i'll never get tired of this

Bigwood May 4th, 2018 261 Never
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  1. [00:50:18] <RustyZofKeys> Can't let myself be beaten by someone who spams the same fucking move all the fucking time.
  2. [00:50:21] <RustyZofKeys> Damn.
  3. [00:50:24] <RustyZofKeys> And I lost.
  5. [00:51:42] <RustyZofKeys> Is THAT the best you fucking got?..
  6. [00:52:08] <RustyZofKeys> This is frustrating. And then my friend points and laughs at me pretending he's a beast at fighting games.
  7. [00:52:09] <RustyZofKeys> But he's not.
  8. [00:52:41] <RustyZofKeys> Pfft, try and get on my level, who actually takes advantage of air combos, guard advances, and special moves. Not unlike some trash who uses the SAME SPECIAL MOVE ALL THE GODDAMN TIME.
  9. [00:53:25] <Bigwood> wow that is some scrubquotes material
  10. [00:53:39] <RustyZofKeys> Oh, you think you're so badass? Flying up in the air as Firebrand?
  11. [00:53:56] <Bigwood> lol it's mahvel?  really?
  12. [00:54:01] <Bigwood> git gud
  13. [00:54:02] <RustyZofKeys> MVC3.
  14. [00:54:10] <RustyZofKeys> Fuck outta here. I'm better than you and that fucker.
  15. [00:54:16] <Bigwood> you play to win, if your opponent falls for your dumb shit you keep doing it
  16. [00:54:26] <Bigwood> nah i could 10-0 you in a ft10 and i don't even like that kusoge
  17. [00:54:37] <RustyZofKeys> Try me. I'll fuck you up.
  18. [00:54:56] <Bigwood> considering you lose to a """""spammer""""" i really doubt it
  19. [00:55:19] <RustyZofKeys> I'll still beat you.
  20. [00:55:42] <Bigwood> if "beat" is street for "lose to and complain about 'unfairness'" ok sure
  21. [00:56:32] <RustyZofKeys> This is an annoying kid I'm talking abut who claims he's "over the top at everything".
  22. [00:56:35] <RustyZofKeys> Pointing and laughing at people.
  23. [00:56:52] <RustyZofKeys> I'm glad he got disqualified for pointing and laughing at a team who lost in a 3v3 basketball tournament at my school.
  24. [00:56:56] <Bigwood> oh yeah that's bad too
  25. [00:56:58] <RustyZofKeys> Homos these days.
  26. [00:57:13] <Bigwood> but only a scrub complains about their opponent after losing
  27. [00:57:29] <megamanac> lol
  28. [00:57:37] <megamanac> but if he beat u
  29. [00:57:41] <RustyZofKeys> Still not fucking OK for someone to brag and rub the win in their face.
  30. [00:58:04] <megamanac> its fgs
  31. [00:58:10] <megamanac> people will continue to talk shit until you beat their shit in
  32. [00:58:14] <megamanac> beat their shit in and you wont have this prob
  33. [00:58:29] <RustyZofKeys> He beat me 10-11.
  34. [00:58:33] <RustyZofKeys> FUCK.
  35. [00:58:45] <megamanac> dam close
  36. [00:58:54] <megamanac> highest end marvel is whoever lands the first hit anyway
  37. [00:59:02] <Bigwood> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  38. [00:59:14] <RustyZofKeys> Wait a minute..
  39. [00:59:15] <megamanac> oh my god my exec is good enough to perform this 1-100 combo
  40. [00:59:18] <Bigwood> yeah folk with your personality shouldn't be playing mahvel anyway
  41. [00:59:19] <megamanac> im god at marvel
  42. [00:59:26] <Bigwood> play smash or something that isn't a fighting game
  43. [00:59:54] <RustyZofKeys> My friend used the characters that were weak against my characters, and kept on spamming the moves that my characters are ineffective against, especially during a special vs. special. And he kept choosing different fighters as I was winning.
  44. [01:00:02] <Bigwood> ok
  45. [01:00:05] <Bigwood> you're clearly not fgc
  46. [01:00:08] <Bigwood> so let me explain this to you
  47. [01:00:16] <Bigwood> what you're describing is a phenomenon known as "counterpicking"
  48. [01:00:29] <Bigwood> counterpicking isn't "cheap" or "mean," it's strategy
  49. [01:00:34] <Bigwood> top level players do it against each other all the time
  50. [01:00:50] <Bigwood> even if a player is being a dick, you can't fault them for playing the game in an effective way that allows them to win
  51. [01:00:59] <Bigwood> their dickitude and the way they play are separate things, really
  52. [01:01:30] <Bigwood> ... also i've played mahvel, there really isn't such thing as "a move a character is ineffective against"
  53. [01:01:31] <RustyZofKeys> My friend is a dick in everything. Cracks up on every flaw I have in a certain skill.
  54. [01:01:37] <Bigwood> that just sounds like you don't know how to block or something
  55. [01:01:56] <Bigwood> also >>>>>>>>>>>FIREBRAND
  56. [01:02:23] <Bigwood> my dead dog's ghost could beat a firebrand player 20-0 in a ft10 with the screen upside-down and the stick unplugged
  57. [01:02:28] <Bigwood> and he's dead
  58. [01:02:36] <RustyZofKeys> You're exaggerating.
  59. [01:02:45] <RustyZofKeys> Get the fuck outta here.
  60. [01:02:48] <Bigwood> i exaggerate everything i say
  61. [01:03:04] <RustyZofKeys> Exactly. Especially in criticizing character profiles.
  62. [01:03:12] <Bigwood> looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
  63. [01:03:45] <Bigwood> nah i call a mary-sue when i see one, just like i call a scrub when i see one
  64. [01:03:52] <RustyZofKeys> Fuck you.
  65. [01:03:56] * RustyZofKeys ( Quit
  66. [01:04:05] <Bigwood> eliminated
  67. [01:05:46] <Bigwood> geez, good riddance ffoa doesn't get to enjoy this kid anymore, everything he brings is solid gold
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