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  1. Tried to make a Camtasia Relay Video for my Distance Class on Wed.
  2. 1.  Mamp was not installed – that was a necessary component, as the students use Mamp and Wamp.  They do NOT use Xampp.  I tried to install it, did not have admin privileges.
  3. 2.  Had an old Camtasia Relay on a similar topic, thought I would review it.  Did not have  the necessary Quick Time component installed,  could not install it,  did not have admin privileges.
  4. 3.  There was a third thing I tried, in this escapade, but in frustration I just gave up..    Tried to call you, called the helpdesk, and <TSA Name> seemed to think it was reasonable that I have admin rights ...   I did not ASK for them. He said ‘You should have admin rights’.
  6. We need to demo to our [i]distance students[/i] the software that the [i]students[/i] are using.
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