Carolina (Video Edition) Carolina (Video Edition) - Taylor Swift | | DthFkbs6AXoQ

Jun 24th, 2022
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  1. Lời bài hát Carolina (Video Edition)  Carolina (Video Edition) - Taylor Swift  | | DthFkbs6AXoQ Lyrics up by [Verse 1]
  2. Oh, Carolina creeks running through my veins
  3. Lost I was born, lonesome I came
  4. Lonesome I'll always stay
  5. Carolina knows why for years I roam
  6. Free as these birds, light as whispers
  7. Carolina knows
  9. [Pre-Chorus]
  10. And you didn't see me here
  11. No, they never did see me here
  12. And she's in my dreams
  15. [Chorus]
  16. Into the mist, into the clouds
  17. Don't leave
  18. I make a fist, I make it count
  19. And there are places I will never, ever go
  20. And things that only Carolina will ever know
  22. [Verse 2]
  23. Carolina stains on the dress she left
  24. Indeliblе scars, pivotal marks
  25. Blue as the life shе fled
  26. Carolina pines, won't you cover me?
  27. Hide me like robes, down the back road
  28. Muddy these webs we weave
  30. [Pre-Chorus]
  31. And you didn't see me here
  32. They never saw me
  34. [Verse 3]
  35. Oh, Carolina knows
  36. Why for years they've said
  37. That I was guilty as sin
  38. And sleep in a liar's bed
  39. But the sleep comes fast
  40. And I'll leave no ghosts
  41. It's between me, the sand, and the sea
  42. Carolina knows
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