Caillen & Rhiannon

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  1. stαr01/18/2019
  2. Rhiannon :
  3. "..Baby, I'm dancing in the dark, with you between my arms," she sang aloud in the careless and oblivious nature that is a trademark among those who place their faith in earbuds and think they're alone.
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  5. Caillen :
  6. New Orleans. A new place to stay, but not one he could call a home. At least not yet. Eyes swiveled to watch the woman singing far too loud for anyone to be comfortable with. Glared at.
  7. Rhiannon :
  8. The brunette was blissfully unaware that she was a fleeting source of irritation for the male, and continued to sing, "Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song."
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  10. Caillen :
  11. Walked over. The male held a serious air to him, but not one that contained the usual murderous intent that he always did. Fingers pinched at the wire holding the bud on her left ear, and tugged. "I am not sure if you are unaware, or your intention was to wake up the neighbors by sounding like a dying feline, but you are far too loud." Far too loud...
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  13. Rhiannon :
  14. "..When I saw you in that dress, looking so beaut--", harmonic melody lost as one earbud was snatched abruptly from ear, causing green eyes to flick upwards at the blonde male with surprise. The reprimand was answered with a heightening of color to cheeks, as fingers brushed his to retrieve the fragile wire. "Ss-sorry," a knee jerk reaction, but rang with sincerity.
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  16. Caillen :
  17. Stared at her for a moment. The male held a soft snarl across features. "You must be sorry. Perhaps not to me." Light eyes shifted to his left, pertaining to the fact that others might have heard it. But to be fair, her voice was better than he had led on. "Nevertheless, you have arrived with perfect timing. If I may inquire, where is the nearest inn?" Sometimes he tend to forget what year it was, and still spoke of a few things as if it was during his own time.
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  19. Rhiannon :
  20. Eyebrow lifted, prompted by the predatory snarl and the chill that lingered about him like the frost on the window on a winter's night. There was something disturbing, and hauntingly beautiful about him that Rhia was unable to quite place her finger on. A faint chuckle worked it's way from throat, even as lip was bit to keep it stifled at the curious way he spoke. "..A hotel? Just around the corner," giving a small nod in the general direction.
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  22. Caillen :
  23. Could one really blame an individual such as he? Was his mannerisms of speaking truly so far apart from the rest of the world that one could mistake the places he sought out for another place. "Excuse me. A what?" Eyes narrowed for a moment. He's read books, and viewed a few films to keep up with the current lingo. And one might think that through time, language would evolve and advance. Instead, it has severely deteriorated. A hotel. That's right. He remembers. "Ah. Yes, of course. THAT." Pretty blue eyes wandered over the direction of her lips, catching that quick bite, and NEARLY making Cole repeat what she had done.
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