1243. Changes:
  1244. - Implemented Bug_Fixes\Second_Brambler_Position_Fix
  1246. Technical Changes:
  1247. - Added symbols for all 65816 instructions the ZPS assembler supports (useful as both a reference and for writing inline-able code chunks)
  1248. - Finished inlining all shared helper functions
  1249. - Rewrote isPlayerLocked(A)
  1250. - Minor optimizations
  1252. ============================
  1254. Version 2020-01-18:
  1255. (
  1257. Changes:
  1258. - Blocking_Drains_Stamina bumped from "Buggy" to "Experimental" status
  1259. - Speed_Up_-_Faster_Recharge code cleaned up to work better with Double_Stamina_Regen (also, apparently it reduces stamina regen when Tangled, so added that to the description)
  1260. - Implemented Quality_of_Life\Reverse_L_and_R_Hotkeys to let you swap the L and R shoulder button functions for Manual_Block, QuickSpells, etc.
  1261. - Implemented Graphics\No_Eyeless_Girl; technically more of a bug fix, but arguably up to personal taste, alters the stamina recharged palette to not white-out the girl's eyes
  1262. - Fixed an obscure bug in Functional_Fashion that could cause discoloration when equipping items
  1263. - Improved Functional_Fashion to be compatible with the poisoned status effect
  1264. - Improved Functional_Fashion to be compatible with menu screens (stats, save, etc.)
  1265. - Slightly altered the shadow on the item shop building in Potos
  1267. ============================
  1269. Version 2020-01-26:
  1270. (
  1272. Changes:
  1273. - Added kethinov's Frosty the Friendly Alchemist, with a few tweaks because I'm annoying (Ice Castle save location has a name, slight tweak to that room's event/door array so it fit in-place)
  1274. - Added kethinov's Killable Snowmen; finally got a chance to try this, didn't see any issues or conflicts
  1275. - Verified and incremented Gigas_Bosses_Disassemble_Less to v1.1
  1276. - Implemented Text\True_Monster_Names which shows a monster's actual name when targeted while they're Transformed, or a snowman (consequently, it disables the Killable Snowmen text edit since it becomes unnecessary)
  1277. - Implemented Balance\Run_When_Tired\Only_With_Speed_Up (Off by default, and needs testing)
  1278. - Slight adjustments to Enemy_Stat_Changes and Enemy_Behavior_Changes to solve some enemy AI issues related to their max health
  1279. - Minor bugfix for Day_Night_Cycle code
  1281. ============================
  1283. Version 2020-02-11:
  1284. (
  1286. Technical Changes:
  1287. - Added Technical\Internal_SFROM_Header which embeds the SFROM header (and footer, technically) needed by the Nintendo emulator internally called canoe (used by the 3DS VC, Wii VC, SNES Classic, Switch, etc.) into the first 0x60 bytes of the ROM, and removes any dependencies on the code that was originally there. Said header is actually only the version for the Wii VC and SNES Classic; it also embeds the Switch "Can1" variant in the final 0x14 bytes of the ROM (currently 4MB ROM size only). 3DS VC is still not inherently supported and will require the use of external tools to format the ROM for use.
  1288. - Cleaned up SFROM header data layout in the Helper Script (even though it's technically not even necessary now).
  1290. This doesn't matter for 99% of users, but perhaps the tiny (probably immeasurably tiny!) performance benefit from having axed the jump table / function table of contents at the beginning of the ROM will benefit us all.
  1292. For those who do use the Turbo ROM with one of the canoe emulators, this _should_ mean the patched ROM will work without further processing: SFROM Tool (etc.) shouldn't be necessary and the ROM should just be ready to use. The .sfrom file generated by the helper script is actually overkill and will likely be removed in a future release. My final tests (yesterday) unfortunately had to exclude the Switch / SNES Classic, and were only via Wii, so until I have a chance to try on those systems again, I'll have to rely on users reporting if it worked on theirs.
  1294. ============================
  1296. Version 2020-02-26:
  1299. Changes:
  1300. - Added kethinov's No Neko Price Gouging (it's in the middle of the Balance category)
  1301. - Modified Frosty_the_Friendly_Alchemist so that Pygmy Snowmen face you when they talk to you (hopefully no side effects; this animation change affects normal Snowmen too!)
  1302. - Marked Axe_Beak_-_Sonic_Sleep as Incomplete; this one still needs work
  1303. - Added preview version of Miscellaneous\Enhanced_World_Map; I still have more to do but made it available to experience at least somewhat faster maps
  1305. Technical Changes:
  1306. - Made title screen stuff relocatable
  1308. ============================
  1310. Version 2020-02-29:
  1311. (
  1313. Changes:
  1314. - Second preview of Miscellaneous\Enhanced_World_Map. The globe map view now scrolls pretty quickly. I think it feels nice now but would like feedback. It cost 256 KB of ROM space, which is a LOT, but probably worth it. Still can be improved further, but trying to push out playable iterations as I go.
  1316. ============================
  1318. Version 2020-03-05:
  1319. (
  1321. Changes:
  1322. - Added "_extras" subfolder to the "readmes" folder in the ZIP; gives me a place to shove random interesting files.
  1323. - Split the NSO (Switch Online) SNES footer off into its own option (Internal_SFROM_Header), Off by default because it's probably unnecessary given a proper SFROM header.
  1324. - Modified the Helper Script to only generate an SFROM file if VC_without_PCM is On but Internal_SFROM_Header is Off; VC_without_PCM is now On by default.
  1325. - Made the flat world map load even faster.
  1326. - Preview of dynamic world map changes (part of Enhanced_World_Map); the Tropics and Kakkara both change in appearance on the world map depending on story progress.
  1327. - Fixed erroneous world map tiles near Northtown (3 south) and Southtown (1 west).
  1328. - Altered the "Rock of Limitless Water" and Lighthouse world map appearances to demonstrate availability of previously unused world map tiles.
  1330. Known Issue:
  1331. - The flat map does not update to reflect the changes to the Tropics and Kakkara. Working on it, just having the flat map be both fast loading and dynamic is tricky. The flat map is 64 KB, which is the entirety of SNES tilemap memory (only 60KB of it is in video memory at one time, but the whole 64 KB is prepped with the other 4 KB waiting in normal memory for when you scroll down / up), and prepping and sending that much to video memory was why the flat map loading was so slow.
  1333. ============================
  1335. Version 2020-03-09:
  1336. (
  1338. Changes:
  1339. - Added hmsong's Magic\Change_Form_-_Pygmy-Moogle
  1340. - Implemented Text\Logical_Goblin_Names for vanilla and VWF
  1341. - Added Flammie's flying graphics to Graphics\Retouched_Characters; lots of careful adjustments
  1342. - Implemented Bug_Fixes\Tropicy_Music
  1343. - Demoted Technical\Internal_SFROM_Header to (Experimental) status since apparently it doesn't work for all platforms it was meant for
  1344. - Implemented Technical\Generate_SFROM_File
  1345. - Added new flight hotkey code to Miscellaneous\Enhanced_World_Map; it will be split off into a separate feature later
  1346. - Added auto view change on altitude change fix to Miscellaneous\Enhanced_World_Map; this may or may not be split off into its own feature later (in vanilla, descend until camera changes automatically, press L or R, then ascend and note the inverted camera; that was a bug)
  1347. - Added Flammie neck fix to Miscellaneous\Enhanced_World_Map; this may or may not be split off into its own feature later (in vanilla, while facing forward on Flammie, hold left until his head is all the way left, then immediately switch to holding right; with a keen eye or slow motion / pause you'll see his neck stick way out left of his body and it looks awful)
  1349. Known Issue:
  1350. - Flat map doesn't show dynamic map changes yet (Kakkara, Tropics)
  1352. ============================
  1354. Version 2020-03-12:
  1355. (
  1357. Changes:
  1358. - Updated kethinov's Later Midge Mallet hack
  1359. - Updated the following hmsong patches:
  1360. -- Dust_Flare
  1361. -- Change_Form_-_Pygmy-Moogle
  1362. -- Enemy_Behavior_Changes
  1363. -- Alternate_Transform_List
  1364. - Added hmsong's Enemy_Reward_Changes
  1365. - Added Bug_Fixes\Backdoor_Music; for the Underground City music when entered via the Kettle Kin backdoor
  1366. - Added "backward" (downward, relative to the screen) turning animations to Flammie's top-down view
  1367. - Fixed Enhanced_World_Map issue when trying to land on the Sunken Continent
  1368. - Fixed Evil_Gate_-_NPC_Version not affecting the second National Scar Evil Gate
  1370. Technical Changes:
  1371. - Prototyped hmsong's Black Hex spell
  1372. - Added definitions (symbolic names) for normal spell data as Spell.Data.* for spell cloning, etc.
  1373. - Added definition for Spell.Data.Size
  1374. - Added definitions for typical spell power values; they are:
  1375. -- /3D Spell.Power.Default
  1376. -- /20 Spell.Power.Feeble   '  32
  1377. -- /2B Spell.Power.Weak   '  43
  1378. -- /2F Spell.Power.Weak+   '  47 *
  1379. -- /34 Spell.Power.Medium   '  52
  1380. -- /38 Spell.Power.Medium+   '  56 *
  1381. -- /3D Spell.Power.Strong   '  61
  1382. -- /41 Spell.Power.Strong+   '  65 *
  1383. -- /4F Spell.Power.Extreme   '  79 *
  1384. -- /64 Spell.Power.Maximal   ' 100
  1385. -- /FA Spell.Power.Mana_Magic
  1386. -- Asterisk denotes non-vanilla spell power values used by various features. Number after the comment character ' is decimal.
  1387. - Made the percent sign % symbol a reserved character. Event TEXT should now use one of the following 5 options:
  1388. -- ٪
  1389. -- %
  1390. -- ﹪
  1391. -- o/o
  1392. -- pct
  1393. -- I've used that first percent sign ٪ throughout the ZPS file where I originally used %. Note that those are for event TEXT; the % symbol is still used for global define substitutions, like %FREE_BLOCK%, %Default_ACT_Setting%, %INLINE%, etc.
  1394. - Minor code and data adjustments to make use of the above technical changes.
  1396. ============================
  1398. Version 2020-03-19:
  1399. (
  1401. Changes:
  1402. - Rewrote Text\Skill_Screen_Spaces from scratch to fit in-place
  1403. - Added Swap_Up_and_Fly_Hotkeys as a sub-feature for Enhanced_World_Map, Off by default
  1404. - Added hmsong's more verbose Relocalized spell descriptions for Thunder_Saber_-_Silence
  1405.  and Light_Saber_-_Balloon
  1406. - Further improved Enhanced_World_Map's replacement flight hotkeys; now filters out conflicting inputs (up + down, left + right + L + R, ascend + descend)
  1407. - Fixed a sometimes off-by-one math error in the top-down backward flight animation code
  1408. - Cleaned up lots of world map colors so that the maps more accurately reflect the world tiles (and just look better in general; the changes are hard to spot without a reference to compare to, but they're actually significant)
  1409. - The map color changes make icebergs visible on the flat world map
  1410. - Slight tweaks to some world tile graphics to reduce blockiness at water to shore transitions
  1411. - Made the "gold" houses in Kippo and Turtle Shell Isle not shimmer
  1412. - Updated the fast flat world map to reflect world adjustments, but it's still not dynamic
  1414. ============================
  1416. Version 2020-03-28:
  1417. (
  1419. Changes:
  1420. - Enabled hmsong's Black Hex spell (Off by default, but now available)
  1421. - Updated hmsong's Spell Balance Overhaul
  1422. - Updated hmsong's Enemy Stat Changes
  1423. - Updated hmsong's Enemy Behavior Changes
  1424. - Added kethinov's Turtles on Turtle Shell Isle (Off by default)
  1426. ============================
  1428. Version 2020-04-01:
  1429. (
  1431. Changes:
  1432. - Updated some of hmsong's features and feature descriptions
  1433. - Implemented Quality_of_Life\Rearguard_Sprite; changes party follow arrangement when boy is party lead, from boy > sprite > girl, to boy > girl > sprite
  1434. - Implemented Quality_of_Life\Personal_Space (defaults to Off); changes party follow distance, vanilla is 0x40, default is 0x30, configurable via Advanced Settings %Party_Follow_Distance%
  1436. ============================
  1438. Version 2020-04-08:
  1439. (
  1440. (
  1442. Changes:
  1443. - Updated hmsong's Enemy_Stat_Changes to v0.4
  1444. - Finished first complete version of Enhanced_World_Map; the flat world map is now dynamic
  1445. - Forgot to remove the (Preview) label from Enhanced_World_Map, whoops
  1447. Technical Changes:
  1448. - Added aliases for ADR.BANK, ADR.HIGH and ADR.LOW as ADR.BK, ADR.HI and ADR.LO, respectively, and replaced all prior uses of the longer versions
  1450. ============================
  1452. Version 2020-04-20:
  1453. (
  1455. Changes:
  1456. - added support for Quality_of_Life\Reverse_L_and_R_Hotkeys to the Mantis Ant Tutorial messages
  1457. - slight improvement to Technical\Safe_Save_State (w/ _Pause_Gameplay_Only) to avoid event system garbage when changing event scripts between save state loads
  1458. - slight improvement to Bug_Fixes\Orb_Overflow_Event to avoid unusable 9th orb obtained messages (weapons have 9 levels powered by 8 orbs)
  1459. - slight adjustment to kethinov's Restore_Unused_Fanfares to avoid a Vanilla event conflict
  1460. - slight adjustment to Revisit_Pure_Land to avoid a VWF/Relocalized event conflict
  1461. - fixed a false dependency of Relocalized on the Magic section
  1463. Technical Changes:
  1464. - massive internal restructuring; the ZPS file went from ~2.9 MB to ~4.3 MB and now includes Vanilla, VWF Edition and Relocalized event scripts in human-readable form
  1465. - rewrote all event modifying features / patches / hacks to use new event system (hopefully didn't break anything)
  1466. - added definitions for event flag comparison nibbles (=>5, =<F, etc.)
  1467. - added partial documentation for unused non-empty events
  1468. - added documentation for empty events
  1469. - added shorthand aliases for event system \print_boy, \print_girl and \print_sprite (as [B], [G] and [S] respectively)
  1470. - added single-byte support for negative hex value literals (-#01 == #FF, -#02 == #FE, etc.)
  1471. - added single-byte support for bitwise NOT operator (~#00 == #FF, ~#C0 == #3F, etc.)
  1473. ============================
  1475. Version 2020-04-28:
  1476. (
  1478. Changes:
  1479. - finally fixed axe neutral downward attack collision for busting rocks (Strong_And_Weak_Attacks)
  1480. - added preview version of Text\Abortable_Dialog, conversations that are nonessential can now be canceled early with the cancel (default Y) button; not all events have been processed yet
  1482. Technical Changes:
  1483. - replaced VWF_Edition event data blob with semi-readable decomposed events (was necessary for Abortable_Dialog)
  1484. - minor old code cleanup and restructuring
  1485. - improved unused event documentation accuracy
  1487. ============================
  1489. Version 2020-04-29:
  1490. (
  1492. Changes:
  1493. - No_Heal_At_Level_Up now On by default
  1494. - Abortable_Dialog promoted out of Preview status (apparently there were only 5 more events that needed processing, didn't realize I was that close)
  1495. - New_Game_Plus now re-seals Mana Magic
  1497. Internal Changes:
  1498. - further documented unused events
  1499. - added marks to event typos that I can revisit later
  1501. Abortable_Dialog could now really use testing. What it enables is the ability to hit the cancel button (Y, with default controller config) to exit NPC conversations early if doing so wouldn't break events. The adjustments to events were done by hand, and though I'm pretty sure I didn't make any mistakes, there are 2048 total events (I have never counted how many actually contain text, fewer than a quarter I'm sure), so it's not impossible that I added conversation cancel-ability where I shouldn't have. So basically it's just a matter of always using Y when talking to NPCs and see if it breaks the game. An upshot to having gone over each event by hand is I spotted a few mistakes in various versions of the event scripts that I can fix up someday (there really weren't many though, which is nice).
  1503. ============================
  1505. Version 2020-05-01:
  1506. (
  1508. Changes:
  1509. - added hmsong's Neko_Distribution_Network
  1511. Technical Changes:
  1512. - added searchable "EVENT DATA" Quick Guide
  1514. ============================
  1516. Version 2020-05-08:
  1517. (
  1519. Changes:
  1520. - Implemented Text\Event_Fixes; currently only for 1 Vanilla event and 1 Relocalized event, but will be expanded in the future
  1521. - Improved Bug_Fixes\Gather_Party_Fix; prevents additional offscreen character softlocks and improves camera panning when a player is offscreen
  1522. - The Helper_Script (ZPS_Helper.bat) now does some headered ROM sanity checks post-patching and shows an error message if applicable
  1523. - Minor optimization to Quality_of_Life\CPUs_Dont_Block_Screen
  1524. - Minor optimization to Quality_of_Life\Walk_To_Edges_Of_Screen
  1525. - Bugfix for Miscellaneous\Day_Night_Cycle; fixed background color losing time of day tint as reported by Mr X {here} ( (it was due to viewing a fullscreen menu, like Stats)
  1526. - Bugfix for Graphics\Functional_Fashion; fixes lack of color change when selling equipped equipment
  1527. - Bugfix and improvements for Quality_of_Life\Neko_Distribution_Network
  1528. - Adjustments to Text\Abortable_Dialog
  1530. Technical Changes:
  1531. - Added support for negative BRA/BEQ/BNE literals (-$01 through -$80)
  1532. - Prep work for Text\Script_Augmentation_Project
  1534. This was mostly a bug fixing release aside from preparatory work for the Script Augmentation Project.
  1536. ============================
  1538. Version 2020-05-10:
  1539. (
  1541. Changes:
  1542. - fixed Bug_Fixes\Gather_Party_Fix buggy camera behavior in very small rooms
  1544. Technical Changes:
  1545. - more prep work for the Script Augmentation Project
  1547. ============================
  1549. Version 2020-05-17:
  1550. (
  1552. Changes:
  1553. - Event_Fixes covers 4 more mistakes in the vanilla text
  1555. This was just a maintenance release while I work on the Script Augmentation Project.
  1557. ============================
  1559. Version 2020-05-24:
  1560. (
  1562. Changes:
  1563. - theoretical bug fix for Quality_of_Life\Run_On_Trigger_Tiles
  1564. - theoretical bug fix for Bug_Fixes\Gather_Party_Fix
  1565. - added Proper-caser compatibility for Text\Weapon_Skil_TextFix
  1566. - preliminary implementation of Graphics\Better_Menu_Font; adds an outline to the menu font, currently makes menus take slightly longer to load (despite its name, it doesn't actually change the font, will likely change this feature name once I improve it)
  1568. ============================
  1570. Version 2020-06-03:
  1571. (
  1573. Changes:
  1574. - Added hmsong's Items\Elemental_Equipment
  1575. - Tweaked Burst_-_Health_Cost so that Dryad element on equipment prevents damage
  1576. - Renamed Graphics\Font_-_Menu_Outlines to Text\Font_-_Menu_Outlines and optimized it (and promoted out of Experimental status); will optimize further later
  1577. - Implemented Text\Font_-_Chicago
  1578. - Implemented Items\Energized_Weapons
  1580. Technical Changes:
  1581. - Added 4-bit binary number support via global defines (%0000% = 0, %0001% = 1, %1111% = F, %1100%0011% = C3, etc.)
  1582. - Added 4-bit bitmap "drawing" support for Font_-_Chicago, e.g.:
  1584. RAW %----%----%
  1585. RAW %----%----%
  1586. RAW %--XX%XX--%
  1587. RAW %-X--%-XX-%
  1588. RAW %--XX%XXX-%
  1589. RAW %-XX-%-XX-%
  1590. RAW %-XX-%-XX-%
  1591. RAW %-XX-%-XX-%
  1592. RAW %--XX%XXX-%
  1593. RAW %----%----%
  1594. RAW %----%----%
  1595. RAW %----%----%
  1597. ============================
  1599. Version 2020-06-12:
  1600. (
  1602. Changes:
  1603. - Updated hmsong's Equipment_Tweaks to version 0.2
  1604. - Fixed Elemental_Equipment / Equipment_Tweaks Dragon Ring compatibility
  1605. - Further tweaked Burst_-_Health_Cost: now a Dryad element piece of equipment will only halve player self-damage instead of reducing it all the way to 0
  1607. ============================
  1609. Version 2020-06-19:
  1610. (
  1612. Changes:
  1613. - Equipment_Tweaks + Elemental_Equipment no longer reduces Guardian Ring defense
  1615. This is just a maintenance release.
  1617. ============================
  1619. Version 2020-07-06:
  1620. (
  1622. Changes:
  1623. - Moved Level_9_Weapon_Perk from Balance to Items category
  1624. - Fixed Balance\Axe_Beak_-_Sonic_Sleep; his special attacks will now do increased damage and cause unconsciousness
  1625. - Improved reliability of Turbo_Logo; it was timing sensitive
  1626. - Optimized Tropics and Kakkara dynamic world map data for Miscellaneous\Enhanced_World_Map
  1627. - New content added to Miscellaneous\Enhanced_World_Map: check the volcano cloud cover at the relevant point in the game (bonus visual effect if before a certain cutscene)
  1629. ============================
  1631. Version 2020-07-09:
  1632. (
  1634. Changes:
  1635. - Minor improvements to Technical\Enable_FastROM
  1636. - Further enhancements to Miscellaneous\Enhanced_World_Map:
  1637. -- Ocean now has mild wave visual
  1638. -- Icebergs have staggered animation loops
  1639. -- Frozen forest trees have 2 alternating animations (checkerboard distribution)
  1640. -- Gold isle shiny houses have 2 alternating animations
  1641. -- Forest center tiles now have 4 variants (random distribution)
  1642. -- Fixed some incorrect forest tiles on the world map
  1644. ============================
  1646. Version 2020-07-16:
  1647. (
  1649. Changes:
  1650. - Changed Early_Luna Crystal Orb hack to restore Great Forest Crystal Orb behavior (no compromise here, this is just an improvement)
  1651. - Changes to Miscellaneous\Enhanced_World_Map:
  1652. -- Fixed a flaw in the globe map that made Kakkara look green when it was supposed to be dry
  1653. -- Separated world map animated tiles from unanimated ones, freeing up roughly 40 world map tiles for use
  1654. -- Added new world map desert sand dunes tile (art based on Trials of Mana world map sand dunes), with roughly 25% occurrence, randomly distributed
  1656. ============================
  1658. Version 2020-07-23:
  1659. (
  1661. Changes:
  1662. - Added hmsong's Combat\Strong_And_Weak_Attacks\Alternate_Attack_Set
  1663. - Added some coastline and sunken continent tile fixes to Enhanced_World_Map
  1665. Technical Changes:
  1666. - Some virtual file hierarchy restructuring to support Alternate_Attack_Set
  1668. ============================
  1670. Version 2020-07-29:
  1671. (
  1673. Changes:
  1674. - Added audio feedback to Text\Abortable_Dialog so you can tell if a text box closed early
  1676. ============================
  1678. Version 2020-08-10:
  1679. (
  1681. Changes:
  1682. - Nothing meaningful in the patch itself, this update is all about the ZPS Patcher
  1683. - Overhauled ZPS_Helper.bat to take advantage of patcher improvements
  1685. Patcher:
  1686. - Added commandline support; see ZPS_Patcher.exe /? for details
  1687. - Now drag&drop capable in Explorer; drag and drop the ZPS file and/or Secret of Mana ROM onto ZPS_Patcher.exe and it'll open with them selected and loaded
  1688. - Now supports ZPS files being associated with ZPS_Patcher.exe
  1689. - Fixed file select dialog bugs (e.g. click "SNES ROM" then Cancel)
  1690. - Added file select dialog filters
  1691. - IPS files added to the "Patch Chain" now save and load from the INI config file
  1692. - The "Advanced Options" window now scrolls vertically if too tall for desktop resolution
  1693. - The "Advanced Options" window no longer clears out informational entries when clicking Ok
  1694. - The "Advanced Options" window edit boxes now autosize to fit the widest entry
  1695. - Fixed progress bar components and it now centers on the main patcher window
  1696. - Adjustments to the progress bar to add fallback visuals under Mono (for Linux, etc.)
  1697. - Rewrote INI config file support to work under Mono (for Linux, etc.)
  1698. - Dependency adjustments to improve support for Mono (for Linux, etc.)
  1699. - See readmes\_extras\Patcher_Linux.txt for Mono package requirement (mono-vbnc)
  1700. - Other minor adjustments
  1702. ============================
  1704. Version 2020-08-18:
  1705. (
  1707. Changes:
  1708. - Just another ZPS_Patcher-only update (without version number change, sorry, won't do that again)
  1709. - Added readmes\_extras\Patcher_Edits.v4.7z which includes diff-able files for all changes between zhaDe's original ZPS Patcher (0.18) and this 200818 version (0.18.4.e)
  1711. Patcher:
  1712. - Fixed resource leak when closing Advanced Options window that could softlock the patching process (messageboxes couldn't show, such as the one that occurs when patching has finished)
  1713. - Sped up the ZPS COPY directive when copying large amounts of data
  1714. - Further improved the patching progress bar's rendering and Mono compatibility
  1715. - Synchronized window resize-ability between .NET and Mono
  1717. ============================
  1719. Version 2020-08-25:
  1720. (
  1722. Changes:
  1723. - Hammered out Miscellaneous\Enable_Matango_Caves_Trap over morning coffee, was slightly easier than I expected (the trap intentionally resets when you leave the cave)
  1724. - Further code optimization to the ZPS Patcher, without version change (I hate doing that, but it's a ton of work to change the version number; this is likely the final round of changes to the patcher for the time being)
  1726. ============================
  1728. Version 2020-09-01:
  1729. (
  1731. Changes:
  1732. - Implemented Miscellaneous\No_Drum_Respawn; prevents the Flammie Drum from respawning enemies during the fly-away sequence
  1733. - Implemented Bug_Fixes\Blue_Sky_Blink_Fix; fixes the brief full-screen blue sky that occurs at the start of the upward pan when using the Flammie Drum
  1734. - Added event command \tint_stop@ (unlike \tint_stop, it immediately clears any color tint); this is a vanilla event command, it just wasn't available via symbol
  1735. - Removed event command \goto* (it needs special formatting, so only \event__\goto* is supported going forward); this isn't a vanilla event command
  1736. - Fixed Day_Night_Cycle incrementing time of day when using the Flammie Drum due to how the Flammie Drum reloads the map; it now always waits until after you land
  1737. - Integrated Blue_Sky_Blink_Fix into Day_Night_Cycle
  1738. - Minor cleanup to some NGI debug code
  1739. - Added bank 0xCF (probably) unused data to Technical\Overwrite_Unused_Data
  1741. ============================
  1743. Version 2020-09-08:
  1744. (
  1746. Changes:
  1747. - Fixed some unintentionally bright tiles in a house in Northtown caused by Tidy_Map_Pieces
  1748. - Fixed faulty changed Highstepper animation caused by Whip_Post_Fix
  1749. - Implemented Graphics\Manicured_Monsters; fixes various graphical issues for the following enemies:
  1750. -- Lullabud / Trap Flower
  1751. -- Dark Funk / LA Funk
  1752. -- Tomato Man / Eggplant Man
  1753. -- Imp / Gremlin
  1755. ============================
  1757. Version 2020-09-20:
  1758. (
  1760. Changes:
  1761. - Implemented Miscellaneous\Enable_Kilroy_Door
  1763. Alters the Kilroy entrance event to make use of the large doors that can open and close in his arena; I didn't test this as much as I'd have liked. Starting from a save just before the fight it works, but I'm not sure if he behaves consistently under all circumstances.
  1765. ============================
  1767. Version 2020-09-29:
  1768. (
  1770. Changes:
  1771. - Added Basilisk to Graphics\Manicured_Monsters; fixed glitchy sneeze graphics
  1772. - Implemented Bug_Fixes\Final_Fight_Graphics; resolves some vanilla graphical oddities during the final boss fight and prevents screen scrolling (to resolve Scroll_Hack issues)
  1773. - Rewrote Bug_Fixes\Ice_Country_Neko_Landing; save file loading code can now use the incorrect value saved when landing from flight directly at a save point
  1774. - Implemented Bug_Fixes\Soft_Reset_Reinit; fixes a bug in vanilla soft reset code (L+R+START+SELECT) that would cause temporary variables to not be zeroed out (which was generally combined with the Ice_Country_Neko_Landing save bug)
  1775. - Improved Technical\Safe_Save_State to also disallow pausing during Lime Slime and Dread Slime (all three Mode 7 bosses had UI breaking issues if pause was allowed)
  1776. - Improved Bug_Fixes\Boss_Rendering_Fix to include Lime Slime and Dread Slime; this should mean all bosses now render correctly with Scroll_Hack, finally
  1777. - Improved Bug_Fixes\Tidy_Map_Pieces to include the dandelion tile in Pure Land that had graphical issues when shaded by the tree shadow layer (the broken column tile remains but cannot be fixed in the same way)
  1779. Technical Changes:
  1780. - Added more data to Technical\Overwrite_Unused_Data in banks $D8 and $C0 (!)
  1781. - Renamed some text symbols in relation to work being done on the retranslation project:
  1782.   Spell.Name.Earth_Slide -> Spell.Name.Earth_Slide*
  1783.   Spell.Desc.Earth_Slide -> Spell.Desc.Earth_Slide*
  1784.   Spell.Text.Earth_Slide -> Spell.Name.Earth_Slide
  1785.   Spell.Info.Earth_Slide -> Spell.Desc.Earth_Slide
  1786.  SSE.Name.Extended.Black.2.3 -> SSE.Name.Extended.Black.2.3*
  1787.  SSE.Text.Extended.Black.1.1 -> SSE.Name.Extended.Black.1.1
  1788.  and so on
  1789.  SSE.Text.Extended.Extra.1-9 left as-is
  1791. Some of the stuff in this update is rather complex but hopefully bug-free.
  1793. ============================
  1795. Version 2020-10-17:
  1796. (
  1798. Changes:
  1799. - Implemented Graphics\Menu_Controller_Icon to fix some sloppy pixels in the controller inverted indicator on the Controller Edit screen
  1800. - Implemented Bug_Fixes\Ring_Menu_Loader to fix a rare and harmless (but ugly) graphical corruption bug when opening the ring menu
  1801. - Feature addition to Technical\Enable_FastROM to detect Snes9x 1.36 - 1.43 at runtime to not enable FastROM to avoid emulation flaws (Disable_Snes9x_Workaround removes the emulator detection)
  1802. - Feature addition to Technical\Enable_FastROM to show a little FastROM status light in the upper right corner of the title screen menu (the screen where you choose New Game / Load Game)
  1803. - Removed dialog abort capability from Event1F5 (part of Elinee's concession text) for Text\Abortable_Dialog
  1804. - Tiny code correctness improvements to Enable_MSU-1 (and ZSNES_MSU-1)
  1805. - Optimized Relocalized's intro text crawl hook method (based on work done for SAP)
  1806. - Added symbols for intro text crawl (which mostly coincide with lowercase ascii) and used them where applicable, prep work for SAP
  1807. - Documented unused map numbers
  1809. Here's a picture of what Bug_Fixes\Ring_Menu_Loader fixes (note the Chocolate and Royal Jam icons):
  1810. (
  1812. The improvements to Technical\Enable_FastROM to detect Snes9x are especially for platforms where Snes9x 1.39 or 1.43 are the best (or only) choices for performance reasons: it should allow Enable_FastROM to be left enabled without causing nightmare garbage audio.
  1814. I hope to hear from someone who can test on say, PSP, or Raspberry Pi, or something of that nature, where you're stuck with a build based on old Snes9x. I only tested on Windows builds (of Snes9x versions back to 1.37).
  1816. ============================
  1818. Version 2020-10-19:
  1819. (
  1821. Changes:
  1822. - Fixed a crash caused by Bug_Fixes\Ring_Menu_Loader, whoops
  1823. - Added a technical fix for event 250 to Text\Event_Fixes; the error would never have come into play in vanilla, but fixed for its own sake
  1825. ============================
  1827. Version 2020-10-20:
  1828. (
  1830. Changes:
  1831. - Modified Technical\Safe_Save_State to hopefully work 100% correctly on real hardware and to not hang in higan et al.
  1832. - Modified Audio\Restartable_Attack_Sounds to reduce goblin snoring frequency to half
  1833. - Added 300 (0x12C) bytes in bank $C1 to Technical\Overwrite_Unused_Data (and used some of those bytes for the snoring goblins)
  1835. ============================
  1837. Version 2020-10-24:
  1838. (
  1840. Changes:
  1841. - Updated Text\Event_Fixes; corrected a typo in a vanilla boss dialog (Time for yor punishment!)
  1842. - Finally fixed Technical\Safe_Save_State on real hardware (and higan)
  1843. - Added alternate track support to MSU-1 music feature:
  1844. -- Base or alternate have a 50/50 chance of playing
  1845. -- Name desired alternate music tracks with the same number +100
  1846. -- Example: track-8.pcm's alternate is track-108.pcm
  1847. -- Base track must exist for the alternate to be used (i.e. can't have 108 without 8)
  1849. ============================
  1851. Version 2020-10-29:
  1852. (
  1854. Changes:
  1855. - Bug fix for Bug_Fixes\Missable_Spear_Fix that could result in Luka saying gibberish given a very specific set of circumstances (VWF_Edition but not Relocalized, using a save made without Missable_Spear_Fix but after having obtained the spear and upgrading it at least once, then enabling Missable_Spear_Fix and visiting Luka)
  1856. - A couple Proper-caser-provided typo fixes applied to VWF_Edition and Relocalized
  1857. - Relocalized typo in event 139 added to Event_Fixes (an Spirit's -> a Spirit's)
  1858. - Large code re-engineering effort for how non-event text is handled in the Turbo project ZPS
  1860. While that final thing affects a wide swath of features, as long as I didn't make any mistakes, it should result in no change on the user end. Aside from cleaned up overlap between features (e.g. Proper-caser and Relocalized), a ROM patch from before and after this update should come out byte-for-byte identical. I spent days poring over the changes I was making, so hopefully no mistakes. It's in anticipation of integrating the results of the Script Augmentation Project once it's released; I've got some preemptive compatibility fixups worked out already.
  1862. ============================
  1864. Version 2020-10-30:
  1865. (
  1867. Changes:
  1868. - Implemented Quality_of_Life\MP_Shown_Within_Status_Area
  1870. While MP_Shown_Within_Status_Area can be used along with MP_Shown_Below_Status_Area, it's a bit silly to do so, so "Within" is now the default, with "Below" being off by default. It works on a fairly different principle ("Below" checks for changes to current mana and updates its customized region of the HUD when it changes, while "Within" hooks code that changes the HUD and code that changes current mana and supplies different tile numbers for otherwise vanilla HUD code), but both _should_ always display accurately and identically, with the exception of the non-standard circumstance where a player has more than 99 mana.
  1872. "Within" is currently designed to show mana in place of the weapon charge level ratio numeric display (patent pending), unless a player is currently charging a melee attack. AI controlled characters will always show mana (if they are a spell caster) and not the charge level ratio, though the charge gauge will still be visible if the AI is charging up an attack.
  1874. ============================
  1876. Version 2020-11-03:
  1877. (
  1879. Changes:
  1880. - Added [Level_8_Instead] and [No_Level_9_Sword] sub-options to Kethinov's Items\Weapons_Progression_Balance
  1881. - Improved Balance\Persistent_Saber_Buffs to not discolor status effects that use a fake "weapon" to display graphics (barrel, engulf, balloon, dead)
  1882. - Fixed Quality_of_Life\MP_Shown_Within_Status_Area to update the mana display when an event refills mana (sleeping at an inn, getting rejuvenated by an NPC, etc.)
  1883. - Implemented Balance\Wall_Face_-_Uncrushable_Barrels; guess what that does
  1885. I had not integrated Kethinov's Level 8 Weapons Progression Balance prior to now. I'm not actually happy with how I did so and may want to revisit it sometime to clean up how I implemented it. It would probably be less messy if I have Level 8 be the baseline and layer Level 9 on top of it, rather than the mostly mutually exclusive approach I took (which resulted in lots of wasteful duplication).
  1887. Note that I'm not entirely sure how well Remove_Empire_Castle_Gate's weapon orb changes interact with Weapons_Progression_Balance + Level_8_Instead. Remove_Empire_Castle_Gate takes precedence, but I'm not sure if it throws weapon level progression out of whack (by making some weapons jump ahead / fall behind at that point in the game).
  1889. I also made a tiny tweak to Level_8_Instead: in Kethinov's original version, he left a level 1 Bow orb chest in the Fire Palace that is functionally unobtainable (due to boss orb drops, you'll have the level 2 Bow orb at this point, minimum); I promoted it to level 3, the same as from Boreal Face, which should mean it's a slight bonus if you sneak into the Fire Palace early (and should mean the Northtown Ruins Bow orb chest won't spawn if you do so, thus re-normalizing Bow level).
  1891. The Wall Face change was sorta nuts to implement (and reinforces my disinterest in modifying boss code). Regardless, it let me make use of an apparently unused squinting center eye animation (which needed a vulnerable region added to it to allow melee attacks to hit it). I also added a blocking region to his closed center eye to give some audible feedback on melee hits that are connecting but failing to do damage.
  1893. ============================
  1895. Version 2020-11-04:
  1896. (
  1898. Changes:
  1899. - Combat\Turbo_Mode now prevents any Level 8 spell animation from pausing gameplay (by demoting the hardcoded special animations to their level 6/7 equivalents, sorry fire serpents)
  1900. - Implemented Magic\Analyzer_-_Early_Access which swaps Analyzer and Remedy (and recolors Remedy to be Sylphid-themed)
  1901. - Implemented Graphics\Unspoiled_Spells which fixes some visual issues with Blaze Wall, Burst and Wall (so far)
  1902. - Implemented Bug_Fixes\Spell_Palette_Cycle_Speed which fixes a vanilla issue where most (or all) vanilla spell animations set their palette cycle speed before selecting their palette, which results in resetting the cycle speed to minimum; this means spell colors will cycle as originally designed, which is generally slower and smoother
  1904. The change to Turbo_Mode led me to discover the issue with Burst which led to creating Unspoiled_Spells, and the creation of Analyzer_-_Early_Access (recoloring Remedy) led me to discover the issue with palette cycling speed which led to bug fixing Spell_Palette_Cycle_Speed.
  1906. ============================
  1908. Version 2020-11-10:
  1909. (
  1911. Changes:
  1912. - Renamed zhaDe's Quality_of_Life\Faster_Chest_Opening to Fastest_Chest_Opening, and reduced the wait after the chest opens slightly further; note that Fastest is off by default
  1913. - Implemented a new Quality_of_Life\Faster_Chest_Opening, which replaces the slow vanilla shake-and-throw animation with a fast new kick-in-the-junk animation; this was way more complicated to create than it sounds, give it a whirl and see if you like it more than the old boring Faster_Chest_Opening
  1914. - Added the static Treasure Chest to Graphics\Manicured_Monsters, hiding the sliver of shadow that peeked out from static chests
  1915. - Added the Boomerang to Graphics\Polished_Weapons, which means it no longer shows in your hand while it's currently thrown
  1916. - Implemented Bug_Fixes\Consistent_Shadows, which prevents palette effects on the boy from affecting all shadows on screen (those under all players / enemies / bosses / NPCs / chests); like the new Faster_Chest_Opening, way more complicated to make happen than would be expected
  1917. - Added 5 more overlooked function calls to FastROM
  1918. - Fixed a palette bug in the rain of arrows attack that's part of Combat\Strong_And_Weak_Attacks, easiest to witness in the early area where you pull the sword from the stone
  1919. - Made Miscellaneous\Functional_Fashion's specialized poison palette loader recolor player hair in addition to their skin
  1920. - Added the girl's pygmy form to Graphics\Retouched_Characters, fixed a few girl palette inconsistencies and further refined her graphics (missing or discolored pixels, etc.)
  1922. There is a chance that the new Faster_Chest_Opening will cause something somewhere to have a messed up frame of animation: I used what appeared to be an unused animation frame (possibly related to the Tropics stove, but not valid for the stove) for the new chest opening animation for static chests, and as far as I know it's unused, but I haven't done a full playthrough to verify. So keep your eyes peeled; it'd be something that's composed of 4 16x16 tiles, I think in a square (so 32x32), basically two of the boy standing side-by-side in size.
  1924. Nearly everything in this update was crazy complicated to implement, despite how simple the features seem, but fingers crossed that it's bug free.
  1926. ============================
  1928. Version 2020-11-12:
  1929. (
  1931. Changes:
  1932. - Implemented Combat\Faster_Bosses which halves the time they must wait between attacks; not sure if it affects all bosses and not sure if it causes any specific boss's AI to work worse
  1933. - Rewrote Magic\Magic_Recharging ring menu behavior; the elementals will also be grayed out if waiting on a recast timer instead of only the spell sub-level
  1934. - Implemented Balance\Dark_Lich_-_Nether_Pursuit which allows the Dark Lich to chase horizontally while embedded in the floor
  1935. - Implemented Bug_Fixes\Defeat_Waits_For_Events which prevents blocking the "Way to go!" event during some boss fights; other boss defeated events aren't similarly protected but I hope to improve this in the future
  1936. - Rewrote Bug_Fixes\Dark_Lich_Head_Bang_Fix (originally by Kethinov); it _should_ now be a pure bug fix without compromise (i.e. doesn't disable movement), automatically enabled if Dark_Lich_-_Nether_Pursuit is On
  1937. - Improved Quality_of_Life\QuickSpell_Hotkeys behavior: disabled / enabled appearance should update automatically, now plays error sound if final confirmation is blocked, etc.
  1939. ============================
  1941. Version 2020-11-13:
  1942. (
  1944. Changes:
  1945. - Fixed Magic\Analyzer_-_Early_Access not working on Crystal Orbs
  1946. - Fixed Bug_Fixes\Consistent_Shadows discoloring boss shadows
  1947. - Fixed Quality_of_Life\MP_Shown_Within_Status_Area conflicting with Bug_Fixes\Big_Health_And_Mana_Support (boss mana >= 128)
  1948. - Dust_Flare now swaps Speed_Up and Fire_Bouquet recast times
  1949. - Herbal_Boost now swaps Moon_Energy and Revivifier recast times
  1950. - Analyzer_-_Early_Access now swaps Remedy and Analyzer recast times
  1951. - Added one more function call to Technical\Enable_FastROM
  1953. So this is just a quick bug fix update. Thanks for all the bug reports!
  1955. ============================
  1957. Version 2020-11-17:
  1958. (
  1960. Changes:
  1961. - Implemented Items\Chest_Rarity_Adjustment; On by default but with vanilla rarity specified in Advanced Options
  1962. - Rewrote Quality_of_Life\Remove_Barrels_On_Run to clear up some behavior issues in how it made the run button interact with attacking
  1963. - Fixed error in Equip_2nd_Weapon and Weapon_Upgrade_BugFix that made the girl and sprite's weapons end up with the wrong attack power and status procs (they were copying the boy's weapon's attack power and status proc on accident)
  1964. - Additional code added to Bug_Fixes\Defeat_Waits_For_Events; should rather heavy-handedly prevent tile events from blocking boss defeated events, hopefully no side effects
  1965. - Fixed graphical corruption that could affect thrown boomerangs due to Graphics\Polished_Weapons; was harmless but ugly
  1966. - Slight tweak to ZPS Helper Script to hopefully make it close the "Finished !" messagebox both more reliably and more quickly (and without sometimes making a second ding sound; one ding is intended though)
  1968. ============================
  1970. Version 2020-11-26:
  1971. (
  1973. Changes:
  1974. - Added some VWF Edition and Relocalized spelling fixes to Text\Event_Fixes (quiting, I'm was)
  1975. - Added a bow graphical variant to Graphics\Polished_Weapons
  1976. - Rewrote projectile graphics loader hook for Combat\Strong_And_Weak_Attacks; should be more efficient, hopefully no side effects
  1977. - Compatibility improvement for Quality_of_Life\Faster_Chest_Opening's animations, shouldn't affect most people (it was conflicting with a hidden DEBUG_MODE)
  1979. ============================
  1981. Version 2020-11-30:
  1982. (
  1984. Changes:
  1985. - Added compatibility between No_Eyeless_Girl and Consistent_Shadows
  1986. - Created new art for the controller indicator for Graphics\Turbo_HUD
  1987. - Fixed a 1 pixel mistake in the weapon charge level 4 max numeral for Graphics\Turbo_HUD
  1988. - Code enhancement for Graphics\Polished_Weapons in preparation for future work
  1990. ============================
  1992. Version 2020-12-04:
  1993. (
  1995. Changes:
  1996. - Graphics\Manicured_Monsters
  1997. -- Rotated the enemy mini trident (fork) palette so it behaves better with spell and player palettes
  1998. -- Fixed compatibility code between Manicured_Monsters and Decode_Combat_Art
  1999. - Graphics\Polished_Weapons
  2000. -- Added new weapon aesthetic variants for axes and spears
  2001. -- Fixed glitchy graphics edge case for boomerang charge level 3
  2002. -- Implemented better (than vanilla) boomerang and shuriken rotation code
  2004. Here's an image from new weapon art development:
  2005. (
  2006. - The spear just used some vanilla broadhead spear art as a base with a blob added to the end of the handle (to match some vanilla spear icon art).
  2007. - The axe blade was from scratch, attached to a mostly vanilla handle, and I'm mostly happy with how it turned out.
  2008. - The chakram is still in the prototyping phase and isn't in-game in this release. I can't figure out how to make it look... not bad.
  2010. ============================
  2012. Version 2020-12-09:
  2013. (
  2015. Changes:
  2016. - Implemented Bug_Fixes\Whip_8th_Charge_Animation; fixes a vanilla animation mistake for the up-facing and down-facing versions of the whip's strongest charge attack
  2017. - Implemented unique Cobra Shuttle graphics via Graphics\Polished_Weapons
  2019. ============================
  2021. Version 2021-01-05:
  2022. (
  2024. Changes:
  2025. - fixed a graphical issue with the bearded axe art variant
  2026. - integrated Secret of Mana: Reborn
  2027. - implemented experimental Proportional Font for Reborn
  2028. - Font_-_Chicago is now Off by default
  2030. Reborn will be the default text Turbo has enabled going forward. VWF Edition and Relocalized are still available and supported, and I may try and make Relocalized and Reborn compatible (since they essentially focus on different things), but right now I just need to shake out compatibility bugs with Reborn and the jillion other patches in Turbo.
  2032. The Proportional Font renderer is still in the testing phase; I think I dealt with all serious issues (i.e. crashes), and line breaks currently don't take advantage of the extra text box space, but I'm sure there are still going to be screwy things here or there. I just really need to get more eyes on it.
  2034. ============================
  2036. Version 2021-01-07:
  2037. (
  2039. Changes:
  2040. - fixed game breaking incompatibility between Reborn and Revisit_Kakkara_Desert
  2041. - changed CPUs_Dont_Block_Screen to be inactive during cutscenes; may have unintended consequences, but hopefully not
  2042. - changed some option highlighting logic in Reborn\Proportional_Font
  2044. At the end of the Wind Palace flashback cutscene, the sprite doesn't make it all the way out the door if using Proportional_Font, due to the timing issues it causes. I have some ideas to try to resolve this without needing to adjust event logic to compensate for the faster text renderer, but we'll see if any of them pan out.
  2046. ============================
  2048. Version 2021-01-09:
  2049. (
  2051. Changes:
  2052. - fixed really bad bug in Graphics\Polished_Weapons
  2053. - implemented Bug_Fixes\Animation_Memory_Corruption to fix some flawed animation code that could corrupt memory
  2054. - implemented Text\Shops_Show_Item_Count; displays consumable item quantity you own in both the buy and sell ring menus
  2055. - improved how Seven_Items_Max overrides Item_Limit_Increase; there were probably bugs before if you had both On
  2057. ============================
  2059. Version 2021-01-11:
  2060. (
  2062. Changes:
  2063. - implemented Quality_of_Life\New_Fullscreen_Menu_Controls; allows changing between Status and Weapon/Magic Level menus by pressing Start, and cycling through characters on either menu by pressing X
  2064. - implemented Bug_Fixes\Mode_7_Boss_UI; fixes 3 bugs with the UI during the slime and final boss fights (flipped tile on text box border, wrong text box background color when clearing the text box, wrong stamina recharge HUD colors for the girl and sprite if the boy is charging an attack)
  2066. ============================
  2068. Version 2021-01-14:
  2069. (
  2071. Changes:
  2072. - fixed character cycling for Quality_of_Life\New_Fullscreen_Menu_Controls
  2073. - fixed event timing for Text\Reborn\Proportional_Font (hopefully)
  2074. - implemented automatic line breaks for Text\Reborn
  2076. The automatic line breaks is pretty complicated so there may be bugs that need to get discovered and fixed. It's also functionally incomplete for Proportional_Font (it treats all characters as 7 pixels wide at the moment), but still better than before with the monospace line breaks. Proper Proportional_Font support will get implemented once fundamental bugs in the code are dealt with.
  2078. ============================
  2080. Version 2021-01-16:
  2081. (
  2083. Changes:
  2084. - implemented Bug_Fixes\Late_HDMA_Fix, which fixes the following 1-frame color corruption:
  2085. (
  2086. when it should look like:
  2087. (
  2089. ============================
  2091. Version 2021-01-25:
  2092. (
  2094. Changes:
  2095. - updated Reborn to V1.9
  2096. - implemented Graphics\Text_Box_Wait_Indicator
  2097. - implemented Title_Screen\Days_of_Mana (Off by default)
  2098. - implemented Bug_Fixes\Event_Animation_Safety; prevents game lock-ups if a player is frostied or petrified when an event tries to play an animation on them
  2099. - implemented Bug_Fixes\Cutscene_Movement_Speed; prevents status effects from affecting player movement speed during events, which avoids all sorts of bugs
  2100. - fixed Miscellaneous\Enable_Paralyze_Status; prevents lock-ups if an event tried to move a paralyzed player
  2101. - fixed Bug_Fixes\Late_HDMA_Fix; restores prologue log scene background
  2102. - added sound to Miscellaneous\Enable_Matango_Caves_Trap (and added a status cure to avoid bad animations)
  2103. - significant improvements to automatic line breaks for Reborn (particularly with Proportional_Font)
  2105. Text_Box_Wait_Indicator:
  2106. Days_of_Mana:
  2108. Days of Mana is a reference to an old Nintendo Power SoM guide ( (there are other scans of it floating around on the internet as well). It was done on a whim, and I'm no artist, so maybe the lettering could be better (it's mostly hand-shaded, and I'm bad at doing so), but what's there is there in case _someone_ is interested. It doesn't hide the blurry part of the restored background as well, but it's not unbearable.
  2110. Also, if _someone_ is reading this, you can get out of the Goblin Village by walking far north until you hit the tree line, then walking into the trees east or west (exits to near the goblin warning sign or Gaia's Navel, respectively).
  2112. I've heard rumors of Faster_Chest_Opening and/or Fastest_Chest_Opening causing some progression-stopping bug in the Great Forest, but haven't been able to run into the issue myself. Anyone out there able to fill me in?
  2114. ============================
  2116. Version 2021-01-26:
  2117. (
  2119. Changes:
  2120. - fixed some automatic line break logic in Reborn based on ManaRedux's screenshots
  2121. - hopefully didn't break anything
  2123. ============================
  2125. Version 2021-01-28:
  2126. (
  2128. Changes:
  2129. - fixed a text rendering bug with spell targeting in Text\Reborn\Proportional_Font
  2130. - implemented Graphics\Mushroom_Cap_Replacement; replaces the Ruby Armet (unused in vanilla) with a pre-release item (same stats and color, just a different name and icon)
  2132. ============================
  2134. Version 2021-01-31:
  2135. (
  2137. Changes:
  2138. - Fixed animation glitches for certain chests for Quality_of_Life\Faster_Chest_Opening
  2139. - Improved automatic line break code for Text\Reborn
  2141. Technical Changes:
  2142. - Added User-Defined section to very end of ZPS file
  2144. ============================
  2146. Version 2021-02-01:
  2147. (
  2149. Technical Changes:
  2150. - jazzed up Technical\Exception_Handler to show diagnostic crash info on screen
  2151. - tweaks to make the user-defined section at the end of the ZPS file more useful
  2153. ============================
  2155. Version 2021-02-09:
  2156. (
  2158. Changes:
  2159. - Reborn updated to in-progress pre-release 1.10
  2160. - Added another HUD discoloring fix to Late_HDMA_Fix (if you opened and closed the ring menu too fast and timing was just right the HUD became black and blue)
  2161. - Fixed crash bug in Bug_Fixes\No_Blats_To_Sell when having no items to sell
  2163. Technical Changes:
  2164. - Groundwork to improve Async_Music_Crossfade
  2165. - New symbols for \print_leader (and other) event commands
  2166. - Syntax tweak for foldable text sections ("{" -> "{ '")
  2168. ============================
  2170. Version 2021-02-12:
  2171. (
  2172. Alternate Link:
  2173. (
  2175. Changes:
  2176. - Updated pre-release Reborn v1.10 (though don't have last night's corrections)
  2177. - Updated hmsong's Items\Stardust_Herb\Drop_And_Shop_Changes
  2178. - Rewrote Audio\Async_Music_Crossfade, explanation below
  2180. Technical Changes:
  2181. - Added bank 0x03 / $C3 unused space to Technical\Overwrite_Unused_Data
  2183. ============================
  2185. Version 2021-02-15:
  2186. (
  2188. Changes:
  2189. - Updated pre-release Reborn V1.10
  2190. - Added Text\Font_-_Ancient; just a goofy experiment, it's not the most usable, and has some outline rendering issues, Off by default
  2191. - Added two more fixes to Text\Event_Fixes, both in the Tasnica throne room
  2192. - Fixed Quality_of_Life\Frosty_the_Friendly_Alchemist making the stove run south
  2193. - Minor code cleanup for Audio\Async_Music_Crossfade, also made staircase footstep sound not cause music load hitching
  2195. ============================
  2197. Version 2021-02-17:
  2198. (
  2200. Changes:
  2201. - Fixed potential bug in Quality_of_Life\All_Weapons_Destroy_Obstacles
  2202. - Implemented Quality_of_Life\All_Weapons_Destroy_Obstacles\Only_Weak_Obstacles sub-feature where all weapons only break normally slashable stuff like bushes
  2203. - Fixed Ninja enemy shuriken upward throws (added to Graphics\Manicured_Monsters)
  2204. - Fixed potential brief scrambled sprites when using the drum (added to Bug_Fixes\Blue_Sky_Blink_Fix)
  2205. - Made Miscellaneous\No_Drum_Respawn capable of refreshing NPCs based on event flag changes to resolve an issue where King Truffle wouldn't vanish when an event activates the drum
  2206. - Further refined Audio\Async_Music_Crossfade; flight music is no longer asynchronously loaded due to possible visual glitch side effects
  2208. Technical Changes:
  2209. - Added manual offset pseudo-instructions for all short branch instructions:
  2211. OP BCC * ' $B070
  2212. RAW EA
  2214. ...becomes:
  2216. BCC# EA ' $B070
  2218. ============================
  2220. Version 2021-02-25:
  2221. (
  2223. Changes:
  2224. - updated Text\Reborn to V1.10
  2225. - added weapon descriptions to Items\Energized_Weapons
  2226. - implemented Quality_of_Life\Offscreen_Townsfolk; enjoy better framerate in most towns
  2227. - implemented Bug_Fixes\Ring_Menu_Error_Message; avoids race condition when showing item activation text (rope and drum) that potentially shows corrupt text
  2228. - updated Bug_Fixes\Blue_Sky_Blink_Fix to avoid discolored HUD when landing
  2229. - updated Items\Farmable_Sword_Orb to add a better looking and sounding "incorrect" death animation
  2230. - fixed an often discolored moon when using the drum during the night
  2231. - added time-of-day behavior to the residents of Mandala
  2233. Technical Changes:
  2234. - removed race condition from FPS_DEBUG and added visual readout to the boy's HUD if MP_Shown_Within_Status_Area is On
  2235. - added small chunk of unused data in bank $D3 to Overwrite_Unused_Data
  2237. ============================
  2239. Version 2021-02-26:
  2240. (
  2242. Changes:
  2243. - fixed mistake in Quality_of_Life\Offscreen_Townsfolk that was disabling all enemy AI in combat areas... whoops, framerate was great, but probably not what you want out of a game
  2245. ============================
  2247. Version 2021-03-01:
  2248. (
  2250. Changes:
  2251. - fixed a mistake in Bug_Fixes\Ring_Menu_Error_Message that allowed using the Flammie Drum in locations where it was meant to be disabled
  2252. - implemented Text\Equipment_Stats, press Dash (aka Run, default A) when you have a weapon or armor selected in a ring menu to get a concise stat readout; see the feature entry in the patcher for an explanation of what the single-letter abbreviations stand for (e.g. P = Petrify, X = Poison, etc.)
  2254. Finally made an in-game item stats display of sorts. Can't say I totally love it, but it's definitely better than nothing.
  2256. ============================
  2258. Version 2021-03-10:
  2259. (
  2260. Alternate Link:
  2261. (
  2263. Changes:
  2264. - tons of changes to Combat\Manual_Block, see below
  2265. - implemented Combat\Charge_While_Blocking, Off by default (needs testing)
  2266. - tons of changes to Quality_of_Life\QuickSpell_Hotkeys, see below
  2267. - implemented Quality_of_Life\Multi_Target_Default, makes spells default to all targets
  2268. - implemented Quality_of_Life\Ring_Menu_Highlight, Grayscales the HUD portraits for the characters whose Ring Menu is NOT open.
  2269. - removed Mantis Ant bonus health when Balance\Monster_Stat_Modifiers is On (with default settings, this will drop his health from x4 to x2)
  2270. - fixed bug in Quality_of_Life\Equip_2nd_Weapon where it would kinda let you try and set a hotkey at the reforge ring menu
  2272. Technical Changes:
  2273. - fixed a minor theoretical bug related to multiple NGI features that run code at game start after naming the boy
  2274. - fixed a minor theoretical bug related to inlined helper functions
  2275. - improved Quality_of_Life\Equip_2nd_Weapon hotkey interactions
  2276. - DEBUG_MODE now uses controller 3 shoulder buttons
  2278. --- Manual_Block ---
  2279. - Less generous than before; many circumstances where a block will be unsuccessful compared to before.
  2280. - Can now turn in place while blocking, but...
  2281. - Now must face your attacker to block (basically 270 degree block angle though, so it's not hard).
  2282. - Can no longer block all boss abilities: what decides it is if the ability plays an animation on you that overrides the block animation.
  2283. - Glove weapon will now potentially judo throw your attacker when blocking.
  2284. - Successful block sound now has stereo panning.
  2286. --- QuickSpell_Hotkeys ---
  2287. - Implemented Quality_of_Life\QuickSpell_Hotkeys\Patterned_Inputs which replaces the hotkey binding system with something more like a fighting game special move input system.
  2288. - Lots of rewritten QuickSpell_Hotkeys code, especially to support Patterned_Inputs, but also in general; code is now a fair bit more optimized.
  2289. - More flexible hotkey input when QuickSpell_Hotkeys menu is active and less hotkey spillover when closing the menu.
  2290. - I worked on this for over a week, but I'm having a hard time describing what all changed. Just try it and see if you find it usable.
  2292. Cure Water is Right + Up + Right. Hold buttons while pressing the D-Pad for rapid selection, don't hold buttons (and use the D-Pad) to look around and learn the spell layout.
  2294. ============================
  2296. Version 2021-03-13:
  2297. (
  2298. Alternate Link:
  2299. (
  2301. Changes:
  2302. - made Combat\Charge_While_Blocking On by default, worked a couple bugs out of it, should be good enough to use now
  2303. - implemented Balance\Monster_AI_Improvements, only affects Kid Goblin so far; garbage AI is definitely a vanilla issue, stop blaming Turbo for bad SoM AI =P
  2304. - improved Bug_Fixes\Gather_Party_Fix; enhanced how it unwedges characters stuck at the edge of the screen and fixed a vanilla position comparing bug
  2305. - fixed a bug in Quality_of_Life\Equip_2nd_Weapon introduced last update that made it not work for players 2 and 3
  2306. - fixed Quality_of_Life\Ring_Menu_Highlight discoloring the wrong sprites when your party isn't full (i.e. when you have fewer than 3 heroes)
  2307. - fixed an ancient bug in Quality_of_Life\QuickSpell_Hotkeys that can cause enemy damage numbers / weapons to be invisible; was always a problem, but made much more common by Patterned_Inputs so was able to track it down
  2308. - changed Quality_of_Life\QuickSpell_Hotkeys\Patterned_Inputs to hide top level categories where you have neither elemental yet
  2309. - more adjustments to Combat\Manual_Block including:
  2310. -- altered how it hooks into incoming damage logic
  2311. -- fixed glove weapon throw when more than one enemy hits you on the same frame
  2312. -- changed glove weapon throw animation when facing up/down
  2313. -- added up/down dodging animation
  2314. -- added up/down blocked animation
  2315. -- probably improved vulnerability to being hit while playing the blocked animation (blocked as opposed to blocking)
  2316. -- disabled randomness for passive dodges; they're now always the flip since the other two dodge animations are used for blocking
  2318. ============================
  2320. Version 2021-03-17:
  2321. (
  2323. Changes:
  2324. - implemented Quality_of_Life\QuickSpell_Hotkeys\QuickItems (which requires Patterned_Inputs)
  2325. - added event 16D to Text\Event_Fixes
  2326. - improved Audio\ZSNES_MSU-1 to fix a hang upon reset due to party death when using ZSNES versions other than the official 1.51, bumped version number to 0.4 and removed Experimental status (it's not perfect, but it's well tested now)
  2327. - improved Bug_Fixes\Ring_Menu_Error_Message to fix a crazy vanilla bug that occurs when you press B and Y (accept + cancel) at the same time on an unusable ring menu icon; try it (without the fix) with the rope or drum where they can't be used or cup of wishes when nobody is dead to see what happens
  2328. - improvements to QuickSpell_Hotkeys weapon / spell palette interactions; still some edge cases, but better than it was
  2329. - fixed QuickSpell_Hotkeys behavior multiplayer when changing areas, talking to NPCs, and other events, including a fix for a crash if a quick menu was open when a boss was defeated
  2331. Technical Changes:
  2332. - enhanced and corrected inlined getPlayerChar() function
  2333. - slight adjustment to Enable_MSU-1 startup logic; unimportant, but listed for completeness
  2335. ============================
  2337. Version 2021-03-21:
  2338. (
  2340. Changes:
  2341. - updated Black_Hex with changes to recharge times for both spells it affects
  2342. - updated Lunar_Magic_-_Celestial_Cascade to medium spell recharge time
  2343. - added Water Thug to Balance\Monster_AI_Improvements (technically a weapon collision fix, not an AI change, but it affects usefulness of their AI)
  2344. - modified Title_Screen\Music_Fade_Fallback to add a heavy-handed timing fix for when the intro loops; should prevent possible hangs / crashes that afflict a wide range of hardware and emulators differently
  2345. - modified timing requirements and added deadlock safety to Title_Screen\Turbo_Logo
  2346. - implemented Bug_Fixes\Ownerless_Event_Safety which fixes a softlock when the event owning player is lost before an event wait-for-input happens (e.g. player who cast Analyzer on a Crystal Orb dies before the text boxes show)
  2347. - implemented Bug_Fixes\Matango_Caves_Trap (different from Miscellaneous\Enable_Matango_Caves_Trap) which fixes some "sticky" environment collision by the underground stream
  2348. - changes to Combat\Manual_Block glove weapon throws: fancier logic to synchronize throw direction between attacker and defender, uncharged throw is always the judo throw, charged throws pick throw animation depending on charge level
  2349. - tidy map treatment for Matango Caves
  2350. - improved Bug_Fixes\Late_HDMA_Fix to deal with transparent mosaic layer visual glitches in ZSNES (fixes Kakkara Desert clouds and Ruins fog)
  2351. - added super quick cast variant to Quality_of_Life\QuickSpell_Hotkeys: Hold L to start, press D-Pad pattern to select, make sure no buttons other than L are held and Release L to cast
  2352. - fixed ability to target inactive characters with QuickSpell_Hotkeys
  2353. - fixed event ownership to match vanilla ring menu spell cast behavior when using QuickSpell_Hotkeys (e.g. for casting on Crystal Orbs)
  2354. - fixed QuickItems changing last selected ring menu item position
  2356. Technical Changes:
  2357. - rewrote setProperWeaponRelativeBank() for Combat\Strong_And_Weak_Attacks
  2358. - changed DEBUG_MODE control for map reset from P3R + P1Start to P3R + P1Select
  2360. ============================
  2362. Version 2021-03-29:
  2363. (
  2365. Changes:
  2366. - implemented Quality_of_Life\Simpler_Patterns, Off by default
  2367. - made Quality_of_Life\QuickSpell_Hotkeys final step input more tolerant of still held D-Pad direction
  2368. - implemented Balance\Kilroy_-_Waterspout; makes his wheel form spin attack more interesting, depends on Magic\Spell_System_Extensions to have a visual effect (haven't tested with vanilla Kettle Kin, probably partially affects him...)
  2369. - implemented Bug_Fixes\Boss_Blind_Spot_Fix; apparently bosses had faulty logic for deciding which direction the sprite was from them, and basically always treated the sprite as if they were east of them
  2370. - bumped Text\Reborn to pre-release version 1.11
  2371. - slight timing change in Miscellaneous\Enable_Kilroy_Door, hopefully more reliably looks right in all circumstances, but hard to know without tons of testing
  2373. Technical Changes:
  2374. - optimized tiny face positioning logic for QuickSpell_Hotkeys
  2375. - probably made SSE.Name.Extended.Black.1.1 through SSE.Name.Extended.Black.2.2 usable finally (not reflected in comments that still say "currently unusable name" which will be gone next release); I used Extended.White.1.1 for Kilroy_-_Waterspout but didn't even end up having it show a spell name message, go figure
  2377. ============================
  2379. Version 2021-04-15:
  2380. (
  2382. Changes:
  2383. - implemented Balance\Tonpole_Trio_-_Vengeance; fixes some bugginess and adds damage over time to the Biting Lizard devour attack, adds an ally buff when one dies (the buff requires Inferno_Barrier due to a dependency on the new spell type it adds)
  2384. - altered Quality_of_Life\Simpler_Patterns based on hmsong's feedback
  2385. - altered Quality_of_Life\Patterned_Inputs mini-Luna art based on hmsong's artwork
  2386. - altered Quality_of_Life\Watts_In_Haunted_Forest to not cause some Watts dialogue to be repeated every encounter (mainly for compatibility with Reborn)
  2387. - altered Quality_of_Life\Neko_In_Underground_City to resolve the 3 NPC limit issue in that Resistance-occupied room
  2388. - implemented Miscellaneous\Deduplicated_NPCs to prevent a Mara clone and a Scorpion Army clone
  2389. - implemented Bug_Fixes\Boss_Cures_What_Ails_Ya to further reduce bugginess involving the Tonpole Trio fight
  2390. - enhanced Bug_Fixes\Ownerless_Event_Safety to also affect dialogue options
  2391. - updated Reborn to pre-release version 1.11
  2393. Technical Changes:
  2394. - migrated almost all bug fix support code from bank $F0/0x30 to a region of unused data starting at $CCEB00/0x0CEB00
  2395. - migrated event command 0x70 from $CCFD00 to $C0FFA8
  2396. - rearranged mod-added map object palettes, affects Northtown_Woods_Treasure, Steal_From_Matango_Innkeeper and Reborn
  2398. ============================
  2400. Version 2021-04-18:
  2401. (
  2403. Changes:
  2404. - fixed bug in Bug_Fixes\Boss_Blind_Spot_Fix that was making projectiles not damage bosses
  2405. - rewrote event edits for Miscellaneous\Revisit_Kakkara_Desert to both make them less messy and fix a compatibility issue with Reborn 1.11
  2406. - slightly altered Quality_of_Life\Simpler_Patterns elemental arrangement
  2408. ============================
  2410. Version 2021-04-19:
  2411. (
  2412. Alternate Link:
  2413. (
  2415. Changes:
  2416. - fixed game breaking bug in Text\Reborn\Proportional_Font
  2417. - fixed incorrect character width measurement for \print_item= and \print_magic=
  2418. - fixed recently introduced bug in Reborn dragon naming event (if you chose "I like it")
  2420. ============================
  2422. Version 2021-05-02:
  2423. (
  2424. Alternate Link:
  2425. (
  2427. Changes:
  2428. - Wall Face removed from Magic\Change_Form_-_Pygmy-Moogle list of changes
  2429. - Modified Balance\Wall_Face_-_Uncrushable_Barrels to change Wall Face's east eye Freeze spell into a new "Moogle Beam" boss skill
  2430. - Implemented Balance\Vampire_-_Form_Change; new transformation animation frames and appearance while flying and altered flight mode logic (so the vampire bosses don't immediately start then stop flying)
  2431. - Implemented Bug_Fixes\Wall_Boss_Beam_Fix; apparently if a wall boss used a beam skill (e.g. Flash Beam), it could only hit each hero once, and then would stop doing damage on subsequent uses, due to a vanilla programming mistake
  2432. - Implemented Bug_Fixes\No_Sleep_Walking; if you transformed (e.g. moogle) while unconscious, you could move around before the sleep status effect had worn off
  2433. - Implemented Bug_Fixes\Unhinged_Vampire_Door; a phantom door appeared when being sent into Vampire's fight arena due to a mistake in door data
  2434. - Fixed Quality_of_Life\Equip_2nd_Weapon; if player 2 was blocking, player 1 couldn't quick swap weapons
  2435. - Gave Santa's House interior Tidy Map treatment (you no longer stand on top of the flowers on his table or the logs by his fireplace)
  2436. - Fixed Magic\Spell_System_Extensions; elemental names weren't displaying correctly in their level up messages
  2437. - Updated Text\Reborn pre-prelease V1.11
  2439. ============================
  2441. Version 2021-06-10:
  2442. (
  2444. Changes:
  2445. - updated Reborn to v1.11
  2446. - fixed "desciple" spelling mistake in vanilla event (Text\Event_Fixes)
  2447. - implemented Bug_Fixes\Snake_Boss_Block_Fix, removes erroneous floating block regions created by the snakes' first and second body segments
  2448. - implemented Bug_Fixes\Sprite_Can_Tap_Out, fixes a programming mistake that could cause enemy #2 from preventing a player controlling the sprite from being able to "tap out" (press Start to stop playing)
  2449. - changed memory check that determines if a ring menu is in use; lots of code relied on this, so hopefully nothing broke
  2450. - modified axe downward swing animation (Combat\Strong_And_Weak_Attacks) second frame to have a normal collision rectangle; it was comically oversized before
  2451. - fixed bug in Combat\No_Damage_While_Recovering that made it harder for enemies to hit a player with ranged attacks (it effectively made enemy projectiles zero width)
  2452. - added slight boss starting position tweak to Tonpole_Trio_-_Vengeance to get the left tonpole unstuck from the wall
  2454. ============================
  2456. Version 2021-06-24:
  2457. (
  2459. Changes:
  2460. - standardized naming for "Upper Land" throughout the ZPS file (previously there was also Upperland and upperlands, etc.)
  2461. - added hmsong's Quality_of_Life\Extra_Cannon_Travel_Routes
  2462. - implemented Quality_of_Life\No_Early_Navel (Off by default)
  2463. - rewrote some rain of arrows code (in preparation for upcoming collision changes)
  2464. - added vanilla event 0E3 to Text\Event_Fixes
  2466. Technical Changes:
  2467. - overhauled debugging number display (uses UI layer instead of damage numbers)
  2468. - disabled an old zhaDe Pandora NPC test tied to debugging mode
  2469. - documented European SoM use of event 6D6
  2470. - documented cannon travel routes
  2472. ============================
  2474. Version 2021-06-25:
  2475. (
  2477. Changes:
  2478. - changed Quality_of_Life\No_Early_Navel behavior so that the cannon route from Potos to Gaia's Navel becomes available after speaking with Luka (instead of after the Witch's Castle)
  2479. - implemented Bug_Fixes\Cannon_Music to resolve lack of music change when landing (from flight) on the Ice Country and Southtown cannons
  2481. Cannon_Music changes what should be an unused tile (0xBF) on a tileset (2) used by a massive number of maps (133, though the vast majority aren't actually functional maps). It shouldn't cause problems, and would probably be hard to notice even if it did, but it's practically impossible to determine if the change causes a problem; it just needs playtesting to see if anyone encounters an issue. It's originally an "invisible solid tile" that would be used to affect where you can walk, while a different tile on the other layer would provide the art, but there's a different "invisible solid tile" (0xBA) in that same tileset that seems to be what's actually used for that purpose anywhere I checked.
  2483. ============================
  2485. Version 2021-07-13:
  2486. (
  2488. Changes:
  2489. - updated Kethinov's Balance\Harder_Final_Boss to version 1.4
  2490. - implemented Miscellaneous\Turtle_Tours
  2491. - made Technical\Safe_Save_State unable to pause when a new song is starting asynchronously
  2492. - made Technical\Safe_Save_State with Pause_Gameplay_Only unable to pause when a ring menu is open
  2494. Turtle_Tours is a fairly large new feature that relies on both Day_Night_Cycle and Enhanced_World_Map to function. It makes Turtle Shell Isle swim around the world over the course of a week and adds Highsteppers to facilitate travel to and from the island at the various towns that it visits (well, and a certain stove-turned-cannon). The center large hut is now an inn (without save point) to let you force time to pass, and unlike normal inns where you sleep for about 7 hours, this one always makes time advance to the next day.
  2496. There are 7 days in a week, and on each day, the turtle will be at a different location. Four locations allow disembarking. Currently, there's no way to tell which day of the week it is (other than by observing where the turtle currently is).
  2498. I don't think you can end up stranded on Tasnica's docks; at every other location you can pass time by changing screens or sleeping (though woe be to the low level player stranded on Gold Isle). I accounted for Desert and Ice Country progression in case you visit early, though visiting early is sort've the point. Ultimately, this should just be a fun feature to make the world feel a little more alive. If there are any unforeseen issues (namely, getting stuck somewhere), I'll fix them as they're reported.
  2500. ============================
  2502. Version 2021-07-15:
  2503. (
  2505. Changes:
  2506. - implemented No_Grell_Grinding as a sub-feature to Magic\Early_Luna (On by default); reduces exp and gold reward for killing Marmablues to discourage degenerate gameplay
  2507. - implemented Bug_Fixes\Earth_Seed_Flag; the seed on the altar in the Underground Palace was using the wrong event flag for visibility
  2508. - enhanced Tidy_Map_Pieces support of Turtle Shell Isle; made it one tile wider to hide map wrap around when at the far right edge
  2509. - for Turtle_Tours, changed Sea Hare's tail requirement to be that the Fire Seed was returned, not just obtained
  2511. ============================
  2513. Version 2021-08-18:
  2514. (
  2516. Changes:
  2517. - fixed Miscellaneous\Turtle_Tours corrupting the Pure Land clouds on the world map
  2518. - added a monster to Miscellaneous\Enable_Matango_Caves_Trap at hmsong's suggestion
  2519. - added hmsong's Magic\Spell_Timing_Tweaks for Lava Wave
  2520. - added hmsong's Balance\Better_Magic_Rope which allows use of the Magic Rope in 4 dungeons where it couldn't be used before
  2521. - added hmsong's hardcoded Hellfire animation (if Shadow_Saber is On)
  2522. - changed the high level Luna Revivifier colors from green to yellow
  2523. - implemented Miscellaneous\Centered_Spawns which alters NPC positioning all over the game world; spider legs are now centered in their pits, kings now sit in the middle of their thrones, guards are now positioned symmetrically, etc. but please report any issues this usually 4 pixel shift causes for cutscenes and such
  2524. - implemented Miscellaneous\Tasnican_Countryside which adds a gigantic new adventuring location a little east from a certain castle-bound city-state, on the mainland; see below
  2526. Technical Changes:
  2527. - relocated bug fix code block from $CCEB00 to $DC0540
  2528. - reorganized various bank $C9 mod-added event data
  2529. - compatibility fixups to Farmable_Sword_Orb, Remove_Empire_Castle_Gate, Neko_And_Watts_In_Fortress and Weapons_Progression_Balance to accommodate Better_Magic_Rope
  2530. - additions to Overwrite_Unused_Data
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