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  1. The new Unity 3D "Guangdong Mahjong, watering mahjong, red mahjong, transfer to mahjong" room card mahjong collection (mobile phone + server + website background) full set of complete source code
  3. The server and web background are developed by java, and the database uses mysql.
  5. GameServer-MJ game server
  7. SoundChatServer voice server
  9. weipaiManage background server
  11. At present, the most popular room card mahjong has already combined four mahjong in one app. When creating a room, you can choose Guangdong, paddling, red, and mahjong to create a game and a unified room card mode.
  13. The background can also recharge the room card in real time, add secondary or multi-level agents, modify the scroll bar text and charge card information in real time.
  15. The source code is not a network fox system. The client uses unity, the server uses JAVA, and the database uses mysql, so the database is quite simple and easy to understand, not as complicated as the database of Netfox.
  17. The background control is also simple and comprehensive. There are screenshots of the running effect, background, source code, and database.
  19. The source code is completely available! With this set of source code, you can export an Android installation package. Apk, the installation package is also included in the attachment.
  21. Compile the client needs to install unity, compile the, the code needs to install eclipse, the version needs to match. There are also compiled .class files in the attachment, which can be used to build tests directly on the server.
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