A Mix of Sparkles

Oct 11th, 2018
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  1. >You grab the small sports drink and close the fridge.
  2. >A small twist is all that is needed to open it.
  3. >Coming here was a shock, but life was alright.
  4. >Adjusting wasn't too bad since the girl responsible felt she had to 'take responsibility' for you.
  5. >Your biggest gripe was that everything from houses to food was sized for these slightly smaller humans.
  6. >There was only one person your size, but Principal Celestia gave you bad touch vibes.
  7. >There was also the odd nature of men acting like women and the opposite being true as well.
  8. >Even your apartment wasn't you sized, but it was free.
  9. >The girl that snatched you from across reality had some cool inventions which she sold to help you get on your feet.
  10. >Some bacon haired girl also showed up and literally tossed a bag of gold at you.
  11. >You sold most of it, but you kept a single piece just to look at.
  12. >You take the bottle, which fit rather nicely in your hand, and down the whole thing.
  13. >Twisting the cap back on, you turn to look at your running partner.
  14. >Or attempted running partner.
  15. >Twilight was panting and heaving and was currently doing her best to stay off of the floor.
  16. >You open the fridge again and grab another drink for her.
  17. >Twisting the cap off, you move to her side and heft her up.
  18. >"Y-you don't have to-"
  19. "C'mon, Twilight. Drink."
  20. >This girl and her 'men are strong and-' ugh.
  21. >You can't even make fun of it properly, it gets so tiring sometimes.
  22. >She gives you a slight smile as she takes the drink for herself.
  23. >She doesn't down the drink as fast as you did, but she certainly tries.
  24. >After about half bottle is gone she starts to choke.
  25. >You pull the bottle away and throw a dirty rag on the floor where most of the drink landed.
  26. >She looks longingly at the drink as you lift her up, making your way towards the living room.
  27. "We really don't need you drowning, Twi. C'mon, what's next on your list."
  28. >Twilight furrows her brow as she reaches into her pocket.
  29. >She pulls out a physical check list.
  30. >This particular list was for her workout routine.
  31. >You smile as you lay her out on the couch.
  32. >It was cute that she had little things like this, especially in an age where it could all be done just as easily with a phone.
  33. >She actually does do it with a phone also, she just seems to prefer paper.
  34. >She starts to read through the list as you sit on a rather large chair, even for you.
  35. >"Let's see. I need to-"
  36. >Twilight tosses the list across the room.
  37. >"...Really? Can we not do this now?"
  38. >You chuckle.
  39. "I was wondering when she was going to pop up."
  40. >Twilight huffs as she crosses her arms.
  41. >"She's not going to-yes I am! Hello, Anonymous. How are you today?"
  42. >So you said that the girl responsible for your arrival here 'took responsibility' for you.
  43. >This is accurate, the catch is that it's two girls in one body.
  44. >You were the only one that knew that Midnight was still around.
  45. >There was a day when this kind of thing would have bothered you, but those days were left back on another planet.
  46. >The first time you had met Midnight was when she had pulled you to this world.
  47. >The second time was when she had come up to you and flashed you before saying 'I showed you mine, how about you show me yours?'
  48. >Twilight had regained control a second later before running off, leaving you to wonder what the fuck just happened.
  49. >You put on a smile and lean back into your seat.
  50. "I'm doing fine, Mid. Twi and I just got done with a run."
  51. >Midnight rolls Twilights eyes.
  52. >"Ugh, I know. Please keep up the good work with her. She may still have the blubber, but it's getting much easier to breath through these gills."
  53. >You chuckle to yourself as you see the change.
  54. >There's no flashy lightshow or her skin tone changing like when she was a demon.
  55. >You just need to watch the body language.
  56. >Midnight was confident, relaxed.
  57. >Twilight was tight and rigid.
  58. >"Blubber is something found exclusively on sea mammals. None of which have gills!"
  59. >The difference can also be found in the normal language.
  60. >You snicker to yourself as you get back up.
  61. "I'm going to grab the rest of your drink for you. Do you want anything?"
  62. >Twilight shakes her head.
  63. >"I'd like you to eat me out."
  64. >A full second passes before you realize what she said.
  65. >A second later, Twilight snaps her hands over her mouth as her eyes start to bug out.
  66. >"I am so sorry, that wasn't me-MIDNIGHT! If you don't start treating Anon with the respect he deserves I am going to exorcise you out of me! Psh, we both know how terrible you are at exercising. Those are two different things!"
  67. >You give her a pat on the shoulder.
  68. "I'll grab a snack."
  69. >Midnight smirks.
  70. >"If it's for the show we're putting on, I assure you I can put on one much more entertaining. Midnight! Or should I be taking it off."
  71. >You chuckle as you make your way into the kitchen.
  72. >Making your way for the pantry, you grab out a bag of popcorn before tossing it in the microwave.
  73. >This should kill some time.
  74. >Midnight liked to start stuff, but you were obviously too 'delicate' for the crude jokes.
  75. >As soon as Twi would get worked up, you'd just step into the other room and let both of them get it out of their system.
  76. >You stand there, staring at Twilights drink.
  77. >The only sounds that can be heard is the microwave and the not so quiet sound of a girl arguing with herself.
  78. >Eh
  79. >At least when people argue with themselves here, they actually have other people inside them.
  80. >The sound of squeaky sneakers can be heard as Twilight charges towards the kitchen.
  81. >Why are they called sneakers if you can't sneak in them?
  82. >They should be called squeakers.
  83. >Twilight slams into the doorway, grinning like an idiot.
  84. >"Oh, Anonymous~"
  85. >Twilight slaps herself across the face.
  86. >"Anon, don't listen to her! She's making up lies about me! Oh, hush. If I wanted to make up lies about you, I could have done much worse."
  87. >You frown as you readjust yourself to face the girl.
  88. >These two are really going at it today.
  89. >You put your hands up.
  90. "Okay you two, that's enough. How about you two go and pick out a movie for the popcorn?"
  91. >Twilight nods.
  92. >"Yes, let's-HA! I am not letting you out of this that easy."
  93. >Midnight turns to you.
  94. >"Do you know why Twilight insists on coming with you on your morning runs? That's not important, we're leaving now! Bye, Anon!"
  95. >Twilight starts to walk away, but Midnight keeps a solid grip on the door frame.
  96. >"Gah! Let go-she says it's so that other girls can't take advantage of you. That's true! There are many women out there who would do who knows what to a single-a lonely-A GUY BY HIMSELF! Look at me, my name may be Sparkle, but I feel more like a projector."
  97. >Twilight slaps herself again.
  98. >"They could do a lot of unpleasant things like undressing you with their eyes or even going so far as to rape you."
  99. >Midnight shakes Twilights head.
  100. >"Twilight, look at him. We're average height and we're just below eye level with his nipples. Inappropriate! Not to mention all that muscle, making him about as broad as a small car. Nobody's going to be able to do anything to him. They could! And what's important is that women could be objectifying him without me there!"
  101. >Midnight smirks evilly.
  102. >"What? Like you do?"
  103. >Midnight relinquishes control, allowing you to see the panic start to overtake Twilight.
  104. >"A-A-Anon, I swear I'm not like the other girls. I-I-I just want to protect y-you and-eep!"
  105. >You close the distance between the two of you and gently place a hand on her shoulder.
  106. "Twilight. This is going to sound blunt and kind of rude, but I know you're a horny nerd. In part because I've seen you checking me out."
  107. >Twilight flinches as you place your other hand on her other shoulder.
  108. "And you know what? I don't care."
  109. >Her eyes slowly crane up to meet yours.
  110. >"You don't?"
  111. "Nope. And if I'm going to be entirely honest, you look pretty good yourself."
  112. >A disbelieving stare is your only response before Twilight looks down at herself.
  113. >""
  114. >You nod.
  115. "Totally. You may not be in the best shape, but that kind of works out for you in some ways."
  116. >She looks between herself and you several times before finally stopping on you.
  117. >"Were you really ugly where you came from?"
  118. >Midnight slaps Twilight as you start laughing.
  119. >"What was that?! I don't know, I just-no, stop talking! You were doing decent and then 'are you ugly'. If I wasn't in your head I'd have you taken out back and shot. I don't need advice from you and don't worry about shooting me. I've got a jury rigged rail gun that I plan on using once-eep!"
  120. >You grab Twilight, lifting her up into a hug.
  121. >This girl is perfectly adorable.
  122. >You continue to laugh as Twilight stares nervously up at you.
  123. >"Um, I know you're laughing, but are you mad? That, uh...well I just thought our cultures might have different beauty standards and pleaseletmegosoIcanshootmyself."
  124. >You pat her on the head, you're laughter having slowed enough for you to speak.
  125. "I'm not mad and I'm not letting you shoot yourself."
  126. >Twilight puts a finger up.
  127. >"What if I said please? Don't let her shoot herself, I like living. Hey, you don't get a say in this! I earned a say in this the moment you shoved both of our feet into your mouth. I'm not even going to call it my mouth anymore, that's how much of a failure you are."
  128. >Twilight grumbles as you set her on the counter.
  129. >You step back and grab her by the shoulders again.
  130. "Now why would I let my two favorite girls get hurt."
  131. >Twilight looks at you.
  132. >"You prefer me more, right?"
  133. >...
  134. >You're actually not sure which one that was.
  135. >"Well obviously he prefers me more. Why would he like you? What do you have?"
  136. >You clamp a hand over her mouth before this gets too messy.
  137. "I like you both. Twilight is cute and nerdy-"
  138. >Midnight shoves your hand away.
  139. >"HA! He called you nerdy!"
  140. "And Midnight runs her mouth too much."
  141. >"...Aren't you going to say something nice about me? Of course he won't, you interrupted him. You have to give a man the respect he is due as well as-okay, I don't need a compliment, but I don't need a lecture either."
  142. >You smile and give her shoulder a squeeze.
  143. "I was also going to say that I'm here because of Midnight."
  144. >This was mean and you knew it.
  145. >But maybe if you threw it down they'd stop fighting.
  146. >The girl in front of you freezes and you can't quite tell who's running the show at the moment.
  147. >You step back, letting the two internally converse.
  148. >They could talk like this, it just seemed that they preferred to speak out loud.
  149. >Or maybe it's fun for Midnight to fight for power.
  150. >She looks up at you.
  151. >"It-it's a good thing you're here, right? You're not mad that...Midnight opened that portal and pulled you over?"
  152. >You slowly lean forward and embrace the girl in a hug.
  153. "Like I said, you're my two favorite girls. There's nowhere else I'd rather be."
  154. >The girl before you sits there, unmoving and silent.
  155. >After a bit, she slowly extends her arms, reaching up to wrap them around your neck.
  156. >"Anonymous, I know this is sudden, but how do you feel about going to see a movie?"
  157. >The microwave goes off, letting you know the popcorn is done.
  158. >You look over and then back to the girl in front of you before smiling.
  159. "You mean like a date?"
  160. >She looks between you and the microwave before rubbing an arm.
  161. >"Uh, yeah. I mean, you may have gone through a lot of trouble because of-"
  162. >You gently squeeze her shoulder.
  163. "I'd love to."
  164. >Both of her eyebrows pop up.
  165. >"I, uh, good? No, I mean good! Um, guess we'll go tonight?"
  166. >You turn your head upwards, trying to think.
  167. "Actually, is there anything good playing?"
  168. >Her eyes go wide before she hops off the counter.
  169. >"I'm going to go check what's playing you, uh, stay right here."
  170. "Oka-bye?"
  171. >Twilight was gone and out of the room before you could really say anything.
  172. >Well that-
  173. >Wait.
  174. >Which one did you just agree to date?
  176. ----------
  178. >Twilight, you think, let you pick the movie out.
  179. >And like that Nazi dude in 'The Last Crusade' you chose poorly.
  180. >You ended up picking this worlds equivalent of Lord of the Rings.
  181. >The one where Gollum started to talk to himself.
  182. >The biggest difference was that most of the cast was female.
  183. >Oh, and that there isn't as big of a stigma on breasts here.
  184. >So the two or three of you watched some crazy chick with saggy tits yell at herself for a good portion of the movie.
  185. >Ugh, they were just all saggy and floppy and bouncing everywhere, made even worse by the fact that it was kind of bad CGI.
  186. >She was like a Dead or Alive character that no one asked for.
  187. >They even had a scene where she was talking to herself by staring into a pool of water, and they would mess with the reflection by having her tits slap the water.
  188. >If this is your life now...
  189. >Well, at least there are girls here with nice breasts.
  190. >You hit one of the theater exit doors and duck under the frame as you push it outwards, holding it open for Twilight.
  191. >You may not be a fedora tipper, but you at least had manners, especially on a date.
  192. >A small torrent of people blocks your view of her, but thankfully your Godzilla sized here.
  193. >It takes a moment of scanning the crowd, but you eventually see her holding the other door just as you were holding yours.
  194. >Yeah.
  195. >You should have figured.
  196. >You jam your foot against the door as you wait for the masses to clear.
  197. >Looking over to Twilight, you can see the far off look signaling that she was talking with Midnight.
  198. >You hope they aren't upset about the movie you picked.
  199. >Why did they let you pick out the movie?
  200. >You have only been in this place for two weeks, you don't know what to expect.
  201. >This only could have ended in...
  202. >This.
  203. >The tide of people stops for just a second and both of you let go of your respective doors before the next one hits.
  204. >Geez.
  205. >Not so much as a single 'thank you' for either of you.
  206. >Assholes.
  207. >"S-so how did you like the movie, Anon?"
  208. >You grab her by the shoulder, pulling her out of the way as the door slams open, allowing a...
  209. >What is a group of jocks called?
  210. >Screw it.
  211. >The faggot of jocks loudly and brashly make their way out of the theater and down the street.
  212. "I thought the movie was...well it was actually like something from back home."
  213. >Twilight perks up at that as you gently start to guide her away from the theater.
  214. >"Really? That's so fascinating. I wonder what other similarities our cultures have. Oh, maybe you two can have a cultural exchange. You can teach Twilight how to relax."
  215. >You pop an eyebrow at Midnights interruption, both you and Twilight turning back to the crowd to make sure no one noticed.
  216. >Seeing that you should be clear, you wrap an arm around Twilight.
  217. "So, uh, I didn't know-"
  218. >Twilight gives you a quick nod as she tries to reach up and put an hand on your opposite shoulder.
  219. >The arm itself being too short, starts to gently slap your back as Twilight tries to grab on.
  220. >"I've read the books, Anon. If I-"
  221. >She purses her lips, loosing her words and her control as Midnight takes them.
  222. >Midnight settles on wrapping the just-too-short arm around your mid-section and leans into you.
  223. >"She's saying it's fine. She wanted to see the movie, but didn't have a chance until now. It was somewhat unsettling seeing that, but it was honestly worse that they implied we would look that ugly one day."
  224. >You look back to the crowd as you chuckle.
  225. >Letting go of her shoulder, you take in the cool night air, trying to figure out if you're dating one crazy girl, two crazy girls, or one girl and her crazy mind twin.
  226. >You blast air out of your nose as you look at...
  227. >As you look at Sparkle.
  228. >That's something they have in common.
  229. >They're both named Sparkle.
  230. >You can call them that when you lose track of who's who.
  231. >You give Sparkle a nudge.
  232. "Well, I don't know about you two, but I definitely thought I could have picked a better movie."
  233. >She nods.
  234. >"Oh, absolutely. That was a terrible pick, Anon. Are you serious? You've been going nonstop about this movie since I was...was I born? And did you really just say something negative about your holy dick shrine? Anon, Midnight said that. Oh, don't you go blaming that on me, missy. I'm going to-whoa! I guess we're doing this now."
  235. >You pick Sparkle up, readjusting her so that she can sit on your shoulders.
  236. >Thankfully, she didn't wear her usual skirt, meaning there was no issue with giving her a shoulder ride.
  237. >"Anon! I'm not a child! Well, maybe if you didn't act like one, he wouldn't treat us like one. He did this because of you, you Stacy!"
  238. >Well, there might be some issue with it.
  239. >Is this too early for you to be doing something like this.
  240. >This is your first date and her vagina is right at the back of your neck.
  241. >...
  242. >You need to find some porn.
  243. "No two, but it'll be a bit faster this way."
  244. >Because your legs are longer and stuff.
  245. >Midnight leans forward, placing her hands on the top of your head and breathing in the night air.
  246. >"I appreciate what you're doing for me a great deal, Anonymous. After all, one should show a man a certain level of respect."
  247. >Twilight sits up straight a bit too fast, making you a little unsteady on your feet.
  248. >"I hate you. Really? Because we sure get frisky when-"
  249. >Twilight smacks herself hard enough to make you jerk back.
  250. >You grunt as you try to keep both of you from impacting with the cement.
  251. "Okay, you two. Unless you want some head trauma and you either get a third or go down to one and a half people, I suggest both of you relax."
  252. >Sparkle goes quiet as you resume your steady march back towards...
  253. "Wait, whose house are we going to?"
  254. >"Yours, obviously. Twilights parents are home and I think all three of us don't want to be interrupted. Midnight, please. I think you should be asking him please. I-Anon, can you please put me down? Why'd you ask him that? I was talking about sex."
  255. >You chuckle to yourself as you kneel, allowing the small girl to get off of you.
  256. >She swings her legs back and starts to slide off of your back before latching back on to whisper into your ear.
  257. >"What do you think about it, Anonymous? The two of our bodies intertwined as the two of us drain you of every drop you've got. How about-"
  258. >Twilight jumps off of your back, making you stumble forward.
  259. >"MID-now, now. Don't want to make a scene."
  260. >Twilights head whips around to look for anyone before she returns to scolding Midnight.
  261. >You look away from them, doing your best to readjust yourself in your pants as she does that.
  262. >Damn horny she-demon making you horny.
  263. >"That was incredibly rude and-oh he was enjoying it. Weren't you, big guy?"
  264. >Uh.
  265. "Uh."
  266. >Things are different here, right?
  267. >It's okay if-
  268. >You turn back to the pair as Midnight waves at you with a grin.
  269. >"Methinks the boy know what he likes. H-he wouldn't-tut-tut, Twilight. Only bad girls lie and only delusional ones lie to themselves."
  270. >Midnight grins up at you.
  271. >"We may have had a rocky start on this date, but that doesn't mean we can't smooth things out. What do you two say?"
  272. >Midnight throws the reigns back to Twilight, who stumbles a bit since she didn't seem to be expecting it.
  273. >She starts to fiddle with a lock of her hair as she keeps her eyes on you.
  274. >You wrap an arm around her and start heading towards your place.
  275. >Midnight might have been joking or she might have been serious about being 'interrupted'.
  276. >Either way, she's been making some good calls so far.
  277. >Actually.
  278. "What do you two think of dinner? I know a good place on the way home."
  279. >"It can't have chicken. W-what's wrong with chicken? Ugh, you guzzle down those microwavable 'nuggies' the way you should be guzzling down dick."
  280. >Twilight seems to look legitimately hurt by this.
  281. >"B-but I like my nuggies. Oh, don't give me that...Twilight. Twi-Anon, can you please hug me? I don't want to be stuck with her moping all night."
  282. >You do as Midnight asks, trying your best to keep from laughing.
  283. >This girl was absolutely adorable.
  284. >Sparkle-no, Twilight looks up at you.
  285. >"You like chicken, don't you?"
  286. >You grin as you hold her a bit tighter.
  287. "I sure do. I like chicken and rice-"
  288. >"No."
  289. >Midnight was currently giving you a completely deadpan gaze.
  290. >"Anonymous, when people eat, they like to eat things with flavor. They don't just eat to-Midnight, don't be mean to him. I'm not being mean, I'm stating facts. Would you eat chicken and rice?"
  291. >Sparkle goes silent for a bit as-
  292. >Oh, if you call her Sparkle then that technically means you're dating three people.
  293. >Or is that just a pet name?
  294. >"I'd eat it. No you wouldn't. I eat chicken and rice all the time. Yes, when the chicken is slathered in various sauces and the rice is fried and comes in a little take-out box."
  295. >You give Sparkle a squeeze as you take a corner.
  296. "I used to do the plain chicken and rice stuff, but that got boring so I started mixing it up. But how does some cordon bleu sound to you two?"
  297. >Midnight snaps up to you.
  298. >"So you can cook something decent. Midnight, be nice."
  299. >You shake your head, chuckling to yourself as the little diner comes into sight.
  300. "I'm far from a five star chef, but I'd say I'm at least half decent."
  301. >"Then I'd say you're leagues better than Twilight. Hey, that one time you tried cooking you burned my hand. Yes, well...that was your fault."
  302. >Twilight opens her mouth to speak, but you give her a squeeze and pull her back.
  303. "Hey, you two. Do you mind cutting that out long enough to eat?"
  304. >Sparkle looks up at the diner before looking at you.
  305. >"I'll be good. So long as you don't order chicken, I'll be fine."
  306. >Twilight scowls, but nods.
  307. >You start to move towards the door as you think.
  308. >Do you qualify as a kind of teacher now since you break up fights and get these two to behave?
  309. >Wait.
  310. >You saw Twilight in her schools uniform and it wasn't bad.
  311. >If things go okay maybe she-
  312. >Later.
  313. >You shake your head as Twilight dashes forward to hold the door for you.
  314. >You grin at her as you pass by.
  315. "Thank you."
  316. >Fuck you, movie theater people.
  317. >Can't even say thanks.
  318. >Manners aren't that hard.
  319. >"Take a seat wherever you-Nanners! And Twilight too?! Oh, what are you too doing out this late in the evening alone and together."
  320. >You did not think this through.
  321. >Twilight tugs your sleeve.
  322. >"Did you-"
  323. "I forgot."
  324. >You have no idea how.
  325. >Despite seeing a literal she-demon upon your arrival to this world, Pinkie was by far the scariest thing you've ever seen.
  326. >You'd stay away from her, but it was easier to eat out while you got everything settled in for your new home.
  327. >And she was probably the best cook you've ever met, so it was kind of worth it.
  328. >Pinkie grabs you by the arm and rolls over on her skates to an empty booth.
  329. >"I'd almost say you two are on a date, but it's not like Twilight could ever work up the nerve to talk to a guy."
  330. >You and Sparkle exchange glances.
  331. >There were rules for people knowing about this kind of thing back home, but that was literally a world away.
  332. >And some of the rules are definitely different here.
  333. >Pinkie giggles to herself as you gesture to Sparkle.
  334. >She quickly shakes her head before grinning.
  335. >"Actually, we are on a date. Is there a special you would recommend?"
  336. >Midnight.
  337. >What are you doing, Midnight?
  338. >The last person she needs to be popping up around is the only one freakier than her.
  339. >Speaking of the pink abomination, Pinkie has gone stock still as she stares up at you.
  340. >She looks over to Twilight for a second before looking back at you.
  341. >A grin slowly crawls across, making your skin crawl.
  342. >"Have you told any of the others?"
  343. "N-no."
  344. >"Good, good. Keep it that way until tomorrow and I'll get you two something special. And by something special I mean the house special. Two house specials COMING UP!"
  345. >Pinkie rolls off, leaving you unnerved and Sparkle confused.
  346. >The two of you sit down without a word.
  347. >Emphasis on the 'without a word'.
  348. >Finally, Midnight breaks the silence.
  349. >"That was freakish even for me. No, that's about average for you. Well at least when I do something it's intentional and not because I'm an idiot. You don't have to insult her. That doesn't mean I won't."
  350. "You really shouldn't do that here."
  351. >Both agreed to be good so why are they acting up?
  352. >Midnight holds a finger up as she turns back to you with a retort.
  353. >Before she can get it out, however, a spine chilling giggle locks the three of you in place.
  354. >"Hehehe! It's fine if she wants to practice her part in a play, Nonno Bononno. Or are you doing that because you just saw that movie? Oooo, I think I smell the popcorn butter! No, there's some in the kitchen. Wait, I think I left butter on the burner!"
  355. >Pinkie rolls away again, leaving a shaky Sparkle staring at you.
  356. >"You are absolutely right."
  358. ----------
  360. >Today is Sunday.
  361. >And that means The Pink One is coming.
  362. >You frown slightly, but continue grabbing things for everyone that was showing up.
  363. >It was decided that every week the eight of you would meet up on Sundays.
  364. >There was supposedly more planned already, but Sunday was going to be locked in for everybody.
  365. >Somehow it was decided that the first one would be at your house.
  366. >You aren't happy about the inevitable mess, but it will be nice to ask some questions on stuff
  367. >Especially considering you were going to school tomorrow.
  368. >It's a good thing in a way, but you're going to stick out like...
  369. >Ugh.
  370. >You're so boring you can't even come up with a metaphor.
  371. >THUD
  372. >Your frown lessens as you set the water to boil.
  373. >Well you're not too boring considering who you were dating.
  374. "Hey! Are you two behaving?!"
  375. >"Yes! No!"
  376. >Huh.
  377. >That was actually the answer you expected.
  378. >You shake your head before calling out again.
  379. "Hey, Midnight! Can you grab a shirt from my room? I had to chuck my current one in the trash."
  380. >The sound of footfalls fills your house and quickly grows louder.
  381. >You lean on the counter with a smirk as you wait for her.
  382. >She slams into the frame of the doorway with a manic grin, much like yesterday.
  383. >The grin slowly falls as she sees you're still wearing a shirt.
  384. >"Y-you lied to me. Midnight, in one week he's done this a dozen times and you fell for it every time. W-well he shouldn't lie. You tried to destroy two worlds!..It was for science?"
  385. "What did you two break and whose idea was it?"
  386. >A purple hand points at Twilight, who tries to swat it away as she speaks up.
  387. >"Well, you said that you needed to move some furniture, so I thought I would help. I would just like to say that I am innocent and that despite her incompetence, Twilight didn't break anything."
  388. >You chuckle to yourself.
  389. "Twi, the furniture would have taken me a minute."
  390. >Twilight tries to say something only for Midnight to take over.
  391. >"Yes, I told her that. That doesn't mean we have to make him do it on his own. Twilight, he's twice our size."
  392. >You grab Sparkles shoulder before the two start going.
  393. "Hey, we're going to have company soon."
  394. >Midnight groans.
  395. >"Ugh, I'm going to be cooped up in here while you get all lesbo with your new friends. H-hey, I'm not a-you masturbate another girl every night, you're pretty lesbo."
  396. >You and Twilight stare at eachother, neither sure what to say to that.
  397. >It takes a minute before a purple finger slowly points up in Twilights defense.
  398. >"Anon, I don't masturbate."
  399. >You nod.
  400. "Okay."
  401. >"And even if I did, it would still be my body since I was here first. S-so I'm totally not a dyke. She likes to think about your thighs locked around her head. MIDNIGHT!"
  402. >You watch the two struggle for control and think to yourself.
  403. >Should you do for it?
  404. >You're going to do it.
  405. "That's cool. I like to think about yours around mine."
  406. >Sparkle freezes in place.
  407. >You probably shouldn't have done it.
  408. >"Twilight. I know. Twilight. I know. He's a lewd one~"
  409. >You look at the blushing Twilight, as you try to keep your expression neutral.
  410. >"I /know/."
  411. >Totally the right move.
  412. >Midnight smirks at you.
  413. >"I suppose that will have to keep me satisfied."
  414. >She steps forward and motion you downward once she gets close.
  415. >You lean down and once you're in range she hops up on her toes and places a kiss on your cheek.
  416. >"Haha~ I got the first kiss."
  417. >You let the shame of your ancestors weigh upon you as Twilight yells Midnight.
  418. >You had tried so hard to get a kiss in at the end of the date last night, but not even Midnight could stop the sudden outflow of spaghetti.
  419. >It was hilarious.
  420. >Mid lets Twilight rant a bit before looking up at you.
  421. >"See you in a bit, big guy."
  422. >The change is clear to you, but you don't think Twilight noticed she 'left'.
  423. >Once she realizes it she shakes her fists in frustration.
  424. >"Oh, she makes me so mad sometimes!"
  425. >You lean down again, putting your head next to hers.
  426. "Do you want to get the second kiss, Twilight?"
  427. >She purses her lips.
  428. >"Um...oh shut up, Midnight."
  429. >Twilight darts forward and places a kiss on your other cheek before dodging back just as quickly.
  430. >You pull her back with a smile and place the third kiss on her cheek.
  431. "What did she say?"
  433. "Oh, uh-"
  434. >"I got it!"
  435. >Your eyes nearly pop out of your skull as you hear Pinkie Pies voice calling out through your house.
  436. >When did she get in?
  437. >Did she hear Midnight?
  438. >How did she get in?!
  439. >Twilight looks as bewildered as you do as you start to march toward the sound of Pinkies footsteps.
  440. >You hear your front door open and the happy chatter of Pinkie and her friends as you step into your living room.
  441. >Pinkie waves at you.
  442. >"Hiya, Non n' Twi! How're-"
  443. "How did you get in my house?"
  444. >You are trying very hard not to yell at her as she grins up at you.
  445. >"Hehehe, you didn't lock your closet, silly."
  446. >It's your house and you can yell if you want to.
  447. "WHAT?!"
  448. >Pinkie giggles as she fishes around in her pocket.
  449. >There's a light jingle as she tosses a pair of keys over to you.
  450. >You snatch them out of the air and look at the oddly normal looking keys.
  451. >Why is it odd that they look normal?
  452. >A tap at our side brings you over to Applejack.
  453. >"Partner, I know what yer thinking and I'll tell ya right now, just don't. Don't think about it."
  454. "But-"
  455. >"Don't do it."
  456. "She-"
  457. >"Don't think about it."
  458. "...Okay."
  459. >Applejack nods and turns back to Pinkie.
  460. >"What'd I tell ya 'bout breaking and entering?"
  461. >"There wasn't any breaking, just entering."
  462. >Pinkie stares at you as she says this, wearing the face of a creature that both forgot how to blink and how not to smile.
  463. >Silence rings out as the two of you stare at eachother.
  464. >You feel the beast staring into your soul her very-
  465. >"Are there snacks?"
  466. "W-what?"
  467. >"Imma go check the kitchen for snacks!"
  468. >Pinkie runs off, Dash following shortly after her and AJ doing the same after shrugging.
  469. >You shake your head as you return to your other guests.
  470. >Two of whom were trying to upright your couch.
  471. >You look at a sheepish Twilight, quickly gesturing to the couch as you move to help.
  472. >You get between Rarity and the bacon haired girl you met two weeks ago and grab your couch.
  473. >There's a slight grunting from both of the girls as the couch rolls over.
  474. >Rarity starts to pat at her hair, probably to make sure it's alright, while bacon hair turns to you.
  475. >"How exactly did you flip your couch, Anon?"
  476. >"That's my fault!"
  477. >Your group turns to Twilight, who quickly shrinks in on herself.
  478. >"I-I was trying to help."
  479. >Despite her sudden change, bacon hair steps up to Twilight and extends a hand.
  480. >"Hey, I know we weren't so friendly at the games and stuff, but I hope we can put that behind us."
  481. >Twilight slowly places her hand in bacons and gives a light shake.
  482. >"Sure."
  483. >"Great! I can get a little competitive when it come to that stuff so, you know, I'm sorry and all that."
  484. >Bacon spins in place and looks up at you.
  485. >"And how have you been doing? I know we didn't really talk any when we met and...did I even give you my name?"
  486. >You shake your head.
  487. "Well after I fell through that portal I started to, uh. I think I blacked out? But once the other Twilight popped up, I was in one of those 'why not' moods so I walked over to say hi. After I explained everything, you and the other Twilight started running in and out of a statue to wave crystals at me and then you tossed that bag of gold at me. Thanks for that by the way. Most of that went into this house."
  488. >Rarity shakes her head as she plops down on the sofa.
  489. >"Truly, darling. You can't even introduce yourself to a gentleman. Especially after he went through so much. I know you come from a different-"
  490. >"Rarity don't you get started on-"
  491. >Bacon hair huffs and sticks her hand out.
  492. >"I'm Sunset Shimmer and I am /very/ sorry that I didn't introduce myself to you earlier. Please ignore the dyke on your couch."
  493. >"Sunset!"
  494. >You break into laughter as you grab Sunsets hand, giving it a good shake before letting go.
  495. "Nice to meet you, Sunset. And you don't need to worry about sending me back. I was looking for a change of scenery anyways."
  496. >Sunsets expression goes blank at that.
  497. >"You don't want to go back?"
  498. >You shrug.
  499. "Well, unless reality is going to explode if I stay here, I kind of like it here. Is there something wrong with that?"
  500. >Sunset breathes out slowly before giving you a thumbs up.
  501. >"You're fine. I just went and wasted two weeks of my life for nothing."
  502. "Oh."
  503. >She waves you off before continuing.
  504. >"Really, it's fine. We'd need a lot of power just to get started and to find where you came from could take who knows how long. But at least the two of us are kind of in the same boat. I personally know what it's like to be on another world, alone from your kind and freaking out to no end. So feel free to talk to me if you're ever freaking out about this stuff."
  505. "Um, are you an alien too?"
  506. >"Kind of. I'm a unicorn."
  507. "...Okay."
  508. >Sunset starts to look around the room.
  509. >"Hey where's Fluttershy?"
  510. >That's a good question to distract you from the unicorn in the room.
  511. >You look around your living room as Sunset heads to the kitchen to look for her.
  512. >Rarity sighs, getting up and walking to the front door.
  513. >She opens it to revealing the quiet girl standing on your front step with a small potted plant.
  514. >"Fluttershy, please. It's fine for you to come in."
  515. >"But Anon never said we could. A-and it's rude to just barge into someones house."
  516. >"Yes, I will admit that was rather rude of us, but everything is fine. Isn't that right, Anonymous?"
  517. >Damn it.
  518. >Getting her inside will eat up at least an hour.
  519. >The first time you offered to let her come into your house, Dash and AJ literally dragged her in after an hour of coaxing.
  520. >Today you're skipping that.
  521. >You can't help but smile at the innocent girl in your doorway.
  522. "Fluttershy, are you a vampire?"
  523. >She starts at that before looking up to you with a mildly confused expression.
  524. >"What do you mean?"
  525. "Vampires can't enter peoples houses if they're not invited. So this could be some long, complex ploy to get me to invite you into my house so you can suck my blood."
  526. >"N-NO! I-I-I-"
  527. >Fluttershy leaps forward, nearly bowling the rather unamused Rarity over.
  528. >"See?! I'm not a vampire!"
  529. >You give a small cheer to yourself before crouching down to look at the plant she held.
  530. "So what's this thing, Flutters?"
  531. >Fluttershy instantly perks up, lifting the plant higher as Rarity heads back to the couch.
  532. >"This is a snake plant. I thought you'd like to have something nice in your home"
  533. >You smile as you take the plant from her.
  534. "Well thanks, Fluttershy. Although I'm not too good with plants so-"
  535. >A tapping at your hand brings your eyes down to a folded up piece of paper.
  536. >"These plants don't need a lot of attention, but here's a list of the things they do need."
  537. >Two of your fingers flick out, grabbing onto the note as you nod.
  538. "Okay. Thanks, Flutters."
  539. >You turn around and place the plant on your coffee table before moving back to your chair.
  540. >You then redirect yourself since everyone is eating your stuff.
  541. >Ducking under the entry way you see exactly what you expected.
  542. >As well as a bit more.
  543. >You point a finger at Dash and call out.
  544. "OI! Those are my protein bars!"
  545. >You stomp towards a wide-eyed Dash who was getting into your damn protein bars.
  546. >"Well you cleared out the shop. And it's not like you're going to eat all of these."
  547. >You pull one of the bars out of the box and wave it at her.
  548. "Look at how tiny these are. I nearly need to eat two for what I need."
  549. >Dash looks you up and down.
  550. >Emphasis on the up.
  551. >Even by this worlds standards this girl was short.
  552. >"You wanna arm wrestle for 'em?"
  553. >Applejack snorts behind you.
  554. "Excuse me? You've seen the size difference right? You could probably wrap yourself around my arm while I do curls."
  555. >You're not that strong but still.
  556. >Bitches be tiny.
  557. >Dash puts the box on the island counter before setting her elbow on it after.
  558. >"That'd be kind of hot, but I always wanted to arm wrestle an amanzonian or an alien and you're both. C'mon sis, I'll even pay for the box if I win."
  559. >With a shrug, you walk to the other side of the island and crouch down.
  560. >You take hold of the hand, which fits rather neatly in yours, and wait for AJ to step forward.
  561. >She shakes her head at Dash and chuckles.
  562. >"Shoot, Dash. I didn't think you were one for taking losing bets."
  563. >Rainbow rolls her eyes.
  564. >"Yeah yeah. Give us the countdown already."
  565. >Applejack simply shakes her head again.
  566. >"Don't need no countdown. Have at it."
  567. >Your arm rocks slightly as Dash applies tension.
  568. >She's actually pretty strong.
  569. >For her size.
  570. >You turn to Applejack.
  571. "You know, I never did thank you for that chair."
  572. >Applejack smirks at Rainbow, the blue girls sneakers squeaking on the floor as she tries to get better leverage.
  573. >"Think nothing of it, sugarcube. That was actually a bit of a rush job, which is why it's so big. Let me know if there's any problems with it and we'll fix it right up."
  574. >You nod.
  575. "Thanks, AJ. And thanks to both of you for helping me get my furniture in."
  576. >Applejack chuckles as you take a couple of inches from Dash.
  577. >"Both of us're happy to help pardner."
  578. >You turn your head around Dash, trying to get a look at your oven.
  579. "Hey, did somebody get-"
  580. >You twist back to Pinkie, nearly slamming Dash's hand into the counter and making her grunt.
  581. >It looks like the girl got the pizza bagels and the brownies out along with setting up the tea.
  582. >That was nice of her, even if what she was doing with them was absolutely disgusting.
  583. "Pinkie. Is that a brownie on a pizza bagel?"
  584. >"Uh-huh."
  585. "And are you dunking the two into the tea?"
  586. >"Yep."
  587. "...Okay. Hey, whose idea was it for me to go to school? Can't we just say that I'm good or whatever?"
  588. >Sunset swallows her current bite of bagel before speaking.
  589. >"That was mine. I'm sure you've noticed that Canterlot High is a bit, well, let's say exciting."
  590. >You nod.
  591. "That's a word for it."
  592. >"And everybody seems to be turning a blind eye to what's happening here."
  593. "Why?"
  594. >Sunset shrugs.
  595. >"No idea, but it's good for you. You'll go through classes to help you understand this world, make friends to further that, and get some documentation. All while using the freaky events at CHS as a cover for your sudden appearance."
  596. >You give Dash some room back as you try to fully address Sunset.
  597. "How much thought did you put into this?"
  598. >"Not too much. I'm just good at reacting to things suddenly being on fire and know how to dance around that."
  599. "Okay, do you mean literally or metaphorically on fire?"
  600. >"A little column A, and a little column dragons breath."
  601. >Haha, dragons are real too.
  602. >You point at Sunsets pizza bagel because even that doesn't make sense.
  603. "Uh, Sunset? That's one of the pepperoni ones."
  604. >Sunset looks at the bagel in her hand before tuning back to you.
  605. >"Uh, did you want it or..."
  606. "Aren't you a unicorn?"
  607. >"Yeah?"
  608. >So unicorns eat meat.
  609. >You learned something new today.
  610. "Okay."
  611. >You slam Dash's hand down, making her grunt from the force.
  612. >She starts to shake her hand as you push the box of protein bars over.
  613. "This is thanks for helping me find a gym. And please try not to go through my food when I have stuff made for everybody."
  614. >Rainbow flashes a smile, snatching up the box with one hand as she shakes the one that you slammed down.
  615. >"Thanks, sis!"
  616. >You grab a bagel of your own as Rarity and Flutteshy slip into the kitchen, Twilight waiting quietly at the doorway.
  617. >You gesture her forward, patting at the counter to your right.
  618. >She looks at the small crowd before simply dashing forward.
  619. >Once she gets close enough you wrap an arm around her to bring her close.
  620. >You take a small bite of your pizza bagel before looking around the room just to notice everyone staring at you.
  621. >No they're staring at the two of you.
  622. >Shit.
  623. >Pinkie pops the rest of her pizza-brownie-bagel and washes it down with her tea before rapidly snapping.
  624. >"And there we have it, ladies! Whip out your check books, whip out your cash, heck I even take credit cards!"
  625. >There's a series of groans as some of the girls start to rifle around in their pockets.
  626. "I-what?"
  627. >Pinkie giggles as Dash and Applejack hand her rather sizable rolls of money while Rarity actually starts to write a check.
  628. >"We made a bet about who'd be getting that amanzonian dick-"
  629. >"Pinkie, do not-"
  630. >"Rarity bet on herself."
  631. >Rarity sputters at Pinkies interruption and begins to look around the room.
  632. >"W-well so did Rai-"
  633. >Dash scoffs.
  634. >"Of course I did! We already had gym time and stuff set up already. I just didn't think that a nerd would have more game than me."
  635. >AJ nudges her in the ribs.
  636. >"Well the other Twi is a princess. Maybe she's good with the fellas."
  637. >Sunset snorts as she reaches for a brownie, her bagel gone.
  638. >"No, every time she saw a stallion there was alfalfa, sorry spaghetti everywhere. Still, good going, Twilight."
  639. >Twilights head slowly swivels around the room.
  640. >"I feel that all of this is very rude to Anon."
  641. >Sunset nods.
  642. >"Yeah, you sound like her too."
  643. >You give her a light squeeze and a smile as Rarity clears her throat.
  644. >"I must agree with Twilight, everyone. However, even as I say that."
  645. >Rarity points to the food Pinkie laid out.
  646. >"Darling, I don't want to be a rude guest bagels, brownies, and tea? The other two mesh well enough, but the tea does not mix."
  647. >You look at your, admittedly meager, spread and rub your chin.
  648. "Uh, yeah. I didn't even think of that. Sorry."
  649. >Rarity quickly waves a hand as she gives Pinkie the check.
  650. >"Oh, there is absolutely no need to apologize, darling. I'm just saying-"
  651. >Rainbow groans.
  652. >"Can we change the subject now? I don't want to listen to Rarity being a dyke again."
  653. >Rarity gasps and quickly steps towards Rainbow.
  654. >"Well how about we-"
  655. >Sunset is wonderfully quick on the draw as she jumps between the two.
  656. >"Hey, let's talk about uh-"
  657. >Her eyes scan around the room before finally landing on Twilight.
  658. >Her face grows momentarily grim as she drags Rarity away from Dash.
  659. >"So Twilight. I probably should have talked to you about this earlier but have you noticed any..."
  660. >Sunset releases Rarity and spins a hand in the air as she tries to choose her next words.
  661. >Twilight seems to know what's coming however.
  662. >"Midnight?"
  663. >Sunset nods, her face stoic.
  664. >Twilight shifts around in your grip before going quiet.
  665. >She stays that way for a good bit before finally speaking.
  666. >"I've been having, um, not quite migraines but-"
  667. >Sunset nods.
  668. >"A headache that will disappear for a bit before trying to crack your skull in two? Yeah, sounds like mana surging which you should definitely be having. That's basically a magical hangover."
  669. >What?
  670. >Why didn't Twilight tell you about this?
  671. >She keeps going, holding out a hand towards Sunset.
  672. >"And then my fingers. It's almost like I can feel each beat of my heart in them sometimes."
  673. >The fuck is this?!
  674. >Sunset hums.
  675. >"Sounds like your ventilating. You should be doing that through a horn but, you know. After flinging around that much magic you'd have to let the 'heat' cool off or risk-"
  676. >Sunsets eyes flick up to Twilights forehead before going back to her hand.
  677. >"Uh, let's just say it's a good thing you can't access that magic right now. The effects of overcharging too far can be unpleasant."
  678. >Both you and Twilight grimace, Twilight closing her hand into a fist and bringing it to her chest.
  679. >You hold up your free hand and squeeze Twilight a bit tighter.
  680. "Please don't tell me she's going to explode."
  681. >Sunset instantly throws her free hand up in a placating manner.
  682. >"No no no! If anything she sounds fine. Heck, it sounds like she's going through some of the same stuff I want through when I was playing around with magic."
  683. >The fiery haired girl shrugs.
  684. >"If anything, she sounds like she's doing pretty good."
  685. >Sunset breaks off a little piece of the brownie and pops it in her mouth before turning to Twilight.
  686. >"Anything else, Twilight?"
  687. >Twilight goes quiet again as-
  688. >Oh god damn it.
  689. >Midnight is telling her to say this shit, isn't she?
  690. >But how does Midnight know about this stuff?
  691. >You try to keep a neutral expression as Twilight speaks up.
  692. >"There's, and I've been trying to figure out how this works, but there's some kind of electrical discharge when I come into contact with certain materials. But the electricity has an odd color."
  693. >Sunset breaths a sigh of relief.
  694. >"That tells us that Midnight is probably getting dumped from your system. And with her pouring out, it'll keep another wraith from jumping back in during your mana surge. I would know since I actually went through it a couple times."
  695. >Both you and Twilight lock in place.
  696. >You decide to speak first, because why not?
  697. "Is-is becoming a world destroying demon a normal thing for unicorns or..."
  698. >"Well I only did it about three times since I traveled a bit and the wards against such things aren't as strong on the road, but I did it one more time once I got over here. I went traveling because I figured I could control them when they found me and since I was such a powerful unicorn, they came out in droves."
  699. >Sunset takes another bite of her brownie as she stares out the window.
  700. >The fuck is she talking about?
  701. >What is any of this?
  702. >"Oh, one of our leaders also tried to create eternal night. Although I doubt that was a simple wraith since she could move the moon and would have a lot more defenses than the average unicorn."
  703. >Don't ask questions.
  704. >Just don't.
  705. >Pinkie giggles.
  706. >"It was the pony version of Vice Principal Luna, wasn't it? I went through the old yearbooks and she totally had an 'eternal night' phase."
  707. >Sunset nods at Pinkie.
  708. >"Yeah, I haven't met her yet, but Twilight tells me she's just about as grumpy as our Luna."
  709. >Twilight slowly puts up a finger which Sunset quickly waves off.
  710. >"Other Twilight."
  711. >Twilight smiles nervously.
  712. >"So everything should be fine?"
  713. >Sunset leans back on the counter and simply gives Twilight a thumbs up as she chomps on her brownie.
  714. >That's not very reassuring considering you're talking about wraiths or whatever.
  715. >Or you would say that if you didn't like the demon/ghost girl.
  716. >Are there words to describe your life now?
  717. >You'd like to buy a vowel.
  718. >AJ steps forward and gives Twilight a friendly pat on the back.
  719. >"Well if'n you do see any signs a her comin' back, say somethin' and we'll come runnin'. Until then I'mma go watch some TV."
  720. >Dash perks up.
  721. >"Oh, isn't that wrestling match going to be on soon?"
  722. >"Oh absolutely not, darling. We are going to watch something wholesome and-"
  723. >"Ooo, there's a new show called Oven Wars! I think it's about putting ovens on wheels and having them fight, but it might be about baking."
  724. >Arguing breaks out as almost everyone files out of your kitchen and into your living room.
  725. >You give Twilights shoulder a light squeeze.
  726. >"Um."
  727. >You spin in place, a little surprised at the noise.
  728. >Fluttershy holds a cheese pizza bagel on top of a paper towel as she looks up at you.
  729. >"Do you mind if I pick what we watch?"
  730. "Uh, sure. Why not?"
  731. >Fluttershy hops excitedly in place before dashing out of the kitchen.
  732. >You look around the room, making sure nobody is with the two of you, before whispering to Twilight.
  733. "You two doing okay?"
  734. >Twilight nods.
  735. >"You are so eating me out when they're gone."
  736. >You clamp a hand over her mouth as Twilight tries to yell at Midnight.
  737. >How does this semi-demonic, bipolar person seem like the most sane thing in your life?
  738. >...
  739. >It's probably cause she's cute.
  741. ----------
  743. >School went okay.
  744. >You think the principal was stalking you, but other than that everything went pretty good.
  745. >She's probably just worried about you.
  746. >Just because she looks at you funny doesn't mean she'll do anything.
  747. >Right?
  748. >...
  749. >Yeah, you're fucked.
  750. >This place is weird.
  751. >A hand goes up as you wave at the two new friends you made today.
  752. >"YEAH!"
  753. >"Eeyup."
  754. "Okay."
  755. >At least these guys are alright.
  756. >You were about ready to toss that Caramel guy through a window.
  757. >Bulk and Big Mac turn back toward the parking lot as you and Twilight make your way towards the statue everyone was supposed to meet up at.
  758. >Speaking of Twilight, today was her first day at CHS too.
  759. >Considering that you were able to buy a house and she was able to transfer schools all in two weeks, bureaucracy must be pretty nice here.
  760. >The girl in question watches the boys leave before turning up to you.
  761. >"I-is that all they can say?"
  762. >You shrug.
  763. "I don't know, but if it is I'd like them even more."
  764. >Twilight snorts before clamping a hand over her mouth.
  765. >"That's not very nice, Anon."
  766. "What? I just said they'd make for good friends."
  767. >You smirk a little as-
  768. >"Bucking zigger can shove a can of it up-TWILIGHT!"
  769. >The purple nerd jumps in place as Sunset comes marching up to the two of you.
  770. >"Hey, change of plans. You two stay together while the rest of us deal with a thing."
  771. >Twilight looks at you for a moment before turning back to Sunset.
  772. >"Uh, what are you-"
  773. >Sunset is already marching towards the street, not bothering to turn around as she gives an answer.
  774. >"I'm really sorry about this, but when Pinkie says it's an emergency we really need to go."
  775. >Sure enough, Pinkies van drifts around the corner with enough precision to make any Initial D fan cream themselves.
  776. >It was a massive pink monstrosity with the words 'PARTY VAN' written in sharpie on the side.
  777. >You and Twilight watch the spectacle, the van not even slowing down as a side door slides open to reveal Dash and AJ.
  778. >The pair launch their arms out once in range and grab onto Sunset, dragging her inside before slamming the door shut.
  779. >The van picks up speed as it rolls downs the street before pulling another impressive turn.
  780. >You nod.
  781. "Okay."
  782. >Twilight throws her hands out.
  783. >"That is absolutely not okay! That is dangerous and borderline insane!"
  784. >You nod again as you start to drag Twilight with you.
  785. "No, but I'm saying it is because that's the kind of lives we live now, Twilight."
  786. >Pinkie helped you get over this places weirdness with some exposure therapy last night.
  787. >Now all of your closets as well as the space under your bed are locked.
  788. >"I-huh. I guess you're right."
  789. >You don't say anything as you toss her over your shoulder and procede to watch for an opening in the traffic.
  790. >"H-hey! Is this really necessary?"
  791. >Once you see your chance, you Frogger your way across before setting Twilight down.
  792. >She huffs somewhat annoyedly before pointing down the street.
  793. >"The cross walk is right over there."
  794. >You nod before pointing at the house in front of you.
  795. "Yeah, but my house is right here."
  796. >It was a actually pretty nice to have it right here, but there were a bunch of jackass kids that ran around all the time.
  797. >Twilight mumbles slightly as you fiddle with your keys.
  798. >"Should've gone down to the cross walk."
  799. >You step back as the door swings open, gesturing for Twilight to enter.
  800. >She looks between you and the door before her head snaps up as she does a quick look behind her.
  801. >Seemingly satisfied with what she saw, Midnight marches into your house.
  802. >"We are not going to stand outside all day because of your nonsensical chivalry."
  803. >You smirk and quickly follow after her, closing the door behind you.
  804. >As soon as that's done, Midnight wraps herself around you.
  805. >"Anon. I am going to stand here and be happy. And if you try to take this away from me Twilight, then I'm giving both of us a black eye."
  806. >You shrug off your back pack, letting it drop to the floor behind you before wrapping your arms around the girl.
  807. "You do okay today, Mid?"
  808. >"Ugh. Twilight tried to play Minesweeper to keep me occupied."
  809. "...How?"
  810. >"She did it so that we could better visualize things to eachother along with trying to block her thoughts from me. I didn't-if you start yelling I will smack me."
  811. >You chuckle.
  812. "Do you two want anything to eat or drink?"
  813. >"There's a moment of silence before the girls speaks up.
  814. >"I'm fine. Can I get some nuts? And by nuts I mean yours. MIDNIGHT!"
  815. >You laugh as you heft the girl up onto your shoulder again.
  816. "You can drop your bag anywhere, Twilight."
  817. >"Well I don't want to-"
  818. >THUD
  819. >You try to suppress your laughter this time as Midnight throws Twilights bag to the floor.
  820. >"Anon, I am very sorry for my language but fuck you, Midnight."
  821. >A happy pair of hands start to slap you in the back before you set Midnight down in your lap as you sit in your chair.
  822. >"Anon, I finally got her to say fuck! Isn't it great?!"
  823. "Are you trying to corrupt Twilight, Mid?"
  824. >"Only in ways that are funny to me. I've been making images of dicks float through her head all day."
  825. >Poor Twilight looks like a man that's been in the desert for a decade.
  826. >"/All/ day."
  827. "Uh, do-"
  828. >"I'm actually doing it right now."
  829. "...Okay. Midnight, can I ask you some questions I didn't get a chance to ask yesterday."
  830. >Midnight sighs before thumping her head into your chest.
  831. >"Yeah, what about?"
  832. "Well, how did you know all that stuff to tell Sunset? Is it actually happening or do you have some knowledge on magic that you pulled out?"
  833. >Midnight shrugs, slowly snuggling herself further into you.
  834. >"Anyone who has poked their head into the core line...well they kind of do what I did and go nuts. I think there's a way to prevent that, but it's like..."
  835. >Midnight grabs your arm and gives it a shake.
  836. >"If you could suddenly lift twice as much as you currently could, you'd mess stuff up, right?"
  837. >You flex the muscle as you try to think.
  838. "I probably would, yeah."
  839. >"So what happened to me is that I was suddenly able to understand everything about magic and lift all the magical weights. Midnight, that's a terrible analogy. Well what do you expect from me, Twilight? This is an ancient, unknowable power. There aren't words for it for mortal beings like us."
  840. >You poke the girl in the belly to get their attention.
  841. "So basically, you looked into the abyss and the abyss gave you some special brownies."
  842. >"Anon, I'm not sure if that-I was wrong. There are words for the core line and you summed it up perfectly."
  843. >Twilight grumbles as you sit back.
  844. "So have you two been having those symptoms you talked about yesterday or-"
  845. >Twilight shakes her head.
  846. >"I haven't noticed anything. Have you had those headaches, Midnight? I've been dealing with the mana surge but no venting so far as I know."
  847. "What?"
  848. >"What?"
  849. "You've been hurting and you haven't told me?"
  850. >Mid rolls her eyes.
  851. >"Anon, I'm not a baby. I can deal with a bit of a headache every now and then."
  852. >One of your hand goes up to push some of her hair out of her face.
  853. "Well if there's anything I can do to help let me know, Mid. I care about you."
  854. >A flurry of emotions flicker across her face before she simply nods.
  855. >"Th-thank you."
  856. >You frown, not sure about her sudden change of demeanor but deciding to ignore it for the moment.
  857. "So why wouldn't you be venting?"
  858. >She puts a hand up to her chin as she thinks.
  859. >"That's actually a little unsettling. If neither of us are ventilating, that means we could actually either be holding our charge or charging further and...this is like a car without an exhaust. It has to go somewhere."
  860. "Should we get help for this?"
  861. >Twilight slowly rubs her arm.
  862. >"If we ask for help, they could find Midnight. And, well, they all may say they're my friend, but I can't help but think they just expect me to be like the other princess me. And if they find out I've been hiding Midnight..."
  863. >Twilight trails off as she starts to play with her hair.
  864. "Is there anything you can do, Midnight?"
  865. >Midnight leans back and shrugs.
  866. >"I need to think on it. I don't have direct access to magic or even a basic lab. I have a very nice lab, thank you very much. I'm talking about a lab for magic, you dork. Oh."
  867. >You sigh and shuffle Twilight over to your side, leaving her to sit on the chair as you get up.
  868. "I'm going to get a drink and a snack. Are you sure neither of you want anything?"
  869. >"I'm still fine. Do you have any grape soda? Twilight hates it."
  870. >You chuckle as you start to walk off.
  871. "I'll see if I have any, Mid."
  872. >Well shit.
  873. >Maybe she is going to explode.
  874. >Ducking through the entry way to the kitchen, you shake your head.
  875. >Sunset seemed reasonable.
  876. >She'd surely help if-
  877. >Your head snaps back to the living room just as Twilight starts screaming.
  878. >You don't think twice as you charge back towards them, devoid of a plan or the skills to help.
  879. >Fuck it.
  880. >If Twilight is exploding then you'll explode with her.
  881. >You charge back into the living room to see Twilight still sitting in your chair, screaming her head off at-
  882. >Midnight?
  883. >You close the distance and clamp a hand over Twilights mouth.
  884. "Are you okay?"
  885. >Her eyes rapidly shift between you and midnight before she starts aggressively pointing at her.
  886. "Yes, I know. Are you okay?"
  887. >Twilight starts to violently wave her arms.
  888. "Look, I just don't want the cops called on us."
  889. >You release her and thankfully don't hear anymore screaming as you turn to Midnight, who was slowly inspecting herself.
  890. >She looked almost exactly as you remembered seeing her, just a little less glowy.
  891. >"This was why. This was why we weren't venting, Twilight. I-I kept thinking it was me that viewed the core line, and I may be the one that understands it, but it was you that first entered it. It must have broken me off of you. Or-or made a copy or SOMETHING! But-"
  892. >Both of her hands snap up to her forehead, which actually pass through her ethereal horn.
  893. >"Anon, please tell me I have my horn!"
  894. "Uh."
  895. >"No no no."
  896. "Wait, you have a horn, it's just..."
  897. >You should probably just say it.
  898. >Just rip the band aid off and-
  899. >"It's really, really tiny!"
  900. >Or Twilight could do it for you.
  901. >The purple nerd hops out of your chair, quickly moving towards Midnight and starts to poke around her horn.
  902. >"It's not even a quarter of what it was! Maybe you're right in that you're recharging this magic and maybe you're horn is a kind of battery or meter!"
  903. >You march over to the front door and lock it as the two girls talk.
  904. >"You depraved little genius. That almost sounds like a working theory! And since it's not physical, I don't need to worry about overcharging and blowing my horn off! Maybe. I don't plan on testing that."
  905. "Okay, that's a good thing. But are you permanently like this or do I have to hide you in the attic?"
  906. >You're grandpa would be so mad at you for offering to hide someone in your attic.
  907. >The two girls look at eachother before they both extend their hands.
  908. >As soon as they touch, there's a slight whispering noise as Midnight fades out of existence.
  909. >She comes back a second later, making just as little noise.
  910. "So I'm guessing you couldn't do that before simply because you were recharging."
  911. >Midnight nods.
  912. >"Probably."
  913. >Twilight glowers at her.
  914. >"Probably? What kind of answer is that?! This is probably ground breaking in even the magical field of study and WOW! I can't believe I just said that."
  915. >Midnight snickers.
  916. >"What? Is little miss science two shoes having trouble understanding things?"
  917. >Twi growls as Mid looks down at herself.
  918. >"Oh, wow! Would you look at those! Maybe these are my batteries, Twilight."
  919. >She starts to nudge Twilight in the ribs as you stare at her.
  920. >How did you not notice earlier?
  921. >The girl was an absolute titty monster with an emphasis on the titty.
  922. >Twilight crosses her arms with a huff.
  923. >"W-well you're clearly not balanced for flight. Look at how big those things are!"
  924. >"Oh, I'm looking alright. But you know who else is looking?"
  925. >Midnight points at you.
  926. >Oh shit, you were staring.
  927. >Oh shit, you're still staring!
  928. >You wrench your eyes away before speaking.
  929. "I-I'm just noting the difference between you two."
  930. >And boy was it a big one.
  931. >Midnight had heavy D cups that could probably smother a horse while Twilight had moderate B cups.
  932. >All of her nerd fat actually went around to her hips and thighs, giving her a nice bell shape.
  933. >Midnight, once again on the other hand, had seemingly nothing there given a quick glance.
  934. >So now you walked in the valley between the mountains of tits and ass and knew no pure thoughts.
  935. >You look at the ground in front of you and notice a rather nice distraction.
  936. "Hey, Mid?"
  937. >"Yes, Anon? Do you want-"
  938. >SMACK
  939. >"OW! What was that-"
  940. >"You were going to say something rude to him and I'm not about to let you."
  941. >"No I-"
  942. >"Don't deny it."
  943. >"...Fine. What is it, Anon?"
  944. >You point at Midnights legs.
  945. "I'm guessing magic can't create mass otherwise you should be in a lot of pain."
  946. >Both girls go completely silent.
  947. >It takes a bit before both of them follow your finger.
  948. >They both look at the coffee table, which Midnight is currently shin deep in.
  949. >Mid moves her legs around before stepping out of the table.
  950. >"Well that's something."
  951. >Twilight scratches her head.
  952. >"Maybe-"
  953. >She fishes around in her pocket and pulls out her phone.
  954. >Twi aims it at Midnight and there's a clicking noise as she takes a picture.
  955. >Midnight rolls her eyes.
  956. >"Twilight, I'm not a-"
  957. >"She's a ghost!"
  958. >Twilight turns the phone towards you, showing a picture of your front door.
  959. >Mid pinches the bridge of her nose.
  960. >"Twilight. No, stop being stupid."
  961. >She starts to walk away.
  962. >And straight through a wall.
  963. >You smile at Twilight.
  964. "I do remember you saying you were going to exorcise her."
  965. >She giggles excitedly as she readjusts her glasses.
  966. >"I actually have a couple of machines designed specifically to pick up ghosts. I wonder if they'll work on her."
  967. >"I will slap you stupid if you try them!"
  968. >Twilight squeaks as Midnight walks back into the room, using the hallway like a living person.
  969. >"Anon. Where did you get this and what is it?"
  970. >You take a look at the coin Midnight is holding.
  971. >Wait.
  972. >The coin Midnight is holding?
  973. >You offer your hand and Midnight tosses it over.
  974. >Taking a look, you recognize it immediately.
  975. "This is from Sunset. She brought it through that statue portal and gave it to me. How are you able to hold it?"
  976. >Mid extends a hand and you return the coin with a flip of your thumb.
  977. >She runs a thumb along it as she looks at you.
  978. >"I /think/ it's because it has a magical charge. If I-"
  979. >Mid raises the golden coin up and starts to squeeze.
  980. >A dull glow steadily rises from Midnights hand before the coin slips through it.
  981. >The coin clatters across the coffee table before lying still.
  982. >You point a finger at Midnight.
  983. "What did you do?"
  984. >She reaches for the gold, only for her hand to pass through the coin.
  985. >"I...think I drained the magic out of it?"
  986. "...That's not okay."
  987. >"Well if I-"
  988. "Midnight, what happened last time Twilight drained magic? What will happen if you drain magic?!"
  989. >You place a hand on Midnights shoulder.
  990. "Midnight, I want you to-"
  991. >"Anon."
  992. >You look at Midnight as she grabs your arm.
  993. >Oh.
  994. >She just grabbed your arm.
  995. >You hope that isn't a bad thing.
  996. >"That coin had magic in it because it was pulled through the portal with Shimmer, right? Well I pulled you through a portal, so you probably have your own charge, which would be why you can see and touch me."
  997. >She gives your arm a squeeze.
  998. >"You don't have to worry about me stealing any magic, Anon. Especially from you."
  999. >You sigh in relief.
  1000. "Thanks, Mid? Are you okay?"
  1001. >Midnight stares almost unblinking at the hand on her shoulder.
  1002. >"I-yes?"
  1003. >You give her a little shake to properly get her attention.
  1004. "Midnight? Is something wrong?"
  1005. >She looks up at you before turning back to your hand.
  1006. >"It feels different. I-I don't know why-"
  1007. >You look over at Twilight, who simply shrugs, and think you know why.
  1008. >Both of your arms wrap around Midnight as you pull her into a hug.
  1009. "Maybe it's because I'm actually holding you, instead of holding you through Twilight."
  1010. >Midnights somewhat chilly wings swing upwards and lay themselves across your shoulders.
  1011. >"That sounds're not allowed to hug Twilight anymore, only me."
  1012. >Twilight huffs as she steps forward.
  1013. >"You can't just tell him what to do, Midnight."
  1014. >"Pfft, watch me."
  1015. >You readjust your arms, bringing Twilight into the hug as she presses herself against Midnights back.
  1016. >"I'm going to watch you behave because that's what you should be doing around a man."
  1017. >She wraps her arms around Midnights midsection and hums happily.
  1018. >"It's so nice to have my own head again."
  1019. >Mid shifts around between the two of you.
  1020. >"Twilight, don't be a dyke."
  1021. >"Wha-how am I being a dyke?! I'm trying to make this sincere!"
  1022. >"And you're failing. Stop touching me."
  1023. >You smile as the two girls get into it.
  1024. >Reality destroying demon girl gets her own body as well as the ability to eat magic and what do these two do?
  1025. >Argue.
  1026. >You'd be upset but it's endearing in a weird kind of way.
  1028. ----------
  1030. >Another day passed and this time it was decided that the three of you, Sunset, and Twilight would go to her house for science time.
  1031. >In part because Sunset wanted to see how Twilight was able to make something to pick up magic.
  1032. >And you have to admit, you were mildly curious yourself.
  1033. >This stuff may be kind of weird to you, but you were dating someone made of magic.
  1034. >You think.
  1035. >Are you dating one or both of these girls?
  1036. >More importantly, how has this not been higher on your list of priorities?
  1037. >And if it's just one, who is it?
  1038. >You sigh as you place your backpack by the front door.
  1039. >Sunset pokes her head up next to you.
  1040. >"You doing okay, big guy?"
  1041. >You nod as you start to work your shoes off.
  1042. "Yeah, it's just...everything's so weird here."
  1043. >"Oh, I know the feeling. You wouldn't believe how frustrating it was for me not to be able to eat hay when I showed up."
  1044. >This fucking-
  1045. "Are you really a unicorn, or are you just messing with me?"
  1046. >"Well of course I-oh. I just dumped that on you, didn't I?"
  1047. "Along with some other stuff."
  1048. >Sunset slowly rubs her chin.
  1049. >"I didn't weird you out too much, did I? It took me a bit to realize I just kind of threw all of that at you."
  1050. "Sunset, there's only one thing that I take issue with."
  1051. >You zip open your backpack, pulling out Pinkie and waving her at Sunset.
  1052. "And I'm starting to get used to her."
  1053. >Pinkie holds a box out.
  1054. >"I got some muffins for you gals, but I gotta get back to work. Can you put me back, Nonners?"
  1055. "Sure thing, Pinkie. Thanks for the muffins."
  1056. >You take the box and slowly slip her back into your bag before zipping it shut.
  1057. >Sunset shakes her head before throwing her hands up.
  1058. >"I still don't know if I want to know."
  1059. >You shrug and make your way into the house.
  1060. "I don't. If you want ask questions, please warn me so I can run before she does something horrible."
  1061. >"...You're a smart guy, Anon."
  1062. "Thanks, Sunset. Now where's-"
  1063. >You turn the corner, looking for Twilight and promptly finding her.
  1064. >Along with what you think is her family.
  1065. >"Oh, I'm so happy for you, Twilight! Your mother and I never thought you were gay for a second. Isn't that right, dear?"
  1066. >"I still kind of think you are."
  1067. >"VELVET!"
  1068. >"MOM!"
  1069. >You break out laughing, getting the attention of the rooms three inhabitants.
  1070. >Velvet, you think, starts to strut up to you.
  1071. >"Are you actually dating my daughter or-ow ow OW!"
  1072. >The other man in the room grabs her by the ear before she can finish her sentence and starts dragging her off.
  1073. >"I am so, so sorry about her. Please have a nice time with Twilight and keep thoughts of children in mind."
  1074. >It doesn't take long for the man to pull his fussing wife out of the room, leaving you, Sunset, and a Twilight with her face buried in her hands.
  1075. "I like your parents, Twilight."
  1076. >Twilight chokes on air as Sunset snickers lightly.
  1077. "And I have to say, I'm not entirely against the idea of at least trying to make some kids."
  1078. >Twilight chokes again as Sunset takes her turn to laugh.
  1079. >"BAHAHA! Woo, this one's a keeper, Twilight!"
  1080. >You hand the muffins over to Sunset before going over to Twilight.
  1081. >She doesn't pull her face out of her hands as you toss her over your shoulder, choosing instead to simply whine.
  1082. "Okay, Twi. Can you show us where your lab is before you die of embarrassment?"
  1083. >She whines again before speaking.
  1084. >"By the entryway, there's a set of stairs that go upwards. To the right of those there are some that go down."
  1085. >You start to follow her directions with Sunset close on your heels.
  1086. >"So what's it like up there, Twilight?"
  1087. >More whining is Sunsets only answer.
  1088. >"Because I don't know how I'd feel about being lifted up and carried around like a toy."
  1089. >The whining grows louder as you open the door to the basement.
  1090. >"Hey, Anon. Do you do this a lot or just when she's being bad?"
  1091. >Well if you did it when she was bad then you should always be doing it since Mid is in there.
  1092. >You set Twilight down before turning to face Sunset once you reach the bottom of the stairs.
  1093. "Honestly, I just like doing it because I can."
  1094. >Sunset snickers as she squeezes past you, giving Twilight a quick bump on the shoulder along the way.
  1095. >"Just because you can, huh? Sounds like you two have fun."
  1096. >"Wh-hey! Anon is a gentleman that does not do those kind of things!"
  1097. >Sunset puts her hands up to Twilights objection.
  1098. >"Relax, relax. I know you two haven't done anything, and you know how I know?"
  1099. >She points at Twilight.
  1100. >"You can still walk."
  1101. >Oh son of a bitch.
  1102. >Now you have to worry about snu-snuing your girlfriend.
  1103. >You doubt you'd actually break her but she is pretty small.
  1104. >...
  1105. >Does Midnight have bones?
  1106. >You can't break her pelvis if she doesn't have one.
  1107. >But that also means you can't rattle her bones.
  1108. >No, that doesn't work.
  1109. >She's a ghost not a skeleton.
  1110. >Twilight shoves a finger at you.
  1111. >"Th-this is incredibly offensive to Anon."
  1112. >Now Sunset is pointing at you.
  1113. >"Pfft, I bet he's totally fine with it! In fact I bet he wants to fuck you right now."
  1114. >Yeah, Twilight argues enough with herself, you don't need her arguing with would be friends.
  1115. >You need a distraction.
  1116. "Are we going to eat those muffins?"
  1117. >Two heads whip around to see you pointing at the box of muffins Sunset was still holding.
  1118. >Both girls brighten up as Sunset flips the box open.
  1119. >"These are from Pinkie. She's got the biggest sweet tooth in town and I'm willing to bet the only baker that can match her is the pony version of her."
  1120. >Twilight hops around as she tries to look in the box.
  1121. >"What kinds are there? Oh, can I have that one?"
  1122. >That worked surprisingly well.
  1123. >You'll have to make an offering to the Pink Ones altar later.
  1124. >You grab a muffin of your own and watch the girls continue to settle down.
  1125. "So are we doing the sciencey magic stuff or what?"
  1126. >Twilight swivels around and points to the deepest sections of her lab, mumbling something through her mouthful of muffin.
  1127. >You and Sunset follow, carefully walking through the pathway of odd equipment.
  1128. >With how narrow the walkway is, you actually have to turn sideways to get through it.
  1129. >Still, it's not long before the three of you reach a small clearing at the center of the basement, which you easily took up a quarter of.
  1130. >Twilight pops the rest of the muffin in her mouth and starts chewing as she tosses the wrapper in a garbage can.
  1131. >"Shtay hewe. I'mma get ta tings."
  1132. >Sunset chuckles as Twi walks deeper into the depths of the lab.
  1133. >"It's funny how much the two Twilights are alike. They both seem to pig out like that."
  1134. "That's interesting. I think the other one would be a little horse."
  1135. >She snorts, nearly choking on her muffin.
  1136. >"You're one to talk, you oversized gorilla."
  1137. "And I'd say you're a little horny, but the unicorn is missing her horn."
  1138. >She smiles before pressing her back against a workbench.
  1139. >"Did you come up with that one all on your own?"
  1140. >You smile and press your back against a support pillar.
  1141. "Kind of. I spent most of math class thinking up puns."
  1142. >Sunset laughs before popping another bit of muffin in her mouth.
  1143. >"Don't you have Cranky though? He can be-wait you have a dick. You can jerk it all class and he'll still give you an A."
  1144. >Sexism is awesome!
  1145. "That's good to know. But do you mind if I ask you what it's like in unicorn land or whatever?"
  1146. >Sunset pops another bit of muffin in her mouth as she thinks.
  1147. >"Sure I guess. What do you want to know?"
  1148. "Well why did you leave for one."
  1149. >"I was an angry daughter of a bastard that didn't know when she had a good thing."
  1150. "Uh."
  1151. >"Yeah, that story isn't too complex even if there are some finer points to it."
  1152. >She takes another bite of her muffin as you try to think of another question.
  1153. "Do you ever think of going back? I mean, you have to have family there."
  1154. >"There's...some family yeah."
  1155. >Sunset drifts off as her entire focus turns to the small treat in her hands.
  1156. >Maybe you shouldn't have brought this up.
  1157. >You try to think of another subject to talk about only for her to keep going.
  1158. >"But the only reason I ever really think of going back is to form a herd."
  1159. "A herd?"
  1160. >"It's, well it's this thing where...I guess Equestria is the odd one out here. Despite this worlds connection to Equestria, Equestria just has a shortage on guys while this place doesn't."
  1161. "Huh. So if there's simply more of them over there it makes sense, but why are women in charge over here?"
  1162. >Sunset gives you quizzical look as she takes another bite.
  1163. >"Why wouldn't we be?"
  1164. "...Yeah that was a dumb question. What are herds exactly?"
  1165. >Sunset makes a broad motion as she assembles her thoughts.
  1166. >"It's kind of like a group all dating eachother. The stallion is at the center of it, but the mares will also date each other. I doubt I could find a herd here in part because not many would want to herd, but also because most girls here are afraid of being labeled a dyke."
  1167. >...
  1168. >Your head swivels over to see Twilight, who had silently returned at some point, staring at Sunset.
  1169. >The two of you lock eyes and your pretty sure you lock brain waves as well.
  1170. >Are the three of you herding?
  1171. >That'd make things a lot less awkward, considering that they share the same body for the most part.
  1172. >Are they okay with herding?
  1173. >Does this fix or solve problems?
  1174. >Why is your life so weird?!
  1175. >"Oh don't you two start."
  1176. >The two of you snap over to Sunset, who was swapping her scowling at the both of you.
  1177. >"I get enough flak from Rainbow for wanting a herd, I don't need you two making fun of me."
  1178. >Twilight immediately goes on the defensive.
  1179. >"W-we weren't-"
  1180. >Sunset tosses the scraps of her muffin in the trash can before gesturing to Twilight.
  1181. >"Yeah, yeah. Bring that case over here, you dork."
  1182. >Twilight quickly scrambles forward to set a slim box on the workbench before popping it open with two very audible clicks.
  1183. >The box swings open, allowing the three of you to look in.
  1184. >Sunset puts a hand on Twilights shoulder, making her jump.
  1185. >"So how do these work?"
  1186. >"Oh well there's an odd crystal inside, that I'm guessing is magic, that will produce microvibrations that can be picked up and direct me towards other sources of magic. The only issue is how much power it needs to function. I actually invented a new battery just to make the final thing work. It has a lattice structure built into it that helps the energy discharge at a slower rate since there's so much in there. And with the experimental helix pattern capacitors there's a lot. A fully charged Twittery could vaporize a person."
  1187. >You should start with the important point but-
  1188. "Twittery?"
  1189. >Twilight shrugs.
  1190. >"I'm not great at naming these things so I just went with a combination of Twilight and battery."
  1191. "Okay, but more importantly, this thing could vaporize a person and you wore it around your neck?"
  1192. >"Uuuhh."
  1193. >Sunset slowly shakes her head.
  1194. >"Twilight, I think you're so smart that you made yourself an idiot."
  1195. >"Now that's just rude."
  1196. >"Well it's a good thing I said it so you can know you're not dead."
  1197. >Twilight huffs before sticking her hand into the box to play with one of the devices.
  1198. >"This should be safe and I'm actually glad you're here. I still want to know what this crystal is."
  1199. >You step forward, trying to get a better look.
  1200. "So is it some kind of magical crystal or..."
  1201. >Twilight waves dismissively.
  1202. >"Well-"
  1203. >"Yes it is."
  1204. >The two of you turn to see Sunset gently tugging a jagged looking crystal out of its housing.
  1205. >"This is an uncut thaumium diamond."
  1206. >She gently puts the diamond in the box and places the contraption outside of it.
  1207. >With some fiddling, she opens the other device and repeats the process.
  1208. >The moment she sees the crystal has stopped moving, Sunset grabs Twilight and starts to violently shake her.
  1209. >"What in the everloving name of Celestia is wrong with you?!"
  1210. >Feeling concern for your girlfriend(s) you grab Sunset and heft her up, ignoring her kicking and yelling.
  1211. >"Let me go, Anon! I'm gonna kill her! I'm gonna-"
  1212. "Now just hold your horses Sunny."
  1213. >"...I'm going to kill you first. Put me down and I'll be half decent."
  1214. >You do just that but keep an arm around her in case she tries to charge forward.
  1215. >Instead of doing that however, Sunset simply puts her face in her hands before sighing explosively.
  1216. >"This is going to be an absolute bastard to deal with. Twilight, we need something secure. Something that can't be broken and something to pad out the inside to keep the diamonds from rattling around."
  1217. >"Um-"
  1218. >"And before you ask, yes this is absolutely necessary. Anon, I don't want to be rude but it's already cramped in here and you're taking up a lot of space. Can you-"
  1219. "Sure I'll get out of the way, just promise me you two will be okay."
  1220. >"We'll be fine. Right, Twi?"
  1221. >The two of you look over to Twilight, who quickly nods.
  1222. >"O-of course we will. In fact, there's a new soap opera called 'On Midnight Wings'. You can go watch it in the living room."
  1223. >Really?
  1224. >Holy shit that was bad.
  1225. >Well at least you'll get to talk to Mid now.
  1226. >Maybe she has some insight into what this shit is.
  1227. "I'll go check it out. See you girls in a bit."
  1228. >You wave them off as you begin to wriggle your way through the junk towards the stairs.
  1229. >Those two had better not blow themselves up.
  1230. >You sigh as you reach the top of the stairs before looking around.
  1231. >The living room was this way, right?
  1232. >Entering the room, you see Midnight floating in the center of it wearing a worried expression.
  1233. >Before you can speak she points to a door behind her.
  1234. >"Twilights parents are in there. They might hear you if you say anything so follow me."
  1235. >You try to do just that only for her to float through a wall.
  1236. >With absolutely no idea where she went, you decide to simply stay put.
  1237. >It doesn't take her too long to realize her mistake as her head pops back through the wall.
  1238. >"Sorry, it's weird moving like this. Here, use the sliding doors."
  1239. >You smile at Mid as you grab the handle of one of the glass sliding doors.
  1240. >It slides open silently and closes just as quietly after you step through it.
  1241. "Okay, Mid. What's the deal with those diamonds."
  1242. >She starts to float forward, encouraging you to follow.
  1243. >"So they're not too different from me in that they eat magic."
  1244. >Your eyebrows slowly rise at that.
  1245. "So are you one of those diamonds?"
  1246. >"Not likely. Not only do I seemingly have no core for the diamond to be, I don't exhibit some of the same attributes as a diamond should."
  1247. >She floats through the railing of a gazebo as you take your time to find the steps.
  1248. >Walking up them, your attention turns to a nearby koi pond just over the side of one of the railings.
  1249. >The two of you stand side by side as you wait for her to continue.
  1250. >When she doesn't you give her a nudge.
  1251. "Is that it?"
  1252. >Midnight huffs before pointing to a nearby bench.
  1253. >"Go sit down."
  1254. "Is it that bad or-"
  1255. >"I just want a seat and I'll fall through everything here but you. Now sit."
  1256. >You chuckle before walking over to a small bench built into the gazebo.
  1257. >By the time you hit the wood, Midnight is already in your lap.
  1258. >She shifts around for a moment, her wings occasionally shuffling before fully settling down.
  1259. >"I'm willing to bet the only thing I have in common with those diamonds is that I suck. Magic I mean. Whatever those contraptions that Twilight put around them are probably just triggers on a gun."
  1260. "And you're sure of all this?"
  1261. >"Mostly. Besides the worst that can happen with those is that they dump a load of magic somewhere which should be cleaned up. They could also eat me, but that's unlikely."
  1262. >Your brow scrunches up as you hold Midnight tighter.
  1263. "I gotta say Mid, this magic stuff seems pretty messed up."
  1264. >Midnight stretches her wings, slowly pressing herself further into you as she does so.
  1265. >"Don't worry about it. Those diamonds don't just siphon ambient magic, they need something to wake them up. And since Shimmer disarmed the devices I think we can trust her to deal with them."
  1266. >You both fall silent as you take in her words.
  1267. >You shuffle around in your seat as you try to get more comfortable.
  1268. >Just as you find a spot, Midnight decides to speak up again.
  1269. >"How does our relationship work?"
  1270. >The question comes from seemingly nowhere, leaving you with several more of your own.
  1271. "Uh. What-"
  1272. >"Am I dating Twilight and you? Because that'd be weird."
  1273. >Your brow furrows as you try to think.
  1274. "Is this because of that herding thing Sunset was talking about?"
  1275. >"...No. Answer the question."
  1276. "You're a shit liar, Mid."
  1277. >You chuckle as she flips you off.
  1278. >"Fuck you. Answer the question."
  1279. >You smile and grab the hand flipping you off, wrapping it into a ball inside yours.
  1280. "Okay first things first. Promise you won't be mad."
  1281. >"I promise I won't hit you if I do get mad."
  1282. "Midnight."
  1283. >"Ugh, fine. I'll be good."
  1284. >You chuckle again before your smile becomes forced.
  1285. "I...don't know which one of you I'm dating."
  1286. >"Oh."
  1287. >She turns her head upwards to face you.
  1288. >"Well that's not actually too bad considering we don't know either."
  1289. "Huh?"
  1290. >"Yep. We've spent quite a bit of time arguing which one of us you're dating since we started dating."
  1291. >You can't help but frown at that.
  1292. "Who starts the fights?"
  1293. >"I do, but mostly out of boredom."
  1294. >You smile and give her a light squeeze.
  1295. "You're a little shit, Mid."
  1296. >"No I'm not. I'm a massive, steaming pile of shit."
  1297. "...That probably sounded better in your head."
  1298. >"It really didn't. But I'll talk to Twilight and see if we want know."
  1299. "Do you want to?"
  1300. >Midnight grimaces for a moment before shrugging.
  1301. >"Well we played around when we had one body, although that was mostly her. Now that we have two it would be weird. Maybe? I don't know, this is weird even for me."
  1302. "Well if it gets too weird for you two you could just merge into Twilights body and we could do it."
  1303. >"That's a good point. We probably should have figured this out before hand."
  1304. >You nod.
  1305. "Yeah, turns out jumping into a relationship with two bodies and three people is pretty weird."
  1306. >"Yep. I blame you for this by the way."
  1307. "..."
  1308. >Midnight slowly shifts around under your gaze.
  1309. "..."
  1310. >"What?"
  1311. "..."
  1312. >"Okay, I'm sorry! And here I thought you weren't the sensitive type."
  1313. >You laugh and hug her tighter.
  1314. "I'm messing with you, Mid."
  1315. >"Oh fuck you!"
  1316. "And you know what? You never would have apologized for something when we first met."
  1317. >Midnights brow scrunches up as she listens to your words.
  1318. >"So?"
  1319. "I'm saying is that Twilight is rubbing off on you."
  1320. >Midnights eyes go wide as she takes in your words.
  1321. >"Anon will you please fuck me. I don't care how, just do it so hard that her sunhat signal stops affecting me."
  1322. "You wouldn't have said please either."
  1323. >"She wasn't supposed to mess with me, I was just supposed to corrupt her. This was supposed to be a one way street!"
  1324. "What? Did you think you were just going to ghost through life?"
  1325. >"...Anon, no."
  1326. "No what, Middy? Why don't you try phantom-miming what you want to tell me?"
  1327. >"Anon, this is cruel!"
  1328. "You feeling okay, Mid? You look just a /shade/ pale."
  1329. >"This is my life now, isn't it?"
  1330. "I'm sure this is a haunting revelation for you."
  1332. ----------
  1334. >You ended up getting kicked out since Twilight was spending so long securing the diamonds.
  1335. >Today you showed up at her house to help move the thing, which was about the size of a microwave and almost as heavy as Twilight.
  1336. >From there, the two of you went to meet up with Sunset at the school, who had a key for said school.
  1337. >You'd question that, but it's not as interesting as the supposedly magical metal that Sunset procured over night.
  1338. >Her plan was to chuck the diamonds through the portal but not before encasing the diamonds mobile tomb in the brass looking plates.
  1339. >So now you're in a science lab with Twilight, Midnight, and a big welding thing.
  1340. >You tried to help, but you like your eye sight and there was only one set of goggles.
  1341. >So you and Midnight were playing checkers, with you moving her pieces when it was her turn while Twilight welded.
  1342. >She had the box in the vent hood so that her work wouldn't smoke you out or set off the fire alarm.
  1343. >Midnight would occasionally stare into the light of the welder and laugh to herself.
  1344. >You shake your head as you move one of your pieces.
  1345. "Are you sure that isn't bad for you?"
  1346. >She shrugs before gesturing which one of her pieces she wants moved.
  1347. >"There's nothing to damage. And what's the worst that could happen? I can't use my own eyes so I have to use Twilights?"
  1348. "Well you should at least pretend to be responsible. Especially if you're going to use another persons body."
  1349. >"Pfft, don't give me that. Aren't you skipping class to be with us?"
  1350. >You try to put on your best serious face as you move her piece.
  1351. "'re a bad influence."
  1352. >She laughs at that.
  1353. >"Clearly I'm not a bad enough influence or your dick would be inside me right now."
  1354. >She eyes the table and slowly rubs her chin.
  1355. >"Hey if we started doing it and you-"
  1356. "Midnight."
  1357. >"No no no, hear me out! If you pounded me through a wall, would your dick hit the wall or..."
  1358. >Your mouth flaps open as you try to understand what she just said.
  1359. "What-"
  1360. >"Because I can go through walls and you can't. So if we're not careful you could bruise your dick on things as you try to fuck me."
  1361. "That-"
  1362. >You move another one of your own pieces.
  1363. "Is a valid point. Have you two talked anymore about that herding thing? Because you could either share Twilights body or-this is a weird conversation."
  1364. >The hissing of the welder shuts off before Twilight speaks up.
  1365. >"Anon, don't let her pressure you into this. We can do that sort of thing whenever you're ready."
  1366. >Midnight throws her hands up in frustration.
  1367. >"I am not pressuring him! If anything I'm actually putting thought into what it would take for us to have safe sex! There's more that goes into it than just some protection or a pill."
  1368. >"Midnight, a good deal of your knowledge comes from me. What I know about sex is what you know about sex."
  1369. >"...Okay, but what do you know about magic sex?"
  1370. >Twilight groans in frustration before marching over.
  1371. >She shoves Midnight out of the way before taking a seat across from you and starts to undo various bits of safety equipment.
  1372. >"Midnight, I barely got any sleep last night building this thing, can we not do this?"
  1373. >The bags under her eyes became clear as she turned to smile at you, suggesting that she was a bit short on sleep.
  1374. >"And yes, the two of us have talked about that. We still think it's a little weird-"
  1375. >"And Twilights mom and I still thinks she's a dyke."
  1376. >Twilight futilely tosses a leather glove through Midnight.
  1377. >"But we're mildly curious. I don't think either of us want to fully explore our homosexual tendencies, but we justify it by saying it's more narcissistic than lesbo."
  1378. >"I just say it's not gay in a three way."
  1379. >Twilight tosses her other glove along with a scowl at Midnight.
  1380. >"As I was saying the road to progress is paved with failure and failure is made with experimentation."
  1381. "That's not very encouraging, Twi."
  1382. >She purses her lips and rapidly drums her fingers on the table.
  1383. >"Well we need to start somewhere and...I personally still kind of think it's weird."
  1384. "Do you not-"
  1385. >Twilight puts up a hand to stop you.
  1386. >"But."
  1387. >She points at Midnight.
  1388. >"I do realize she is part of me, even if she can wander off on her own. Not that she can get a date on her own."
  1389. >"Hey! I can-"
  1390. >"How many men are going to be magically charged enough for you to interact with, Midnight?"
  1391. >Midnight stares off into the distance before Twis words click.
  1392. >"Oh."
  1393. >Twilight nods before returning to you.
  1394. >"So while Midnight may be able to fly away as we...get jiggy with it."
  1395. >Both you and Midnight snicker at Twilights choice of words.
  1396. >She keeps her head high, however, and keeps going.
  1397. >"It would be rude to force her to do so since she can't pursue her own interests. And with that said, the two of us really have no choice but to unite and...try new things. Do you have anything to add, Midnight?"
  1398. >Midnight swings her wings upwards in a shrugging manner.
  1399. >"Like I said earlier, so long as there's a dick somewhere we're fine."
  1400. >Twilight rolls her eyes.
  1401. >"Thanks for the insight."
  1402. >"No problem, dyke bike."
  1403. >You can't help but snort as Twilight presses her face into her hand.
  1404. "Dyke bike?"
  1405. >"Yes. Midnight has decided to try giving me a petname."
  1406. >She spits the word with all the venom she can muster.
  1407. >You do your best not to laugh at Midnights shit eating grin.
  1408. "And when was this?"
  1409. >"Last night as we discussed our situation and I built the initial case for the diamonds. She randomly started spouting off names at one point."
  1410. >You can almost hear the light bulb clicking on over your head.
  1411. "Midnight. Is this because of the ghost puns yesterday?"
  1412. >Two midnight blue wings slowly retract inward as Twilight pulls her glasses off to rub the bridge off her nose.
  1413. >"Do you mean to tell me I dealt with name calling for two hours straight because of puns?"
  1414. >You and Midnight quickly exchange glances.
  1415. "Two hours?"
  1416. >"She's exaggerating. I got bored after one and a half."
  1417. >Twilight leaps from her chair towards Midnight.
  1418. >"Oh I am going to-hurk!"
  1419. >Quick as you can, you wrap an arm around Twilights midsection and drag her across the table.
  1420. >She doesn't even bother to struggle, choosing instead to dangle over your arms and stare daggers at you.
  1421. >"Anon, with all due respect, you're making this up to me."
  1422. >You shrug but nod all the same.
  1423. "Yeah, I should have figured those puns would have come back to haunt me."
  1424. >Midnight immediately flips you off.
  1425. >"Fuck you, you already used the 'haunting' one."
  1426. >You chuckle at Midnights outburst.
  1427. "I used up all the puns I made yesterday, but I think dyke bike is a good name. Or half of it is at least."
  1428. >Twilight narrows her eyes at you.
  1429. >"Why and which half?"
  1430. >You gesture for Midnight to come to you, who cautiously approaches the glowering Twilight.
  1431. >She doesn't need anymore prompting to wrap her arms around Twilight, sandwiching her between the two of you.
  1432. "You're a bike for two, Twilight."
  1433. >Twilight gives you a blank stare before replying.
  1434. >"That was bad."
  1435. >Midnight nods in agreement.
  1436. >"Yeah, totally ruined the mood."
  1437. "Wha-hey! I was trying to-"
  1438. >Midnight puts her hand over your mouth.
  1439. >"Nope. It's dead, Anon. Don't try to bring it back."
  1440. >Twi boops Mids nose.
  1441. >"But I think he's on the right track about the ghost thing. A poltergeist is also known as a noisy ghost, so I think it fits you perfectly."
  1442. >"No! I am not going to let you...Actually, poltergeist sounds kind of neat. I'll keep it."
  1443. >Twilight rolls her eyes before pressing her head into your chest.
  1444. >"Can we sit down for a bit? I'm tired."
  1445. >You don't say anything as you try to wrap your arms around the two girls.
  1446. >Midnight disappears for a moment, but quickly reappears on your shoulder as you stand up with Twilight in your arms.
  1447. >The weight is barely noticeable and you can't tell if it's from an attempt to make herself lighter or if that's just how heavy she is.
  1448. >"Is this what it's like to be a bird."
  1449. "Hmm. I haven't thought up any bird puns yet."
  1450. >Midnight squints at you as you sit down on a table, settling Twilight in your lap.
  1451. >"Don't ruin this for me."
  1452. >Twilight smirks and tugs at one of Mids legs.
  1453. >"So, um, if we're going to be in a polyamorous relationship, then does Polly want a cracker?"
  1454. >"Oh just fuck both of you."
  1455. >You chuckle before looking down at Twilight.
  1456. "So how secure is this box, Twi?"
  1457. >Twilight rubs her chin as she looks at the object under the vent hood.
  1458. >"Well, I could probably take my prototype railgun to it and just make it bounce around."
  1459. "Damn."
  1460. >"Yeah, I still need to finish that. But the box is almost entirely solid, save for the center and the intermittent layers. Sunset wanted to get rid of the diamonds quickly, but she wanted to do so safely. So I scrapped a couple of projects for the necessary plating and used a special impact foam to fill the empty spaces."
  1461. >You look up at Midnight.
  1462. "What's the fancy magic metal?"
  1463. >She shrugs.
  1464. >"No idea."
  1465. "No idea?"
  1466. >You turn between her, the box, Twilight, and finally back to her.
  1467. "What do you mean no idea? I thought you knew everything about magic?"
  1468. >Midnight simply shrugs again before replying.
  1469. >"It's metal, not magic. What would I know about it?"
  1470. "Well...aren't you useless."
  1471. >A wing smacks the backside of your head, making Twilight swat at Midnights legs.
  1472. >"Don't hit him. He-"
  1474. "Ffffforget about the bell every time."
  1475. >You look up to your shoulder and see that the spook had been spooked out of existence.
  1476. >Twilight, however, had already crawled out of your arms and was packing her bag.
  1477. >Should have known.
  1478. >The only thing that scares a nerd is the prospect of bad performance.
  1479. >She hefts her bag onto her shoulders and turns to you with a smile.
  1480. >"I doubt anyone will be taking that so-"
  1481. >CLICK
  1482. >The two of you turn to see Principal Celestia entering the room.
  1483. >She gives you a short nod before turning to Twilight.
  1484. >"Ms. Sparkle, would you please go to your next class? I need to talk with Mr. Anonymous here."
  1485. >Twilight looks momentarily conflicted before nodding.
  1486. >"O-okay."
  1487. >She makes her way around Celestia and towards the door.
  1488. >"You won't keep him too long will you? He has class in-"
  1489. >"Don't worry, Twilight. I'll take good care of him."
  1490. >This is surprising.
  1491. >Usually she'd just stare at you down a hallway or through windows.
  1492. >Celestia gently closes the door after Twilight and just as gently closes the blinds.
  1493. >A second later she locks the door.
  1494. >Okay, this might be bad.
  1495. >Celestia turns in place before slowly striding towards you, slowly undoing her blouse as she does so.
  1496. >"Anonymous, let's have a talk."
  1497. >Damn, they're agresive about sex ed here.
  1499. ~~~~
  1501. >You seem to keep forgetting that things are different here.
  1502. >Thankfully, things like this happen to remind you.
  1503. >You hand Celestia another tissue as you considered your best option to get out of this.
  1504. >She tosses her current one into the steadily growing pile before snatching up the one you offered.
  1505. >"I can't believe I nearly molested you!"
  1506. >She noisily blows into the tissue and tosses it into the pile before grabbing another.
  1507. >"I can't believe I thought about /raping/ you!"
  1508. >You gently pat her back as she blows through another tissue.
  1509. "You should probably keep your voice down about that. About all of this really."
  1510. >"A-a-and I can't believe you turned me down!"
  1511. >This is weird.
  1512. >This is so weird.
  1513. >You gently pat her back again, trying to decide if you should continue to help this crazy woman or jump out a window.
  1514. "'s a good thing you didn't do any of that?"
  1515. >Celestia sniffles slightly before looking at you.
  1516. >"Y-yes. That is a good thing."
  1517. "And if I'm going to be entirely honest, I would have taken you up on your offer, but since I'm-"
  1518. >"Right, right. I knew you were in a relationship and I still-"
  1519. >She sighs before pressing her head in her hands.
  1520. >"Is there anything I can do for you? Anything to make up for tolerating my nonsense?"
  1521. >Anything?
  1522. >You slowly nod and hop off the table.
  1523. "Could I get a note for my teachers? We've been here awhile."
  1524. >Celestia blinks.
  1525. >She looks up to the clock on the wall before immediately jumping off the table.
  1526. >"Done! Please excuse me, this took longer than I thought."
  1527. >She's out the door in a flash, leaving you alone and mildly insulted.
  1528. >You hop off the table yourself and grab your bag.
  1529. >Looking around, you try to think of anything else you grab before noticing the box.
  1530. >Walking over to the vent hood, you reach in and drag it closer before hefting it up.
  1531. >Or you try to.
  1532. >The brass top slides cleanly off the rest of the case, leaving it where it laid.
  1533. >You stare at it for a moment before shrugging.
  1534. >It's not like Twilight would put on all these layers and then just forget to put on the bottom of the last one.
  1535. >You slide the cap back on and heft the whole thing back up.
  1536. >Might as well take this through the portal now since you're not busy.
  1537. >You've already been through Midnights portals, this should be fine.
  1538. >Really, what's the worst that could happen?
  1540. ----------
  1542. >You are Midnight Sparkle.
  1543. >And by the Goddess are you bored.
  1544. >Twilight was talking to her friends so you had to sit inside her and listen.
  1545. >And worst of all you couldn't tease her or they'd suspect something.
  1546. >You'd go flying across the school grounds, but there really wasn't much you could do.
  1547. >At least school is over so you'll be headed home soon.
  1548. >Twilight was running her mouth about the box as she opened the door to the lab.
  1549. >"So I got the last layer on and-where is it?"
  1550. >The surge of panic from Twilight makes you lazily look through her eyes.
  1551. >How do you lazily do something in here?
  1552. >It's not like-
  1553. >Where's the box?
  1554. >A small pit of dread begins to form in you as Twilight dashes forward.
  1555. >"I left it here! Who would take it?!"
  1556. >You feel a hand fall on Twilights shoulder as you are pulled back to look at Sunset.
  1557. >"Twilight, you put the plates on right? All of them?"
  1558. >Twilight nods quickly.
  1559. >"Of course I-oh."
  1560. >She slowly raises a hand, making Sunset turn to see what she's pointing at.
  1561. >The fiery haired girl picks up the plate of brass and shows it to Twilight.
  1562. >"Do you know how screwed we are if the wrong people got ahold of those diamonds?"
  1563. >Rarity reaches forward and gently places a hand on Sunset.
  1564. >"Now Sunset, there's no reason to be so upset. We can-"
  1565. >"I can think of plenty of reasons, but I'll hold onto them until we find those diamonds again."
  1566. >"That might have to wait a moment."
  1567. >Sunset whips her head around to look at Rarity.
  1568. >"And why is-oh. This had better be important."
  1569. >Rarity steps backs as Sunset rolls her backpack off, which had started pulsing with light.
  1570. >She tosses the bag on the desk before pulling out a journal.
  1571. {What is that?}
  1572. >Your 'voice' echoes through the shared mindspace to Twilight, who grows frustrated at the question.
  1573. >{Haven't you been paying attention to our friends?}
  1574. {They're your friends and no.}
  1575. >Twilight frowns as Sunset reads over her journal.
  1576. >{Well it's kind of like-}
  1577. >"I know where the diamonds are."
  1578. >Sunset stands up to her full height, eyes squinted shut as she pinches the bridge of her nose.
  1579. >She focuses on her breathing as her free hand slowly raises to point at the two of you.
  1580. >"Did you toss the diamonds into the portal?"
  1581. >"W-wha-NO! I had to get to my next class!"
  1582. >"Well then why are the diamonds in the portal?"
  1583. >What?
  1584. >Twilight knits her brow up in confusion.
  1585. >"What do you mean?"
  1586. >Sunset holds her journal up to Twilight.
  1587. >"The portal is collapsing, most likely because the diamonds are in there eating up the magic that makes it. The other Twilight is doing everything she can to prevent that, but she needs something on this side to hold it open and none of us can use magic!"
  1588. >Fluttershy steps forward and places a hand on her shoulder.
  1589. >"But if the portal closes, how will you get back?"
  1590. >"I won't."
  1591. >Sunset sighs before pressing back against the table.
  1592. >"I...I guess it's okay. I kind of like it here and the diamonds will just be gone entirely so-"
  1593. >"Anon!"
  1594. >The rooms inhabitants jump at Twilights proclamation.
  1595. >Applejack tilts her hat back as she looks over at Twilight.
  1596. >"What about Ano-"
  1597. >"Anon was here! With me! He might have taken the diamonds!"
  1598. >She grabs Sunset and pulls her over.
  1599. >"What if he's in the portal? What will happen to him if he's still in there when it collapses?"
  1600. >{Midnight, what will happen to him?}
  1601. >It doesn't take you long to think of an answer.
  1602. >Shimmer also seems to be on the same track.
  1603. >"H-he'll be gone."
  1604. {What she said. Not even dead, just gone.}
  1605. >This is bad.
  1606. >You need to do something.
  1607. >Wrenching control from Twilight, you begin to question Shimmer.
  1608. "What do we need us to do?"
  1609. >You feel another dose of panic from Twilight as Shimmer simply shakes her head.
  1610. >"Twilight, there's nothing we can do. We need a magic user and we have none on this side."
  1611. >You barely think before answering.
  1612. "We have one."
  1613. >{Midnight, NO!}
  1614. {I'll deal with the consequences later.}
  1615. >Sunset shakes her head as you choose a location to appear.
  1616. >"Just because you slung some spells as Midnight doesn't mean you can-"
  1617. >She, along with the rest of the room, goes quiet as you materialize by the door.
  1618. >Okay, be friendly and stuff.
  1619. >You raise a hand, attempting to wave just as a book hits you in the face.
  1620. "Ah, FUCK! Is that how you greet people, you cock?! And I'm guessing that book is magical so that's neat."
  1621. >Looking up, you see most of the room is stunned while Sunset and Twilight fought over the piece of brass.
  1622. >"Let go, Twilight. I need to deal with her!"
  1623. >"No! She can help Anon!"
  1624. >"I'm sure she /can/ but she's evil, you idiot!"
  1625. >You rub the stiffness out of your nose before speaking.
  1626. "I'm not evil, just devilishly charming."
  1627. >Looking between her friends, Rainbow steps forward.
  1628. >"Yeah, no. Girls, let's blast her."
  1629. >Both of your hands snap up in a defensive manner.
  1630. "Whoa whoa whoa! You need me and I need to help Anon. No blasting please."
  1631. >Rainbow, still on the offensive, shakes her head.
  1632. >"And why shouldn't we?! You're probably the reason Anon went and marched in that thing. If he's even there! This could just be some story you made up after messing with the portal so we'd give you our magic."
  1633. "Why would I do that? I'm dating him!"
  1634. >Your crowd becomes exceptionally confused at this.
  1635. >Applejack points over to Twilight, who was still struggling with Sunset, as she questions you.
  1636. >"I thought-"
  1637. "Yes, Twilight is dating him too. We got the 'herding' idea or whatever from Shimmer."
  1638. >"You're in a herd!"
  1639. >Sunset stops struggling to stare at you.
  1640. >"Now I have another reason to kill you."
  1641. "Maybe your attitude is why you're single."
  1642. >Her eye starts to twitch as Twilight tugs at the hunk of metal.
  1643. >"You don't have a very good attitude either."
  1644. >You shrug as you turn back to the more reasonable group in the room.
  1645. "It's not my fault he's there, but I will help him if you let me."
  1646. >Rarity narrows her eyes.
  1647. >"There was not much we could do to stop you last time."
  1648. "Yeah, and I'm sorry about last time. But if we waste time arguing about that then we're going to lose Anon. Now I know this is going to sound like a dumb request but-"
  1649. >You stick a hand out.
  1650. "I need some power."
  1651. >"Eenop."
  1652. >"Nuh-uh."
  1653. >"Aren't you supposed to offer me candy first?"
  1654. >"Absolutely not."
  1655. >"Are you sure you can help him?"
  1656. >Much to your surprise, Fluttershy is the first to step forward.
  1657. "I-well pretty sure."
  1658. >Rainbow tries to grab her, but she takes another couple of steps towards you.
  1659. >"And you'll both be okay?"
  1660. "There' guarantee of that, but if I don't do something then Anon won't be."
  1661. >She frowns but steps forward, slowly wrapping you in a hug.
  1662. >"I can't tell you what to do, all I can ask is for you to be safe."
  1663. >Sunset finally wrenches the plate of metal from Twilight before turning to the two of you.
  1664. >"Fluttershy don't-"
  1665. >Her objection came too late however, the brief flash of light letting everyone know what you had done.
  1666. >They all watch as you slowly lift her up before setting her drained body down on a table.
  1667. "Okay, anymore volunteers?"
  1668. >Sunset hefts the plate of metal.
  1669. >"What do you mean 'there's no guarantee'? What's your plan and why is Fluttershy unconscious? That didn't happen last time."
  1670. >You roll your eyes as you turn to face her.
  1671. "She's out because I took a measured amount out of her while Twilights thing just sucked out what it could. And I say no guarantee because those diamonds are in an activated state right now, which means they're going to keep eating magic until they go off. Simply holding the portal open won't do a damn thing until we remove them."
  1672. >She slowly lowers the sheet of metal down as she stares at you.
  1673. >"How do you know all-"
  1674. "Twilight looked into the core line."
  1675. >Sunset shakes her head.
  1676. >"That would-"
  1677. >Her eyes widen as the realization hit her.
  1678. "It'd drive her insane. Or make me and drive me insane."
  1679. >"That's-"
  1680. "Pretty fucked, yeah. The current plan is for me to jump into the Null and hope to find the tunnel the portal makes through it. From there I'll try and find the box and push it out."
  1681. >Sunset sputters as Applejack steps forward.
  1682. >"Exactly how risky is this?"
  1683. >You grimace.
  1684. "Getting into the Null is easy. Getting out is the hard part. I can only leave with existing portals or exits and with how big it is-"
  1685. >You shake your head.
  1686. "I'm looking for a singular needle in an ocean that has a couple of needles tossed in. They should at least be lit up, but it's not going to be easy."
  1687. >"So you could get stuck there?"
  1688. "On the bright side, I'll never be able to cause trouble again."
  1689. >"Are you serious about doing this?"
  1690. >Part of you, a very loud part, says that Anon got himself into this.
  1691. >Another part says that he's put up with a lot of your shit and has been genuinely nice to you, despite you ripping him from his home.
  1692. >You set your jaw and lock eyes with Applejack.
  1693. "Serious as the grave. Oh, did I just-"
  1694. >You point at Twilight.
  1695. "You can't tell Anon that I said that."
  1696. >Applejack chuckles as she gives your shoulder a squeeze.
  1697. >"Well you're either a fine actress or you're puttin' some kinda spell on me."
  1698. >You tilt your head to the side as you try to discern the meaning of her words.
  1699. "What do you-"
  1700. >"That's enough talkin' missy. You've got a damned fool to save."
  1701. "Oh! Right."
  1702. >There's a flash of light from where she's holding you as you leech the magic out of her.
  1703. >You struggle to keep her from dropping before setting her on the same table as Fluttershy.
  1704. >Once done with that you turn back to the remaining group.
  1705. >Twilight looks between you and Sunset before settling on you.
  1706. >"C-can you actually do this?"
  1707. "That's a really good question. The faster I get this magic, the faster I'll find out."
  1708. >Twilight frowns as Rarity steps up.
  1709. >Her face is stern as she juts out her hand.
  1710. >"In that case, I can't think of any reason to waste time. If you may, Midnight."
  1711. "Just like that? You're just going to let me-wait, forget I said anything!"
  1712. >You reach out, grabbing her hand and pulling out what magic you can before letting Rarity drop gently to the floor.
  1713. >Rainbow shakes her head.
  1714. >"This is stupid. We shouldn't be trusting you."
  1715. >You nod in agreement.
  1716. "I did make a pretty bad first impression."
  1717. >"You could be the reason he's in trouble."
  1718. "I could be, but I'm not."
  1719. >"You nearly destroyed the school!"
  1720. "I was actually going for more than that, but yeah."
  1721. >She stands across from you, shaking with indecision.
  1722. >"Do you promise you'll bring that idiot back?"
  1723. "Either that or go with him."
  1724. >Dash marches forward and places both of her hands on your shoulders.
  1725. >"I don't want to hear that. You go into this Null thing, find him, and drag him back here so we can call him an idiot on holidays and friendly meetups. Now suck out my magic before I make this any sappier than it already is."
  1726. >You smile and do just that, slowly dropping her down with Pinkies help.
  1727. >She slowly slides to the floor, holding Rainbow close as she does so.
  1728. >She wears a small smile as she looks up at you.
  1729. >"You've got some big ol' tiddies, Middie."
  1730. "Uuuhhh."
  1731. >"Be sure to bring Anon back so he can play with them."
  1732. >You can't help it.
  1733. >Your head rolls back as you burst out laughing.
  1734. "I think I might actually like you."
  1735. >"That's good because I like you too."
  1736. >You roll your eyes and place your hand on her shoulder, taking what you need in a flash of light.
  1737. >Returning to your full height and face your last obstacle.
  1738. >Sunset.
  1739. >She grimaces and tosses the plate of brass on the ground.
  1740. >"I doubt that'll help at this point. You've probably got enough magic to rip me in half."
  1741. >Your eyes turn to a nearby table, which takes on a dark purple glow before compacting itself into the size of a baseball.
  1742. "Or some other things."
  1743. >You settle yourself close to the floor and extend a hand.
  1744. "Shimmer. Sunset, look. You understand this. We have a bit of time to talk this through because something of this magnitude won't collapse too quickly, but I don't want to leave him in there any longer than necessary."
  1745. >Sunset nods, crossing her arms as she glares at you.
  1746. >"Yeah, it's not exactly fun in there."
  1747. >She sighs before extending a hand.
  1748. >"And I'm not going to let Anon die because of my issues with you. Although we're going to have a serious talk when, and I mean when you get back with Anon."
  1749. >You grab her hand and give her a quick nod.
  1750. "That's fair."
  1751. >A flash of light later and she's on the floor, leaving you with Twilight.
  1752. >"Midnight, please tell me you're going to be okay."
  1753. "I'll get him out, Twilight."
  1754. >"I know you'll get him out, but you are literally made of magic. You said those diamonds are activated, I'm assuming because they didn't have proper shielding for their transport, so what happens when you get next to the magic eating diamonds that are making the magic portal collapse."
  1755. "I'll be fine."
  1756. >"Mid-"
  1757. "Twilight, please! I have some time, not all day. Just give me your hand and trust me."
  1758. >She stares at the offered hand, conflict clear on her face.
  1759. >"I never really could trust you."
  1760. "No, but this time you have to."
  1761. >Twilight frowns, hopping in place before leaping forward to embrace you in a hug.
  1762. >"I don't know if we could get this weird relationship to work, but if nothing else I consider you a friend, Midnight. Get Anon and come back to me."
  1763. >You gently pat her on the back, a small smile forming on your face as you do so.
  1764. "Geez Twilight, did you just friendzone me?"
  1765. >She gives you a rough squeeze and presses her nose into your shoulder as she speaks.
  1766. >"If you die, I-I'll kick your ass."
  1767. "Uh-huh. Nighty-night, Twi."
  1768. >There's a small flash of light and you do your best to let Twilight down gently.
  1769. >You think that's all the power you can take from each of them without hurting them and you don't dare try to steal power from the already drained statue.
  1770. >Now to go save that idiot.
  1772. ----------
  1774. >You are Anon.
  1775. >And holy shit are you bored.
  1776. >Sure, there was that first couple of minutes of pants shitting technicolor terror when you jumped in, but you got used to that.
  1777. >Eventually.
  1778. >What's driving you nuts is the wait.
  1779. >You had been spinning here for maybe a couple of hours and the tunnel would occasionally shake around you.
  1780. >If you'd known it would have taken this long you would have...
  1781. >You probably would have let Sunset do it.
  1782. >That would've been the smartest choice.
  1783. >Just let the magical unicorn deal with your magical problems.
  1784. >You scratch at your cheek, slightly adjusting the blindfold you made from your shirt.
  1785. >Staring into this mess was nauseating and closing your eyes didn't help too much, so you did what you could.
  1786. >Is this what portals are normally like?
  1787. >Are Midnights portals just some weird express ones that-
  1788. >A heavy rumbling sound gets your attention.
  1789. >Oh you should be moving now!
  1790. >Either that or you're dying.
  1791. >You tug one side of your blindfold up and see-
  1792. >Not much.
  1793. >You pull the shirt upwards to take a proper look at the now devoid void.
  1794. >Nearly all the color and light was gone, leaving you floating in a near black expanse next to the brass plated box.
  1795. >You say nearly because the box itself was putting off a good deal of light and color, but only from one side.
  1796. >The side without the final plate of metal welded on.
  1797. >...
  1798. >You did a dumb.
  1799. >You look around, trying to think of a way out and seeing nothing but the growing darkness.
  1800. >There had to be something to-
  1801. >"Anon!"
  1802. >Your head snaps up to the sound of someone calling out your name, letting you see someone you probably should have expected here.
  1803. "Midnight?"
  1804. >The girl in question was struggling to push bits of light and shadow out of her way.
  1805. >"Yep! Congratulations, you won the worlds biggest dumbass award."
  1806. >You throw your hands up.
  1807. "I thought it was safe! What's going on?"
  1808. >"This things collapsing-"
  1809. >Midnight grunts as she opens a hole in the side of the tunnel.
  1810. >"And you're in it. What more do you need to know?"
  1811. >You look at the encroaching darkness and shake your head.
  1812. "Uh, can fix it."
  1813. >Mid laughs.
  1814. >"That's a very good question."
  1815. >Midnight pushes the hole out further before standing to the edge of it as she holds it open.
  1816. >"But before I do that, kick that box through here."
  1817. >You don't even think twice, grabbing the box out of the air and tossing it at the hole Midnight had made.
  1818. >She watches it zip past before closing the hole to slowly float down towards you.
  1819. >"There. That'll buy us a bit of time. Although from the looks of things, we don't have much."
  1820. >She opens her mouth to continue just as her eyes drift down.
  1821. >A smile almost splits her face in two as she reaches out and puts a hand on your chest.
  1822. >"Nice."
  1823. >This little...
  1824. "Is this really the time for that?"
  1825. >"Oh, uh, right. Let's find you a way out."
  1826. >Mid pushes off and floats over to one of the walls as you watch.
  1827. "So if you've got more magic, can't you just portal us out of here?"
  1828. >She shakes her head, paying you little attention as she pokes at the outer walls with her hands while random parts will light up in a dark purple further out.
  1829. >"I could try, but that's kind of like placing a highway in the middle of an existing highway. It might work, but it's going to get nasty very quickly."
  1830. "How quickly?"
  1831. >"We probably wouldn't even have a full second to get out."
  1832. "So that's a no go. How about we go into that place you came from and then portal out?"
  1833. >Midnight shakes her head.
  1834. >"You need certain protections to go out there. I'm fine since I don't have a physical body, but the spells I would need to cast on you require far too much time to cast."
  1835. "So...can we call anyone for help?"
  1836. >Midnight stares into the swirling mess before her.
  1837. >"Hold on, I've got an idea."
  1838. >The walls around you start to pulse with the light engulfing her hands, coalescing in small bundles before traveling to each end of the tunnel.
  1839. >"C'mon, c'mon. If you're as smart as my Twilight and any good with magic-"
  1840. >A smile dawns on her face as a series of returning flashes zip by in a different color, this time from one end of the portal.
  1841. >Mids smile grows, but you can see some frustration.
  1842. >"No no no, don't ask questions, just help us out."
  1843. >She repeats the process of charging the walls with light before sending it on its way.
  1844. "You're not talking to some dark god, are you?"
  1845. >That gets a quick laugh out of her as she turns to face you.
  1846. >"Doubtful. I'm talking to the other Twilight and that means she's going to be too boring to be a dark anything. Now with any luck, she can nudge her side open just a bit more to get you through after a thing."
  1847. >The returning flashes come back once again and Midnight nods before floating towards you.
  1848. >She grabs you by the shoulders once in range and smiles.
  1849. >"Okay, she should be getting ready, but I need something."
  1850. >You simply nod and wait for Midnight to continue.
  1851. "Alright, let's hear it."
  1852. >"Just relax and let it happen and...don't think about how rapey that sounded."
  1853. "Wha-mmph!"
  1854. >You are silenced by Midnight locking her lips with yours.
  1855. >Stunned would be an adequate descriptor of your feelings right now.
  1856. >There's also surprised and confused, but you choose to ignore those.
  1857. >You close your eyes as your arms slowly wrap around-
  1858. >Nothing.
  1859. >Your eyes snap back open to see the girl that had just been kissing you was gone.
  1860. >Where did she-
  1861. >{Wew, you were really getting into that huh?}
  1862. >...
  1863. "What?"
  1864. >Laughter rings out in your head as your hands start moving on their own.
  1865. >A teal light envelopes both as they come together to form a ball of pure white light between them.
  1866. >{I'm going to let you keep using your mouth since you're so good at, I'm really bad with innuendo today.}
  1867. >You are currently much more concerned about the ball between your hands, which had already tripled in size and you have absolutely no idea how to react to it.
  1868. >{This little thing that I'm making will rattle things up enough to help us slip out of here as soon as we get the signal.}
  1869. "That's not little, Midnight. And why are you in my head?!"
  1870. >Midnight laughs nervously as the ball starts to pulse with it's own light and grows to the size of a baby elephant.
  1871. >{Well, between making this thing and getting you out of here, I doubt I'll have enough energy to manifest after I'm done.}
  1872. "So I'm going to be stuck with you the same way Twilight is. Or was."
  1873. >Midnight makes your head nod as the ball grows to the size of a house.
  1874. >{Sorry, but there's only so much I can do.}
  1875. "Well if we're going to be sharing a body for awhile, then you have to promise to show me yours when you get your body back."
  1876. >Midnight stops her work to stare off in space.
  1877. >{Oh, I didn't even think of that. I get to see everything now and-DAUGHTER OF A BASTARD! I'm essentially a man now!}
  1878. >You try to pullback as the ball wavers at Midnights outburst.
  1879. "Should I have not brought this up now? I feel like I'm distracting you."
  1880. >Midnight waves a hand before getting back to work.
  1881. >{No, it's fine. It's just kind of demeaning to be a guy...what? I can feel that you're upset, did I say something wrong?}
  1882. "...We have bigger things to deal with."
  1883. >Your head nods under Midnights control.
  1884. >{Right. We can talk about that later. I don't know if this will hurt or not, so if it does, sorry in advance.}
  1885. >You barely get to process her words before it feels like your back begins to split in two.
  1886. >The sensation leaves as quickly as it comes, but you still let out a short yell of pain.
  1887. >{Yeah, sorry.}
  1888. "Ah, what in the fuck was that, Mid?"
  1889. >You grab your shoulder and try to see what she did to your back.
  1890. >And find a pair of wings jutting out of you.
  1891. "What?"
  1892. >{Relax, they won't be there forever and we'll need to get out of here fast. And on that fast note-}
  1893. >A creeping chill runs up your spine in a manner that makes you think of a paddle boat running through flesh.
  1894. "Oh, that is not pleasant."
  1895. >{Yeah, sorry big guy, but if it makes you feel any better we should be good to go. We now have my wings and a spell to keep you from going splat when we get going so we just have to wait for the signal.}
  1896. "Keep me from going splat?"
  1897. >{Yeah, we're going to going pretty fast.}
  1898. >She gives the ball, which you could no longer see the full size of since it was squeezing itself down the tunnel, one last look.
  1899. >{Really fast.}
  1900. "That's a bomb, isn't it?"
  1901. >{Hey, you're not a total idiot.}
  1902. >She chuckles nervously and uses her wings to slowly float you away from the bomb.
  1903. "How is this going to help the portal?"
  1904. >{It's uh, like when Twilight gets sleepy in the morning or afternoon so she gets some coffee.}
  1905. "I doubt she drinks explosive coffee."
  1906. >{It's pretty damn strong. That stuff could wake the dead.}
  1907. >A hand goes up and wags at your nose.
  1908. >{Just...I didn't say that.}
  1909. >You watch the bomb as Midnight continues to float the two of you further out.
  1910. "Does it wake you up?"
  1911. >{Fuck you.}
  1912. >You don't get a chance to reply before the tunnel pulses with light, making Midnight turn and fly down the tunnel at an absurd pace.
  1913. >{That's the signal!}
  1914. "Alright, how do you set off the bomb? Is there a timer or-"
  1915. >{I'mma shoot it!}
  1916. >Sounds reasonable.
  1917. >You spin in place to face the long gone bomb that you had been floating by earlier.
  1918. >Your right hand comes up in a blue glow as a long spear of a similar color, arcing with energy, forms within it.
  1919. >Midnight launches the spear back at the bomb before turning back around and putting on even more speed.
  1920. "Uh, with how fast we're moving can that explosion even keep up?"
  1921. >Midnight shakes your head as color almost instantaneously returns to the portals walls.
  1922. >{It's not the explosion I'm worried about.}
  1923. >You frown as Midnight looks back to the rapidly growing light.
  1924. "Well that's not omin-"
  1925. >BWOMP
  1926. >You yell as the tunnel snaps shut behind you and immediately grows to twice its previous size.
  1927. "The fuck was that?!"
  1928. >{So, haha, we're in a portal that is in a state of being reborn.}
  1929. >Midnight puts on more speed as part of the tunnel starts to collapses around you.
  1930. >{And as you can see, it's not pretty.}
  1931. "I /really/ don't like magic."
  1932. >{Aw, but I am magi-}
  1933. >Midnight is cut off as her wings snap out of existence.
  1934. >You keep your momentum, but begin a slow spin as Midnight grabs your shoulder to try and get a better look at your back.
  1935. >{No no no, I couldn't have used that much power. Am I out already?!}
  1936. >Both of you flinch as the tunnel snaps shut in front of you before slowly wavering open.
  1937. "Didn't you say I have some magic? can't you take that?"
  1938. >{I could, but then I won't be able to anchor myself to you or even manifest my wings on you, so it's completely pointless.}
  1939. "Well you have to do something! It's not like we're just going to suddenly pop through the other side."
  1940. >Something resembling lightning blasts past your right side, repeating itself in a staccato fashion.
  1941. >{W-we should be fine. I lined us up so we should just shoot out straight through the other side.}
  1942. "I'm not going to let you die for me being an idiot, Midnight."
  1943. >The tunnel shifts, allowing you to momentarily see the void from which Midnight entered.
  1944. >{You don't get a choice in this. Not only am I not leaving you, but I can't leave you since I don't have enough of a charge.}
  1945. >The light intensifies and you both brace for the worst.
  1946. >You stumble forward, the light quickly dimming enough for you to take in your surroundings.
  1947. >Which were actually rather nice.
  1948. >Midnight laughs as you continue to look around the library
  1949. >{Plus, we're here. Holy shit, we're here and we're ALIVE! Ha haaa!}
  1950. "We-"
  1951. >"A-are you Anon?"
  1952. >Midnight gives up control entirely, letting you turn to see a small purple horse that looked absolutely exhausted.
  1953. >She stumbles forward and looks up to you with tired eyes.
  1954. >"Are you okay? How did you send that message? I'm tired. I think I'm going to take a nap."
  1955. >You don't get even a full second to respond before the winged, horned horse flops to the ground.
  1956. >A sense of pity that is both yours and what you think is Midnights wells up within you.
  1957. >{Poor girl's tapped. She's not going to be feeling good tomorrow. Good thing I don't have the same prob-oh shit.}
  1958. >You feel a faint wave of dizziness wash over you before Midnight goes silent.
  1959. "Midnight?"
  1960. >You smack yourself on the side of the head, trying to get her attention and receiving no answer.
  1961. >Great.
  1962. >Well, at least you're alive.
  1964. ----------
  1966. >Today was...
  1967. >Actually kind of short.
  1968. >You skipped most of your classes, the principal tried to come onto you, and then you nearly killed yourself by jumping into something magical while holding something else magical.
  1969. >Oh, and you're also in pony land.
  1970. >And Midnight's passed out inside you.
  1971. >Yeah.
  1972. >Fuck today.
  1973. >You sigh as you finish icing another cupcake.
  1974. "Y'know, I don't want to sound whiny or anything, but does all this magic stuff have to be so-"
  1975. >"Yep."
  1976. >You glare at the pony Pinkie as you move to frost the next cupcake.
  1977. >You're not entirely sure how you ended up making cupcakes with her, but that is currently the least of your worries.
  1978. "You didn't even let me finish my sentence."
  1979. >She simply shrugs.
  1980. >"I'm not as good with magic as Twilight, or the princesses, or anyone really, but there is one thing I know about it. And that one thing is that magic does whatever what it wants."
  1981. "Huh. That's actually-"
  1982. >"And this is also what you get for leaving the kitchen."
  1983. >...
  1984. >Pinkie looks up at you with the most sincere look of innocence and sincerity you have ever seen.
  1985. >And immediately cracks up.
  1986. >"Hehehe, that's what we call a joke, Nonners. Most ponies laugh at those."
  1987. "I nearly died today!"
  1988. >"Ooh, so did I! Wait, that's a bad thing. I should probably stop eating taffy and caramel together. If you think one of those is sticky, you should try jamming both down your throat at once."
  1989. >You shake your head as well as the frosting at Pinkie.
  1990. "You're weird."
  1991. >Pinkie giggles and nuzzles the side of your leg.
  1992. >"Thanks. I'd rather be weird than boring."
  1993. >You roll your eyes and point over to the steadily growing pile of treats.
  1994. "Why do you need all these? Are you planning some kind of party?"
  1995. >Pinkie snorts as she grabs a plate.
  1996. >"I'm always planning a party silly, but Twilight gets /super/ grumpy when she's hungry. Especially after she dumps a lot of magic. So all these will get her magic back and help her be a not-so-grumpy-pants."
  1997. >You scratch at the back of your head before returning to your work.
  1998. "How do cupcakes give her magic?"
  1999. >"Because they're magical."
  2000. >You quickly take a step away from the cupcakes, making Pinkie sigh as she starts to fill up the plate.
  2001. >"Do you not know what a joke is, Nonny boy?"
  2002. "Wha-"
  2003. >"I'm a magical talking pony. When I say something is magical, you're supposed to laugh."
  2004. >You blink, momentarily confused by the statement.
  2005. "Well...maybe our senses of humor are different?"
  2006. >Pinkie rubs her chin.
  2007. >"Hmmm. Nah, you just have a case of the 'no funs'."
  2008. >She grabs the plate of snacks with her mouth and trots of to the dining room, leaving you to grab the pancakes by yourself.
  2009. >You roll your eyes as you gather the remaining cakes and put on a mocking tone.
  2010. "'Gee Nonny, you just aren't a fun person because my sense of humor-'"
  2011. >{Ugh, please shut up.}
  2012. >You freeze.
  2013. "Midnight?"
  2014. >{Unless there's someone else in here I should know about, of course it's me, dumbass.}
  2015. >You stop loading the tray and grab onto the counter.
  2016. "Holy shit Mid, you have no idea how happy I am to hear you."
  2017. >{And do you know what would make me happy, Anon?}
  2018. "...Is it-"
  2019. >{It's for you to be quiet, yes.}
  2020. " there anything else I can do?"
  2021. >Her reply isn't immediate, but it does come eventually.
  2022. >{Find a snack or something. I don't care what.}
  2023. >You frown, wondering how a snack would help her, but try to follow her instructions.
  2024. >Looking around you see-
  2025. >Cupcakes.
  2026. >Quite possibly a hundred of them.
  2027. >Yeah, you can have one or two of these.
  2028. >You pick one up and tug at the paper slightly before biting into it.
  2029. >It was actually pretty good with-
  2030. >{What in the fuck was that?!}
  2031. >You stop moving, save for a slow movement of your head as you try to see what Midnight is talking about.
  2032. "What was what?"
  2033. >You jerk in place and your muscles start to spasm slightly as a dull headache slowly settles into your skull.
  2034. >Midnight uses your eyes to look around the room for a moment before looking at the cupcake in your hand.
  2035. >{A cupcake?}
  2036. "Uh, it's something a pony Pinkie made."
  2037. >Midnight slowly twirls the cupcake in your hand, taking in your splotchy frosting job.
  2038. >{That actually makes a weird kind of sense.}
  2039. >And with that, Mid shoves the whole thing into your mouth.
  2040. >You would be choking, but Midnight was currently too busy using your everything to try and swallow the damn cupcake whole.
  2041. >She chokes it down and the headache which had suddenly appeared starts to diminish.
  2042. >{I don't know what this is and I don't care.}
  2043. >Your hands shoot out and snatch up two more of the cakes before shoving them into your mouth.
  2044. >This time you do choke on them as Midnight tries to shove them down your throat.
  2045. >The two of you struggle for control momentarily before the murder attempt fails as you swallow the small cakes.
  2046. >You cough and sputter, trying to remove the remaining hunks from your throat.
  2047. >Beating on your chest with your fist, you step away from the cupcakes to try and keep Midnight from continuing.
  2048. >Unfortunately, you are unable to stop her since she has her own body again.
  2049. >Wait, what?
  2050. >You watch as Midnight bends over the counter and continues to shove cupcakes into her mouth.
  2051. >Not stopping for air, she continues to plow through the small mountain.
  2052. >Pinkie did say they were magical cupcakes.
  2053. >You're going to be tripping really hard in a bit, aren't you?
  2054. >Well, at least it will be a magical trip.
  2055. >You watch as Midnight scarfs down easily half of the hundred or so cakes before turning to you.
  2056. >"These-hrmm-are actually pretty good."
  2057. "I have several questions, but first I want to tell you to never try and kill me with cupcakes again."
  2058. >"I make no promises."
  2059. >You pick up a towel off the counter and start to clean the frosting off your face as Mid just licks bits of it off her hands.
  2060. "So you can actually eat here?"
  2061. >She shrugs and continues slurping up frosting.
  2062. >"I have no idea. I actually might regret this later."
  2063. >She looks down and does a quick hop.
  2064. >"Neat. Even the floor has enough of a charge for me to stand on it."
  2065. >She looks around before extending a hand.
  2066. >"Alright, let's get out of here."
  2067. "Wait, do you really want to go through that portal again?"
  2068. >"Oh, hell no. I'm going to make one to get us back home. That portal you messed up will probably take months to stabilize."
  2069. >Midnight reaches back, one hand still extended towards you, and lights up her hand in a flash of light.
  2070. "Should we just leave? I kind of want to thank this Twilight for helping us out."
  2071. >Midnight rolls her eyes as she rips open a portal.
  2072. >"You can-"
  2073. >"HEY!"
  2074. >The two of you turn to see Pinkie had returned with the pony Twilight, who looked rather upset about the demon girl ripping apart reality in her kitchen.
  2075. >Her horn lights up as she launches into the air.
  2076. >"I don't know who you are, but you need to get away from him!"
  2077. >Panicking and not entirely sure how to react, you hop between the two.
  2078. "Hey, uh...thanks for helping us!"
  2079. >You spin in place, grab Midnight, and hop through her portal just as some very angry and magical sounds go off behind you.
  2080. >The portal slams shut behind you as you go skidding across some other floor on your back.
  2081. >"See? You got to thank her."
  2082. >Midnight looks up at you, gently nudging you in the ribs.
  2083. >"Now how about we-OOF!"
  2084. >The air is knocked out of both you and Midnight as a purple missile slams into her back.
  2085. >"I was so scaaaaared!"
  2086. >Midnight twists around trying to see what had tackled her.
  2087. >"Wha-Twilight? Ha! Guess I'm pretty accurate with slinging these portals."
  2088. >Twilight rubs her face into Midnights back as you readjust your arms to pull her into a hug.
  2089. >"I am so happy you two are back."
  2090. >"Yeah yeah. Hey how about-"
  2091. >"Ahem."
  2092. >The three of you freeze and slowly look at the crowd of your friends surrounding you.
  2093. >You're not sure if Sunset is aware that she is directly over your head and wearing a skirt, so you do your best to not stare directly upwards.
  2094. >Midnight hums as she looks around.
  2095. >"I'm guessing you girls had some kind of pick me up over here too?"
  2096. >Sunset nods.
  2097. >"It's something I decided to keep handy in case something else like you showed up. Imagine my joy when you showed up and I got to use it."
  2098. >"I'm imagining a lot of joy since you got to see me again."
  2099. >"...Get up."
  2100. >The two girls start to shift around, but you don't let go of them, choosing instead to toss each over a shoulder as you stand up.
  2101. >Fluttershy, you now see, was hiding behind a table and gave you a quick wave and a happy smile as you got up.
  2102. >You put out a hand to Sunset, whose scowl was shifting between the three of you.
  2103. "Now-"
  2104. >"Anon, I don't care what you have to say. You messed around with dangerous magical objects, nearly got yourself killed out of sheer stupidity, and were hiding /her/ for far too long."
  2105. >Rarity pats her on the shoulder.
  2106. >"Darling, don't be so harsh on him. He's been through so much as is."
  2107. >Applejack nods.
  2108. >"Mm-hmm. He's just a fella. He ain't got a mind for this kind'a thing."
  2109. >You scrunch up your nose, trying to think of a retort as Sunsets backpack starts to pulse with light.
  2110. >She sighs as she pulls it over and looks at you.
  2111. >"You two made a scene when you left, didn't you?"
  2112. "Wwwelllll..."
  2113. >Sunset sighs again as she starts writing in the pulsing journal.
  2114. >She glares angrily at the book, whose flashing had only increased in frequency, as Rainbow steps forward to wrap you in a hug.
  2115. >"Don't worry about her. She's just a dyke that's grumpy because she can't get any pussy."
  2116. >"Shove it, Rainbow."
  2117. >"See?"
  2118. >Dash smiles up at you and smacks a palm against your chest.
  2119. >"Good to have you back, sis. And try and leave the stupid stuff to us in the future. It doesn't matter how big you are, that magic stuff'll throw you for a loop."
  2120. >Rarity hums and slowly waves a finger at Dash.
  2121. >"It is a very odd thing for Rainbow to be the voice of reason."
  2122. >Rainbow rolls her eyes before tugging on Midnights leg.
  2123. >"How'd it go in there?"
  2124. >Mid vanishes for a moment before reappearing next to you to face Dash.
  2125. >"It got a little hairy but-"
  2126. >She points between you and herself and shrugs.
  2127. >"Here we are."
  2128. >Sunset grins happily as she finishes drawing something in the book, making the flashes stop before turning back to you, Midnight, and Twilight.
  2129. >"There, that should get her to stop for a bit."
  2130. "What did you do?"
  2131. >"I drew a giant dick to shut her up."
  2132. >The Twilight on your shoulder wriggles around to look at Sunset.
  2133. >"That is extremely inappropriate."
  2134. >"I know, but it gets her to shut up for a bit. And you don't get to say shit because you were hiding a bucking wraith inside you."
  2135. >Midnight scoffs.
  2136. >"I think I'm well beyond a wraith."
  2137. "Not helping, Mid."
  2138. >"Well I just-"
  2139. >"Ladies, and gentleman, please. Can we all be civil for a moment?"
  2140. >Sunset still looks far from happy, but she does back off for the moment at Raritys request.
  2141. >"Alright, but I really want an answer to this question."
  2142. >She points between the you and Twilight and keeps up her scowl.
  2143. >"Why did you hide her?"
  2144. "Well she was kind of nice-"
  2145. >"Hey, I'm more than 'kind of' nice."
  2146. >Twilight shifts around on your shoulder again to look at Midnight.
  2147. >"You really do need an attitude adjustment."
  2148. >"Fuck you, I'm perfect!"
  2149. >"That's exactly what I'm talking about! You can't just go swearing in front of a boy like that."
  2150. >Rarity nods in agreement.
  2151. >"Quite. You can't go using such language in front of a gentleman."
  2152. >Applejack tilts her hat back to speak.
  2153. >"It just ain't lady like."
  2154. >Midnight glares furiously at the three girls.
  2155. >"You're not my moms!"
  2156. "Well-"
  2157. >You shift Twilight off of your shoulder so you can set her on the ground.
  2158. "Isn't Twilight kind of your mom? You came from her, right?"
  2159. >The two Sparkles stare at eachother as the room grows quiet.
  2160. >Finally, Twilight reaches out and puts a hand on your mouth.
  2161. >"Please don't talk anymore."
  2162. >You try to pull the hand away only for Midnight to add her own.
  2163. >"Nope. This relationship is weird enough. I don't need you adding on a layer of stupid to make it even weirder."
  2164. >You scowl at the two as Twilight addresses Sunset.
  2165. >"I hid her because...well I don't want to say she's nice because she's not-"
  2166. >"Fuck you!"
  2167. >"-but she kind of is. Every time I would doubt or second guess myself, she'd be there to say that I was doing fine or would say something to kick me in gear. I know I shouldn't have hid her, especially after what happened, but it was nice to have her around."
  2168. >Midnight smiles and gently punches Twi in the shoulder.
  2169. >"Aw, you're so sweet."
  2170. >Sunset rolls her eyes and turns to you.
  2171. >"What about you, Anon? Why didn't you say anything? Did she threaten you or-"
  2172. >You pull the two hands off of your mouth to speak.
  2173. "No, of course she didn't. It's just, you know, I'm an alien trying to settle down and even if she's the reason I'm here, Midnight isn't that bad. Hell, the worst thing about her is her mouth."
  2174. >"Hey, you can't say that. I haven't had a chance to suck your dick yet."
  2175. >The room goes completely silent as its occupants all turn to look at Midnight.
  2176. >"What? Why are you-OH, you mean my language! Yeah, it is pretty fucking bad, isn't it?"
  2177. >You pat her on the shoulder and look around the room.
  2178. "She really isn't that bad. She just cusses like a sailor and uses so much innuendo that she might have to relearn how to speak just so that she doesn't do it."
  2179. >"Honestly, I feel like there's not enough of us doing it. Ffffffuck, you might be right."
  2180. >There's some general laughter around the room as well as some pointed remarks about acceptable behavior.
  2181. >Dash slaps Mid on her shoulder before walking towards the door.
  2182. >"Well you seem okay, so I'm going to head home. There's a game on tonight."
  2183. >Applejack brightens up and follows after her.
  2184. >"Oh, I wanna see that. You mind drivin' me?"
  2185. >"Sure thing, sis."
  2186. >Rarity steps forward to follow the pair.
  2187. >"Would you mind driving me as well? I have money on that game.""
  2188. >"Sure. Who else is in?"
  2189. >Pinkie hops up from...somewhere and starts waving her hands.
  2190. >"I smell a paa~aarty! C'mon Shy, we gotta fly!"
  2191. >"Oh, I don't know about-EEP!"
  2192. >Pinkie grabs Fluttershy by the wrist and drags her out of the room with the rest of the group, leaving you with the two Sparkles and Sunset, who watches her friends leave with a disbelieving expression.
  2193. >"I can't believe they went through all of that and just...just accept it."
  2194. >You shrug.
  2195. "Hey, I've been here for only a couple of weeks and I'm dating some of this worlds weirdness."
  2196. >Midnight laughs and points at her counterpart.
  2197. >"Ha! He called you weird."
  2198. >"I'm pretty sure he was talking about both of us."
  2199. >"Oh."
  2200. >Midnight glares at you as you put a hand out to Sunset.
  2201. "So are we good or..."
  2202. >Sunset, who looks about ready to explode, marches over to Midnight and grabs her by the shoulders.
  2203. >"J-just don't cause any problems, okay?"
  2204. >"Hey, we can all be friends."
  2205. >Sunset nods and looks up at you.
  2206. >"Are you okay?"
  2207. "Uh, yeah. I'm fine."
  2208. >Sunset nods before follows her friends out of the room.
  2209. >Well that went...
  2210. "Okay."
  2211. >Twilight grabs Mid and pulls the three of you into a hug.
  2212. >"I'm so happy both of you are back."
  2213. "So am I, Twi."
  2214. >Midnight reaches up and pokes you in the nose.
  2215. >"You're not allowed to fuck with any other magical stuff."
  2216. >...
  2217. "So I can't fuck you?"
  2218. >"Did I really save your life just to get lip from you?"
  2219. "Apparently."
  2220. >The two of you laugh, Twilight looking thoroughly displeased before a thought seems to come to her.
  2221. >"Hey, what happened to the diamonds?"
  2222. >"We kicked them into the Null."
  2223. >"Couldn't that have some unforeseen consequences?"
  2224. >"Nah, it's not like there's anything in the Null."
  2225. >CLUNK
  2226. >The three of you jump as something metallic lands on the nearby table.
  2227. >Turning towards the sound, you see it's the box.
  2228. >Carved into the metal plating was a simple inscription, carved nearly to the center of the box.
  2229. >'No littering'.
  2230. >Looking up, you see something, emphasis on thing, slip back into a rift similar to Midnights before blinking out of existence.
  2231. >Twilight shoves a finger at it, looking between you and Midnight, who looked utterly dumbfounded.
  2232. >After a moment, Midnight points at the box.
  2233. >"That's not my fault."
  2234. >"Midnight-"
  2235. >"Not my fault. Anon kicked the box into the Null. If we die it's his fault."
  2236. >Twilight begins to tear into Midnight as you drift off.
  2237. >Cosmic horrors and cute girls.
  2238. >You live a weird life.
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