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truemechasonic Mar 8th, 2014 (edited) 3,642 Never
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  1. Unofficial SD3 Patch - Changelog
  2. Uo-to-date version at: http://pastebin.com/mC5i5MjQ
  3. For my other tads2-related nonsense: http://pastebin.com/heWgCJi7
  4. by truemechasonic
  6. Version 2.00: download at http://www.mediafire.com/download/xjk6gqqdyc22y3o/TADS2patcher_20160514.zip
  7.   The patcher has been improved, fixing some crashes in the patched game.
  8.   The patched game is no longer compatible with save files from other versions.
  9.   (Now comes packaged with some cheat mods for Goblinboy games including SD3.)
  11. Version 1.02: download at http://www.mediafire.com/download/7zivsczy4ac174d/usd3p+v102.zip
  12.   Bugfix: Tads2patcher can now correctly replace prop usages; fixes Patch 11.
  14. Version 1.01: download at http://www.mediafire.com/download/swags9l7s2n1qpw/usd3p+v101.zip
  15.   Bugfix: Patch 17 previously broke the walk-date (for each girl). [Patch 17, Patch 17b]
  17. Version 1.00: download at http://www.mediafire.com/download/k6o4yp5ndzg6pap/usd3p_v100.zip
  18.   Bugfix: Check for Alison Angel bonus point when you see a new pic of her. [Patches 1-10]
  19.   Bugfix: Use correct variable for whether Alison Angel's magazine pics were seen. [Patch 11]
  20.   Bugfix: Alison can give oral if she says you can put it in her mouth (behind gym). [Patch 12]
  21.   Bugfix: Molly is not in classroom after leaving with Gary. [Patch 13]
  22.   Bugfix: Molly will not pick herself as dare target. [Patch 14]
  23.   Bugfix: Mrs. Stevens bonus point requires all 9 daydreams instead of 8. [Patch 15]
  24.   Bugfix: Cannot repeatedly change Molly's love level during walk date. [Patches 16-18]
  25.   Bugfix: Becky/Molly don't know about Alison if you leave her room without sex. [Patch 19]
  26.   Bugfix: Can perform (clothed) masturbation in Kirsty's bedroom. [Patch 20]
  27.   Bugfix: Cannot remove Alison's panties unless she's willing. [Patches 21-22]
  28.   Bugfix: Cannot remove Alison's panties while her jeans are still worn. [Patch 23]
  29.   Bugfix: Display picture of Alison with corset if it's worn when you remove her panties. [Patch 24]
  30.   Bugfix: Becky leaves for school (after 10 turns) on days 2-4. [Patches 25-26]
  31.   Bugfix: No problems occur when relationship values go above the soft limit of 5. [Patches 27-28]
  32.   Bugfix: Becky knows you didn't walk with her even if you reach school in < 10 turns. [Patch 29]
  33.   Bugfix: Becky still thanks you for walking her to school; fixes an issue with Patch 29. [Patch 30]
  34.   Bugfix: Molly can interrupt closet scene during "Becky, fuck me". [Patch 31]
  35.   Bugfix: Becky's orgasm from "becky, fuck me" in closet works correctly. [Patch 32]
  36.   Typofix: various. [Patches typo1-typo117]
  38. Possible fixes for future versions:
  39.   TO FIX: need to auto-withdraw from alison when you play with Molly during party
  40.     (Alternatively, don't allow playing with Molly until player withdraws)
  41.   TO FIX: player can use the name 'Mike' due to an 'if' instead of a 'while'
  42.   TO FIX: player can use the name 'Gary'
  43.   TO FIX: There is no command to view all the pictures.
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